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Naughty Games




Xena's hands gripped the tavern table harder as Gabrielle's fingers continued to tease her. The bard was very good at what she was doing, and Xena wondered how many other people she'd practiced on. Of course, she didn't dare ask.

"You can't last much longer my Warrior Princess," Gabrielle whispered in her ear as she continued her onslaught.

"I don't know what your talking about," the warrior replied -- a little shakily.

The bard giggled when Xena gasped, her muscles tensing; she had found the right spot. She now had the advantage, and boy, was she going to use it. Her fingers worked tirelessly on the warrior who sat trembling beside her. She can't take much more of this.

"G-Gabrielle … please stop," Xena whimpered softly.

"Oh, no-no-no. You don't get out of it *that* easily."

Xena's trembling hands tried to pull away Gabrielle's fingers from that sensitive spot, but she just couldn't manage it. The bard was in total control, and there was nothing the warrior could do.

"Give up? You're not going to let yourself go in this public tavern, so you may as well give up. Face it, Warrior Princess, I know your weakness."

"N-Never," was all Xena could manage to say as her body cried out.

"Fine then. I don't mind doing this." Gabrielle began to hum a tune to herself as her fingers worked tirelessly.

Finally, Xena couldn't take it anymore. "Okay! You win! Now please stop."

The bard giggled and removed her fingers from the warrior's body.

"I knew it! See? You *could* laugh in public."

"Yeah, well … if you weren't so good at tickling …. Now, don't ever do that again. I have a stoic reputation to maintain. I don't want to be seen giggling like a little child! You, on the other hand," she grinned evilly at the bard.

"Oh! No … no you don't." Gabrielle tried to scoot her body down the bench away from Xena, but the warrior grabbed her and started the onslaught. Within seconds, the bard was in a fit if laughter, begging Xena to stop.

"Oh, Gabrielle. You have no stamina! Even I lasted longer than that!" She grinned and took a sip of her port.

"So, I'm a little more ticklish than you are! Not my fault." The younger woman pouted for a while, but soon broke into a smile.

"It was fun seeing you squirm though."

"And you won't be seeing that ever again … hopefully."

The bard snuck her hand towards Xena's stomach, but the warrior caught it before she was close enough.

"I don't think so, Gabrielle. You found my ticklish spot. Leave it at that."

"Well, it's not every day I find you have a disadvantage. I won't let you forget this." She grinned.

The warrior sighed. "I know, Gabrielle. I know."


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