Our Reunion



Chapter 46


Less than a mile to go. Tina picked up the pace as she ran toward home. I’ve only been gone for an hour… but I can’t wait to get back to Samantha. She shook her head in disbelief. I am turning into such a wuss… a silly half-grin cracked her normally serious running expression… and lovin’ every minute of it. Long legs continued to move in a steady rhythm and she began silently singing along to the beat of her sneakers hitting the sidewalk. It’s plain to see, yes it’s clear to me… that it’s love… love… I need you to be, forever with me… cause it’s love… love… Can’t you see, it’s our destiny…  She approached Bayshore Palms and was surprised to see a lone figure standing on one of the balconies on this chilly, overcast November morning. My balcony. A smile sprang to her face and she waved to her partner. My girl.


Although Sam was cold, she stayed outside, watching until Tina crossed the street and entered the building through the front lobby. Brrr… how can she enjoy running in this weather? The blonde hurried inside and closed the patio door tightly. She went to the kitchen and got a bottle of water from the refrigerator, thinking it would be the first thing the runner would want.


“Hi!” Tina strode into the condo, her energy filling the room.


“Hi.” Sam held the drink out. “I thought you’d want this…”


Tina put her arms around the smaller woman. “You were right.” She bent her head and kissed Sam soundly.


Okay… so water was the second thing. Sam returned the kiss enthusiastically. I like this being first much better.


“Now, what was that about a drink?”


“Oh!” Sam handed over the plastic bottle that had been momentarily forgotten. With pleasure she observed the expanse of bare skin that was visible beyond the nylon shorts and sleeveless tee shirt. “Weren’t you cold?”


Tina took a large gulp of water. “Nah.” She stepped into the living room, sat on the floor, and began her post-workout stretches. “This is the best time of year to run. It’s toughest in the summer when it’s hot and humid.”


“If you say so.” Sam settled on the couch. “I don’t know much about running.” Except that you make it look like an art form.


“All those afternoons you spent at track practice… and you never wanted to try it?”


“I distinctly remember, during my freshman year, being required to run a mile in gym class. I quickly discovered it wasn’t something I’d ever do on a voluntary basis.”


“Why not?”


“The major reason is I’m inherently lazy,” Sam admitted with a chuckle.


“Running isn’t for everybody.” Tina finished her exercises and joined Sam on the couch. “In my case, it seems very natural to me… it’s a big part of who I am. Kind of like music is for you.”


“I understand.” Sam snuggled against the older woman, nuzzling her neck and kissing the still-damp skin that tasted slightly salty. “Mmmm… I love you.”


Tina laughed. “You might love me more after I have a shower.”


“I don’t think,” Sam murmured into her partner’s ear, “anything could make me love you more than I already do.”


Tina turned her head and gazed into green eyes that were so open… honest… and loving… that her vision became blurry with tears. It took several seconds for her to find her voice. “I… umm… feel like that, too.”


Sam was delighted by the emotional response. “You’re really getting the hang of this.” She slid her hand behind Tina’s neck and gently pulled her in for a kiss.


The phone rang.


Tina reached over to the end table and fumbled for the receiver without breaking the embrace. Whoever this is, it better be important. She reluctantly pulled her lips away from Sam’s and spoke curtly into the phone. “Hello!”


Lisa paused for a moment, not sure she had dialed the correct number. “Hi… Tina?”




“This is Lisa…”


Tina adjusted her tone to a more hospitable one. “Hi. Samantha’s right here… hold on.” She gave the phone to her partner, stealing a quick kiss in the process.




“Hi, Sis. Are you all right?”


“Of course I am.” Sam tried to concentrate on the conversation while swatting at the large hands that were trying to sneak under her shirt. “Why wouldn’t I be?”


Lisa breathed a sigh of relief. Her sister had been calling every day to chat and discuss how her recovery was progressing. Yesterday, Sam hadn’t called to say Happy Thanksgiving and when there was no word from her this morning, the older sibling had become worried. “I’m just making sure you’re okay. I didn’t hear from you yesterday…”


“Oh! I’m sorry. We got caught up in… umm…  things… around here and it totally slipped my mind.”


“I see. So… you had a nice holiday?”


“It was the best Thanksgiving ever.”


Lisa heard the absolute bliss in her sister’s voice. Sounds like things are MORE than okay. “Well, I’d better let you go. I didn’t mean to…  interrupt… anything, but I wanted to remind you about rehearsal tonight.”


“Thanks. I had forgotten all about it. I’ll be there.”


“Okay. See you later.”


“Bye.” Sam hung up the phone.


“Is something wrong?”


“Not really. I forgot… I have band practice.”


“You do? Where?”


“At my house… in the garage. We have two gigs in December and we need to go over our Christmas songs.”


“I guess we need to get you packed.” Tina started to get up.


“Not yet… please?” Sam grabbed Tina’s arm to stop her. “It’s been so special here. I don’t know if I’m ready to let anything or anybody from beyond these walls interfere with how happy I am right now.”


“I… I’m happy, too.”


“Then can we stay a little longer? I don’t have to be home until six.”


“We can stay as long as you want.” Tina relaxed against the cushions, smiling when Sam promptly cuddled next to her again. You cling to me like I’m some sort of life preserver… but we both know… I’m the one who’s been saved.


They sat holding each other for a while, both of them savoring the quiet time together, knowing that their intimate holiday would soon be over.






“Does that fireplace work?”


“The realtor said it does.”


“You’ve never used it?”




“I was thinking… since Thanksgiving turned out so well… maybe we could spend Christmas here, too? We could have a fire… and a tree…and lights… and…”


“Yes,” Tina answered before the woman could suggest a sleigh and reindeer display on the roof. “That’s a wonderful plan.” A real Christmas… it’s been a long time…






“I love you.”


Tina kissed the top of the head that was tucked snugly against her shoulder. For the second time that day, she felt tears in her eyes. How come, if I’m so happy… I keep crying? Maybe I should ask Vivian. She brushed the tears away and cleared her throat. “Are you hungry? How about helping me polish off the rest of the leftovers for lunch?”


Sam was not fooled by the less than subtle change of topic. “Yes! I’m starving.” And there’s a box of tissues in the kitchen. “Are there any more of those mashed potatoes? The gravy was really good, too. Oh, and the cranberry sauce…”


“Now you’re making ME hungry.” Tina led the way into the kitchen. She heated up the food and the women shared a second Thanksgiving feast. Afterward, Sam insisted on doing the dishes in return for the fabulous meal.


Having been shooed out of the kitchen, Tina decided it was as good a time as any to take a shower. A short while later, she stepped out of the bathroom, drying her hair with a towel. She smiled with amusement at Sam, who was wrestling with the duffel bag, trying to get a final few items inside the already overstuffed space. “Need some help?”


“Yes!” The exasperated blonde turned and held out an article of clothing in each hand. “How did you get all these things IN there?”


Tina walked over and glanced at the haphazard manner in which the bag was packed. She took the shorts and tee shirt from Sam. “We can fix this one of two ways. I can take everything out and start over… or… umm…”


“Or what?”


“Or… umm… maybe you could leave some of it here. I have room in the dresser… Oomphf!” Small arms were thrown around Tina with such force that she was knocked backward onto the bed. The towel, tee shirt, and shorts she’d been holding flew in every direction.


Sam landed squarely on top of the surprised woman. “That’s a GREAT idea!”


Tina looked at her partner’s happy face. I said something right again. “Okay. I’ll show you where…”


“Mmmmm.” Sam’s hands began roaming beneath the silk robe. “I think I already know where the important places are…”


Tina felt her body immediately react to the soft touches. She reached for the front of Sam’s shirt and tugged on the material, bringing her forward for a passionate kiss.


The next thing Sam knew, she was flipped onto her back and Tina was looking down at her with a sexy smile. “I know where the important places are, too.”


They were both right.



To be continued…




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