Things That Go Hump In the Night

By Candace Chellew

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers apply. The characters aren't mine. The story is not intended to step on the legal toes of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures in any way shape or form.

The story, such that it is, remains mine and may not be republished without my consent. Got it? Good. Let's move on.


Yes, there is sex .. indeed it's the whole point of the story. If you're offended, back up now.


Try not to read the last three sentences before you actually get there. Oh, dear .. I've just made you want to read them, haven't I? Oh well. Practice self control and remember .. as Callisto says .. "patience is a virtue!"

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The mission had been hard, exciting and exhausting. The campfire was warm, inviting and comforting. Two lovers lay entwined on the ground. They whispered words of endearment, spoke thoughts of admiration and shared a sacred space together.

Gabrielle heard each word with her heart and smiled.

"Make love to me," she heard Xena murmur, in a thick passion-laden voice. Gabrielle's heart raced at the thought of finally taking her warrior friend to the heights of passion and pushing her over the edge of ultimate release.

Xena felt the warm breath of her lover on her face, the comfort of her lover's weight upon her, the warm mouth of her lover upon her heated flesh. She cried her lover's name, urging the feelings to continue as long as possible. Xena was lost to the sensations of love overtaking her, filling her, exploding in her in a burst of heat, light and finally satiated desire.

She desired to please her lover in the same way -- giving and not just receiving.

Gabrielle laid still on the bedroll, her breathing labored, and her mind a rush of desire, passion and pure lust. She waited for the warrior. She closed her eyes and listened closely, memorizing every sound, every movement Xena made.

Xena laid claim to her lover, wasting no words, wasting no time, feeling every inch of coveted skin. Her lover succumbed, ready, willing and open to feeling the love of the warrior. Their breathing heavy, their hearts light. Finally, their screams filled the night as the rush of passion overtook them.

It was several minutes before the breathing around the campfire became calm. The lovers held each other tight, caressed one another and again exchanged declarations of devotion and desire.

Gabrielle's heart was full.

"I love you, Xena."

"I love you, too, Marcus."

Gabrielle felt a tear roll down her cheek, as the two lovers behind her drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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