Irrefutable Evidence Part Nine by CN Winters

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Denise was unsure of what she just heard and she found herself moving from her relaxed state from the table.

"Did you just say-."

"I’m in love with you," Sara repeated in the same quiet tone.

Dead silence ensued. No response came from either woman – not even a breath or a sigh. Sara knew she caught Denise totally off guard with the declaration of love. Sara gingerly moved closer with light steps. She didn’t want to make any sudden movements that might frighten the noticeably shaken brunette.

"That scares you doesn’t it?" Sara asked as she walked over to the officer. Denise didn’t reply. She didn’t move. "Yes," Sara continued. "I can see it does . . . But believe me when I tell you I wanted you from the first moment I saw you and every moment since."

Sara ran her small fingers through Denise’s dark, thick curls, never breaking the gaze she held on the tall woman. Denise tried to look away but Sara turned Denise to face her with gentle fingertips under the dark woman’s chin.

"Please don’t be scared . . . Please look deeper . . . because I think you feel the same."

"Sara," Denise begged with her entire being, ". . . please don’t," the tall woman fidgeted.

"Don’t what?" Sara whispered with a lump that felt like a bolder in her throat. "Don’t tell you how much I want you . . . how beautiful you look in this dress-."

Denise moved away before Sara could continue further. She was almost to the sofa when she heard Sara slam her hands down on the table, rattling the small vase of orchids that resided there.

"That’s it!" Sara shouted in disgust. "Run away again Denise!"

"I’m sorry!" Denise yelled just as loud. "I told you I couldn’t get involved because I have to keep my distance and-."

"Come on!" Sara retaliated closing the space between them with forceful strides toward Denise. "You got involved the minute you kissed me in Detroit. And the ‘holy’ distance you keep preaching about is getting narrower each day we’re together."

"I told you-."

"Yeah," Sara argued cutting her off. "Here comes the speech about how you have to keep your distance to keep your mind focused right?" Denise didn’t argue. She just turned away. That was until Sara forced her to meet her eyes again. "That’s bullshit Denise. You’re already ‘involved’ - you’re already too preoccupied with doin’ me. The evidence is irrefutable Denise!"

"That is not true!" Denise raged, going toe to toe with Sara.

"The hell it’s not," Sara countered, not backing down an inch. "I see the way you look at me and I ache. Not so much for me but for you! I see the want in your eyes Denise. I hear it in your voice. And the worst part is, I would gladly give myself to you . . . however, you can’t surrender! You want me and you need me but you won’t take me!"

Denise felt shell-shocked by the volume and contents of Sara’s words. The room got quite except for their heavy breathing invoked by their anger. When Denise didn’t immediately answer, tensions began to calm down.

"I can’t Sara," the officer whispered running her fingers through her own hair, trying to think logically. "What you’re feeling . . . what I’m feeling . . . It might not be real."

"Why isn’t it real Denise?" Sara asked, her frustration still thick in her voice.

"Because adrenaline is a powerful drug. It makes you see things and feel things that aren’t really there. We might think that it’s love but in truth it’s just a physiological experience," Denise explained. "I don’t want to hurt you by thinking it’s ‘true love’ if it isn’t. I can’t take the chance of getting involved with you any deeper than I have."

"Yes . . .You can Denise," the blonde countered against Denise’s defiance. "And as for the ‘real’ factor . . . you couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe you don’t love me," Sara added swallowing down sob with that realization. "I can except that. But don’t you dare stand there and tell me what I feel is hormonal when I know it’s genuine."

"I’m sorry," Denise whispered after releasing a heavy sigh of frustration.

"I’m not looking for your pity," Sara chuckled in misery at the situation because she felt Denise was still missing the point. "I just . . . I want you. All of you. But I’m fooling myself by thinking you’d ever open up to me more than you have. In truth Denise, that’s what I want more than anything. Not your body but your mind . . . but you can’t even give me that."

"Jesus Sara," Denise said throwing her hands in the air getting angry again. "I told you my father was an alcoholic and that’s not revealing enough for you?"

Sara considered it for a moment. "No, because you’ve told me lots of ‘facts’ about your life but not the ‘feelings’. What’s it like to grow up in a household like that? What do you prize most in your life? And why ARE you so damn scared of storms? . . . And why don’t you trust me enough to open up?" Sara paused a moment to regain her breath so she didn’t end up in a shouting match again. That would get her nowhere. The more she thought about it the more she realized . . .that’s where this relationship was heading anyway . . . nowhere.

Sara sighed and Denise watched as the blonde started to walk into the dark bedroom. "Forget I said anything tonight . . . It’s pointless anyway." The defeat was so heavy in Sara’s voice that Denise could feel her own heartbreak.

After the bedroom door closed Denise collapsed on the sofa with Sara’s words still ringing in her ears. Denise looked over at the bedroom. Don’t do it. Don’t go in there. Sleep out here tonight. That’s what her mind kept repeating but she suddenly found her feet standing in the bedroom doorway.

"Are you asleep?" Denise whispered toward the bed.

"No," Sara answered, slowly moving to a sitting position. When Denise didn’t automatically move Sara offered the invitation by patting the end of the bed and sitting cross-legged so Denise would have a space.

Denise walked over to Sara’s side of the bed, taking a seat at the foot. Denise sat in silence for a long time and Sara didn’t utter a sound. She silently watched the officer try repeatedly to say something but stop.

"Fear . . . uncertainty . . . in some warped way responsibility for my father’s drinking. . .That’s what growing up was like for me. I felt embarrassed to bring friends to my house because I didn’t know what to expect from one day to the next. When my father died I felt cheated . . . that I never had the chance to have a ‘real’ father . . . and that made me feel selfish in a way . . . because I did know my father whereas some folks never do see their dad-."

"Denise," Sara whispered. "You don’t have to do this. Look, forget what I said. I’m not gonna bully you into this. It’s not right. If you don’t want to talk about it, I’m not going to hold it against you."

Denise smiled and rubbed her thumbs over each other repeatedly as she spoke. "I’m not being ‘bullied’ as you call it," Denise smiled with unshed tears in her eyes. "Few people in this world make me do things I don’t want to do . . . I want to share these things with you . . . but you have to understand that . . . I never really . . . opened up . . . so it’s not something I’m gonna be real good at," Denise added, throwing in a nervous giggle to try to lighten the mood.

"I’m sorry for interrupting," Sara replied softly. "Go on, if you want."

Denise took a moment and rolled her head shoulder to shoulder to release the tension before she began again.

"Anyway . . . it wasn’t a picnic living with my father. My mother did the best she could with the situation. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so focused on my work. My mom had no outlet, no means. She depended solely on my father for pretty much everything. I didn’t want to feel helpless like that. I never wanted to be at someone’s mercy."

As for what I prize most . . . Angie . . . because she helps keep me grounded . . . centered. I egg her on and she holds me back," Denise chuckled with fondness. "But between the two of us we get results. A yin to a yang almost," Denise smiled. "I feel a great sense of pride in what I do. It makes me feel good to know I’m trying my best to DO good. I’m not sure if you understand that – there aren’t many people who do. Being a cop isn’t something that I do for a living . . . it’s something that I AM – something that keeps me alive . . . Angie understands that because she feels the same way."

Sara allowed herself to grin as Denise spoke of Angie but she remained quiet.

"As for my fear of storms . . ." Denise paused a moment and took a deep breath. "When I was 12 I spent the summer with my Aunt and Uncle in Indiana – my mother’s sister. One night a bad storm hit and we were all running outside to the shelter. My uncle was getting my aunt and my cousins in when this board came out of nowhere and . . . I watched my Uncle Danny get staked by a piece of picket fence during a tornado. That image still haunts me whenever the weather gets bad and I feel like that same kid who ran for her life that night."

Sara’s lip trembled as she watched Denise’s shaking hands. She climbed out of the covers and scooted closer to Denise, taking a spot beside her. Sara reached out and covered Denise’s trembling hands in a show of support. Finally Denise had the courage to continue.

"And ever since then I’ve been scared to death of storms . . . I just freeze up and I feel like I have no control over my life or those around me. And I don’t like that feeling." Denise freed one of her hands and whipped her eyes with her fingertips. Slowly a grin came to her face.

"What is it?" Sara asked unsure of what the small smile meant in light of such a sorrowful tale.

"You know . . . I’ve never told anyone that story before. Even Angie doesn’t know why storms bother me so much . . . Guess you can’t say I won’t open up to you," Denise teased, lightly bumping Sara with her shoulder. "You gotta way of bringin' it out of me."

"I’m glad you did," Sara answered. "Are you?" she asked tentatively.

Denise considered the casual but heartfelt comment.

"Yeah . . . So am I, I think," Denise grinned. "Thank you Sara."

Sara smiled and worked her way back to the head of the bed. "I’d like to take credit Denise but you have to realize something. You did that ‘opening up’ all by yourself. You didn’t have to do it you know . . . but you did anyway . . . And I’m grateful . . . even if you don’t love me," Sara said unable to disguise her melancholy at the last statement.

"Sara let me be totally honest," Denise began. She gave a brief pause and Sara nodded for Denise to continue. "You are absolutely gorgeous and the spirit that’s inside that beautiful package is one I’ve looked for years to find. If the situation of our meeting had been different – if I meet you at a store or a bar or baseball game…whatever – I would have jumped at any chance you gave me for a love affair. But with this situation, the rush of practically running for our lives, I’m not sure-."

"Yes I know," Sara grinned, stopping Denise before she continued. "You’re not sure if it’s real . As I said that’s fine. I’m not gonna push . . . Can’t promise I won’t still flirt with you outrageously. I won’t let DeVittem or his attorneys who might use our relationship to their advantage spoil ALL my fun," Sara winked. "But I see where things stand right now . . . And that’s fine . . . I’m willing to wait," she grinned coyly.

Denise chuckled softly and rose from the bed. "It could be years waiting around for me, you know?" Denise teased.

"Yes I know."

The honesty of Sara’s words set Denise off kilter. Sara was dead serious. By the tone Denise realized for the first time that, although she did believe what Sara told her, the words the blonde spoke earlier hit home. Sara WAS very certain about her feelings. Denise was on the verge of saying to hell with the world and just climbing into bed with the beautiful woman. But ‘sense of duty’ got the better of her at this point and she walked around and picked up her pillow.

"Where are you going?" Sara asked as she watched Denise starting to leave.

"To sleep on the sofa," Denise stopped and answered. "It’s late."

"Denise please stay here," Sara replied. "I promise to be nothing more than a good friend. After everything you said tonight I think you need to be close to someone . . . Let me hold you . . . nothing more I promise," Sara said honestly.

Denise considered it a moment and decided that the invitation was far too inviting to pass up. "Promise?" she asked just to be sure of Sara’s intentions. She knew that she herself was on the verge of losing herself control. If Sara had seduction in mind, at this point, it wouldn’t take very much to push the officer over the edge.

"I promise," Sara said crossing her heart with her pinky before patting the other side of the bed. "Now get over here before I drag you in . . . But take off the dress." Denise’s eyebrows shot up into her bangs suspiciously. "You’ll wrinkle it silly," Sara pointed out.

Denise did has Sara asked and joined her in bed in her camisole and panties. She snuggled into Sara’s soft shoulder as Sara gently stroked Denise’s arm. It was only after Denise was breathing deep and steady that Sara found she could rest too. When sleep finally claimed her, Sara had her fingers tangled in the officer’s hair as the smell of Obsession perfume and light perspiration filled her nose. Denise could say what she wanted but Sara knew the truth as she drifted off. . . It WAS love.



"We checked it all out. Everything looks fine. No loose wires or extensions running off. Seems like the phone is in perfect working order," the technician said as he handed Angie a work order for her to sign. They stood in the middle of the precinct where Angie was just conferring with Det. Estephan on a case they were moving up to the vice squad. After Angie finished she handed the order back to the man as he thanked her. He gave her a copy and he made his departure.

"Lemme guess," Det. Estephan joked, "You women talk so much cha need two phones now eh?" he teased in his thick Cuban accent.

"Careful Estephan or I’ll have you tan ass deported," she winked.

"Ouch," he said clutching his stomach in mock pain. "Guess I deserved that one," he answered not offended by the melee of words. In fact it had become quite the game between the two. In each other’s eyes, Angie was the all-American, white bread eating WASP and Estephan was the communist, Latino wanna-be lover.

"That one and a lot more," she countered, playfully slapping him with the rolled up work order in her hand.

"Say watcha will sergeant my sergeant . . . But I know da truth. It’s luuuuvvvv," he cooed before laughing.

Angie smiled and made her way back to her office. "Estephan not if you were the last man on earth," she chuckled as she closed her door.

Estephan turned to his partner, Edwards, who was sitting on the edge of his desk. "Oh yeah, she wants me," he said confidently.

Angie picked up her phone. Sounds functional to me, she considered as she heard the dial tone. She promptly called the judge’s office. She hoped to get a meeting that week but the best she could do was the week after. Once she hung up the picture that sat on the edge of the desk of her and Denise shared caught her attention.

It was a photo of them at one of the department baseball games. They both had their caps and their precinct t-shirts on with their arms draped around each other’s shoulders in comradeship. Smiles hung on their face from a job well done that day.

Yet something more profound came through the longer that Angie looked at it. She never took the time to notice but she realized that there wasn’t any other pictures around – no family members, no prized pets . . . nothing – just her and Denise. How many hours did she spend in that office before realizing that?

That fact brought out a deep sadness that Angie didn’t realize she was feeling until that moment. Yes she missed Denise but she realized as she sat in the quite of the office, away from the stationhouse chatter, she longed for her too. Not in the way a lover longs for their mate but the need to be close to something in order to feel complete . . . whole.

During their last conversation Denise said she felt helpless to control what was happening and Angie realized she pretty much felt the same way. A nutcase with enough money to buy and sell anyone was sending people after her partner and so far she’d been unable to help keep her safe. Angie knew, if anything were to happen to Denise, that DeVittem would never walk out of jail again. Sure he might make parole someday but she’d break his legs to see that he didn’t ‘walk out’ and she would hound this man for the rest of his life, so far as giving him an indecent exposure ticket if his shoe lace was untied. He might earn his freedom someday but he’d never find peace . . . never.

Angie shook her head. Focus, she told herself. Stay focused . . . soon it will all be over.




Denise lay in bed on her stomach in half dream state when she heard the front door open. She quickly sat up and looked over at Sara.

She wasn’t there.

Denise darted to the dresser and grabbed her gun, taking a place behind the bedroom door. She was still half-naked as she stood waiting for the door to open. The doorknob began to creak as it turned slowly. Denise waiting, taking a step back as the door opened.


The officer knew it was Sara’s voice.

"I’m back here," Denise replied.

"What are you doing?" Sara asked peeking behind the door.

"I was about to ask you the same question?"

The sight of Denise in her cami, her breathing labored, distracted Sara for a moment.

"Oh . . . I went out and got you some breakfast. I thought you might be hungry."

Denise shook her head. Perhaps she wasn’t fully awake and heard the woman incorrectly.

"You went out? Without me?"

"I just went down to the bakery on the corner. I passed on the donuts because they seemed to cliched for you so I got other goodies instead," she teased as she took a seat on the bed, digging into the bag.

"Have you forgotten that people are trying to kill you?" Denise asked, her annoyance and temper starting to rise.

"Come on, Denise-."

"No!" Denise snapped, cutting off the blonde. "Don’t ‘Oh Denise’ me here. I don’t want you leaving without me. Do you understand?"

Sara dropped the bagel she had begun to retrieve back into the bag. It rattled around the paper as she spoke. "I’m sorry," Sara said unable to hide her hurt. "I just wanted to do something nice to surprise you. That’s all."

"You’re far too important to be walking around alone," Denise explained pressing the issue to get her point across. "I don’t want to lose you," she added firmly.

"Yes I know," Sara replied sarcastically, now trading hurt for anger. "I’m too important to the goddamn case. You can’t lose the star witness. Believe me, I know."

Sara tried to rise but Denise kept her in place by the shoulders.

"Do you really think all I care about is the case?" Denise asked in astonishment.

"Well don’t you?" Sara challenged batting Denise’s arms away and standing up.

"No," Denise whimpered, gently taking Sara by the upper arms to halt any departure. "I wasn’t talking about the case sweetheart."

The endearment naturally fell from Denise’s lips and Sara tried her damnedest not to smile. Inside she felt like she was doing cartwheels, like a giddy schoolgirl on the playground who just got her first kiss. Soon however the realization that she had let Denise down reappeared and she began to hang her head, feeling even worse than before with this new knowledge of how much Denise did care.

Denise left the endearment unchecked and decided to comment on Sara’s growing depression instead. "Look," the officer began. "I appreciate the gesture. Honest I do," she said releasing her grip and pointing at the bags on the bed. "It’s been a long time since I had someone bring me breakfast in bed." The officer paused a moment in thought and gave a light chuckle. "Come to think of it, I’ve never had anyone bring me breakfast in bed. I should take advantage of this huh?" she grinned.

Feeling Denise’s mood lightened helped Sara considerably and soon she too smiled.

"Well shouldn’t you be IN bed to receive breakfast in bed," Sara said pitching a thumb behind her, toward the mattress.

"Good point," Denise said holding up a finger before darting back to the sheets. "Should I act like I’m still asleep or will just being under the covers suffice?"

Sara grinned and took a spot on the bed. "That’s your call. You’re the boss."

Denise snatched the bag away and peeked inside. "What do we have here?"

"Creeps, croissants and bagels," Sara said peeking inside too, there heads touching, bangs to bangs. "I put some coffee on before I left so let me see if it’s done," she said before rising and going out to the kitchen area.

Moments later, Sara returned with two mugs in hand. She caught Denise stuffing her face with one of the croissants and handed her a cup. "Here," she grinned. "You’ll need this to wash it down with."

Denise could only nodded as she chewed.

"Hungry?" Sara asked as Denise tried her best to consume her food quicker to pick up the conversation.

"Yes," Denise answered when it was safe to reply. She took a drink of her coffee and released a sigh. "This is really good. We’ll have to go back again tomorrow."

"Together," Sara added with a wink to let Denise know she understood the lieutenant’s lecture moments before and the officer gave a warm grin.

Denise looked at the two of them, first herself and then Sara and then herself again.

"What’s wrong?" Sara asked.

"I feel underdressed," Denise teased.

"Well then," Sara said rising and pulling her dress from her shoulders and slowly past her hips. Denise held a croissant at her mouth, unable to complete the task of eating it. "Better?" she coyly asked. With that she leaned over in her lace bra and panties and nibbled on the opposite end of the French pastry. Denise could feel it start shaking in her hand as she watched the blonde. "Ummm," Sara hummed as she chewed. "Delicious."

"You’re telling me," Denise sighed, not realizing she had spoken the words out loud. Sara’s chuckle brought Denise from her fazed state of mind. "You do realize that when I said I felt underdressed that I was going to put on a robe?" Denise asked, although it sounded more like a statement.

"Perhaps," Sara nodded. "But you gotta admit this is much more fun."

Denise couldn’t argue with that. She just shrugged her shoulders and tried to go back to her croissant. Between chews she tisked the blonde with her finger and told her, "You’re bad. I might have to sleep with you just to prove it’s nothing but sexual chemistry," Denise teased.

"That’s not a bad idea," Sara countered. "But I’m not bad Denise. In fact I’m good . . . I’m very good. And if you remember, I didn’t say I’d stop flirting outrageously."

"Touché," Denise grinned.

"Speaking of flirting outrageous," Sara began. "I thought we could have a picnic today. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. There’s that park by the St. Lawrence River where I could feed you grapes. You could feed me strawberries. And as for the rest of the time we can continued to work on that ‘just being friends’ thing," Sara teased. Denise almost lost the large swallow of coffee she had just taken but managed to gulp it down. "So what do you say Lt. VanCook? Are you up for it?"

"Oh I’m up for it and then some," Denise countered. She’d show Sara she could give as good as she could get in this little game. Perhaps a roll in the hay is just what they needed. It would help decrease any pent up longings and prove once and for all that it’s just hormones and nothing more.

Upping the ante are we lieutenant?

"Good," Sara answered. She rose again from the bed and stripped off the remainder of her clothes. Denise took a sudden interest in examining her croissant with intense scrutiny, at least until her pulse slowed and she could keep her wits about her. "I’m going to the shower. Wanna join me? It will conserve water you know."

Tongue-tied and totally flabbergasted by the naked display before her, all Denise could do was nod yes while her voice gave out a meek, "No."

"Well," Sara chuckled before picking up a little piece of croissant to nibble. "You can’t blame a gal for trying to help the environment," she winked.

Denise’s eyes were heavy on Sara. Her heart was pounding since she woke up to find Sara gone and it seems that since Sara’s return that fact hadn’t changed. In actuality, it intensified to the point that Denise found herself shedding her clothing.

If she wants to play then I’ll play, Denise considered deviously. Thinks she can parade around in that gorgeous birthday suit. . . I’ll show her.

After making her way to the front door to check that it was secure she proceeded to the bathroom and the sound of the running water.

Denise could picture an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other – each giving their tips on what to do, running down the list of pros and cons. This morning the devil was making a lot more sense. She’d teach Sara once and for all that she could be a seductress yet keep her desire in check. She could take the game all the way to the edge too but she wouldn’t tumble over it.

Sara stood under the water, head tilted back wetting her hair. She heard the shower door open and immediately she opened her eyes. She didn’t expect to see Denise standing there and totally naked at that. It caught her so off guard that she didn’t have a witty reply or retort she could sling at the officer. All she could do was silently admire Denise’s strong form.

"May I come in?" Denise asked, confident in how Sara would answer.

Sara blinked to make sure the image and the question were real and not just a figment of her lust-filled imagination. When Denise was still standing before her, she knew it was real. "By all means," she said, offering the cascading water to the brunette.

Casually Denise stepped inside and proceeded to let the water soak her body from head to toe. When she opened her eyes she found Sara was admiring her as she licked her lips. Denise chuckled in spite of her attempts at a serious seduction. She couldn’t help herself. The humor Denise found at throwing the blonde such a curve, when Sara had initiated this whole game, was down right comical.

"I’m just doing my best for the ecology," Denise teased. When Sara continued to stay rooted, Denise took the soap and began to work up a lather in her hands. She first arrived in the bathroom with the idea of teaching Sara a lesson. But the longer the soap slipped across her fingers, the more her desire grew into an inferno.

Yet within her passion she started to second-guess herself. Perhaps she was the over-confident bug who flew a little to close to the web. The longer she stood there, the more she realized she was trapped. There would be no turning back today. She wanted Sara. Sara wanted her. Case closed and to hell with the rest of their mixed up, crazy lives. Either one of them could be dead tomorrow or the next day. Ignoring her passion for this lovely woman would no longer damn Denise. She’d revel in it with no regrets.

"Would you like me to wash your back?" Denise offered, scooting over to give Sara access to the water again.

"Certainly," Sara replied with her bearings a little more in tack. The water cascaded down her front as she felt Denise’s strong hands begin making circular patterns on her back. It felt like a bizarre water torture of sorts, nearly maddening. Sara couldn’t contain her moan when Denise’s hands slipped further south than she expected, cupping her buttocks.

That moan floated to Denise’s ears and imbedded itself into her sex.

Denise leaned into Sara’s back, pressing her high, firm breasts into Sara’s soapy back. Her slippery hands snaked down Sara’s curvy hips and then around to her stomach. Her head tilted down to Sara’s ear. Her moist lips rested against Sara’s earlobe.

"I can’t promise forever, or even tomorrow for that matter. All I have to give you is here and now and anything can change in an instant," Denise whispered heatedly as the vibrations rattled against Sara’s flesh.

Sara closed her eyes soaking up the water and the bombardment of Denise’s sensory attack. "I’ll never ask for more than you can give," Sara softly replied, using all of her strength to turn around to face Denise.

The officer looked like a goddess towering over her, dripping wet, her raven hair slicked back from her beautiful face. Sara thought for a moment that she noticed Denise’s eyes grow darker in her desire. If one day was all she had with the goddess, Sara would take it. And take it she did.

Sara tugged Denise to her lips forcefully by the back of the head. After a few melee of light kisses they began to deepen as their tongues searched for each other. When Denise began to suck on Sara’s tongue the blonde felt her knees go weak. Denise felt it too and scooped Sara close to her body. The innocent gesture to steady the woman soon turned into a passionate grinding motion as they stood between each other’s thighs.

Denise could feel the wetness of the water as well as the wetness that had welled between Sara’s legs. When tongues were no longer enough, Denise felt Sara’s lips vacate hers and make themselves at home on her taunt nipples. Her head fell back against the shower stale at the onslaught. Soon their hands began to roam, joining in a primal rhythm.

"Oh God Sara," Denise sighed feeling the tiny waves beginning to take hold of her as they continued to stroke each other, finding any area of flesh they could reach and touch. The water was beginning to run cooler after minute upon minute of tantalizing each other’s flesh. But still, for Denise, it was far too soon to experience ecstasy. "We have to slow down sweetheart," Denise begged.

Sara’s voice was firm. "No," was all she replied. She plunged harder and deeper and faster against Denise’s flesh. "We’ve got all day," Sara replied, locking her eyes with Denise’s. The officer felt hypnotized and she’d do her bidding. "Come for my Denise . . . Please, give it to me."

Any reserve that Denise was holding broke free in that instant. The waves came harder and faster, rippling through her bodies. Sara paused her movements and simply watched as the quakes tumbled through her lover.

"Oh God Denise," Sara sighed as she watched her lover. "You’re so sexy, so beautiful," she whispered as she rested her head against Denise’s chest.

After a few moments of just holding Sara, feeling her pulse pounding, Denise turned off the water. She stepped out of the stall without a word and offered her hand to Sara. The blonde took it without comment and stepped out to join her lover. Sara was unsure if Denise’s silence was a good thing but soon the officer smiled the biggest of smiles. Next Sara felt her feet go out from under her. Denise wasted no time and picked Sara up into her arms, which brought a giggle from the shorter woman. Without taking the time to dry off Denise began kissing Sara as she carried her toward the bed.

"Don’t think you’re getting away that easy," Denise said between kisses.

"I’m all wet," Sara argued, her hair dripping as they moved.

"I’m sure you are," Denise retorted lecherously.

Any reply Sara would offer was muted by the smoldering kiss Denise planted on her lips.

The remainders of the bags from earlier that morning were pushed to the floor to make space. Denise licked and kissed the water from Sara’s shoulder, nibbling her way down both breasts and across her stomach. Sara’s legs reflexively spread wider the further south that Denise proceeded. Soon Sara’s ankles were wrapped around Denise’s back, stroking her, titillating her to continue her journey.

Sara’s arousal floated to Denise’s nose and the officer’s desire shot higher than it already had all morning. Just the smell of Sara wanting her created a new fire within Denise and she couldn’t hold back the whimper. Her whole body hummed at the prospect of tasting the delicate woman that had stumbled into her life and wormed her way into her heart. Yet in her desire Denise felt a moment of insecurity. She knew she couldn’t offer Sara everything she had at the moment, if ever. Sara felt the sudden shift and refused to let Denise’s doubts get the better of both of them.

"Please," Sara whispered as she buried her fingers into the back of Denise’s hair. "Give me this . . . right here and right now."

Sara’s back arched as she spoke, straining to connect to Denise, needing to feel her hands. Denise’s palms worked a slow path down Sara’s body and the blonde quaked at every area that Denise touched. Watching Sara’s desire displayed before her was enough to prompt Denise into action and put those little negative voices away.

She plunged between Sara’s legs but took her time in delighting her pallet with the blonde’s exquisite taste. It might seem like a slow torture or a tease but Sara understood what Denise was doing – she was savoring her. The more Sara thought about it the wetter she got and the wetter she got the more there was for Denise to savor. It got to be too much for the little blonde and she found her hand cupping Denise’s head and guiding her to her engorged clit. Her body bucked against Denise’s mouth and the officer felt a new throb between her own legs at the thought of Sara’s mouth against her in a similar fashion.

When Denise began to make hungry noises, that was enough to put Sara over the edge. Her legs wrapped tight around Denise as her body shook and a light dew of perspiration came over her skin. With her breathing labored Sara’s head fell back against the bed with a final thud. The long deep sigh of satisfaction she emitted brought a smile to Denise’s face as she worked her way back up to lay beside Sara.

Sara curled up in Denise’s arms. Both women lay unmoving or speaking. Denise opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. She still felt unsure of where things were going – perhaps even more now than before. But in spite of her misgivings she also felt a comfort by being this close to the woman in her arms.

"Are you okay?" Sara asked tentatively.

"Yes," Denise answered, trying to put reassurance in her voice. "Are you?"

Sara pulled a sheet over both of them and snuggled in closer. "Very much so," she mumbled in a sleepy voice.

Another silence passed between them and Denise grinned when she heard a light snore come from Sara. Denise closed her eyes and listened to the woman breathing, matching the rhythm. When Denise finally opened her eyes again she looked over at the clock to see that an hour had passed. Their hair was still damp but beginning to dry.

"Sweetheart?" Denise asked, giving a light shake to Sara to roust her.

"Hmm," Sara hummed as she opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings. She made note of the fact that she and Denise were still lying together. "Tell me I’m not still dreaming," she replied as she looked between the two of them curled in each other’s arms.

"No," Denise answered, giving Sara a reassuring kiss on the forehead. "You’re not dreaming. We should get up though . . . You had a picnic planned if I remember."

"Does this mean you’ll let me feed you grapes?" Sara asked coyly.

Denise chuckled. "You can feed me anything you like," Denise said raising Sara’s chin and giving a light kiss to her lips. "Come on sleepyhead. Let’s get moving."

With that the pair got ready to face the day. It was a bit chilly down at the river during their picnic lunch at the park but neither seemed to notice. They managed to find a secluded spot where they could flirt and tease each other without the disturbance of portable radios or barking dogs.

After a wonderful day of ‘play’ Denise knew she had to get back to work and she called Angie who had an appointment to see the judge in two days. Denise gave Angie the phone number and told her to call after the appointment to see how it went. Afterward, Denise and Sara ordered room service and sat back to watch ‘African Queen’. When the movie faded to black the T.V was all but forgotten as Denise and Sara spent the night making love – the sofa, the kitchen table and finally the bed when they made it there.

Life for the first time in weeks seemed ‘normal’ despite the new turn in their relationship. Denise’s life, for the first time in years, felt totally transcendent. Perhaps those ‘hormones’ could be a good thing, Denise considered with a wily grin before she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning the sunlight shined through the vertical blind, kissing Denise’s bare back as she slept. She rolled over to pull Sara close to her but her arm came up empty. She opened her eyes to find Sara gone. Denise smiled as she reflected on the night before and she rubbed her hands across her face trying to wake up.

"Sara?" she called out to the living room. No response.

She slipped on her white hotel robe and walked to the bathroom. "Sara?" she called again. No response.

Denise peered in head inside but she wasn’t there either. Concern instantly flooded over Denise. Sara promised she wouldn’t sneak out again but she wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Denise got dressed quickly and went to the living room to look . . . No Sara . . . Denise was standing in the middle of the room, with her hands on her hips, growing angry with Sara rebelling against her again. Suddenly the phone rang, startling the officer.

"Sara?" Denise answered.


"Sara!" she exclaimed recognizing the voice. "Where the hell are you?"

"She’s with me," a gravelly voice said on the other end.

"Who are you?" Denise asked trying to keep her cool.

"Someone looking to make a deal. Your dyke here says she’s got a hundred grand tucked away in satchel in your room. Give it to me and I’ll forget I ever saw her."

"Where are you?" Denise asked.

"Where I am isn’t important. Where I’m going IS . . . Meet us at Mt. Royal by the Stark Cross at 9 am. You’ve got two hours and make sure you bring your girlfriend’s little black bag."

"Let me talk to her," Denise ordered.

"No can do," he replied.

"If you want your goddamn money you’ll put her back on the fuckin’ phone!" Denise shouted. It worked because the next voice she heard was Sara’s.


"Are you okay sweetheart?" Denise asked.

"Yes," Sara answered, trying to put up a positive front.

"Where’s your satchel at?"

"It’s under our bed. There’s 100,000 inside. I brought it for emergency money but I never thought I’d be trading my life for it. DeVittem offered him 50,000."

"How did he get you?!" Denise asked.

"He got a key from the maid cart. He was in the living room when I woke up and he said he’d kill you if I didn’t go with him so-."

"Enough already," the man’s voice broke in. "Mt. Royal at 9 am by the Stark Cross. If you’re not there alone, she’s dead."

The next noise Denise heard was a dial tone.



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