By Petra de Jong

Disclaimers: I borrowed Xena and Gabrielle from Universal/MCA/Renaissance or whoever owns them, just to have some fun with them, not to make money.

This one has Sappho in it and as Lucy's stated; an episode with Sappho has lots of subtext in it, so be warned.

Many thanks to MaryD for posting this on her site (I'm honored). Also thanks to all the bards out there, fan fic bards and writers on the show alike; thank you for inspiring me. And a thank you to my editor for cleaning up my English after me.

This was too much. Gabrielle paced up and down her room. First there was Princess Diana, a sweet lady, but definitely not Xena… Then there was Meg, the tramp with a golden heart… Followed by Leah, the priestess who's only resemblance to the Warrior Princess was her looks… And now there was Sappho, yet another Xena lookalike… and the only Xena lookalike that had openly lusted after Gabrielle.


Sappho had always been one of Gabrielle's greatest heroes; even in Potadeia. They'd heard of Sappho, the Tenth Muse and Gabrielle had even read one or two poems of the great poet. So when she and Xena got a message from her, asking for Xena's help, Gabrielle was thrilled, and not to mention angry at her friend for not telling her that she knew Sappho.

They immediately left for Lesbos. When the ship that they'd booked passage entered the harbor Gabrielle couldn't believe her eyes. She'd nudged Xena in the ribs and had pointed towards the figure standing at the dock.

"Look Xena ...Princess Diana's here... what's she doing here?"

Xena looked at the figure. "That's not Diana."

"Then what's Meg doing here?" Gabrielle looked at Xena who shook her head. "Not Meg? No, don't tell me, Leah?? Unbelievable. I didn't think she would ever leave her temple."

"Nope, not Leah either. Gabrielle, meet Sappho."

Gabrielle's jaw dropped and looked at the amused warrior: "No, don't tell Me. You're kidding me, right?"

A grin and a raised eyebrow, "Nope"

Gabrielle couldn't believe her eyes. Yet another Xena lookalike, and not just someone but the greatest poet of all time.


Sappho had asked for Xena's help against a band of raiders that had targeted her school one time too many. And since Xena still owed her one (Gabrielle never found out exactly what had happened between the two women), she'd sent a message to the Warrior Princess, asking for her particular skills. Of course, Xena couldn't refuse and with her particular skills the raider problem was solved within a couple of days.

During those days it became more and more obvious that Sappho was interested in the strawberry blond bard. During meals the poet was practically all over the bard. That is, if Xena wasn't around. Those times that Xena had joined the poet and the bard, the poet only used polite means; a wink here, a slight touch there.

Gabrielle, not wanting to hurt her hostess, endured it all. After all, they would leave again in a few days. That was not the only reason though. During the days a plan had formed in Gabrielle's mind. This was finally the chance to find out if Xena felt more for her then deep friendship. Even during the meals with Xena and Sappho it was pretty obvious, at least, to Gabrielle, that Sappho was flirting with her. Yet Xena didn't seem to mind. No sign whatsoever that the warrior was the least bit jealous. It even looked like Xena didn't seem to notice it all.

And the scariest part was that her body started to respond toward the advances of the poet, who, in all honesty, was the culmination of everything that Gabrielle found attractive in a person; warm, caring, honor, loyalty and not afraid to share her emotions, or her heart with others. In fact, it could describe the woman she loved, Xena, except for the last part. Sharing her feelings wasn't something Xena would do easily. And to a bard that was probably one of the most important things in a person, the sharing of feelings.


Of all the thick headed… Gabrielle stopped her pacing and jumped on to the bed, burying her face in the pillow, her fists hitting the other pillow, venting the anger she felt. Her body was craving for contact, for release and Gabrielle couldn't hold it any longer.

A plan formed in her mind. Xena was supposed to be gone for a few candlemarks in the afternoon in order to teach the school guards some lessons in self-defense. Sappho and she would be alone in the sleeping quarters. And since Sappho always had her nap after the noon meal…

Gabrielle decided not to join Sappho for the noon meal; she was on edge as it was. Half a candle mark after the noon meal she heard footsteps in the hall outside their sleeping quarters. Sappho had to walk past their room to get to her own room, at the end of the hall.

Gabrielle opened the door and peeked around the corner. It was Sappho all right, seemingly lost in thought. Gabrielle looked left and right in the hall. No one there, this was her chance. She entered the hallway and went straight for Sappho.

Sappho heard footsteps approaching her, looked up and saw a certain good-looking bard with a determined look on her face cornering her. A lop-sided grin appeared on the poet's face.

"Hi Gabrielle! I…"

She didn't have time to say anything more. The bard had pushed her against the wall and the bard's lips where pressed against her own...So sweet.

Gabrielle was surprised by her own actions. She hadn't planned this; she'd planned on kissing the poet in her own room, definitely not in the hall. But that lop-sided grin had triggered a reaction in her body she couldn't stop.

As soon as her lips touched the poet's lips a burst of electricity went down her spine, settling in her groin. Vaguely she felt the poet struggling at first but then she gave up, opening her lips to allow Gabrielle's tongue inside.

Gabrielle lost all sense of reality when her tongue entwined with the poet's. A groan escaped her lips. This is too good to be true. Wanting her lips to explore the rest of the poet's magnificent body Gabrielle edged them toward Sappho's bedroom.

The poet broke the kiss and managed to say between labored breaths, "Gabrielle, I don't think this is a good idea."

Gabrielle silenced her with another searing kiss. "Shh, we're going to your room.. don't want any unexpected visitors." Gabrielle managed to open the door to Sappho's room. They entered the room, still kissing. Gabrielle guided the poet toward the bed.

"But…" Any protest was silenced by the bards hand on her left breast. The poet could only moan and her body arched into Gabrielle's touch.

"Oh Gabrielle."

Gabrielle pushed the poet onto the bed, making sure never to break contact with the poet's lips. She left the poet's mouth and started her descent toward her neck and the pulse point. She licked and sucked at the soft skin, making happy noises along the way.

The poet's hands had already settled into her hair and encouraged her to explore even further south. Gabrielle's mouth came to rest above the poet's breast, separated from her by the thin layer of fabric belonging to the dress the poet wore. Gabrielle's mouth started to water. Slowly she descended toward the straining nipple but before she could close her lips around her prize, the body below her became rigid. She looked up into the face above her.

"What's wrong?" she whispered.

"Someone's coming" The poet answered.

Gabrielle smirked "Well, no one except Sappho is allowed in her room. So?" Gabrielle prepared to attack the poet's nipple when the door flew open and a woman entered the room.

The woman threw the scrolls she was carrying into a corner and muttered, "Those daughters of a Bacchae…no poetic talents whatsoever.. I should…" She couldn't finish her sentence as her eyes fell on the two women on the bed.

"What's this?!?"

Gabrielle was dumbfounded and for once found herself without words.

"Oh, hi Sappho" Gabrielle heard someone say. She hadn't seen the woman's lips move so that would've meant that… She looked at the woman lying under her.

"Hi Xena.. did you find the assassin?" the woman asked. Gabrielle looked at the woman standing near the door… a woman with a smirk on her face and an appreciative glint in her eyes. "Somehow I'd never thought it was Gabrielle... And what's this, your form of interrogation? I should remember that, dear. Well, looks like I spoiled something here. Gabrielle, would you mind if I use your room to get some rest?"

Sappho let her eyes drift over the entangled bodies. "Mmm, well, take as much time as you need. Oh, and Gabrielle, close your mouth before you sprain your jaw.." With that Sappho picked up her scrolls and left the room, leaving an amused Xena and dumbfounded Gabrielle behind.

"Oh Gods!" Gabrielle muttered and let herself roll away from the body she was lying on. She threw her arms over her head. "Stupid, stupid, stupid! Way to go Gabrielle!"

Gabrielle was too busy chastising herself that she didn't notice Xena scooting closer to her. Suddenly she felt hands on her arms, hands that gently removed the arms from her head. She opened her eyes and looked into deep blue eyes, filled with love and desire. She felt herself drowning. Could it be?


"Shh" Xena quieted the bard with a finger on her lips. "Its okay. I guess I needed this.. I've wanted you forever yet I've pushed those feelings away since forever, as not to hurt you or myself...It was so much easier to just deny it then to face it. Your, umm, action in the hall was such a sudden attack on the walls I've built around those feelings that they've tumbled down all at once... Freeing the feelings ... I love you, Gabrielle, with all my heart" Blue eyes searching green eyes, looking for confirmation.

Gabrielle found herself without words for the second time. Gods, she loved this woman with all her heart...Words wouldn't suffice. "I love you Xena".

She reached up to cup Xena's face in her hands and slowly brought Xena's face down. Their lips touched and they lost themselves in one another kiss, bringing them even closer then they already were...

The End

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