by Mary E. Terrell
(December 06, 1998)

DISCLAIMERS: No I don't own the characters -Xena and Gabrielle, except in the form of the 6" poseable dolls. But it's not the same. They actually belong to Reniassance Pictures and MCA/Universal.

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Xena sat beneath a tree, her arms around Gabrielle's waist who was reclining against the warrior. They sat quietly, enjoying the peace of their surroundings as they watched the sun disappear below the horizon.

*Strange* thought Xena. *I once thought that watching the sunset was a waste of time. But now....* Now she cherished this time with Gabrielle after almost losing her.

"I love you," she whispered softly into the bard's nearby ear.

Gabrielle turned to face the warrior. "I love you too." She brushed her lips lightly against Xena's. The dark haired woman returned the caress and the kiss deepened. Neither of them noticed when the bright orange disk disappeared completely.

"We missed the sunset." said Xena when they seperated.

"There will be other sunsets." replied Gabrielle, as she snuggled up closer to the warrior.

"Yes there will." said Xena. And she thought about how much she liked the idea of spending every sunset for the rest of her life with Gabrielle in her arms.

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