Fire's Light

by ArdentTly

Xena sat by the fire, wiping down her sword and chakram after going through a particularly intense set of drills. Her body was covered with a light sheen of sweat, her hair damp and falling into her eyes.

Pushing the offensive mane out of her face once more, she decided enough was enough. Setting her weapons aside, she quickly divested herself of her leathers and armour and then stripped off her shift.

Standing by the fire, her body bathed in the dancing play of both shadow and light, Xena glanced about the camp. Gabrielle lay in her bedroll fast asleep, the rhythmic sounds of her sharpening having lulled the bard half a candle mark ago.

She proweled the campsite trying to occupy her mind as her body tried to gear down after such a good workout. Her energy levels were way up and she was in no condition to sleep. The more she paced, the more frustrated she became until it was obvious that what she needed wasn't a cool down but a warm up...and a nice release from some sexual tension.

Her eyes roamed over the form of her friend once again and cursed under her breath. She wasn't sure just when these feelings of lust came about..but more and more, it was becoming very hard to keep the truth from her face. She clenched her fists with frustration and walked out to the edge of the fire's light.

As Xena stood, slowly caressing her breasts, teasing her nipples with one hand and stroking her clitoris with the other, she was unaware that her every movement was being watched.

Gabrielle had awakened when she heard Xena curse...the constant pacing had alerted her to her friend's discomfort. Many times she had observed just this type of behavior...usually right after an encounter with a warlord or an assassin. But not, sometimes, this type of behavior was indicative of pent up sexual frustration...something she knew quite a bit about herself..

She slowly rolled over, trying to maintain her image of an innocent sleeping friend...while her hand moved between her own thighs and found the sticky essence she knew was there.

Xena had dropped to her knees, hips thrusting forward, head thrown back, buttocks clenching as her fingers began to slide within her dusky folds...even in the fire light, Gabrielle could see the sheen of her inner thighs.

Feeling at one with her warrior, she inserted two fingers deeply into herself, imagining it to be Xena who was possessing her soul this night. Oh, how she longed for it to be so....from the first time she'd seen Xena....the hero worship had grown into puppy love and then sheer lust had followed, leaving her weak with the constant images of the Warrior Princess writhing beneath her, kissing her in the most intimate of places..or pumping into her, much like Perdicus had done...but this last vision was oh so much more satisfying. She wasn't sure how Xena could be doing what she was doing...but she wanted it..oh so badly.

Xena opened her eyes as she felt her orgasm approaching...she saw her little Gabrielle still asleep...then noticed the blanket moving up and down in rhythm.....and knew that she was having a wet dream..this seemed to intensify her own feelings...and as she lifted her right breast and sucked hard on her own dark nipple, she felt herself falling over into total ecstasy....and she cried out, "Gab...ri...elle!"

As she watched Xena continue to pant, Gabrielle could feel her own orgasm pending..but it was when the warrior drew her own breast into her mouth and began nibbling and sucking on it that the bard felt herself stiffen, her breathing cease, her heart beat almost to slow to non existence...and she came hard...crying out, "Xenaaaa!"

Both only aware of their own shout during release nothing was ever realized. Nothing ever said.

Xena made her way back to her bed roll and snuggled it closer to both Gabrielle and the fire...her skin chilling as the sweat dried in the cool night air.

Just as Xena was nodding off, Gabrielle put her fingers to the warriors lips...inserting the two fingers she had just recently pleasured herself with, her essence still on them....and the warrior, even in slumber, greedily sucked on them, drawing them into her mouth.

Gabrielle watched in fascination as she saw the warrior's nipples harden once again, her hand finding its way back down to her clitoris. Moving the blanket, the bard snuggled beneath it and gently moved the warrior's thighs apart.

Xena's head came up in an totally awake, but not knowing why. She glanced over to where her friend had been sleeping but the bed roll was empty. She was about to call out her friend's name when she felt a hot mouth move over her wet slit.

Groaning, Xena went with the moment, not caring who was pleasuring her thus...then, as she watched the blanket bob up and down, she pulled it back and discovered two very green eyes staring back at her, the bard's mouth firmly attached to her clitoris....

As she lay propped up with her elbows, the sight of her friend going down on her pushed Xena over into another intense orgasm...and she groaned out the bard's name once more....

Feeling bolder, Gabrielle inserted her tongue into the wet opening and began to feast. She watched in amazement as every glorious muscle, every bit of senew and bone of this lovely goddess began to move, flexing, bulging and straining as two more orgasms followed the second.

Feeling her arms begin to shake and shudder, Xena placed them on Gabrielle's head and pressed the woman closer. As she lay back into her furs, Xena bellowed out once more, hips lifting off the ground, teeth clenched and eyes wild.

When the last of her orgasms had left her, Gabrielle made her way up Xena's torso and lay between her legs, pillowing her head on the warrior's ample bossom.

Trying to catch her breath, Xena could only now grasp the wonder of the whole had fantasy moved over into reality? Not wanting the moment to end, she gently stroked the golden hair beneath her hands and watched as the sky began to fill with the first tentative streaks of light. Dawn was approaching.

"I love you, Xena." was what she heard, a fierce hug was what she felt. A tear rolled down her cheek and at last, the Warrior Princess knew she was home. She had found that connection..that love she'd always wanted but was afraid to look for lest she be denied.

Drawing the woman up, Xena kissed her passionately, tasting the essence she could smell...wondering why..but filled with the images of further investigation.

The End

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