Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Historical Disclaimer: This story is set in the time of King Arthur. However, I am not a historian. The character of Rowanne was introduced in a cartoon on the Family Channel called The Legend of Prince Valiant, which is what the story is based off of, not historical fact.

Author’s Notes: This is the forth installment to my "Rowanne" series. I recommend reading Parts 1, 2, and 3 before continuing. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com


The Only One: The Story of Rowanne

Part 4

By: Teagen2


"Why?" he questioned. "WHY?" He shook me with everything he had.

"Why what, my liege?" I called in desperation.

"Why did you assault my wife?" I turn to the queen. Her face held a false fear.

"I did nothing of the kind, Sire." He twisted my arm around my back painfully.

"Do you swear it?"

"I swear it!........Ahhhhh!"

"Uncle Arthur, please stop." Kathryn cried as she pulled at the king’s arm. A guard steps forward and began pulling Kathryn roughly, knocking her to the ground.

"NO!!" I rip away from the king’s grip, hearing a cracking noise as I did. Grabbing the guard, I tossed him to the side with such force, he fell several feet away. "Don’t touch her!" The guards descended on me. I covered Kathryn with as much of body as I could to prevent any injury to my love.

"STOP!!" The guards backed away as the knights stepped in between them and us. Our line of vision was cleared. Standing next to King Arthur was Prince Vailant. The nearest knight, Sir Bryan, helped me to my feet. Another helped Kathryn. I cradled my arm and shoulder, barely able to stand upright. Kathryn was at my side, supporting me.

"Leave them be." King Arthur sighed, moving towards us.

"Are you okay?" she whispered. I nodded. We both looked up to the king.

"Get out of my sight, Rowanne." he says quietly. Kathryn put her arm around my back,

supporting me as I turned away. "Rowanne......" I turned and looked over my shoulder. King Arthur had the hint of a smile on his face. "Don’t leave the kingdom." I saw something in his eyes. Something that had taken place, had changed his mind about me. "See Merlin about your shoulder......I’m sorry." I bowed, not quite understanding his mood change.


To my surprise, Merlin was waiting outside of his chambers for Kathryn and I. Pulling on my injured arm, he was able to set my shoulder back into place. "Rowanne, things are not what they appear to be."

"I do not understand, Merlin."

"I sense a presence so familiar, yet I cannot place it." We watch him as he sits down in his chair. "Rowanne.....I feel you are the key. Camelot will fall without your help."

"What can I do?"

"Stay on your path."

"My path?"

"Yes, you must follow your heart." My heart was knighthood.

"Thank you, Merlin." I put my hand on Kathryn’s shoulder, standing.


Kathryn led me to her room. She coaxed me to lie on her bed. After removing my cape and scabbard, I did so. "I think Uncle Arthur’s calmed down by now."

"I hope so." I sighed. Looking over, I watched my Kathryn remove her jewelry. I smiled at the beauty in that simple action. I watched her reflection as she slowly loosened the laces of her dress. She sighed. I saw the perspiration on her neck. She turned around to face me. She smiled at the look in my eyes.

"What?" Gesturing with my forefinger, I silently asked her to continue. "This?" she asked as pulled at her neckline. I nodded. I watched her as she slowly pulled her dress off her left shoulder, then her right. She pushed the dress and the garment underneath, downward, freeing her breasts from the material. I licked my suddenly dry lips. Motioning, she walked to her bedside. Sitting up on the side of the bed, I pulled her towards me by her waist. Grasping her breast, I guided the nipple into my mouth."Ohh."

she moaned. I felt her arms come around my neck. I gently grazed her erect nipple with my teeth. "Rowanne." she moaned. I released her breast and began to move my tongue between her breasts, down her taunt stomach until I touched the dress. Grasping the material on her hips, I pushed the dress downward. Kathryn placed her hands on my shoulders as I eased all the garments down her legs and off. Tossing the dress away, I looked my love over.

"You are so beautiful." I whisper as I caressed her hips. I felt her hands pull up my tunic. I raised my arms as she removed it. I closed my eyes as her small hands moved all over my body. She kissed me softly on my lips. "Mmmm." I smiled, without opening my eyes. Her hands unclasped my link mail. She removed it piece by piece. My boots were removed. Again, she kissed me. I felt my bare skin being exposed. I opened my eyes. Assisting her, I removed the last of my clothing. When my love’s skin touched mine, I groaned. Rolling her onto her back, I kissed her hungrily on her lips. She took my hand and guided it to my center.

"Please Rowanne." she whispered. I let her separate my fingers. Guiding my wrist, she pushed my fingers into her. Without breaking her rhythm, I slid lower between her legs. I extended my tongue and tasted her. "Ohhhh." I watched as she pushed my fingers harder into her flesh. I savored the sounds of my fingers sliding in her wetness. "Rowanne!" I turned and slid my other hand into my own wetness. Only taking a few thrusts, we climaxed together.






"Rowanne." I opened my eyes with all the strength I possessed. I felt the coldness of a cloth on my forehead. I felt her hand move my head. I looked up and saw my love’s smile. Her hand caressed my heated cheek. "How are you?" she smiled. I smiled, not able to do much else. Merlin’s hand came to rest on my exposed arm.

"You are doing better, Child." he smiled, lifting the sheet. "I’ve stopped the bleeding. You need rest to regain your strength. Right now there is no sign of infection. Kathryn, would you assist me?"

"Of course."

"Pull her on her side towards you and hold her." I felt Kathryn pull me onto my side.

"Ohhhhh." I groaned in my pain. I saw the sad expression on my love’s face.

"Its all right, Rowanne." Merlin patted my side. "I need to check your exit wound on your back."

"Owww." I hissed as he removed the dressing.

"Shhhh." Kathryn soothed, caressing my shoulder that she was holding. Merlin redressed my wound, gently replacing me on my back. My strength is gone. I could barely breath. I watched as Kathryn placed another sheet over my body.

"Thank you." I whispered. She was tired. She was sad, barely holding back her tears.

"I love you, Rowanne."

"Can you do....." I stopped to catch my breath, "do something...for me?" She smiled, brushing my hair away from my eyes.

"Anything." she whispered.

"Get my.....mother.....father...Cedric and Banna."

"I can send out a messenger immediately." Merlin said softly. I nodded. When I turned my attention back to my Kathryn, she wiped away the tear that fell from her eye.

"Do not cry, my love." I whisper. I am losing the strength to stay awake.

"Do you want to see them right away when they arrive, Love?" I nod.

"Tell them...what happened....after they arrive.....not in...the..message." My eyes were drifting closed.

"I will. I will." I feel her lips on mine.





Opening my eyes, I feel weight in my arms. I smile, holding my Kathryn tighter. She moans in her sleep when I kiss her cheek softly. I turn and look to the nearest window. It was night. The warmth of her body and the warmth of the blanket covering our bare bodies, was lulling me towards sleep again.


A knock on her door woke me from my slumber. I felt Kathryn slid out of my arms. Opening my eyes, I watched as she pulled on a beautiful, satin night robe, as she walked to her door. Just before opening it, she tied the front to hide the fact that she was bare underneath. She opened the door just enough to see the person on the other side. "Lady Kathryn." I hear a boy’s voice, possibly a Paige.

"Thank you." She unrolled the scroll and read it in the presence of the messenger, meaning it needed an immediate answer, which worried me. Even the though the boy could see me, I was careful not reveal anything as I sat up. I studied her expression carefully as she read. It was not awful news. "Tell the king we will be there."

"Yes Ma’am."

"Oh boy....."

"Yes Ma’am?"

"Give me Rowanne’s message as well." She traded the scroll in her possession for another. "Thank you." She closed her door.

"What is it?" I ask as I slide off of her bed, grabbing my breeches from the floor.

"Uncle Arthur wants to see us at our earliest convenience."

"Us?" I asked.

"Yes, both of us."

"Do you think that is good or bad?"

"Possibly good. Do you want to go now?"



I was growing increasingly nervous as we neared King Arthur’s throne room. I was praying that the queen herself would not be there. "Enter." We exchanged glances as we approached him. I breathed a sigh of relief when Queen Guinevere was no where to be found. Gesturing to the floor, King Arthur made it clear what he wanted of us. I dropped on one knee. Kathryn went down on both knees. He stood. I focused on the stone floor as he circled around us. "By all rights, I should banish you from my kingdom, Rowanne." I held my breath as I waited for him to continue. "However.....a witness has come forth. I lifted my eyes. "A witness I trust with my life." He paused again. I watched him touch the top of my love’s head, stroking her hair softly. "Also.....You defended and protected my niece at the cost of your own life. For that, I will be forever grateful. Therefore, I drop my accusations against you and....apologize for my behavior towards you."

"May I ask a question, Sire?"


"Who is the witness?"

"That is not important for you to know......Rise." I extended my hand to Kathryn and rose in unison with my love. "Resume your daily training...Leave us." I bow, leaving my Kathryn with King Arthur.


I waited outside of the chamber doors. I felt a hand on my neck. Jumping in surprise, I turn. I had not sensed anyone within the hallway, other than the guards. I turn, seeing no one. I felt the hand again. Drawing my sword, I turn again. Suddenly the doors open.

"Are you all right, Rowanne?" King Arthur asks, seeing my sword drawn and ready.

"Yes, my liege."

"Come." he motions. I glance at Kathryn as I follow the king down the hallway. Her smile was bright. It warmed my heart and calmed me. She knows something I don’t.

As I followed the king through the corridors, I realized where we were going. I calmed my racing heart. He opens a large, elaborately painted door. The crest of Arthur and Camelot decorated the door. Our boots echoed loudly on the tiled floor. The large table in the room was not only a piece of furniture, it was a piece of history...and the future. The Round Table, now empty. He turned and smiled at my awed expression. "Soon you will grace these halls as a knight of my court." A look of confusion spreads across my features. "What is on your mind, Rowanne?"

"Confusion, Sire."


"Yes. Not long ago, you were going to banish me, now you say I’m allowed to stay. I do not understand."

"Sit Rowanne." he smiles. I sit in the nearest chair. King Arthur takes the next. I watch as he chooses his words. "Rowanne, I have no idea why we crossed paths. But I must say I am glad we have. You have proven to me that you are worthy of Camelot. It started out as an invitation to join my court as a foot soldier, but you immediately wanted more." I open my mouth. His hand commands me to remain silent. "You are all ready setting goals and meeting them.....I admire that...Greatly. You remind me so much of myself. You have saved my life, the queen’s, and the entire kingdom. You fight fiercely to

defend my kingdom. My sage thinks highly of you.....He foretold your coming."


"When I was preparing to leave to visit my brother Malcolm, he told me that a strong, noble soul will be offered to me. I should bring her back to Camelot. That she is the key to our future strength......It was you, Rowanne. The moment I saw what you had done for us in the catapult attack, I had to find the owner of those arrows. When I saw you, I knew once again Merlin’s prophecies came true."

"The Queen....."

"I have dealt with Guin’s infidelity’s in the past. That’s why I believed the first witness claiming she made love to you in the gardens. The queen herself lied to me. She claims you beat and raped her." The shock was plain to see. He held up his hand again. "I know that that isn’t so. I am sorry for my actions......And the final decision came from Kathryn."


"Yes. You have captured my niece’s heart....You know that don’t you?"

"Yes Sire."

"She believes in you. I trust her judgment. Rowanne?"

"Yes Sire?"

"If you ever hurt my niece, I will not banish you.......I will kill you."

"No need, Sire. If I lay a hand on my Kathryn, I will fall on my own sword."

"Good answer......Now, you may go. Report to Prince Valiant....I need you on perimeter control."

"Yes, my liege."


The steady gait of my horse, keeps my thoughts on the business at hand. I am now a commanding officer, leading the patrols. I am dressed considerably different from the common foot soldier. The four men with me stay alert for any signs of Lions Gate forces.

"Commander." the one to my left points towards a group of peasant homes near the fields. We turned our steeds towards them. Panicking, they were scattering in all directions. We soon saw why. Lion’s Gate soldiers chased them around like scared rabbits, taunting them. Drawing my weapon, my men followed suit. We kicked our mounts towards the fighting. One soldier from Lion’s Gate made eye contact with me instantly. A look of surprise and fear graced his features. He began to pull his crossbow around from its position on the opposite shoulder. As he looked up to aim, all he saw was my blade. Racing towards the next man, I chose the one on foot chasing a child. The coward. The basterd caught the boy before I could dispatch him. Changing my attack, I lept off my horse, grabbing him from behind as he began to carry the boy away. Drawing my knife, in one swift cut he dropped the child and fell motionless to the ground. The small child turned to me.

"Are you all right?" He smiled, nodding. "Good."

"Daniel!" I watched as the child’s mother ran and embraced her son. I saw the soldier behind her. Aiming my blade carefully, I launched my knife. I smiled as a loud grunt signaled that I hit my target, his neck. He fell to the ground in intense pain. "Thank you, thank you." I stepped around them and walked towards my victim. My men began to gather around the thrashing soldier. One raised his blade.

"NO!" I yelled, sheathing my sword. They stepped back and complied. "Is this the last one?"

"No, commander. One broke free and ran."

"Towards the border?"

"Yes, Mame." I sighed heavily. "I am sorry, Commander. The fault lies with us."

"It is good to have a survivor to tell the Duke of our battle." I turned seeing the people gathering behind us. All were on their knees.

"Thank you, Rowanne." I was surprised they knew of me, but no matter.

"Rise...All of you. Stand up.....You do not bow before soldiers of Camelot." One by one they stood. "Have you not heard to come to the castle? Lion’s Gate soldiers are entering our kingdom. This area is not safe."

"We did not believe the tales of invaders."

"Gather your belongings and return the castle at once." I motioned for my horse’s reins. The youngest of my group placed them in my hands.

"Yes, Rowanne." I swing myself into the saddle with ease. I motioned with my hand for my soldiers to move away.


As we neared the western side of our lands, I spotted the banner of Lion’s Gate flying from a hill top. Soldiers stood guarding their colors. I raised my hand and motioned for the soldier at my left shoulder. "Yes Commander?"

"I want you scout that hill. Stay hidden in the trees. Report back to me at Camelot."

"Yes Mame." I turn to my remaining men.

"Return to Camelot."



Sending a man ahead, I sought council with the knights and King Arthur. The hall I just graced today was now a strategy room. They were waiting for my report as I entered. Merlin’s maps were open and laid out for view. "Where are they, Rowanne?" Prince Valiant asked.

"Here." I pointed to the hill where the colors were flying. "There seems to be at least a scouting party and a regiment. "I left a man to scout."

"Good." King Arthur interjected. "Send out a regiment......Rowanne, take an attachment. Valiant, take an attachment." We nodded. "Leave in one hour. We will wait for the scouting report before deciding a course of attack."



I found my love helping the kitchen workers. "Rowanne." She smiled upon seeing me. My expression told her that this was not a simple visit. "What is it?"

"I have to leave." I said softly. She cast her eyes down sadly.


"Yes." I lifted her head by a finger on her chin. She was crying as I thought she would be.

"I don’t want you to go."

"I have to, Love." She embraced me.

"Please be careful." I held her tightly.

"I will. I love you." I whispered.

"Come back to me." she sobbed.




As I prepared myself with my battle armor, my thoughts drifted to my Kathryn. I had no intentions of leaving her. I am nervous. I will not deny that. I grabbed my bow, placing my arrows across my back. I opened my door and stepped out into the hallway.

"Rowanne." I was startled by the voice. My heart raced.

"Queen Guinevere." A menacing laugh came from deep within her. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled, I drew my dagger. I saw no one. Another laugh. "Having difficulties, Wench?" I glared at my queen. I felt a slap to my face, yet the queen herself was not my attacker. I touched my reddened cheek. An unseen force lifted me into the air. Suddenly I could breath. "Do not go on that battlefield. I warn you." I coughed as I tried to breath. This was not the queen. This was a sorceress.

"Who are you?" I huffed.

"If you want to return to your love, you stay in Camelot."

"Who are you!?" I repeated.

"M." The realization was quick.

"You sent me that scroll." I was dropped suddenly to the floor, heavily. My tormentor laughed as I pulled myself to my feet. "You were the one......You set up that meeting in the gardens." I rubbed my throat.

"Very good memory, Rowanne."

"It is hard to forget a life altering event." I started to draw my sword. My hand stopped and was held in place.

"Walk away, Rowanne." I got my first real look at my captor’s eyes. I knew them well. They haunted my dreams since I became of age.

"Who are you?"

"I think you know who I am, Little Rowanne." she smiled evilly.


The peasant woman in the market. She was the woman I saw for the first time as a child of eight. My father frightened me into not talking to strangers afterwards by telling she was.......Morgana. "Morgana."

"Very good, Wench." An evil sorceress.

"You are King Arthur’s sister......You are starting this war? Why?"

"Camelot and Northland will fall and I will rule over all lands."

"They are your family."

"Surprising." she smiled.


"Your family does not think highly of you either." She was right.

"So you are our true enemy."

"You cannot defeat me, Rowanne. No matter what the prophecies have foretold. You are a mere peasant." She began to disappear before my very eyes. "You will die." The last words echoed through the vast halls.



In the briefing, I described my encounter with Morgana. Arthur sat and rubbed his beard. He sighed. "Despite the fact my sister is the mastermind behind these border wars, I must agree with Valiant that Lion’s Gate is our first priority. We must defend our kingdom." He turns to Sir Bryan. "Find the queen." He looks to me. With his knowledge of the scroll that was delivered to Kathryn’s door, he knew when I said ‘M’, that she was the one behind the gardens. "Before the battle begins......." the king trails. "Rowanne," he stood from his chair. My heart began to suddenly beat faster as I watched him walk towards the most famous weapon in the land. Taking from its place on the wall, he draws his blade. I saw the smiles of the knights around which made me uneasy. "Rowanne of Bridgeford." I watched with caution. "Kneel before Ex-Caliber." It cannot be. I walked to king and knelt at his feet, bowing my head. He will do one of two things, kill me.....or knight me. Of course I was hoping for the latter. "For your heroism and selflessness." The blade rested on my right shoulder, then raised. "For your strength of heart and body." The blade rested on my left shoulder. "I dub thee Sir Rowanne of Camelot." I held my breath thanking the gods above for giving this honor and my love Kathryn for believing in me. I opened my eyes. "You may rise." I stood on shaky legs.

"Thank you, my liege." I heard the sounds of congratulations behind me. Prince Valiant appeared next to the king.

"Remove my crest." As I took off my weapons so I could remove my tunic, two knights assisted by holding them. I removed my foot soldier tunic, replacing it with the knight’s crest of Camelot. Back to the business at hand. My mind quickly shifted from happiness to determination as we adjourned and moved to our men outside.


I sat tall in my saddle, as I should. I am a knight of the Round Table. The finest of the Kingdom of Camelot. I signal for my detachment to move out. I was going into battle proud. As I headed my men out of the gate, I saw my love in the crowd of onlookers. I smiled. She returned it as she wiped the tears from her eyes. I stopped my horse and watched my soldiers file past as I waited for my Kathryn to come to me. I felt her small hand on my leg. "I love you so much, Rowanne." she said through her tears. I reached for the hand on my calf, giving her a light kiss on the back of her hand. "I’m proud of you. I knew Uncle Arthur would knight you."

"I love you, Kathryn. I will be back."


"Yes." I urged my horse into a walk, letting go her hand as I moved away. The tears were coming harder as she was barely able to stand. I was thankful her friend was at her side comforting her. I will come back, Kathryn. Even death will not keep me from you.


To Be Continued.......

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