Alternative and Sexual Warning: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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Part 1



Holding the latest issue of Teen Scene, I stared at the cover. It was a simple $1.25 kid mag, but I was so excited to have it in my hands. It was a gift from my friend Lacey. She knows I am a huge Randy fan, the biggest. The entire magazine was about her, full of great photos. She is so beautiful. Of course, I knew every stat and fact in the thing. Age 25, 5í 11" tall. Started singing when she was 10, went pro at 23. She was a bit old for the teen market. Competing with youth names like N*Sync and Britney Spears, but she had her fans and I am the most obsessed. Iíll admit it. I was member of the fanclub, collected every picture and poster I could get my hands on. Pretty sad really.

Being 23, I should have something better to do with my time. Iím trailer trash. Iíll be the first to admit it. My dad left 5 years ago, taking my motherís soul with him. Now all she does is drink. I support us with a fast food, poorly paid job. We live in an overcrowded trailer park on the outskirts of a dirt town in Virginia. I find comfort in her eyes. I always imagine sheís looking at me in those pictures. Luckily there is a store next to Burger Haven, where I can sit and read these cheap things. Bobby, the owner, always gives me the leftover copies when the new ones come in. If it werenít for him, I wouldnít have any.

Randy Crosely. The name is simple, nothing glamorous. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Long black hair, piercing blue eyes. The closeups of her face are the ones I like the most, especially when they wet her hair or style it in a different way. Sheís so beautiful, she doesnít need a whole lot of make-up, unlike some of these oversexed young girls. Not only is her face a 10, but her voice is intoxicating. I can get lost in a song and forget where I am. Her dance tracks are awesome to move to. I have one concert video that I watch over and over. She can move.

"Fara, get your ass outta the house and get to work!" Mom bellows from the couch, Iím sure between sips of the bottle. I sigh heavily and put the magazine on my nightstand. I grab my apron and cap, heading into the living room. "Pick me up some Bud Light."

"Mom." I start to protest.

"Youíre the only one with a car. If you wanna keep it, you better get me my beer."

"Right." I sigh. "Bye Mom." Silence.




I step inside, saying hi to my co-workers. Immediately, I realize something strange. They smile widely, but say nothing. I move to the time clock and punch in. I see my boss inside counting change. "Hey Fara. Can I see you for a minute?"

"Yes Mame." I take a seat in the chair in front of the desk.

"How are things going?" Everyone in town knew my situation and sympathized with me.

"Decent....Moneyís still tight."

"Well, your raise came through.....A dollar more."

"Thank you." I smile.

"Youíre welcome. Youíre the best worker I have. I hope I donít lose you." I smile. "I

know its not your night, but do you mind staying after and help with cleanup?"

"Sure. I could use the money."



Today, I am on fries. I hate this job sometimes, but I know Iím lucky to have it. I smile as the in-store radio begins playing the latest Randy hit. ĎCome to my Heart.í I knew the words by heart already and havenít had the album more than a week. I sing to myself as I dump a basket of fries into the hot table. The day was dragging by. Hardly no customers towards the end of the night. I draped my towel over my shoulder and leaned on the counter, exhausted. The cleanup was almost done. "Hey Fara, come here." I here from the dining area.

"Great." I say to myself. "What else do I have to do?" As I turn the corner, I notice the lights were off. "What the......." The lights come on, blinding me.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FARA!!" My mouth drops in surprise. My co-workers laugh and begin approaching me.


"Blow out the candles." Jamie smiles. I do and people begin handing me presents. Mostly envelopes, with money. The best present I could get right now.


It was the best night of my life. My friends surprised me for sure. Now I have a few hundred dollars in my pocket.....that my mom doesnít know about and few cool Randy items. Lacey approaches me with an envelope. "Lace, no money." I say.

"Who says its money, Bud." I take it. "Open it." she says quietly. I do, pulling the contents out. My heart actually stops, my stomach does a 360. "Tenth row.....Took me a few major favors to get these."

"Randy tickets." I gasp. She smiles and slips something over my neck. "Oh my god. Backstage pass."

"Nothingís too good for my best friend."

"My momís never gonna let me go." I sigh.

"Donít worry about your mom.....Sid will take care of her.....Come on. Get in the car. We gotta get moving. The concertís tomorrow night." I grab my presents as she drags me to her car. "Wait. I donít have anything to wear."

"Why do you think they gave you three Randy T-shirts?"




I couldnít believe it. Here I was going to Richmond to see my favorite singer of all time.

"Got ya into the meet and greet."

"Wow......Iím never gonna be able to pay you back for this."

"Donít worry about it. Its my gift to you for the being such a good friend all these years."

"Thanks." She smiles and continues to drive. By the time we got to the motel, I was exhausted. It was already in the AM. I crashed on the bed without even undressing.

"We need to be up by 6 this afternoon if weíre gonna make to the concert." Lacey yawned. "Iíll set the clock." That was the last thing that I heard before I drifted off.


The annoying sound of an alarm clock woke me up. We both lept out of bed, showered, and freshened up. I ripped the tag from my Randy T-shirt and slipped it on. "Come on. Letís book it." Lacey yells as she runs from the bathroom. "Weíre gonna be late."


The crowd was immense. I smiled as I saw most of the fans were teenagers between the ages of 14-20. I guess I shouldnít be surprised at that. Randy has said openly that she is bisexual. That one fact has kept me warm a lot of nights. She still fuels my fantasies. Luckily, Randy has never admitted to having a relationship with anyone, nor has she been photographed with anyone. I see that we are getting closer to the table. I can see the venue security guards. Her personal bodyguards are on either side. I can just make out one of them. The screams are getting louder. We move several feet closer. "Lacey."

"Huh?" I see that she is checking out a guy back in the line.

"I think Iím gonna be sick."

"Ohhhhh no. Donít you lose it now. You might never get this chance again." I nodded and took deep breaths as we moved closer still. The edge of the table. I placed my sweaty palm on it.

"Oh gods. Sheís not gonna shake my hand. It feels like Iíve been squashing caterpillars all day."

"Relax......Hereís your photo." We move closer and I get my first look at her. Her hair is blocking my side view of her face. Its beautiful, the way it falls at just the right angle. She looks up to make eye contact with the fan she just signed for. Oh my gods. She smiles and I nearly forget how to work my legs. Lacey shoves me forward. My photo goes down on the table. Her hand reaches over and pulls it to her. The tan of her skin is perfect. I follow that hand up and see her signing. As she looks up, my brain memorizes every contour of her face. She reaches up and hands me the photo, but my hand wonít move. I look into her eyes, so deep, so blue. I know I have a content look on my face, with just a little bit of a smile. Her hand freezes in midair as she looks into my eyes, mirroring my awed expression. She gives me a smile Iíve never seen before......ever. Lacey nudges me, then takes the photo from Randyís hand. I am finally broken out of my trance when the guy behind her, breaks Randy out of hers.

"Enjoy the show." she says hoarsely, clearing her throat.

"Come on." Lacey pushes me on because I refused to move. "Hey." she smiled. "She gave you an Ďenjoy the showí. She didnít say that to anyone else.....That was awesome."

"Yeah, awesome." I say quietly. "I was a total spaz.....Iíll stand out as the dumb girl that just stood there.....I didnít tell her I loved her music....nothing."

"Hey....at least youíll stand out."

"Youíre right, Lace."

"Naturally, come on. Letís get some sodas and hang out backstage for awhile."




There were a flood of young girls and teenage boys backstage. Somehow I felt like I was the oldest here, until I saw a group of women that were dressed like they should on a street corner somewhere. Lacey noticed me looking at them. "Groupies." she chuckled.

"I doubt it."

"Never know." There was a CD player in the back and several young girls were huddled around it. The new album was popped in and a dance track blared out of the speakers. Gradually everyone began to join in and dance, except me. Even Lacey was mimicking one of Randyís signature dances. "Come on. Youíre better than anyone here and you

donít want to dance?"

"I donít feel like it."

"Come on. Whoís gonna know? Everyone around you is doing the same thing." She had a point. I waited for a change in tempo and began to dance. I know every choreographed number by heart. Soon it became apparent that I am the best dancer here. I noticed the people close to us stopped and began to watch me with interest. Soon a tight circle was formed around me. I was having too much fun to stop. Soon I broke into my own steps. Iím a street dancer. Back when I was a kid, I was the best and only female break dancer on my block. Planting my arm, I raised my entire body off the ground in a freeze frame, getting applause from the on lookers. Putting two hands on the floor and pulling my body up, I did a perfect scissors handstand, with each leg in a different direction. The track ended and I was glad. I was out of breath. Roars came from my spectators, putting me on cloud nine. "That was awesome, Fara....Youíve been holding out on me. I saw a few new moves in there."

"Thanks." I breathed, taking her bottle of water. As a slow track began, the crowd began to dissipate. We decided to walk the length of the corridor to get away from everyone. Soon we were alone and I fell into thought. Suddenly I collided with a body, almost knocking someone to the floor. "Oh gosh. Iím sorry." I looked down as I saw the woman get to her feet. She stood to her full height, towering over me. The black shoes, black leather pants, and a purple silk shirt, untucked. Looking into her eyes, I was once again mesmerized.

"Its.....okay...Hi." Randy said softly. "You again." she smiled. I couldnít say anything. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. My eyes went to the floor once again. "You alright? Youíre not hurt are ya?" I shook my head no. "It was just as much fault as yours. I wasnít looking where I was going." She didnít realize that that wasnít the problem, it was her presence that made me silent. "Iím Randy." I looked up and smiled. "No point in

introducing myself, but I still like to....and you are?"

"Fara." I say softly. "Jones."

"Nice to meet you. Hope youíre having a good time."

"I am.....Its a dream come true." Oh gods that was lame. She smiled though.

"Would like to hang out with me for awhile?" Boy would I!

"My friend....."

"Oh donít mind me.....Iím gonna go check out the lead singer for your opening act. He

was giving me the eye. Iíll meet you at the seats at showtime okay?"


"Later Fara." I watched as my friend moved to a man waving at her. Randy chuckled.

"Come on." Randy led to her room and opened the door. "Would you like something to

eat?" There was a table set up with all kinds of snacks.

"Thank you."

"Youíre welcome. Help yourself." I watched Randy make herself a sandwich and sit on the couch. I did the same.



I was here in Randyís dressing room, sitting next to her, eating a sandwich. All those questions that I had for her donít seem to matter anymore. Just being here is enough. "So where you from, Fara?"

"Youíve never heard of it."

"Try me."

"Lanamon, Virginia." She appeared to think about it, then smiled.

"Youíre right. Never heard of it." We made eye contact and both of us stopped chewing. Again, we were lost in each otherís eyes. I knew she felt it too.....or I wouldnít be here. Thatís another fact I know about Randy. She rarely invites people into her private space. Her hand moved, my heart stopped. Her fingers reached up and caressed my jaw bone. My breath caught in my throat. "Gods, thereís something about you." she whispers.



The sandwich forgotten, she puts it down on the table. She pulls me towards her. I see it but I donít believe it. Her lips are coming closer. I donít dare close my eyes. I want to remember this forever. She was soft, gentle. I felt a heat rise in me I never felt before as her tongue touches my lips. I reflexively open my mouth. Her warm, wet tongue slides into my mouth. I groan. She takes the sandwich out of my hand and places it on the table without losing contact with my mouth. I feel myself going backward. I want to lay down anyway. I feel almost lightheaded. Randy eases me down to the pillowed armrest and crawls on top of me, breaking the kiss. She looks into my eyes with a smile on her face, caressing my cheek, as she places the length of her body on me. "You okay?"

"Yes." I whisper. "Donít stop."

"I have a confession to make. Iím not bi.....Iím gay." She says as she caresses my cheek.

"Good." I smile. She smiles and kisses me again. My arms come around her neck, pulling her close. As I kissed her, I committed everything to memory. The smell of her cologne, the softness of her shirt, the swell of the breasts that were pressing into me, the tongue that was exploring my mouth.



She stopped kissing my lips and moved to my neck, biting softly. I moaned again, louder this time. Taking the tip of her tongue, she trailed it down my neck to the collar of my shirt and back up. My fingers tangled in her hair and followed her head as she continued to sensually bite and lick at my neck. I felt a heat rise within me. I knew what it was. I was becoming very aroused. Who wouldnít in my situation? My thoughts stopped as she once again moved to my lips and kissed me passionately. My right hand left her hair and moved down. Reaching between us, I squeezed her breast gently. She groaned into my mouth, making me do it again. Getting bolder, I moved my hand down and under her shirt, under her bra, and caressed the mound of hot flesh I found there. It made her stop kissing me. "Oh gods.....That feels good." I rubbed her nipple. It hardened immediately. Never being the aggressor in my life, I was now. I had to be. I wasnít going to miss this. I sat up, forcing her to turn over onto her back. She smiled up at me, her eyes mirrored my desire. She wanted this too. She was so lost in my eyes, she was shocked to look down and see her shirt unbuttoned and the left side of her bra pushed up away from her breast. I placed my entire body on top of her. My mouth clamped onto the exposed nub. "Fara." she hissed as I sucked it into my mouth. My right hand holding the breast as I played with her aching nipple. Her hands caressed my back roughly as I suckled on her.

I am so wet and I am beginning to throb. My left hand moves to my jeans, I begin unbuttoning them. "No." she breathed. "Let me." She shoved my hand away and finished the job herself, sliding them down my hips and off. When her hand touched my center through my panties, I stopped what I was doing and grunted. "Oh gods, youíre so wet." she grins. I know the wetness went right through the crotch of my underwear. She reaches up and takes her finger into her mouth, making me grind into her thigh.

"Randy." I moaned. Without a word, she moves her hand down. Her hand moves my panties aside and enters me. "Ohhhhhh. Please." I moaned. Her fingers slid so easily into me. She drives her fingers hard into me. I scream. She does it again, beginning a rhythm of sharp, hard thrusts. It was only seconds later that I came, coating her hand with my wetness. "Randy." I groaned as the tremors swept through me.


Immediately, she pulls me down and holds me as my breath comes in gasps. "Shhh." she soothes. The aching inside me was satisfied, but it left me wanting more. A sharp beeping noise startles me. "Shhhhh. Its alright." she whispers as she continues to stroke my hair. Her other hand reaches to the table and picks up a cellphone. "Yes." She tries her best to hide the tremor in her voice. "Okay. Iíll be there shortly." She puts the phone back down and sits up, taking me with her. "I gotta get ready for the show." Randy puts both of her hands up to my face. I smile, not only for the tender gesture, but for the fact I can still smell myself on her fingers. "I gotta go, Baby. Why donít you meet me here after the show?"

"Okay." I smile. We both stand. I grab my jeans from the floor and slip them on. My shoes came off with them. I sit on the couch and put them back on too.

"What row are you?"

"Tenth.....Close enough so I can watch you."

"Not anymore." She hands me two tickets.

"These are front row center." I gasp.

"Yes they are......You better get going before you miss the opening act."

"Thank you."

"You are very welcome.....I wanna know where you are tonight." After a quick kiss, I went to find Lacey.



I found her at our seats. She was just as happy as I was to have front row now. "So, what did you do to get those?" she grinned. I winked. Her smile faded. "Fara, I love you. You know that right?"


"I donít think its a good idea for you to get your hopes up about Randy. She is a famous singer. I hate to say it but, did it occur to you that it might be just a fling to her."

"No.....No." I shook my head. "This was no one night stand, Lacey. I can feel it. Why would she give me these tickets if she didnít care?"

"Settle her conscious. In a way, its giving them back something in exchange....You know front row is impossible to get....Maybe that is the only way to get them.....so to speak."

"Youíre wrong, Lacey." I said defiantly.

"I hope so, my friend."



Lacey didnít put a damper on my mood. Nothing could. I was in love with Randy. I watched the opening act with little interest. When Randy came out, I thought I was going to go deaf from all the screaming. She burst out on stage in an explosion of energy. Her first song was a fast paced dance number. Everyone around me was going nuts. Me, I sat there and watched her intently. Cheering at just the right moments. When it slowed, I noticed a very thin layer of sweat begin to bead to her face and hair. I found it extremely sexy. "Hellllllooooooo Richmond !!!! Howís everyone doiní tonight?" she screamed into her mic. A rush of noise nearly burst my eardrum. The mic itself was sexy to me, the way it looked on her. It attached to a piece from her ear. It gave her the freedom of movement in her arms. "Love this town so far." She looked directly into my eyes. Every scream around us silenced in my mind. She smiled and winked, turning back to the crowd. A change in tempo signaled another song. Lacey leaned into me.

"I think that proves my first theory wrong." she screams.

"Good." The concert ended after about two hours. I counted four wardrobe changes. Now she wearing gray cargo pants and an orange T-shirt. She bows after her encore.

"Come on. We better get moving." Lacey said and pulled me up. Using the same route we took before the show, we moved into the backstage area. There were still a mob of people in back. I moved down the hall, towards Randyís room. "Iíll wait here. You come and get me when your ready to go."

"Alright." I stood by the door ten minutes before a man announced on the intercom that the show was over and it was time to leave the entire backstage area. "Damn." I said to myself, but I didnít move. I knew Randy would be here soon. Ten more minutes went by. I was sure Lacey went to her car. I noticed no one but the stage crew.

"Excuse me. Youíll have to leave now." A man with SECURITY written on his t-shirt.

"Iím waiting on Randy." He smiled.

"Mame, there are a lot of people who say that to me. Randy doesnít want after show visitors."

"She told me to meet her here." He smirked at me.

"And I told you to leave.....Now go."



With my shoulders slumped, I walked to Laceyís car. "Whatís wrong? She didnít show?" I shook my head. "Ahhhhhh Iím sorry, Fara." She rubs my back as I get into the car.

"I just wanna get home."

"You got it." The long drive home was relatively silent. Lacey knew I would be better

left alone. Something about Laceyís smile and demeanor when I talked about Randy never seeing me again, she gave me a ĎI know something you donít knowí look. Oh well. It was definitely fun while it lasted. I got meet my favorite singer, kiss my favorite singer, made love with her, and sit front row center at the concert. I smiled as I realized I really came out on top with that exchange regardless of the outcome. Iím happier knowing that, but I have a feeling that my heart will miss Randy for a long time.


To Be Continued.......