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Circle of Life - Part 2

By Melissa Good

Cyrene nibbled on her fingernail, as she listened to the stocky, bearded man tell his somewhat confusing story. She glanced up as she heard a set of familiar, heavy bootsteps hit the porch, and was unsurprised as the door shoved open, and her daughter strode in, sweaty and imposing in her buff colored gambeson.

"Xena!" The stocky man crowed in delight. "How are ya?"

The warrior stopped short, and regarded him in a puzzled fashion. "Salmoneus?" She looked at Cyrene. "I heard there was trouble?"

Cyrene nodded at the stocky man. "He says Toris and Jess are being held by some kind of a… " She looked at Sal. "What did you say it was?" A shifting of a chair was Elaini, leaning close to listen, her face a tense mask.

"Oh Xena.. it's this crazy cult." Salmoneus exhaled. "They're driving me nuts."

Xena had stiffened, her nostrils flaring as she caught the word cult. She brushed her mother out of the way, and sat down on the table next to where Salmoneus was, leaning on her thigh and pinning him with intent eyes. "What kind of cult?"

"Oh.. well, it's just your everyday ordinary cult kind of cult, Xena.. you know, robes, funny customs, that kind of thing… a little more conservative, shall we say than the usual, but… "

The warrior reached forward and grabbed his lapels, shaking him. "Salmoneus, start talking. Who are these people? " She asked sharply. "What do they worship?"

"Xena..Xena…Xena…" The bearded man patted her chest. "Take it easy, okay? Just relax.. I'll tell you everything I know, just don’t' tear the threads…it took me forever to find this pattern." He cleared his throat. "It's some kind of cult who worships a strange god… not like ours aren't strange, but this one's… well, anyway… they're harmless enough.. though they have very very odd customs regarding women."

The warrior's face had gone very still. "What's their god's name?" The room had gone very quiet too.

Salmoneus glanced from one face to another, puzzled. "He doesn't have one.. not that they admit to anyway…just a burning leaf or something like that… he talks to them in echoes or whatever." He hesitated. "They really are harmless, Xena… they're just nuts…they won't eat this, they won't eat that, you have to have milk at this time, lamb at that time…just crazy."

Xena relaxed a little and let go of the older man's lapels. "Sorry, Sal.. but what do they want with my brother.. and Jess?"

"Well,.. " He broke off as the door opened, and Gabrielle entered, with Johan, Ares, and the rest of the Amazons. His eyes blinked several times. "Great Hera, Gabrielle.. you're pregnant!"

The bard walked over and patted his shoulder. "I know, Sal.. but thanks.. what's up?"

"Xena, she's pregnant!" Salmoneus turned to the warrior plaintively. "How did you do that?" He leaned closer. "Whatever it is, I can sell it, you know, Xena.. we can make a lot of dinars, here."

The warrior rubbed her head. "Sal, what do these people want with Toris and Jess? Why did they capture them?" She shot a reassuring look at Elaini. "Looks like they're okay, for now."

"I know." Elaini folded her arms across her chest unhappily. "He's just scared."

Xena shared a look of complete sympathy with her. "Know the feeling." She turned back to Sal. "Talk."

The bearded man cleared his throat. "Well… I stopped by there, figuring I could at least get rid of some extra parchment and stuff.. and they practically kidnapped me!" He lifted his hands. "Can you imagine? Me? Anyway… I went along with them, and listened to their crazy rhetoric about some kind of ceremonies that they do that they need special herbs for, and about a clensing.. anyway, I didn't have anything they needed, but they took me through this cave system they have in the back of their little compound, and I saw they had a… well, a series of cages, sort of."

"Go on." Xena put her hands on her thigh, and drummed her fingers impatiently.

"Right.. right.. say, do you have anything to drink around here? I'm kinda dry." He looked expectantly at Cyrene who reached over and tapped a serving girl on the shoulder. "Thanks… where was I? Oh yes… cages.. right, so there were some men in one, and some women in the other…the guy in the robes I was with explained that they were 'salvaging lost souls.' "

"From what?" Xena asked, sharply.

"Like I would know?" Salmoneus waved a hand at her. "They go out and find people who are not leading what they called 'righteous lives' and they bring them there, and brainwash them, then match them up, I guess… "

"What quarrel did they have with Toris?" Gabrielle asked, studying Salmoneus' face intently.

"You know, Gabrielle, pregnancy really becomes you… you look wonderful." The bearded man beamed at her. "As to what quarrel.. er… it seems they came upon him and the furry guy.."

"Hey.. that's my husband." Elaini growled.

Salmoneus glanced at her, then smiled weakly. "Yes… I guessed that.. " He turned back to Gabrielle. "They were wrestling." He said, in a low voice.

Gabrielle and Xena exchanged glances. "So what?" Xena asked for both of them. "That's not immoral."

"Ah.. well, they thought they were doing something.. you know… else." Sal replied, with an embarassed look. "Something less… martial and more marital, if you catch my drift."

Xena's dark brows contracted. "You mean to tell me they thought Jess and my brother were lovers?"

"Dead animals' balls on fire." Elaini put her face in her hands. "He's got better taste than that."

"Hey!" Xena gave her a look. "That's my brother you're talking about." She turned to Salmoneous again. "Again.. so what? That's not immoral either."

"To them it is." Sal sighed, shaking his head. "Bunch of unimaginative little… they think sex is evil."

Gabrielle giggled. "No wonder they're unhappy."

Everyone in the room laughed, and Xena circled her soulmate with a long arm and kissed her head. "You're not serious, right?"

Sal nodded. "Unfortunately, I am.. they think the only thing you should use it for is to have children.. so.. they're trying to convince the people they capture of the error of their ways, and pray for them to return to righteousness." He cleared his throat. "They also think women are just property of their men." He let a smile briefly twist his mobile lips. "I hate to admit this, Xena.. but I really, really wanted to be the one to introduce them to you."

"Mm." Xena agreed sardonically. "What happens, though.. I mean, didn't Toris explain what the truth was?"

He shook his head. "I couldn't tell… but they were talking about having to go to 'drastic measures' .. and I'm not sure if they were talking about him or his fuzzy friend, or both, or what." Sale shrugged. "I only got to talk to him for a minute.. and only because the robe guys was distracted, and he looked so familiar." He sighed. "Once he did, I made it my business to get the Hades out of there, and head here."

"Thank you, Sal." Gabrielle put a hand on his knee, and squeezed it. "It was great that you did that.. when did it happen?"

"Early this morning.. " He looked up as the server handed him a tall mug. "Thank you! Very, very early this morning.. " He added, giving the kitchen an oblique look. " I ran nearly all the way here." He added virtuously.

Xena stood up, pushing her hair back off her forehead and pacing back and forth beside the hearth. "I'll have to go down there and straighten them out." She said, with an annoyed sigh. "Shouldn't take long."

"Wait a minute, Xena… I mean, I'd be the last person to tell you what to do, but these guys are very into protecting themselves, you know… " Salmoneus protested. "I don't think they're going to take very well to you just going in there and doing your usual thing."

The warrior regarded him in silence for a moment. Gabrielle took the opportunity to pat Salmoneus' hand. "Thank you for bringing us the news, Salmoneus…would you like some lunch?" She gave her brooding soulmate a glance. "I'm sure we'll come up with a plan to get them out without anyone getting hurt."

"I'd love some." The bearded face broke into a fond smile. "And, say… since you're in a family way, I've got some fantastic bargains in my wagon I bet you'd just die for."

Everybody flinched at that.

"What?" Sal felt the looks. "It's just a figure of speech people, come on now!"

"Sorry, Sal… " The bard apologized. "I've had some extreme adventures lately." She stood and wandered over to Xena's side, absently straightening the warrior's buckles. "Let's all have some lunch, and we'll think about what to do, okay?" This was mostly for her partner's benefit. "They're not in an immediate danger, are they?"

Salmoneus sipped at his mug. "No.. I don't think they are….these people are harsh, and conservative, but they didn't seem overly violent to me." His eyes went to Xena's imposing form. "Just stubborn, and very self righteous."

Xena made a face. "I'd rather they be violent. It's easier on my temper." She advised the traveling opportunist. "But I don't get it…I can understand my brother, but what do they think they're accomplishing with Jessan? In case they didn't notice, he isn't human."

"Oh..oh.. right.. well, they're using him as evidence to support their doctrine… they've been displaying him as an example of what happens to you when you don't live a moral life."

Elaini leaned forward. "You become seven foot tall, fur covered people with fangs and claws? Get out of here.. if that were true, Greece would be overrun with us."

Even Xena chuckled a little.

"They've got three guys in tablecloths bowing around him praying all the time." Salmoneus added, as a plate was put down in front of him. "Thank you!"

"Oh Ares in boots… " Elaini winced. "Poor Jessie.. he's probably spitting claws."

"I wonder how they captured them?" Gabrielle mused.

"They didn't say, and I didn't ask, if you know what I mean." Salmoneus responded as he stuffed his mouth. "Thf if wfndrfl!"

"All right.. " Xena sighed. "I'm going to go clean up, and we'll meet back here in a quarter candlemark.. figure out what we're gonna do." She started to leave, only to find she had a bard attached to her. "Hey." She glanced down at her accompanying soulmate. "I can handle that by myself if you want to start lunch."

"Hmm.. " The bard didn't let go. "Depends on what you consider lunch." She ignored the grins of the Amazons and Cyrene. "Besides… someone has to make sure you clean in back of your neck."

Chuckles and Ares followed them out.


"I got a little nervous about that cult talk. " Xena admitted, as she sat quietly and allowed Gabrielle to rub her back down with a piece of soft, wet sea sponge. "I was afraid it was something else for a minute."

The bard leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck. "I know." She replied softly. "I could see it in your face… thank the gods it doesn't look like it's connected…do you think this is a cult of the one god, like Iacus's people?"

Xena inhaled. "Maybe… it's hard to tell… they were kinda stubborn and self righteous, huh?" She felt Gabrielle's arm slide around her neck and she nibbled the soft skin with pleasure. "They pretty much kept to themselves, though.. they didn't go out and try to 'fix' people."

"Maybe it's a splinter group.. they got tired of just telling themselves what to do.. and decided to go out and tell everyone else what to do?"

The warrior smiled. "They hurt either of them and I'm going to teach them what a splinter is." She informed her soulmate dryly. "Up close and personal." She closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure as the bard continued her task. "I guess we're going to have to sneak in there… I don't suppose my just going up and asking for them to be released is gonna work, huh?"

"Mm… probably not." The bard recalled the patriarchal authority of Iacus' father. "Maybe Johan could…we could go with him, and say we were his daughters." She paused, then picked up a brush and started to sort out her soulmate's disordered hair. "I mean, we are… so… and then, once we were in, we could sort of play it by ear."

"Mm… it would be so much easier just to bust some heads." Xena complained. "I get tired of complicated plots sometimes." She regarded her hands glumly.

"Shh." Gabrielle ran her fingers through the dark locks. "Honey, we don't want to take any chances, okay? I know Sal said they didn't seem violent, but that's Toris in there, and poor Jess.. we can't risk them."

"Yeah, I know." Xena replied, resting her chin on one fist. "I just have so hard a time understanding people like that… like Iacus' mother.. she watched as her husband was going to sacrifice her son.. and she acted like she didn't have the right to protest."

The bard sighed. "Xena, there are lots of places where women are treated like that… we forget that sometimes because it's so different here, and with the Amazons… Iacus's people aren't unique in believing women aren't anything but property, in fact… from what I've seen, they're the rule, and we're the exception."

Long, dark lashes flickered. "A damned good exception. " The warrior growled. "Like anyone could ever own me."

Gabrielle peeked over her shoulder, and twirled a dark swatch of hair in her fingers, gazing at her soulmate with impish affection.

"Well… unless I wanted them to." Xena relented, allowing a grudging smile to shape her lips. "But that's different." She half turned, and slipped her arms around the smaller woman, resting her cheek against Gabrielle's belly. "Sure you're up to this? We can get any of those damn Amazons to play along in your place.. maybe the little one?"

"C'mon, Xena… this is an easy one." Gabrielle reassured her with a gentle smile. "I should ask you if you're up to it… are you going to let me do the talking, and keep your temper under control with those idiots until we figure out what's happening?" She put a fingertip on the warrior's nose. "Maybe you should let me take one of the Amazons, instead, hmm?"

Blue eyes took on a stubborn tint. "You're not going in there without me."

"And you're not going in there without me. So I guess that's settled then." The bard replied. "Now we've just got to keep the rest of the Amphipolian militia from peeking over our shoulders the entire time." She playfully braided Xena's hair, and fluffed her bangs. "Besides… you'll get to dress up for a change… and you look so pretty in that embroidered outfit."

"Hmm.. then we'll have to find you something other than my old shirts.. " Xena mused. "Well, mother will have something, I bet.. c'mon, let's go break the news to everyone and get all the objections out of the way."

"You have my royal permission to tell the Amazons to shut up, by the way." Gabrielle muttered, as she watched her partner change into a clean shirt. "Thank you for arranging that little session this morning.. Cesta is so obnoxious… you think it's the hair color?"

"Mmm… " Xena ran her fingers through the bard's fair hair judiciously. "Careful, love.. you've got a touch of that in yours too, y'know." She tweaked the straight nose playfully. "You did a great job.. I think you picked up an admirer of your own."

"Uh huh.. an Amazon shorter than I am… awesome." Gabrielle laughed. "She's kinda cute, isn't she?" She picked up her scroll case as they headed out the door. "Do you think Cesta's pretty?"

Xena cocked her head in thought as the walked across the wind swept courtyard, the trees chillingly bereft of leaves, and the ground hard and sterile looking. Ares trotted along side, and made a small foray under the porch of the inn, returning with a stuffed rag ball. The warrior stooped and retrieved it, then sent it flying. "She thinks she's pretty." She commented wryly. "She's not ugly."

"She's hot for you." Gabrielle responded. "Does that bother you?"

Xena gazed down at her. "Not really.. does it bother you?" She stopped as Ares reuturned,and stood up, placing his big paws against her chest, thrusting the sodden rag ball in her face. "Thanks, boy…" She took it, and threw it again.

"I guess I could lie and say no, of course not. " Gabrielle admitted. "But yeah, it does." She mounted the steps, and watched as Xena sent the rag ball flying a third time, as Ares bounded after it, his dark fur rippling in the pallid winter sunlight.

"Allright." Xena stepped up onto the porch. "I'll take care of it." She grabbed the door handle, and pulled it open. "G'wan."

Now, Gabrielle wondered, as she entered the inn, greeted by the scent of a rich lamb stew and fresh bread. What does she mean by that?"


Xena picked up several of the emptied platters, and steeled herself, then entered the kitchen with them, seeing her mother's back stiffen as her steps were recognized. She put the platters into the clean up basin, and started in on them, running the pitcher of water over the wooden plates and adding a little soap to it. She waited.

Cyrene stubbornly stirred her stew, ignoring the presence of her tall daughter.

Xena continued cleaning.

The innkeeper grabbed a few herbs, and added them, then continued stirring.

The warrior scrubbed, relying on a patience honed from a lifetime of battlefields.

Cyrene studied the surface of the stew, divining interesting things from the languid bubbles, testing a patience developed from bearing three children.

Including the incredibly frustrating, stubborn, maddening one standing across the kitchen from her.


"Why can't you let other people go in there?" She finally asked, to the broad, muscular back turned to her. "You tell me there is no real danger to Toris, or to your friend.. why not let those Amazons go? They offered, Xena… must you go.. must you take Gabrielle in there?"

Xena finished the platter she was working on and put it on the rack to dry, turnign and leaning back against the washing table and folding her arms across her chest. "We don't know what the situation is in there, mother… I can't put my trust in other people to know what to do."

The innkeeper put her hands on her hips. "That's pretty arrogant, isn't it?" She eyed her daughter. "You don't always make the right decisions either, Xena."

A duck of the dark head. "Maybe… and no, I don't.. but the fact remains that of us all, only Gabrielle and I have dealt with people of the type we suspect these people to be… and the fact remains that of all the people here, only Gabrielle and I have the experience to go into an unknown situation, and develop an ongoing plan based on the circumstances.. would you have me put untested women in there, who have never been in this kind of thing before?"

Cyrene sighed. "Must you take Gabrielle then?" She asked. "Leave her here, Xena.. she's more than halfway through her term.. it can't be comfortable for her."

"I can't." Xena replied softly. "I promised her I wouldn't leave her behind." She gazed at her mother. "She'll be fine… she thinks on her feet, and she can talk her way out of situations you wouldn't believe." She paused. "Would you feel better if I took someone other than Johan? I can get one of the other men to play the part."

"No." Cyrene threw up her hands. "The crazy man has this notion that he's been inducted as a full fledged member of the Xena, Warrior Princess clandestine infiltration club." She walked over, and laid her hands flat on her daughter's chest. "Honey…you're making me nuts."

Xena dropped her eyes to her boots, then lifted them again. "I'm sorry."

Cyrene gave her a wry look. "That's all right.. you’ve been making me nuts since you were two." She exhaled, and gave the taller woman an affectionate pat on the side. "Please… just be careful?"

Xena smiled at her. "I will be… I'll bring everyone back safe, mother… I promise." She exhaled. "I need to go talk to Granella… she's pretty upset about the whole thing." The warrior grimaced. "She wants to go with us."

The innkeeper shook her head. "Crazy girl."

The warrior turned and went to the door, then paused, and glanced back. "Only since I was two?" A dark brow edged up.

Cyrene put her hands on her hips, and gave her daughter a look. "Honey, have you ever heard the saying 'I hope you have children just like you?" She smiled.

Xena chuckled. "No chance…not with Gabrielle involved." She grinned, and ducked out of the kitchen. Then she paused just outside the door, and ran her fingers through her hair. "One down… " She sighed, and headed off towards her brother's cabin, knowing she'd find Gabrielle already there.

Xena took a moment to marshal her arguments, and take a few deep breaths, before she mounted the porch steps, and knocked lightly on the door.


"Gran, just listen to me for a minute, okay?" Gabrielle sat down, and leaned on the arm of the chair next to her friend. "You're not making sense here."

"Don’t tell me I'm not making sense." The dark haired Amazon snapped back. "If you can go, I can go, and that's final, Gabrielle.. I do still have the right to make my own decisions, remember?"

The bard drew in a breath. "Gran… no one said you didn't.. that's not the issue."

"Isn't it? I have everyone here telling me what I should do.. what I shouldn't do…I've had enough!" Granella answered, her face tense and angry.

Gabrielle bit her lip, cosnidering her next words. It was hard, because just about anything she said would be construed as a little hypocritical, given her own condition. "Gran…"

"Go on..tell me it's for my own good." The Amazon spat. "Tell me I have to be responsible for the baby…babies, damn it…right? You're not!" Her voice rose. "Damn it, Gabrielle, don't you come in here and lecture me about responsibility, or I swear I'll…"

The door nudged open, and a dark head poked itself in, featuring pale blue eyes that fastened themselves on Granella's face, a dangerous glint in them. "You'll what?" Xena asked, pushing the wooden panels in and entering. "The fact is, she's physically capable of going, and you're not. End of conversation."

An uneasy silence fell. "Well, that was tactful, sweetheart." Gabrielle finally murmured, making a little face at her soulmate.

Xena spread her arms, then let them fall to her sides. "If I had a broken leg, I wouldn't be going either." She replied simply.

"Yes you would." Granella and Gabrielle both answered together.

The warrior scowled at them, then walked over and perched on the arm of the chair her partner was seated in.

Gabrielle scratched her jaw, then turned her head and gave Granella a wry look. "She's right."

The dark haired Amazon dropped her gaze to her folded hands. "I know." She admitted, in a discouraged tone. "I hate this."

Bard and warrior exchanged glances. "Gran… " Gabrielle put a hand on her arm. "Look.. it's going to be fine… I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.. we'll get it cleared up."

"No." Granella finally looked up, setting her jaw. "I mean, I hate this." Her hands indicated her body. "I hate being so helpless.. I hate the way the other Amazons look at me.. like I'm not even one of them anymore." She let her voice trail off. "Maybe I'm not."

Xena shifted uncomfortably. "Granella… that's not true… Amazons have babies all the time." She stated gently. "I know it's uncomfortable…but it wont' last forever."

Granella fiddled with a bit of trim on her shirt. "It's different when you're with them…" She replied. "Here… it's like I'm losing that part of who I am." She looked miserable. "And I don't want to do that."

The warrior got up, and seated herself cross legged on the floor next to the younger woman. "Ephiny felt like that too." She remembered quietly. "She felt very guilty that Phantes died protecting her.. and she wasn't able to help him."

Soft brown eyes looked at her. "She did?"

Gabrielle nodded. "Yes, she did.. I remember her saying that.. when we first found her in the forest outside Thessaly…she said she felt very ashamed… that she couldn’t protect herself." She looked up at her partner. "And I remember Xena here telling her that her responsibility was to do everything she could to give her child a chance to be born., and that Phantes would have told her to do the same thing." Her steady green eyes met Granella's. "If I thought my going was going to hurt my baby, or endanger my partner, I wouldn't do it, Gran… or if Xena really thought it was a bad idea, I"d listen to her, because I trust her judgment." She ignored the raised eyebrow this brought on. "But it's just going to be a bit of play acting… and actually, it's going to be a lot easier for me, than for the Warrior Tactless Princess, here."

"Hey!" Xena protested.

"C'mon, Xena.. it's true… I'd have a better chance of pulling this off if I took Argo in there with me." Gabrielle laughed, ruffling her partner's dark hair. "You know I love you, but getting you to be a sweet, innocent, demure country gal is gonna be a stretch."

Granella had been watching the two of them, then she finally gave a rueful chuckle. "Now you're pissing me off because I won't get to see this little act."

Xena lifted an insulted eyebrow. "Hey.. I'm not the one who almost clobbered the innkeeper at the last place we stayed because they didn't like the color shirt you were wearing, my tempestuous friend."

The bard blushed, and nibbled a fingernail. "I was in a bad mood?" She offered hopefully, giving Xena her best innocent look. "C'mon.. I was very sensitive that day.. I'd just started showing.. you know that." She exhaled, and turned back to Granella. "Anyway…someone has to be here to meet Pony, and keep this fair under control…don’t let the merchants take advantage of those guys, Gran."

"Hmm." She regarded Gabrielle thoughtfully. 'That means I get first crack at their stuff.. doesn’t it…" Her eyes narrowed, then she made a face. "All right… but let me just tell you both this.. after these kids are born, daddy's gonna be stuck with dirty nappies for at least a fortnight while I go and be a wild child, all right?"

Gabrielle grinned. "Deal." She stood up. "I gotta go see if mom's got something I can borrow…" She waited for Xena to join her, then lead the way out of the cabin and down the stairs. "That went better than I expected. "She commented to the silent warrior.

"You want to see if mother has something for Argo to wear too?" Xena inquired dryly.

Uh oh. Gabrielle tucked her hand inside the warrior's belt and slowed down, pulling her to a halt. "Whoa."

Xena just stopped and stood quietly.

"I bumped the tease threshold, huh?" Gabrielle came around to face her, and put a hand on her stomach, gazing up at the hooded blue eyes.

The warrior shrugged a little. "I didn't know you thought of me as such a crude person."

"Xena… you know that's not… " Gabrielle started, then stopped. "That's not what I …c'mon now…I was just teasing you."

Another shrug. "It's all right." Xena started moving again. "C'mon.. we've got a lot to do." Privately, she chastised herself for being so damned sensitive. But the words had stung, there was no denying it. "Guess I'm just a little off today.. but listen, if you'd really rather take someone else…it's okay."

Gabrielle pulled her to a halt again. "Hold on.. let's talk about this a minute." She made for their porch, where she sat down on the padded bench, and tugged her soulmate down with her. "Listen.. I'm sorry.. I went a little to far with the joke…I was just trying to get Gran to loosen up, not get you mad at me."

Xena faced her squarely, her jaw tensing a bit. "I don't like being made fun of." She stated very softly. "Not even by you."

It was like being hit in the face with a mud brick. Gabrielle hadn't expected the admission, and now she cast around for a way to respond to it. "I… " She stopped, then took a breath. "I'm sorry." One hand reached out to gently stroke Xena's arm. "I really am."

Something melted in the back of the blue eyes facing her, and Xena shifted a little, glancing out at the wind swept yard then back at her with a tiny, rueful smile. "With both of us being affected by this baby, this is going to be a Hades of a thing to pull off." A wry admission. "I overreacted… Gabrielle.. I'm sorry. "

The bard felt weak with relief, and she rested her head against her partner's shoulder and sighed. "No.. that really was a little too much…and you're right - if it comes right down to it, I'm a lot more likely to fly off the handle than you are." She looked up wistfully. "I don't think you're crude." She issued a hopeful smile. "I'm the one they had to give lessons to so I wouldn't trip over my gown, remember?" She lowered her voice. "Good peasant stock." She mimicked.

Xena poked her lower lip out, and glanced sideways at her. "Well.. I am crude sometimes.. I'm not sure there is a refined and graceful way to kick someone's head in." She scuffed her boots against the wooden planks. "But I think, if I dredge up some old memories, I might be able to recall what it was like to be just a simple village girl."

"We could pretend what it would have been like if we'd actually met when we were kids." Gabrielle responded, with a smile. "Or grown up together."

Xena considered that. "I don't think you would have liked me much." She finally confessed. "I was a mess growing up."

"Mm.." The bard chewed her lip. 'Were you in trouble all the time?"

Xena nodded.

"Causing havoc?"

Anther nod.

"Always in fights?"

"Oh yeah."

"I would have loved you." Gabrielle told her. "You would have been the kind of person I would have followed around like a puppy dog, and made stories about."

Xena had to smile. "Imagine that."

"Imagine that." Her partner responded. "I guess some things were just meant to be."

The warrior put a long arm around her and hugged her close, but didn't say anything. They sat like that for a few minutes, then Gabrielle patted her leg. "We should go get our stuff ready.. I guess we can't avoid taking that Amazon guard, huh?"

Xena sighed. "Solari is having kittens as it is… she cornered me and told me if she let you go off into danger without at least a token attempt at protecting you, Pony would kick her butt from here to the high country and back." She explained. "So no… we get an escort."

Gabrielle considered this thoughtfully. "We could dress them as Hestian virgins."

Xena covered her eyes, and made a small choking noise.

"Okay..okay… milkmaids?" The bard offered. "I know…they're an assortment of younger daughters looking for husbands?"

The warrior allowed a curse to escape, in an unknown language.

"Ooo.. what was that one?" Gabrielle inquired. "I liked the sound of it."

"Don't say it in a room full of shepherds." Her soulmate informed her.

Gabrielle made a face. "Baaa." She started laughing, and was glad when Xena started laughing too. "Hey.. I got a smile." She reached up and gently stroked the warrior's cheek, gazing into her eyes and letting the love she felt come bubbling to the surface. "It's going to be so hard to remember not to do this in there."

A wry hint of humor warmed Xena's blue eyes. "Hey.. sisters do that to each other all the time, remember?" She reminded her soulmate innocently. "This is Greece." She bent her head and tasted the bard's lips, then went back for another sample, pulling Gabrielle gently onto her lap and persisting until her partner breathing was soft and ragged.

Gabrielle sucked in a breath unsteadily. "I don't think sisters do that, honey."

"Sure they do." Xena disagreed. "Common household safety… you have to know how to do mouth to mouth breathing, right?" She demonstrated again, and felt Gabrielle's hands slip under her tunic, sending jolts down her spine. "Or what if I had no arms.. and I had to feed you when you were a child.. like a little bird."

Gabrielle giggled softly, and abandoned herself to the insistently seductive touch, not even caring that they were in broad daylight on the porch of their cabin.


Johan finished buckling the tack on to the four cart horses, who would be pulling the open bedded wooden wagon they'd be taking to the cult's settlement. He rested his arms on the back of the near horse, and leaned against it. "Ye gods, me laddies… if those are suppose to be village gals, I'll be eating my hoof cleaner. " His eyes were on a group of women clustered on the porch in an assortment of colorful outfits, ranging from the tiny Feldan in a bodice and peasant skirt, to the tall Cesta in what must have been an old outfit of Xena's which didn't fit quite right.

They all looked very, very annoyed.

The door to the inn opened, though, and Gabrielle came out, in a simple peasant blouse over a knee length skirt, the outfit gently flattering to her swelling body. She also had a shawl draped over her shoulders, and had pinned her fair hair back in a youthful style, adding to the picture of a young, innocent village lass. She turned as the door opened, and a smile appeared on her face as Xena joined them, the tall, dark haired woman putting a hand on the bard's back as she spoke to the agitating Amazons.

Johan shook his head in bemusement, hardly recognizing his foster daughter. Xena was wearing a neatly fitted blue dress with white trim, the neckline exposing a good amount of her collarbone, and the length covering her long, muscular legs. She had her hair in neatly done braids on either side of her face, which were gathered in the back in a clasp, and if Johan hadn't known better, he never would have guessed that this beautiful young woman was also one of the deadliest fighters in Greece.

"This might work." He muttered to the horse, who snorted. "Long as they keep the rest of that lot from blowing the deal."

"All right, look." Xena said, for the fourth time. "You guys wanted to come along, so you've got to play the part… quit your whining."

"Xeeennaaa… " Solari protested, plucking at the frilly, flowered blouse that had replaced her leathers. "C'mon.. I feel like an Athenian flower seller."

The warrior leaned forward, regarding her. "Dunno.. I think it suits you. " She gave Solari a wicked grin. "What do you think, Gabrielle?"

The bard regarded the fidgeting Amazons, then turned and surveyed her soulmate. "I… think I need to go talk to Johan." She patted her partner on the side, then slipped down the steps, neatly sidestepping the issue.

Solari glared at her, and scratched her arm. "It itches." She complained. "All these little frilly things… "

Xena twitched her own skirt into place and gave her a look totally devoid of sympathy. "Hey. If I can do it, you can do it." She lifted her hands, and let them fall. "Get your stuff ready… we need to get going." She left the Amazons to gather their kits, and walked down the stairs, feeling the unfamiliar flow of fabric around her legs and the strangeness of not wearing a single weapon. Not that she wasn't bringing them, of course… her sword and chakram, and her leathers in fact, were stowed in a hidden panel under the wagon's bed in case their little act didn't go over very well. Salmoneus' never-ending wagon had provided them with outfits for the Amazons, along with several other items they'd needed, and the opportunist had been delighted to 'donate' them to the effort, in return for free board and lodging while the little party was gone. He'd also talked his way into the merchants fair, and was now happily holding court inside the inn, regaling the villagers with various tall tales, including several of hers told from a slightly different perspective.

She sighed, and joined Gabrielle at Johan's side, as the bard arranged their bags in the back of the cart. She put her hands on her partner's back and gentle rubbed it, feeling the muscles shift under her touch. "We ready?"

"Just about." Gabrielle closed her eyes and leaned back against her partner's hands. "We should get there before nightfall.. you think they'll let us in?"

"Oh.. let's see… we've got a sturdy respectable man, with seven fertile daughters… " Xena watched Johan almost choke on a piece of apple. "I'd say we've got a good shot at it."

Gabrielle glanced behind her, to where the Amazons were mincing across the grass, tripping over their skirts, then turned her eyes on her beautiful, assured soulmate. "Do you remember what I said about taking someone else in there instead of you?" She murmured.

Xena nodded quietly.

"Forget I said that, okay?" Gabrielle rested her head against the warrior's chest. "Do you suppose I can just hog tie them and leave them in the wagon?"

"Shh.. they'll be fine." Xena kissed her head. "Give em a chance to get used to the stuff…by the way, you look great." She arranged the shawl around Gabrielle's neck and fluffed her pale bangs.

The bard absorbed the compliment with a smile, then backed off a step, and regarded her fondly. "Speaking of which.. you really look pretty yourself.. and I love your hair." She reached up and touched a braid.

Xena pulled a neat curtsy, and winked. "Why thank you, kindly ma'am… " She drawled.

"All right.. are you two finished billing and cooing at each other?" Solari got the Amazons gear stowed. "Great guys are a walking advertisement for Aphrodite, I swear. " She surveyed her troops. "Cesta, put that dagger away… Lista, you need to keep those shoes on.. and Feldan…oh never mind." Solari hitched her skirt up and fastened the hem up under her belt. "There.. that'll do until we're near the damn place…" She braced a muscular leg against the step of the cart, and heaved a canvas bag of weapons on board. "Hide these under those mats."

Oh boy. Xena exhaled, then turned and gave her soulmate a hand up to the seat of the wagon. "All right… let's get started." Johan mounted the steps and settled in the driver's seat and took the reins while the rest of them climbed into the back, seating themselves on the rough sacks and blankets that had been put down in the bed. It wouldn't be a comfortable ride, but it would be faster than walking. Xena stretched her legs out and leaned against the back wall, on hand wrapped around the seat post. She waved to Cyrene, who had come out onto the porch to see them off, along with Granella and Elaini, as the wagon lurched into movement and they headed down the road.


The sun was setting as they plodded up the long, sloping road that lead to the small town of Elebar. The weather had remained clear though, and the Amazons managed to pass the time playing a dicing game, while Xena looked on, her eyes half closed. Gabrielle had traded her padded seat to Feldan some time before, and had settled down in the straw and blankets, cuddled up next to her soulmate. The bard had spent a little while trying out a new story on her, then wrapped her arms around the warrior's body and used her as a pillow.

Xena hadn't minded. She'd tucked the ends of Gabrielle's shawl around her, and stretched out her legs, letting the bard's peaceful breathing and warm body sooth her despite the rumbling of the wheels and the annoyingly persistent looks from Cesta.

Deliberately, the warrior let her chin rest against Gabrielle's fair head, pulling the bard a little closer against the cold wind that had sprung up as night neared.

"Mm." Gabrielle murmured sleepily, burrowing into her partner's shoulder. "Love you." The soft whisper barely reached Xena's ears, but brought a smile to her face. Just two words, and if they'd been said by anyone else it wouldn't have mattered. "Love you too." She muttered back, feeling the gentle squeeze as Gabrielle heard them.

The wagon slowed, and Johan half turned. "Bout there, lassie."

Xena glanced up, and nodded. "Just go in… Salmoneus said there was a main gate. Tell them your village was burned out, and you're looking for shelter."

Johan nodded. "Aye…ye're no serious about all of ye being my children, are ye?"

A faint twinkle showed in the blue eyes that regarded him. "C'mon, Jo…you're up to it." The Amazons snickered at her sly joke, and she felt Gabrielle tickle her gently. The ex trader blushed.

"And here ye're an innocent pure little thing." He gave her an exasperated look. "I'm liking to have reputation as much as the next man, but Hades left ankle, Xena…"

A soft chuckle. "Oh, all right….the rest of this lot can be your nieces…tell em your brothers were killed in a raid." Xena relented.

"Why would we be hanging around with him?" Solari asked, grumpily.

Blue eyes gazed innocently at her. "He protects us… where else would we go?" Xena purred pleasantly.



"I'm gonna throw up all over this wagon."

A dark brow quirked. "That's ladylike."

The wagon creaked on, and Xena half turned to watch the road, noting the walled enclave that surrounded the village. It wasn't like something they would see in Greece, more like a fortress than a homestead, and she studied the well built wall with a sense of vague foreboding. You put up a wall, people wanted to know what was behind it…and they assumed whatever it is, it was worth a lot. If I were planning the conquest of an area… that'd be the first place I'd hit. Xena mused.

As Johan skillfully drove the horses forward, watchers on either side of the gate spotted him, and came forward, holding long staves. "Hold!"

"'Ere we go." Johan muttered, as he pulled the horses to a stop, and waited for the two men to come to meet him. They were both of middling height, and bearded, with thick woven tunics and leggings tucked into well made boots. They looked tolerably prosperous, and had the arrogant attitude that usually carried. "Fine day to you."

The closer one stepped up to him, while his companion circled the wagon, regarding it's contents. "And you.. what business have you here?"

Johan gave him a tentative smile. "I'd heard this be a good place for those seeking a new way." He half turned, looking at the wagon, then swiveled back around. "My home village was burned out… two warlords fighting over the sheep, they were.. and my brothers killed. I took away my daughters and theirs.. and went out from there."

The man gave him a friendlier look. "Oh? And what steered you to here?" He peered at the wagon, and the sturdy, muscular horses with an almost proprietary air.

Xena watched out of the corner of her eye as the other man peered in at them, glad that the darkness masked the ill hidden scowls on the Amazon's faces. Gabrielle was awake, and she removed her stranglehold on the warrior, but was still huddled against her, blinking out at the watcher with plainly innocent eyes.

Which was all right for the bard. Xena kept her gaze down at the straw, figuring rightly that it would be a better idea than returning the man's look. He leaned against the buckboard, though and peered at her curiously.

"Hello." Gabrielle said, softly, giving him a smile. Xena let out a tiny sigh of relief as the man's attention was drawn to her soulmate, and paid attention to what Johan was saying.

"As I say… we're tired of the old ways… do us no good.. look at what happened? All the prayers to our gods did nothing… nothing, I say… and I'm hearing you teach a different path." It was a good line, Johan decided. "I've got only what's in t'wagon.. but the girls are good workers, and fair." He paused. "And my little one, she's w'child."

The man's eyes went to his face, then he slowly and deliberately circled the wagon, examining it's contents. The Amazons wisely kept their eyes on the straw, and Xena did the same, as the eyes raked them. Judged them.

Only Gabrielle lifted her head, and regarded the two men with intent, mist green eyes. She watched them examine her partner, their eyes flicking over her in an almost dismissive gesture, then fasten on the Amazons, especially on Cesta's striking face. They nudged each other, then walked around to the front of the cart.

"All right… come on inside. Let's discuss things there, out of this wind." The taller of the two decided. "And we'll send for our leader, so that he might speak with you, and explain our ways." He patted the sturdy lead horse's shoulder. "Be welcome here."

"I thank you." Johan muttered, as he took up the reins, and waited for the gates to open, then guided the horses inside, with the taller guard following him in. As the gates closed behind them, he pulled to a halt again, and glanced around.

So did Xena, her eyes flicking over the compound in a rapid analyzation. It was a village built on a series of squares, not very different from Amphipolis. In the entryway here, a large open space fronted buildings that looked like stables and storerooms, and there was a broad dirt avenue that lead up between the center buildings towards another open space. Off to one side a dust cloud and the small sounds of bleats attested to the presence of sheep, and the odd chicken or two scuttled across the road. A number of men and women were moving about, the men dressed in tunics and trousers, most of them also wearing the striped wool overlay of a shepherd tied around them. This was used, Xena knew, as a blanket and a dozen other things out in the fields. The women all wore long skirts and long sleeved blouses, soft and shapeless, and shawls wrapped around their heads.

The two didn't mix, the watching warrior noted. The men clustered in groups, talking, complaining, gesticulating, and the women moved in their own circles, heads bent towards each other, hands full of bowls or other domestic items. It seemed a peaceful scene, and the people appeared happy, and content. Xena shot a glance at Gabrielle's watching face, and saw the muscles shift as her eyes moved about, absorbing her surroundings.

The tall guard gestured him to move the wagon closer to what appeared to be a stable. "Wait here." He trotted off, and they were left alone for a moment, though the eyes of the inhabitants curiously watched them.

"Did I do all right then?" Johan whispered over his shoulder.

"Just fine." Xena burred, pitching her voice low. "All right, everyone listen up. This is going to get ugly for all of us, so put a lid on your tempers, and remember why we're here." She caught and held the Amazon's eyes, especially Solari's. "You're gonna get insulted, and looked down on, and generally not be respected. Cope with it." The warrior felt a gentle hand rub her back, and she consciously relaxed some of the tension there. "Just stay calm, and listen to what they say, and don’t argue with them."

"Poop." Solari gave her a disgusted look.

"You insisted on coming." Xena shot back. "I didn't ask you to be here."

Hazel eyes regarded her, then dropped. "All right… she's right, you guys… I got us in to this, you can beat me up later. But while we're in here, make like sheep."

Cesta regarded her thoughtfully, then let her eyes wander back to Xena's shadowed face.

The guard came back, with a burly older man with thick, bushy eyebrows and almost a lions mane of hair. He gave the wagon and it's contents a brief glance, then leaned his elbow on the traces, and gazed up at Johan. "Welcome." His voice was very deep, and compelling. "Mathias tells me you wish to join us."

The ex-trader nodded and wrapped his reins around a seat post before he hopped down and faced the man directly. "Aye.. that's true." He turned. "I haven't much save these." His indicated his hands. "And t'wagon… we got some small stuff in there."

The man regarded the scene. "The women all yours?" One bushy eyebrow lifted at him, but more in amusement than surprise.

"My two girls, aye." He gestured to the two shadowy figures in the flickering torchlight, huddled in one corner. "T'rest are my nieces… they're all that's left."

"Mmph." The man nodded. "Brave and kindly of you to take responsibility for all of them.. you're a good man.. ah… " His voice rose in question.

"Johan." The ex trader extended an arm.

The burly leader took it. "Isaac." He glanced around. "Let's get your stuff taken care of… and we'll find you a place to sleep." His eyes went to the silently waiting women. "They're all in right minds, eh?"

"Eh?" Johan spun to regard them. "Of course they are." He gave Isaac a puzzled look. "Let me.. "

Isaac waved him off. "Just being sure… such terrors often affect a woman's sensibilities.. they're delicate, I know.. glad that's not the case here." He considered. "Have them move your stuff out, and you can put the horses in there… Matthias tells me one of them is with child?"

Does he mean the horses? Johan wondered for a moment, then realized what the question was. "Oh.. aye..aye.. my little one here." He put a hand on Gabrielle's arm, feeling the tension under the fabric of her sleeve.

Issac grunted. "Very well.. you and she can stay with my family… Matthias will take the others and split them up in a few other homes nearby."

Gabrielle didn't like that. Being separated from her soulmate was not in her plans, but she glanced back, to see a quiet, almost still face above hers. "You okay?" She barely aspirated the sounds.

"Mmhmm." Xena murmured back. "I'm imagining what it would feel like to pull every hair in his body out." A pause. "Slowly." Another pause. "While holding him upside down." Yet another pause. "With his head in a bucket of sheep dung."

"Really." The bard bit the inside of her lip to keep from smiling.

"Mm.. I don't much like being separated.. but let's see what happens." Xena's eyes flicked around, so fast it was almost undetectable. "Doesn't look like much security once you're inside."

"All right, children." Johan cleared his throat. "Ye heard the man… out ye go."

The warrior waited for the Amazons to exit, then she slid out, and turned to help Gabrielle as she followed, taking the bard's arm as she got down from the wagon. She took out both of their bags, then put a hand on the smaller woman's shoulder as Johan moved closer.

"These are yours, then?" Isaac eyed the two of them.

"Aye." Johan agreed.

"Comely looking, they are.. pity though, you have no son." Isaac clapped him on the shoulder. "Come on then, I'll take you to my home." He turned. "Matthias, take two of them by you, and put the rest in the communal hall… we'll sort things out better on the morrow." He exhaled. "Be easy, my friend… " He gave Johan a smile. "We've got a good crop of younger sons ready for wives… we'll find them all places. They look like good, strong girls."

"Xena?" Gabrielle leaned back against her soulmate.

"Hmm?" The warrior ducked her head a little to listen.

"If you end up stuffing him into a potato sack and sending him down the river, I'll forgive you."

"Mm." Xena gave her shoulder a squeeze. "Let's just find Toris and Jess, and get the Hades out of here."

Matthias stepped up in front of them, and regarded the cluster of women. "You, and you.' He pointed at Cesta and Xena. "Will come with me. The rest of you will go to the shop. Bring your things." He turned and started walking, obviously expecting them to obey.

Xena sighed inwardly. Just who she wanted to be stuck with. She'd felt the twitch go through Gabrielle's body when he'd spoken as well. She took advantage of the darkness and gave her soulmate a kiss on the head. "I'll be by shortly." She handed Gabrielle her bag and shouldered her own. "Let's go." She gave the Amazons a look, and they started after the striding man.

Gabrielle watched them go, then she turned her attention to Johan, and walked over to him. He put an arm around her shoulders. "Isaac, this is Gabrielle."

The man hardly looked at her. "Fine… let's go then." He patted the horse next to him. "I'll give you a hand untracing these beauties."

The bard felt a burn of anger, but hid in by walking around to the other side of the horses and starting to unbuckle the tack, a task she knew at least as well as Johan did. Her fingers worked automatically, as she ignored the startled look from the village leader.

"Plucky lass.. has she any skills?" Isaac inquired, glancing at Johan.

The ex trader watched the fair head bend itself into her task. "Oh, aye… she's a fair, fair cook.. and a wondrous storyteller." He replied. "And a great one for getting the bargains." Xena had coached him on what to say, and he said it, but ached at the short shrift it gave the young bard.

The village leader grunted. "Don't have much call for tale telling, but a cook is always welcome." He acknowledged, as he watched Gabrielle lift the heavy tack up and sling it into the wagon. "We can work something out, I'm sure…if she bears a son, she'll be a welcome addition in the bargain." He sighed, as they walked the horses into the stable, and gave them feed and water. "Her husband die in the raid?"

Gabrielle turned and looked right at him. "My husband was killed by a bloodthirsty lunatic." She stated flatly. "But I don't like to talk about it." She also hated being talked about like she wasn't there. "But thanks for asking."

The man grunted, then gestured. "Come… my home waits." He started off, taking Johan's arm, and glancing at Gabrielle, dismissing her to follow behind.

The bard's palms itched, as she tagged along, and she realized what her body was desperately wanting was the familiar feel of her staff. And to do what with, Gabrielle? Clobber that guy? She sighed inwardly, at the desire. And you were worried about Xena.


Matthias' house was a low, one story dwelling with an attached stockyard to one side holding what smelled to Xena like chickens and geese. She had pulled Solari aside as they walked, and given her some terse instructions, then grimly followed an openly smirking Cesta and a stomping Mathias back to the house. He walked in first, and looked behind him, obviously waiting for them to come in.

Xena slipped in ahead of Cesta, ducking her head slightly to clear the doorframe. Inside was a square room, with a roughly built table on one side, and a small food preparation area nearby. Through a doorway in the back, she could see a further room with pallets, obviously for the three children who were clustered around a fair, thin woman of middling height in an apron and long dress.

"Sarah… we have two visitors." Mathias called over. "Isaac has asked me to shelter them until he can find a permanent place for them. " He gestured. "She will make you comfortable.. I have work to attend to." He stalked out, leaving the three women alone with the children.

The woman looked up from her pot, gazing at the two newcomers with gentle interest. "You are welcome in our home." She put the spoon down and walked over, holding a hand out to Xena, who was a pace ahead of Cesta. "Pay no heed to my husband's shortness… he has so much on his mind.."

Xena took her hand in a gentle grasp and released it. "It's nice of you to put us up." She stated quietly. "My name is Xena, and this is Cesta… our village was burned out by a raider band."

Sarah pursed her lips, as she nodded a greeting to the silent Amazon. "That is truly horrible… I'm so sorry for you. It's a grace of the Lord's that you made it here." She glanced around. "These are our children… my eldest son Jacob.. " She put her hand on the dark head of a small boy of perhaps six or seven, who gazed up at them with truculent eyes. He had a snub nose, and a slightly pointed chin. "And his younger brother Ruben." A lad of three or four looked up at his name from the wooden toy he was playing with on the floor. He put a finger in his mouth as he looked at them with big, brown eyes. "And their sister Rebekah." A girl of nine or so peeked at them from behind a spinning wheel, and gave them a tentative smile.

"They're lovely children." Cesta stated, with a toothy smile. "And you have a very nice home."

Sarah smiled back at her. "Thank you… we have a small room in the back where my parents are coming to stay in… you can stay there. " She motioned for them to follow her. "Come.. you can put your things down, and get settled." She started walking, with them following but little Jacob picked up a stick he'd been waving around and stepped in their path, poking it in Xena's direction at the level of her knees.

"Halt!" He put up a hand self importantly. "You can't pass."

The warrior glanced down, aware of a smirking Cesta at her back. "I can't?"

"No." He waved the stick at her.

Xena knelt down, so that her head was on a level with is, and peered at him, resting her forearms on her knee. "Why not?"

He blinked. "Cause I said so…. My daddy isn't here, so I'm in charge."

The warrior nodded sagely. "I see." She considered. "Well, my mother taught me that it's not polite to boss around people who are your guests." She commented. "You don't want to be rude, do you?"

He stared at her, caught in the deep blue gaze. "Um… no."

"Thought so.. tell you what.. why don't you let us go through, and I'll find some way to make it up to you later, okay?"

Jacob turned shy, melting before Xena's magnetic personality like so many before him. "Okay." He smiled impishly at her, from under long, pale lashes. "You're pretty nice, for a girl."

The greatest warrior in Greece gave him a tolerant smile. "Thanks." She stood up and moved past him, ignoring Cesta's sniggering.

Sarah gave her a timid smile. "You're very good with children."

Xena glanced at the Amazon, then back at her. "I get a lot of practice." She replied, giving Sarah a wry look.  

"Oh.. did you have a big family?" The slim woman inquired kindly.

"Getting larger all the time." Xena deadpanned, ignoring the bug eyed look of outrage on the Amazon's face.

"How nice." Sarah looked a bit confused, but she shook her head. "Please.. come this way." She moved towards the back of the dwelling, and indicated a thin door. "You can settle in there…

 It was a small room, and Xena felt her instincts shudder slightly as she forced herself through the door, edging to one side to allow Cesta to enter behind her. One dresser, a small window, and a barely double size bed. The warrior uttered a short curse, switching to a different language as a precaution.

"Oh.. was that Aramaic?" Sarah was just behind her, and her voice sounded surprised and delighted.

"Turkish." Xena replied, with as pleasant a smile as she could muster.

"I so miss hearing Aramaic…I can't say I've ever heard that language… I don't.. " Her eyes went over Xena's tall form doubtfully. "Do they speak that here?"

Ah. "We… um.. come from a trading village." Xena lied. "Lot of merchants.. you know.. you pick up a word or two here and there." She clasped her hands in front of her. "Well, we'll get settled in.. out of your way here."

"We're serving a dairy meal tonight.. I hope you'll join us." Sarah peered at them. "Perhaps you can teach my son a word or two of.. Turkish, was it?"

Not that word…"Yes." Xena plastered a polite look on her face. "Sure.. we'd be glad to join you."

Sarah turned around and edged out the door, leaving them to the grand solitude of the small space. "Well." Cesta gave the bed a smirk. 'That's cozy."

Xena gave her a look then went to the window, opening the shutters and letting a draft of cool air in. "Don't worry.. you'll have it all to yourself." She murmured, peering out. The back of the house faced a small wooded area, and she could see a path running up, presumably towards the center of the village. It was fairly secluded, and at night would be very dark. Perfect. Everyone goes to sleep, I go find Toris and Jess, we figure out how to get the outta here, we do it, we leave, end of story. She glanced around the peaceful village. This place gives me the creeps.

"C'mon, Xena.. " Cesta closed in behind her, and put a hand out, clasping the warrior's arm. "Don't.. ow!"

Xena whirled, and grabbed her, as her already edgy reflexes reacted. With an exasperated look, she shoved her back. "Don't do that." She rasped. "You're gonna get hurt."

"Hey.. take it easy champ… " Cesta rubbed her wrist. "Just looking for a little fun here, okay?"

Pale blue eyes glared at her. "I don’t like people touching me."

Cesta raised innocent eyebrows. "You can't tell that by the way you and Gabrielle carry on."

"That's different." Xena growled, returning her attention to the window.

"Tch tch.. " The tall redhead eyed her appreciatively. "You're not gonna tell me one little pregnant blond bard can keep you satisfied, Xena… not from what I heard."

Xena counted to twenty. Then she counted to twenty again. Then she turned around, and leaned against the windowsill in a seductive pose. "So. You want a little fun, huh?"

A big grin creased Cesta's face. "Now you've got the idea."

Xena slipped past her, closing the door with a negligent foot, then circled Cesta, stalking her like a large, hungry cat. "Oh yeah.. I've got the idea."

"Heh… " Cesta watched, a touch nervously as the ice blue eyes focused on her. " Right." She took a step back as Xena closed in, suddenly aware of the magnetic presence of the warrior, which got more intense the closer she got. Her throat went dry.

"Well you know.. you might have a point there." Xena purred, forcing her back another step, and letting her personality off it's leash. "Because I do love to have fun… " Her voice dropped an octave, rumbling in her chest. She reached out, slipping past Cesta's defenses and gave her a little shove towards the bed. "I really do."

"Uh." The redhead stuttered.

"This what you had in mind, Cesta?" The warrior gave her another shove, which put her on her back on the bed. Xena leaned over her, and stared down, her eyes half lidded. "Hmm? Think you can handle me?"

Wide, overwhelmed gray eyes stared back at her. "Uh."

"Nice big girl like you? Hmm???" A grin found it's way onto Xena's face. "I can think of lots of things that would make you scream." She chuckled softly.

"Uh…well.. you know.. maybe with that family in the other room.. uh… that um… " Cesta squirmed, realizing she was trapped by a large, very strong, very aggressive, very sexual animal. "Maybe it's not such a good idea."

"No?" Innocent blue eyes widened.

"Uh…" Cesta felt like crying.

Abruptly Xena stood up and smiled. "Maybe you're right… not everyone can take me like Gabrielle does… I don't want you getting… hurt." She took a step away, her eyes never leaving Cesta's.

"Ah.. good thought.. I mean.. uh.. " Cesta launched herself off the bed and got to the door in record time. "I'll.. go get the bags. Yeah.. that's a good idea.. I'll be right back." She whisked out the exit at a near run.

"No problem." Xena commented to the hastily closed door. "Take your time." She leaned against the wall and chuckled to herself, shaking her head in pure amusement. "Oh… Gabrielle… you did wonders for my reputation.. I think I just returned the favor." She sighed to her absent soulmate. "I hope you don't kill me for that."


 Gabrielle followed Johan towards Isaac's house, checking out the village as they passed through it. The village leader was talking about a series of raids they'd been suffering in the area, but he seemed quite proud of their ability to fend the brigands off. The bard padded along after them, half listening, and half wishing the adventure over. She wasn't really in the mood for this… the religious undertones of the village rubbed sense so recently faced with a different sort raw, and she fought her tendency to find familiarities between this set of zealots and that other set.

She sighed and wondered if they were really part of the One God faith, and if so, why were they settling here, so deep into Greece? The gods of Olympus were as entrenched as a herd of sows in these parts. They entered a small yard fenced in with wooden posts, which held a garden and several chickens. To one side was a small storage shed, and directly in front of them was a well built home, with a neatly thatched roof and well made doors and windows. As they walked towards the door, it opened inward, pulled out of their way by a petite woman with gray hair, and a quiet smile.

"Leah, we've got some guests here." Isaac stated gruffly, turning to Johan. "This is a traveler gone on hard times, name of Johan.. he's got eight good strong girls with him.. looking to settle down."

The woman peeked out at them, and nodded. "Welcome to our home." Her eyes slid past Johan to find Gabrielle's watchful eyes. "Please, come in."

"Johan's daughter here is with child… they'll be staying with us until we can get them placed." Isaac informed her. "Take them to the back room, and then we'll have some dinner." He slapped Johan's shoulder. "You must have tales of the road then, good sir…we haven't heard much these last few weeks."

Leah sidled over to Gabrielle and put a tiny hand on her arm. "Come… let them talk… let's get you comfortable."

The bard sighed inwardly. "I'm fine, thanks.. what a nice home you have." She glanced around, seeing the spotless cleanliness, and the few, but well made items of furniture proudly displayed. On one side of the house was a sturdy table, with a set of dressers behind it, and in the opposite corner a bookshelf with leather bound volumes tucked into it. "Are those books?"

Leah glanced over. "The holy writings.. yes.. Isaac keeps them, for when the quorum comes over to discuss the meanings of them." She peeked at the bard. "How far along are… "

"Gabrielle." The bard took her hesitantly offered hand and squeezed it. "Five moons, actually." She put a hand on her belly. "Have you any children?"

Leah pulled her further into the house, away from the two men. "I have not been so blessed." She admitted softly. "It has been a great disappointment for us.. was your husband killed in the raid? How sad… "

"No.. he died a l… a few months ago." Gabrielle corrected herself hastily. "Right after.. um.." She hesitated. "You know."

"Yes. Yes.. " Leah blushed, and half turned away. "Well, let me take you to where you can rest…you must be exhausted." She led Gabrielle towards a curtained off doorway. "I have some warm goats milk… let me get you some."

The bard winced. "No.. no really.. I'm fine… " She followed the older woman into the small room, which held two pallets, and a dresser made of a pale wood. "I got some sleep in the wagon on the way here."

"Really?" Leah turned and looked at her with interest, now that they were alone. "Could you really sleep in that thing? I tried once, and it jarred me black and blue." Her eyes blinked. "How old are you, child?"

A faint smile edged Gabrielle's lips. "Old enough not to be called a child, actually." Her voice took on a kind tone, though, to take the sting out of her words. "I've just finished my twentieth year."

"Goodness.. is this your first?" Leah sounded surprised.

Such simple question, with such complex answers. "Yes." Gabrielle replied, after a slight pause.

"Well… " The older woman considered that. "We usually start having children much younger than that… but perhaps… " She laughed a touch nervously. "And here I am going on about it, when I haven't even a one… you can rest here, Gabrielle.."

"Actually.. " The bard ran a hand through her hair. "I'd rather help you prepare dinner.. if that's all right.. I like to keep busy." She paused. "To keep my …um.. mind off of things, you know?"

A look of contrition covered the tiny woman's face. "Oh my goodness.. of course.. how foolish of me… please, at the very least, you can keep me company at the fire." She fluttered around the bard, who gave her a kindly smile. "Come.. come… perhaps we can share a recipe or two."

Thank the gods it's me here. Gabrielle felt an almost helpless laugh coming on. I can imagine Xena dealing with her.. wonder how she's getting along? She followed Leah dutifully into the main room, and stopped to wash her hands in the hand basin, careful to scrub off the evidence of a long afternoon's traveling.

Running footsteps made them both look up, and Gabrielle blinked in surprise as Cesta popped her head inside the door, and spotted her.

"Gabrielle." The tall redhead oozed into the room, and crossed to her, wiping her hands nervously together. "Listen.. I was just thinking.. "

"Dangerous." The bard murmured.

"Um.. you know, that Matthias is a swell guy.. and he's got a nice place.. and three really cute kids… those kids would just love to hear stories.. and.. well, we all know how great you are at that so.. I think we should change places." Cesta got it out in a huge breath, and stared at her. "Please?"

What in Hades is this all about? Gabrielle's green eyes widened a little. "Hold on.. slow down." She put a hand out. "I can just go there to tell stories… is there a problem?"

"Uh." Cesta licked her lips nervously. "Your sister misses you." She nodded fiercely. "A lot."

Gabrielle had to turn away, and half cover her face, which was twitching into a helpless grin. She got herself under control and turned back around, then cleared her throat, and glanced at Leah apologetically. "She was traumatized by the attack… you have to forgive her."

Leah cooed, and patted Cesta's arm. "Now now.. take it easy…. " She peered at Gabrielle. "Is your sister very upset too? Maybe it would be better if you saw to her.. since you seem so assured."

"Um." Gabrielle scratched her jaw. "My sister tends to react in…mm.. unexpected ways… maybe I'd better go see what's going on." What in the world is that troublemaker up to now? "Cesta.. you.. why don't you stay here for now, okay?"

"Absolutely." The redhead agreed immediately.

Isaac and Johan came back over, hearing the raised voices. "What happens here?" Isaac demanded, glancing at Cesta. "You were to go with Matthias."

Gabrielle gently folded her hands. "It.. um.. apparently there's a problem with my sister… I'd like Cesta to stay here, and I'll go there to see if I can help."

Isaac eyed Cesta for a long moment, then gave a brief nod. "Johan, does that suit you?"

The ex trader's eyes twinkled as he ruffled Gabrielle's hair. "Whatever suits my little one here suits me."

The bard gave him a hug. "Thanks dad."

"You take care of your sister now, here?" Johan advised her solemnly.

"I will.. " Gabrielle shouldered her bag, and wiped the grin off her face before she turned, and gave them all a brief nod. "Bye."

It was a short walk to Matthias' house, after she stopped and asked directions from a young boy who told her impatiently then stalked off. She tapped on the door, and smiled when a young woman answered it. "Hello."

"Hello." The woman looked taken aback. "I'm sorry, I was expecting…"

"I know." Gabrielle stuck her hand out. "My name is Gabrielle.. Cesta and I are going to be switching places… the other woman staying her is my sister."

"Ah!" The woman smiled. "I see.. I see.. how nice." She backed up to allow Gabrielle to enter. "My name is Sarah.. Matthias went out to talk to a friend, but you are welcome here, I'm sure." She lead the way inside. "So you two are sisters? Forgive me.. you don’t' look much alike."

Gabrielle bit her lip, realizing that no one else had even questioned it. "I know. Everyone tells us that." She replied politely. "It's just one of those things, I guess.. she looks like mom, I look like dad." Sort of, she mused. Johan shared her relatively short stature, and lighter features, enough to get away with.

"Well, that's lovely.. your sister seems very smart." Sarah mentioned, lowering her voice. "Did you know she speaks Turkish?"

Uh oh. "Some words of it, yes." Gabrielle nodded. "And she is very smart."

"Let me introduce you..." She motioned to the small boy sitting on the floor. "That's my son, and his brother Ruben." She glanced over. "And Rebekah, my girl." She smiled at the bard. "Jacob was quite taken with your sister."

Gabrielle smiled. I bet. "She has that effect on people… " Her eyes found Jacob's, and warmed. "Especially handsome little boys."

Sarah beamed with pride. "Why, thank you." She took Gabrielle's arm, and steered her towards the back room. "I hate to say this, but you're much more pleasant than that other woman.. she ran out of here like wolves were chasing her."

"She's been through a lot." The bard bit her lip. "Is that.. " She pointed at the door.

"Yes.. your sister is in there… please join us for dinner as soon as my husband gets home."

"Thanks." Gabrielle smiled at her, then at the children, then slipped through the door and closed it behind her. Her eyes found the tall, silent figure at once, her head outlined against a canopy of stars seen out the window. As she watched, Xena turned, and leaned lazily on the windowsill, a faint smile playing about her lips. "Okay, what in the name of Hades did you do to Cesta?"

Oh so innocent blue eyes. "ME?" Xena pointed at her chest in mock surprise. "Why Gabrielle… I haven't the faintest idea of what you're talking about."

Gabrielle put her hands on her hips, and gave her beloved soulmate a wry look. "Uh uh… save that 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' attitude for someone who hasn't lived with you for over three years, Madam Warrior Scheming Princess."

That got a little, surprised chuckled out of Xena. "Not buying it, huh?" She teased. "She um… was being very persistent in wanting my attentions, so I gave them to her."

Gabrielle blinked. "What?"

Xena pushed off from the sill and crossed to her partner, leaning an arm on either shoulder and touching her forehead to the smaller woman's. "I chased her butt around this room and told her I was going to make her scream like a cat in heat."

The bard's eyes closed. "Oh gods."

"Mmhm…. She decided it probably wasn't a good idea." Xena purred, with a sly chuckle. "But now has a lot more respect for you, my love."

Gabrielle snorted a helpless laugh, and buried her face into Xena's chest. "Not exactly how I like to earn respect, but I'll take it." She managed to mumble, feeling the warmth of Xena's breath against her neck. "So she sent me over here.. said it would be better if I .. um.. handled you."

"Well." Xena smiled, and released her. "She's not so stupid after all." She exhaled, and indicated the bed. "That certainly looks a lot better now."

"Mmm." Gabrielle regarded it, then eyed her soulmate. "Were you going to share that with her?"

Xena just snorted.

"Okay.. just asking." The bard smiled, then looked around. "Well, hopefully, it won't be long… this place… " She searched around for a word for it. "Ew."

The warrior nodded. "Not exactly how I'd put it, but yeah." She went to the window and peered out. "I figure I can hunt around after everyone goes to sleep… find them, and then we can figure out how to get them out of here."

Gabrielle nodded. "The sooner the better…" She heard a low, male voice outside. "I think that's our cue for dinner."

"Oh.. you mean the lord of the manor returned?" Xena's sarcasm was biting. Then she took a breath, and wrestled a smile onto her face. "I just keep telling myself this is good practice developing patience for when our child is born."

The bard sighed, and tucked an arm in hers. "You're doing better than I am, tiger… c'mon." She led the way towards the door, feeling a lot better just being with her soulmate. This might, she reflected, even be kinda fun.


Continued...Part 3

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