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Xena and Gabrielle had been putting off the inevitable for many moons. Since declaring their love for one another, they’d been very open about their relationship, their love. They’d spent time with Xena’s mother, at her Inn, and received Cyrene’s love and blessings on their commitment to one another. One thing they hadn’t done was visit Gabrielle’s parents. Perhaps unconsciously, but quite noticeably, they’d avoided traveling anywhere near Gabrielle’s village, Poteidaia.

"Xena..." Gabrielle had been discussing, arguing, cajoling, attempting to change the mind of the tall, dark haired woman who walked at her side, leading a beautiful horse, and studiously ignoring every argument put forth by the short, blonde woman.

"We can’t go to Poteidaia, we don’t have time. You know the people in that little village on the other side of Greece need our help."

"What little village?"

"You know, that one we heard about."

"Maybe you heard, I didn’t...and we all know how good my hearing is."

"Oh please, Xena, please, I don’t want to go to Poteidaia. Look how hard I’ve worked to leave that place."

"Oh yeah, you worked hard, all right. Following me when I told you not to. Getting in my way, getting in my hair."

"And I suppose that wasn’t a good thing? If it weren’t for me and my stubborn streak, we wouldn’t have one another. We wouldn’t be together."

Xena stopped in the middle of the track they’d been following, and looked down at the green eyed Bard. "And I suppose that means that if it weren’t for your efforts we wouldn’t be in love? Is that your story?"

"Well, I did do most of the work."

"Sometimes you make my teeth itch! I think I worked hard, too, getting you to see that I was the best thing that could ever happen to you!" She smiled down at the young woman, showing Gabrielle that she was joking with her. "I love you so much, it hurts!"

Gabrielle responded to Xena’s last comment with a poke to the Warrior’s ribs. Then she hopped around moaning and holding her hand to her mouth. Instead of connecting with ribs; she’d connected with the Warrior’s brass armor. "Ow Ow, I hate when that happens!"

"Don’t know why you keep trying to clobber me, you know it can’t be done. I’m too quick for you."

"I got you once, right in the nose, or have you forgotten?"

"You only got me ‘cause I let you."

"Oh, we’re gonna have that discussion again? I got you fair and square, you’re just not ready to admit it."

"I don’t wanna talk about that..I let you, and that’s all there is to it. Subject closed."

Gabrielle bit her lip, wanting to continue the discussion, but she knew when Xena said a subject was closed, it was closed. She’d learned that the hard way. On a number of occasions in the past she’d continued to push her point, only to find out that when Xena said a subject was closed, which meant that they would be doing something Xena’s way, well, that was the end of it. At least for the time being. Gabrielle always held out hope that she could weasel her way around the Warrior and get whatever it was she wanted, eventually! Just took a little time and strategy...and knowing when to back off was a big part of that strategy!

"Gabrielle, I wanna start looking for a place to stay tonight. Do we have any dinars? Or do we camp out on the ground?"

"We’ve got some dinars, but I’d rather negotiate a room for us, I could tell a few of my scrolls..could pay for the room and dinner, and some drinks, too!" Gabrielle was twirling her staff, flipping it and catching it.

"Please don’t do that, you’re liable to put your eye out!"

"What’s the matter, afraid I’ll get you in the nose again?"

"Just stop. And as far as negotiating a room for us for the night...I don’t know. Whenever you do the Bardly Thing I get a headache."

"You like my stories! Give you a headache! What’re you talkin’ about!"

"No, your stories don’t give me a headache, but drinking all that port to get through one of your Bardly Performances does!" Once again she smiled down at Gabrielle, hoping to avert another heated discussion concerning Gabrielle the Bard and Xena the Long Suffering Warrior.

Didn’t work.

The Bard was obviously spoiling for a fight. " I never said you had to stick around. I had no idea it was so torturous for you. Poor thing! The fact that it pays for a room, food, and all that port you have to force down." She stood nose to breastplate with the Warrior, looking up into those blue eyes with a defiance that no one in the known world would ever get away with, at least not unless they were loved completely and totally by the Warrior.

Xena reached down, wrapped her arms around Gabrielle and kissed those sweet lips. She loved kissing Gabrielle. And, the fact that a kiss usually made the Bard melt and forget whatever it was that got her going, well, that was just the icing on the nutbread, as far as Xena was concerned.

"OK, so we’re gonna get a room for the night, agreed?" Xena looked into those green eyes. They both knew that a night in an Inn was something they both looked forward to. It would mean a night of lovemaking. Not that they didn’t make love out in the open when they camped, but it was always special in an Inn. A real bed, sometimes a hot bath, made it extra special.

"Yeah, I think I can manage sleeping in a real bed tonight. It’ll be a sacrifice, but after all, if it makes you happy.." She grinned up at the Warrior. Her mind was already looking forward to making love to Xena, having Xena make love to her. She could feel a tingle in her lower parts, just thinking about it!

"So, what stories are you gonna tell?"

"Why do you wanna know, gonna try and talk me out of it?"

"Gabrielle, come on, I just wanna know ahead of time, sort of let me prepare for just how much port I have to consume!" Another big grin from the dark haired woman put Gabrielle at ease.

"I don’t know, I was thinking maybe the story of the Furies? Of course, that one doesn’t put you in the best light...I mean, you were crazy as a coot. Then again, I could maybe do the story of the Cyclops. Or that nice guy with the kids, what was his name, what about that one, or maybe I could do the story of Ulysses......no, I don’t like to think about that one. You were really smitten with him. Made me really hurt."

"Smitten? Smitten? Warriors do not get ‘smitten’. And I already told you I was sorry about that, I sure didn’t mean to hurt you."

"I know, I know. It’s just hard sometimes for me to forget about it."

"Doesn’t every time I tell you I love you, every time I make love to you, make you forget? Don’t you know you’re the only one in my life, in my heart? There’s no one else; there could be no one else! And besides, there’s no one else who could put up with me! That’s your job."

"Hey, I love my job! It’s got great hours, great benefits, and besides, like you said, no one else could put up with you. And they’d better not try!"

They continued down the track, teasing one another, and generally just enjoying the day and their time together. Soon they began seeing early signs of village life. Passing a few huts at the side of the road, they entered the gate in the wall of the simple village. Xena watched for signs of trouble, while Gabrielle took notice of the Inn at the end of the lane.

"Xena, that looks like the only Inn, this is a pretty small village. I’m gonna go see if the owner would be interested in a Bardly Performance. Try to stay out of trouble, ok?"

"Hey, watch it, short and sexy...that’s my line to you."

"Short and sexy, eh? I like that. Gonna try to work that into one of my stories...now what can I call you..."

"Forget it, Gabrielle. Whatever you come up with is gonna cause a problem, and you don’t want to cause a problem with me, now do you? You don’t wanna make me mad, you won’t like it.."

"Time for shakes, Warrior o’ Mine...time for shakes! That doesn’t scare me, the days of you intimidating me are looooonngg gone!"

"Gabrielle, go see about the Inn, I’m gonna find a stable for Argo. And please, stay out of trouble?"

"I wish you’d stop saying that, I don’t get into trouble!"

"Right, like the time you got caught by that warrior wannabe, and he gave you to that creep that wanted you to marry that dead king? Oh no, that wasn’t trouble..I mean, having to pull you out of that coffin as it headed for the flames, ...or the time you wanted to defend your friend Meleaguer when he was accused of murder, no, that was hardly any trouble at all, and then there was the time.."

"Ok, OK, I get the point. Go find a place for Argo and meet me at the Inn. It’s time for me to negotiate! I can be very persuasive when I want to be!" She reached up and kissed the Warrior, then headed off for the Inn. Xena smiled after her, thinking of how that poor innkeeper had no idea of what he was about to experience in dealing with Gabrielle.

Xena headed for the stable across from the Inn, leading Argo. "Anxious to get in there, pretty girl? Get to visit and gossip with all the other horses? Just don’t you go getting in trouble..Gabrielle is enough of a challenge when it comes to staying out of trouble." Argo shoved Xena, hurrying her along.

After making sure the stable hand knew Argo was to receive only the very best of care, and that he would have to answer to Xena: Warrior Princess if anything wasn’t done correctly, Xena gave the horse a kiss on the nose and left the stable. She looked back from the doorway, however Argo already had her head buried in a bag of oats.

Just like Gabrielle! Put food in front of them and that’s it, I don’t hardly matter!

Xena crossed back to the Inn, pushed open the door and walked to the bar. She ordered a mug of port, then leaning against the bar, she scanned the room. She saw tables of men, drinking and eating, but mostly drinking. It didn’t appear that many of the patrons were sober, but rather that most of them were seriously drunk, almost to the point of being unconscious. I guess drinking and getting drunk are Olympic events in this town. These dumb slobs certainly are no threat to anyone, just to their own livers. I don’t see Gabrielle, wonder where she is....I don’t like the way this feels, something’s wrong.

Xena turned back to the bar and grabbed the barkeep by the front of his filthy shirt. "My friend came in here to talk to the Innkeeper. Have you seen her?"

The barkeep’s face was inches from Xena’s; his feet dangled as he tried to support himself on the bar with one hand and protect his throat with the other. "I haven’t seen her, let me go."

The tall, dark haired woman snarled into his face, knowing that the panic she saw in his eyes was real. "I know she came in here; she was gonna talk to the Innkeeper. Where is he?"

"It’s not a he, it’s a she, and she’s out back. There’s a shed back there; she uses it for an ‘interview’ room. Maybe yer ‘friend’ is back there, and if she is...well, may the gods have pity on her!" Despite the fact that he could have been facing eminent death at the hands of this strong woman, he enjoyed the look that flashed across Xena’s face at hearing his words. However the words he heard coming from the woman did nothing to bolster his sense of satisfaction, or safety.

"You’d better be telling me the truth. I’m gonna go get my friend, and then I’m coming back in here and we’re gonna have some dinner. And you’re gonna serve us, like the good lackey you are!" She gave the barkeep a shove as she released him, causing him to slide down and land in a heap on the slimy floor behind the bar.

Xena walked across the floor toward the back of the Inn, past the kitchen and out the rear door. Just as described by the barkeeper, there was a small shed-like building behind the Inn. It had a thatched roof and one window beside the door. She walked to the shed and reached for the door when two rough looking men came around from the side of the shed.

"Just where do ya think yer goin’, girlie?" The one speaking carried a staff, Gabrielle’s staff, while the other had a mace and chain in his grubby paw. Both of them gave off a reek reminiscent of someone who hadn’t seen soap or water for the better part of a year. Possibly longer..

Xena stopped and watched as the two attempted to circle her. She let them get just close enough before giving one a double kick between the legs, dropping him like a stone, while the other got the benefit of a fist in the face, cracking his nose. While the first man lay on the ground, unable to talk other than moan and writhe about in pain, the second man, blood running down his face and his eyes scrunched in pain, had the benefit of Xena grabbing him, spinning him around and then, as he hit the ground, she put the ‘pinch’ on him.

"I just stopped the flow of blood to your brain...although in your case, it might not make any difference...talk, tell me who’s in that shed, and where’s my friend, Gabrielle."

The first man, still on the ground, started to sit up, but a quick

smack to the back of his head from the Warrior put him down for the count. The unfortunate recipient of the ‘pinch’ was beginning to turn a ghastly shade of blue/green as his tongue tried to form answers to Xena’s questions.

"The boss is in the shed...yer friend is too.."

Xena released the ‘pinch’ and the man struggled to breathe as the blood made its way back up to his less than well-used brain.

"Now tell me, what’s goin’ on in there, why does she have my friend in there?"

The man had regained his wit, or at least half of it, as he sat on the ground looking at the long legs, leather, sword, Chakram, brass breastplate and the face of one very angry but beautiful woman. "The boss lady gits young gurls and trains ‘em to work in the Inn." He sat on the ground, rubbing his neck, wondering what had happened to him, and whether or not this tall, menacing beauty was going to kill him.

Suddenly Xena realized she had the whole picture. This was no ordinary Inn, and certainly not somewhere that Gabrielle’s scrolls would be considered entertainment. The fact that she’d seen no female customers in the Inn should have been a dead giveaway, but she’d been so intent on locating Gabrielle she’d missed the obvious. They’d walked into an Inn of Ill Repute! I need to get Gabrielle out of there, and I need to do it now! She gave the bloodied nose halfwit on the ground a look that would stop anyone in his or her tracks. "You stay right here, you don’t go anywhere, and you keep your friend here too. When I come out, if you’re not here, I’ll hunt you down like the scum you both are...got that?" She picked up Gabrielle’s staff from the ground and leaned it against the shed. "And you so much as lay a finger on this staff, I’ll feed your hand to you for lunch!"

The man shook his head, scurried over to where his companion lay on the ground, still out like a torch that had run out of fuel, and sat there, still as a mouse, his eyes taking in the magnificence before him. Being as stupid as he was, his last words were, "Are you gonna work for the boss lady, too? If yer gonna, can I be first? I got some dinars saved up."

Xena picked up the dimwitted fool, spun him around a dozen times over her head and threw him half way across the roof of the Inn. Unfortunately, he landed in a spot that always leaked when it rained. As he went through the roof and crashed to the floor, the barkeep, looking up as the body came hurtling down, cursed. Now that roof is really gonna leak!

Xena took one last look at the man still laying on the ground, determined that he would not be a problem to anyone for a long time, and, turning, kicked in the door to the shed.

"Who are you? Git outta here. This here is a private party"

The ‘boss lady’, as the goons had called her, was certainly no lady. She was tall, nearly as tall as the Warrior, and built like a tree..no noticeable waist, no hips, her body all thick and solid. Her arms looked like battering logs, ending in hands that were as big as hams. And at this very moment, those hands were touching the Bard in a very personal, intimate way. Gabrielle was naked, tied to a post in the middle of the shed, and had a look of absolute panic on her face. Panic that instantly turned to relief when she saw Xena kick in the door.

"Xena! Thank the gods you’re here. This place is.."

"I know, Gabrielle, just wait a minute. I have something I have to do."

With that, Xena gave her battle cry and, leaping up into the air, kicked the ‘boss lady’ with both feet, knocking her across the filthy room. She landed in a heap against the far wall, causing the whole shed to vibrate. Dirt and dust fell from the thatched roof into the room, causing Gabrielle to sneeze. Before Xena could untie Gabrielle, the large woman got to her feet and charged at the Warrior like a bull in a field. Her head butted into Xena’s midsection, carrying them both to the opposite wall of the shed, where they landed in another heap. The large woman took advantage of the situation by grabbing Xena around the neck. She tightened her ham hands around the Warrior’s neck, but not before Xena was able to chop down on the woman’s collar bones with both hands, cracking them and causing the woman to scream out in pain. Her arms hung useless at her sides, as she rolled over on the floor and attempted to stand. Xena grabbed her by one useless arm, causing the ugly creature to scream in anger and pain. The Warrior hauled the woman to her feet, then slammed her head into the woman’s face, knocking her senseless.

Xena looked down at the woman, making certain that she was out of commission, then turned toward Gabrielle, grabbed her breast dagger and quickly cut the ropes holding Gabrielle to the center post of the shed. The Bard tried to cover her nakedness with her hands, then realized there really was no point. The woman on the floor was not aware of the Bard, much less her nakedness. She was fully involved in the pain she was experiencing. Xena looked down at her and sneered, "Don’t even think about trying to get up, or I’ll finish what you started here."

"Xena, I’m so glad you came in when you did. That creature was touching me..it was making me sick...I had no idea what this place was, she brought me out here, we were gonna talk about me doing my scrolls tonight, she grabbed me as soon as we walked into this filthy shed, she ripped off my clothes, tied me to that pole, she was touching me, telling me what she was gonna do to me, what her customers were gonna do to me..I couldn’t stop her, she was so strong..I wanted.."

Gabrielle was talking as fast as she could, and crying, sobbing. Xena put her arms around her lover, holding her close, Gabrielle’s face was buried in the Warrior’s chest, her arms were around Xena, holding on for dear life.

"Shhhh, it’s all right, it’s over, we’re gonna get out of here. Shhh, I’ve got you, no one is ever gonna touch you but me. It’s OK, Gabrielle, calm down, it’s over. Come on, let’s find your clothes and get you out of here."

The Warrior looked around the shed for Gabrielle’s BGSB, britches and skirt. She saw the BGSB tossed in the corner, then she saw the remnants of the skirt, hanging from a nail on the wall. Immediately below the nail, on the floor, were Gabrielle’s britches, which had obviously been torn from the Bard’s body.

"Here, let go of me for a bit, let me get your clothes, then you can get dressed and we’ll be gone from here."

Xena quickly picked up Gabrielle’s clothes, or at least what was left of them, and returned to her lover’s side. She looked at the beautiful, blonde, green-eyed woman and thanked the gods that she’d found her in time, before the huge piece of garbage still moaning on the floor had time to really hurt her.

"Gabrielle, I’m afraid your clothes are gonna need some repair work. But I think you can put them on and hold them together until I can get Argo and we can leave. Can you do that for me? Ok, can you?"

She looked into those green eyes filled to overflowing with tears, then leaned down and kissed the Bard tenderly.

Gabrielle returned the kiss with a vengeance, wrapping her arms around the Warrior as though she would never let go. She took the clothing from Xena, and together they pieced together enough covering so that they could walk to the stable and get Argo.

They walked out of the shed hand in hand, stepping over the first halfwit still on the ground. Xena reached out and grabbed Gabrielle’s staff, still leaning against the side of the shed. Gabrielle looked down at the misfit lying in a heap.

"He was one of the men that woman promised me to, after she sold me to some of her wealthy customers..Xena, I think I’m gonna be sick..." Gabrielle started to retch, but Xena applied her fingers to a pressure point on the young woman’s wrist, squelching the urge to hurl immediately.

"We don’t have time for you to be sick. Come on, I wanna put a lot of distance between us and this town." She put her arm around Gabrielle, helping to hold the young woman’s clothes in place, and they hurried across the square to the stable. As they entered the stable, Argo nickered and pushed at the stall door. The stable hand came running over, looked at Gabrielle and then at Xena. He knew immediately what Xena wanted and nearly fell over himself grabbing Argo’s tack and blankets.

"I’ll have your horse ready for you right away. Would you and the young lady like to have a drink of water? I have fresh water in that bucket there. And you’re welcome to take that blanket, it’s clean, to cover your friend." He indicated the bucket and blanket with his head; his arms and hands full of Argo’s tack.

"Thanks, just hurry and get Argo ready. And you might think of warning other visitors about that mountain of supposedly female flesh over at the Inn."

Xena took the offered blanket and draped it around Gabrielle’s shoulders. She leaned down and gave her lover a quick kiss while the stable hand finished getting Argo ready. When the horse was saddled Xena picked up Gabrielle, kissed the Bard’s nose and put her up on the saddle. The stable boy smiled at them both, and refused the dinar that Xena tired to hand him. Gabrielle was being uncharacteristically quiet, allowing Xena to place her up on the saddle without her usual argument about wanting to walk. Xena was aware of the silence, but wanted to get Gabrielle as far away as possible as quickly as possible, so that they could talk in private.

"No ma’am..No cost to you to stable your horse. I’m sorry you had a bad time, miss, and I hope you won’t think too badly of the rest of us in this poor village, we ain’t all like the people over there at that place." The stable hand tugged at his cap and offered to hold the reins while Xena swung up onto the saddle with Gabrielle. He handed the reins to the Warrior as she settled behind Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s eyes were averted, and her face was nearly hidden behind her loosened hair. She still had not said a word since leaving the shed but an occasional sniffle could be heard. Xena wrapped her right arm around Gabrielle’s waist, while she held the reins in her left hand. She urged Argo to leave the stable and the horse responded immediately. The stable boy looked after the beautiful, dark haired woman, holding the little blonde woman tight as she maneuvered their horse around the stalls and out the stable door. He had a sad look on his face and shook his head as he turned to continue caring for the horses in his charge.

Xena and Gabrielle quickly left the village behind. Once they were back on the open track, Xena slowed Argo and then stopped. She put her face into Gabrielle’s hair, and then reached her hand up and touched the young woman’s face. Her hand came away damp with tears.

"Gabrielle, don’t cry. It’s over, I’ve got you now, there’s nothing to worry about."

Gabrielle’s shoulders shook as she broke down in heart rendering sobs. She tried to turn to Xena but was restricted by her position on the saddle. Xena immediately moved Argo off the road and into the brush where they would be out of sight. She then slid down from Argo’s back. Turning, she reached up and grabbed Gabrielle by the waist, bringing her down off the horse and into her arms. She held the sobbing young woman, kissing the top of her head, her neck, her face, all the while telling her that everything was going to be all right, it was over, they were safe, no one would hurt her, and all the while Gabrielle sobbed.

"Gabrielle. I know you were scared and upset and embarrassed but it’s over, why are you crying like that?"

She was answered with even louder, heart wrenching sobs, until Xena felt that if she didn’t get Gabrielle to quiet down soon the poor woman’s heart would break. She carried Gabrielle in her strong arms while walking deeper into the underbrush, telling Argo to follow. Reaching a fallen tree, she sat down, put Gabrielle on her lap and held her lover tight in her arms, waiting for the sobs to subside. After a while Gabrielle seemed to get quieter. Xena continued to say soft words to the young woman, kissing her tear stained face and stroking her hair.

"Come on Gabrielle, it’s OK, your safe now, you know you’re always safe with me. I love you so much, please talk to me."

"You..you..al..allways..say I ta..talk to much."

Xena smiled. "I know, but this time I wanna hear you talk!"

"Xena, tha..that awful woman..I can’t ge..get her out of..of my mind. She tou..touched me..I fe..feel so dir..dirty."

"Honey, please relax, it’s OK. She’s not gonna touch you or hurt you ever again. Just let me hold you, everything’ll be fine, just let it go, we have our whole lives ahead of us, and we’re together, that’s all that matters." She wrapped the blanket the stable hand had given them tighter around Gabrielle’s shoulders, keeping the Bard covered, secure and warm.

Xena could feel Gabrielle start to relax in her arms. Finally the young woman looked up at Xena and gave a little smile; she reached up and touched Xena’s cheek with her fingers.

"I do love you so much, you’re so good to me. Whatever would I do without you?"

"Sweet one, if I have anything to do with it, you’ll never be without me! You’re stuck with me, forever and ever!"

"Xena, that horrible woman needs to be stopped. I know I’m not the first person she’s done that to."

"I think you’re right, Gabrielle, but right now we have something else we have to do, then we’ll go back and take care of that.."

"Xena, I didn’t want her to touch me, she tricked me. I was talking to her about telling my scrolls, giving a Bardly Performance, and she was all sweet and interested. Then she told me to come back to her ‘office’ to see if she had any special costumes I might want to wear, instead of my BGSB and skirt. When we got into the shed, she grabbed me and ripped my clothes off, I couldn’t stop her, she had one hand over my mouth, I couldn’t even scream for you. She kept saying things to me, things that made me sick, she touched me, I didn’t want her hands on me, I wanted to hurl, she tied me to that pole, it was so awful. The times we’ve made love and you tied me to the bed, or I tied you up, that was so much fun, so nice, it was different, this was...she was...but this, this was....I kept wanting to scream for you, I wanted you there...it was terrible, I...." And the sobs started anew.

"Gabrielle, I know it was awful. But it has nothing to do with the love we share. Just keep that in your mind, we love one another, we would never hurt one another. This creature is sick, she’s demented. She tried to hurt you. You know we never hurt one another, we always make sure of that. There’s a big difference. And you couldn’t do anything to stop her. I know that.. you know that. She tricked you, I’m sure she's tricked other young women, too. She was huge. I even had a bit of trouble bringing her down. But it’s over, it’s all over, and you’re all right. I’ve got you now, and she isn’t gonna get another chance, believe me. On our way back, we’ll stop there and finish off her little business once and for all." Xena was seething inside, thinking of that filthy woman laying so much as a finger on her Bard.

Gabrielle’s sobs started to diminish, and Xena once again could feel the young woman relax in her arms. Soon the sobs were replaced with sniffles and then soft snores; as usual, after a good cry, Gabrielle was asleep. The Warrior shifted the young woman in her arms, continuing to sit and hold her as she slept. It gave Xena time to think and plan what she would do when they passed back this way and entered that village once again.

I need to straighten out a few things in that place. I wonder how many young girls have been ‘kidnapped’ by that creature. Shouldn’t think it will be too hard. It seemed like those two halfwits were the only ones working for her. And they certainly aren’t gonna give me much trouble. Have to figure out how to keep Gabrielle out of it, though. She’ll want to get into the thick of it, and she could get hurt. ‘Course, keeping her out of the fray could be a problem all its very own. I think that stable hand might be able to help, he seemed really upset by the whole thing. I should’ve gone into the Inn first with Gabrielle, checked out the place. She shifted Gabrielle slightly, causing the young woman to stir and snuggle even closer. When Gabrielle slept, she slept! Xena looked down at that sweet face and melted at the sight before her. If anything had happened to Gabrielle, I don’t know what I’d do. It’s bad enough that animal touched her, but at least there’s no lasting damage. The hurt she feels is very real, she’s such a trusting soul. I wish she would realize that trust is a wonderful thing, it’s a virtue, until some dumb fuck comes along and ruins it. If that ugly bitch left any lasting hurt on Gabrielle, I’ll kill her twice.

She shifted her position once again, and Gabrielle started to wake up. The young woman stretched and yawned, then smiled at Xena and kissed her chin. "You’re so beautiful, I love waking up and having the first thing I see be you!"

"Right back at you! But we should get moving, it’ll be dark soon, and we haven’t eaten anything all day. How ‘bout we camp right here, I’ll go kill something, you can look for some firewood, OK?"

Gabrielle stood, and let the blanket slide from her shoulders. They both looked at Gabrielle’s body barely covered by the ripped BGSB and skirt.

"I think we need to do some repair work here, can't be walking around like this!"

"Well, I don’t mind, but I guess I wouldn’t want everyone seeing what gives me so much pleasure! Tell you what, wrap the blanket around you and fasten it with that leather cord in Argo’s saddlebag. Find some firewood, and when I find something we can eat."

"Yeah, yeah. I know, you’ll sew it all together, you and your many skills! Well, get goin’. Find something good. I’m really hungry, you know how hungry I get after a good cry."

"Gabrielle, you’re always hungry, after we swim, after a fight, after we make love, anytime, anywhere, you can eat!" She smiled at her love, then grabbed her weapons to head out to find dinner.

"Yeah, that’s me, always hungry. Now find something, and be sure it’s dead and skinned and not identifiable when you bring it back! And Xena, I want you to know, I feel better now. I know that woman is sick; I know it wasn’t my fault and I’m really glad you came by when you did. But I do still want to play our games...you were right, as usual, what we do when we play has nothing to do with what she does, or tries to do."

Xena smiled down at Gabrielle, wrapped her arms around her for a big hug and kissed her right on the nose. "That’s my girl. I’ll go find dinner, OK? Then we can talk some more, if you want." One more quick kiss and Xena was off to find dinner.

The Bard started looking about for dry firewood, and soon had collected enough to not only cook dinner but to keep them warm and dry all night. She took their blankets from Argo, and then started to remove Argo’s saddle and tack. Hmmmm, that’s strange. Xena usually does this first, before she does anything else. I wonder why she didn’t take care of this like always...’course she was carrying me, and consoling me, and holding me..I love when she holds me, talks to me, tells me she loves me..Today was not a good day; that woman really was awful. We need to go back there and take care of her, get her out of business...that reminds me, I wonder why Xena didn’t do it today, while we were there. She said a couple of times that she would do it on the way back, the way back from where? OH NO! Visiting my parents! I’d forgotten all about that. I need to get that off the agenda...this is gonna take some real dancing. When Xena has a focus, it’s not easy to get her distracted. This is gonna be a challenge, but I think I know what I can do. Oh yes, Warrior Woman, you are in for a big surprise. You might have many skills, but so do I, oh yes, so do I!

The young woman smiled and started humming to herself as she took off the blanket and removed the remnants of her BGSB and skirt. She slid the ripped britches down over her hips, tossing them to the side to join the ripped skirt and top. Her humming got a bit louder, as she put her plan into effect.

Xena was having some luck with dinner; she had two rabbits and a batch of trout already. The area was obviously a good hunting ground. She sat on a fallen log, gutting and skinning the rabbits, then scaling and cleaning the fish. Gabrielle had a great appetite, but didn’t like to see the original packaging. Once the rabbits and fish were ready, she gathered them up and headed back to the camp.

She heard Gabrielle singing as only Gabrielle could sing, loud and off key, but endearing, just the same. Well at least she seems to be in a good mood. I think she sees the difference in what happened today and what happens when people love one another. After she sees what I’ve got for dinner, she’ll be positively ecstatic! Wish we had some nutbread, that would make it perfect. Well, I’ll bet her mother will make her some. I just hope I can get through the visit without having words with her father. He and I don’t exactly have a love fest going. He’s always blamed me for taking Gabrielle away from her life in Poteidaia. Like I had a choice! When that little blonde gets an idea in her head, that’s it. She can be one determined little Bard! She entered the area and saw that Gabrielle had removed Argo’s saddle and tack. The horse was grazing, barely lifting her head when Xena walked into the clearing. Argo nickered softly, and returned to the sweet grass.

"Hey, look what I’ve got! You did a good job on the fire, musta’ had a good teacher, eh?" She walked up to the Bard, who was sitting with her back to her, wearing the blanket like a sarong.

"Hey, wanna start dinner? And I like your outfit, really kind of sexy!"

Gabrielle smiled over her shoulder at Xena, stood, and took the two skinned rabbits and the fish from the Warrior’s hands. In record time the Bard had the rabbits spitted over the fire; the fish wrapped in large leaves and propped against the fire’s coals.

Xena watched Gabrielle’s preparation of their dinner. She smiled as she observed the young woman hurrying as though she had other things she wanted to be doing, and knew exactly what those other things were!

"These should be really tasty, young and sweet..like you!"

She leaned down, moved the long, blond hair out of the way, and kissed the back of Gabrielle’s neck. She nibbled the sweet skin, and then moved her lips to Gabrielle’s ear, sucking the delicate ear lobe into her mouth. "Mmmmmm, maybe I’ll just have this for dinner."

Gabrielle turned and smiled up at the tall, dark haired woman. She deliberately let the blanket slip ever so slightly, showing just the hint of a curve at the top of her breast. Then she pulled it back up, as though she was shy and modest, inexperienced. Xena immediately caught on to the game Gabrielle had started, and proceeded to ‘seduce’ the young ‘virgin’..a game they had played a time or two in the past.

"Well, young woman, what are you doing out here all alone in the woods? Aren’t you afraid for your virtue? Do you know who I am? I’m Xena: Warrior Princess, and I’ve been known to ravish sweet young things like yourself!"

"Oh, I’ve heard of you. But I’m not afraid. I know that my virtue will remain intact, after all, you’re an honorable warrior, aren’t you?" She grinned up at Xena, as she stood up and again adjusted the blanket, grasping it closer to her body. "I must save myself for my beloved, good old....Xena, who should it be this time? Perdicus? No, just the thought of that poor farm boy...no, not him.....hmmm, how about....no, not him, either...come on, help me here...I need a name!"

"No, young woman, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know you, or any of those people you’re thinking of, but I do know that I plan on ravishing you tonight."

"Oh Warrior, I don’t know if I want to be ravished. In fact, I don’t even know what being ravished entails...please enlighten me!" The smile on Gabrielle’s face looked like it went ear to ear, hardly a look for a young maiden about to be ravished!

"Well, first, I’m gonna make you stand as you are, in front of me, while I sit back and look you over; to see if I’m really interested in bothering with you. I mean, I don’t ravish just any old maiden!"

She looked at Gabrielle standing in front of her; the blanket wrapped around her body. She reached out and using one hand touched the Bard’s shoulder, turning her around. She ran her other hand down the young woman’s blanket clothed body, stopping at her round bottom, grabbing a tight ass cheek and squeezing it until Gabrielle squirmed, trying to get away from the Warrior’s hand.

"Ow, that hurts, please don’t do that! Oh, please don’t do that, oh please, I’m an innocent Maiden, a virgin, oh please." She squirmed and twisted, only to be stopped by the Warrior’s other hand, grabbing the other ass cheek and squeezing it as well. She pulled the young woman to her by the blanket-covered flesh held in her strong hands. Gabrielle felt her body being claimed by the tall, dark haired woman. She felt her breasts being pressed against the Warrior’s armor, and started to put her arms around Xena’s waist.

"I didn’t tell you that you could touch me. Keep your hands to your sides. I’ll tell you when you’re allowed to touch me, in the mean time, I do the touching, the pinching, the stroking, and the spanking!"

Gabrielle looked up at Xena, realizing that perhaps the game was going in a somewhat different direction than it had in the past. "Hey, wait a minute." Gabrielle had an expression of mock concern on her face.

"Young Maiden, you will speak only when I tell you to speak. And you will do as I say, or you shall be punished!" Xena delivered these words without a hint of a smile, however she was smiling internally, watching the expressions flit across Gabrielle’s face. I think Gabrielle might really enjoy this, our game is going to take a few new turns.

"Uh, Warrior, what do you have planned for me?" The answer came in the form of a sharp smack on the Bard’s bottom.

"I warned you, Maiden, that you are not to speak unless I give you permission! I won’t be so lenient the next time." Gabrielle looked at Xena, finding that she was enjoying this new version of their Warrior/Maiden game. She could feel the heat building in her belly, between her legs. She smiled up at the beautiful face before her, and started once again to put her arms around Xena’s waist.

"Maiden! I warned you not to touch me! Now you’ll be punished." Xena nearly laughed out loud at the expression on Gabrielle’s face. The young woman looked both fearful and expectant. The Warrior knew that Gabrielle was very ready, very wet. Their game would move to a new plateau soon, very soon. "You will keep your hands to yourself. Now remove your covering. Do it now."

Gabrielle never took her eyes from Xena’s as she slowly undid the knot in the leather holding the blanket around her. She started to let the leather drop from her hand, only to have Xena reach out and take the strip of leather from her. Gabrielle looked down at the leather strap in Xena’s hand, then looked back up at the Warrior. She took both hands and began to unfold the blanket from her naked body, letting it slide seductively off her shoulders, down across her breasts, allowing the night air to instantly cause her nipples to become rigid, hard, inviting. The blanket continued its downward course, leaving her belly bare, showing the blond, curly hair at the juncture of her thighs, until she finally let go and it draped around her feet.

"I am naked before you, Warrior, do with me what you will, but I entreat you to be gentle, to be mindful that I am a simple farm girl, a virgin, unlearned in the ways of love." Gabrielle almost laughed out loud herself at her own words as a visual floated past in her mind of all the days and nights of passionate love they’d shared, the innovative things they’d done to bring one another to the brink and beyond again and again.

"Oh, do not fear, Maiden, I’ll do with you as I would with any young maiden I’m about to ravish. Soon you’ll be screaming out my name, begging me for more. But first, you must be punished for not doing as I say, for touching me when I tell you not to, for talking when you’re told to be quiet! Prepare yourself!" Xena could feel her own warmth growing more insistent, she felt the dampness between her legs, soaking her britches. Time to move this along, all this dialogue is making me nuts, oh yes, it’s time to move this along!

Gabrielle looked at Xena with a question on her face...This is a new twist, wonder what I’m supposed to do to ‘prepare myself’? I’m not supposed to talk unless I’m told to, so how am I supposed to know what to do next if I can’t talk....think I’ll just make it up as I go along. What can it hurt? Well, it could hurt me...in a nice way, of course! This game is getting better and better.

"I’m ready to accept my punishment, but please, consider my virginal condition, my virginal skin." Gabrielle turned her back to Xena, and looking coyly over her shoulder at the Warrior, said "Notice my virginal back and my virginal bottom...please, don’t leave any scars, you’ll lower my value on the market considerably." She leaned over and picked up the discarded leather strap, and turning once again, handed it to the Warrior. "Here is your strap, Warrior Princess, I’m ready to accept my punishment. How do you wish me to position myself...against a tree, over a log, please tell me."

Xena looked at Gabrielle with admiration in her eyes; the young woman really knew how to get into the spirit of one of their little ‘games’. She’s gonna be all right, the incident in that village hasn’t done any permanent damage, thank the gods.

"All right, Maiden, I’m gonna punish you, but not the way you think. I don’t need this leather strap. I wouldn’t want to ruin the beautiful vision before me by marking your virginal skin with marks of the lash. But never fear you shall be punished. Let me think a moment. .... Well, I could decide not to ravish you, that would certainly be a punishment! But maybe I’ll just let you worry about it for a time. After all, not knowing when or how you’ll be punished, is punishment in its own right!"

By now Gabrielle had a look of total confusion on her face, and Xena couldn’t help but smile, trying to hide it by pretending to cough into her hand. These games just get better and better! But I think it’s time to get on with it. Now comes the best part, making love to the woman I love!

Xena reached out and took Gabrielle’s hands in her own, drawing the young, naked woman to her.

"Maiden, I want you to stay naked, and I want my dinner. Hurry, I’ll be very angry if my dinner is burned. Fetch it to me, and do it now!"

Xena walked over to a fallen tree and sat down, enjoying the view of the naked woman scurrying to the fire to take the rabbits from the spit and the fish from the coals. Gabrielle placed everything on large palm leaves, then blowing on her fingers she carried the hot food to Xena’s side. She knelt before the Warrior, offering up the palm leaves.

"You’ve done well, Maiden, join me. I want you to keep up your strength, you’re gonna need it! Get the blanket, put it here on the ground. You can sit on something other than the ground; can’t get that cute little bottom dirty! I have plans for that sweet bottom!"

Gabrielle smiled and walked over to pick up the blanket she’d worn, still laying in a heap on the ground. She spread out the blanket, and then sat cross- legged, allowing Xena an unobstructed view of her sex. She smiled again at the Warrior as she saw Xena’s eyes drift down from her face, across her breasts and coming to rest between her legs. She deliberately shifted slightly to offer an even better view, and was rewarded with seeing Xena’s pupils enlarge until they were only rimmed with azure blue. The Warrior swallowed loudly, then slid from the downfallen log and joined Gabrielle on the blanket. She took Gabrielle’s left hand in hers, and with her eyes never leaving the Bard’s face, she brought the hand to her mouth, taking each of the fingers into her mouth, sucking and licking, then the next, and the next. She ran her tongue over Gabrielle’s palm, digging it into the center, sucking slightly, then licking. She closed the young woman’s hand into a small fist, enveloping it in her own hand, using it to draw the young woman to her. Burying her other hand in Gabrielle’s hair, she pulled the woman’s face closer to her own. She inhaled the scent of Gabrielle’s hair, her skin, her breath, the scent of the young woman’s arousal. Her eyes closed as she inhaled, feeling her senses absorbing the essence of the woman she loved. They sat together, neither making a sound.

Gabrielle was watching her lover through soft, green eyes, her heart nearly bursting with the strong feelings of love and devotion she held for this beautiful, strong and complicated woman before her. She was aware of Xena’s scent also. The scent of leather, her hair, a faint smell of horse and sweat, beautiful smells that conjured up images that caused Gabrielle to smile, then to squirm a bit, as she felt the warmth in her belly and between her legs increasing. Her squirming did not go unnoticed. Xena opened her eyes and looked into the green eyes before her. She felt the heat that grew between them, fueled by the intense love they shared.

"Oh, Maiden, I’m gonna ravish you, soft, and slow. I’m gonna make you reach heights you’ll only reach with me, you’re gonna never want another to touch you, to kiss you, to love you."

These last words coming from Xena were spoken in a whisper; Xena’s face mere inches from Gabrielle’s.

"Oh, Warrior, this Maiden awaits your pleasure. My virginity is all yours, to do with as you wish."

Gabrielle smiled at Xena, and slowly lay back on the blanket, drawing Xena down with her. Xena propped herself up on her left arm, her hand holding her head, while she looked down at Gabrielle. Her right hand played with the taut skin of Gabrielle’s belly, lightly brushing up and down, watching the ripples that her touch was causing. Gabrielle’s legs were bent at the knee, slightly apart, and the scent of her arousal was stronger than ever. The Warrior smiled and ran her fingers up to the Bard’s breast, watching with satisfaction as the nipple immediately responded. She leaned down and kissed the mound of creamy flesh closest to her, while lightly stroking and pinching the other breast.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and moaned softly, arching her back and attempting to push her breast even further into Xena’s mouth.

"Maiden, I think you just might not be a maiden after all. It would seem that you know just what to do, and what to expect!"

"Oh Warrior, what would you say if I told you that your touch is lighting a fire in my belly, that my sex is on fire, that I want you to fan the flames and make them consume me."

Gabrielle was having a hard time maintaining the ‘virginal maiden’ persona with the attention her body was receiving under the hand of the Warrior Princess. And Xena was well aware of the internal struggle the Bard was experiencing.

"You have a beautiful body, Maiden. It’s almost a shame to take your virginity. But take it I will, because I’m the Warrior, and you’re the Maiden!"

Xena positioned herself above Gabrielle, leaned down again and took Gabrielle’s right breast into her mouth, sucking until the nipple stood at attention. Her left hand grasped the Bard’s left breast and squeezed and stroked until that nipple joined the other in its rigidity. Gabrielle reached up and grabbed Xena’s head, attempting to pull her down so that she could kiss her.

"Maiden, you’ve not been given permission to touch me, you seem to have a problem with following directions! Now you will be punished." Xena sat up and pulled the young woman into a sitting position. Gabrielle anticipated getting spanked. It turned them both on; the Bard felt the humiliation of being put over Xena’s lap and having her bottom spanked and turned a bright red was worth the wild passion they would both enjoy afterwards. But Xena didn’t put the young woman across but rather on her lap, picking her up with minimal effort and putting the Bard’s bare bottom on her outstretched thighs, facing the Warrior, one leg on either side of Xena’s waist.

"Maiden, I want you to unfasten my armor, remove my leathers, and do it quickly! We’ve wasted enough time as it is, and my needs are becoming stronger."

Gabrielle’s hands flew to the metal fasteners holding Xena’s breastplate in place. She practically decapitated the Warrior flinging it to one side, and then immediately tugged down the straps of the leathers and the tunic beneath them. "Pick up your butt a bit so I can get these off you."

"Hey, Maiden, I think you’re losing the theme of the game


Xena laughed softly and complied, lifting her bottom so Gabrielle could drag the leathers, tunic and britches down.

"But now we have a problem, Maiden. My clothes are down, but not off, and they can’t be taken off unless you get off my legs! So now what are you gonna do?"

Gabrielle looked at Xena and smiled, then drew her legs from around the tall woman’s waist, making sure that she flashed a good view of her sex in Xena’s line of vision, then kneeled along one side of the Warrior. Within the space of a heartbeat she had the Warrior’s clothes off and on the ground. She immediately resumed her earlier position, this time with her bottom moved up so that her wet sex was against Xena’s belly. She squirmed around on Xena’s thighs, enjoying the contact she was feeling, and also the response she was getting from her lover.

Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, pulling her closer, then laid back, pulling the Bard down with her, until Gabrielle’s upper body was laying on Xena’s chest; her legs still stretched out along the Warrior’s body. The young woman automatically drew her legs up until she was laying on Xena while on her knees, her bottom up in the air. Xena wrapped her right arm around the young woman’s body, her left hand traveled down the Bard’s back and over her ass. She squeezed Gabrielle’s cheeks, then forced the Bard down onto her drawn up right thigh. The Bard immediately began bearing down on Xena’s thigh, rocking back and forth and coating her lover’s leg with her arousal.

"Oh, you feel so good, I could stay like this forever." She continued rubbing, rocking her sex against Xena’s leg, lifting herself up with her hands on either side of Xena’s long body, arching her back with her head thrown back. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, her breath coming in an erratic rhythm. She started to make small noises, the noises that Xena loved to hear. Soft little grunts that would gradually get louder as Gabrielle neared her orgasm.

Xena continued to let Gabrielle bring herself to her climax, holding onto the Bard’s ass with both hands and pushing her down with each thrust that Gabrielle made against Xena’s thigh. She raised her head slightly and kissed first the right, then Gabrielle’s left breast, her tongue licking, her lips pulling on the nipples until they were rigid, turgid. She enjoyed every part of the lovemaking she and Gabrielle shared. But she especially enjoyed watching the young woman as she rode the Warrior’s thigh, head thrown back, eyes rolled back, breath coming in short bursts, the soft grunts becoming more and more pronounced, until she reached the point of no return. Xena continued squeezing Gabrielle’s ass, continued pushing the young woman’s hips down with each thrust that Gabrielle made. The noises were becoming louder. Gabrielle was getting closer.

"Nuh..nuh..nuh.." Gabrielle was nearly there, her back arched even more, her breasts bounced deliciously before Xena’s eyes, small beads of sweat ran down between them, dropping onto Xena’s chest, onto her own breasts. She could feel the heat building in her own belly, feel the wetness of her own sex running down the crack of her ass. She knew that just watching and holding Gabrielle as the Bard reached her orgasm would bring her to the brink of her own climax.

Gabrielle had reached a point of sexual excitement that caused her to slam her sex into Xena’s thigh with a vengeance, her head thrown back, she screamed out Xena’s name as she climaxed once, twice, again. Then she dropped onto Xena, kissing her beautiful face, saying "I love you, I love you, I love you."

Xena had her warms wrapped around her lover, holding her close, kissing her, smiling at the face she loved. "I love you, too, my sweet woman."

She took Gabrielle’s right hand in her own, and bringing it to her lips, she kissed the fingers, the palm of the Bard’s hand. Taking that hand, her eyes never leaving Gabrielle’s, she guided it down between her legs.

Gabrielle smiled down at Xena and grasped the Warrior’s wet sex. Her fingers immediately went to the warm, inner lips, found the engorged clitoris and with a finger on each side separating those lips, she gently stroked and massaged the swollen tissue with her thumb, enlarging it even more as her strokes became more insistent, more intense. Xena’s hips began to move, rising and falling in a rhythm known to anyone who has been fortunate to have been loved, and loved well. "Gabrielle, I want you inside me, please, inside, now.."

Gabrielle continued rubbing Xena’s clitoris with her thumb, while she slid her fingers down toward the Warrior’s wet, dark sweet opening. She slid one, two, then a third finger into her lover, sliding in and out as Xena’s hips continued to rise and fall. Gabrielle’s hand slammed into the Warrior as Xena’s hips moved faster, harder.

The young woman raised herself up from her position of lying on Xena. Bracing herself with her left hand, and, without stopping her right hand as her fingers continued to push in and out of her lover, she shifted herself so that she could slide down and between the Warrior’s legs. Xena drew up her legs, separating them even wider as she bent her knees, offering Gabrielle unrestricted access.

"Oh Warrior, you’re so beautiful, so wet, so wild. I love to make love to you." Gabrielle smiled up between Xena’s legs and then dipped her head down and ran her tongue over her lover’s clitoris, swirling and sucking, licking, staying with Xena’s hips as they slammed up and down. Her fingers stayed inside, riding with the Warrior’s hips, until she began to feel the increased tightness and tension grabbing her fingers, sucking them in.

Xena’s legs started to come together, trapping Gabrielle’s head. Her back arched, her hands wrapped themselves in Gabrielle’s hair, holding her in place. The Warrior’s head began to move from side to side, her eyes were wide open but not seeing, her mouth opened, and she climaxed with a scream that vibrated through the night air, causing nesting birds to startle and fly off. Animals in the forest stopped and listened to the primal scream, then went back to their sleeping, hunting, hiding.

Gabrielle slowly began to withdraw her fingers, only to have Xena’s hand clamp down on hers. The Bard could feel the slight tremors grasping her fingers still within the Warrior’s body, slick with Xena’s juice.

"Maybe there’s more to be had, Warrior? Think I might be able to coax your beautiful body to more? Do you want me to stop now, or should I keep moving my fingers like this, in and out, in and out, ever so slowly, then building up the speed, the rhythm. And what about this beautiful clitoris, it’s still so large, so vibrant with love, I think I might just go back down and take it into my mouth, suck on it, nibble it. What do you think, Warrior Princess? Or should I just stop, Maybe I should just stop, lay back, enjoy the night air..."

"Stop and I’ll kill you." Xena growled with a smile on her face. She continued to hold Gabrielle’s hand down between her legs, her knees once again bent and wide open. With the other hand she attempted to guide Gabrielle’s body up over her own, leading the Bard to move so that her head was between Xena’s legs, while the rest of her body turned so that the young woman’s sex was within reach of Xena’s mouth. Gabrielle’s knees were on either side of Xena’s head. She crossed her ankles and maneuvered them under Xena’s head, giving the Warrior even closer access.

"Oh Warrior, whatever are you going to do to me?"

Gabrielle giggled at the stupid sound of her last remark, knowing full well that she was about to get eaten as she ate the woman beneath her. She buried her head between Xena’s spread legs, while still moving her fingers in and out of her lover’s source of aromatic fluid. She found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what she was doing, however, as Xena had buried her face in Gabrielle’s sex. The Bard squirmed and pushed her butt down and back, gaining even more and deeper contact.

Xena had both hands on Gabrielle’s back, holding her lover in place while she thrust her tongue into Gabrielle, alternating the thrusts with strong, long licks up and back the entire length of the Bard’s sex. Gabrielle started humming, adding vibration to the sucking and licking she was giving Xena’s sex. It was going to be a matter of only a few heartbeats until they climaxed together and they both knew it!

Xena’s hands moved from the young woman’s back to the Bard’s beautiful bottom. Grabbing a cheek in each hand, she guided Gabrielle’s body to meet the thrusts of her tongue. Her senses were full of the smell of Gabrielle, a beautiful smell that made Xena’s heart sing. The vibrations Gabrielle had set in motion by humming into Xena’s sex were driving her very quickly to the edge, and she wanted to be sure Gabrielle joined her. She drove her tongue into the Bard again and again, pushing down on the young woman’s ass, as Gabrielle squirmed and wiggled, trying to get the maximum amount of contact, and yet pulling away as it got more and more intense.

Gabrielle could feel herself coming, and knew she was beyond the point of holding back. She drove her tongue into Xena, while running her right hand under the Warrior’s legs, aiming her thumb toward Xena’s other, puckered opening, gathering the slippery fluid running from her lover and using it as a lubricant as she circled that opening. As the Bard felt herself go over the edge, she rammed her thumb into Xena, causing the Warrior to suddenly lift off the blanket, climaxing with Gabrielle.

Gabrielle relaxed, stretched out her body on top of Xena, her thumb still in place. She laid her head on Xena’s thigh, as the Warrior adjusted her own position, unbending her legs, but leaving them slightly open.

Xena smiled at her view of Gabrielle; the young woman’s ass was still in her face, she stretched her head up and lightly bit one cheek, then the other. Her hands continued to stroke Gabrielle’s back, running up and down the Bard’s spine, lightly, tickling slightly, enjoying the response her fingers were having on the young woman’s skin as it cooled in the night air.

"I think you’d better get your thumb out of my butt, Maiden."

"Oh, I think not, Warrior, I like it there! Sort of like I have you caught, like a big fish?" She wiggled her thumb, causing Xena to moan softly.

"Hey, I’m not a big fish, and I want your thumb out, NOW! I mean, I could do some really bad stuff to this lovely ass that’s in my face, so move it! And I think we need to rethink the Maiden/Warrior game. You are not like any maiden I’ve ever come across!"

Gabrielle reluctantly eased her thumb from Xena’s rear, then, giving one last kiss to the Warrior’s sex, she started to turn and crawl up to Xena’s waiting arms.

Xena gave a sharp smack to the Bard’s bottom as she turned and came into the Warrior’s arms. Xena enveloped the young blonde as Gabrielle lay on the tall, dark haired woman’s body.

"Are you warm enough, Maiden? Or shall I warm your bottom for you?"

"Oh, I am very warm, Warrior, very warm. Including my bottom, thank you very much!"

"I love you, Gabrielle."

"I love you, too, Xena, so very much. Where are those rabbits and the fish I cooked for our dinner, I’m hungry."

Xena laughed and, sitting up, found the dinner they’d set aside. Fortunately nothing had eaten their food while they had been otherwise involved. She handed Gabrielle the first rabbit, and smiled as she watched the Bard dive into the roasted meat. Gabrielle looked up with a mouthful of meat, juice dripping off her chin.

"Aren’t you gonna eat any? It’s really good, if I have to say so myself! Is there any wine in Argo’s saddlebag? And some fruit would really go good with this. Did you see any berries when you caught the rabbits?"

Xena stood, stretched her long, naked body, and walked over to Argo’s tack. Bending over, she picked up the saddlebag, opened it and pulled out a wineskin. Walking back to Gabrielle, she noticed the young woman was watching her with wide eyes, no longer chewing, her mouth slightly open.

"Xena, you’re so beautiful. You move with such grace, such beauty. You take my breath away!" Then she went back to devouring the last of the first rabbit.

Xena shook her head, smiled, and handed the Bard the wineskin. She walked around and gathered her discarded clothes from wherever the Bard had thrown them. She found her tunic and slid it over her head and down her body.

"Gabrielle, you’d better put that blanket around you, it’s getting cold."

"You were gonna fix my clothes, they’re still all ripped up."

"I was sort of busy, or have you forgotten already?" She smiled down at the cute, naked little blonde, sitting cross legged on the blanket, rabbit juice all over her face.

"I think it’s time to get you into something to keep you warm, though. Now put the blanket around you, while I look for your sleep shift." Xena went back to Argo’s tack and found the Bard’s shift. She turned just in time to see Gabrielle attack the second rabbit. "Hey, are you gonna eat both of those? What about me?" She held out the Bard’s sleep shift, then dropped it onto the blanket.

The Bard looked up at Xena with innocent eyes, but held onto the second rabbit. "Don’t you want to eat the fish instead?"

"Gabrielle, you’ve got an appetite that defies description. I wonder how your family managed to grow enough food to feed you and them. Bet they came up short more than once!"

Gabrielle stopped gnawing on the cooked game. She sat very still; averting her eyes, knowing that the subject she wanted to avoid was about to come out. She racked her brain for some way to convince Xena that a visit to her family was not a good idea.

"Gabrielle, I know what you’re thinking, and it isn’t gonna work. Don’t even think about arguing with me. We’re gonna go see your family, we’ll stay a day or two, then we’ll leave, and you’ll see, you’ll live through it! And besides, I know you wanna see Lila and your mother. And I know they’ll be happy to see you. As for your father, well, we can deal with him, it’s only for a short time."

The Bard put the rabbit down on the palm leaves, wiped her hands on the grass and grabbed her shift. She got up on her knees to slip it on over her head, then she reached over and put her arms around Xena’s legs. "Please, can we talk about this?"

"Gabrielle, there’s nothing to talk about, we’re goin’, that’s it. It’s bad enough your family thinks I took you from them, the least I can do is bring you back once in a while so they can see that you aren’t too much the worse for wear!"

Gabrielle released her death grip around Xena’s legs and plopped back down on the blanket. Xena could see the beginning of a ‘Gabrielle Pout’...arms crossed, head down, bottom lip caught in her teeth. It’s gonna be a loooonngg night, she’s really determined to fight me on this. ‘Course, she knows she isn’t gonna win, but she likes to at least put up a good fight. Makes her feel better.

Xena leaned down and attempted to lift the Bard’s chin with her fingers. Gabrielle resisted, not allowing her head to be moved. The Warrior reached down and took Gabrielle’s head in both hands, gently raising the young woman’s face until their eyes met. "Gabrielle, we’re going. You’ll have a good time, and then we’ll leave."

" I never get my way." The Bard was not going to give in, at least not graciously. "Everything we do is always your way. I don’t wanna go!"

Lowering herself to the blanket, Xena reached over and took a piece of the now cold fish. She chewed slowly, not saying anything, knowing that her silence would make Gabrielle start talking. She took another piece of fish, popped it into her mouth, then looking at Gabrielle with half-closed eyes she slowly licked her fingers. She reached for the wineskin lying on the blanket between them; her fingers brushed against Gabrielle’s thigh as she picked up the container. Lifting it to her mouth she took a long swallow, her eyes never leaving Gabrielle’s. A drop of wine fell from her lip, onto her upper chest. Gabrielle’s eyes followed the errant drop as it slowly moved over the swell of Xena’s right breast, past the small scar at the inner curve, and then disappeared between the valley of the Warrior’s breasts. The Warrior’s tunic covered the rest of the wine drop’s path, much to Gabrielle’s disappointment. She sat as though she were mesmerized, her eyes still focused on where the wine drop was last seen, as if by sheer will she could make the tunic disappear. She licked her upper lip, then looked up again and into Xena’s blue eyes. The young woman smiled at Xena, as she saw Xena’s lips curl into a seductive grin.

"You did that on purpose, didn’t you!"

"Why Gabrielle, whatever do you mean? Wanna play another game? What should it be this time? How about this one? The Warrior and the Bard? You can tell me a story, and maybe you could act it out...let’s see, how about the story of the young woman who didn’t want to go see her parents? And of how the big, strong Warrior convinced the young woman that it was the right thing to do, for the greater good, that kind of story?"

Xena smiled at Gabrielle, reaching for her and giving her a big hug. She kissed the top of the blonde’s head, then hugging her one more time, got up to get their bedrolls from the pile of Argo’s tack. Gabrielle sat on the blanket, knowing she’d lost this fight. She stood when Xena came back with their bedrolls and blankets, and helped the Warrior spread them next to the fire. They both headed off to the bushes for one last visit before laying down together, pulling up their blankets, close against one another. Gabrielle lay on her right side; Xena snuggled against her back, with her left arm around the Bard, pulling her close into a spooning position. She kissed the back of Gabrielle’s neck, her shoulder, while the young woman scooted even closer to her lover, her butt pushed into Xena’s belly. Xena worked her left leg between Gabrielle’s legs, so that her thigh rested against Gabrielle’s sex.

"Gabrielle, I’m so glad you’ve agreed to see things my way. Trust me, you’re gonna have a good time seeing your family, your friends in Poteidaia. And, after a few days, we’ll leave and be on our way. You know I’m always right. You just have to do things my way. Don’t I take good care of you? And you know how much I love you. It’s good that you’ve given up, being stubborn isn’t one of your better traits. Especially when you know you aren’t gonna win. Now go to sleep, and tomorrow we can get an early start. Tomorrow is another day!"

Right, my love, tomorrow is another day...and I’ve got all night to think of a way to change your mind about going to see my family! You think you have many skills, HA..just you wait, I have a few skills of my own.....



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