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Just Horsin' Around

by Blade

"On your mark . . .getsetgo!!" Laughing gaily, the golden haired bard bolted through the dappled pathway that ran like an arrow through the heavily forested region.

Her tall companion stood smirking, long arms crossed over swirling armor, an ebony eyebrow raised to hide beneath sable bangs. After a silent count of twenty, she casually unlooped the whip from her horse's pommel and, with a bend and flex of powerful legs, sprang into action with a piercing cry.

Landing mere feet behind the still fleeing bard, Xena coolly raised the whip and flicked out the single tail, snaring it around the pumping forearm of her companion. An expert with the whip, the warrior could make it sting like an Adder's bite or caress with a lover's touch. For this hit, she chose the middle ground.

"Yeowch!" Gabrielle yelled, trying unsuccessfully to remove the offending leather from her lightly stinging wrist. "No fair!"

"Fair went out the door when you cheated, Gabrielle," Xena taunted, tugging on the butt end of the whip and pulling her lover into her strong arms.

"By the gods, Xena." The young bard frowned as she unwrapped the whip from her arm. "I didn't cheat anyway. I just . . .evened the odds." At her companion's arched eyebrow, she continued. "I had to have some kind of advantage. Not all of us are lucky enough to have legs as long as Mount Olympus is tall, you know."

Cocking her head, the warrior moued her lips in her classic "you poooor baby" expression.

"I hate it when you look at me like that."

"Fair is fair, Gabrielle. You cheated. I won. And now I'll claim my prize." Gathering the bard in close against her armor, Xena ducked her head and caressed her companion's lips with her tongue, gently demanding entry.

Opening her mouth, Gabrielle lightly nipped at Xena's invading tongue, causing the other woman to draw back slightly.

"Mmmm. Seems I've caught myself a spirited little filly." As Argo whinnied in protestation, the warrior's eyes narrowed, attaining that dark, sultry look that shot bolts from Gabrielle's stomach southward. "Perhaps I'll break her to the bit . . .and the saddle." Long fingers drew upwards, deftly untying the lacings keeping the bard's top closed.

Gabrielle sighed happily as her breasts were freed from their coarse confinement. The sigh turned to a soft moan as callused palms brushed over her ripening skin, teasing her nipples to full arousal with the barest of touches. "Yes." The exclamation was as soft as a whisper on the wind.

"Responsive as well, I see. I like that in a mount."


"Mmmm. Yes. You'll do nicely."

Strong hands gripped the young woman's shoulders and, with a gentle strength, Gabrielle was encouraged to her knees, her face inches from Xena's leather skirting. The scent of leather and the warrior's burgeoning arousal tantalized the bard's senses, causing her heart to race within the confines of her chest. "What are you going to do?"

"You'll see." The liquid voice was teasing. A sharp whistle brought Argo to the pair. "No peeking now." Stepping behind Gabrielle, Xena walked over to her horse, rummaging through the saddlebags until her questing hands came upon the item she wanted. A bit of shifting, a twist here, a buckle there and the warrior was ready. Smirking, she removed one bedroll and walked back to where her lover waited.

Gabrielle remained where she was, chest bared to the chilly fall wind, her fully erect nipples throbbing almost painfully. She startled slightly as a fur bedroll was dropped in front of her.

"Roll that out."

Resisting the urge to toss out a smart remark, the bard did as she was bade, rolling the thick fur covering out atop the leaf-strewn ground.

"You follow orders well. Very good. Now kneel on the blanket and bend forward, palms flat on the ground."

"Xena . . . ." A warm palm grasping her muscled ass stopped Gabrielle in mid sentence.

"Are you questioning me?"


"Good. You're too fine a specimen to break with the whip."

Gooseflesh erupted on the bard's exposed flesh as the dark, hungry tones rang in her ears.

"Now, do as I say."

By slow inches, Gabrielle lowered her palms to the thick fur blanket. She wanted to ask what Xena intended to do with her skirt, then thought better of it. Biting her lip, the bard remained silent.

Kneeling behind Gabrielle, Xena leaned her armored body over the arched back of her companion, her hands beginning a thorough exploration of the body offered to her, keeping a running commentary of the treasures she found. "Very nice. Strong, well muscled limbs, good for hard work. A proud neck bespeaking a strong spirit. A lovely thick mane, perfect for handling." And handle she did, grasping the honey strands and pulling the bard's head back, leaning in to take Gabrielle's hungry lips in a fierce kiss. Her tongue explored the proffered mouth freely, running over strong white teeth, exploring the hot, moist cavern with heady abandon. Pulling away, she smiled, though the gasping woman beneath her couldn't see her pleasure. "Good teeth. Young and healthy. Just how I like 'em." The last was uttered in a darkly gleeful whisper.

Rising away from Gabrielle's heaving body, Xena continued her manual exploration, hands tracing over the finely muscled back, trailing gleefully over the curve of ribs and spine, stopping at the waistband of the Amazon's skirt. Leaning back in, the warrior traced her hands along the bard's sides, along her toned abdomen, and up to cup the young blonde's full breasts, her fingers tweaking the engorged nipples she found there.

Gabrielle arched forward, seeking to thrust more of herself into the warrior's questing hands.

Xena pulled back immediately. "Uh uh uh. You should know by now that I want my mounts to remain still until I call on them. Think you can do that for me?"

"Xena . . .I . . ."

"Hush now. Remember what I said about the whip."

Resigned, the young woman relaxed, her head dropping, her golden hair trailing along the dark fur of the bedroll.

"That's better. Now, let's see about unwrapping the rest of my treasure, shall we?"

Moving back just slightly, Xena reached down and drew the back of Gabrielle's skirt up, folding it backwards over the bard's back. "Oh, very nice," the warrior purred, her hands gliding over the muscled expanse of Gabrielle's taut ass. "Very nice indeed." Hooking her fingers into talons, the warrior wove pink lines in the exposed flesh, from hip to thigh and back, smiling slightly as the woman in front of her moaned fully, her body tensing and releasing rhythmically. "Such finer beauty I've not seen in all my travels."

"Xena, please."

"No begging, Gabrielle. Remember I like spirited animals."

The young woman bit her lip and hung her head again, resisting the urge to show her warrior just how much spirit she possessed.

"Patience is a virtue, my dear bard. And yours will be well rewarded." Running her hands teasingly down Gabrielle's ass, Xena ran her long fingers through the young woman's liquid cleft, splitting dewy folds with ease. "Mmmm. Is this for me?" she asked as she brought her fingers up to the dappled sunlight, rubbing the thick wetness between them. Raising her fingers to her lips, the warrior licked them clean, resisting the urge to moan herself at the wild, sweet taste of her captive bard. "You taste so good, Gabrielle," she commented, going back for another sample. "Like the nectar the gods drink on Mount Olympus."

Long fingers descended again, painting the bard's center with her own arousal, from top to bottom, bottom to top, pausing to wet down soft curls before returning to swirl and twirl, entice and enchant. Two fingers plunged in to where the heat was the strongest, while the other hand meandered across and around a heaving back to cup a full, round breast, holding it captive, tensing and releasing to the rhythm of her fingers' deep probing.

"Gods yes, Xena. Oh gods, yes. Please yes." On her hands and knees, Gabrielle began to rock, hips thrust forward and back, impaling herself on the long, strong fingers of her captor.

As the bard neared the edge, Xena pulled away, grinning ferally at the moan of protest. "Have patience, Gabrielle. All will be revealed."

Gabrielle gasped as she felt something cool and solid probe carefully at her core, sliding back and forth between her folds, lubricating itself in her vast wetness. "Xena?"

"Shhhh. Relax, beloved." Reaching around Gabrielle's hip, Xena's hand slid past the slick hairs protecting the young woman's sex to settle against her engorged clit, stroking gently, coaxing it to full tumescence. When her partner resumed her slow rocking, Xena pushed forward, burying the head of her smooth toy deep with the bard's slick, tight walls.

"Oh gods, Xena! That feels so . . . ."

"Mmmm. Yes, it does." Continuing her stroking, Xena advanced the toy with a long, gentle thrust of her hips until it was fully imbedded within the body of her beloved. She waited a long moment for Gabrielle to become accustomed to the gentle invasion, her fingers never stilling their dance on the young bard's clit.

Having had enough of the infuriating stillness within her, Gabrielle began to pull away slightly, only to have her hips gripped strongly and pulled back, forcing a gasp from her mouth as the toy flared against her sensitive inner walls. "Sweet Aphrodite," she moaned.

"Let's not bring the gods into this, hmmm? It's just you and I, my sweet little captive filly. And it's about time I took what was mine." So saying, the warrior reclaimed her grasp of Gabrielle's hips, pushing her away, then pulling her close in a slow, gentle rhythm that started to gradually increase as the bard's blonde head began to whip back and forth, her hair flying in wild abandon.

"More, please. Oh gods, please!"

"What did I tell you about begging, Gabrielle?"

"I don't care, Xena! I need . . . ."

"Oh, I know exactly what you need, my bard. And I suppose I can forgive your disobedience. Just this once." Steadying Gabrielle's hips, Xena once again leaned over her partner's back, her fingers again finding with ease the place where they were most needed. Beginning a teasing dance with those fingers, Xena began to thrust into the bard in earnest, her hips moving in perfect synch with her fingers, her fingers moving in perfect synch with Gabrielle's panting moans.

"Oh gods, yes. That's it, Xena. Harder. Oh yes. Oh gods yes!"

Xena thrust deep and hard into the willing body of her lover, grunting slightly with each stroke, her sweat dampened head resting against the bard's heaving back, the young woman's pleas and moans sounding loud in her sensitive ears.

"One more, Xena. Just . . .one . . .more. Oh gods, just one more…oh gods…yes!!!" With that, Gabrielle plummeted over the edge of her erotic abyss, her arms trembling with the strain of holding two bodies up. Unable to bear it any longer, she finally collapsed onto the ground, Xena falling with her, still buried deep within Gabrielle's pulsating warmth.

After a long moment, the bard turned her head to the side and weakly reached up to pull a strand of hair from her suddenly dry mouth. "Xena?"


"Next time I challenge you to a race?"


"Remind me to cheat."

With a gentle laugh, the warrior pulled free from her bard, easing her weight off the young woman and gathering her up in a tender embrace. "I'll do that."

And the sun continued its race alone, sending down gentle rays to bathe the two entwined woman in its warmth.


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