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Summary: This is a story about love at first sight. Standing on the end of time and faith, the destroyer looks across the darken abyss of her life and see the object of her eye, an Amazon Princess. Yet…nothing worth having is without a price. And in this tale, the conqueror learns that.

Now…Let’s do ‘dis.




by LB Anderson


The Warrior Princess and her men broke into the tavern, chortling and snorting loudly. The bartender just shook his head and continued with his duties.

"Bartender," Xena yelled out. "Get over here and take our orders."

The innkeeper looked up at the Destroyer of Nations and smirked at the playful gleam in her eyes.

<Well, our Princes is feeling pretty agile today, that's good. Maybe she won't burn my place to the ground tonight>. He thought with a smile.

Actually, the bartender wasn't frightened of Xena OR her men. He knew the Princess favored him because he stood up to her even though he knew she could have killed him in the blink of an eye.



Jolan remembered it as if it was yesterday. There he was, shielding his wailing daughter from an intoxicated Warrior Princess and her promiscuous advances.

Angered by the old man’s audacity to refuse her, Xena lifted the bartender up off the floor and glared palely into his eyes. Although, he could feel the vibes of death rush through his entire body, he continued to deny Xena the satisfaction of hearing him squeal like a pig.

Instead he panted his belligerence between short breaths. Xena found this highly unusual. Although the man was old enough to be her father he didn't fear dying for a worthy cause.

Xena gave him a menacing glare and tossed him across the room. The minute he hit the floor she was there, standing over him with the tip of her sword pointing right against his throat.

He trembled from the intensive scowl bridling her face. The destroyer then lifted his chin with the edge of her sword and glared menacingly into his eyes.

Her gaze was unlike any other woman he had ever known. Her eyes were as cold as the bleakness of night, yet they were the most radiant orbs he'd ever had the pleasure of staring into.

Then something happened. She pressed her foot harder against his chest, tilted her head and gave him a crooked smile.

"I like you old man." She said.

"You know what I am capable of yet, you continue to defy me simply to protect your daughter. I like that. If the majority of my men had your spirit, I would rule all of Greece by now."

"Get up off that floor and give me something to drink," she commanded, while heading to the back of the dining quarters.

The old man scrambled to his feet and set out to do exactly what the Princess requested. Before Xena could pull her chair out good, he was standing beside her with her drink.

Her men chuckled from the old man's sudden loyalty to the Princess. Yet they didn't know that during their altercation he felt something change in Xena's demeanor, and THAT was promising.

Xena took the drink from the tray and gulped half of it down. She then looked down into the cup and rolled the contents around in a questioning motion.

"You know old man," she began, while still staring down into the cup. "My mother owns an inn and I've unpacked a mean batch of brew in my day and this is not it."

"I want the good stuff!" she said looking up at the innkeeper.

"None of this piss water you just gave me, understand?" She growled.

"Yes Princess, I understand completely." Xena sat her cup down on the table, leaned back and propped her leg up onto a neighboring bench.

"Good, Now go get me another." The old man quickly retrieved the cup and headed back to the bar.

It didn't take a heart beat for him to return. Xena took the mug from the platter and brought it up to her nose. She then looked up at the old man and gave him a wink.

She was quite familiar with the scent of good, aged port and THIS was the good stuff. She then placed her drink on the table and gazed up at the man again. This time he didn't flinch from surprise. <To tell the truth>, the old man thought. <She was quite an intriguing woman when she's not looking down the shaft of her sword at people>.

"What’s your name old man?" She asked curiously.

The whores were now filtering into the inn. Her men scrambled about anxiously, releasing a series of wolf calls and rubbing themselves. Xena however, allowed her attention to waver only for a second before gazing back up at the man, awaiting his answer.

"My name is Jolan, ma'am." He returned obediently.

"Jolan, do you know who I am?" Jolan dabbed the moisture from his forehead and uttered the warrior's name. Xena smirked and asked the man to sit and talk with her for a while. He did. From then on he never feared Xena.

Of course there were times when her battle lust would inspire him to pray that she wouldn't keep the whole inn awake. But other than that, their relationship was based on respect and honesty.

Xena never allowed her men to wreck his place, and in return he would feed her, house her and give her only the good port when she was in town.

That was a very serviceable agreement, Jolan thought. Especially since everyone knew that Xena, although ruthless, was a woman of her word.




Back to present day…

Jolan smiled at the memory of his near death experience as he and his staff quickly made it over to Xena's table.

"Uh-huh," Jolan grunted while clearing his throat. Xena was otherwise engaged with one of her favorite red heads, who had hastily made it over to the inn the second she heard that the Princess was in town.

Xena yanked back on Sasha's hair, tearing her self from the vicious lip lock they were presently engaged in and glared at Jolan.

"Is it the good stuff?" She inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Only the best for you Princess." Jolan replied honorably. Xena snorted and snatched the brew off the tray. Splattering remnants of it all about the whore’s chest.

Sasha yelped as the drink splashed upon her. Xena savagely sucked at the wench’s sultry peaks, ridding the working girl's breasts completely of the intoxicating fluid before looking up again.

"Keep 'em coming Jolan," Xena informed the bartender while patting the top of the table for Sasha to sit.

"Let me see it," Xena purred, sitting back in her seat. Sasha hoisted up her dress and gave Xena an exclusive view of her hot, steaming, pocket book. Xena stared wantonly at Sasha's womanhood while gulping at her drink.

"Nice," she cooed, while raising her hand to run just her fingertips up and down the woman’s glistening love chamber. Sasha's hips began to gyrate sensually, inviting Xena inside her burning depths. Xena gazed up into her eyes and slowly dipped one of her fingers inside. Both women moaned at the welcomed entry.

"Oh Xena please, Fuck me…fuck me…Right here… right now."

Xena ignored the whore's pleading whimpers while continuing to tease her with the gradual plunges. Just as Xena slid another finger into play her attention was drawn to the door.

Two of the biggest Amazons she'd ever seen stepped inside. One was a blonde, standing about the same height as her with a gladiator's form, and the other, had dark brown skin, more of a feminine physique, and definitely ripe for the picking.

Xena's fingers continued to ease in and out of Sasha's quivering opening as she moved more to the side to see why the Amazon's Royal Guards were there.

Two more stepped in right past them, drawing the attention of the entire inn. They were just as built as the others holding the doors, except one had long, tendrils of brunette hair and blue eyes, while the other had a short, high and tight haircut and glistening green eyes.

Jolan ran to the door to greet them. He bowed honorably and bid them welcome. He obviously knew them because the huge, warring women received him cordially.

As soon as the bartender saluted all four warriors he stepped back as if awaiting someone else. Just then the cutest thing Xena had ever seen walked in the door. She had strawberry blond hair, sea green eyes and a heavenly disposition. She seemed to glow with nothing less than divine purity.

She stepped up to the bartender in a white leather, two pieces, adorned with the jewelry of royalty, and reached for his hand. Jolan took it and ever so gently brought the back of her hand up to his lips and softly kissed it.

Xena pulled her hand from its present warmth and yanked Sasha down off the table, so that she could get a clearer view.

The girl was a vision of loveliness. Her petite, muscular, frame shimmered from the sparkling oils that marinated about it.

Xena felt her mouth grow dry as she continued to stare at the little Amazon Princess that stood not even a yard from her.

<By the Gods woman, where on earth have you been all my life>. She thought, while reclaiming her full height to get a better view.

Jolan took the small woman's hand in to his and led her to the bar. He then removed her cape and Xena almost tripped over her own feet from the view.

Although she was still in the shadows, the young girl's guards were aware of her presence and periodically gazed back into the darkness, while keeping a close eye on the Princess.

The small woman was angelic in every dimension. Her bosom peeked invitingly over the almost too small halter that barely covered her sublime breasts in utter praise.

The bottom was nothing more than two flaps that covered her front private treasure and her moon shaped backside. And Aphrodite must have christened her body herself, because she was definitely fine and Xena was mesmerized by what she saw.

Gabrielle gazed around the room until her eyes fell upon the statuesque figure hidden in the darkness. It was obvious that she was curious about the silhouette because she tilted her head and narrowed her eyes, as if to focus them enough to see what the woman looked like.

Her guards quickly repositioned themselves around her and ushered her up to the stage. All the while, the audience was captured by the Princess's elegant entry. Many had seen her before in Athens and they loved her stories. They waited patiently for her to entertain them as Jolan ensured that everything was in place before introducing her.

Gabrielle, majestic as usual, sauntered up on the stage and kissed Jolan lightly on the cheek, stilling every person in the place. For nearly a candlemark afterwards, the patrons cheered the little beauty on.

Xena was captured, and the strange part about it was that she wanted it.

Gabrielle raised her hands and brought them back down slowly to her sides hushing the crowd instantly. She warmly greeted the occupants and settled in for the story.

Sasha observed Xena as she became a prisoner, like every other patron of the inn that was fascinated by the little golden red head on stage.

<How am I going to compete with Miss Innocent up there>? Sasha thought. She couldn't, so she waited. Hopefully, after the "little trick's (bitch’s)" performance, Xena would be so turned on that she would gladly take her up to the room and hump her brains out.

Sasha sat on the bench quietly staring up at the back of Xena’s head. She couldn’t be jealous from the view, because even she was attracted to the little radiant one on stage. So finally she decided that she would just bide her time, and wait for the princess to get in the mood again.



Xena sat, oblivious to the crowded room, absorbed in Gabrielle's flawless presentation.

The destroyer couldn't imagine any other place she would rather be at that moment. The petite princess was simply spellbinding, and Xena found she didn't want to miss a second of it.

At some points in the story, Gabrielle could be found sitting calmly upon the seat. Then there were other times when she was physically enacting a part.

The audience watched as she graciously lowered her body down into a spread legged, squatting position, revealing to the inn, the flexible firmness of her incredibly attractive limbs. Each time she knelt down, Xena visualized herself touching the folds of the heavens. Right there… between the bard’s legs.

<What makes you so special little one? Better yet, what makes you so special to me>? Xena thought quizzically, while looking around the tavern for the old man.

Her First Lieutenant, a slightly graying man, silently watched Xena as she became enchanted by the splendid little wonder on stage. Actually, he found it sort of comical. Never had Xena been so captured by anyone. Yet there she was, sitting on the end of the bench, outwardly drooling and completely captured.

He observed his commander each time she shifted uncomfortably while gazing upon the expressive little storyteller. The whore she was just toying with had become a thing of the past. And that was certainly good.

<Gods what a dizzy broad>! He thought looking over at her. <What in Hades did Xena see in her anyway>? Just then he had a thought as he redirected his attention back to the stage.

<Boy, I wonder if Xena could possibly fall for the little fireball on stage. She would certainly help Xena to see a different way of life. Especially since she's grown tired of THIS game. She doesn't even kill like she used too>. He thought.

The Princess's Lieutenant, whom she met three years ago in Athens, began to mentally draft a plan to get the two together. Xena was already interested. All he had to do now was get the little Amazon Princess to follow suit.

Jolan was about to make his rounds when Xena grabbed him and snatched him down to her.

"I want to meet that girl." She gasped, while continuing to stare at Gabrielle.

"Uh, Xena, that girl is an Amazon Princess. And you would probably have to confront her champion to get near her." Jolan panted, while trying to loosen Xena's death grip around his collar.

Xena continued to imprison the man while looking from one of the princess guard to the other.

"Look, I don't give a DAMN about her champion. I’ll kill her if I have to. I WANT to MEET THAT GIRL." She finished with a hostile growl.

"Uh Princess, maybe I could be of some assistance," her Lieutenant offered, while initiating a release of a now choking bartender.

Jolan looked up at Xena's right hand man, and mouthed, "Thank you." Samson winked at the old man and informed him that he may need his help.

Jolan looked surprised at first. That is until Samson nodded his head in the direction of Gabrielle, who was still on stage winding up her story.

"OH, OH YEAH, I will be glad to help." All the time the men were preparing to join forces, Xena's eyes did not stray from the little marvel on stage.



A quarter of a candlemark later...





"I AM NOOOO SERVANT. AND I WILL NOT…DO THIS." She finished, gazing down at the meager, body length, peasant dress as if it was a death shroud.

Sampson elbowed Jolan, forcing him to speak.

"UH, OW," he yelped, as he fell into Xena.

Xena gazed down at the old man as he pushed his face out of her bosom by using her breasts for leverage. When he did gaze back up into Xena's face, he couldn’t contain the nervous cackle that rose in his throat, as he unconsciously groped her tits.

Xena looked down at his fondling hands with her traditional raised eyebrow expression wondering should she kill him now or later.

Samson’s hand clamped down on Jolan's right shoulder and pulled him briskly away from Xena. Pulling his hands tactfully away from his commander’s ample bounty before she did get the notion to kill him.

"Let's get on with the plan old man." He stated, nodding his head toward Xena.

"Yes, well uh huh, yes," Jolan stuttered.

"Your Highness, each time the Princess visits, I am to assign her one of my servants to tend to her needs. The servant appointed to her would deliver the princess dinner. She occasionally chats with the Princess and maybe if the attendant is lucky, Gabrielle will invite the girl to stay with her for the night." Jolan finished wiping the sweat from his brow.

A cunning smile moved over Xena's face as she pictured herself and the little Amazon humping against each other like weasels in heat.

"Gabrielle. Is that her name?" She asked, still enthralled by the daydream she was presently having.

"That name suits her."

Jolan quickly perceived the Warrior's garbled musings as her smile grew more wickedly.

"No, No, No!" He exclaimed breathlessly.

"It won't be that type of evening." He rectified.

"Well, tell me old man what other kind of enjoyment is there?" Xena snapped, placing her hands upon her hips and shifting all of her weight to her left leg.

"Xena, biologically you…are…a girl." Jolan stammered, while once again gazing at her soft, pliant bosom.

"You will talk about girl things. You know like how many boyfriends have you had? Have you every worn a corset? Girl stuff you know." He said through clenched teeth, flapping his arms like a grounded fly.

Xena stared at the pair for what appeared like forever before finally saying, "This isn't going to work." She then started to take off the dress.

"Xeeeennna," her First Lieutenant dragged.

"Are you saying that you're giving up. Are you saying that you can't even charm this girl into giving you a few minutes of her time? Are you saying that you're quitting because you don't have a snowball's chance in Tartarus of carrying this off? Are you saying..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Xena interrupted, while stepping away from her lead lieutenant with raised hands and a disbelieving glance upon her face.

"I ain’t afraid of nothing, and…I think you just challenged me. You don't think I am familiar enough with female topics to carry on a conversation with another woman. You think because she's an Amazon Princess I won't be able to sit in her company without losing it."

Xena then walked straight up to her Lieutenant and growled menacingly in his face.

"You think because I bed whores, I don’t have the grace to fascinate a little princess. Well I have news for the both of you." She urged turning to look at Jolan as well.

"There’s not a lass in Greece that I couldn’t captivate. And there’s not an ass that I can’t spank and have the girl say Thanks. That’s because Xena the Destroyer, got it like that." She confessed with a challenging raise eyebrow before whirling around and snatching the tray from Jolan’s hand.

"Give me this tray old man."

Just before leaving, she looked back at her Lieutenant and mumbled, "From the moment I saw her I knew I wanted to be with her and not for just one night. I'm going to make her mine and it won't be because you think that you have suckered me into a bet. It is because I want to live out the rest of my life with someone that will accept me for me, and I believe Gabrielle is such the woman."

Xena then left the room with a new purpose...to claim what her eyes did see.

Once the Princess was out of earshot, the two men chortled and gave each other a high-five.

"Boy we are good," Jolan bragged chauvinistically, while leading Samson back out to the bar. Both men continued to chuckle at the success of their plan. Xena's goal was set, and now all she had to do was go for it.




Delivering the Princess's dinner...



"Hold it right there servant girl," The Gladiator sized brunette ordered, blocking Xena's path. Both warriors glared into each other’s eyes, but only for a second. Xena remembered that she was supposed to be portraying a servant girl, so she adjusted her persona accordingly. Yet, Gabrielle's champion had already sense the challenge in the other woman's eyes.

"My," the brunette stated while circling Xena.

"Aren't you a big girl? Did Jolan buy you from a slave trader or were you once a whore who decided to change your life?" She mocked, wondering if the woman that was glaring daringly into her eyes a few moments ago, was going to utter a word.

Xena didn't. She just stood, staring down into the tray that she was holding. Making a mental note to kick this skank’s (bitch) ass later.

"I guess you were thinking that you were just going to waltz up in here and give our future Queen her dinner, Huh?" The woman snorted, standing behind Xena. Xena didn't move, nor did she speak.

"Shalonda," the Princess's champion, called out.

"Come hold this tray while I check this servant wench for weapons." The coffee toned Amazon stepped forward and gently removed the tray from Xena's hand.

Xena gazed into the approaching warrior’s eyes and immediately began to understand why the search was necessary. Although Shalonda objected to Gabrielle's champion’s methods, it was essential to have everyone checked before entering the Princess's room. Not only was she heir to the throne, she was the queen’s niece.

As soon as the tray was taken, Gabrielle's champion shoved Xena up against the wall, effectively pinning her with a clenched hand around her throat.

Xena's back hit the wall with a powerful thump. Both women's eyes met again. This time, if only for a second, Rym could have sworn she seen death in the servant’s eyes.

"Do you want some of me whore?" She taunted, pressing her full body up against Xena.

"I can tell from how you looked at me just then that you do, don't you?" Xena didn't reply. She simply stared at a nail on the opposite wall.

Rym's left hand moved over Xena's body as the right one continued to imprison her in place. The princess appointed champion roughly fondled and squeezed Xena’s breasts. Trying to spark a threatening response from her, but Xena held firm in her role.

After realizing that that method of persuasion wasn’t prompting the response she wanted Rym snorted and yanked the end of Xena’s dress up. She then shoved her hand roughly up between Xena's limbs, slamming her fist cruelly against Xena’s clit. Xena inhaled deeply, but didn’t respond with so much as a groan. Yet she did reveal to Gabrielle’s champion that her ass was treading on very thin ice.

"She seems clean Rym," Shalonda said softly. Redirecting the champion’s attention to her instead of Xena’s scorching glare.

The Princess's champion snapped her head around and growled, "She is clean when I say she is."

"I just thought that the Princess would be wanting her dinner before it got cold, that's all." Shalonda finished, knowing how Gabrielle hated cold portions and how irritating the princess champion could be. Rym snatched Xena's face up close to hers so that their eyes would meet again.

"All I want you to do whore, is deliver the tray and bring your giant ass back out here. This is the last time you will be laying eyes on our Princess. She is untouched and I don't want a whore like you trying to persuade her to do otherwise. Do you understand me Skank (bitch)?"

Just then the door to Gabrielle's room opened. Rym regained her height. Shalonda gave Xena back the tray and guided her to the Princess's room.

"Ma'am, this is your servant for tonight." Shalonda announced. Trying to break the insolent glare both warriors were relaying to the other.

"She will be taking care of your needs." Shalonda finished with a bow.

Gabrielle's eyes floated up Xena's body with a tender caress until their eyes met. Xena stood gazing into the little Princess's eyes as a wave of serenity swept over her. (She felt so good that she no longer had thoughts of killing Gabrielle’s champion. Instead, she’d just kick her ass…later).

"Please," Gabrielle said, almost in a whisper. "Come in," she asked cordially.

<DAMN> Xena thought giving the room a thorough examination while stepping inside.

<That old man has never put me up in a room where everything matched> The entire room was decorated in white, from the three white bear skin rugs to the see-through canopy hanging over the bed.

"Piss on that old man. I thought I was getting the best room in the inn." Xena said through clenched teeth, while placing the tray cautiously on the table.

"I beg your pardon," Gabrielle said softly.

"Jolan did a fine job decorating this inn. Yeah," Xena improvised, "That's what I said." She mumbled as she continued to gaze around the room. Xena's movements weren't prissy, but she definitely had a graceful manner about her self.

"My, I bet you could be a force to reckon with huh?" Gabrielle said, while removing the cover rag from the tray.

<Remember Xena, you're a peasant girl, think as one>. Xena rationalized.

"Ma'am?" <As if she didn't quite understand the question>.

Gabrielle popped a baby carrot into her mouth and began chewing it.

She then tried to explain to Xena exactly what she meant as pieces of carrot popped out every which way but straight.

<What tha(the)>? Xena's mind screamed.

<This is a joke right? Surely this behavior does not befit a Princess>. Xena reasoned, before looking into the Princess’s playful gaze. Xena snorted and thought, <but she does look awfully cute trying to get me to feel at ease>.

"I was wondering if there was anything I could do to lessen your tension, but I see I just did." Gabrielle quipped. Xena found herself giving the Princess a true, honest-to-goodness smile.

"Gods," Gabrielle gasped. "You are simply bewitching. Wherever did my uncle find you?"

"Uncle," Xena said faintly, walking back over to where Gabrielle was.

"Oh, I guess you didn't know. Uncle Jolan is my mother's brother. I was made Princess from my father's side, which just happen to be our Queen's half brother."

Xena slowly sat down at Gabrielle's side as the little princess took a seat and began to eat.

<Dear Zeus where is she putting it all>? Xena questioned, as she watched Gabrielle wolf down over half the tray within a matter of seconds.

<It must evaporate because what I’m viewing is nothing less that ripples of sleek muscle, which is> Xena allowed her eyes to float up and down Gabrielle’s meagerly covered body and finalized, <pretty damn enticing right about now>.

"I'm sorry, where are my manners?" The little bard asked.

<I don't know> Xena thought. <It must have left when your appetite showed up>.

Xena smiled again and said, "That's okay, I wasn't hungry anyway." Just then Gabrielle let out a loud, unrestrained burp. Both women's eyes locked in pure shock. Gabrielle’s coy look simply made it all the funnier, as her eyes fluttered like the little Adonis that she was.

Xena couldn’t keep from laughing. Neither could Gabrielle. They were laughing so hard that it prompt the guards to rush into the room with their weapons drawn.

Shalonda smiled at the strange coupling and said, "Your Highness, I see you and your servant for the night are getting along fine. Will she be spending the evening?"

Gabrielle sat up and looked over at Xena. She then smiled alluringly and asked, "Do you wanna spend the night with me?" Xena returned the cordial smile and glanced up a Shalonda who was standing in an opened legged, stance awaiting a reply. The funniest thing though, she looked as if she wanted Xena to accede the princess’s request. Yet, Xena didn’t answer right away.


Xena had never felt so at ease. She loved talking with Gabrielle. They conversed about what they did when they were children. She even recalled a time when she and Lyceus locked their older brother in the storeroom and proceeded to dye Lyceus' hair a better color. Xena told Gabrielle that when she was finished with her brother’s hair it was as green as her eyes. The women cackled again, leaning into each other.

The girls were lounging in front of the fireplace, chatting about their respective child-hoods when Shalonda stepped into the room again and informed the Princess that her bath was ready.

She didn't know why, but for some reason she didn't consider Xena a threat, at least not as far as their Princess was concerned. She could see the admiration in the Warrior's eyes.

<Yes, she knew Xena was a warrior. All it took for Jolan to spill his guts was for her to nibble on his ear. And just like always, he broke like a stalled up dam>.

"Well, I guess I'll meet you back here after the bath huh?" Xena asked, as she solemnly watched Gabrielle rise to her full height.

The little bard turned around and gave Xena a nose-crinkling smile. "You don't get out of leaving me that easily. I need you to wash my back." She then stepped over to where Scratch, (The blonde, with the high and tight haircut and sparkling green eyes) and Shalonda, (the cocoa colored warrior, with the "can I get a scoop of your yum-yum" figure) stood, and allowed them to undress her.

Xena tried to look away, but she just couldn't bring herself too. Gabrielle's petite, glistening form had all the right curves, all the right shapes and all the right sizes. She was magnificent in every way.

"WELL," Gabrielle said a little louder now. She had been calling her servant (Xena) for about three "wells" now.

"Uh..." Xena panted. "You mean you want me to take a bath with you?"

Gabrielle brought both of her hands up to her face and mimicked a shocked mime.

"What, a big girl like you is shy? If your body is as alluring as your face, you shouldn't have a problem. At least," Gabrielle’s eyes moved so heatedly over Xena’s body that the warrior swore her clothes were on fire, "not with me."

Shalonda and Scratch covered their mouths in an attempt to muffle their giggles. Xena looked over at the two relaxed guards and pretty much figured by their behavior that they knew who she was.

<But if they knew that, why weren't they trying to kill her>? The destroyer wondered, while walking over to the pair and rolling her eyes.

"Your Highness, I just thought you would rather be alone during such a private time." Xena stated, while gathering the necessary clothing needed for the Princess.

Shalonda then handed the princess a new shift and underpants for her self to wear once the bath were finished. Xena looked down at the new clothes then back up at the tall, chocolate, warrior. Xena stared into her eyes, searching for a reason for her acceptance, but she didn't find any. Xena pulled the clothes to her and gave the female the warrior’s handshake of respect. This did not go unnoticed by the little Princess.

"Coming? " Gabrielle called back, heading down to the bathing room. Xena glanced once more at the two Amazon guards and said, "Well, I better go. I wouldn't want to meet up with Rym again," She said, while bolting from the room.

Both the guards chuckled while watching her sprint from the room.

"So...What do you think?" Scratch asked, gazing over at Shalonda. The female warrior smiled triumphantly and said, "I think our little Princess likes her. She IS rather attractive."

"Not that, you open frig (sex) stand. I mean do you think if she gets to know Gabrielle she will want to champion her?"

"What I think," Shalonda said, "Is that Xena is already interested in our little jewel. Besides, didn't you notice the chemistry brewing between them? I have never seen the Princess so comfortable with anyone. She is practically beaming. Pay attention Scratch, our little Princess is about to snag the most ruthless warrior that ever lived." Shalonda then picked up her weapon, gave Scratch a gleeful sneer and headed off to the bath. Scratch snorted and happily followed the brown beauty out.




Two candlemarks later...


"Hey, I still have water in my ears from you dunking me. I can't get it out." Gabrielle said, in a frustrated tone, while shaking her head. Before she knew what was happening, Xena grabbed her, tilted her head and slapped the opposite ear firmly at the base. She watched the water splatter from Gabrielle's ear. As soon as her right ear was emptied, she applied the same method to the other side. Gabrielle allowed Xena's help, but she wondered if Xena realized how rough she was handling her. Xena was pretty much working out of routine. There had been many times she had, had a woman to pleasure her while in her bath, and water seemed to harbor in their ears from the dipping exercise.

"Wow, how did you know that would work?" Gabrielle asked curiously.

<Think fast Xena, you can't very well tell the woman you plan to spend the rest of your life with, that you've had several of your whores suck your clit while taking a bath>.

"Well, I've had the same problem after washing my hair in the lake." <Yeah, great save warrior>. Xena praised, while tossing her dry towel over a chair near the wall and putting on her shift, which was by the way, made from the finest silk she had ever known. The silk underpants with cotton seating, were just as luxurious.


Gabrielle jumped happily onto the bed and moved to her preferred side. She then glanced up at the nervous warrior, and patted the side she wanted her to sleep on.

Xena stood thinking, <It's not too late, you can still get out of this>.

Yet Xena knew in her heart she wanted to be with Gabrielle. She recalled times in the bath where Gabrielle instructed her to use her hands instead of a towel.

Xena reveled in the softness of the Princess's skin. She moved her hands artfully over Gabrielle's back examining its smoothness, while the Princess pinned her hair up with both her hands. Revealing a very inviting and flushed neck.

And the moans, oh gods the moans of temporary bliss. Xena thought Gabrielle's cooing would drive her mad. Yet she managed to stay the course and not take the young woman in her own bath.

"Are you coming?" Gabrielle inquired, pulling the warrior's attention back to where the conversation was actually taking place.

Xena moved slowly to the bed. She was trying to think of anything, everything to rid her of this fate. She adored Gabrielle, but she also knew that being in a bed with temptation such as the bard could provoke all kind of carnal thoughts to surface, and she would probably act on them.

"Your Highness," Xena said softly. Almost, as if she was pleading to be released from this obligation. But, Gabrielle also saw something else in the steadily darkening orbs of the warrior, and that was need.

"C'mon," Gabrielle encouraged with bouncing eyebrows, which immediately drew a chuckle from Xena.

"I promise not to hurt you. As a matter of fact, I'll tell you a story to put you to sleep, if you’d like." Xena paused briefly, right as she approached Gabrielle, and drank in the green swirls of understanding in the bard's eyes.

"Alright," she said, moving under the covers.

"But you should know, I snore a lot." Xena poked, to keep the humor in the situation. Gabrielle turned to her side, facing away from Xena and slid back into the warrior prompting her to wrap her arms around her.

<What am I going to do>? Xena thought, right before Gabrielle seized her arms and placed one under her neck and the other around her waist. Xena let out a shaky sigh, moved closer, and buried her face in the bard’s sweet scented hair.

"Ready?" Gabrielle coached faintly.

"Huh?" Xena returned cozily, while tightening her grip. <Gods she feels good>. She thought, embracing the bard even tighter.

"For the story," Gabrielle popped.

"Oh...Oh yeah," Xena saved.

Her body was heating up like a huge stove full of dry wood chips. Gabrielle rocked against her and she almost lost it as her callused hands coasted down the young Princess's thigh, then back up it again, just grazing her buttocks.

"Stop moving like that," The Warrior ordered, completely absorbed by the move.

"Excuse me?" Gabrielle said, rocking against Xena again, swirling her firm behind against Xena’s crotch. The warrior smiled, realizing the bard was teasing, which was by the way, never done to HER.

"Alright," Xena popped, pushing the sexier thoughts from her mind. "You've asked for it." She then began to tickle the Princess unmercifully. Gabrielle squawked and bucked, with giggles that drifted out into the hallway.

"What is going on in there?" Rym spat, while pushing past Shalonda and Scratch. She and the other guard had been downstairs finishing their dinner. She was quite upset with the Princess's decision to have that, that woman to spend the night with her. How was she going to win the brat over if she couldn't spend some quality time with her? She had always wanted to rule the Amazon nation, but if she couldn't do it through Gabrielle, she would just have to find another way.

"WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE," she shouted, while observing the two women in a pillow fight.

"What does it look like?" Gabrielle returned smartly. Not thinking of the repercussions of her words. Rym narrowed her eyes and glared at the young Princess.

<The first thing I'm going to do when we are joined, is teach you some manners>. She thought.

"You should be resting," Rym growled, moving over to the Princess's side of the bed.

"I know I should, but I feel so relaxed." Gabrielle replied in a softer tone while directing her downward glance at Xena. This did not go unnoticed by the Warrior Princess.

Rym snatched the pillow from Gabrielle and placed it back down on the bed.

"Lay down and get some rest," she ordered, while placing her hand upon Gabrielle's shoulder and lowering her upon the bed. She then stared over at Xena.

"The Princess doesn't stay up to all hours of the night playing. She is to soon be ruler of her nation, and if you are not here to SLEEP with her then leave. She will get the rest she needs, even if I have to sit beside her all night."

By this time Shalonda and Scratch along with Arrow (the other gladiator warrior) had slipped into the room and were watching the scenario.

Xena rose to her knees to move from the bed, but was stopped by the gentle touch of Gabrielle's hand upon her thigh. She then looked down into the Princess's pleading eyes, and vanquished the thought of confronting the overbearing shit-head.

Xena eased back up under the covers and pulled Gabrielle back to her. She then lifted her leg to accommodate her even further. Rolling her hips invitingly while issuing her own disapproving glare.

"Don't worry Princess, I'm not going anywhere." Gabrielle cooed, and placed her hand on Xena's upraised thigh. Rym watched as the Princess closed her eyes and relaxed in Xena's arms. She sneered at the little "soon to be queen", then back at Xena.

Xena, propped up on her left arm, swept her face gently over Gabrielle's soft red tinged hair, and issued her own silent dare. Rym snorted and stormed from the room. Gabrielle exhaled and silently tuned up to cry. Xena felt a teardrop drip onto her arm.

"Hey," She whispered, trying to comfort the little Princess. "Want to go riding tomorrow?" Gabrielle chuckled and pulled Xena closer.

"Do you promise to hold me like you are now?" Her voice was shrill like that of a child.

"Of course I will, provided you don't burp like you did earlier." Gabrielle cackled heartily again, then retorted.

"It was your fault." "No, it wasn't." "Yes it was." "No it wasn't." "Was too," "Was not," "Was too," "Was not."

Scratch, Shalonda and Arrow watched as the twosome lured each other to sleep by verbally challenging each other.

"My," Shalonda began, "Aren't they competitive." Arrow giggled and whispered. "Well at least it's putting them both to sleep."

Xena listened as the trio laughed quietly, and eased back out of the room. She was far from going to sleep. She was enjoying the closeness she and Gabrielle were sharing. If someone would have told her she would be lying next to the future Queen of the Amazon's having a girly chat, she would've slapped them silly for thinking of her as a mere girl. But as she tightened her grip on the little Princess, she thought, <Being a girl wasn’t so bad>.


The next few days seemed to fly by. The girls went horseback riding, swimming, and on a mock hunting expedition, which certainly impressed Xena. She never imagined Gabrielle for the hunting type, yet she was quite talented in capturing their dinner.

They had a lot of girl talks, even discovering what their favorite colors were. Xena's was green, and what a coincidence, Gabrielle's was blue. They chuckled gleefully after figuring out that they had each selected the colors of the other's eyes. Xena had never had so much clean fun.

She thought it was going to be "so long warrior" when she returned the next day in her traditional leathers and with Argo. Gabrielle didn't act one bit surprised. She was rather ecstatic to see Xena in battle gear. She complimented Xena on her leathers and how gallant she looked in them, not to mention her supposedly discreet caresses of the warrior's powerful thighs. Xena loved it all. She also squeezed in a few caresses of her own, from time to time.

They also engaged in a little hide and seek, that is, avoiding Rym by sneaking back into Gabrielle’s room without her knowing.

"You know I will be returning to the village tomorrow." Gabrielle whispered softly. Hoping against everything that, if only in her dreams, Xena would agree to go with her. Xena sighed, and pushed her nose in to the bard's fragrant hair.

"Gabrielle," she whispered.

"Why is it you've never asked me my name? Nor have you ever bothered to refer to me by it?" Gabrielle shifted in the warrior's arms until she was gazing straight into her eyes.

"I am the future queen of the Amazon's. Do you think that at least one of my guards couldn't find out your identity?"

Gabrielle reached up and gently caressed Xena's chiseled cheeks with the back of her hand.

"I had some idea who you were when I saw your silhouette standing in the shadows of the inn. Uncle Jolan always talks about you. Although your past conquests portray you as an..." Gabrielle paused briefly to give Xena a reassuring smile. "Undesirable, my uncle AND your Lieutenant believe otherwise. And for my uncle to trust such a warrior to the point of sending her into my room portraying a servant, then who am I to question it. Besides, I wanted to know what the woman, Xena the Warrior Princess, was like. And now..."

Gabrielle allowed her gaze to drift slowly down to the warrior's collarbone before continuing.

"I don't want to be without you." Xena tenderly lifted Gabrielle's chin until their eyes met again. Ever so gently she leaned into Gabrielle and for the first time during the entire week, she sampled the sweetness of the bard's constantly gesturing lips.

Both women moaned as their panting, lips slid against the other’s seeking sanction, satisfaction, and acceptance. Xena pulled away from the bard's honest methods of seduction and gasped, "You better stop kissing me like that princess or I'll be forced to tell your uncle that you are a FAST girl."

Both women gazed into each other eyes, openly revealing how fond they were of each other, before chortling out loud. Shalonda drummed hard on the door telling them to keep it down before Rym heard their flirting giggles.

Xena gave Gabrielle one last, hard peck upon the lips and roughly twirled her into their sleeping position.

"Oh gods, I love it when you do it to me rough." Gabrielle panted, loud enough for her guards to hear. Xena popped her on her fleshy backside and told her to stop it and go to sleep.

Gabrielle giggled girlishly and whispered, "Good night Xena." For the first time ever, she mentioned the warrior's name.

"Good night Strawberry." Gabrielle smiled at the warrior's made up pet name for her. She then closed her eyes and snuggled closer into her new friend, hopefully her future mate.

"Xena," she uttered, slipping into the dream world.

"Would you like (yawn)...to be...um...my champion?" Xena's heart jumped aimlessly against her breasts and her hand clenched involuntarily at the bard's soft curves.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. The bard was offering her a way to be with her always. Xena felt something strange happen at that very moment. Her eyes began to fill with tears. She hadn't cried or even felt the need to do so in a long time. Yet the bard had just filled her soul with meaning, and she was helpless to stop the tears from slipping from her eyes.

"Sleep little one, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow." She said softly, while briskly wiping the tears away and giving the bard a loving peck upon her naked shoulder.


The final day was not greeted with a warm reception. In fact, Rym was furious. Gabrielle had informed her guards that Xena would be accompanying them.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE IS COMING WITH US?" Rym shouted down into the Princess's face. Spewing dribbles of saliva all over her.

"I AM YOUR CHAMPION AND I WILL DO WHAT I DEEM NECESSARY TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY. THE QUEEN WOULD EXPECT NO LESS." Just as she finished, Xena stepped into the room after gathering up her gear from her camp.

"What's going on Gabrielle?" Gabrielle looked back at Xena with teary eyes and just shook her head.

"You will not be coming with us." Rym answered for the Princess.

"Gabrielle's safety is in my hands and I won't have a harlot like you tagging along. You’re probably plotting to kidnap her when my back is turned." She shot, glaring at the supposedly threatening Warrior.

"Who in the hell do you THINK you are talking to. You feather wearing..." "Xena," Gabrielle interrupted quietly.

"I am the Princess and no one can override my final decision, but my queen. I care for Xena," the princess said avoiding Rym’s hateful stare.

"And I'm not leaving her behind." She stated issuing her champion a glare of her own before returning to her packing. Rym stomped her feet out of anger and headed for the door. "AND THAT, is my final word." Gabrielle finished.

Rym looked over at the smart mouthed Princess, then back at Xena.

"She may think she has changed you, but you will always be a murdering, no account bitch and nothing will change that. I am watching you," Rym said as her eyes traveled over Xena's body once more in disgust.

"You spawn of evil. You think you've finally won what you wanted, huh Xena?" Rym's voice changed to a curdling drawl.

"The Princess doesn't know that you made a bet with your men to come up here and fuck her, did she?" Rym said turning to observe the Princess's shocked expression. She then gave Xena an evil smirk and left.

<Now get your ass out of that, Destroyer of Nations>. She thought vengefully.

Gabrielle stood staring at Xena, wanting her to issue a rebuttal.

Xena gazed into Gabrielle's disturbed eyes and everything that she felt she should say faded away.

Gabrielle saw the glimmer of hope fade from Xena’s eyes and her heart began to ache. The destroyer gave the little princess one final glance before turning to leave. It was obvious that Xena had accepted defeated before she even got a chance to try to defend her self.

It’s clear that within any battle Xena would always be the victor. But when it came to matters of the heart, she felt defenseless and definitely unprepared.

It had been years since she’s shared her human feelings with any one…much less another leader of a lucrative nation that would certainly be an astounding asset to her and her desire to rule the world, had she conquered it. Yet as Gabrielle’s impressionable features floated through her mind, Xena knew that the only conquest she’d ever want from any amazon village is the heart of the very princess she was about to leave now.

"Don't you dare walk away from me." Gabrielle hissed, tossing her packed things indifferently upon the bed.

"You can defend yourself with your sword, and there’s not doubt about that. Now I want you to do the same with your mouth. You are the greatest FEMALE warrior I've ever known. And yet, right before me eyes, I get to watch you coward down to a person of a lesser caliber. She is nowhere near the warrior that you are. But I do know this about her; she doesn’t have a problem verbally standing up for herself.


"Do you want me Xena? Or were you pretending, just so you could bed me? Was that what you were wanting, to simply add the virginal amazon princess to your fuck notch in your whip?" Xena whirled around with uncontainable fury in her eyes. <My…did I strike a nerve>. Gabrielle thought with an inward smile.

"I never made a bet with anyone." The Destroyer snapped, while approaching the bard slowly.

"From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew I had to have you, and definitely not to bed you. I saw a woman with style, grace and the poise of an Angel...and I wanted it." Xena's voice was growing softer by the second.

"I have never in my life felt so drawn to any woman. But the night you stepped through those inn's doors, I felt my heart and soul yearn to be near you, pleading to just sample your goodness, hoping beyond all hope..." Xena said extending her arms to reveal the vastness of her meaning.

"That you would be mine. I disguised myself as a waitress because I wanted you to know the person Xena, not the warrior. Everyone in Greece knows me as that. But I wanted you to experience a part of me; no one has EVER had the privilege of doing. I wanted you to have a taste of the real me, Gabrielle." Xena’s eyes began to fill with dormant tears as she continued to explain herself.

"And by the gods of Olympus, I HAD TO HAVE just a taste of you. I wore that disguise because I felt I'd finally met someone I could love. I never meant any harm, I just had to meet you."

After contemplating what more could she say to make the bard understand her meaning, it suddenly donned on Xena that Gabrielle was smiling. And had no doubt accepted her explanation for the minute she began to talk.

"I can’t believe this," Xena spat trying to look as pissed as she could.

"Would you stop that? I'm trying to be serious here and you're making me laugh. Stop it." Xena stomped, pretending to be frustrated. Actually she was glad Gabrielle was smiling. That meant she was more than satisfied with the warrior’s seemingly inadequate justification.

"I can't help it. For someone that is known to not talk much, you did an exceptional job. I already knew how this all came about. Uncle Jolan told me. I just wanted to hear it from you as to why you wanted to meet me." Gabrielle then snatched her traveling pack to her and tied off the opening and tossed it to Xena.

"As my champion you will serve as a negotiator from time to time. AND, slitting throats will always be the last resort, but of course you already know that. Plus you looked so stern and cute that it made me shiver with admiration. I wouldn't have dreamed of stopping you." Gabrielle chuckled, and dashed out of the room.

"Come back here, Amazon." Xena yelled, while pursuing the little Princess.



Several Days later, in the Queen's hut...


"My Queen, the Princess is back," the runner reported. "Good, because she definitely has some explaining to do."

Queen Melosa stood outside of her hut and waited for the Princess.

Gabrielle's approach was just as formal as always. She was accompanied by both Champion electees, Xena and Rym." Shalonda and Scratch took up the rear while Arrow led point.

The detail halted right in front of Melosa.

"My Queen it is good to be home. I brought..."

"We need to talk Princess." The Queen snapped, interrupting the Princess while glaring up at her past enemy.

"Arrow, put the Princess's horse away and put our GUEST," she said bitterly, "in the company hut." Rym smirked at Xena and said, "Goodbye Warrior Princess, this may be my last time seeing you before you leave."

She then turned her horse and headed for the stables. Xena gazed down once more at Gabrielle, who gave her a reassuring smile and a wink, which of course brought a smile to the Warrior's face, before following the other warriors to the stable. Melosa watched, yet she still couldn't believe it. Xena…in love…naw, it couldn’t be.



"Gabrielle, what is the meaning of this? Why did you bring a non-Amazon to our village? Do you know what that woman is capable of? The minute the sun rises she is out of here." Melosa spat, turning to walk into the hut.

"Auntie, she is not like she used to be."

"How do you know that Gabrielle? Do you think she is capable of changing in only a week? That woman you brought into this village has no heart and she is incapable of caring for anyone outside of herself." Melosa shouted.

Gabrielle stood just within the opening of the Queen's hut and observed her aunt's scowling demeanor.

"What has Xena done to make you hate her so?" Gabrielle asked calmly. Realizing she had never seen her aunt so angry.

"What, you mean she didn't bother to tell you? She didn't go into details about her army practically ripping one of our sister village in Chin to pieces? Oh..." Melosa stopped briefly and slapped herself on the forehead.

"She must've forgotten that part. And why wouldn’t she? I want her out of here in the morning Gabrielle and you are to NEVER, EVER to see her again."

"Auntie, I don't know what transpired between you and Xena in the past. All I know is the woman I met is caring, fun loving, energetic, loyal, dutiful and kind. I've asked her to be my champion and if I can't have her, then I will resign my position as Princess of the Amazon Nation. I want to be with her and if you refuse to understand that, then I have no other choice but to leave." The young Princess said adamantly before turning to leave the queen’s hut.

"GABRIELLE," Melosa screamed, following the little bard out.

"You are MY heir to the throne. Your position in non-negotiable." Both women stood staring into each others eyes, seeking some kind of resolution.

"What has this woman done to you to make you pull away from us like this?" Melosa's voice carried a pleading tone in it, as her eyes began to water.

Gabrielle gave her aunt a sincere smile and whispered, "She's offered me her soul, and never has she done this for any one. Auntie, she obviously cares for me and wants me, otherwise why would she come into this village knowing that you hate her. She has shown me in so many ways that she wants to be with me, and I can't forsake her now. I won't be the one to initiate a vengeful change in her because I couldn't stand up to my aunt when she scrutinized her. I love her and I need YOU to understand that."

Melosa could no longer hold back the tears. She never imagined Gabrielle rebelling, but right before her eyes she was bearing witness to it.

<It must be love> Melosa thought.

<Otherwise she knows for a fact I would floor her little cocky ass in a heartbeat for being disobedient to me>.

"Alright Princess, if she loves you so much and DOESN'T want to be without you, she will have to endure the RNOT." Melosa said turning to go back into the hut.

Fear instantly gripped the bard. Since she'd been with the Nation, she had only witnessed one of these formal Amazon initiations and the contestant fell dead on the way back. The Queen had to send out search parties to retrieve the body.

"Auntie you have the power to make her one of us with out enacting the RNOT." Gabrielle's features had become passive now, begging the Queen unconsciously to reconsider.

"Gabrielle," the Queen began while inhaling.

"Xena is an exemplary warrior. She's been in situations where even I couldn't see a way out, yet she managed to whittle her way through. I have no choice, but to put her through the RNOT. Either you ARE or you AREN'T an Amazon, and Xena, like all of our other warriors will have to prove that. Plus there are so many other women out there that are dying to be your champion.

That kind of position isn't given as a bonus. A warrior would have to earn that honor. Am I getting through that thick skull of yours my defiant one? Xena has to earn the respect of this entire village. And the only way she can do that is to withstand our test of initiation and the champion tournament given to each electee."

Gabrielle lowered her head, realizing her aunt was correct. Xena WOULD have to earn the respect of the village otherwise she would continue to be an outsider and that wouldn't work well for either of them.

"Alright," Gabrielle mumbled in defeat. She then looked up at her aunt with worried brows. Melosa tilted her head and snorted.

"Ask the warrior to report to my hut. I will tell her of these obligations, IF she is willing to stay and be your champion." Gabrielle exhaled with relief.

"Thanks auntie, I didn't quite know how I was going to tell her that." "The heck you say! Greece's all time famous bard and you're frightened to speak, that's a first." Melosa said, with a cunning smirk.

Gabrielle muffled her school girl giggle, and set out to get her chosen one.

<Isn't that something? My tomboy, tree leaping, weapon destroying, niece is actually in love>. Melosa thought, while watching Gabrielle almost skip over to the guest hut.


Shortly afterwards, Xena arrived with two of the Royal Guards. Queen Melosa was standing at her chamber's window, gazing out. The Queen in spite of her discomfort with Xena was trying to be cordial. No one, not even her guards were allowed in her personal chambers without her consent first. Yet Xena was given such a privilege.

"Leave us," she instructed the guards. For a long time both women stood examining all of their thoughts and feelings. Neither of them spoke for several minutes.

Xena recalled that night's intensity as if it was yesterday. She recalled visions of herself slinging a dead Amazons off her sword after ramming it straight through her body and giving it one final twist. Severing all hopes of further life. She remembered staring into her victim’s eyes with a satisfied scoff as the clouds of death drifted into their life draining eyes. She recalled how wired she was that night and all she cherished was the victory. Xena visualized a lot of memories of that night. But what she couldn’t remember was the remorse she was feeling right now.

"How dare you come into this village...or any other Amazon village for that matter. Strutting like the Queen of the Gods? And on the arm of the niece of a woman you tried to kill years ago."

Melosa didn't even bother to look at Xena. She just wasn't quite ready. She could tell of course, that some kind of change had come over Xena, because the woman that was viciously killing her sisters that night wasn't willing to listen to any type of reasoning. She simply wanted control, and she received it after the able bodied and wounded retreated into the labyrinth hills of Chin, including herself. Xena seized the land yet she still wasn't satisfied. So she headed back to her homeland with no particular purpose in mind.

"My niece," Melosa began, as she rhythmically began to pace back and forth. Still avoiding Xena's glance.

"Tells me she has asked you...YOU," Melosa shouted angrily at the stationary warrior.

"To be her champion. Could you ever, in your wildest dreams," Melosa growled menacingly," think that YOU would be asked to serve as an Amazon, or the champion of a future Queen? And no doubt over an Amazon nation."

Before the Queen could harness her rage, she found herself pushing up on Xena, invading her personal space and shouting in her face, "I KNOW I NEVER WOULD HAVE. ESPECIALLY FOR A WOMAN THAT SEEKED PLEASURE IN KILLING WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A TINY PURPOSE. WHAT DO YOU WANT HERE XENA? HUH? TELL ME...TELL ME. WHAT IS IT YOU WANT IN THIS VILLAGE? DO YOU WISH TO KILL ALL OF US...EVEN GABRIELLE? TELL ME...WHAT DO YOU WANT, WARRIOR PRINCESS?" Melosa yelled panting like a dying tigress.

Xena looked down into Melosa's face and meekly said, "I want Gabrielle."

Melosa watched as Xena tilted her head and the dormant tears started to bank up around her eyelids. Melosa observed the wickedest murderer she'd ever witnessed, bite down on her trembling lips to prevent her speech for wavering.

"I want," Xena started shakily. "What my eyes did see." Xena rolled her tear filled eyes up toward the roof of the Queen's quarters while unconsciously rocking her head from side to side.

"I want love. I want peace. I want happiness." Xena then looked back down at Melosa.

"And I saw all of those qualities in that little form of wonder you call your niece. I wasn't looking for a Queen. I was looking for someone to force back the darkness within me and replace it with a beacon of hope. I saw that in Gabrielle...She is what I want. SHE is what I need. SHE is what I will have." Xena then looked away and humbly added, "Provided you approve."

Melosa gave the tearful warrior an admiring glance and stepped away from her.

"Tell me Xena, why should I approve, huh?" She stated with an expectant gaze. Xena continued to gaze solemnly into Melosa's eyes, still uncomfortable with revealing her feelings to just anyone, but the Queen had to know of her love and devotion for her niece.


"That's Queen Melosa to you, warrior." Melosa informed sternly.

Xena gazed humbly at the Queen and nodded her head obediently.

"Queen Melosa, I know you remember that night as well as I do. But let me tell you something you didn’t know before, I lead that savage attack upon you and your Amazon sisters. I was young then and full of hate and revenge. I was so consumed with the mindless pillaging and killings, that I couldn't see, that I had become one of the monsters I'd grown to hate."

"Sure, there was a time that all I wanted was power. Yet those times are no more. I've grown tired and I need a place to call my home, and I've found it, in Gabrielle. Neither of us will ever forget that night, but I stand before you today to ask YOU, the Queen of the Amazons to please let us not dwell on the past, but step forward into a new age. One that will bring peace and honor to us both."

"I don't want to be at odds with you. I just want to be given a chance to become your friend and an ally to the Amazon Nation. The opportunity has presented itself, all we need to do now is grab hold and hang on."

Xena closed her statement with a sincere and honest gaze. She really meant what she said and Melosa could tell. She never thought anyone had the ability to humble the Destroyer of Nations. Yet before her eyes she laid witness to the bona fide change Xena had gone through.

Melosa stepped back from Xena and examined her statuesque features. She was definitely more attractive now, than she was back then.

"So you're saying that through Gabrielle we've been offered another chance?" Melosa inquired curiously. "Well..." Melosa pondered.

"If you think that. And I find your theory extremely compelling, why don't we give it a try." Melosa's demeanor was bordering on ecstatic curiosity and hopeful reconciliation.

"You know this nation is not going to sit back and allow you to become Gabrielle's champion without enduring some form of a test, right?" Melosa coached.

"I am aware of that and I am willing to do whatever I need do to win this nation's respect and the woman of my heart."

"Well, Warrior Princess," Melosa said, while placing her hands upon her hips and inhaling deeply.

"Let's get down to business. But first there is something I need you to know. Gabrielle is all that I have and not just any port drinking, toe sucking, trollop can come in here and win such a prize. You are going to have to earn our respect and I am here to inform you that that is exactly what it is going to take to win the Princess of the Amazons. Are you with me so far warrior?" Xena nodded her head in acknowledgement.

"Good, and know this, Rym has wanted that job for a long time and she is willing to kick your ass all up and down this village to get it. Follow my drift?" Melosa said with a raised eyebrow.

Xena gave her a wicked smile and said, "Well, my informative little Queen. I've been wanting to educate that gladiator on the ethics of being a noble warrior...Bring on the games." Melosa snorted, then set out to explain what tests the warrior would be issued and what would be expected.

The next day Xena was groomed for her initiation into the Amazons. She was armed only with her scabbard, sword and a water skin. A contingent of guards was selected to escort her to the podium where Melosa was waiting.

"Xena, Warrior Princess, you have been declared eligible to partake of the ritual of becoming an Amazon. If you feel that you do not wish this, speak now." Melosa paused to allow the warrior to answer.

"Dear Queen of the Amazons, I willingly accept the challenge of becoming an Amazon." The Nation howled with approval. Xena and her legendary battles were known religiously by each tribesmen. They secretly prayed to the Goddess Artemis to gain her kinship.

"So be it! By now you have noticed the Princess isn't here. She will be the object you will need to retrieve. She is being held in a hidden cave a days ride from here. The tracks are still fresh, so time shouldn't be a factor for you. The Princess is well protected by her Royal Guards and her chosen champion. If you can get past them and have her here by the second night of the rising full moon, you will be welcomed into our fold. Are there any questions?" The Queen asked, awaiting a response. Xena checked her sword and said, "No." The Queen smiled and nodded her head.

"Call your horse Xena, Ephiny has prepared her for your travel." Xena turned around and whistled. Argo broke from the royal stable at full gallop. Xena gave her magnificent steed a curled smile and timed her approach as she usually did in order to ascend into the saddle. Argo never broke her stride, knowing her mistress wouldn't have a problem mounting her. Xena took off into a set of backward somersaults, leaping onto a nearby crate and ending her acrobatic routine in a powerful handstand before springing into the saddle.

"Let's go get my Princess, girl," she urged as Argo galloped out of the village like a bolt of lightning.

"So do you think she can take 'em?" Scratch asked Shalonda. "Girl, that woman is in love and THEY are holding HER woman prisoner. Psssst..." Shalonda tiffed. "Their asses are in big trouble." She then looked at Scratch, and leaned back laughing. "Damn, I'm sure glad the Queen didn't pick us for this exercise." Scratch confessed with a chuckle.

"Me too," Shalonda chimed in, as they headed over to the chow hut.

It took Xena almost a day's ride to arrive where she needed to be before penetrating the enemy's lair. She watched as the sentries assigned to night duty, talked amongst them selves. Every once in a while they both would cackle from something that was said by the other that was funny. Xena held her position realizing that the woods were mysteriously quiet.

As soon as she was comfortable with the surroundings, she climbed up the nearest tree and skimmed down its strong limbs that hung over the front of the opening. She checked the perimeter once more before making her move.

<I guess you two aren't expecting me tonight huh>? She thought, just before dropping down in front of them. Ever so skillfully she immobilized one with a sharp kick to the chin which sent her pummeling up against the walls of the cave, knocking her smooth out.

Xena then quickly grabbed the other guard before she could pull her sword and slammed her head several times against the cave’s concrete mold, rendering her senseless and finally…unconscious.

"Nighty, night girlfriends," Xena purred, while quickly tying them up and gagging them.

Her task was far from being through. She had to find out how many more were inside the cave. Xena eased herself up to the entrance and slid cautiously down into a crouched position. She then listened to the voices that were echoing against the cave’s walls.

"So Rym, do you think you'll be able to take her if she shows?" One of the Royal Guards asked quizzically.

"If the Warrior Princess shows up here trying to claim what I've worked so long and hard to achieve, you are going to see Xena get a good old-fashioned ass whipping." Rym bragged bravely.

"Now, you two keep an eye out just in case she gets past the other two up front. Shark and I will be further back in the cave with our little, hard headed, Princess if you need us." Just then Xena had her answer.

Xena cupped her hands in front of her mouth and hooted like an owl.

"What are those two idiots doing?" Cylon, one of the Royal Guards assigned to watch the cave’s entrance, said.

"This is not the time to be working on their night calls. Stay here, I'll go tell them to knock it off." The other guard agreed and returned to her seat on top of the boulder just inside the cavern.

Xena leaned up against the outside, just shy of the opening and waited. The guard approached the opening and started to speak when something stepped out of the darkness and delivered a stationary, backward kick over the intruder’s shoulder. Landing solidly against Cylon’s forehead rendering her unconscious as well.

The other guard jumped up from where she was sitting after hearing a loud thud upon the cave’s floor.

"Cylon," She called softly, while leaning over to look towards the opening. She saw a figure move inside, but it was too dark for her to visualize whom. As she stood there contemplating whether she should check it out or not, she heard something whiz by her and clank against the cave’s walls before everything went black.

Xena quietly walked over to her fallen trophy and looked down at her before snagging her ricocheting chakram from the air.

"Damn, this shit is more fun than I thought. Now for my dessert."

"SHARK," Xena called out dramatically.

"Come quickly, I think she's here." Rym moved closer to Gabrielle and motioned for the guard to go check it out.

Shark broke into a trot. Just as she approached the area where the other guards were supposed to be, Xena clotheslined her.

The guard hit the cave's floor so hard that the impact instantly knocked her out.

"Dag they call you Shark, why? Don't bother to answer right now. You can tell me later." Xena said with a smile.

<Damn, I am really enjoying this shit>. Xena thought while tying up her fourth opponent. As she added the finishing touches of the gag, she mentally prepared herself for Rym.

Rym stood behind Gabrielle with her hand upon her shoulder, holding her still. She was wondering what was taking Shark so long to return. Without warning, Xena stepped into the light.

"Well, if it isn't the Warrior Princess." Rym chimed sarcastically. She then pulled out her dagger and placed it at Gabrielle's throat.

"Don't come any closer warrior or your little Princess here is going to have a real nasty scar across her wind pipe."

Xena tilted her head and said, "Now that doesn't seem right. I thought you above all people were responsible for protecting the Princess. Tell me Rym...why would you want to hurt that pretty little thing?"

"SHUT UP XENA! You're just trying to distract me. We are going to sit in this cave until night falls again. That way, your failure to complete this mission will be evident. And your defeat will become my victory." Rym returned, rather sure of her plan.

"Which will keep you in the position of the Princess's Champion. And when Melosa steps down, you will become the Queen's consort and mate with all the rights and privileges of leading the Amazons you will inherit and do with it as you see fit." Xena said, as she released a discouraging sigh.

"My…You are smarter than your ass look." Rym returned not impressed at all by the Destroyer’s sudden calculations.

"Well, I tell you what…You win. I'm not staying in this cave any longer. Good luck, little Princess. I would have loved to taste the sweetness of those pomegranate lips of yours just once more. But I guess that's not possible."

Xena watched as Rym's nostril's flared from her simmering frustration. <Ah I see that you are jealous as well as domineering, huh Rym>?

Xena put her hands on her hips and tilted her head again. <Let me see if I can make that work for me as well>.

"You know Brie, I am really going to miss sleeping with you. Hades, there's never been any other woman I've EVER bedded that made me feel the way you do. Remember that night I crept down to the kitchen and got us some wine? Do you remember that?"

Gabrielle smiled realizing Xena was improvising a plan to get her out of Rym's filthy clutches.

"Boy, I still get hot thinking about what you did to me that night. You wouldn't let me touch you, but baby..." Xena's voice dropped to a drawling purr.

"The way your tongue slipped in and out of my pussy ever so slowly, I thought I was going to loose my mind. Remember how you had me clawing at your hair, while rolling my burning pussy all about your face. Remember how your tongue slid deeper and deeper into my silky folds as a smile of appreciation floated across my face. Damn I didn't know you could do things like that." The destroyer bragged with a glimmer of evil in her eyes.


"That's right," Xena purred, while spreading her legs, allowing her hand to drift down her body and gently rest between her legs.

"And if you turn your head one last time, I'll let her suck my clit again before I leave."

Rym growled and stepped away from Gabrielle and pulled her sword. Xena continued to rub between her legs while making sexy coos. Just as Rym started for her, Xena withdrew her hand from between her legs and slung her hidden dagger. With not so much as a squeak, Rym tumbled to the ground like a downed buffalo. Still twitching from the effects of the buried knife now sticking up out of her forehead.

Gabrielle watched as Rym's body stilled, and her head fell to the side staring blankly ahead of her.

Xena held her breath. She didn't know how Gabrielle would respond to her killing her intended champion. She really didn't plan to kill the woman, but she did however, planned on beating the shit out of her.

Xena gazed motionless over at Gabrielle and awaited for a response. Gabrielle released a heavy sigh then looked up at Xena with priceless green eyes.

"What took you so long?" She inquired with a soft smile.

Xena smirked and said, "Argo threw me about a mile out."

Gabrielle giggled and rose to her feet. "That's my champion," she commented, while falling into the warrior's arms.

Xena pulled her closer and clenched her eyes shut. She hadn't been able to visit with Gabrielle since they arrived at the village because of her new love’s persistent aunt.

<But the Queen isn’t here now>. Xena thought, as she tightened her clasp upon her love.

Gabrielle cooed like a nursing baby in its mother's arms. Xena gradually released her hold and gazed lovingly down into Gabrielle's eyes.

"Ready to go my Princess?" Gabrielle nodded her head and allowed her soon to be champion to escort her from the cave.

"Uh Xena, I rather like the way you distracted Rym. Maybe we can discuss it in detail over a wineskin?"

Gabrielle's voice chimed so erotically that Xena faltered in her steps. <By the Gods I can't wait to sample that>. Xena silently thought, following her sensuous swaying Princess out.



Xena skillfully passed every test issued and within a month the legendary "Defiler of Women" became Gabrielle's; consort and champion. Then came the night to reap the rewards of what her eyes did see.

The Amazons continued to drink and party as the Princess sensually approached her mate. Moving through the dancing crowd like a stalking lioness. Her movements were sleek, titillating, and sizzling. The warriors that were chatting with Xena watched as the Princess approach. She was wearing a very revealing tunic and short, hip hugging, bottoms that were slightly laced on each side.

<Oh that girl is hot>. Scratch and Shalonda thought, as they both blinked several times to clear their blurry vision.

Xena felt the Princess's feather-like touch drift from her shoulder and rest gently upon her cleavage. She then leaned into Xena, pressing her cool, exposed skin against the warrior's back while addressing their friends.

"Ladies," she purred several octaves lower than her usual tone.

"Would you mind filling a wine skin for me? My champion and I are headed back to our hut to discuss fantasies."

Xena's eyes grew three times larger than normal. Scratch and Shalonda gazed blindly at each other and took several swigs of their drink before staggering over to the bar to get what the Princess requested.

Gabrielle’s behavior was so out of character. They were used to watching her leap from trees, jump over log fences, and stealing freshly baked pies from the chow hut’s window.

But never, had they seen a woman of pure seduction in Princess Gabrielle. They watched as she ran just her middle finger over the warrior's chiseled features while exhaling soft spoofs of air over her backward tilted face. Xena could feel a well-deserved moan tumble up her throat and seep through her clenched teeth.

"Thank you ladies, now if you will excuse us. I have a fantasy to fulfill." Gabrielle said reaching to retrieve the skin while leaning suggestively against Xena. She then pulled away from her champion and headed in the direction of their hut. Xena turned in her seat and watched her mate's sexual stroll beckon her. She then turned back to her drink, chugged it and gazed briefly at her two friends.

"Gotta go girls! There's a tigress on the loose that’s just begging to be conquered." Xena then looked back at her now impatient mate and broke from the table in a fast trot. Gabrielle cackled and took off.

Just as Gabrielle broke through the door of her hut, Xena latched onto her like a boa constrictor. Paralyzing her every move.

"I love you Strawberry," Xena whispered in her mate's sweet tasting ear.

Gabrielle turned her head slightly and asked Xena to tell her more about her fantasy. Or would her champion prefer that she make up one of her own.

"Make one up." Xena purred. The little Princess turned in her new mate's arms and whispered.

"As you wish, Mistress."

Xena pulled Gabrielle closer, and stared hungrily into her eyes before speaking again.

"What I wish Princess, is for you to open me up like a meat stand and please me. Now, can you do that?" Gabrielle dipped her head down into Xena's cleavage and dragged her tongue ever so slowly over Xena’s golden mounds and up to her chin.

"I shall try my best." She muttered while latching her warm moistened lips against Xena’s throat. Causing her champion to groan and gulp in anticipation. By the time they both reached the bed they were completely naked.

"You are simply bewitching, my mighty one." Gabrielle whispered admiring every dip and curve sculpted upon her partner’s body.

"Although I am untouched, I figure you are as well. No one has touched this." Gabrielle stated placing her hand lovingly over her Warrior's heart.

"With this night, I shall seal the brand I have already placed upon thee and no other shall possess it as I will. Lay back and show me what is mine." She ordered sexily.

Xena would deny her Princess nothing. With the grace of a dove Xena slid back onto the bed and allowed her legs to drift open like the flutter of a summer breeze. Gabrielle gasped from the view.

"I must compliment you for such an appealing display. May I touch it?" She whispered cutely. Xena found the request so stirring that all she could manage to do was rock her head in approval.

Gabrielle laid her hands politely upon her champion's knees and slid them casually down her mighty limbs. Xena's hips began to swirl with expectation. She couldn't wait for Gabrielle to touch her. Finally the bard's fingertips hit their mark, causing Xena to arch her back and surge her hips against her little Princess's sampling touch.

"Oh yeeesss," Xena hissed, clawing at the bed covers.

"Hmmm," Gabrielle moaned. "You are soooo ready. May I taste it?" She asked, while sliding her middle finger inside Xena's singeing opening.

"Pleeeeassse," Xena cried out, needing fulfillment.

"Not yet lover," Gabrielle said quietly, while lowering her lips onto Xena's rocking sugar bowl. She then swirled her tongue around in the warrior's pubic hairs right above her pulsating clit.

"Oh Gods, what are you doing to me?" Xena said breathlessly. Gabrielle didn't reply, instead she began to softly kiss her way up her champion's scorching body.

"I don't wanna miss one delicious spot of this spectacular body of yours." She informed, as she reached the base of Xena's neck and shoulder. She then bit down on the warrior's flesh, forcing a needful cry from Xena. Gabrielle then began sucking gently upon the place, while pinching her champion’s rock hard nipples.

Xena whimpered and bucked, praying for more contact. Gabrielle continued her assault while running the tip of her tongue up her champion’s throat over her chin and into Xena's mouth. The warrior moaned and pulled the inquisitive member inside. The deeper the kiss became the more mindless their groping became.


"And Now for the dessert," Gabrielle said with a smile after snatching away from the breath stealing kiss they were just engaged in. Xena closed her eyes as Gabrielle's tongue swept over her body and down over her shrieking clit. Xena’s breath caught as Gabrielle’s negotiator slowly dipped into her depths in a twirling manner.

"OH GODS!" Xena muttered with fluttering eyelids. Gabrielle continued to stroke that pussy like the feather cords of a symphony. Sliding her silky wet member in and out of her champion. Just like Xena described in the cave.

<Gods, she tastes so good>. Gabrielle thought as her slurping became louder and more regular. The more her tongue dance in and out of Xena the more scented her champion became. The fragrance was intoxicating and Gab couldn’t think of anything else, but to seriously whacking that ass.

The rumbling of the bard's moans pounded vigorously against Xena's clit prompting the warrior to buck against her young lover's sweet lips aimlessly.

"Pleeeaassse," she whimpered, with caged need. "Inside me ...pleeeeaassse." Gabrielle knew Xena could stand no more. She wanted fulfillment and she wanted it now.

Gabrielle poetically sucked Xena's clit into her warm mouth and eased three of her pleasure seekers patiently inside.

"OH GODS, YES BABY," Xena panted bringing those hips about in a stirring hunching motion.

"FUCK ME..."

Gabrielle's movements became as the warrior requested, wild and unrestrained.

Her pleasure seekers dipped and caressed every burning surface inside Xena as they pumped relentlessly inside her soaked hooch.

Xena found herself smiling with undeniable pleasure in spite of the constant hunching that her hips were engaged in.

Gabrielle increased the pressure on her clit and stirred her fingers inside, rendering the warrior insane with desire.

"OH GOD'S YES, GABRIEEELLLE...OOH, FUUUUCCCK MEEEE." Xena screamed, as her body locked in an upright position and the floatation devices dropped down. Sexual steam broke from the conqueror love hatch rendering her powerless. Gabrielle smiled from the priceless view before her while easing back on her strokes. Spiritually coaching her lover through the ocean of ecstasy with nothing more than her soft purrs.

"Sweet...mother of...Zeus, where did you learn such methods?" Xena gasped, while struggling for breath.

Gabrielle dropped down heavily onto the warrior's body and said, "Now warrior, I am an Amazon Princess. Did you actually believe that I wouldn't be able to please you? Then you were badly mistaken. Besides, I wasn't going to let you leave this room without hearing you scream my name. How would it look for me to not please my champion?" She finished with a girlish chuckle.

Xena flipped her over and said, "I concur with your theory, my young one. HOW WOULD IT LOOK, if I couldn't oblige MY princess with such a supreme performance myself?"

"Please," Xena said with a raised eyebrow, "Allow me to demonstrate my meaning…Your Highness."

Xena roughly twirled Gabrielle onto her stomach and drove her hands under the bard's body, cupping her breasts. She then began to fondle the bard's burning nipples while stretching out fully upon her body. Resting her once again aching clit upon her young lover's backside.

"Oh Gods," she uttered, as her hips rotated in a circular manner. Rubbing her blazing poppy sensually against Gabrielle's firm backside. While at the same time still stroking her Princess's blazing tits.

Gabrielle hissed from the exhilarating emotions that flowed through her as her partner’s pooling juices spilled upon her backside in droves.

"Xena, please…love me." She asked with halting breaths.

Xena raised her hips to permit her hand to move slowly down the bard's body until it lay against her now aching witch's knot. Ever so gently she began to swirl her fingers in a annular motion, prompting the inexperienced Princess to follow suit.

"You feel so good little one. I'm going to spend my entire life just loving you." Gabrielle whimpered and slammed her face into a nearby pillow. Xena closed her eyes and laid her forehead down on the back of Gabrielle's head as each of their hips rose and plunged in a joining format. She was finding it hard to concentrate as the rocking of the bard's hips bounced forcefully against her, initiated a wanton growl.

"Damn, that feels good," she mumbled, while lowering her other hand against the back of the caressing one, offering more purchase to the sensual assault on her partner’s love zone.

Gabrielle's hips began to dance and jerk forcefully against Xena's fingers as her need grew and her cunt burned like crazy. Her wetness poured into Xena's palm and dripped onto the bed. Both women's hunching became vigorous and unrelenting. They were panting, straining and mentally praying for their release as they pumping gave way to uniformity and flew with the wind.

Just as Gabrielle bore down and stiffened, Xena plunged her pleasure digits deep inside Gabrielle. Completely claiming the princess as her own. Gabrielle yelled out the warrior's name as her body spasm and jerked from the explosive fulfillment. Xena's release wasn't a heartbeat away. She drove her pleasure knob forcefully against Gabrielle's slick ass several times more, causing the bed to rock and jiggle from the move.

"OH GODS...UHAAAARRGH," Xena screamed as her hips locked and her body convulsed from her release. She’d never felt like this…ever. And there was no way in Tartarus that she woule walk away from something as pleasing as this.

"Gods woman, I thought I was supposed to be in extreme pain." Gabrielle gasped, while falling carelessly back against the bed. Xena plopped down upon her young lover's clammy, slick, frame and rocked her face against the Bard's head inhaling her sweetness.

"Well you see my little one, I am a woman of many skills. For other's it may be painful, but for you my Highness, my intentions were pure pleasure."

"Well my marathon champion, when can we do it again?" Gabrielle mumbled with her face buried in the padded headrest.

Xena thought about the question for a bit and chuckled. Gabrielle of course was already giggling. Once more the women became silent, but didn't move. "I love you Gabrielle. I love you soooo much." Gabrielle turned her head and meekly returned, "I love you to destroyer…ruler of my soul. As usual…Xena couldn’t keep from smiling. Instead she just rolled onto her back and pulled her partner in close.



Xena and Gabrielle still remained best friends, companions, mates...and mothers, but that's another story.

Melosa stepped down, after the couple's first child and retired to a sister village where she met her soul mate.

She and Xena became the best of friends. The Nation called them, "The Gruesome Twosome," because of their staggering abilities to deceive an opposing enemy. Together they were invincible and eminent. And so ends this story.


Author’s note:

Friendship is based not only on what your eyes do see, but also by the volume of its pertinence from within. Nothing of immeasurable value is worth having, if you can't or won't give it your all. Love is blind and definitely eternal. Something that is certainly worth fighting for, wouldn't you say?

Tune in again for the another adventure of "What My Eyes Did See," at a later date.

Written and Copyrighted by: L.B. Anderson

Revised July 7, 1999
Re-Revised July 18, 2000


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