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This story was a submission in "The Bard’s Village" snowed in challenge and depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you’re not supposed to read this – don’t. Otherwise, enjoy the power, the passion and the glory.

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To my beautiful and charming beta-reader Blueyes, and all my special friends in the Xenaverse. This story is dedicated to my best friend and Amazon Queen, Judy.


Winter’s Prescription for Passion


Soaking in a nice warm bath; Judy heard the phone ring. Dripping wet, she jumped out of the tub and rushed to answer it.


"Judy Spencer, please."

Naked and shivering, she answered, "Speaking."

"This is Dr. Deb Black’s office. We understand if you’d like to cancel your appointment today due to the snowstorm."

"What snowstorm?" Judy glanced up toward the window and saw large snowflakes brushing past the frosted pane. However, she wasn’t about to go outside to check the weather conditions – she was freezing!

"No, I’ll be there." I just want to get this over with.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, now if you don’t mind, I have to go."

"Okay, Ms. Spencer. See you at 4:00 then."

The receiver went dead and Judy dashed back to the tub. The water was now lukewarm and she had used up all the hot water. Damn that doctor! Nevertheless, her appointment was in an hour so she hastily bathed, dressed and bolted out the door.

Holy shit! This isn’t a snowstorm; it’s a blizzard! I really wish I would have canceled my appointment now, but the Doctor would most likely kill me.

She couldn’t even see her car under all the white powder. It took her about ten minutes but she finally scraped off all the snow, cranked the heat up to full blast and took off for her appointment.

As she was driving down Route 422, she noticed the biggest semi-truck in the entire universe coming towards her. Frantically, she attempted to steer her car out of the way, but it swerved on a patch of ice and the semi spiraled right towards her.

She closed her eyes and gripped the steering wheel with all her might.

This is it! My life is over!

Then, just like all the stories she had read about out of body experiences, she was in a dark tunnel. Her life began to flash before her and she had a vision of a mighty warrior princess welcoming a peasant girl into the light. Thereupon, she heard the voice of the warrior say:

It is in those moments of darkness that we discover the truth. You will know when it’s time to come to me and when we meet again, we will sing a deeper song.

Judy instantly opened her eyes and saw that the truck was veering off to the side of the road, barely missing her. In the state of shock, she gained some control of the steering wheel and pulled off to the embankment. The entire incident had taken only a few minutes but it had seemed like an eternity.

Exhaling the cold, she got out of the car and thanked the sympathetic truck driver. Returning to her car, she sat there for a few moments and reflected on what had just happened, as well as the vision of the two women. They had looked remarkably familiar. In fact, the peasant girl looked just like her. Hmmm… Slowly, she returned to the road.

Brushing the snow off her clothes, she entered the doctor’s office, checked in and took a seat in the empty waiting room. She was the only patient.

In no time at all she heard, "Ms. Spencer, you can come in now."

The nurse escorted Judy into the doctor’s office.

"Dr. Black, this is Judy Spencer."

The doctor had her head buried in a chart. When she looked up, her eyes beheld the most beautiful woman she had ever seen walk towards her. Her stomach fluttered a bit, "Hello, I’m Dr. Black. Please have a seat."

"Nice to meet you, doctor. You come highly recommended."

"Thank you, Ms. Spencer." It was then that the doctor noticed that Judy was sitting there with her arms tightly crossed, visibly shaken. "Is something wrong?"

"I was almost in an accident on the way over here. I’m a bit upset and very cold, but I’ll be okay in a few minutes."

"Thank god you’re okay. I should have insisted that you cancel your appointment in this weather. Toni, would you please go and turn the heat up?" The nurse hurriedly left the room.

Like tiny flashes of lightning their eyes met, revealing the bluest eyes Judy had ever seen. She sure does remind me of someone.

Dr. Black was struck by Judy’s seemingly familiar mannerisms, but just shrugged it off. "So, what brings you in today, Ms. Spencer?"

"Please, call me Judy…just my yearly check up." Thinking of the inherent examination, the patient began to fidget nervously again.

The doctor picked up on her anxiety, "Don’t be nervous, Judy."

"I’m sorry, I’m just a little shaky from my near death experience and if you want to know the truth, I hate these exams."

That halo of blonde hair…those captivating green eyes…With am impish smile, the professional couldn’t stop herself from saying, "I promise it won’t hurt…much."

Judy’s throat constricted. I can’t believe she just said that to me. "If that’s supposed to make me feel better, it didn’t."

"Just trying to get you to relax. I guess it didn’t work." What is the matter with me? A patient has never had this effect on me before.

Just then the nurse rushed in, "Dr. Black, the school just called and I have to pick up my son. Nothing major, but it seems the school has been closed due to the snowstorm. Unfortunately, we are the last ones in the office. Do you want me to reschedule Ms. Spencer’s appointment?"

"No, that won’t be necessary. I can take care of Judy. See you tomorrow Toni, and don’t forget to lock the door on your way out."

Stealing a brief glance at her physician, Judy attempted to moderate her emotions. However, Dr. Black’s statement and the way she said it made her feel uncommonly excited.

Even though it was 15 degrees below zero, the physician took off her lab coat. Judy was mesmerized as the doctor let down her long dark silky hair and sat back in the chair, "Well, it looks like it’s just the two of us. Is that okay? Do you want to reschedule and get home before the snowfall gets worse?"

What snow? "No, I’m here. We might as well get on with it."

Captivated by her patient’s potent aura of appeal, Dr. Black’s resistance was crumbling. She knew she needed something to help her relax. Then it dawned on her, " This isn’t a standard practice of mine, but would you like a drink? It’s been a really hectic day for me and you seem a bit uptight. I’m sure we could both use an intoxicant right about now."

Uptight? She’s got that right! "Sure Dr. Black, I’d love one. I do need to loosen up."

Loosen up? The physician quickly downed a shot and poured two more. "I hope you like tequila?"

"Well, Doc, I don’t usually do shots. I’m on the floor in no time. But considering what I’ve just been through, I’m going to take you up on your offer. I told you, I’m not fond of these checkups."

"And I told you Judy, I’ll be very gentle." The doctor looked out the window and saw that the snow was really coming down. "We better hurry before we get snowed in." Snowed in does not sound like a bad idea. "Now, please follow me."

No, that’s not what you said, you said it wouldn’t hurt. Judy downed the shot and followed the doctor down the hallway to one of the examination rooms.

Nonchalantly, Dr. Black handed a gown to Judy, "Take off your clothes and put this on."

"Everything?" Judy’s uneasiness was showing.

"It’s okay, I’m a doctor." Trying to appear reserved, she sat down and began to write some notes.

Judy wasn’t overly modest but was reluctant to take her clothes off in front of the gorgeous doctor. Isn’t she supposed to leave the room or something? Her reluctance must have been apparent.

Dr. Black looked up, "Oh, I’m sorry, do you want me to leave the room?" Please say no.

Judy swallowed hard and managed a visible nod, "No, it’s okay." With the watchful eyes of the doctor upon her, she shed her clothes, put the gown on and sat on the examination table.

Attempting to focus on the checkup, the tormented physician approached Judy and placed the stethoscope on the blonde’s voluptuous chest.

Judy winced, "Oh, that’s cold."

"Oh, I’m so sorry." The doctor warmed the instrument with her fervent breath and returned it to the patient’s chest, "Is that better?"

"Much, thank you."

Dr. Black had a confused look on her face, "That’s strange…"

"What’s wrong?"

"I don’t seem to hear your heartbeat."

Judy looked at her exposed chest, then the bewildered doctor. "I think I know what’s wrong."


Judy raised her eyebrow, "Well, I think it would help if you put the stethoscope in your ears." Dr. Black’s mouth fell open. Ever so gently, Judy reached around the doctor’s neck and put the instrument in her beet red ears. Brushing up against her, they both grew dizzy from the closeness.

I need to get a grip here. Cautiously, the M.D. put the stethoscope to Judy’s heart once again. It was racing. ‘Healthy heartbeat," commented the Dr. Black. Touche!

Rendered speechless, all Judy could say was, "Hmmm…."

Continuing the exam, the specialist placed her strong hands on Judy’s neck and felt the glands in her throat. What soft skin she has. "Everything feels good."

Tell me about it! Oh, what warm hands she has. Judy grew increasingly aroused.

"Lie back on the table. I need to examine your breasts," ordered the masterful doctor.

The submissive patient willingly complied with the gentle orders. Anything you say.

Undraping the gown, Dr. Black gazed upon the woman’s young, tantalizing body. Oh my god! Inadvertently, the gown fell to the floor. "Oh well," the examiner replied matter-of-factly, an undetectable sparkle in her cobalt eyes.

Eagerly, the skilled hands of the M.D. sought out Judy’s breasts, and her body became ablaze with goose bumps, "I’m very ticklish." Judy thought she was would die of embarrassment.

As the doctor’s delicate fingers endlessly encircled the patient’s firm breasts, the young woman’s nipples grew hard. Judy prayed it wasn’t too obvious.

The physician continued to stroke Judy’s breasts and enjoyed feeling the softness of her luxurious skin. Her own nipples hardened, "Everything feels fine."

It sure does! "That’s good." She sure has a familiar touch…an arousing touch.

Dr. Black put on her rubber gloves and commandingly snapped them, "Let’s continue…put your feet in the stirrups and scoot down to the end of the table. It’s time for the pelvic exam."

Judy was sweating now. So was the doctor.

"Soon you will feel me place the instrument inside of you."

Oh, gods!

Since the gown was history, Judy could see everything, including the long silver thing the doctor was about to slip inside of her. Desperately needing a distraction, Judy took some deep breaths and her wide, green eyes darted up to the ceiling.

Attempting to control her obsessive cravings, the ob/gyn slipped the instrument inside of her patient, "Have we met before?"

I am so turned on. "Why do you ask?"

The doctor removed the instrument, snapped off her gloves and threw them in the trash, "Ever since you walked into my office today, I wanted to tell you that you remind me of someone but I just can’t put my finger on it."

"Hmm…you wanna know something? I had the same feeling. Perhaps it was in a past life or something." Nervously, they laughed.

Dr. Black reached into the dispenser, "My goodness, it seems I’m out of gloves, I hope you don’t mind, Judy?" There was that mischievous smirk again.

Judy was nearly loosing consciousness and wasn’t sure she could go through with the rest of the exam. "No, go right ahead." She prayed to every god in heaven and on Olympus.

The doctor needed to take drastic measures as well, "Want another shot?"

"Absolutely!" Gimme that!

Dr. Black poured two more. Feverishly, they downed them.

Judy noticed that the doctor was rubbing her hands together and she couldn’t figure out why.

"I want my hands to be nice and warm." As if they aren’t already.

Judy shivered in disbelief. How wicked!

Insane with desire, the physician eagerly thrust a few fingers inside of Judy. I’ve been waiting a long time to do that. "So, you really think I look like someone you know?"

Judy jumped, "Ah…ha." Oh, yes!

"Judy, I have really big hands but I need to get deep inside of you to check for any abnormalities. I’ll go very slowly and very easily." The doctor put her other hand on Judy’s firm abdomen and placed yet another finger inside of her. It slid right in.

Why shouldn’t it? I’m so wet. I hope the doctor doesn’t notice.

The doctor’s silky raven hair fell upon her inviting chest. "Are you doing okay?"

"I’m just peachy, Doc. Thanks." A current of desire swept over her. I’m yours!

"Most women get all tense when I’m examining them this way, but you seem to be well lubricated." That’s an understatement.

Oh my god, she has noticed!

The doctor thrust in another finger and began to hungrily probe around. The movements caused Judy to look away from the ceiling and right at the doctor, who was staring erotically at her now.

She is so sexy! It’s a good thing I’m laying down, or I think I’d pass out. Unconsciously, sounds of pleasure were coming from Judy’s throat.

"Am I hurting you, Judy?" I could probably put my entire fist inside of you.

Afraid her voice would betray her, Judy blurted out, "No…" But alas, her body was betraying her. Her breasts had swelled, her nipples were erect and she dripping wet.

"Good girl." The doctor grew more aroused and plunged harder and deeper. The patient grabbed the sides of the leather table and bit her bottom lip. Is it my imagination or is the doctor getting into this?

"Judy, may I ask you something personal?"

"I’m at your mercy. Go ahead." Anything!

"Do you like what I’m doing to you? Does it feel good," she whispered.

Stunned, yet captivated by the physician’s provocative power, the patient replied, "Oh, yes!"

The M.D. was pleased, "May I continue with the…examination?"

"Please…" begged the beautiful blonde.

The doctor’s hand attacked the deep recesses of the patient’s femininity with tremendous intensity and the patient willingly surrendered to the penetratingly powerful thrusts.

Suddenly, brilliant lights swirled and flowed all around them and a mysterious stream of energy passed between them. Amazingly, their true souls emerged.

"Judy, do you know who I really am?

"Y e s…"

"Do you know who you really are?"

"Y e s…"

"G a b r i e l l e?"

"Y e s?"

"Call out my name!" Throwing back her wild raven hair, the warrior vanished into the richness of her lover’s hips and filled her hungry mouth with the ripe fruit of her insatiable hunger.

Gabrielle opened her entire body and exploded with delight, crying out her lover’s name in passion, "X E N A!"

Her breathing labored, the bard collapsed on the table. Feeling the radiance of love pouring through them, both women gazed tenderly at one another with the wonderful knowledge of having discovered who they were in this lifetime.

Suddenly, the phone rang and started both women.

"I’m sorry, but I must answer that, I’m on call." Extremely annoyed, Xena reached for the wall phone.

"Hello Dr. Black, its Toni. I don’t know if you’ve looked outside lately but the governor has issued a state of emergency and all the roads are closed. Looks like you’re snowed in."

Xena peeked through the blinds, "Toni, would you do me a favor and call Dr. George and ask her to take over for me tonight and possibly the rest of the weekend. She’s already at the hospital. Since she’s snowed in as well, I don’t think she’ll mind."

"Will you be okay, Doctor?"

Gazing upon the beautiful bard, she replied, "I’ll be fine. Thank you, Toni."

Gabrielle had put the gown back on and was sitting on the examination table, "What’s up, Dr. Xena?" They roared with laugher.

"Well, it looks like we’re snowed in."

Gabrielle sighed, "Praise Hestia."

Their eyes met with alluring satisfaction and at long last, they lovingly embraced. Gabrielle buried her head in the warrior’s dangerous chest and Xena cherished the familiar sensation.

"Gabrielle, my life has been so empty without you."

"I knew you’d come back to me, Xena."

"I always will, Gabrielle. I love you."

"I love you too, Xena."

The warrior sought out her lover’s mouth and tasted the sweetness of her tongue. They kissed furiously without end.

Grinning ear to ear, Xena pulled away, "I have a surprise for you but you must close your eyes." Gabrielle complied, and the warrior picked her up in her mighty arms and carried her through the office. Dr. Xena’s office was in her house so she conveniently took her sweetheart directly to the bedroom.

"You can open your eyes now."

Gabrielle was astonished. Her eyes beheld the island paradise yin/yang bed. "I can’t believe it! Where did you find it after all these years?"

"Believe it or not, I bought it from a patient just last week. Come to think of it, she was the spitting image of Aphrodite."

"Still up to her old tricks, I see."

In unison they said, "Thank the gods!"

They could feel the passion of their own impatience as the mysterious energy of the yin/yang bed pulled them across the room. Delicately, the Warrior Princess laid the Amazon Queen on the bed. Kneeling at her side, she bent down and kissed her.

Slowly and seductively, Gabrielle stripped off Dr. Xena’s clothes until she stood strong and naked before her. The sight of the Warrior Princess never failed to take her breath away - her erotic fever intensified. The bard ran her fingers down the warrior’s commanding arms as only she could. Xena gasped and her flesh contracted with the passage of her loved one’s arousing touch.


"Yes, Gabrielle?" Xena’s flesh was throbbing now and her body was on fire.

"Shouldn’t you be doing push ups right about now?"

"I must have been out of mind."

"Your were." Gabrielle patted the bed. "Now, come here and lay beside me."

Welcoming the softness of sinking into her lover, Xena captured Gabrielle in her arms, invitingly turned her mouth towards her and bathed her with kisses.

Lovingly, Xena kissed a tear at the corner of her lover’s emerald eye, "Gabrielle, you are more beautiful than the first time we met."

"Xena, you are the sweetest vision of my life. Together again, our love is eternal and burns stronger than any flame. I love you, Warrior Princess."

"I love you too, my Amazon Queen."

Surrendering to winter’s erotic melody, they worshipped each other’s bodies through the moonlit night and made love with passionate sensuality, trembling with immense pleasure and resonating with endless joy.

The snow continued to fall, but the chilly night air breathed softly now.

Let it snow…let it snow…oh, let it snow.

The End

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