Disclaimers: None needed here… My story, my characters and my friends.

This story is dedicated to Nina. The names belong to real people/friends/amigas and pets and this story comes from the heart. Nina, Racquette still has your picture.

This story is for children of all ages. Enjoy.


The Big Bad Sucking Monster

A Racquette and Nina Adventure - #1

By Susan A. Rice


Once upon a time there was a cat named Racquette. He was a brave cat and had many friends and as every one knows.... Racquette is a black cat with an attitude...

Well one day Racquette was talking to his friend Nina. Nina is a beautiful white cat with green eyes. Nina's Mommy is Lúcia. One day while Lúcia was visiting with Sue, the cats went off into a room and were talking about the BIG BAD SUCKING MONSTER....

"Oh Racquetinho," said Nina... Nina always calls Racquette by his nickname. It means little Racquette. Anyway, back to the story...

"Oh Racquetinho" said Nina, "I was so afraid when the sucking monster came out of the room the other day. Mommy Lu was having all sorts of problems trying to hold him back. After an hour of fighting with it, she was finally able to force it back into that room that holds it for another week."

"Nina," said Racquette, "I know how we can defeat the Big Bad Sucking Monster. I've done it before. You just have to help Mommy Lu defeat it like I help Mommy Sue."

Nina looked act Racquette and said, "I don't know... It is all so scary and makes lots of noise."

Racquette smiled (Yes, cats can smile and they can laugh at a human without any doubt!) and said, "I can teach you how to fight the Sucking Monster, but what we need is a way to make it want to come out of it's closet... Hmmm. How do we get it to come out???"

Nina looked at Racquette and said, "I just don't know how to get it to come out, actually I never want to see it at all. It makes so much noise and it has that one bright eye that shines light all over the place."

Racquette said, "I have it! I'll get Lady to shake all over the place. That way she will leave lots of fur. Sucking Monsters love to eat fur more than anything else!"

Nina looked at Racquette and said "Really??? Can that really work?"

Racquette said, "Yes, just watch this."

Racquette walks out of the room and down the hall and into the living room where Mommy Lu and Mommy Sue were sitting having a cup of tea. There in the corner, sound asleep, was Lady. Lady is a very furry and fluffy husky with plenty of fur to donate to the cause of luring the Sucking Monster out of hiding.

Racquette slowly walked up behind Lady and gently ran his claws backwards up along Lady's back.

Lady jerked awake and started to scratch. Fur started to fly everywhere. Mommy Lu and Mommy Sue turned to see a fur storm in the making and took cover as all of the fur went flying into the air and landed all over the place but mostly on the rug.

"Lady! What are you doing??? I just vacuumed! Now I'm going to have to do it all over again." said Mommy Sue.

Mommy Lu was laughing at the mess that Lady was making and pointed to the two furry friends that were sitting off to the side laughing as the fur flew.

Mommy Sue started to go to the room where the Big Bad Sucking Monster was.

"It won't be long now," said Racquette. "The monster should be roaring any moment now."

Nina hid behind Racquette and said, "I'm scared"

"Don't be scared Nina! I'll protect you and show you how to defeat the Big Bad Sucking Monster (BBSM from now on)."

Suddenly they heard a loud ROAR and they knew the BBSM was on the way.

"Now Nina, watch closely... See how Mommy Sue is holding it by the fat tail and it seems to keep dragging her around... You need to go for the skinny tail that is lagging behind. That is how you defeat the BBSM."

Having said that, Racquette leapt onto the second tail of the BBSM and started to wrestle with it. He jumped up and down, all the while yelling, "Hold on Mommy Sue! I'll help you."

Mommy Sue yelled, "No Racquette, get away, you are going to get hurt!"

"No Mommy Sue, I'll save you."

"You silly cat! Get away from the cord!"

Mommy Lu started to laugh at the antics of her friends. Nina ran over to Mommy Lu and sat on her lap.

Meanwhile, Mommy Sue keeps trying to vacuum up the mess and prevent Racquette from electrocuting himself when he starts to chomp down on the cord!

Racquette gets a good hold of the BBSM's tail with his teeth and bites down hard! "MEOW" cries Racquette and lets go of the tail... "That hurt. But I have to save Mommy Sue!"

"Racquette, would you please stop, I can handle this!"

"No, I'm the CAT! I'm here to save you. I love you Mommy Sue!"

And with that Racquette grasped the tail in both of his little kitty paws and started to jump and tumble and tussle with it until suddenly it stopped roaring!

"Racquetinho! You did it! You did it! You defeated the BBSM! Yah!" shouted Nina.

Racquette walked over to Nina, and said, "Of course I did it; I'm the GATO! I had to save Mommy Sue!"

Mommy Sue walked over to Racquette and picked him up and said, "You silly cat, I was trying to clean up that mess. What were you doing? You could have been hurt."

Racquette rubbed his little kitty head against Mommy Sue's chin and said, "No, I had to save you Mommy Sue, the BBSM would have gotten you otherwise."

All Sue heard in answer to her questions was a very satisfied kitty purr.

Mommy Sue and Mommy Lu took the cats and put them out in the back yard to play for a while.

"Wow Racquetinho, you were so brave and so strong. You are a hero!"

"Aw, it was nothing. You would have done the same thing for Mommy Lu."

Nina walked up to Racquette and gave him a soft kitty head butt and then said, "Want to go climb that tree over there?"

"Sure! Then maybe we can see what other adventures await us in the future! Let's go," and off the two friends went to have fun.

Back inside, Mommy Sue and Mommy Lu watch as the two furballs go charging up the tree.

Mommy Sue turned to Mommy Lu and said, "How good are you at climbing trees?"

"Not very" said Mommy Lu.

"In that case, I better call the fire department for some help," said Mommy Sue.

But that is an adventure for another bedtime story... The end.


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