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The story is mine. May 20, 2000

Violence: None

Subtext: More like Main Text. No real plot, just a loving time. If you are under 18 or this sort of thing is not legal in your area, I’m sorry, but I would suggest other reading material. Sorry Nicole, maybe when you’re older!

Authors notes: Ok, so some of you are going to read this and ask… What has gotten into our bard Susan? Well, I’ll tell you. I have received some very lovely letters in the past concerning my children’s stories but one of them struck me a bit strange. It stated that I was a good writer of children’s stories and it was a shame that I could not write a more adult piece with a love scene in it.

Well here is my response to that… I do not think it is a case of being able to write a love scene but a case of choosing not to do so. I view it as a very private affair between the parties involve. Each too their own tastes. (Oh stop groaning it was only two puns!)

So folks, I’ll let you be the judge… Can I write a Love scene?

I’d love to hearing from you. Please feel free to send me your comments good or bad. ricesue@mediaone.net



By Susan A. Rice



It had been a very long day for my Bard. She saw a friend die today and thought she had lost me as well. I knew that her emotions were what caused her to leave the gathering early. I let her have a candle mark to herself but now it is time for me to be with her. I know what she needs and that is to feel me, know that I am alive and loving her. I finally find her in our hut.

I saw her with her back to me. She was staring out the window looking into the night. I slowly walked up to her and whisper into her ear, "Mine."

I encircled her with my arms and pulled her closer to me. I nuzzled the soft skin on her neck and smiled as I felt her shiver. Tonight was going to be a night of passion and discovery for us both. I let myself wander along her neck and shoulders, appreciating the taste that is my Gabrielle. I can feel her breathing starting to increase.

I bring my hand up and cup her breast as I continue to nibble on her neck. I hear and feel the sharp intake of breath from her and I smile against her neck. Slowly I bring the other hand up to join its mate and continue to massage her breast. I decide it is time to remove her top but I’m surprised when she turns in my arms.

Our lips meet and at first it is a gentle curious touch, which quickly becomes bolder. She is in my arms and I can now feel hers around me as well. I pull back from her and wait for her to open her eyes. I smile as I see how dark her eyes have become and a feeling fills me like nothing ever has before because I know that the look in her eyes was for me. I could see Love and Desire in those green depths and longed to drown in them forever.

She smiles that sweet smile and pulls me down to her. Who am I to refuse my Bard? I meet her lips and we continue the dance. Our bodies are starting to sway to an inner rhythm and our pulses are the drums to which we will dance.

My hands are not idle while our lips are locked in a steaming battle. I caress her back and run my fingers through her hair. I want her, I need her, I will have her and in doing so, I will give her everything.

I shift my body and carefully pick her up, never loosing contact with those perfect lips. I cross over to our bed laying her down and then take a step back from her.

Slowly I remove my leathers letting her see every movement and exaggerating every touch on my body. I noticed that she has licked her lips a couple of times as I slowly disrobe. I make sure to gently touch myself arousing her that much more.

I now stand before her wearing only a smile. I can see the hunger in her increasing and I can feel my body reacting to her. I approach the bed and slowly bring her to a sitting position. I remove her boots, making sure to lightly brush her thighs with my finger. I work up to her leather skirt and slowly put my fingers in the waistband and move the material past her hips. Again I feel her shiver at my touch and am amazed at her all over again.

I then look to her top and untie it and allow it to fall to the floor next to the rest of our clothing. I look at my bard sitting before me and I can smell her musk. I know that she is as aroused as I am. Gently I push her back onto the bed and start to caress her body and can hear her moan. This is the sound I long to hear. I know that she is ready but I want to prolong this moment. I start to kiss her chin and start to blaze a trail down her neck and to her breasts.

I start to feast on her right breast as my hand lightly touches her left. I can feel her leaning into the touch. She is starting to make those little whimpering sounds that I love so much. This just drives me higher in my own desires. I suckle and nuzzle her breast and lightly flick my tongue over her peak and realize I have been neglecting its mate. I release my captive and hear her groan at the loss of contact.

Slowly I kiss my way over to her other breast and I see that it is already hard in anticipation of my touch. I slowly lick all around it. Gently blowing on it, watching as it tightens even further. Finally I flick my tongue over the hard peak of her breast. I hear her gasp and then fully take her into my mouth. Again I hear that moan. I lavish love on that breast and allow my hand to wander down her body.

I feel the tight muscles that I love to look at, jump under me touch. I have a goal in mind and will not be deterred now. I continue to move my hand further down her body marveling at the smooth skin that I can feel there. Again the thought comes to me... "Mine... All mine" and as if she could hear me she says, "Yes."

I reach my goal with my hands and gently cup the apex of her legs. I can feel the moisture that is pooling there, but I want this experience to last. I move my hand further down her left leg and trail it up and down her inner thigh.

I can feel my own wetness between my legs and a slow throbbing beginning deep within me.

I feel her hips starting to rock and know that she is demanding more of my attention. I cannot deny my bard anything. Slowly I release her breast and start to follow the trail that my hand had followed. I kiss and lick my way down to my goal. I know what she needs from me now and I want her to feel it all.

She is still whimpering and making those sweet sounds that causes my own arousal to soar higher. I gently part her legs and settled between them.

Slowly I kiss the inside of her left thigh and can feel the shiver running through her. I trail kisses up to the apex but do not linger. As I start to kiss her right inner thigh, I can her moan her disappointment. I continue to kiss and lick her inner thighs. I know that she is going to go wild soon. I can smell her need building. Then it happens.

"Xena… Please…"

How could I refuse such a plea from my lover? I extend my tongue and slowly trace a path back to her center. I lightly brush the curls with my tongue and continue to feel her squirm under my grasp. I firmly hold her thighs as I stroke my tongue the length of her.

She bucks into my touch and moans loudly at the contact. I smile as I see her hands open and close on the bed covers. I take another long stroke back up and continue to watch as she reacts to my attention to her body. Again I think, "Gods, she is beautiful and she is mine."

She is arching into each stoke now. I can feel her movements starting to pick up. I decide that if I keep going this way that it will be over to soon and slow down my assault.

With the gentlest of touches I take the tip of my tongue and lightly touch it to that bundle of energy and I can feel her shudder at the contact. Slowly I continue to play with it, causing it to throb under my touch. I know that nothing I can do will slow this down for my Gabrielle for she is starting to dictate the pace.

I move my right hand from its position and bring it to her center. Slowly I run my fingers through her juices and smile at her. She has actually managed to lift her head and opened her eyes and is looking at me. I can see the need in her eyes and let her see all the love within my soul. She moans at the sight and tries to slow her erratic breathing but I will have none of that.

Just as she is about to speak, I slip two fingers slowly into her center. I do not know what she was about to say for it came out as a strangled groan, but her actions said it all. Her eyes closed and her head went back as her hips raised to meet my hand. I could feel her pulsating around my fingers as I matched the rhythm of her hips. I now that it will not be long now as I lower my mouth back down to her center.

I get a firm hold of my squirming bard and gently suck that bundle of nerve into my mouth and start to suckle again, flicking my tongue over it with each thrust of my hand. I feel my own need and wonder which of us was going to find heaven first.

I decided that my bard would be first and doubled my effects. Her hips were moving much faster now and I was moving my arm to keep up, when I finally heard it.

"Oh, um, Gods! XeeeennnAAAhhhh!"

She continued to make those sounds I love, but I was determined to hear my name again. I continued to lavish attention on her until her squirming beckoned to me a need of another sort. I knew that as much as I wanted to continue feasting, my love needed me more.

Gently I extracted myself and shifted up her body, blazing a trail of kisses as I went. She was breathing hard and was struggling to hold back her tears. I kissed her nose and then rolled on to my back pulling my love to me.

She was still trembling from her climax and I wanted to do nothing more at that moment then to hold her. I whispered words of love and comfort as I waited for her breathing to come back to normal.

As I suspected, my Bard wanted to be held and to hold me. I continue to murmur words of understanding and contentment and coax her into a sound sleep. I shifted slightly and pull the bed covers over us. Looking out the window at the night sky I see that special star. It is the same one I thank every time I think of this wonderful person who is in my arms and in my life. With these last thoughts in my mind, I slowly drift off into sleep.


The End.

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