Tortured Soul

By: Gabrelite

Innocent, loving, carefree
Yet untouched by the horror outside her door
Laughing, living, sharing
Yet unaffected by the horror of war

Screaming, running, crying
Accross the peaceful village a shadow did fall
Violent, bloody, slaughter
They murdered her family and left with their haul

Shocked, devestated, all alone
Darkness quickly closing in
Rage, bitter, hatred
Her evil side would win

Xena, warrior, princess
The name ran over through her head
Revenge, oh sweet revenge
She wanted Xena dead

Trapped inside her hatred, never to be released

She wanted Xena's blood to spill

But would that bring her peace?

Searching, hunting, stalking
That Xena had changed, it mattered not
Twisted, merciless, obsession
Callisto's violent rage would not be forgot

Finding, fighting, losing
The frustration drove her wild
Heartache, pain, anger
Slaughtering man, woman and child

No compassion, feeling, sympathy
An empty hollow shell
No heart, no concience, no mercy
She lived for hate and hate alone

When you care for nothing, you fear nothing
She wanted only to see Xena pained
To destroy her piece by piece
Until she would not want to live for anything

To destroy the light inside Xena
She must destroy the light that is always beside her
To force her to long for her enemy's blood

Victory at last? Almost
It mattered not if Gabrielle killed or was killed trying
Callisto won either way
And Xena and; inside would be dying

The light flickered, but refused to go out
Callisto could not understand
Gabrielle would not take her life
She would kill her in glee forcing Xena to watch, helpless

Something forgotten? Of course
When two lights shine together, even flickering
The lights burn twice as bright
The darkness becomes but a shadow once more

Peace? For now at least
For the shadow is always waiting
Still she feels nothing but hatred
Trapped inside, all she can do is scream

For the two lights are one once more


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