Disclaimer: Xena:Warrior Princess and all characters are copyrighted and owned by Universal/MCA and Rennisance Pictures (sp? Bugger!). No dinars were made, but praises and feedback is welcome jhb3@webtv.net  It's a short story that takes place after SOTP


by James Bergquist

"Gabrelle, I just met you 10 moons ago. I'm not sure we should be doing this."

"Shh! C'mon, Xena. It's not that hard. Just put your hands there."

"I never done something like this before."

"You!! The Lioness of Amphipolis NEVER done this before?!? And you grew up around and played with all those boys and you never done this?"

"Well. We did get a little rough, but nothing like this. Damn, it's dark outside."

"C'mon. What's the matter? Chicken?"



"No! Remember who you are talking to! I just didn't know you had such a naughty streak."

"What? I have "Virgin" branded on my forehead? I been wanting to do this a LONG time, but my dad would let me. Besides. You need a little fun."

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

"It's easy, Xena. Just put your hands there OK. 1, 2, 3..PUSH!" Xena and Gabrelle strain as they push the sleeping bovine. The cow snored untill it hit the mud. SPLAT! "MmmmOOOOO!!! MMOOOHOOO!!!!" The cow bellowed.

"RUN!!" Gabrelle yelled. Xena laughed and joined her new friend as they ran for safety...

Hope you like my little tale. Told you it was short. Bye! Battle On!

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