Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber and Crossover: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS. It is also a crossover. Combining the shows of Xena and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Author’s Notes: I’m also a big Next Generation fan, as I am with Xena. So I decided to do a crossover. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.


Fierce Competition

By: Teagen2


This had been one grueling day. All I wanted to do was get a Terlias Ale and go to my quarters. Ten Forward was unbelievably crowded. I managed to get my drink and move to a quiet corner to gaze out of the far star port. I had given up my promotion to security chief on the U.S.S Demeter for the assignment on the flagship Enterprise. Every day that I have been here, I have questioned my reasoning.

Suddenly, from nowhere it seemed, I felt a tingling sensation begin at the base of my skull and it worked its way down my neck. I reached up to rub it. Must be the strain of the day. I glance to my left. Over my bent forearm, I spot a beautiful woman sitting alone. Wearing the standard blue tunic, she was either in medical or science. Science was my guess. She looked like the down and dirty hard working type. I found myself staring. When she made eye contact, I saw her eyes were a beautiful green. Short blond hair. Even though she was sitting, I could tell she probably stood five three or five four. Beautiful. I smiled at her without thought. My full blown all tooth smile. If I was really grabbing for straws, I would say she was also a bit overwhelmed.

She returned the smile. Her smile faded as a hand came to rest on her shoulder, causing us both to jump. My surroundings and drink were completely forgotten. I watched her from my seat. She was not happy with this invasion. I tuned my sensitive hearing onto the conversation. "Hey Simpson." the man drawled. It was Slade. The jerk was always intoxicated when off duty. Scary part is, he is a transporter operator. I am pleased to say he never beamed me down on an away team....and I surely hope it stays that way. "How was your first week working with Heely?"

"Fine." she said softly.

"What do ya say we pop over to the rec room for the Berlla Ball game?"

"No thank you."

This situation was not getting any better. Slade put his arm around her shoulders possessively. I had seen enough. I downed the remainder of my drink in one gulp, slapping the glass onto the table. I moved around several people to reach their table. She removed the offending arm, he just replaced it. I reached the table. "I don’t think she likes your hand there." I say calmly to Slade.

"Hey Xena." he smiles. "Why don’t you join us? We were about to go to the Berlla game."

"No we weren’t." she says, moving her chair away and standing up. I admire her.

"Oh yes we were." He takes her by the arm and starts to lead her away.

"Let go of me!!!" she screamed, grabbing the attention of all of Ten Forward.

"You heard her." I moved forward. "Remove your hand before I break it." Noticing he had created a scene, he was perfectly happy to slither back under his rock, quickly I might add.


Now I was standing just a foot away and was able to see first hand she is even more beautiful close up. "Thank you."

"You’re welcome." I smile. I start to move away, when a hand rests on my arm. "Was there something else, Mame?"

"Yes....Don’t call me mame." she grinned. "Can I get your name?"

"Xena Thomas." I reach out and take the soft hand that she presented.

"Gabrielle Simpson. Call me Simpson."

"Gabrielle is so much prettier." I comment.

"Never liked it." Gabrielle looked me up and down. "I assume you are security."

"Yes. First Assistant to Lieutenant Yar."

"Ahhh. I’m one of several biologists on board."

"You say it like its a bad thing." I smile.

"Well I’m not very important here."

"Can I walk you to your quarters?"

"Are you being gallant or are you just curious as to where I live?"

"Well, being second in command of the security forces permits me to look at the ship’s compliment records....."

"And you’d find it anyway." she finished.


"Then I’ll save you the trouble....Come on."



We walked to the nearest turbolift and entered. "Deck 6." she says without hesitation.

"Deck 6?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I live on Deck 6."


"I do. Really......So what do you specialize in?"

"Anthropology, Botany...several things actually."

"That’s nice." I smile. "You must be really smart."

"Not really...Your the one with the command clearance." The lift doors opened and I gestured for her to step out first.

"Doesn’t take brains to break up fights, beat people up, or fire a phaser."

"Your being modest and you know it."

"He who triumphs knows when to fight and when not to fight."

"Sun-tzu. The Art of War."

"Right." I smile.

‘Well here I am." She stops in front of her door. I look to memorize the location. "Thank

you for your help...and walking me home.

"You’re very welcome. Goodbye Gabrielle."




I slept little last night. My work in the security office the next day was unusually difficult. I could not stopping thinking about Ensign Gabrielle Simpson. She was very beautiful and very sweet. Could I possibly be falling in love? That hasn’t happened in ages. More time has passed than I care to admit. As I glance over at my superior officer, Natasha Yar. She is, as she always is, immersed in a report or test. I admire her. She has the same fire I have when it comes to my job. "Heard you broke up a fight in Ten Forward, Xena." she said as she glances at me.

"Hardly. Slade’s testosterone level was peaking again." Yar chuckled softly as she continued on with her work.

"Speaking of Ten Forward, wanna drink?"

"Sure." I gladly throw down my sensor pad.


One thing I tend to like about my job, is how well Tasha and I get along. We are similar in a lot of ways. Small signals have told me over the course of several months, that she also prefers the company of women over men. Most men do not approach us. Probably because we both hold degrees in the art of Sakato, a very deadly form of self defense taught to all high ranking security personnel.

As we start to leave, I hear the hiss of the door and look up to see Gabrielle. I smile widely. Before I realize that she even moved, Tasha is standing in front of her desk with an obvious interest in this scientist. "Hi, I’m Natasha Yar. Chief of Security." Now I moved back towards my desk. "I don’t believe we’ve met." she smiled.

"Ensign Simpson." Gabrielle extends her hand. I smile. She didn’t give her first name. I have known my commanding officer long enough to know that she is eyeing her. I was surprised at the wave of jealousy that surged through me. I felt my jaw clench.

"I heard you had an unpleasant experience. I’m sorry to hear that."

"Thank you.....Actually I just came to make sure the report was filed and everything is all right."

"Everything’s just fine, Mame." Gabrielle nodded.

"Hi Xena."

"Hello Gabrielle. How are you?"

"Good. Are you still on duty?"

"Actually I am off. Is there something you need?"

"I could use a drink." she smiled beautifully.

"Ten Forward?"

"Sure....Sir?" I turned to Tasha. I hated the starfleet protocol that made us say Sir to all superiors. I knew she will not look fondly on being left behind.

"Dismissed." I heard a hint of sadness in the way she responded. I gestured for Gabrielle to walk ahead of me as we exited the security office.


We stepped into the turbolift. "Deck 6." Gabrielle said.

"Deck 6? I thought were getting a drink?"

"We are. Just not in Ten Forward."

"Ohhhh. Okay." I smiled. Her quarters. Gods help me. I don’t think I can remain passive in those conditions. We both stepped through her door and she made sure to lock it after we entered.

"Xena, can we talk?"


"I think..." she started, but sighed halfway into her statement. "I really think your beautiful."’


"Yes. I like you."

"I like you too." I smiled. "We sound like a couple of lovesick teenagers." I got a smile out of her.


Without any warning, she leaned forward, brushing her tongue across my lips, causing me to instantly groan. I opened my mouth without thought and she dove in. I felt her hand rest on the back of my neck as my arms came around her. I wasn’t sure how long the kiss lasted, but it wasn’t nearly long enough. "Did I render you speechless?" Gabrielle asked.

"Uhhhhh. Yeah.......but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it." I reached down to give her another taste of my lips, when her combadge sounded.

"Fairely to Ensign Simpson."

"Ugggggg." she groaned in frustration. I could only smile. She tapped her badge. "Yes?"

"Report to Bio Lab 4."

"Aye, Sir.....I’ve got go. I’m really sorry."

"Its okay. Usually I’m the one that gets called away. I’ve got tactical duty on the bridge soon."

"Really? I’ve got Science 1."

"Great. I’ll see you then." I brush my fingertips over her cheek.




I normally don’t care to work on the bridge, but I know I will be relieving Tasha. I know there is going to be trouble between us if this is not settled soon. I had no idea she would go for the same woman I did. My thoughts stopped when the turbolift doors open, revealing the bridge. I glance to my right and see Gabrielle at Science 1, deep in discussion with her partner at Science 2. I glance forward and see Tasha, eyeing Gabrielle from a distance. "Sir." I say to make my presence known. She snaps back to reality.

"Ohh Xena. Cute isn’t she?" she whispers.


"Are you two..."

"Yes, Sir."


"I really don’t know. I won’t stop her from seeing other people if she wants to." Just then

I see Commander Riker, Captain Picard, and Counselor Troi emerge from the captain’s ready room.

When I turn my head back to my commanding officer, Tasha is not there. Rather she is over talking to Gabrielle. Anger sweeps over me. I barely register Troi looking up at me before I move to intercept. Unknown to me, she got the attention of Commander Riker. I physically step in-between Gabrielle and Tasha. Gabrielle was clearly upset by the sudden advance of my Lieutenant. "What are you doing, Xena?" Tasha whispers.

"This is not the time or place, Tasha. Can we discuss this later?" I feel Gabrielle’s small hand rest on my hip from behind. Tasha moves to step me aside.


I brace myself and push her violently across the deck, sending her about four feet away.

"Hey. What’s going on?" Riker said as he makes his way up to us. Tasha moves back and swings at me. I know I can’t duck because my love is directly behind me, so I took the full force of the blow, causing my head to lurch to the left.

"Stop it!" I hear. This time from Captain Picard. I don’t stop. I can’t. I swing getting in one good blow to her chin, before we are both grabbed. "You three in my ready room...NOW!" I feel Commander Riker pull on my elbow as an incentive to get me moving. I look back to see Worf behind Tasha doing the same. Gabrielle is terrified. I can tell. All the color has drained from her face. Damn me for doing this to her.



I have been in trouble with captains before, but never with Jean-Luc Picard. He is clearly a fair man and very disciplined. He expects the same from his crew. I know this little incident is not going to sit well with him. My main concern is Gabrielle. She obviously has never been in trouble before and is scared. I can see Troi sitting on the couch to the left. Riker and Worf are standing behind us. The captain is at his desk. This is not good.

"Permission to speak, Sir?" I ask.

"Denied Ensign." I expected as much. "What makes you think you have a right to speak at this moment?" I knew it was a rhetorical question, but I was going to get in what I was wanting to say.

"Sir, Gabrielle has nothing to do with this I....."

"She apparently has everything to do with this Ensign Thomas. So much so as to cause two of my best officers to starting swinging at each other like a couple children on the bridge of my ship!"

"She’s right Captain." Yar spoke. "I was making a pass at her. It was my fault."

"You were what?" Riker asked.

"I was trying to get her to have a drink with me because I was jealous, Sir." she clarified.

"There’s a time and a place for that Lieutenant....and it is not on my bridge." the captain said sternly.

"Yes, Sir."


He lowers his voice to a very calming tone before saying, "Ensign Simpson."

"Sir." she says quietly.

"Dismissed." She hesitates and then moves out of the room.

"That still does not excuse your behavior, Tasha or Xena." I was a little surprised by the use of my first name. "We do not shove, push, or punch our fellow officers over some schoolgirl crush. Do we understand?"

"Aye Sir." we say in unison.

"Xena, you started the altercation. You spend the night in security confinement...Mr. Worf." he gestured. "Dismissed." I left Tasha to deal with her end of punishment.


It was a surprising blow to say the very least. It has been a very long time since I spent time in a brig. There is an upside. You spend the night in the brig, no reprimand on your service record, not that I don’t have them too.


The room is tiny. I hear the sound of the forcefield go up and I sit down on the bunk, facing the opening. "Xena?" The officer turns around that is manning the desk. "What are you doing here?" Sara asks, clearly flabbergasted.

"Started a fight with Tasha." I sighed.

"No way."

"Afraid so......Uhhh no talking to the prisoners, even if its me." I smile.

"Aye, Sir. I’m sorry." I chuckle to myself as she returns to her work.



I had dozed off on the bunk, but I was awakened by a familiar voice. I opened my eyes to see Gabrielle talking to Sara. "Can I talk to her for a minute?"

"Sure. Go ahead." I sit up and rub my eyes.

"Gabrielle." I smile.

"I’m so sorry, Xena."

"Hey. What for? I put myself in here." I stood and moved to the forcefield. "Not you."

"If you hadn’t stood up for me....."

"I’d do it again in a heartbeat, Sweetheart...What happened to Tasha?"

"Temporary demotion is the rumor. Lt. Worf is acting Chief of Security until morning."

"Then what?"

"You get out."

"I’m going to be acting Chief of Security?"

"Until Tasha is reinstated."

"I didn’t expect that."

Captain Picard was really upset that she acted so recklessly, so he stripped her of her position for a little while."

"Mmmm....Will you be here when I get out?" I ask.

"Of course. I wish I could stay here with you."

"You go on home and get some rest. I’ll be okay."

"Okay. Will you come back to my quarters when you get out?"

"For what?" I smile.

"You’ll see."

"Bye, my love."

"Bye, Xena. I love you."

"Love you." I watch her as she walks away. "Love you." I say again. This time to myself.


I couldn’t wait until it was time to get out of this closet of a room. Of course I got a visit from the captain before I was released, explaining why he felt it necessary to send me to the brig. He knew I needed a lesson, but he also knew it didn’t warrant a reprimand on my record.

I was happier about being with Gabrielle, then being cleared of any wrong doing. There’s just something about her that tells me we need to be together, soulmates if you will. I was now acting Chief of Security, a position I have wanted to hold. One I wish I didn’t have at the moment though. All it could mean is more work for the next several days. I step in front of Gabrielle’s quarters. "Come in." I hear from inside. I step through and see her lying on her couch.

"Xena!" She leaps to her feet and grabs me a firm embrace. "I thought you weren’t getting out until 0600."

"Captain Picard and I had a little talk and he decided to let me out on good behavior." I


"Good. Let me pick up where I left off." She dove for a taste of my mouth once again. I willingly gave it her. This time was a little different. Small moans were going into my mouth and I felt two hands at my back, trying to unzip my uniform jacket. I moaned myself as I felt the zipper slowly coming down. I helped her pull it from my shoulders. My black undershirt was already clinging to my body as the heat of her was making me sweat. Pulling the shirt out of my trousers, with a smile, and removing it bared my chest to her.

I began to catch up by unzipping her zipper. I said a silent prayer of thanks that the science officers still wore the one piece suits, making it easier to get off. I watched her as I helped the fabric to her hips, down her thighs, and off her legs. Noticing for the first time she was barefoot. "You are gorgeous." I comment as I watch her remove the last barrier to her beautiful breasts.

"You’re not so bad yourself." she smiled as she ran her hands deliciously from my shoulders down my chest, over my breasts, to rest on my hips. Her mouth descends on my bare left breast, while teasing my right.

"Ohhhhh. That feels good." I smile. She chuckles against my hardened nipple. I feel her unoccupied hand slide over from my hip.

"Kick off your boots." Gabrielle whispers. I am barely able to follow commands with the pleasure that my breasts are receiving, but I do it. Grabbing the catch of my trousers, she slides them down and off my hips, taking what was under them as well. Now I stand in all my glory in front of this beautiful woman.

Without missing a beat with her biting and licking, she pulls me towards her bedroom. I gladly let myself be led. I rest my hands on her hips just long enough to remove the final piece of clothing. I spare a glance at her center. She is aroused, very aroused. I suppress a groan as I am pulled around and knocked backwards onto the bed. I land on a very soft mattress. I watch with a smile as Gabrielle climbs up and straddles my hips, deliberately pressing our centers together. I rock my hips slightly, trying to get more of her. Both of her palms cup my breasts as she rotates her hips twice. "Good?" I answer with a plea in the form of a grunt. My eyes close as she begins to ride me, and ride me hard. The only place I can put my hands are on those hips. I find myself pulling her down harder, faster.

"Damn Gabrielle." I moaned. I feel throbbing. Its hers. She is nearing her climax. I open my eyes so I can see her face as she comes. Her eyes are closed. She is holding back. I can feel it. I won’t allow that. I snake a hand down and find her swollen clit and squeeze.

"XENA!!" She slams down onto to me harder as she rides her orgasm to its end. I felt my body tensing as her climax ended. I thrusted upwards harder. She met me with equal force.

"Ahhhhhh. Gabrielle." I breathed as my orgasm ripped through me.


She slowly diminished her speed until she eventually stopped. I looked up at her with loving eyes as I tried to bring my breathing under control. Gabrielle looked down at me with equal love. "That was...." she breathed. "Incredible." I smiled widely.

"Yes it was." I agreed. She came down, lying directly on top of me. I brought my arms around her. "I love you."

"Love you, too.......Sir." We both chuckled.

"I only outrank you for now." She brings her head up. I watch as she reaches near my face and brushes an unruly string of hair out of my face.

"You’ll be lieutenant in no time."

"Ahhh well." I trailed off. "Its not important." I watch as she brings her blanket up and covers us both. I take that moment to turn us over. "I’m here with you. If that meant being ship’s janitor, I’d do it." She smiled at my admission. Then her smile fades.

"What’s wrong?"

"What about Tasha?"

"What about her?"

"She’s not going to be very happy with either of us."


"So, you still have to serve under her. She’ll make your life a living hell." I smile, but in the back of my mind, I know she could be right.

"It’ll be okay." I turn over onto my back and pull her to rest on my shoulder. "She knows she was out of line. Hopefully, she’s still my friend."

"I’m sorry."

"Its not your fault. It was mine and Tasha’s. The captain was right. We were acting like a couple of kids when we’re supposed to be Starfleet officers." I began to absently caress her hair with my hand.


We were both startled instantly by the red alert. "Shit." I cursed as we both had to put our private moment on hold to report to our red alert stations. Mine is the security office, hers is Science Lab 5. We both scrambled out of bed as we saw the red lights flashing along the panels of her cabin. "That’s damn odd." I commented as we struggled into our discarded clothes.


"There was no yellow alert first." We felt no change in the ship. There was no fire fight going on. As soon as we were in our uniforms, we stepped out of her quarters. We knew we’d have to part once we got off the turbolift. We headed down the corridor to the nearest one. Once to a junction, I looked down the opposite corridor. Suddenly I saw the reason for the red alert. I yanked Gabrielle back towards me and into the corridor we had just came from.

"What is it? What’s wrong?"

"Shhh." I whispered. With my adrenaline came harsher breathing. We both heard the noise of someone approaching. I began to back us up, me in front walking us backwards in the direction we came, cursing myself for not having a phaser.

"Xena." she whispered. Then the intruder appeared in front of us. He raised his weapon. I looked to my left. I pulled us sideways into another hallway, avoiding the phaser blast by inches.

"Run!" I pulled on her arm, making sure she stayed with me. I heard another blast as we rounded a corner. We both tripped over something. We fell to the deck and rolled. We turned our heads to see that it was a body we tripped over, a crew member.

"Oh gods, Xena." Gabrielle breathed. I moved to him on my knees. It was a medical officer, no phaser.

"Its okay."

"What the hell was that?"

"Borg." I looked around to judge our location. "There’s a weapons room on the next deck up. We need to get there."


"Access ladders. Can’t risk the turbolifts....Come on." I stood and pulled her up with me. Gabrielle moved ahead of me slightly. She suddenly stopped, causing me to bump into her.

"Xena." Three borg stood in front of us. Weapons ready. I immediately pulled her back behind me, intend on going the other way. Only when we turned around, two more Borg blocked our exit.

"Resistance is futile." came from one of them.

"Like hell it is." I said more to myself than them. One moved to grab Gabrielle. I had no choice but to engage him.


I knew I would be no match for a Borg. Being cyborgs, they have eight times my strength. I tried to wrestle out of his grasp the best I could. "Xena!" I heard Gabrielle scream as she watched me being beaten so easily. My attacker picked me up several feet into the air.

"Ohhhh shit." I said as I knew I was going for a ride. Sure enough, he threw me into the side of the corridor. Only to my bad luck, it happened to have a window. I heard the sound of glass shattering around me as I was propelled through it. I landed on my back with a harsh thud inside the room. I opened my eyes and saw Deanna Troi looking down at me. I suddenly realized I was lying in her office.

"Xena...Are you all right?"

"Gabrielle." I managed to get out.

"Troi to Sickbay. I need help on Deck 6 Corridor B." I ignored her as I heard my love scream. I tried desperately to get to my feet, but my body wasn’t cooperating. I stumbled twice before I managed to get back on my feet, shaking my head clear. "Xena. No. Stay still."

"Can’t." I breathed. "Do you have a phaser?"

"In the right drawer." she pointed. I stumbled over to it and grabbed the weapon, setting it on kill.


I looked through the now broken window and saw that Gabrielle managed to fend off two of the Borg on her own, but the rest were moving in for the kill. I stepped out of Troi’s door. As soon as the Borg saw me again, they raised their weapons. I fired. I hit the nearest one. I watched as he shorted out and fell to the floor. I moved to stop the one nearest Gabrielle. Another borg approached from the side. I heard the sound of his weapon, but had no time to react to it. I felt a blinding pain shoot through my right knee. And once again, I felt my face connect with the floor. "Xena!" I looked up and Gabrielle was crawling towards me.

"Gabrielle." I said faintly. I pulled myself up, bracing my back against the wall. I looked down and I had taken a direct phaser hit to my knee. "I think my kneecap is shattered." I breath. As the Borg continue to approach, I put as much of my body between Gabrielle and the aliens.

"DOWN NOW!!" We hear from our right. I knew that voice. Tasha. I covered Gabrielle’s head with my arms as phaser blasts rang out. The sound of crunching metal filled our ears as Borg began to drop.


Then it was quiet. I opened my eyes and let Gabrielle up. All of the Borg were dead. Worf moved to me. "Worf to Sickbay. Deck 6 Corridor B." He looks at me and then at my wound. "Help is coming." I smile at him.

"Thanks." Tasha moves to us. I feel Gabrielle put her arm around my neck, hugging my

head to her.

"Hey." she smiles, kneeling to get a closer look. "You guys okay?....other than the obvious?"

"Yeah. We’re okay." I say, wincing as I shifted.

"Good job, Xena."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Ohhhh no. You are Chief of Security at the moment. I have your job remember?" I chuckle. "Gabrielle, I’m sorry." Gabrielle holds her hand up.

"Its okay. We’re even now."

Our moment was interrupted by the arrival of Dr. Crusher. "All right, Xena. What have you done now?" She places her kit down next to me and I groan. She constantly tells me I’m her worst patient, with the exception of Worf.

"I wouldn’t be in your shoes for anything." Tasha smiles.

"Thanks, pal."

"Well maybe one thing." she smiles and winks at Gabrielle. "See ya." I watch as she walks away.

"Owwww." I shoot Beverly a look.

"Oh quit being a baby. I’m just doing a bio scan."




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