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This one takes place a couple of days after SIE. Taylor and Cory are back in the office and have to deal with their growing attraction while keeping on professional faces. The conservative Taylor and liberal blonde clash yet again on policy changes and the good for the agency as a whole.

Dedications: To the one who keeps me grounded and continues to open my eyes to different perspectives, Camille. A special thanks to my new beta reader Sloane for putting up with my last minute antics, and to those bards who have become my friends. I'm sure you know who you are.

On with the show!

~Out of Sight~
(10th installment in Perspectives)


Copyrightę Minerva 2000


Chapter XXVII: Another Kind of Sleeping Pill

The dark sheets slid across the bed and its occupant with a sensuous whisper, while the still air was disturbed by the dark woman's exasperated sigh. The release of breath ruffled Taylor's bangs but didn't deter her from playing an erroneous game of connect the dots with the popcorn ceiling. With a long fingered hand, the admin scratched the top of her nose before re-linking it with the other hand pillowed behind her head. Pale blue eyes rolled in irritation when the connective pattern formed into a rough rendition of that flaky yellow bird, Woodstock. Huffing again, the brunette turned to the side and cringed at the big red numbers staring back at her from the clock on the nightstand.


The colon in between the numbers blinked with malice, reminding her of the seconds ticking away. 'Three hours of possible sleep left, and it's all her fault.' Taylor felt a wry grin tugging at her lips. 'Not that I'm complaining. I just hope I'm not a bear in the morning, especially on a Monday.'

They had spent the rest of the weekend together talking, laughing, and touching. Taylor got the feeling that is was remembering the touching part that was keeping her up. She closed her eyes recalling the scalding heat rolling off satin like skin: the blonde's cheeks, lips, neck, and shoulders. That night after Cory regained coherence, they made their way to the couch to talk. Taylor laughed as the blonde drew a mental picture of her parents' antics. But, it was tinged with sadness. 'Would I have turned out like her if my parents cared? Would we have had to go through all the subterfuge to get where we are now? Would I have let her in sooner?' Tired eyes closed as she recalled how astute green eyes saw through the laughter.

Cory's concerned touch opened a floodgate. With just a caress of her cheek, words spilled from Taylor's mouth, and it was then that she felt it. The takeover was complete, and her heart was wide open. The admin heard the words fall from her lips as if from far away. Hanging her head, Taylor told the blonde caseworker about the pain and the nightmare that never seemed to go away; about the women she walked out on when they got too close; about Wendy; about her inability to open up; about everything. Through it all, the touch of the blonde's small hand was constant, serving as a lifeline and letting the admin know that the present was in front of her and the past a was as distant as her voice.

It seemed like hours later when she finished a Minerva (The Goddess)

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