By Dbod

Laying in the shadow of the tree of regret, Viewing blackened reflections from the mirror of sin.

Images in the mind showing a buried tunnel of inner turmoil, walls weeping blood like molten tar. Pressing and closing in. Filtered light shows from the way ahead.

A room of ash. Of fires that once burned strong, now only coals remain. Refreshed by her presence embers begin to glow. Fire resumes. It creeps to her, calling her, engulfing her. Violent and angry.

Tearing flesh from bone as she screams the song of pain. The fire smiles in a holocaust of emotion, burning and scoarching hair, skin and bone.

Boiling and blistering the mind in tangled flames of the past. A mind that explodes in demonic eruption. Visions mingling in a haze of corruption. Corpses at her feet, spirits invading her soul.

A hand of bone plunges and rips the pulsating heart from her. It beats, pumping, spewing blood into the fire, creating monsterous demons born of the seeds of evil. Prying further still inside her, makind her writhe with their agony of tortured deaths and years lost.

Forcing open the realm of power driven fear and exposing all in a blazing inferno. Naked it is revealed. Crying it is acknowledged.

Tears and flames fuse in a sea of scalding steam and pungent odours. She slowly rises. Tears flowing more and more forming streams that become rivers give birth to a lake of awakenings. Reaching for the surface, gulping the air, tasting it's sweetness in her lungs. For the light is bright and the way clear, visibilty high and the calm takes over.

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