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Getting It Right


Copyright October 25, 1998


It's Not What You Think...

"Oh gods, Gabrielle, you are so good," Xena drawled as she squirmed upon the fur that was their bedroll.

The bard grinned and doubled her efforts. Her fingers were working overtime, pleasing the woman under her.

Xena shifted in an effort to show the bard where she needed more attention. She sighed blissfully when the younger woman complied. "Right there...oh yes," the warrior groaned.

Sweat began to drip from Gabrielle's brow as she used all of her weight to put some force behind her manipulations. Her tongue snaked out to taste the salty fluid that coated her upper lip.

With a great sigh of relief, the warrior groaned, signaling that she was satisfied.

"Better?" Gabrielle asked as she rolled off the warrior.

"Much," the Xena gasped as she rolled her neck and shoulders. "You give the best backrubs."

"Anything to keep you happy," the bard replied. The younger woman frowned when her friend failed to interpret the suggestive tone of her voice. She was not sure how much more obvious she had to be before Xena would make the first move towards a sexual relationship between them.

When the warrior rolled over onto her back and pulled the furs up to her chin, the bard curled up on her side; her scowl went unseen. She sighed mentally as she considered her own condition. "How come you never ask me if I'm tense?" she grumbled to herself.

Xena's even breathing of sleep answered her plaintive question.

"I'd tell you exactly what you can do to relax me," the bard continued softly. Her monologue continued for a few more minutes as she bemoaned the fact that Xena could not see that she was ripe for seduction. "Gods, you can be so dense," the bard mumbled. "Can't you see I'm practically dying here? You know how much I love you with my heart. Can't you give me a chance to love you with my body?"

The bard punched the ground with an agitated fist. "At least Morpheus is kind enough to give me what I want."


All She Wants Is...

Gabrielle sighed softly as she looked over her shoulder to the warrior who was fast asleep. Narrowing her eyes petulantly, she begrudged her companion's fortune. Unlike Xena, who had fallen asleep as soon as she had hit her bedroll, the bard had been awake since retiring an hour ago. She desperately wanted to lose herself in her nightly dreams where Xena claimed her body with feral abandon.

Fidgeting a bit more, Gabrielle realized her problem. She was still keyed up from an earlier battle. That afternoon, they had run across a small group of bandits that were taking advantage of travelers on the merchant's route from Corinth. In their usual smash and bash style, she and Xena had dispatched the ruffians without injury to themselves.

In addition to her own battle-thrill, she witnessed Xena in action. The sight always got her juices flowing...and she was still cooking in them. There had been no time after the encounter for her to take some private time to ease the discomfort.

Xena had been adamant about continuing down the road and finding a camp. Being near Corinth always made the warrior uneasy, for the specters of the past were too close to the sight of the bloodiest battle she had ever led.

And to top it all off, she could still feel the warrior's firm body under her own as it had been during the massage. So, to her consternation, the bard was far from sleep and frustrated in a very sexual manner.

She wanted Xena. She wanted Xena naked and sweaty, writhing atop her own body. She wanted to consume the warrior's flesh in a ritual of carnal delight.

Of course, the warrior had never indicated that she wanted the same and the bard was reluctant to share her desires; she was not sure if Xena was ready to take such a big step.

Gabrielle knew that her friend was a passionate woman. The bard was drawn to the fire that was unleashed with every breath that the warrior took. She knew that Xena rarely sought companionship in the towns they visited. In fact, Gabrielle could count on one hand the number of times that she knew the warrior had been with someone sexually.

She shrugged it off to warrior control and Xena's reluctance to entangle herself in anything complicated.

Conceding the point that she herself lacked that same control, the bard was faced with two choices: to instantaneously combust or to take matters into her own hands. The decision was easy, if somewhat lonely. The presence of the warrior less than an arm's length away, however, appeased her desire for contact with another person...somewhat; in a good way, it served to fire her blood even more.

Gabrielle checked Xena's breathing once more. When she saw that the warrior's chest rose rhythmically in sleep, the bard removed her clothes and slipped under her own blanket. Knowing that sleep would not take her in her present condition, Gabrielle sought to relieve some of the tension.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath; her hands wandered over her hot skin. With practiced ease, she began to weave a tale of seduction. She figured that it would not be difficult; as a bard, she had a good imagination. She masturbated as she thought what it would be like to make love to her best friend.


Fantasy #1: Leather and Kink

As the bard's hands became reacquainted with her thighs and breasts, her mind painted a picture of willing submission.

It was no secret that Xena was into leather. The warrior's clothing needs alone could feed a tanner's family for several months. Of course, if asked, Xena would say that it was her preferred protection in battle.

Gabrielle did not care. Sure, it kept Xena safer than say...a long, red silk gown with long slits up both legs and a plunging neckline. But...leather had a unique personality all its own. It was seductive, inspiring visions of smoldering passion. The bard loved the smell and the sound of the warrior's battledress. When she moved, the leather would creak in a way that set her blood to boiling.

Closing her eyes, the bard inhaled deeply. She could smell the warrior's dark leather. It made her mouth water; she longed to simply run her tongue over every inch of the protective battlewear. Her hands reached out to find the source of the delectable treat, but she was brought up short.

With a frown, the bard opened her eyes. She could see well enough in the dim light; heavy candles were placed strategically, leaving the room's corners dancing in shadow. The scent of incense lingered in the air. It cast a heavy blanket of sexual energy over the room.

Raising her head, the bard did not see anyone else in the room. Her eyes darted across the bed upon which she was laying. Tilting her head back, she saw the reason why she could not move - she was securely tied to the bed. Her arms were stretched taut; they were lovingly bound with a thick braided whip.

Gabrielle shivered although the room was comfortably warm.

Fearing that she had been captured by one of Xena's enemies, the bard examined the room again. There was nothing that would determine the identity of her captor except for some items on a small table beside the bed. They were arranged neatly as if awaiting deliberate use.

The bard's eyes widened in recognition. She had seen the things during her travels with the Warrior Princess; she had been too embarrassed to actually speak with the vendors that sold them in secretive back rooms. She knew the use of the phallus...that was nothing to guess about. She could only raise her brow when she saw the long feather. She began to burn slowly when she saw the vial of oil. She gasped audibly when she saw the dagger.

She had seen it many times. Whenever she had been captured and tied up by ruffians or warlords, Xena always pulled it from her boot to cut the restraining ropes.

Again, Gabrielle searched the dark corners for the warrior. She now knew who had her bound to the bed...and her body cried out for the pleasure sure to be found.

Suddenly, her attention was drawn to the corner by the door; it was darker than the rest, but a flicker of light reflected off pale blue eyes. The bard's breath grew short; she struggled to free herself from her bonds. Her efforts led her to the realization that her legs had also been bound to the bottom of the bed.

Her body was spread open. She was vulnerable. She was desperate for Xena to join her.

"Please," she called. Her voice rasped with unfulfilled need.

The warrior obliged by stepping out of the shadows.

Gabrielle's eyes widened; her head fell back onto the bed in disappointment. The warrior was not wearing her leathers. In fact, she was wearing the gown of a Hestian priestess. "Please, tell me that you are Xena," she implored.

The woman shook her head and frowned. "Gabwielle, it's me...Leah." The priestess moved around to the top of the bed; she frowned in consternation when she saw the items on the table. "Come on, I'll untie you so we can get out of this place." The naive woman continued to mumble about innocent virgins and the rules of chastity.


Gabrielle's hands stilled against her skin; she realized that her growl of frustration had been quite audible. She turned her head slowly and prayed that Xena was still asleep. When she saw that the warrior had not been roused by her disappointment, the bard exhaled with relief.

Raising her hands to her face, the young woman pushed her sweaty hair out of her eyes. She tried to understand why Leah had popped up in her fantasy. With a forlorn shake of her head, the bard figured it was because of the time they spent together at Meg's tavern. Between the working girls there and the priestess' talk about chastity, the bard had been thrown into the most ironic situation her neglected body could handle. She had been so close to actually using the room that had been set aside for her.

Although the leather fantasy ended miserably, the bard was still aroused. The tingle between her legs verified that she was definitely ready for some kind of attention. She was so wet....


Fantasy #2: Water Sports

Reflecting on the abundance of moisture between her legs, Gabrielle's thoughts turned to water. She had spent many occasions in the presence of a naked warrior while bathing or fishing. Surely she could come up with a suitable fantasy that ended more favorably.

Closing her eyes, the bard imagined that she was in a serene lake surrounded by flowers. The scent of their blossoms danced on the warm breeze that caressed her exposed flesh. Gentle wavelets bounced off her nude body as she spun in a slow circle, searching for Xena.

She turned and opened her eyes wide when she heard a sound on the shore. Xena stood there; her leather battledress lay in a heap at her feet. Her bronze body was framed by the flowers' blaze of riotous color; it failed to surpass the fierce passion in the warrior's eyes.

Xena glowed in the afternoon sun; the bard could almost taste the honey and salt flavors of her skin.

Time nearly ground to a standstill as Xena raised her arms so that she could free her hair from the leather thong that contained it. Shaking her head slowly, she let the raven tresses fall loose down her back. She ran her long fingers through their silky softness.

Gabrielle was a breathless witness. She licked her lips in anticipation. Every move that the warrior made served to heighten the flame that curled in her belly. The bard was afraid to more or even to blink for fear that the vision would disappear.

Finally, the warrior's eyes landed on her. They were hooded against the bright reflections that danced off the water. Her succulent lips stretched into a languorous smile. Saucily, Xena winked as she stretched her arms over her head and stood on her toes. The motions elongated her supple muscles; her breasts lifted in invitation.

Then, the warrior spoke. Her voice was sultry with suggestion. "Oh, Gab-ri-elllle...."

"Y...yes?" the bard asked after she remembered how to breathe.

"Let's get wet."

Gabrielle nearly choked on her surprise. "I'm already wet," she answered.

The warrior never responded, for she chose that moment to dive gracefully into the sun-warmed water of the lake. Her long arms pulled her nearer to the bard with every powerful stroke.

The bard's breath came in quick gasps as the warrior swam closer. She gulped audibly when Xena dove under the water; she waited for what seemed forever for the other woman to surface. Her body thrummed in expectation of a sly caress.

When the warrior finally did come up for air, her eyes were lit with the fires of conquest. "Twins...again!" she cried as she tossed two large perch towards the shore. "How hungry are you?" she asked the bard, eager to fist some more fish.

Gabrielle groaned and slowly sank below the water.


The bard sat up with a start. Her head fell into her hands; her heightened arousal was moist and fragrant on her fingers.

"Fish!" she muttered savagely. "Why fish...of all things?"

Falling back onto her bedroll, Gabrielle sneaked another look to her companion. She nearly snarled when she saw that Xena slept on, unaware of the turmoil she was causing.

"Come on, Gabrielle," the bard encouraged herself softly. The frustrated woman breathed deeply to control the furious pounding of her heart. "You can do this," she continued. "You have an imagination. You definitely have the subject. Just picture the perfect seduction and get this over with."

Knowing that she would never get to sleep unless she found relief, the bard ventured forth bravely. When she was again calm, Gabrielle settled the blanket over her nude body. Her hands cupped her swollen breasts; her fingers found her rigid nipples without error. She thought about Xena and the sexual attraction that fairly oozed from the woman's every pore.

Gabrielle knew that she was not the only woman attracted to the tall, dark warrior. A majority of her Amazon sisters openly envied her position at Xena's side.


Fantasy #3: A Fire in the Forest

The Amazon village was crowded with warriors and craftswomen. Everyone was preparing for the celebration of the vernal equinox, the day that ushered in the rebirth of spring.

Wine was flowing freely and the sounds of laughter rose above the din of hearty drummers. The air carried the scents of a dozen fires roasting game of all kinds. The square was a writhing mass of scantily clad bodies.

As queen, Gabrielle was not allowed to actually perform any labor in readying for the celebration. Instead, the young woman was ordered to sit upon a throne that was situated on a dais at the far end of the gathering.

Her curious green eyes drank in all the activity around her; she absently sipped from a tankard of sharp cider. When the preparations had all been finished, the women began a dance to welcome Persephone's return.

With a carnal appreciation, the bard studied the women who moved with sensual abandon. Their bodies were sculpted from exercise and battle. One woman, however, stood out from the rest. Gabrielle gasped in recognition when that woman stopped dancing.

She stood in the middle of the circle of undulating bodies. Her hair was woven through with a garland of new spring leaves; her bronze skin was painted with the flesh of Mother Earth. Her eyes were the blinding color of a clear sky. Through lowered lashes, her gaze burned a trail of liquid fire across the queen's flesh. Boldly, she stepped out of the circle and approached the dais. Simply walking across the square, her movements were erotic.

Passion's liquid flowed freely from the queen's core. Gabrielle's heart thundered; her breasts heaved in the royal bodice that barely contained them. Everything but the warrior's approach faded. The bard's smoky eyes focused hungrily on Xena.

The warrior arched a sculpted brow as her eyes raked brazenly over Gabrielle's taut body. Her lips parted moistly and her tongue traced their red fullness.

Gabrielle's sweaty hands gripped the armrests of her throne; her thighs trembled as she squeezed them together tightly. She licked her lips nervously when Xena jumped onto the dais to land at her feet.

The warrior's hands grasped her knees and gently pried her legs apart.

Scooting down to the edge of her throne, the queen offered the center of her passion as a sacrifice to Xena's carnal cravings.

With a firm grip and a fluid motion, the warrior tore the skirt from Gabrielle's body. She shook her head and sighed.

The bard sat straight; her eyes clouded with confusion. "What? What is it?"

Xena frowned as she studied the garment. "I think you're right, Gabrielle...this skirt doesn't go with those boots."


The bard opened her eyes with a start; her teeth ground in frustration. "Now she's offering me fashion tips," the young woman snarled with derision. "Gods, what is wrong with me?"

Standing on awkward legs, Gabrielle raised her eyes to the night sky. The moon was bright and full. It bathed the bard's nude body in a wash of silver hues. Running an agitated hand through her loose hair, the bard let her gaze wander over the campsite. Spying her staff leaning against a nearby log, she wondered if a few exercise drills would help her work off her energy. However, she knew that she would probably wake the warrior if she were to work out.

A cold bath was definitely out of the question; there was not even a small spring to wash her face. Finding a waterskin, she slaked her thirst and returned to her bedroll. As she lay down, she covered her face with her arms.

She no longer wanted to fantasize about her friend. Every time she tried, things just ended up wrong somehow. Tears began to gather in the corners of her eyes. A choked sob escaped through her trembling lips.


The Truth Is Revealed...

Xena rolled over and realized what had awakened her from her deep sleep - Gabrielle was crying. The sound tugged at the warrior's heart. Silently, she rolled over and reached out to comfort the younger woman.

Gabrielle jumped when she felt warm fingers rub her stomach in soothing motions. She looked at the warrior with guilty eyes and rolled away from the tempting touch.

"Gabrielle?" Xena asked confused. "What is it? Why are you crying?"

"I can't talk about it," the bard replied thickly.

"Hey, come here," the warrior ordered softly. "You can tell me."

"No, I can't Xena...not about this."

Pulling the resisting woman's body close to hers, Xena sighed. The fact that the bard was nude finally registered. "Gabrielle, where are your clothes?"

The young bard's tears rushed forth like a torrential flood. Her body convulsed with the force of her frustration.

Desperate to calm her companion, Xena grasped Gabrielle's hand and held it firmly. She raised it to her mouth to rain comforting kisses along its knuckles. She inhaled sharply when the perfume of Gabrielle's failed attempts to pleasure herself struck like a blow. "Gabrielle?"

"Oh, gods, Xena, I'm so sorry. I tried to do it...but I couldn't. The story just wouldn't end right."

Xena was even more confused than before. "What do you mean...story? What story?"

"Me...you...us," the bard babbled.

Understanding sparked in the warrior's loins. "What happened to the story?"

"Leah, fish, my boots...nothing ended right. I don't know why. Why can't I get it right? I'm a good bard, aren't I?"


Getting It Right...

The warrior chuckled silently and shook her head. "Yes, you are the best bard I know." Xena tried to find the words of wisdom that would comfort her friend; her body demanded that she simply show the bard how the stories ended. Absently, her fingers began to stroke the bard's arm. "These...stories you are working on...are they more like fantasies?" she asked tentatively.

Gabrielle blushed and buried her face in the warrior's shoulder. "Yes," she admitted; her voice was muffled against heated skin.

"What happened in your fantasies?" Xena asked as she prepared herself for her body's reaction.

Wiping the tears off her cheeks, Gabrielle shrugged. "Well, the first one, I was tied up to a bed and waiting for you to join me, but Leah showed up. The second one, I was standing in a lake waiting for you to come to me...and you did. But when you came up out of the water, you had a couple of fish on your hands. And the last one, we were with the Amazons at a festival. I was sitting on a throne and you were dancing. But then you stopped and approached me...and you told me that my skirt and boots didn't match." The bard tried to pull away, but Xena held her tight; she did not resist when the warrior pulled her leg to drape across both of her longer ones.

Xena relaxed the pressure of her arm against Gabrielle's back and sighed. She could think of nothing better than holding the beautiful young woman in her arms. Her right hand refused to move from the bard's outer thigh; she surrendered to her own desires and resumed her languid caresses.

"I can see why you would be upset," the warrior finally said. Her voice was thick like honey. "I'm sure I'd be upset if my fantasies about you were unfulfilling. I know that I would be tense and frustrated beyond Tartarus."

Gabrielle felt a heat spreading from her core. She was distressed by her reaction to the warrior's hand on her sensitive thigh. "Xena, please stop doing that," she whispered throatily.

"Why?" the warrior asked as she buried her nose in the bard's fragrant hair.

"Because...." Gabrielle fought against the fire that was melting her resolve; flames were fanned by Xena's insistent touch.

"Because why?" Xena wanted to hear Gabrielle say that she wanted to make love; the warrior desperately wanted to share that pleasure with her. As if to press her advantage, Xena's hands roamed higher. She scraped her blunt nails across the taut muscles of the bard's ass.

Gabrielle gasped as a flood of wetness exploded from her core. Her mind could not reason against the feelings of her body. In a rush of desire, she answered, "Because I want it."

Xena held the smaller woman close when the admission caused a fresh burst of tears. Her free hand, however, continued its course of pleasure. Callused fingertips sparked outbreaks of heat along nerve endings up and down the bard's back. Her own sex became soaked at the first hint of the younger woman's moisture upon her thigh. When Gabrielle's tears stilled once more, the warrior's hand rose to cup the blonde's face. "I'm glad to hear that, princess," she said with a purr, "because I want it, too."

A moan was torn from the bard's soul when Xena lowered her lips in a slow, teasing kiss of what was to come. The younger woman rose and situated herself so that she was lying atop her friend; her hands cradled the warrior's head as she took control.

It did not matter that she had never been with another woman before. It did not even matter that Xena was a woman. All Gabrielle knew was that she loved her friend like no other. The warrior touched something deep within her soul and she was hopeless to resist the call. Her body simply responded by acting out the love that was in her heart. Her passion was set loose. Her world slowed as she fought to make her living fantasy last as long as possible.

Xena's shock at the bard's sudden aggressiveness dissolved when the younger woman's tongue began tracing erotic patterns across her mouth. She groaned and parted her lips in an invitation that was accepted.

The bard savored every flavor and texture of the warrior's mouth. She shivered at the feel of Xena's teeth against her tongue. Her hips began to grind rhythmically when she encountered the warm, wet muscle that teased her own. When Xena moved to sit up, she followed the other woman's progress, unwilling to sever their intimate contact. To her disappointment, they were separated when the warrior removed her shift.

Panting heavily, Xena closed her eyes heavy-lidded with desire. Her head fell back; long raven tresses teased the top of her buttocks. "I'm yours, Gabrielle," she rasped.

Straddling the warrior's lap, Gabrielle brought her body close so that their stomachs and breasts were fused in heat. Her trembling hands fluttered gentle touches up Xena's ribs; they followed firm muscles around until her palms were flat against the warrior's back. Gabrielle's biceps bunched as she cradled her lover's body.

Her tongue snaked out of the hot, moist recess of her mouth to taste the hollow of Xena's throat. She savored the flavors of salt and musk; she craved every inch of the warrior's body. She endeavored to sate her appetite.

Xena's hands rose to cup the bard's ass. She squeezed the tight muscles in an effort to control her own throbbing ache. She had offered herself to the young bard for the taking. Now she had to endure the torture of being consumed. Her moans rose in volume as Gabrielle's mouth, lips, and tongue worked in concert to fan the flames that threatened to burn her from the inside out.

Gabrielle's mouth laved up and down the graceful length of Xena's neck. She shifted and wrapped her legs around the warrior's waist so that she could arch the taller woman's body even more. When Xena spread her own legs, their mounds meshed; their nether hair clung moistly to each other. The movement lowered Gabrielle's body even more; she zoned in on two mounds of tempting flesh.

Xena tilted her hips and began to rock against the bard; a cry was forced between her clenched teeth when Gabrielle's teeth fastened upon a stiff nipple. When the bard began to pull the nub into her mouth with gentle sucking movements, Xena cried to the gods.

Needing more, Gabrielle released the nipple and gathered Xena's generous breasts in her hands. She squeezed them and pressed them together so that she could run her nose, cheeks, and eyes against them. Once more, her tongue reached out and delved into the deep valley between them. Her fingers clenched the warrior's nipples; the pressure increased as the bard forced her tongue between the pressed mounds. Before she could stop herself, before she had the time to think about her words, she began to praise the warrior's attributes. "Gods, Xena...I love your tits. I could do this all night," she moaned.

The combination of pleasure/pain radiating from her nipples, the friction of the bard's sex against her own, and the vulgar admission from her bard's innocent lips were more than Xena could handle. Her knees rose and grasped the bard's sides; her body curled in on itself. She screamed the name of her secret love for all of nature's night creatures to hear. The warrior came in shuddering waves of ecstasy; she trembled with each pulse of her inner sex.

When her orgasm came to an end, Xena fell back onto the bedroll. Her breasts heaved as she struggled to pull fresh air into her lungs; her legs twitched with the memory that served to fire her blood once more.

Gabrielle followed her lover down to the furs. Her hands continued to cradle the warrior's breasts; she rested her forehead between the fleshy peaks and inhaled the musky scent of the other woman's climax. "Xena?"

"Yes, love?"

"I don't want to stop."

The warrior's fingers caught Gabrielle's chin and gently eased the smaller woman up until they were face to face. Xena tenderly traced the lines of the bard's face and smiled. "You don't have to," she replied softly as she pulled the younger woman's lips closer for a brief kiss.

Gabrielle smiled brightly as if her greatest wish had been granted. She scooted down Xena's body so that she could pick up where she had stopped when her lover's passion had reached its zenith.

Xena closed her eyes and laid back. Her lips parted and her nostrils flared when she felt the bard's teeth scraping along each muscled rib. She groaned with renewed need when the younger woman began to nip the softer flesh of her belly.

Time seemed to pass on eternal wings as Gabrielle continued to make love to Xena's body. Her attentions drifted further south; instinctively, she knew to avoid the warrior's smoldering center. Instead, she focused on powerful thighs and sensitive knees. Her tongue drew whorls of passion; her lips bestowed offerings of love.

Each nip and nibble fanned the embers of Xena's sated lust. Quickly, the fire was raging again.

For the moment, the bard forgot all about the desire in her own body that had started the whole evening on its unpredicted course. She was caught in a haze to worship the warrior with whom she had been to Tartarus and back. She only wanted to show Xena the extent of the love that overflowed her soul.

Xena gasped in surprise when the bard reached her feet. She moaned when the bard began to suck and bite her toes. She squirmed in a puddle of her own juices when a rough tongue caressed the arch of her foot. Like all good stories that are repeated, Gabrielle turned to the other foot and gave it the same attention.

When she was finished with the warrior's legs, the bard rose up against her lover and began to orally trace the lines of sinew and muscle along Xena's left arm. She started at the tips of the warrior's fingers. Aware of the power in those fingers that knew pressure points and those hands that wielded a deadly sword, Gabrielle's attentions were reverent and respectful. She sucked each finger into her mouth and tasted the lingering traces of the evening's meal. She dragged her lips across the knuckles that had the power to break bones.

She nipped her way up to the warrior's wrist and rested her mouth over the racing pulse she found there. She smiled in recognition of the fact that she was exciting the woman of her fantasies. Leisurely, she made her way to the hollow of an elbow where she left a wet trail; she puckered her lips and blew a cool breath upon it.

Goosebumps erupted across the warrior's body. Xena cried out at the unexpected stimulation.

A chuckle rose deep from Gabrielle's chest that was so teasingly erotic that Xena's vaginal walls leapt in response.

Before the warrior could recover, the bard continued her journey. Her mouth opened wide and closed over a taut biceps. Her tongue traced the ring of her teeth; her cheeks hollowed as she sucked the hard strength into her mouth. Satisfied that she had sampled that area well enough, the bard continued up to the warrior's strong shoulder.

Gabrielle took a moment to reflect on all the times that she had found comfort on Xena's shoulder. As tears welled in her eyes, she feathered kisses over its round contours. To finish her attentions to the warrior's left limb, the bard pushed it up to expose the delicate underside. She nuzzled the hollow under Xena's arm; her mouth watered at the natural scent of warrior sweat. With one, agonizingly slow motion, she ran the flat of her tongue along the depression.

Xena's heels dug into the fur and her hips rose to buck into the air. Her body was on fire and she seriously considered it madness to allow the bard to continue her torturous lovemaking. She was convinced that she would die before the younger woman ever finished. When the bard moved to her right hand, the warrior clenched a handful of bedroll in her left. Xena knew that she was quickly losing a battle of control.

She counted kisses and nips as Gabrielle's mouth moved sensuously up her arm. She squeezed her tense thighs together in an effort to quell the appetite that ached to be filled. Her left hand released the bedroll when the bard finally finished bathing her body. Her mind screamed that the greatest act of love was about to occur. Her sex howled with jealousy when it was denied.

"Roll over," the bard ordered hoarsely.

Xena was about to argue until she opened her eyes and saw the absolute love radiating from Gabrielle. She could not neglect to comply with a wish that was so innocently requested. She had never been loved like this before; her heart and soul melted. With each touch of the bard's mouth upon her body, the sins of her past were washed away one by one. She knew that if she could only last to the end, she would be reborn. Like a humble penitent, she complied.

Gabrielle moaned when she straddled the warrior's thighs and pressed her swollen sex into the valley of Xena's buttocks. Her hips began to slowly rock back and forth as she reached out for a waterskin. She gulped the water desperately, trying to smother the heat in her own body. Wordlessly, she offered the skin to Xena.

The bard's hands began to glide through the sweat that glistened dully in the campfire's low light. She continued to draw her sopping mound up and down Xena's ass even as she lowered her mouth to the back of the warrior's neck.

Underneath, Xena arched her hips in response to the wet friction on her behind. Each movement caused her own mound to grind against the furs that had bunched up between her legs. An animalistic sound reverberated from her core; her calves flexed in time to her accelerated thrusts.

Xena's movements pushed Gabrielle closer to the edge. She lowered herself fully and groaned when the warrior doubled her efforts. Their bodies slid against each other; Gabrielle fell to her elbows as her limbs were weakened by her swelling climax. She grunted in time to Xena's thrusts; she bit her lip when her nipples brushed against the bunching muscles of the warrior's back. She could not stop the fury that tightened and then exploded in her loins. She let go and squeezed the warrior's hips with her knees.

They came as one; their cries mingled and rang out through the otherwise silent night.

Xena lay still once more. Her breath fluttered the fur that tickled her nose and mouth. She reached for the water again to ease the dryness of her throat. She collapsed onto the bedroll and grinned when Gabrielle's weight came crashing down onto her. She waited for the younger woman's breath to even out; she was unsure if they were finished or not. If it were up to her, they would go all night until neither of them could move.

Eventually, when Gabrielle's breathing slowed to normal, the bard did push herself up so that she could continue making love to Xena's body. Like she had earlier in the night, she began to massage the warrior's supple muscles. This time, though, her touches were gentle and soothing. Her mouth made contact every so often for the occasional kiss or lick, but her hands did most of the work.

The bard loved Xena's back. It was so sculpted - a true work of art. Its wide expanse carried the burdens of a thousand regrets and yet, it was still straight and strong.

Shifting lower, Gabrielle focused her wandering hands on the warrior's ass. The cheeks flexed and quivered as she trailed patterns as delicate as spider webs across their firm contours. The bard, eager to mold the tempting flesh in her hands, laid her palms flat; her thumbs rested in the valley that led to fertile passion.

She squeezed and separated the mounds of flesh; she smiled with sensual abandon when the warrior rose to her knees. Her eyes glowed when her lover's treasures were displayed for her wanton ravishment.

Xena laid her head between her arms; all of her weight was balanced on her forearms and knees. A cool breeze kicked up at that moment and she shivered when her clitoris swelled. Silently, she begged Gabrielle to finish.

The bard continued to manipulate Xena's buttocks. She licked her lips in anticipation. She knew that she had saved the best flavor for last. "Spread your legs for me," she demanded. When the Xena was slow to comply, she administered a sharp slap to the swell of flesh she was fondling. Her head fell back in feral delight when the warrior gasped with pleasure and shifted her knees.

Xena was exposed.

Gabrielle spread the warrior's cheeks wide; her thumbs slipped down into molten liquid. Thirsty for Xena's ambrosia, she bent forward. Her nostrils flared as she caught the sharp, musky scent of arousal; her lips trembled in gratitude for the gift she was about to receive. Extending her tongue, she tasted Xena's center of pleasure in one long, slow path that started at the warrior's clitoris and ended at the base of her spine. She repeated this twice and then three times when once was not enough.

And then, in one brutal thrust, Gabrielle's tongue delved deep into Xena's dripping core.

The warrior began to whimper; she rocked back and forth on her knees. Her breath came faster and hotter with each movement of the bard's forceful tongue. Its sudden absence tore a plaintive wail from her ragged throat.

Gabrielle sat back on her heels and drank in the sight of her lover. She had just spent what seemed like forever loving every inch of Xena's incredible body. The warrior had been patient and passive, letting her explore and discover things of which she had only dreamed. She knew the power that she held; it suffused her soul with rapture.

But...it was time to know the warrior's power.

The thought of Xena taking her and possessing her caused the bard's thighs to spasm. Her hands moved unconsciously to her own mound where they slicked through impatient need. Gabrielle licked her lips and groaned. "Xena...."

The warrior's words were muffled against the fur but the strangled tone was still evident. "What?"

"Take me," the bard whispered, "please."

Xena's head snapped up and swung around. Adrenaline surged through her blood when she saw the naked lust on Gabrielle's expressive face. Her eyes narrowed and she growled. Like lightning, she reached around and grabbed the smaller woman by the waist; she dragged her lover's quivering body under her own. "How do you want me to take you, Gabrielle?" she asked; her voice was once more rough with passion.

The bard looked her lover straight in the face and simply said, "With all that you are."

The honest words shook the warrior to her soul. She saw the truth in Gabrielle's eyes. Her lover wanted to feel the power that coursed through a warrior's veins. She wanted to experience the fire that consumed all reason.

Lowering her head, Xena brought her lips close to the smaller woman's ear. She traced the outer edge briefly with her tongue before making a solemn promise. "Gabrielle," she began softly with a purr, "I am going to fuck you until you come...and then I am going to fuck you every night of our lives," she vowed with a savage growl.

The bard was ready for her warrior lover. There was no pain when four fingers were thrust deep into her core. She reached up and pulled Xena's body closer; she needed an anchor to support her through the storm.

Despite the heat of the moment, Xena managed to straddle the bard's thigh that flexed with each thrusting motion of her hips. Her own thigh pressed hard against the hand that was pleasuring her lover; it compounded the power behind of her strokes. As an afterthought, she extended her thumb to press on Gabrielle's engorged clitoris.

They rode each other with abandon. Sweat mingled and juices poured forth. The clearing was disturbed only by the grunts of two bodies writhing together, reaching for the pinnacle of satisfaction.

Gabrielle's nails dug into the muscles of Xena's back. Her powerful legs met the warrior's savage thrusting with equal relish. The fire in her body was raging. The only sounds she heard were her heart pounding rapidly in her ears and the vulgar words that her lover continued to whisper into her ear. She rose higher and higher until she was flying, soaring through the sky on a chariot of sweat and lust. Then, she fell in a great rush. A roar started in her ears and reverberated through her own chest. It was released when she opened her mouth to thank the gods for Xena.

The warrior continued to stroke her partner's inner walls as she ground herself against Gabrielle's thigh. Seconds after the younger woman's orgasm, she followed with a howl of victory.


The Afterglow...

In the aftermath of their lovemaking, the two women whispered words of love and devotion. Xena collapsed onto the bedroll and tugged Gabrielle to her side. Tenderly, she pushed sweat-soaked hair off the younger woman's brow and smiled. "So...how did you like that story?"

Gabrielle blushed as she wrapped an arm across the warrior's ribs. "It's the best one I've come up with yet," she answered as she offered her lips for a goodnight kiss.

"Perhaps we should make it our nightly ritual," Xena suggested as she pulled a fur over their sated and exhausted bodies.

"Hmm..." the bard mumbled sleepily. "I don't think I'll ever get it right, though," she said. "I may just have to practice it with you for the rest of my life."

Xena kissed her lover's head one last time before she closed her eyes. "I suppose I could get used to supporting the humanities," she reflected aloud. When soft snores were the only response to her comment, she surrendered to a dreamless sleep, for her fantasy had already come true.

The End.



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