"Xena In The Moonlight"

By Murphy

Disclaimer: This is number twenty-two of the Journal Fluff Series. I want to thank a wonderful person, bard and friend! T. Novan! She gave me the idea for this. I read her "AfterGlow"story! http://ausxip.com/fanfic11/afterglow.html   She gave me the go ahead, so here we are! Thank you TN! Poem one by Inspired Lor :)! Poem two by Dee. Just plain romance fluff here! Ex-Guards!! You are all the best! Thank you for encouraging me! Deb! Love Ya! Thank you to my beta's, Becky Lovall, Sue Rice and ForevaXena (Cindy)



The moonlight shining from the heavens above,
As if angels scattered sparkling diamonds across the sky,
Astounded by your breathtaking beauty,
Casting its spell on my heart and soul.
Peacefully laying just out of my reach,
I see before me my undying passions,
Witnessing this sparkle of our eternal bond,
The future that is ours is so clear.
Seeing your every unspoken dream,
Every fear hidden deep inside,
Together we will live each dream,
Overcoming all the fears.
The moonlight illuminates our love tonight;
The heavens shall carry our promise forever.

Journal Entry:


Hello. Xena and I have been having one strange Tartarus of a time lately. Let see, in a short time we have been enchanted by Aphrodite, nearly died on a boat trying to save Autolycus. Then later on we helped him come to terms with the man who killed his brother. For a second I thought Auto was going to kill Tarsus, but he didn't. Autolycus has always had a crush on my warrior. It bothered me at first, but I got over it. He is a good man and I owe him. He helped me bring Xena back and for that he will always be in my heart.


Back to the enchantment … Aphrodite was being a bad Goddess and Xena and I with the irritation of Joxer were trying to stop her. Guess we stepping on her Godly toes. Before any of us knew it, I was in love with myself, Joxer was Attis the Apeman, and Xena was an obsessed fisherwoman. She was after a fish that she and her brother Lyceus were trying to catch; I think she called it Solaris. I was busy loving myself and swinging in the trees with the Apeman while my wife was punching fish. It made me sad to give up the diamond, but it was for the greater good. Sigh!


Seeing Joxer running around naked with little Joxer's beady eye flopping everywhere was too much. He wanted Zug Zug. I wanted my staff. I finally gave up my pink nighty I was going to wear for my warrior. I could not stomach Joxer naked anymore. He said it felt like a baby monkey. I burned it when I got my wits back. Xena left poor Joxer eating bugs for another day after we snapped out of the trance. It was broken when we voiced the truth about how we felt. She felt pain for the loss of her brother. I was upset because I do a lot, but people always see me as the silly sidekick. Joxer, well he is dealing with his feelings for me. I hope one day that man moves on. Or I pray to whoever is listening, no more seeing Joxer naked. Please!!


Back to why I am up writing so late. Other then the fact I just enjoyed the best lovemaking to date; Xena tops herself each time. Gods, sometimes I do not know if I will survive it. Tonight I witnessed one of the most beautiful things I will ever see. As always, Xena picks the best spots for us to camp. We got rid of Joxer and we both just needed some time to be alone together. We had a wonderful day, afternoon, and night. Pure bliss.


Tonight I saw Xena in the most perfect moonlight. It just seemed to make her glow. It brought out the blue highlights in her dark hair, the twinkle in her eyes, and the softness of her skin. It was breathtaking to behold such beauty. To know she is all mine, such a gift the Gods gave me. I feel truly blessed that I have found my destiny. I am in awe. For a brief moment I saw Xena the woman and not the warrior. It is rare to see and I treasure each time she shows me this side of her. Needless to say I was one warm little bard in need of a warrior ride.


I want to be the air that you breathe,

To caress your body, to feel your need.

I want to feel your touch on my skin,

As desires well up from deep within.

No words will be needed as together we sway,

Our lips lightly touching in passionate play.

Long slow kisses all through the night,

Your arms reaching out to hold me tight.

I feel your breath on my skin so warm,

As desire rages over you like a storm.

I claim your mouth in passions kiss,

Take you to new heights of emotional bliss.

My very soul whispers your name,

My desire for you like a burning flame.

I want to taste you on my lips,

Feel the pounding of your hips.

Your fingers running through my hair,

You gasping, moaning, breaths of air.

I want you to know my deepest desire,

Consume you with a burning fire.

We'll move as one, your name I'll sigh,

As pleasures build with a passions high.

I'll thrill beneath you, hold you tight,

Nothing else could feel so right.

Loving you with all I've got,

For all you are and all you're not.

In long slow nights of splendid glory,

We'll write our very own love story.

Filled with eternal romance and ecstasy,

For you, My Love, are My Destiny.

Xena and I go through this every time we make love. We can never just do a quickie and be done with it. It goes on for a long time until we are both spent. I ask her if we can just stay in bed and enjoy each other, she says yes to make me happy. She never means it. Then I ask her if she just said that to be kind and we are getting up soon to move on. I usually get a yep. She mentions the greater good and fighting bad guys. I know she is right. Then we start kissing again, and that leads into more lovemaking. The cycle starts over. I would not change that for all the dinars in Greece.


The visions of Xena in the moonlight are still fresh in my mind. Sleep evades me and I find myself thinking more about our future. I want us to grow old, and have some kids. Xena would be an outstanding mother. I would love to have a place to call home. I know she is on a path of redemption and her path is mine, but this is a wish for us both. Maybe the path can change. Maybe raising strong children that will make a difference in the world can be the path. Maybe I am just tired of fighting all the time.


We should make a home in Amphipolis. I want to be near Cyrene, a woman who treated me more like a daughter then my own mother. I also want to be in Xena's hometown and have our children born there. Xena would suggest the Amazons for my benefit, but she would not be happy there. Having meals together, Holidays, just being a family. Tucking the kids in, telling stories, having Xena sing to our child. Just thinking about this makes my heart pound with joy. Who am I kidding? I am not sure she can be happy settled in one place for too long, I want her to be happy. Maybe when the kids got older we could travel a bit. Miss "Many Skills" would find a way. I know I am rattling on, but I would truly love this. I know, a lot of maybes. Can you blame a girl for dreaming?


For now I know we must fight for the weak and the greater good, but we will have this future. I will fight for this, our happiness. After all we have been through we deserve some. Right now I need to get a little rest before a new day starts. My last thoughts tonight are of the beautiful sight of my Xena in the moonlight.


Until Tomorrow,







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