The Following is what I call "The Rurik Treatment" - Useful for scumbag who hack and destroy...

Excerpt is from Missy Good's Winter's Ending and the following is from Part 7


A long pause from Xena. "He didn't touch you?"

A sigh from her partner. "He wanted to.. gave me some stuff.. it backfired. But no.. "

Now Xena turned around, and looked her right in the eye. Gabrielle met that gaze for a minute, then
dropped it, and looked at the ground.

The warrior returned her attention to Rurik. "You're lucky." She told him, in a low growl. "If you'd have touched her, I'd have ripped both your arms off and beaten you to death with them." She paused, and looked at his sweating face. "Is that what you get out of this? Pleasure from molesting helpless captives?"

He spat at her. "Not from the likes of her, or you.. but there's more fish in the sea."

Wrong answer. The warrior mused, as the wolf surfaced, and she let it.

"Not for you." Xena said, in a silky cold voice. She put a knee against his chest, and reached down,
grabbing his groin in one powerful fist. His eyes started to pop out, then she clenched hard, and pulled with all her strength, ignoring his scream, waiting until she could feel the flesh separate and vessels rupture under her grasp.

Then she released him, and watched him slide down the tree, his eyes rolling up into his head, and
animal like grunts issuing from his mouth.