Who Are You?

By Mary E. Terrell

Who are you? How is it that you can see past all of the walls that I have built around me
When most people choose not to look or I don't allow them to
But for some reason with you, I have no defenses and you can see inside
All the pain, the fear, the anger, the sorrow, everything both good and bad
And in spite of all that you see, you don't turn away from me
Instead you have found some way to accept all that I am

Others have tried to get close to me, but I would only allow them so far
With you I feel compelled to tell you all of who I am, but I am still afraid
Of loosing myself, or of loosing you when you see what is really there
And yet I can feel the walls as the crumble away the closer we become
And I also feel the firm but gentle hold that you have on my heart
And I know that no matter what happens, I don't ever want you to let go.

Nov 4, 1997

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