By Dbod

A touch that is electric, warm.
Together with a chill like ice.
Soft with gentle persuasion.

Caressing as the summer breeze, delicately
not wanting to break the fragile surface.
Quivering flesh responds to an adavance of love.

Closing her eyes she floats in the mist of an
unknown realm.
Shimmering beauty from within reaching out and
finding an ocean deep with caring and devotion.

Blissful unawareness of time as a discovery is made.
Swept up in waves of burning desire.
Heart pounding. Faster than even in the fiercest battle
Breath, warm and dry escapes her lips.
Hands roam.

Lips find lips and small serpents inside moist caves
dance in the dark feeling the softness of the other
powerfuly entwined.

Carefree surrender in wonderous abandonment.

Giving all in total commitment of body and soul.
Ecstasy washes over leaving fulfillment in pools of love.

Dbod Disclaimer

I am adding this because there is lot of thought around
the XenaVerse that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers.
I do not subscribe to this.
I wrote this poem about Xena and Marcus AND Gabrielle
and Perdicus.
However if you choose to read others into the parts
you of course are free to do so.
Thank you.
The Author.

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