The Power of the One

by Mary Draganis

From the depth of Hades
She rose from the pits
She found her way from Tartarus
To soar once again

From that darkness, her soul was freed
And in her freedom
The shackles of that darkness
Fell to the blood soaked earth

That one saved her from the darkness
That one saved her from her dread
That one gave her a chance to live
That one gave her a chance to love

That one would move her forward
to reach new heights, set new goals
That one will make her see
That there was redemption in her sights

Such is the power of the love
That no matter what her demons were
She could overcome them
Find that which was lost
But only with that one that mattered most of all

Demons called her to the darkness
Demons called her in her dreams
But that one's love was much more powerful
Than the demons could ever be

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