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"Xena: Warrior Princess".

The characters Little Xena and Little Gabrielle were used with permission of Lúcia da Ascenção deNóbrega lunobrega@uol.com.br. If you have not seen her drawings or cartoon connection on The Australian Xena Information Page http://ausxip.com/, I recommend it!

The concept of the letter is Susan A. Rice’s ricesue@mediaone.net and she encouraged me to share this letter with you all.

The story is mine.

Violence: None

Subtext: Sorry not in this one. This story was for my granddaughter and is suitable for all ages.

Authors notes: I just wanted to say thank Lúcia and Susan for providing me with a wonderful image.

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A Little Xena and Gabrielle Story

Letter #2

By MomBard


Hi Lu,

I wanted to tell you what a great time I had with the girls. They are both very loving and adorable. It was quite an experience. Where to start? Hmmm! I guess the beginning is the best place, so here goes.

I guess you saw the email I was sending to Deb. I had to stop abruptly, because the girls were trying to help, my husband, Stewy, fix the roof. It happened this way… Little Xena and Little Gabrielle saw Stewy going on the roof to fix a loose shingle, so they decided to help. He is afraid of heights, but my hero was bound and determined to fix it anyway. Before you knew it Little Xena did one of her yells and flipped up onto the roof, startling Stewy and causing him to lose his balance. But, don’t worry he’ll be out of that cast real soon!

We went to the Bethpage Restoration Village here on Long Island. That’s a place where you can see how things were in colonial times. The girls loved it. Little Gabrielle immediately found the food. Primarily the cookies and Little Xena discovered the horses…. Well, we were walking along, and Little Gabrielle was next to me, with Little Xena bringing up the rear. The Gabster was chewing on her cookie and I had already finished mine, when all of a sudden we heard…AYYIYIYIYIYIYI! And then a loud THUD! Little Xena had spotted a horse and decided that she wanted to go for a ride. With that Little Gabrielle started running toward Little Xena who put her hand out to Gabby and lifted her up behind her onto the horse. "She’s not Argo, but she will do for now." I heard Little Xena say. "Come, on Xena, faster!" Yelled Little Gabrielle, still clutching her cookies. I on the other hand wanted to toss mine! They rode all over the village, and this very nice young man was running after them waving his hands and getting very red in the face.

After Little Gabrielle and Little Xena were finished with their "horsy ride" they jumped off the horse and ran towards me all excited and both speaking at the same time telling me what a great ride they had, that very nice young man came over to us and very nicely said the park wasn’t ready for your girls yet, and that maybe they should come back when they were older.

Some people have no sense of humor.

So home we went. Then there came a very strange sound emanating from Little Gabrielle’s stomach. I asked her if that noise was coming from her tummy. She sheepishly grinned and told me the hungry monster was growling. Oh. I said, I guess that means it’s…PIZZA TIME!!! They just looked at me blankly. They did not know what pizza was. This surprised me, considering they had just spent an entire weekend with Sue. She loves pizza!

Little Gabrielle’s eyes lit up when she discovered what pizza was. Thank God, Carlo’s pizza is only five dollars a pie, because we ate three of them. Correction. The Gabster ate two and three quarters pizzas, and Little Xena and I had a quarter of a pizza. Little Xena must have seen the look on my face as I was watching Little Gabrielle devour the pizza. "She always eats like that. Even squid!" she said.

Needless to say that evening her tummy was fighting back! Her complexion was as green as her eyes. It was nice to see Little Xena comforting her friend. They are both so adorable even when they both get into mischief. But don’t worry Little Gabrielle is fine now and ready to take on breakfast. All she had was an upset stomach. Nothing some Pepto Bismol couldn’t handle.

After the "horsy ride", I figured it wasn’t a good idea to go to the Long Island Game Farm. Time for a pajama-party! Of course I had to explain to the girls what that was, and then they were all for it.

Okay it was time for a change of tactics. We brought in the big guns. Stacey and Nicole!

I called my daughter Stacey and asked if my granddaughter Nicole could sleep over so Nic could finally meet her hero’s. At first Stacey was reluctant, but bribery will get you everywhere. I told her she could come for dinner and it worked like a charm. Nicole was mine! (For overnight anyway.) Nicole came over and brought some of her videotapes to show the girls, and I supplied the Play-Doh. Lu, in case you don’t know what Play-Doh is…it’s kind of like clay. Only it’s softer and a lot more fun. Anyway Lu, expect to get some lovely sculptures from the girls. Little Xena made you a Chakram from Play-Doh and Little Gabrielle made you a Play-Doh nutbread. All three of them played for hours laughing and talking. Our three girls have become the best of friends. But don’t worry. The carpet will be fine when we have it shampooed to get the imbedded Play-Doh removed.

The best and funniest thing that happened was when my mom tried to teach the girls how to play BINGO. Out came the bingo boards and the bingo chips. Mom had a captive audience. Or so she thought. Little Xena was bored, so she started fiddling with the bingo chips. She took one chip and pushed down with the edge of another and before you knew it mom was being hit with a bingo chip. Yep right smack between the eyes. Needless to say that the girls were shocked by what had just happened, but not as shocked as my mom was. The girls waited for my mom to get angry and yell at them, but instead mom got this devilish glint in her eyes and started shooting the chips right back at the girls. Need I say what ensued? There were chips flying everywhere. This was war, and Little Xena was bound and determined to win. Of course Little Gabrielle was by her side to the very end. I had them all (my mom included) call a truce.

Well my friend, I had a blast with the girls, and any time you want to send them for a holiday they are more than welcome.

Hugs and Kisses,



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