Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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Broken Silence

By: Teagen2



Awful day. Dreadful day. I’m angry, tired, frustrated. I need only one thing to calm my nerves, comfort food. The small corner market near my house is just ahead. My mind was screaming ice-cream and my body is screaming chocolate. I just want to curl up in my bed and stuff myself silly.

I step by a man in the doorway and head back towards the small freezer. I stomp my foot in aggravation. "Damn store." I huff. "Always moving stuff." I turn at the sound of a label gun. I watch as a tall, very beautiful woman, priced the tops of cans. I was momentarily stunned as she looked up. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen. She met my gaze, but soon my anger returned. Being an employee, I saw her responsible for my predicament. "Where’s the ice-cream cooler? I swear you people move everything around as soon as someone memorizes where it is." I am not normally rude to anyone, but this is not my day. She held up four fingers and pointed to the right. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"She says its on Aisle 4." A man, I had previously not seen, was stocking cans next to her. I looked at her, my anger building. I found her lack of interest in my statement infuriating.

"What’s the matter....." I made a show of looking at her name tag. "Davy. You think I don’t deserve a reply?" Her eyes cast down to the gun in her hand. She shuffled her feet nervously. The man stood.

"Mame, the ice cream is on Aisle 4." he repeated, patting the woman on the shoulder, coaxing her back to work.


"I heard you the first time.......Got nothing to say, Davy?" I don’t know what has come over me, but the clear insult had been the last straw.

"Look, she can’t talk. She wasn’t being disrespectful." My mouth went agape as my brain absorbed the information. Davy looked up with a sad look in her eyes. "Now if you’ll get your damn ice-cream and get outta here......."

"I’m....sorry." was all I could mutter. I felt like crawling into a hole and dying. I walked away quickly before I did anymore damage.


I turned and looked over and saw the man speaking to her. I was too far away to hear what he was saying. He was probably calling me a few choice words, which I totally deserve. I saw Davy put her closed fingers on her chin, circling her face with open fingers and return to closed fingers. She was probably signing bitch. The man chuckled and they returned to their work. I stepped out of the market.....without my ice-cream.




I couldn’t stop myself. I had to see her this morning. I stepped into the market and headed right for the counter. "Excuse me.....Is Davy here?"

"No, she won’t be in until 8 this morning."


"Your welcome. Can I give her a message?"

"No thanks." I made it about two blocks before my guilt overwhelmed me. I was hoping I would be able to apologize to her before my workday. I looked at the object I was leaning against, a payphone. Taking a moment to think, I put in my quarter and dialed my boss. With a gruff voice, I managed to fool him into thinking I was sick. With that out of the way, I turned around and headed back to the market. I stepped back inside and headed to the nearest shelf near the counter. I waited, pretending to be interested in the snack cakes on the rack.


I didn’t have to wait long. I watched Davy come from the back, slipping her apron over her head as she did. Stepping around the counter, she saw me. She made brief eye contact. Looking at the floor, she continued on her way. It was now or never. "Davy?" The woman stopped in her tracks, but didn’t turn around. "Can I talk to you for a second?" I couldn’t help it. Before she turned around, I stole a glance at her beautiful butt. She looked positively hot in black jeans. I noticed a pen and memo pad in her back right pocket. The sad expression in her eyes was still there. "I...I came to apologize for yesterday. I had a really bad day. I know that’s no excuse, but.....I’m sorry." A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. She reached into her back pocket, jotting something down. I looked at it as she turned it so I could read it.

It’s okay. I accept your apology. I smiled.

"Thank you. I was a real bitch yesterday. I just wanted you to know that I don’t normally act that way." She wrote a reply.

I know. Aren’t you supposed to be at work?

"How did you know that?"

You don’t normally come in here this time of day on a week day.

"I didn’t realize you watched me." I listened to myself. She had been. "You noticed me."

You’re hard to miss. Then she repeated the sign she had made yesterday.

"What does that mean?....The sign you just did?"

Beautiful. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not read it for myself.

"Thank you. You are not so bad yourself......Would like to have lunch with me? I took the day off today."


"To apologize to you. I felt horrible for what I said." A beautiful, wide smile spread across her face.

I get off at 2. Will that be okay?

"Sure. I’ll be back. Bye." A hand grabbed my arm. My breath caught in my throat as those fingers stroked me as she released her grip. Davy quickly jotted something.

Wait. Can I at least know your name before you go? I laughed at the oversight. Poor Davy doesn’t even know my name.

"I’m Lisa. Lisa Matthews." Her smile brightened. I watched her as she signed ‘Beautiful’ and what assumed was ‘Name’. "I’ll see you at two." Davy waved. I smiled.


It was amazing how emotions could go way down to way up in a matter of minutes. I was obviously way up now. I never wanted six hours to go by so quickly in my life. I went home, changed clothes, and was waiting at the counter. Davy smiled at me as she removed her apron. She put up a finger, telling me to hold on without words. I smiled and nodded. She reemerged a minute later, putting on a black leather jacket. "Wow." She gave me a questioning look. "Your jacket. You look great in leather." She smiled.

"Where would you like to go?" She reached for her pad.

Anywhere’s fine by me. I like just about everything.

"How about Italian?" She nodded her head in approval. "Great."


All through the meal, I asked Davy the typical questions normally asked on a date. The only difference was I had to wait for her written reply rather than a verbal one. It was on the tip of my tongue to ask, but I didn’t want to seem rude. She has a beautiful smile and personality. She volunteered that her parents had died when she was a teenager. Mine simply disowned me after finding me in bed with my best friend, who happened to be a woman. From that moment on, I have been alone. Not being able to stand the pressure, I moved four states over. This I all told her. I was surprised at myself for that. I don’t usually speak of my sexuality or the previous consequences of it before, but Davy was a very good listener. I found myself instantly at ease. I only hope she feels the same way about me. She tapped her fingers lightly on the table.


It was her way of getting my attention, her equalivent to clearing her throat. I found it cute in a way. She turned the pad so I could read it.

All you have to do is ask.

"Ask what?" She gave me a sideways look. "I don’t play dumb well, do I?" She smiled.

Her eyebrows lifted. "Okay....How did it happen? Were you born this way?" She shook her head no.

Look at the left side of my neck. I did. I noticed a thin, white scar about four inches long and another near her jaw. One you couldn’t see unless you knew it was there. I was in a

car accident. I had an injury to my throat and damaged my voice box. Lost my voice.

"Oh gods, Davy. I’m sorry. I had no idea......You can’t make any sounds?"

No. Its not as bad as it could have been, Could have lost my sight or hearing. Given the choices, I rather be mute. I hate having to write when I want to say something though.

Like now.

"I’ve seen you sign. Do you know sign language?" She nodded her head yes, then wrote.

It only helps when I’m talking to someone who can understand sign. Thinking for a moment, I smiled.

"Then I’m just going to have to learn." Davy gave me a cute ‘huh’ expression. "Well if I’m going to get to know you, I’m going to learn so it will be easier on you to communicate."

You would do that for me?

"Of course I would. I plan on being in your life......if that’s what you want." She surprised me. She answered by kissing me lightly on the cheek.


After exchanging e-mail addresses, it was Davy’s primary way of talking to people, I headed home. Noticing the book store near my home, I made a quick detour. After getting some help from a clerk, I walked out with two different books on American sign language. With one glance, I knew it was going to take time to learn.



The next few weeks seemed to fly by. Davy and I were becoming great friends. Knowing we both didn’t have anyone else, we turned to each other. The looks and gestures that we exchanged made me realize this woman was stealing my heart without uttering a single word.....or writing one. I feel close to her. I can tell her anything. Just the other day, I had another awful day at work. As I went for my comfort food, I sought out Davy. Instead of yelling at her as before, I talked to her. Davy joked with me that since she wasn’t a talker, she was a damn good listener and that she was. I was anxiously waiting for the end of my day today. Davy was coming over for a night of TV watching with me. I was hoping to surprise her tonight. I told her that I had two things to show her tonight.

When the knock on the door came, I opened it. I was surprised to see Davy with a single red rose in her hand. I took a deep breath and said, "Hi. Come on in." while simultaneously signing. She nearly dropped the flower in her hand. Handing it to me, her hands gestured. "Whoa. Slower. I’m just learning." She signed slower. "When did you...learn...sign?" I said, interpreting. "I’ve been working on it since that first dinner together. I didn’t want to say anything until I knew enough of the basics."

I don’t know what to say. I smiled at the realization that I could understand her without a pad and pen.

"What’s wrong?"

I’m just overwhelmed. No one has ever done this for me. she signed. Thank you.

"You’re welcome. Now.....Number two." I stepped forward, very close to her. I pulled her head down to my level. I met no resistance. I got a smile as our lips came together. It was a gentle kiss. "Davy, you are one of the best friends I ever had. I was wondering...if you would....want to...take it up a level."

You want to be my girlfriend? she signed.

"Yes." I didn’t get a sign as my answer, but another kiss.


Her kisses had an effect on me. The plans we made for TV watching were momentarily forgotten as she pulled me to her as she passionately kissed me. My hands went to the one place I was wanting them since our first dinner, her ass. A gush of air released from her mouth, a silent moan. We were startled by my phone ringing. I cursed to myself as a smile came to Davy’s face. "Have a seat on the couch. Let me get that." She ran her hand down my arm as she released me.

I returned to her arms, sitting on the couch. I grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels until we found a Disney movie. As we watched, I was paying more attention to the details of being in her arms rather than what we were watching. My head rested on her shoulder as one arm wrapped around my back. My hand stroked her thigh. I was enjoying the closeness. Soon her hand journeyed under my shirt, tracing the waistline of my jeans. I moaned softly as I felt her hand slide into my jeans. Not being able to stand it, I throw my leg over her thighs and straddle her. Putting both of my hands on the side of her face, I kiss her...hard. I feel her lifting my shirt and I help her rid me of it. She wastes no time moving her hands underneath my bra, massaging my breasts. "Oh gods, Davy." I moan. I see her smile. I extend my tongue and lap at her lips teasingly. Another silent moan from her as she claims my lips again. My jeans are unbuttoned now and she slides them down my legs.

Unexpectedly, Davy stands, holding me to her. My bare legs wrap around her waist. Her strength amazes me as she carries me towards my bedroom as she continues to kiss me on the neck, but all wasn’t right. Something was now wrong with my Davy. She gently lays me down, placing herself on top of me. She stops her assault on my neck. Her eyes hold a sadness I’ve only seen one time, the day I confronted her over a carton of ice cream.

"What’s wrong, Love?" She shakes her head nonchalantly. "Don’t.....I know something’s wrong. What is it?......If you don’t want to...It’s okay." Her head shakes and her hands release me and begin to gesture.

No. Its not you. Its me. I want to make love to you. she signed.

"What’s wrong?" I repeat. I see tears begin to pool in her eyes.

It makes me sad.

"What does, Love?"

I can’t talk. she signed. I suddenly realized what she meant.

"I love you, Davy. I don’t care whether you can verbally tell me that or not. You tell me in other ways....your eyes, your actions." I saw my smile. Tender moments only seem to remind her of her silence.


I felt her hands remove my underwear and bra. Lying naked in front of her, I saw the hunger as well as the love in her eyes. She ran her fingertips down my cheek, sending a shiver down my body. I began to undress her and her body was beautiful. As my hands roamed over her skin, I smiled. She saw it and gestured. What?

"I was just thinking how lucky I am. How we met over a carton of ice cream." Davy smiled, silently laughing. I felt her fingers begin to tease my wet folds, ceasing my thought. "Oh Davy." Her mouth went to my right nipple as two fingers slid into me. Her free hand, stroking my side softly. As my moans increased, so did her thrusts. "Davy!" I screamed as she brought me to climax. Immediately, I thrust upward into her. Her mouth opened in a gasp that I wish I could hear. I wasn’t tender. I knew she was wet. I knew she wanted it now. I watched her face as I rammed my fingers into her. I heard her breath escape as her orgasm overcame her. "I love you, Davy." I said softly as I watched her catch her breath. Her right hand came up.

I love you.



I knew I would wake her up. I really didn’t mean to, but I was fascinated. The hand I was stroking moved, but not out of my grasp. It wrapped around mine. What?

"I was just thinking about your hands." She gave me a quizzical look. "Well, I was just thinking. You work with your hands, you hold me and give me pleasure with them, and you communicate with them and tell me what’s in your heart. I just think its really amazing that’s all......I know its stupid."

No, its not. I love how you find beauty in everything. Even me.

"What do you mean by that? You’re beautiful, Davy." She brushed me off with a wave. I grabbed her chin, forcing her to meet my eyes. "Are you calling me a liar?" I ask sternly. She slowly shakes her head no. "Good." I say before kissing her softly on the lips, bringing my hand to her breast. A hand stops me. I make eye contact.

I have to be at work soon. I look quickly at the clock on my dresser.

"Damn." She taps me to get my attention.

I’ll be back in a few hours.

"Can I pick you up?" She smiles widely and nods.




I find my girlfriend stocking as usual on her aisle. "Ready to go, Baby?" I smile.

Sure. I just need to finish this.

"Okay, I’ll wait." I lean my shoulder against the shelves and watch her work. Davy’s muscles flex as she lifts a box from the floor. I can tell she knows what I’m thinking. Suddenly Davy looks up with a concerned look on her face. Then I feel it, an object pokes me in the back.

"Get to the front of the store now!" a man yells, muffled by a ski mask. Davy springs up in one motion. The man’s arm comes around my neck. I watch the gun extend out near the side of my head. "Don’t be a hero, Sweetheart. It ain’t worth it.....Move it." he gestures with the gun. He forces Davy to walk ahead of us, while the man pushes me in front of him, while holding me around my neck.

He shoves Davy into her two co-workers as the third was being held at gunpoint while the woman emptied the drawer. "Everybody stay calm, nobody gets hurt." He squeezes the arm around me tighter, causing me to let out a yelp of panic. Davy lunges forward, but is held back by her boss. I watched as the second thief grabbed the bag of money from the woman. I saw the cashier hit the alarm button. I look at Davy and see very controlled rage in her eyes as the man continues to pull me around with him.

"Got it all......Ain’t much here." the second man yells from behind the counter. "Ain’t shit!" he yells. The idiots shouldn’t have thought there was a lot of money in a small corner market like this.

"Damn it!" The man holding me spins me around to face him, putting his revolver in my face. I yelped.

"Hey Taylor. Calm down." We heard the sounds seconds before three police officers burst into the market. Whoever trained these guys, didn’t do a very good job.

"POLICE! Get on the ground!" one yelled. Then as my captor spins around, the officers see that I am a hostage.

"She’s coming with us!" The police backed off. I hear a scuffle and turn to see Davy trying to pull away from her friends to get to me. "Back off! I’ll let her go when we’re outta this store! If you don’t back off, I’m going to kill the bitch!"

The police made it quite clear that they weren’t letting the men out, especially with me. I sent looks of comfort to my love. She continued to put her life in jeopardy to reach me. She was calmer now. I knew as long as I keep eye contact, she will be fine. The standoff was getting heated by the moment. The men continued to yell for their freedom. The gun was pressed squarely against my throat. He began pulling me towards the door and I realized he was not stopping. As the door opened, he turned me around, using me as a human shield. "No." I heard it, but did not realize until I was outside that I didn’t recognize the voice. Maybe I had imagined it. Maybe it was one of the officers.

A loud bang rang in my ears as I fell to the ground. The asphalt was hot from the afternoon sun. Feet scrambled all around. The man was gone. A man standing over me blocked the sun from my eyes. "You’re okay. Relax. Its over." Two hands from behind pulled me.

"Davy." I said shakily. I turned towards her into her arms. Then, I heard something. As she held me, she began making soft comforting noises. I sat up immediately, causing her to release me. The chaos around us is forgotten. "Baby, that was you." She reached up and rubbed her throat.....and cleared her throat. "You spoke." I said excitedly, knowing it was Davy that had yelled no.

"L..Lisa." she whispered hoarsely. I threw my arms around her. It was a true miracle. I pulled back. "I..I..." she coughed painfully.

"Sign, Hon...Until you get the hang of it." I added.

I was so scared. I thought I was going to lose you.

"Maybe it scared you talking, instead of mute." I joked. The tear that fell from her eye stopped my teasing. "I’m sorry. I’m okay." I caressed her shoulder.

I couldn’t go on without you.

"I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere."

I love you, Lisa.

"I lo..." She held up a hand.

I...love..you...Lisa." Davy said. I was overwhelmed with emotion. Her voice was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. "You...broke...my silence."

"You talked all on your own, Love."

"Not...that silence....The one...in my...heart....Don’t leave."

"I won’t. I love you." I said, helping her to her feet. We ignored the police trying to get us to move away from the scene. The sirens of their back up. The thief that held me was now dead, but our lives were just beginning.



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