By Dbod
Without love one is hollow.
Sun darkens, rain falls.
Whispering sorrow carried on lonely winds of screaming silence.
Standing strong in the face of denial, an empty shell full of longing crumbling at the slightest touch.
Feel it, hear it. Open eyes do not see it.
Breath of life, soft and gentle
Pain of life, harsh and cruel.
Struck down by  black thunder love is lost in hate.
Heart shrivelled and dry, the unwatered bares no fruit.
Colors once exciting, thrilling and vibrant, now black, dull and grey.
Somber,cold and frozen, 
love forgotten life gone.
Wilted by burning passion of twisted vengence to the guiding light.
For as the love made the hate
The hate must be taken by the love.
To forgive and understand is the strength of the essence.
Look into the other and see yourself, know yourself, forgive yourself.
Give the gift and accept it in return.
Feel the sorrowful winds abate and sense the light breeze of the new rising.
Come into thy heart and warm it's empty days.
Touch the soul and fill it's void.
Together in the cradle of hope.

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