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Sons of Thunder

By: MaryD


The sound reverberated through the house and startled a young man. A few moments before he was sitting quietly reading the latest scroll he bought from a passing merchant. He hastily tried to hide the scroll as the sound of his father's footsteps and bellowing of his name came nearer.

In the doorway stood a tall, powerfully built man with salt and pepper hair, his dark eyes looking around the room until he found his son sitting sharpening his knife. He was furious at the boy.

"Joxer, what is this?" the man waved the scroll around in the air.

The young man felt cornered, the scroll he had been reading slightly protruded into his back.

"A scroll?"

They looked at each other and the man exhaled loudly and looked up into the heavens. "I know it's a scroll! How many times have I told you that this..." and he continued to wave the scroll around "this is nonsense! You are a warrior, not a scholar, not some weak and spineless philosopher!"

Joxer looked up at his father and then down towards the floor, his hair falling into his eyes as he studied the stones with intensity.

"Why can't you be like Jett?" The man said quietly as he sat down next to his son. "Are you ashamed of being a warrior?"

"I'm not a warrior..."

"You most certainly are! I am a warrior, your grandfather was a warrior and his father before him! WE are warriors! Your brother Jett is..."


"Leave your other brother out of this! I've told you countless times Jess is special.."

"And I'm not?" Joxer said quietly.

Silence descended between the door for a moment. "You are special to me and your mother, Joxer. We have hopes and dreams for you. We want you to be a warrior, just like I am and all your family are."

"But I don't want to be a warrior."

"Yes I think I've heard that before." The man sighed. "Do you know what my dream has been for many winters? I want to hear of your exploits, son, I want to hear of the Great Joxer making Greece tremble at his feet! I want to hear of the two of you, the Sons of Thunder, bring honor to this family. I want the best for you, and I have listened to what you want but it's not the best for you..."

"No you haven't. You heard me but you haven't listened. I want to go to Athens and become a musician and ...."

"ENOUGH!" The man bellowed startling Joxer and freeing the hidden scroll to fall at his father's feet. The man glowered at it and kicked it away. "YOU are a warrior, you will become Joxer The Mighty, do you hear me?"

Joxer looked up at his father with sorrow. "But..."

"I know what the problem is, Joxer."

"You do?"

"Yes now I know what the problem is...wait here" The man left the room, leaving a very confused Joxer who stared after him.

A few moments later he entered into the room carrying a sword and sheath. He smiled down at his son. "I was waiting for the right moment to do this but I guess this is the right moment. Joxer this is your sword and your sheath..."

"But they're yours..."

"I know but I just realised you didn't have a sword of your own, that is why you feel you can't be a warrior! I didn't realise before, Jett has a sword of his own and you didn't." He solemnly gave the sword and the sheath to the young man. "Now make me proud. I don't want to hear about you wanting to be a musician, or anything else."

Joxer lightly traced the outline of the pommel with his fingers and looked up. "Thank you father but..."

"Ah don't thank me lad, I should have done it years ago. Right, now that's settled." He got up and walked out feeling very satisfied with himself."

Joxer watched his father go and then looked back down at the sword.

"I don't want to be a warrior..." he whispered to the empty room.

The End


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