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She is laughing at something the person she is speaking with has said. It is like a gift now to see her so happy and proud at the life we have built. Love and time have made all the difference I know. She came to me broken and battered, and in the months that she has been with me, we have fixed each other, just like I fixed her broken leg. Circumstances kept us apart for years, enough time for me to become a surgeon and for her to become a battered wife. In a strange way, the bastard that brutalized her for years is who brought her back into my life. Now she has become my life, and the man responsible for her injuries is locked away for good.

All that is in our past now, memories we remember but chose not to relive too often. There are too many wonderful memories to think of now, and too many yet to be made. For the years that we were apart, I pondered the question, how do you mend a broken heart? I look at her now and the answer is simple.


All It Took Was You


Ali Vali

Part 1

"What do you call this one?" asked the orthopedic surgery resident standing next to her. He had picked up the subject of his question and was intently studying it under the soft lights in the room.

"A bowl," answered Harry dryly. She had been surprised to find most of her students milling around the gallery looking at Desi’s pieces when they had arrived that night. Her partner had become a common sight at both Charity and Mercy when she came to meet Harry for lunch. The outgoing blonde had become a favorite with Harry’s residents, so she was pleased to see them amassed there that night in a show of their support for Desi’s first gallery showing.

"It’s called ‘Blue Heaven’." Harry felt the small hand slip into hers, and saw the blush rise up the young man’s face at having been addressed by the artist, making her own right brow rise with the young man’s color. The fact that most of the young doctors turned into babbling idiots whenever Desi addressed them hadn’t escaped Harry’s notice either. "Harry are you misbehaving again?" asked Desi squeezing the large hand in hers.

"Never love, I just didn’t know the bowls had names. Do the one’s at home that I eat cereal out of have names?" asked Harry with a twinkle in her eye. Desi looked up at her and smiled. She knew Harry was teasing since the tall doctor had taken an avid interest in Desi’s new career, and did everything she could to make Desi a success.

It had been Harry who had put the studio together for her and on weekends could be found building shelves and other things to make it a better working space for Desi. And as her pregnancy progressed, Harry made it a point to go out every morning and arrange all her supplies so that Desi didn’t have to pick up much. Between Harry and Tony, Desi had been more than ready for her first show. The debut show would be the first and last for her, for a while. In a few more weeks they would have a new addition to the Basantes family, and there was no one more anxious for the baby’s arrival than Desi. For the past two months her back had been hurting so much from the extra weight she was carrying, she hadn’t been able to sit at her potter’s wheel for very long.

Harry felt the other small hand pulling on her jacket trying to get her to bend down to Desi’s level, which she gladly did. The resident looked on as Desi bit down on Harry’s bottom lip before letting it go and kissing her. When they broke it off, they looked up to see that they were relatively alone in a crowded room. "And here I thought I was your only true love." Harry could feel their child moving against her as Desi pressed closer to her.

"What do you mean, baby?" asked Desi as she ran her hands under Harry’s jacket along her back.

"That boy’s got a crush on you Desiree." Harry cocked her head in the direction the young man had walked off in.

"And here I thought they only got crushes on you Dr. Harry. Do you love me?" asked Desi from her safe cocoon. She was leaning heavily on Harry trying to get some of the pressure off her feet.

"With all my heart. Why do you ask?"

"Because I am in serious need of a back rub, and you seem to be the only person I find in my bedroom every night. Just checking to see if it’s because you want to be there or you can’t find any place else to sleep," teased Desi. It was nice to finally just relax and be the same girl she had been at one time. She could tease Harry endlessly, never fearing that she would ever reach a breaking point where the big surgeon would hurt her. There were still nightmares that lingered because of her life with Byron, but he was in jail and Harry was there to hold her through the bad times.

"Well now, if I’m in your way you just tell me ma’am. I’m sure you can find me some pallet or something I can lay my head on. But seriously honey, if you’re tired then we can head home. We’re in the final stretch now and I don’t want you to take any unnecessary chances." From over Desi’s head, Harry could see her mother closing in on them with a glass of champagne in her hand. Maria looked like she was having a good time catching up with her old friends from New Orleans, but she could always spare the time to give her only daughter a hard time.

"How’s my grandbaby?" Maria put her hand to Desi’s side and felt a strong kick against it. In the past two weeks, Maria had gotten to know her daughter’s partner after she and her husband Raul had moved in with the two. A year prior, when Harry had called to tell them Desi was back in her life, Maria had not welcomed the news with the most level of heads. Relying on Tony as her source of information as to what was happening in, the sometimes reclusive, Harry’s life Maria had gotten little information out of the usually talkative Tony about what had happened when they were in college. Maria guessed Tony’s reluctance came from direct orders from Harry to clam up about Desi’s disappearance. But she had seen the love in Harry’s eyes for this small blonde American, and had had to admit that Desi brought Harry infinite happiness.

"We’re doing great Mami, thank you for asking," said Harry sarcastically. She hugged Desi closer to her and kissed the top of her head.

"I was getting to that Harry, but first I would like to see the ring finger of Desi’s left hand." The matriarch of the Basantes family calmly stood before them and took a sip out of the flute in her hand. Maria would be damned if her fourth grandchild would come into the world with everyone having different names.

"I was going to show it to you, but you and Raul had already left for the evening when Harry gave it to me," said Desi. She was still trying to get use to the weight of the ring Harry had given her two hours prior. Desi wiggled her fingers in Maria’s direction, half expecting the woman to pull out a jeweler’s loop to see if Harry had done a good enough job.

"I’m just glad you remembered that commitment comes as part of having a baby Harry. Desi how do you feel about the name Basantes?" Desi could see who Harry had learned to arch her eyebrow from as Maria asked the question.

"Considering it’s the name on my driver’s license, I guess I’m ok with it. Jerry took care of all that at the end of last year, didn’t Harry tell you?" Desi cocking her head up to look at an innocent acting Harry, who at the moment wasn’t saying anything to help her with Maria.

"No, I didn’t tell her just to see how long she could hold out before asking," answered Harry. In her heart Desi was her wife; it was just a matter of waiting for the right ring to come along. Harry knew that it was only a symbol of what they really felt, but Desi had enriched her life so much in so little time, Harry wanted nothing but the right symbol for all that represented. The one Harry had found was simple in design, but in a way represented the changes Desi had brought into her life.

She still lived in the same house, worked in the same places doing the same things, but there was a newness to everything now, and Harry attributed it all to the love that had come back to her. A baby would only add to that, and Harry was anxious to meet the little person whom had sent her out into the city at strange hours to satisfy Desi’s cravings. Desi hadn’t wanted to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, wanting a surprise for both of them in the delivery room.

"Harry Basantes, you are not too old for me to smack you one - so behave." Maria put her hand up as a threat, before she turned her palm up as a gesture that she wanted Desi to join her. "Come on Desi, it’s not to late for you to learn social graces to make up for those that obviously didn’t sink into that thick skull above you."

"But I’m so attached to that thick skull Maria." Before Desi could continue her defense of Harry, Tony walked up and interrupted their bantering. He had appointed himself Desi’s manager and best friend, and the two had been inseparable for weeks as they readied the room next to Harry and Desi’s for the new baby.

"You are a success honey. It won’t matter now how long you take for a maternity leave; people are hot for your stuff. I knew we should have charged more," lamented Tony.

"Are you kidding, I’ve made more in one night than in my whole working career up to now. But enough about that kiddies; the potter has to sit down a minute." Desi’s back was killing her and her feet felt swollen. Not that she had seen them in weeks, but every shoe in her closet felt tight lately.

The sparkle of the ring caught Tony’s eye as they started past him and he held up his own hand to get them to stop. Making sure they were under one of the soft spot lights Tony did produce a jeweler’s loop out of his jacket pocket and checked out the merchandise.

"My God, you are good," he told Desi. Desi snatched her hand back and slapped him in the arm as they both broke into giggles.

"I’m not even going to ask," said Desi pointing to the eyepiece in Tony’s hand.

"A girl’s always got to be prepared for the possibility of large jewelry being gifted. Knowing the quality helps in deciding just how far the thank you has to go. That honey, should take you a while," said Tony pointing to the stone resting on Desi’s finger.

"All right poofer in a pink suit, back up and let me get my girl to a chair," teased Harry. Desi gave her a swift pinch on her butt for the insult as they walked to a set of chairs close to the table that had been set up as a bar. Mona intercepted them when she saw the fatigued look on Desi’s face. Most of Mona’s family had been coming to the house lately to see her, since the old family friend had refused to leave Desi’s side after six months of pregnancy. Mona took Desi on as her personal responsibility and was not shy about issuing orders when she thought the young woman wasn’t taking care of herself.

"It’s time to go home Harry, go get the car. I know that everyone wants to see our girl and tell her how good she’s done, but that will have to wait for the next show. You deaf Harry? Car! Now!" ordered Mona. Not even Maria, who had hired the maid years before, tried to argue with her when it came to Desi’s welfare.

"Yes ma’am," answered Harry snapping to attention and saluting. She laughed as she walked toward the door. Mona had taken a seat next to Desi and was holding her hand to make sure the young woman didn’t get the notion to leave the chair.


"Gentlemen, one of the reasons Angola Penitentiary is so successful in the incarceration of society’s less desirable citizens is our location. I need not remind you that we are surrounded by some of the most snake and alligator infested swamps God ever sought to grace the great state of Louisiana with. Our objective this evening is the finding and bringing back of ten of our lost lambs. Seems they didn’t like the food nor the accommodations. Any questions before we let the hounds do their jobs?" asked Warden Miller. He had been with the prison for thirty years, and in that time there had been those who thought they could beat the land that surrounded the barbed wire fences. Just like all those others, the ten that had escaped would find new horrors to keep them awake in their cells at night once they were caught. Only a fool wouldn’t fear the swamp at night.

South Louisiana, for most who are born there, is a paradise that is hard to leave. No allure of the big city or fortune seeking is likely to make you want to wander off very far. As a child, Garrett Miller had driven with his father as the small town sheriff made his rounds in the late afternoons. There wasn’t much crime back then, maybe a farmer with a missing chicken or a snake in the cistern that needed removing. But it was those drives listening to his father’s stories that had made up Garrett’s mind on a career in law enforcement.

In his first year’s as a deputy working for his father, Garrett had spent that time watching the sugar cane stalks dance gracefully in the wind as he waited for speeders to come around the bend of the road in his small sleepy town. But then he did something no one in his family had ever done, and that was go off to college. With a new degree four years later, he set off to a new job at the Angola State Penitentiary.

The swamp that surrounded the prison grounds for miles reminded him of home. With the clusters of ancient cypress trees draped with moss, and the cypress knees coming out of the water it was a perfect hiding place for everything that would make your skin crawl. Garrett knew what was out there, and it made him stop for a moment to wax nostalgic about his childhood when he trapped with his grandfather on his mother’s side. He had to laugh when he thought of the Simoneaux family and the seven crack heads with them when they saw their first set of what Cajuns called glowers. The black water of the swamp would be broken up every so often by the glow of two small orbs. If you didn’t know better you would think that the spirits of old trappers were there to pay you a visit, but if you did know better you would know that below the little glowing balls was the snout and teeth of a gator. If they didn’t get you, then there were always the water moccasins and cottonmouths waiting in the trees with a mouthful of venom.

"We going out there tonight boss?" asked one of the deputies. There was a group of them surrounding the warden, all chewing tobacco, and all carrying loaded shotguns.

"You waiting for a cruise to take you out there maybe? Hell yes Jimmy, we are heading out tonight, but don’t worry. Unlike the ten morons wading out there in their underwear, we are going to give you boys some flat bottoms. Now pick a partner and let’s move out; my wife’s waiting at home for me with some chicken stew that I’ve been thinking about all day," said Garrett. He jumped in his Ford Bronco and headed out to the water’s edge to claim a boat.

Stepping as carefully as he could two miles away, Byron put one foot forward and tried to ignore the fact that the water was now up to his chest, and with more regularity, things were swimming up against his legs. Three of the guys that had run with them had turned around and headed back when they saw the first snake swimming past them. At the moment it didn’t seem like such a stupid idea to him. When Byron took his next step something long and scaly slithered past him and coiled around his leg. For a brief moment he stopped all movement and felt the blood drain from his body leaving him cold from the fear pumping through him. "Oh my God daddy, what’s that?" Byron shouted back to his father in a panic.


"What in the hell! Who in the hell is at the door at midnight?" asked Harry out loud in the empty kitchen. The doorbell had rung just as she was cutting the sandwich she had made Desi in half. Whoever it was would just have to bear the fact she was in a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. The shorts had been a gift from Desi on her last shopping trip with Tony. The black cotton material was covered in small white skeletons that glowed in the dark.

"Serena? Are Rachel and Butch ok?" The disheveled looking blonde at Harry’s door looked like the world was coming to an end. "Somebody better have broken something, or Desi may never forgive y’all for missing her first show," said Harry waving her old friend into the house.

"I’m sorry Harry, but I left Albert at home with Rachel tonight. I take it you haven’t watched the news?" Serena ran a delicate hand through her long blonde hair and hesitated at the front door. Might as well enjoy the playful bantering while it lasts, cause Harry my friend, I’m going to have to peel you off the walls in a minute.

"No, we just got home about thirty minutes ago and baby Basantes got hungry. What’s going on?" Harry pulled Serena into the house and closed the front door. Harry’s gut was telling her she wasn’t going to like what the attorney had to say. After what Desi’s sister and she had been through together, it would have taken drastic measures for Rachel not to have come and shared in Desi’s big moment. Desi hadn’t said anything but Harry could tell she had been hurt by Rachel’s absence every time the green eyes swept the room looking for her.

"Harry I need to talk to both you and Desi. I prefer you heard this news from me rather than the channel six news. Is she decent?" asked Serena as she mounted the stairs.

"You are kidding right? The woman is over eight months pregnant. She has a stick she whacks me with if I try to touch her. Says I make her hot," said Harry as she followed up after her friend.

"Well honey, you could make anyone hot in that outfit." Serena teased Harry by tugging on the bottom hem of her shorts.

"Serena baby, you are sleeping with my sister-in-law, stop looking at me like that." They walked into the bedroom together, finding Desi propped up by a mountain of pillows.

"Looking at you like what?" Desi looked at them like if the answer displeased her there would be hell to pay.

"Like I’m too sexy for my shorts," said Harry. The food in her hands was quickly snatched up by Desi who had been kept waiting long enough.

"Gosh, I remember a time when you went after me with such intent," teased Harry with a dramatic sigh. Waving Serena to a chair next to the bed, Harry sat next to a happily eating Desi.

"Harry let me explain something to you," started Desi, before pausing to take a bite of the chicken salad sandwich in her hand. It was Mona’s family recipe, and a favorite of Desi’s for weeks. Harry was convinced there was a wanted poster of Desi in chicken coops around the area, since so many of them had lost their lives to satisfy Desi’s chicken salad cravings.

"Over eight months ago, you wanted to have a baby and got me pregnant. Are you with me so far sexy?" Desi waited for Harry to nod her head before continuing. "Since then my back is killing me because all you Basantes people are so friggin’ big, and my feet are now three times their normal size. From the stories I hear, I will be in excruciating pain in about two weeks, and it will be all your fault."

"I thought it was our idea to have a baby, and your feet look fine," said Harry as she raised the blanket up to look at Desi’s feet.

"Harry would you like to have sex again in this lifetime?" The tone Desi was using sounded like she was speaking to someone extremely dull-witted.

"Yes honey." Harry answered looking to the woman next to her for signs that she was joking.

"Then just nod your head and be quiet. What can we do for you Serena?" Desi turned to their guest as Harry scooted closer to her. She was glad for the contact knowing that by the hour of Serena’s visit whatever she had to say couldn’t be good.

"I just wanted you guys to know that our old friend in the police department Roger Landry called me earlier to tell me that Byron, Mike and their father escaped earlier today along with seven other inmates. The authorities are looking for them, but haven’t found them as of thirty minutes ago. Desi I don’t want you to worry, I think they’ll be found before they ever get close to New Orleans, but I didn’t want you to hear this from someone else and freak out. You have to take care of yourself, especially now that you are so close to delivering Harry Jr."

"How could this have happened?" asked a stunned Desi. The news had come as such a shock that she had dropped the uneaten portion of her sandwich onto her lap. One of the reasons she had enjoyed the past year so much was the fact that Byron had been locked up. He was supposed to spend the rest of his life locked up, away from she and Harry. This cannot be happening again.

"They were heading toward the showers when they were left unattended. The ten of them hid in a closet while the guards took the rest of the inmates back to the cellblock then took off at a run to the back entrance that leads to the swamp. Angola didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to head into that voluntarily, so it isn’t very well guarded. I’m sorry Desi, but you know that we aren’t going to let anything happen to you, especially with that pit bull sitting next you. I just thought you needed to know." The shock on the faces before her was the same as the look on her own when the detective had called and told Serena the news. With any luck, the ten of them were gator food by now.

"Thanks Serena, we appreciate you coming over here and telling us. The thought of them out makes me a little uneasy, but I know that I’m safe here." Desi tried putting on a good front since she could feel the waves of anger rolling off the big body sitting next to her. Desi had no doubt that if Byron, or anyone in his family stepped foot in their house, Harry would kill them where they stood.

"Harry, are you ok?" asked Serena. The pulse on the surgeon’s neck was visible even from the distance she sat. Harry was pissed, and rightfully so. The people trusted with the public’s safety by keeping these animals behind locked doors had failed miserably.

"No, I’m not fucking ok. That asshole tried to kidnap my wife and tried to kill me in the process, and now you tell me he’s escaped with that asshole clan he calls a family. If he comes within twenty yards of this house, I will shoot them on sight. I won’t have my family harassed again, do you understand me?" The small hand running along her arm and the fact that Desi needed her now was keeping Harry from bolting from the bed.

"Harry, don’t curse in front of the baby. It’s not Serena’s fault that they got out, so calm down love. We can’t do anything about it tonight, so let’s try and get some sleep," said Desi. She looked at Serena and gave her a warm smile. While Desi had been jealous of the attorney at first, she had come to regard her as a friend when Rachel had moved in with her. Butch had blossomed with the new relationship, enough so that he considered both Serena and Rachel as a parent.

"Harry, are you pestering that girl again? I swear you don’t have the sense God gave a pig. She is pregnant, you bonehead. That means that Desiree needs her sleep," bellowed Mona from down the hall. All three of them could hear the maid shuffling down the hall towards the bedroom, and despite the tenseness of the moment, they all had to laugh. "I thought I heard the doorbell. How is my little boy?" asked Mona.

"He’s fine Mona, and he had better be sleeping when I get home. That little sucker has learned to play your sister for all she’s worth Desi. I’ll let myself out and I’ll call you in the morning. Have a good night." Serena got up to leave and was followed out by Mona leaving Harry and Desi alone.

Desi sat quietly next to Harry waiting for her partner to say something. She wondered if Harry ever regretted making a life with her because of all the emotional baggage she came with.

"How are you doing baby?" asked Harry. Leaning back into the pillows, Harry substituted herself as Desi’s backrest. Harry’s only wish through their pregnancy was that it would go smoothly without undue stress. It had been that up to now, but she refused to let the Simoneauxs mar their happiness.

"I’m ok honey, I was just thinking that maybe you should have picked someone besides me to share your life with. It’s like we’ll never be rid of Byron and his family," said Desi in a small voice. She had gotten so accustomed to her new life, that the thought of losing it made her ill. Desi clutched onto Harry’s shirt trying to pull herself closer to the woman that owned her heart. What had started out as friendship so long ago had matured into a solid relationship since they were brought back together. Harry had given her a lifetime of good memories in sixteen short months.

Desi hung up the phone with a smile on her face after talking with Sam, Harry’s surgical nurse at Charity Hospital. The woman had answered the call since Harry was in the middle of a complicated back surgery with twenty residents looking on. Sam shouted over the song ‘Love Shack’ her promise to have Harry call as soon as she started suturing. Charity, Desi knew, was always a grueling day for Harry but in some ways was the most rewarding for her tall surgeon. When a patient, that in no way could afford her lover’s services, saw the goddess of the bones walk into their room, trailing a pack of awe struck medical students behind her, it was special.

An hour later Desi still hadn’t heard back from Harry, so she had gone out to her studio to get some work done. No sooner than she put her hands on the wet clay, the phone rang. Pressing the now muddy button of the speakerphone Harry had gotten her, Desi answered the call.

Before she said a word, Desi’s favorite voice came over the line, "Hello beautiful, how’s your day so far?"

"Good honey, but I miss you. You left so doggone early this morning, I don’t remember if I even got a goodbye kiss. All finished with Mr. Massengeli?" It amazed Desi how thrilling it was to get a compliment from Harry. The thought that Harry still found her beautiful, made Desi tingle.

"Baby you know I would never leave without kissing you first, and Vito made out just fine. He should be tending his garden again soon. Before we put him under he made me promise to tell you that his first batch of Creole tomatoes are reserved for you. What are you doing for lunch?" The phone was cradled between her ear and Harry’s shoulder as she wrote orders into Mr. Massengeli’s chart. The surgery to repair extensive damage to the vertebrae of the old Italian bricklayer’s back had been tedious, but Harry was happy with the result. The pain reduction from the procedure, Harry guessed, would make Vito a happy man once he was back on his feet.

"Harry it’s three in the afternoon love," chided Desi. The fact Harry had such poor eating habits when she was working, was an ongoing argument between them.

"I tried eating during surgery baby, but all the crumbs I dropped tended to cause infections in my patients. I’m sorry, I know I promised to do better, but we’ve been in there since nine. Besides I won’t be home until around eight so the math on my lunch hour works out." Harry could hear Desi laughing on her end, which told her the small blonde wasn’t too angry with her. Harry handed the chart to the OR nurse and started jogging toward her car.

"What did you have in mind?" Desi wiped her hands on a towel ready to forget work for now. She wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to meet Harry for any reason.

"How about a picnic in a secret location?" offered Harry. A quick right onto St. Charles Avenue put her on the route home. Now all she had to do was keep Desi on the phone for a few more minutes.

"A secret picnic locations Dr. Harry? I am intrigued as to where that might be, no hints?" Desi leaned on the desk Harry had put by the window so the doctor could catch up on her paperwork close to Desi on the weekends, and looked out at the garden under the large windows. The yellow irises that had been there for years were in bloom, attracting bees to the beautiful flowers. The shelves behind her were starting to fill up with the pieces she had completed.

"No hints, just get in your car and get on the phone, I’ll guide you to the right place," grunted Harry as she sat and stretched out on the quilt spread on the ground.

"Ok honey, I’m out back so give me a few minutes to grab my keys. Bye."

Harry watched the big white clouds through the thick leaf canopy overhead as they floated by. It was relatively quiet as she relaxed and took in her surroundings. The thought that she needed more days like this one occurred to her as she stretched out on her back. She smiled as she heard the door slam on the new BMW she and Desi had picked out. The stubborn blonde had been reluctant to the idea of driving such an expensive car, until Harry sat her behind the wheel and dropped the top. It was really too small for Harry, but the surgeon sure thought Desi looked good driving it.

"Ok where to?" asked Desi as soon as she heard the connection go through on her cell phone.

"Back up and tell me when you get to the end of the drive." Harry sat up and waited for the silver metallic car to come into view. "Ok stop," cried Harry into the phone. "Look to your right baby."

Desi swiveled her head in that direction, and in the distance by the large wall that surrounded their property sat Harry. The location the doctor had picked would only make them visible from the driveway, and since it was Monday, they wouldn’t have any interruptions. Harry still had on her white lab coat and a stethoscope draped around her neck, but had taken off the running shoes she wore for comfort on surgery days. Harry smiled as she watched Desi cross the lawn towards her wearing shorts and a small tank top, that Desi had informed her was called a wife beater. Harry figured Desi had everyone beat looking as good as she did. The blonde could certainly turn heads without any effort on her part.

Desi took in the reclining figure and put more sway into her hips. Getting Harry all hot and bothered had become her hobby. "Wanna play doctor with me little girl?" asked Harry. The sandals Desi was wearing came flying off as she stepped onto the blanket. With deliberate slowness, Desi peeled off the cotton top revealing two perfect breasts to Harry.

Placing the earpieces of the stethoscope into Harry’s ears she said, "Yes, I think you should listen to my labored breathing." Harry blew on it to warm it before placing it on Desi’s chest. As she listened to the strong heartbeat, Harry’s eyes were glued to the pink nipples in front of her. Desi had straddled her at the waist and was pushing the white coat off her shoulders, and her soft lips were attached to Harry’s neck. "What’s your diagnosis doc?"

"From the state of your breathing, increased heart rate and nipple reaction, I would have to say you’re horny baby. I need you to take off your pants though to complete the examination." Desi stood up right in front of her so that her crotch was inches from Harry’s face. With quick twits, the buttons of the shorts popped open and fell to her feet. A soft chuckle escaped her lips when she heard Harry moan when the navy blue thong panties came into view.

When the big hands moved up to remove the last article of clothing Desi had on, she stepped back out of Harry’s reach. "Ah ah ah honey, not yet," said Desi dropping back to her knees. Peppering Harry’s face with small kisses, Desi removed the scrubs and sports bra Harry had on, leaving her in only the tight Jockey boxer shorts the doctor liked to wear. The white form fitting material that came to mid thigh, only enhanced the large muscles in Harry’s legs. Looking at the elastic band along the washboard stomach, Desi asked, "Does the jockey give rides?"

With a gentle push, Desi had Harry on her back so that she could sit on her face. She hovered inches above Harry to tease her, knowing it wouldn’t take much effort for the long column of muscle below her to reach the breaking point. Maybe we should buy stock in Victoria’s Secret, thought Desi as the thin straps of her underwear popped. The feel of the thin strap in between her cheeks being pulled away got Desi to go down the last two inches to heaven. Harry’s tongue was waiting for its first taste of the only thing she craved, even in her sleep. Desi.

When Harry ran her tongue along the length of her sex, Desi tilted her hips forward and leaned her body back. Keeping herself anchored with a hand on Harry’s upturned knee, Desi shoved the other one into Harry’s underwear. Her hand followed the rhythm Harry had set for them, and Desi could feel the nub under her fingers grow harder and slicker. Desi was about to protest when the tongue receded, but just as quickly Harry sucked in and bit down gently on her clitoris.

"Yeah honey, like that. Don’t stop. That feels so good Harry," whispered Desi. All she wanted to do was scream, but controlled herself in case someone was strolling down the sidewalk on the other side of the wall. Not content with just using her hand, Desi pulled up and turned around. Peeling Harry’s underwear down, Desi buried her face between the strong legs. Her mind went blank momentarily from the pleasure of having two fingers slide though the wetness between her own legs, adding to the sensations Harry was providing with her mouth.

Their climaxes came hard and fast leaving them panting against each other. Harry could feel Desi’s body shaking above her as the smaller woman started laughing.


Desi rested her head on Harry’s thigh as she enjoyed the after glow of her unexpected visit from the good doctor. "I’m glad you picked here to eat. We would have definitely drawn a crowd at the park." Desi turned around again and sat astride Harry leaning her back on Harry’s bent knees. The small blonde knew that it was one of Harry’s favorite positions. Harry always told Desi that she loved looking up at her and having every thing within an arm’s reach. Doing just that, Harry reached up and pulled the beautiful woman down to cover her upper body.

"Nobody gets to look at you, but me. It started as a child really, I never learned to share well with others," said Harry in a serious voice. She rolled them over so she could reach the basket behind them. Mona had done Harry the favor of cooking for them on one of her days off. Desi pulled her down to kiss her one more time, enjoying their closeness, and the warm sun bleeding through the large oaks overhead.

"I don’t know Basantes, you shared pretty well with me when we were growing up. But I have to agree with you in that you won my heart and my love. Hopefully you won’t want to share that with anyone else, except maybe a smaller version of yourself." The blue eyes looking down on her with so much love, crinkled at the corners when Harry smiled at her comment. It was the same look that always came over her face when Desi talked about their future family. "Now, what cha got to eat, I’m starved here."

Harry pulled out the containers Mona had packed finding a fried chicken feast with all the sides they both liked. They spent the rest of Harry’s lunch hour feeding each other until that hunger was sated as well. "Desi, you know something?" Desi finished chewing then rested her head on Harry’s shoulder. Life was so fulfilling now in this fairy tale life they had built for each other.

"What love?"

"I love you with all my heart. You bring me such joy that there isn’t anything I feel I can repay you with for that."

"You can just love me Harry, and you can invite me out to lunch whenever you like. I love you too honey, with all that I am. You have always believed in me Harry; it should be me thanking you for that. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure you can baby, my life’s an open book to you." The lunch combined with the pattern Desi was tracing on Harry’s naked chest was making her sleepy.

"Next week when my divorce becomes final, I want to change my name to Basantes. That is, if you don’t mind. I could understand after all I put us through if you don’t want me to. I could just use…," the rest of her rambling was stopped by a pair of soft lips. When she opened her eyes Harry was looking down on her as she ran a long finger along Desi’s jaw.

"Nothing would make me happier than that. I was going to ask, but it seemed terribly old fashioned. The thought of people knowing we are permanently partnered is thrilling to me young lady. Now maybe my residents will stop giving you the eye," said Harry before placing another soft kiss on Desi’s lips.

"It doesn’t matter if any one else is giving me the eye Dr. Basantes, I only have eyes for you," said Desi leaning in for another kiss.

Harry walked her back to the car once they had gotten dressed and repacked the basket. Before she turned back toward the gate to get her car, which was parked on the street, Harry gave Desi a rose along with another kiss. The romantic afternoons happened often, but were always spontaneous. That alone told Desi that her gallant surgeon put some thought into the time they spent together.

"Desiree Basantes, you can’t have meant that last statement. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else but you. Byron was a mistake that wasn’t your fault. I swear sometimes I wish Clyde were still alive so I could beat the shit out of him. What kind of father pushes his child into that kind of abusive relationship?" Harry hated when Desi beat herself up over the past, one that she had been forced into by emotional blackmail.

"Still my champion even after all this my love?" asked Desi as she snuggled closer to Harry. "I’m sure our child will experience some better parenting than I got."

"For as long as you want me, I’ll fight for you baby." Harry pulled Desi as close as the blonde’s bulging midsection would allow. "How’s my little guy doing in there?"

"It could be a little girl you know. We are doing just fine worrywart. Us in the Basantes family are made of tough stuff." Desi pushed off of Harry’s body to lie on her back then pulled Harry down over her. In times of stress this was where Desi found her comfort. In Harry’s soft lips and equally gentle touch, Desi always found her lifeline. "We will want you forever honey."

The next morning Maria winced at the sound of Harry’s hand hitting the bag swinging in front of her. Whenever Harry went after a workout like this, there was a face she was imagining on the punching bag. The tall body bouncing on tiptoes as it delivered blow after blow was glistening with sweat and every muscle was showing in vivid detail. Maria had to admit that Harry was quite a beautiful specimen to behold. So much like Raul it’s scary sometimes, thought the older woman. Her husband was out in the pool doing his morning laps despite the dropping temperatures. Raul was into his sixties, but like his daughter, still looked good.

"What are you going to do Harry?" The litany of punches paused for a moment when Harry realized she wasn’t alone, but continued just as quickly.

"I didn’t think I needed to do anything just yet. Unless you think I should put on some hip boots and join the search party maybe?" Harry delivered a triple combination to the bag that made the walls rattle.

"Harry, don’t get smart with me. I want what’s best for you and Desi, so I think we should head to Florida until this is all resolved." Maria crossed her arms and threw her weight onto one foot waiting for the protest that was coming. Harry hadn’t just inherited the Basantes’s signature looks, but their obstinate nature as well.

"No." It was a simple enough answer, one that told Maria, Harry would not be drawn into this conversation, or argument, depending on how you looked at it.

"Harry, you know this is the best solution to keep Desi safe. There is no telling what these people will do if they make it into the city. They blame both of you for what happened to them, so why not take the easy way out?" Maria walked up to her tall daughter and pushed back some of the sweat slicked hair. Looking at Harry now, like this, Maria could see why Byron’s jaw had been wired shut for ten weeks.

"Bastar Mami, aqui vivimos y aqui los vamos a quedar," said Harry. Enough Mami, here is where we live and here is where we will stay.

"Yo se mi amor, per piensa en tu familia. Piensa de tu mujer y tu hijo," answered Maria. I know my love, but think of you family. Think of your wife and your child.

"Maria, leave Harry alone, she has enough to concern her now without our interference," said Raul from the doorway. In her father’s eyes, Harry was capable of anything once she set her mind to it. The man with the compassionate blue eyes walked into the workout room and embraced his daughter. "I’m sure she won’t let anything happen to our grandbaby or to Desi. Isn’t that right Harry?"

"That’s right Papi. Ma, don’t get mad. I thought about your idea, and I won’t do that to Desi. She’s too far along to fly, and a drive that far would be beyond cruel." Harry leaned over and kissed her mother’s cheek as she stripped her gloves off.

"A drive how far?" asked Desi when she joined the group. She soaked up the warm hugs that were instantly given by Harry’s parents, saving the sweaty Basantes for last.

"Fort Lauderdale," answered Harry. She kissed the crown of Desi’s head and enjoyed the small flutters coming from the baby.

"I know you both mean well, but I won’t let Byron drive me out of our home. I’m through being afraid, besides the Spanish raging bull here pulverized him the last time they met." The chest Desi was leaning on puffed up a little making her want to laugh. The big mush ball really was easy to please. "Come on honey, you can help me wash this big body of mine, not to mention you could use a good rub down yourself." Harry blushed scarlet, making the three other people in the room laugh.

"It’s not funny."


"This is not funny at all guys. I say we turn back and just accept whatever they want to dish out at us. Whatever the consequences are they have to be better than this," said Mike. The man beside him was bleeding profusely from the large gash in his leg. Their walk through the swamp the night before had been too tempting for the local wildlife, and one of the larger alligators had taken a bite out of the crack dealer that had escaped with them. The blood loss had weakened Chuck to the point they had had to stop. At sunrise they found the only little bit of land available, and surprisingly their surroundings looked even scarier in the light of day. During the day you could see the ripple in the water as the snakes swam lazily by, and the dark bumps that topped the bodies of the gators. The cold weather had thinned the reptilian population considerably, but there was still enough to have all their hair standing on end.

"Shut the fuck up little brother, we ain’t going nowhere. You always were a bit of a pussy, and don’t think I’m going to forget anytime soon that you testified against me. We are going to push on, but Chucky here stays. We are going to have enough problems getting out of here, without having to carry his ass too," said Byron. He glared at his brother as he pulled leaches off his legs. The buzz of the mosquitoes around them was about to drive Byron mad, but he had bigger problems as he looked in his briefs and found more of the black slimy things that had attached themselves to more than just his legs. "Fucking great," said Byron as he started pulling them off in the sensitive areas of his body. The warmer the sun grew, the more things around them came to life.

"Both of you shut the fuck up. We have to keep moving while the sun is up. I sure as hell don’t want to spend another night crawling around out here," said Byron Sr. from the water’s edge. His time behind Angola’s walls had been spent cursing his wife. He knew she wasn’t dead, but she would be when he was done with her for putting him in a cage with these animals. "Monique, I’m coming for you baby."

"She’s dead you crazy shit, let it go." Byron shook his head; the old man had lost it in the ten by eight space he spent most of his time in. Mike had it easier with his job in the prison library, but the younger Byron was sent out every day to work in the fields. Angola was known around the state as ‘The Farm’ and Byron had gotten a good taste as to why on his arrival. The prison was completely self reliant when it came to food, and raised money for the inmates expenses by selling cotton and whatever surplus was left.

"She ain’t dead boy. Now let’s get going." Byron Sr. waded out into the water expecting everyone else to follow.

"Listen old man, you may order these two sweet boys around, but watch you tone with me," said Tyrell. The six foot four African American looked like a walking wall of muscle. Convicted of a murder he readily admitted to, Tyrell was serving a forty-year sentence. He would stick with the group until they reached the road and then leave them to fend for themselves. He still had friends in the Treme neighborhood who would come and get him, and help him get on with his life. The man he had killed had beaten his sister until he had broken her back. Tyrell knew his sister Diana felt bad for the outcome, but he wouldn’t change what he had done given the opportunity. The sucker had died by the same fate he liked to inflict on women.

The other two in the group were drug dealers who jumped at the chance to run. The law handed down life sentences for certain amounts of drugs you were caught with, and Roland and Gazette had been two ounces over the limit. What had started as a quick money scheme, had turned into a hellish existence. "Well come on if we’re going. The sooner I get away from you freaks the better," said Roland. He was a smallish man that had not done well in the prison environment. People the size of Tyrell had used him as a play toy for the past three years and he was sick of it. Even if he died out here it was better than going back to the farm.

The group of six set out leaving the wounded Chuck behind on the small mud island. Through dark brown eyes, Chuck could see the large black snake sunning itself on the branch above his head. Growing up with an innate fear of them, he didn’t have the strength to move much less be afraid. Beyond the cypress trees, the sky was a brilliant blue with no clouds giving Chuck some small comfort that it would be his last sight. He closed his eyes and whispered a childhood prayer his mother had taught him hoping the prison authorities weren’t too far behind them. He blinked his eyes open momentarily and curled his lips into a faint smile when he heard the terrified "Ahh" coming from the direction the six men had headed.



Continued in Part 2

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