Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Alternative Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of a loving nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: Third installment of my "law-less" series, called so because each has a crime within. The first ‘Standoff’ and the second, ‘It Takes A Thief’. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com .


Paid In Full

By: Teagen2


I have spent a week of my time patterning this girl. I am pleased to say she doesn’t have much of a life. Home. Work. Home again....to an empty house. I actually feel sorry for her in a way. My deadline is fast approaching. I need to get her now. I watch from the corner of the house as she pulls into her driveway. I smile as I watch her step out of her car. As she begins to unlock her door, I push myself off the corner of the house, throwing my cigarette on the ground. Reaching into my trench coat, I pull out the cloth. The lock opens and she steps in. I slipped in just as she was going to the door. Fortunately for me, she never turns around. I wrapped my hand around her nose and mouth. She screams underneath the cloth. She struggles to get away from me, until the chloroform takes effect. I catch her limp body. Picking her up, I carry her through her backdoor that I had already unlocked.

I can’t help but look down at her face as I open my backdoor. She is so beautiful, but it doesn’t matter. I have a job to do. I gently slide her into the back seat. I pick up the rope I placed on the floorboard. I tied her wrists together. Closing the door, I walk around and get into the driver’s seat. I enable my child safety locks, just in case my cargo wakes up prematurely. As I start my car, I take a glance at the house. Beautiful piece of property. From what I can remember, I used to dream about owning something like that. I glance at the woman in back seat. "Well." I sigh. "Time to deliver you."


Three hours into my drive, I hear soft moaning coming from behind my seat. I reach up and adjust my rearview mirror to get a view of her. She sits up slowly. Her eyes are red.

"Who are you?" she sobs, wiping her face with the back of her fist.

"Doesn’t matter." I say sternly. Reaching down to my cup holder, I grab my bottle of Pepsi. Bringing to my lips, I watch her through the mirror. The look on her face was one of fear. I saw the wheels turning in her head. My calmness was telling her I was pro. Given that, she knows she’s in serious trouble.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Shut up." I take another drink. "I’m just the delivery gal." I smile, placing it back in the holder. I watch her as she examines the ropes on her wrists.

"Don’t even think about it.......We’ve got quite a drive ahead of us, Little Lady. You give me any trouble, I’ll beat the shit out of you and keep you knocked out for the rest of the trip." My anger was intensifying. It always materializes out of nothing. This girl hasn’t done anything to deserve my anger.


I pull the car over to the side of the road. Cutting the engine, I turn around. Her face is one of pure fear. Suddenly my wave of anger was gone. I took a deep, calming breath. "I won’t hurt you." I turn around to start the car.

"Thank you." I hear from behind me. I smile as I pull away and take onto the road. "Can I talk to you?"

"Depends on what you say."

"Where are we going?"


"Colorado? Why?"

"Because my employer lives there. You’re being delivered right to his door..Just think of me as a really mean Fed Ex employee." I actually get a smile from her. Her smile matches the beauty of her face.

"Who wants me?" she asks shakily.

"Can’t tell you that, Star."

"You know who I am." I make eye contact through the mirror.

"I make it a point to know my cargo."

"Who am I?" she questions. My anger was returning. I gripped the steering wheel to stop

myself from any action I may regret.

"Starla Conners. Age 23. Daughter of Newton and Janet Conners. Norman, Wyoming."

She sat back with a sigh.


"Why what, Girl?" I mumbled as pulled a cigarette from the pack with my mouth.

"Why does he want me?" she asks sadly. "I never hurt anyone." Her lower lip begins to tremble. My cigarette forgotten, I sigh heavily. Sadness. I was actually feeling sad for this woman. Even though she clearly has done something wrong, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.


I focused on the horizon in front of me as I reached for my lighter. Letting the car window down just a crack, I lit my cigarette. "It’ll be dark soon. Get some rest. I’m driving through the night. We should there by morning." I grumbled.

"Can I roll a window down?"

"No." I said sternly.

"Please?" She coughed lightly as the smoke drifted back to her.

"Fine." I sigh. I roll my window all the way down, draping my elbow on the sill. It was a long way home.



Sometime during the drive, she disappeared as she laid down in the back seat. The sun was up before I realized. I needed rest. I pulled over at Rosco’s. Pulling my car into the back, I turned and looked behind me. Star was sleeping peacefully. I glanced around, seeing no one. I quietly stepped out, locking the doors behind me. I jogged briskly around to the front of the building. I had to hurry. Going as fast as I could, I was back to the car in less than five minutes. I hurriedly looked into the back passenger window. Star was still there and still asleep. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Climbing into the car, I reclined my seat back as far as I could without touching her which wasn’t very far. Glancing at the locks, I closed my eyes. Slight movement behind me startled me awake. "You want some coffee?" I asked.

"I don’t drink coffee."

"Tough shit then." I tossed a bag behind me. "Eat it or starve." I saw the pooling of tears in her eyes as she slowly opened the bag and pulled out the hamburger I bought for her. As I ate my supper/breakfast in seconds, she very slowly ate the hamburger. I watched her in the mirror as she finished her meal. Reaching behind me, without turning around, I handed her my half empty Pepsi. She looked at the bottle, then at me. "Go ahead....Take it." She tentatively reached for it. Star quickly removed the cap and took a healthy drink. I started the car and moved back onto the road.


It wasn’t long before we reached the gated home that I had left ten days ago. Pulling up to the speaker, I pressed the button. Star was beginning to squirm. "Yeah."

"Its me."

Hey, Tanner. Got the package."

"Yeah." The gate began to open. As soon as it was clear, I drove through. As we made our way up the long driveway, Star realized the trip was over. The waiting was over. I stopped in front of the door. Ricky was waiting as I stepped out. "Hey." His Spanish accent was always easy on the ears. "That her?" he peered into the back seat.

"Yep." I opened the door. She backed away to the other side. "Come on." I motioned.

"Just jerk her ass out." Ricky chuckled.

"I might have to." I said as I reached for her. Star stopped me from grabbing her by kicking me solidly in the chin. "FUCK!" I yelled, grabbing my mouth. Ricky’s laugh only made me angrier. "Shut up!" I stood, turned and punched him. He quickly halted the laughter. "Get your ass out her." I was able to get a good grip on the ropes. Yanking her head first out the car. She couldn’t get her feet under her quick enough. She fell face first onto the pavement.



"My my." We both turned to the voice, an aging man with dark shades. His suit cost more than my bounty for this one. Even the two thugs behind him were dressed in expensive clothing. "My dear. Are losing control of your hostages?" His Italian accent was intimidating to first time hearers.

"No, Sir."

"Stand her up then, Ms. Tanner." Star resisted slightly, but I managed to pull her to her feet. "I’ve been waiting a long time for you Ms. Conners. I sent my best....woman after you." She glared angrily as he came closer. He was now in front of her. He took off his sunglasses.

"Who are you?" I squeezed the shoulders that were still in my grasp, but it was too late. Taking the back of his hand, he struck her hard. Only my arms, kept her from falling.

"You are as aggravating as your mother. You speak only when spoken to." Her hands were at her face, cradling her injured cheek. I felt an overwhelming feeling when she was hit. It was almost as if I felt the blow myself. She was sobbing quietly. "Ms. Tanner."

"Yes sir?"

"Take her to the Waterfall lounge. I’ll be there shortly."

"Yes sir."

I pulled her by the arm, towards the door. She still felt the urge to resist. "Stop it." I shook her. My boots echoed on the tiled floor of the hallway. The maid glanced at us as I stopped and pushed the door open. Yanking her inside, I closed it behind me. "Have a seat." I all but threw her onto the plush couch, knowing it would be a soft impact. As she righted herself, I leaned on a protruding corner. Star got her first glimpse of the huge room she was in. It was beautiful, in its own way. The Waterfall room was a lavish room to say the least. The six foot indoor waterfall was its main feature. The only other furniture were two couches on two separate walls and a conference table in the middle. The waterfall was on the back wall. Lots of green plants decorated the entire room.

"What is this place?"

"Boss’s relaxation room." I pulled a fresh pack of smokes from my coat. Pulling one from the pack, I lit it. "Relaxes his soul...Some dumb shit like that." I blew the smoke away from her. The gesture didn’t go unnoticed.

"Can you untie me? The ropes are hurting my wrists."

"That’ll be the least of your problems soon." I hated the look that crossed her face.

"Is he going to kill me?" There was that feeling again. It was beginning to get on my nerves.

"Maybe...maybe not....Depends on why you’re here."

"I don’t even know that." I see a tear slip from her eye. "Do you?" I sighed heavily.

"No." I say quietly. I heard Mr. Laterno approaching. Finishing my cigarette, I put it in the nearest ashtray.


The doors open and Mr. Laterno walks through it with two men. "I’m sure you’re comfortable." he grins. Star, learning from her past mistake, says nothing. He snaps his fingers. "Chair." One of his men walks to the table to retrieve on. "Bring one for Ms. Tanner as well." I waved at the man to tell him no.

"No thank you, Sir."

"Suit yourself." He takes a seat a foot away from Star. "You, Ms. Conners, are very valuable to me now." Holding his hand open at his shoulder, a man placed a document in his hand. "It seems your mother passed away last month." I felt a twinge of sadness for her. I do not have my mother either. A look of confusion passed over her. "Right?"

"Yes. She did. How did...." He held up his hand. I flinched, thinking she was going to be hit again. Why did I do that?

"I know because your mother owes me a great deal of money."

"I don’t understand." He grinned, taking his reading glasses from his pocket.

"I Janet Larainne Conners hereby ask for Mr. Laterno’s and the family’s help financially regarding my daughter Starla Ellen.......Are you telling me you know nothing of this?"

"No I don’t." I looked from Star to Mr. Laterno.

"Ahhh, the mother protecting her child....." He clears his throat and returns to the paper. I sigh. Star owes a debt. "I request the payment of my daughter’s medical expenses due to life needed surgery. The amount of 50,000 dollars will be paid back to Mr. Laterno plus interest in the amount of 2,000 dollars by 4/11/01. In event of my death before the balance is paid, the debt will fall on my husband, Newton." He takes off his glasses and smiles. "Your mother thought she could put one over on us." he said through gritted teeth. "Your father died before you even had surgery. I was so....understanding I gave her the money before properly checking into the situation. It was my one and ONLY mistake!" he screamed, making everyone in the room jump. "She’s dead, Little Starla. Now you’re going to pay me back what you owe me."

He leaps forward, grabbing her by the throat. I fight the urge to stop him. "Plus more interest."

"NO!" she screams in defiance. She has the nerve.....and the stupidity to spit at him.

"You little bitch.....Tanner...Take her to a room." He angrily wipes his face. "I’ll get what you owe me. One way or another.....Even if I have to sell to China!" I reached for her. I gently took her by the arm. She did not protest. I walked her out of the room and into the hallway.

"You are about the dumbest girl I ever brought here. You’ve had it now. Mr. Laterno’s pissed."

"Fuck you."

"Excuse me?" I stopped abruptly in the hallway. "I don’t tolerate disrespect."

"Your mother must be proud. Your such a well mannered kidnapper."

"Shut up." I warned.

"I never knew my mother." I started to her room.

"Why? You going to tell you were abandoned as a child and make me feel all sorry for you." I grabbed her roughly by the shoulders.

"SHUT UP! I can’t remember ANYTHING."

"Probably block it out! They probably don’t want anything to do with you!" Star kneed me in the crotch.

"Ahhh! You crazy bitch." I stood upright and struck her full force, knocking her to the floor. My rage was over when I heard her body hit the hard tiled floor. "Star!" I drop to my knees. She was instinctively grabbing her mouth. "Star, gods I’m so sorry." She pulled herself into a ball as if she was waiting for me to hit her again. "I won’t hurt you again. I promise." I said, almost in a panic. What the hell was I saying? I’ve beaten people far worse...for less and I’m apologizing to this little woman.

I helped her to her feet. A steady stream of blood flowed from the left corner of her mouth. Reaching into my coat, I pulled out my handkerchief. Her binded wrists came up defensively as my hand came closer. I gently pulled them away and dabbed at her mouth, cleaning the remaining blood. "Come on." I walk her the short distance down the hall. Pushing the door open, I gently placed her on the bed. Locking the deadbolt, I pull the key out. Using the small silver chain it was attached to, I lock it to my right wrist. The room was sparsely decorated, despite the luxury of the main house. Only a bed, a recliner and lamp was in the room. I watched her as she surveyed her surroundings. Her eyes rested for a brief moment on the window. "The window doesn’t open." She flinches at the sound of my knife opening. I hold up the blade in plain view, letting her see how large it was. I swiftly cut the ropes that were binding her wrists since yesterday. Star winces in pain as she peels the rope from her wrists. I look down and see severe rope burn. Looking through the drawers of the night stand, that the lamp was sitting on, I found a tube of lotion that would due for now. I squirted it into my palms, warming it before placing it on her irritated skin. Star whimpered in pain, but remained still.

Without a word, I finished and sat down in the recliner that was facing the bed. Pushing back, I settled into the reclined position. "I’m tired, Star. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll rest." I yawned. I closed my eyes, exhausted. I heard the sounds of the springs as she crawled onto the bed. "Any noise, will wake me." I threaten. "So, don’t move off of that bed." I yawn. "Or....." I trailed off, leaving the threat as it was.



A sharp knock on the door wakes me. I blink, rubbing my eyes. The first sight I saw was Star sitting upright, with her arms resting on her forearms. Her face once again showed fear. I stood and using the key on my wrist, I unlocked the door. Opening it just enough to see who it was. One of servants. I opened the door completely. Bringing in two large plates of hot food, she placed them on the night stand. As she walked past me, she gave me an envelope that was tucked into her apron. "Thanks." I locked the door. Star had not moved, but she was eyeing the food approvingly. "Go ahead." I gestured. She took one of the plates and began to eat. I sat in the chair and opened the envelope. I could feel her eyes on me as I read. I smile. Refolding the paper, I place it neatly back into the envelope.

"Am I going to die?" she asks me between bites of her fried chicken.

"I don’t know." I shrug.

"What was that?"

"None of your business, Little Girl." Even my iron stomach was giving in to the aroma of the food. I took my plate, eating every bite while watching my captive. I thought about the letter as I finished stuffing my face. "Get up." I said when we were both done with our lunch.


"You know." I yanked her from the bed. "You’re getting way too comfortable. You seem to forget where you are, Sweetheart."


I opened the bathroom door and pushed her in first. Pulling back the shower curtain, I checked the tub for any items she might use against me or to escape. Finding only a small bottle of bodywash and a cloth, I said "Take off all your clothes."

"What?" she said shakily.

"I know your not deaf......If you must know the note said for you to clean yourself up." I pointed to the shower. "Take your clothes off and wash."

"Does the note say you have to be here?"

"Common sense......I’m not letting you out of my site. You’re too valuable.......Take them off." I pull at her shirt. "Or I’ll do it."


She started with her shirt. Lowering the lid, I sat on the toilet. Her shirt dropped to the floor, revealing a white lace bra. I made no attempt to hide my emotions. I let them play across my face. Lust. Star was my most attractive bounty to date. Sneakers. Her jeans were next, which I knew would be matching panties underneath. Socks. "Can I turn around?" I laugh. Her eyes focused on the floor. Normally I would say no, face me, but once again sympathy was reeking havoc in my brain. Which had not before the moment I saw this girl unconscious.

"I don’t care what you do." I sighed. I even thought of actually turning my head, then dismissed it. One second. That’s all she would need to get the upper hand. Granted, she wouldn’t keep it, but I never want an excuse to hit her again. My soul is at war. She did turn away from me. Reaching behind her, she removed her bra. I held my breath and mentally pictured what those nice, full breasts would look like. My eyes widened as her panties were dropped. I knew I couldn’t see it, so I took a second to look at that beautiful ass. I was disappointed when the curtain blocked my entire view.

The curtain was an off white. I could see her beautiful curves. It would be so easy. It would be so easy to take her. I laughed to myself as I heard my voice ask, "Are you a virgin?" No answer. "Don’t make me come in there." I said, smiling despite the tone of my voice. Please make me come in there.

"No." I heard.

"Really?.......Are you sure?" No answer. I chuckle softly. After several minutes, I stood. Reaching in, I gestured with my hand, "Turn the water off. Your done." I felt both hands clamp around my wrist, pulling me inward. I braced my feet to keep from going in. "Son of a bitch." I hissed. I blindly reached for her, but the curtain blocked me. Star managed to pull me off balance. Suddenly the curtain was in my hand. I yanked it back, exposing her. Star managed to pull me into the tub. I stood. The water beating the back of my coat, enraged me even more. "That’s it I......" Just as I grabbed her, her lips silenced me. Not only silenced me, I was frozen. My feet would not move.

The fact that I standing in the shower, my clothing getting wetter and wetter, was all forgotten. My eyes closed, my tongue forced its way into a willing mouth. I gently pinned her on the back wall. One hand caressing her chin, the other grazing her hip. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my back. What was happening to me? Everything this girl was feeling, I was feeling. Why was she doing this? Her small hands pushed my trench coat off my shoulders. It dropped heavily to the floor of the tub. The black tanktop underneath was soaked through just as quickly. I knew my black jeans were not coming off easily. I was soaked to the skin. As her hands went to my waist, mine went to her center. Even in the shower, I could tell she was wet with pleasure. It made me wonder what she was really doing in here before she pulled me in.

A sharp banging startled us both. Pulling my hands away, I staggered out of the tub as quickly as I could. I shut off the water as I did. I jogged to the door and unlocked it.

"Yeah?" Mr. Laterno’s second-in-command stood in front of me.

"What the hell are you doing, Tanner?" he chuckled. Anybody tell ya to take your clothes off before you get in the tub?"

"Very funny.....You need something?"

"Your not......having sex with that girl are you?" My silence answered him. "No, Tanner."


"Mr. Laterno says he wants her."


"He started boasting after you left. The horny old goat wants her." he laughed. The maid appeared behind him.

"Give her your clothes and hers. Mr. Laterno wants her clean." I closed the door and moved quickly back to the bathroom. Star was drying herself off with a towel. Wordlessly, I reached into the tub and picked up my soaked, black trench coat. "Cleaning your clothes." I muttered, picking hers up from the floor. I moved to the front door. I stripped off my tanktop and jeans. Opening the door, I handed the clothes to the maid.

"Could you put my boots on my dryer?"

"Yes, Ms. Tanner." I shut the door, locking it. I walked into the bathroom taking off my soaked lingerie. I saw her watching me intently. I draped them over the rod to dry. I grabbed a towel from the shelf. As I walked back, I wrapped the towel around my waist. I crawled onto the warm, soft bed. It has been three days since I slept in a bed. Longer since I slept in my own. I put a pillow behind my back as I sat upright. It has been a very long time since I felt like crying. Star walked slowly into the room. She crawled up next to me. She straddled my waist. Her body was completely covered by a towel.

"Are they going to kill me? I’ll pay him his money. I just want to go home......" Her eyes brimmed with tears.

"Shhh. I think he’s just trying to scare you into paying him."

"You sure?"

"I think." My hand reached up, mimicking the caress from earlier. My fingers trailed down her jaw. I felt the stinging begin in my eyes. It was the unmistakable feeling of unshed tears. "What’s happening to me?" I whispered.

"You’re acting like a human." She was right. I feel her fear, her sadness. I love you, Star. "I don’t want to die, Tanner." I pulled her head down under my chin. I felt a tear fall from my eye. Her breath was warm against my chest as I held her tighter.


The maid returned quicker than I wanted. We dressed and I led her down the hall. This time I did not drag or jerk her. She obediently walked at my side. I opened the door for her. Mr. Laterno was all ready waiting, seated at the table. I knew he would want her standing in front of him. I placed her in front of him and moved into the closest corner a few feet away. A man walked behind her at her right shoulder. "Well, Ms. Conners. I’d like to discuss your method of payment of my money. Your mother owed me 10,000 dollars when she died."

"I....I can’t give you it all at once, but I can pay you in payments." He laughed harshly.

"With that miserable job?" he smiles. "It’ll take years to get my money. The interest will build up so much, you’ll never be able to pay me back."

"I’ll...I’ll get it." He laughed again.

"You’ll work for me until you pay off your debt.....then you can go home." The tears came. "You’ll start.......in my bed tonight." he sneered. ‘No!’ my mind screamed.

"Ahhhhhh!" I heard the horrible sound of electricity. I saw Star fall to the floor in pain. I fought the urge to move from my spot. "Ahhhhh!" The man hit her again, in the back, with the shock stick.

"Stand her up." Another man assisted the first in yanking her from the floor. He stood from the table and walked around. Mr. Laterno very rarely moves during an ‘interrogation.’ I watched as he places his hand on her cheek. "Tenderize her some more. I want her to lie there like the whore she is. I don’t want the bitch to fight back." The flame became an inferno in my soul. He walks away as the two men begin to beat Star. She was knocked to the floor. The men begin punching her in the back. I close my eyes. I couldn’t watch this, but the painful screams echoed in my ears. I opened my eyes and ran for the three of them. One man turned as I approached. Bringing my right foot up, I kicked him solidly in the jaw. My fist slammed into other’s face. He fell next to other. Star flinched as I put my hands on her to help her up.

"Its me." She stood and embraced me.

"TANNER!" We turned to see Mr. Laterno. "What in the hell do you think you’re doing?!" He snapped his fingers and the injured men stood, pulling their guns. I placed Star behind me. "You are one of my best trackers. Why give that up. Huh? Do you realize her debt will be YOURS." he threatened.

"I’ll pay you."


"I’ll pay you. You’ll have it in 24 hours." I repeated. "I have the 10 G’s........plus interest." He appeared to think it over.

"How much interest?" I reached into my back pocket. I gave him the envelope. It contained 5,000 dollars.

"My fee for her." He smiled as he placed the envelope in his front pocket.

"You do realize that you can never work for me again." His eyes narrowed.

"Yes, Sir."

"You’ll be back where you were.....nobody."

"I have to do this."

"The loan wolf has fallen in love. I don’t believe it." He gestured with his chin and one man placed his handgun under my chin. "You’ve got 24 hours, Tanner......Then......disappear." I got a hard shove from behind. Star was pushed into my back. I took her hand.

"Yes, Sir." All eyes were on us as we left the room.....together.



My room for four years was my next stop. I’ve lived in Mr. Laterno’s pool house since I’ve been employed by his family. Star sat on my waterbed as I packed my few belongings.



"What did he mean you’ll be nothing?" I stopped packing long enough to look into her eyes.

"I’ve been here for.....as long as I can remember."

"What do you mean?" I stopped completely. I knelt in front of her.

"A long time ago...Something happened to me. I don’t know who I am."

"Your Tanner....right?"

"I made it up. I don’t know what my name is. I lost my memory. I stayed in a shelter until I was ready to be on my own. A friend worked for Mr. Laterno as a....debt retriever. He calls them Trackers......I’ve been doing it ever since."

"You never found out who you are?"

"No." I whispered.

"What are you going to do?"

"Go back to Florida. That’s where I’m from."

"Can I come with you? I can’t exactly go home."

"You want to come with me?.....but I hurt you."

"I provoked you." I kissed the hand that was now stroking my face.

"You’ve affected me more than anyone ever has before......Why?"

"I think your my soulmate."

"Soulmate?...You mean destined to be together? That kind of thing?"

"Yeah. Do you believe in that?"

"Not until now......I love you, Star." I see tears, those of joy, for the first time.


I pulled out my stash. Luckily I never spent any of my fees. With a duffel bag on my shoulder and one on Star’s we stopped in front of Mr. Laterno’s office. I knocked.

"Come." I opened the door. "Tanner." he nodded. I pulled the money out of my pocket, dropping it on his desk. He picked up the bills, handing them to the man on his left. We watched as he counted it.

"Its all here, Mr. Laterno."

"Good." I kept my face stone. "Goodbye, Tanner." I took Star’s hand and started to walk away. "Tanner?" I stopped. "Wait......I really can’t afford to lose you......You can stay, but she can’t."

"Sorry, Sir. I have to be with Star."

"I think your a fool, Tanner." he called as I opened the door. "I’ve made you rich. You’re making a big mistake."

"I don’t think so." I didn’t look back.




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