By Kandis Glasgow

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Part 19

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Five women stood in satisfied interest as they watched the interaction of the two men. They were really not surprised by the connection.

"So, you two know each other?" Jan was so interested by this.

"No." Skye had Terran's face held gently in his hands. He stared deeply into green eyes as if seeking solace there.

Terran's voice was shaking as he spoke to the man that held him. "I know you. You are Spencer. Well, you were. Nnow you're nnnot and …yyuo you....I I I dddon't knnnow." His nerves were threatening to overload.

Skye kissed his forehead. "Deep breath, Ter." It was obvious this man knew exactly what Terran needed. He put a calming arm around him then turned to the women. "Where is the Glass?"

Candace looked back at the tent next to where they stood. "In there. Do you want me to get it?"

"Not now. We're not ready yet."

Candace made note of the word. 'We?' Skye continued his comments.

"As long as it is safe." He thought deeply about the task before him. The next question was an obvious one. "Where is my sister?"

"I'm sure she is sleeping. She and Taylor pulled sentry duty last night." Candace gave the information to Xena.

"That's my girl." The pride in Xena's voice was obvious.

Five heads turned in her direction. Gabrielle was amused that her wife was so transparent. Terran frowned. "Is she your daughter?"

Xena coughed. "My daughter? Gods I hope not!"

"But you called her…."

"Trust me Terran. I know what I called her. I was her.....trainer, so I feel a responsibility for how she performs as a soldier." She was trying to cover her comment. It really wasn't of any use. They all knew how she felt about Taylor.

"You love her." He was getting on touchy ground.

Blue steel eyes gazed at the young man. There was no way she could be angry with him. "Yes, I do."

He felt the warning oozing from her pores. Letting it drop was in his best interest. "Good." He turned to his new friend. "I want you to meet my sister. Can you?"

"I can. Let's go." Skye looked down at Terran with the patient kindness the other man would need to heal. He took Terran's hand and let the blonde man lead the way to the healer's tent.

Jan stared after them for a long minute. "Now, THAT was interesting."

"Yes deah. It was. Let us go see what we can do to help out. Shall we?"

Jan knew it was her lover's way of letting the other three have some privacy. She looked at them knowingly. "Yeah, let's go. See ya later, Candace. Xena, Gab." She nodded then followed her partner.

Candace stood quietly before the two women. They had only been apart a few days, but so much had happened it seemed like years. "Hey." It was all she could think of at the moment.

"Shall we step inside?" Xena motioned to the tent.

"If we're quiet. Taylor's sleeping." She led the way through the flap.

As soon as the three women were securely within the confines of the canvas chamber, Candace grasped Gabrielle to her. Xena reached long arms around to enclose the smaller women in her embrace. The hug broke and Candace stood between them. She leaned first to the small blonde sharing a sweet kiss, then to the taller woman. They exchanged another kiss.

Gabrielle scolded Candace with a whisper. "Don't you EVER do that again." Gabrielle was truly angry.

"Do what?" She wasn't following. She only knew what happened because Taylor had told her. She had forgotten that her other soulmates had been involved.

"Die on us." Xena finished the thought. She reached again to her former wife. All of her feelings about the small woman were evident in the embrace. "It would kill me." She buried her face in Candace's neck. She would not cry.

"Well, I certainly don't want you dead." She kissed her neck then softly on the lips. The soft kiss increased in its intensity.

Gabrielle cleared her throat. "I think you need to save that for later." She snickered.

"Right. I want to say hello to Taylor. Think she'll hate me for waking her?" Xena looked at the long form of the woman in the bed. She felt a stirring in her heart.

"I don't know, but if I know my Taylor, she would love to see you no matter." She nudged the warrior toward the bed.

Xena tiptoed softly to the long cot. She lay down face to face with Taylor. She gently ran a finger over the soft skin of her cheek. She kissed the flesh that she touched, then leaned to whisper in her ear. "Hey, Junior."

Taylor stirred slightly. She didn't want to wake up, but there was an insistent voice in her head. 'Xena!' "Xe?"

"Yeah?" She waited for a peek at those eyes.

Blue eyes opened to look into a kind face full of love. "Xe? It's you?" She was still half-asleep.

"It's me. I just wanted to say hi." She brushed an errant lock of hair out of the warrior's eye.

"Hi." She smiled.

"I missed you, Junior." She kissed her cheek then laid her forehead on the side of her head.

Taylor turned to her back. She put her arms out to draw Xena in. "Me, too." She held Xena in the embrace until she fell asleep again.

Xena untangled herself from the firefighters loose grip. There would be time for a more intense greeting later. She strode to the two blondes who were locked around each other. "Come on. Let's go see what Jules needs done."

Several hours passed while many hard tasks were accomplished. A hot and sweaty Candace felt a rumbling in her stomach and decided it was time to eat. She grabbed her Regent counterpart, suggesting they head for the cook wagon. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a tall dark head. She turned just in time to catch Terra heading to the healer's tent. She touched Gabrielle's arm. "Do me a favor. Go find Skye….the man, geez is this going to get confusing. Anyway, go find him and bring him to Delmar's tent. I'm gonna go get Tay. I'll meet you there in a bit."

"Right. I'll send for Jan and Mel, too. Is that OK?" She wanted approval for her idea.

"Great idea. See you in a bit." Candace ran to her tent to get her lover.

She opened the flap in time to see her lover pull a cotton short tunic over ample breasts. Were the situation not as it was, she would have liked to molest those tasty orbs. Instead she merely commented. "Nice!" She smiled as she approached her lover.

"Thank you very much." Taylor pulled Candace into her arms and pecked her on the nose.

"Do you have plans for the next few minutes?" She gave her the 'I need a favor' look.

Taylor let her go and grabbed her boots. "I want to eat, but no, I don't have plans. Why?" She stopped her morning preparations to look at her soon to be wife.

"I want you to be with Terra when she meets Skye, her brother. Actually, I would like all of us there." She pled with her eyes.

"Of course I want to be there." She sat on the edge of the bed pulling her foot covering up. "Am I to assume this is happening now?" She stood to her feet, hands on her hips.

"Yeah. Can we hurry?" The anxiousness dripped from her voice.

Taylor snickered at the Regent. "Yes, honey. I am hurrying." She picked her sword up from beside the bed. She took her time putting her scabbard on her back. Candace grabbed her forcefully and pulled her toward the door. "Hey, hang on." The tall warrior grabbed the Glass in her firm grip. Taylor was laughing. Candace got behind her and pushed.

"Now, Tay." She wasn't playing.

"OK OK." Taylor opened the tent flap and stepped into the sun. She stretched and tried to take in a deep breath as she was yanked in the direction of the healer's tent. "I'm coming!" She took long strides to keep up with the determined Regent. She loved to tease her partner when she could. She supposed now was not the best time. But, she was so cute when she was agitated. She started a quick jog that turned into an all out race. By the time they ran the short distance they were laughing hysterically.

"OKOKOKOK. Stop." The Regent tried to catch her breath and stop laughing at the same time.

"You stop." Taylor tittered breathlessly.

"I am" Candace swallowed a guffaw. "I'm good."

"I should hope to think you are, your Highness. Can we keep it to a dull roar out here?" Delmar stuck her head out of the tent flap.

The two women sobered up. "I apologize, Del. Sometimes you just have to let go." Taylor dipped her head.

"I can appreciate that, your Highness, but can you possibly be a tad more quiet about it?"

"Of course." She nodded. Del tucked her head back in and the two women busted up again. "Shhh shh. Stop!" Taylor straightened up in her stance.

Candace bit the inside of her lip, cleared her throat and pulled her royal self together. "Let's go."

"After you." Taylor waved her hand. As Candace walked ahead of her, the tall warrior grabbed her butt.

The Regent spun on her. "TAYLOR! Behave." She giggled again.

"Behave. Got it. I'm all over the behaving thing." Her blue eyes danced with humor and love.

"I mean it." She pointed a warning finger, trying to be serious. Taylor made a face at her. "Tayyyyy."

"Alright. I'll be good….for now." She held the flap back and allowed her companion to enter the tent.

It was much lighter than the last time Candace had been in. The windows had been rolled up to let the light of day in. They made their way back to the last cot. It held a much stronger woman. Skye was sitting up talking to her friends and giving them gruesome details of her abduction. Terra was not enjoying the conversation. It was making her angry again to think she was unable to protect her new lover.

Candace placed a calming hand on her shoulder. "Terra, it's ok. Hey, I have someone I want you to meet. Are you up for that?"

"I already met Terran. I gave him his bath." She pointed her head toward the handsome man. He was the only new person in the camp she could recall.

"It's not Terran. I know you already met him. This is the man that uses the Glass." She raised her eyebrows.

"Oh Yeeaah. Time. I almost forgot. Cool! I would love to meet him." She smiled.

"Great." She nodded at Terran. The blonde man left the tent.

"He's going to get him?" Terra thought it was strange but shrugged. She turned back to the group listening to Skye's story.

"…..then she threw that round thing…." Skye grasped her empty hands in the air.

"Chakram." Xena offered her the missing information.

She pointed at the warrior. "Yeah, that. She threw that thing and it skipped off the center pole chopping off all the swords right at the bottom…."

"Hilt." Janice gave her the proper name for that part of the sword.

"Yeah, that. It was soooo cool. Then it bounced off a big huge chain and sliced off his…his well …his…"

"Penis." Melinda offered the scientific name for it.

"Ummm. Yeah, that. Anyway, he bled to death. Nasty way to go. So then…."

A tall platinum haired man sauntered down the aisle. Skye's story telling dropped off as every head turned to gaze at the commanding presence. Terra stood up with a look on her face as if she had seen a ghost. Skye stopped in front of her. He wanted desperately to reach out and pull her in, but the look on her face told him not to move too fast with her.

Candace broke the silence. "Terra, I would like you to meet, Time."

He held out a hand to her. She remained frozen. "NO!"

He frowned then looked to Candace for help. She spoke to her young friend. "Terra?"

"He's not real! GO AWAY!" She screamed at him as she backed away. The occupants of the tent tried, without success, to ignore what was happening.

"I can assure you, Terra. I am very real." Skye stepped closer to her. Terra quickly stepped away from him.

"Terra, he won't hurt you. He loves you." The injured Skye spoke softly to her girlfriend.

"NO! He doesn't. He can't." She was adamant about her conviction.

Melinda stepped forward. She took Terra's hands in her own to catch her undivided attention. "Terra. Listen to me. You know him don't you?"

"He's dead." She looked at him and then back to Melinda again.

"Ah can promise you that he is not dead. Can you tell me who he is?" She wanted Terra to tell them why she was so upset.

"He is the man in my dreams. They killed him! I saw it. I saw it all." She shuddered at the memory of her dream.

"But that was only in yoah dream, Terra." Mel knew the girl's gift. She hoped pointing out the fact that it was a dream would help. It didn't.

"My dreams are real. They are always real. He is dead!" She pointed at his chest.

Terran stood up. "She is right. He is dead. But, not him. Spencer is dead. They did kill him. He didn't belong to them, so they killed him." He breathed heavily with the memory. He never saw the body, he had only known that Spencer would never come home again.

Melinda frowned. She didn't understand this part.

Terra looked at Terran. "This is not the man?" It was as if they were speaking a language only they knew. Terran shook his head. "Then who is he?"

The blonde man took over Terra's hands. He peered deeply into the troubled blue eyes. Terra calmed visibly. "You know I would never lie to you." Terra shook her head. "Good. This man's name is Skye." Terran paused to let the name sink in.

She looked up at the tall white haired man. His blue eyes looked kindly on her. "Skye? His name is Skye?"

"Yes. Look at me." Terra looked into Terran's green eyes. "He is your brother."

"Impossible! Slaves don't have brothers." She turned her head away.

The tall man's heart was breaking into small pieces with each denial. He moved to depart the tent. Xena persuaded him, with a gentle touch, to remain. She bent to the troubled youth. Terra reluctantly looked at the Warrior Princess. "Ter, you know that time is not as it should be, right?" The girl nodded curtly. "In the correct time he is your brother. He knows you and he loves you. Give him a chance? For me?"

Angry azure eyes glared at Xena. So many things had been stolen from her. Friends, love, and now family. She wanted to forget all of it, but the man that stood before her would not let that happen. She stood up slowly and approached the tall handsome man. He was just inches taller than her. He waited as composed as he could, under her scrutiny. The group held their collective breath.

"I don't need a brother." Her voice was defensive. She was hiding behind her anger, hoping that he wouldn't get in.

"No one does. Family is a gift." His voice was soft, as if he were speaking to a frightened animal.

"I don't need a family." She knew how false that was the minute she said it.

"OK. How about friends? Do you need friends?" He was slowly breaking down her defenses.

She had been defeated and she knew it. This was a good man that wanted nothing more than to love her. She smiled in spite of herself. "Yeah. I need lots of friends."

"Deal." He held out a large hand to her. They shook on it. She would give him a chance. "But, can I call you something else?"

Skye thought for a long minute. It was going to get confusing for them all if he went by Skye. "You can call me Time I guess."

"How about, Spencer?" The Skye in the bed spoke up.

Terran and Terra both looked at Skye, then at the broad chested man. He frowned in thought. It had been so long since he had been called by his real name it didn't matter anyway. He grinned at them with straight white teeth. "Spencer it is."

Terran slipped under his other arm. Terra tilted her head in curiosity. "Ter? Him?" He shook his head emphatically. She smiled at the young blonde man. "Then I guess he's OK."

Terran looked up in adoration at the new man in his life. "Can I call you Spencer, too?"

"You can all call me that.

"Anyone besides me hungry?" Taylor's stomach thought her throat had been cut, and it growled its protest. They all laughed.

"Excuse me ladies….and gentlemen, would you be so kind as to take this little party outside? And I am sure there is work to be done." Delmar knew she could catch it for bossing Royalty around, but she was in charge of this territory.

Gabrielle assented to Delmar with an acknowledging incline of her head. "Of course, Delmar. We apologize for the intrusion.

"It is not an intrusion, your Highness. It is merely a slight disturbance." She smiled

"Well said." She motioned to the rest of the group. "Let's go eat. I am sure that Delmar is correct in her suggestion. There is work to be done."

The large group filed into the bright sunlight. Taylor stared at the Glass in her hand then looked to the tall blonde man. She started to hand it to him, but he refused it. "Not yet. Go give it to Terra and Skye for now. When the time is right I'll take it." The warrior shrugged then returned to the tent.

Candace waited with Xena and Gabrielle until Taylor returned. The dark haired woman stepped out knowing who would be waiting. "You guys come here often?"

"Not often enough, if the women look like you." Candace ribbed her intended.

"Not all of them, just four." She laughed with Xena.

"Four? Is that all?" Gabrielle grimaced.

"If you think about it, that's more than we need." Candace was thinking logically.

"Can you imagine having four?" Gabrielle squinted in false thought. Candace joined her. They looked at each other and busted out laughing, speaking simultaneously. "HOO YA!"

Taylor and Xena raised an eyebrow in unison. Taylor cleared her throat. "'Scuse me!"

"Yeah?" Candace answered with tears in her eyes. The two women continued to titter.

"Eat? Food? Shall we?" Taylor motioned with both hands toward the cook wagon.

"Eat? Hoo Ya!" Gabrielle started it all over again.

Xena shrugged. She pulled Taylor as she started off toward the wagon without them. They would follow. Giggling all the way, but they would follow.


After having gotten food in their bellies, two warriors and two Regents went about finding tasks suited to their talents. Unfortunately, there was no call at that moment for giggling women, so Candace and Taylor stopped at the second healers tent to check on their friends. Cyrene was now sleeping, putting Xena in charge of the patients.

"I see they finally have you earning your wages." Taylor remarked to Xena's back..

"Well, Junior, at least I'm doing something." She stood to face her with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"We just came to see how Lissa is, then I have to head back to the compound with Gabrielle for a meeting with Ephiny and some local somebody or others. Do politics ever cease?" Candace grimaced at the thought of a hard half-day’s travel to be followed up by negotiations and boring conversation.

"You're from twenty five hundred years in the future. You tell me." Xena had heard many stories about the future of nations. It was an interesting study on human behavior.

"Good point." Candace conceded.

"So what are your plans, Taylor?" Xena knew a strong back had much to do and that her friend would have at least some small task.

"I am on the tent detail, then duty one more night." She made a face that told the story. She didn't want to stay one night without her lover by her side. The Regent wasn't very happy about it either.

"She'll be in good hands, Candace." Xena winked.

"That's what I'm afraid of." The petite blonde looked back and forth between the two women.

"I'll be in with the rest of the warriors. They are taking your tent down." She nodded at her lover.

"Good." She gave a satisfied nod. "How's Lissa, Xe?"

"She's fit to be tied. She wants to get up, but Del won't let her. The only reason is because she'll want to work too hard. She took a pretty good whack to the head. She was dehydrated and cold when you guys brought her down, but nothing fatal. The cut she had was superficial for the most part. I think she took two or three stitches. Go see her if you want." She pointed to the bed. Krista was sitting with her back to the three talking, arguing really, with the woman.

"Seems Krista has her work cut out for her." Taylor laughed.

Xena gave her a strange look. "Why?"

"Oh that's right. You were gone. It seems our Champion is quite taken with the camp flirt." The firefighter wasn't usually one for gossip, but this was different.

The tall warrior took a long educated look at the two women. "It would also seem the camp flirt has been tamed by a strong warrior. I love it when that happens." Xena gave Candace a knowing look.

"If I didn't know better, warrior, I'd say that you were referring to me." The small woman peered at Xena with green eyes ablaze.

"I am referring to all of you." She shrugged off the comment.

"We are not flirts!" Her royal ire was about to make an appearance.

"Nah. You're just a group of blonde sexy women that love to tease tall blue eyed warriors." The firefighter got in on Xena's action.

"I do NOT tease!" She was indignant with a foot stomp. Her girl was showing in a bad way.

"No, babe you do put out." Taylor kissed the top of Candace’s blonde head.

Candace pushed Taylor with a hand to the arm. "Taylor! For heaven sake, I am royalty! If you must speak of me, try not to make it seem as if I were easy!"

"Candace, I have bad news for you. The whole camp heard you last night, well this morning actually. You are as easy as they come. I should know." Xena lowered her voice to whisper seductively to her.

The blonde blushed despite her feigned anger. "Xena, you are going to get us in trouble."

The Warrior Princess leaned into her. "Do you think they really don't know what's going on?" Her eyes scoured the tent full of women.

Candace looked at her subjects. "I am hoping they don't know everything."

"They have vivid imaginations, hon. They are probably thinking more is happening than what is." Taylor's statement was very true.

"How did we get off on this tangent? Let's see Lissa and get to work." Candace changed the subject to avoid any more tender conversation.

"Right behind you." Taylor winked at Xena with a grin. They just couldn't leave them alone. Much too easy to tease.

Candace led the way to the bed of a slightly irritated warrior. Krista stood as they approached. It was obvious that she was getting nowhere with the stubborn woman in the bed. "Candace. Taylor." Her voice was fraught with frustration.

"Something we can help you with there, Champ?"

Krista frowned at Taylor. "Champ? I didn't realize my title had been abbreviated."

Candace smirked. She knew Krista was teasing Taylor, but Taylor had no clue. The two royals kept their cool.

Taylor stammered. "I didn't... I mean.... You are....oh boy."

"Spit it out, Tay. She's waiting." Candace nudged her intended.

"Yes, Taylor. Out with it." Krista folded her arms, frowning all the while.

The hot seat was on fire, if you asked the firefighter, with no hope of extinguishing the flames.

"I apologize if I was out of line, your Highness. I ask your forgiveness." She nodded deeply.

Candace and Krista raised eyebrows at each other, quite impressed with the beautiful warrior. "Well done, Taylor. You are forgiven, but in actuality, you didn't offend me. I was just giving you a hard time. How did I do?"

Taylor blushed at the fact that she had been so well taken. "You did just fine." She nodded the victory to the Queen's Champion.

Candace and Lissa both had a good laugh at poor Taylor's expense.

"In my opinion, if she can laugh that hard she can work." Taylor gave her non-medical opinion.

"SEE?" Lissa threw both hands up to her friend.

"No." Krista's answer was to the point.

"Lissa we'll be right back. Krista may I have a word?" Candace led the very large warrior off to the side.

Xena scrutinized the situation, making sure that all was under control. Her over protective streak ran far and wide any more.

"Your Highness, if I may make a suggestion. You will be traveling with us as escort, correct?" Candace looked up to the younger woman.

"Of course." Krista didn't see where this was going.

"'Why can't she go with us, we'll make it seem as if she's part of the escort?" Candace shrugged.

"I would normally agree with you. However, there are still some of Creighton's men in the area. If we were to run into trouble, she would be in danger." Krista was keeping her voice abnormally low.

"Did I hear you right? You have found more of Creighton's men in the vicinity?" Taylor's hearing was as good as Xena's.

Krista didn't want to answer. "Well...." They had made a point not let her know for just this reason.

"Well means yes. I'm going with you." Taylor would not have the woman that would be her wife in danger without her by her side.

"Taylor, we need you here." Krista stated it with out fan fare.

"No. Simple as that." Taylor was being extremely stubborn.

"She will have plenty of capable warriors with her." Krista wasn't sure how to make Taylor understand.

"Tay?" Xena motioned to her. Taylor looked none too kindly at the Queen's Champion then gave her attention to Xena. "She will be fine. We have to let them go."

"You mean you're not going either? Are you nuts?" Taylor kept her voice low.

Xena guided Taylor around with her as she checked on different patients. "No to both questions. Let me explain something to you. You see, they need to look like they can do things on their own, meaning without us. If we smother them every time we think they might be in danger, it makes them look like they are weak. That is, in the eyes of the Nation. Of course they are fully capable of acting without us, but if we don't let them, no one will see it. Do you understand? This is for them."

"Krista's well able to defend them, right?" It was beginning to sink in the very thick warrior skull.

"Krista understands the Amazons better than we do. If we stay here, it shows our trust in their capabilities. All of them." Xena's blue eyes begged for Taylor's understanding.

"Trust the Regents and the women that protect them. It would be an insult to all of them if I insisted." The firefighter shook her head.

"Exactly. It is the duty of the Champion and her Guard to protect them. Let them do their jobs." White teeth gave the firefighter the smile she adored.

The tall woman nodded then Taylor returned to the bedside. "Your highness, I trust your abilities to escort the Regents safely home. My apologies once again."

"Very well. And no Lissa, you may not go." She didn't even turn to look in the direction of the bed-ridden warrior.

"Rrrrrrh!" Lissa let her unhappiness show.

"Lis, ya gotta rest." Candace patted the tall woman's arm.

"I don't feel bad, your Highness."

"You may not now, but head injuries are tricky. You could get up to work then collapse. We want to be here as short a time as possible. If you push it, we may have to stay here just for you." She laughed, teasing her interesting friend. "I'll send Terra over to give you a hard time later. It's already well past mid-day. Maybe if you behave you can get up for dinner."

"Great." Her voice dripped with sarcasm. "Uh, your Highness." She added the last as a second thought.

"Hang in there, Lissa. We must go if we expect to be in the village by dark. Get well." She nodded at Krista.

The princess bent to the injured woman. "I have to go. I'll see you soon. She placed a soft kiss on Lissa's lips. Lissa placed her hand behind Krista's head and gave the Champion a kiss she would not soon forget. Krista broke the kiss with great reluctance. Her eyes searched the face of the warrior with great intent.

"Me, too." Lissa gave her a soft smile.

"Good." She stood to her feet. "Candace, I will meet you outside. Taylor, see you in camp." Krista exited the tent with a nod of recognition to Xena.

"You're welcome." The Warrior Princess spoke so that only the Champion could hear. "She'll learn."

"I have no doubt of that. She has an excellent teacher." Krista smiled and popped through the flap without waiting for a reaction.

Xena grinned. *Yeah. But, if you only knew what I was teaching her.*

"What are you grinning about?" Taylor caught her.

"I'll tell you later." She couldn't get the grin off of her face.

Taylor squinted at her then a small lopsided smirk crossed her face. "Promise?"

"Hoo ya." She laughed along with the firefighter.

"I don't even want to know." Candace waved a hand at them. "See ya, Xe. I'd kiss you, but I am not in the mood to fend off a riot."

"Let 'em riot." Xena grabbed her into a sweet embrace. With a quick motion she kissed the Regent. You had to be paying rapt attention to catch it. "Be safe." Blue eyes kissed her to her soul. It didn't take brilliance to see the connection.

Taylor cleared her throat. "Guys?" She glanced around to see who might be watching. She caught Lissa's eyes. The warrior smiled at Taylor then turned her gaze away. She knew, but there was no way you would ever hear her say a word about it.

Candace pulled away from the warrior turned healer. She cleared her throat while straightening her tunic. "Right. See you soon." Just as she turned to leave Gabrielle pulled the flap to the side.

The Regent assessed the situation. "So kids, what's up?" She grinned a them knowingly.

Taylor tried to answer. "Nothing."

"Nice job, Tay! You really are a horrible liar." Gabrielle elbowed the tall woman then turned to her wife. "Xe, can you take a quick break?" The bard tilted her head toward the door.

"Sure. After you." Xena guided the others ahead of her.

The four women filed out into the afternoon sun.

"What's up?" Xena asked.

"I just wanted ears and eyes out of sight." Gabrielle looked around.

There were several women milling about the area. Taylor looked at her friend, a bit confused. She stated the obvious as if the Regent had no clue. "Gab, there are people out here as well."

"Come on." She walked the short distance to Jules' tent. She held open the door and directed them with the wave of her hand.

The three shrugged in unison. She was so good.

"What if Jules comes back?" Taylor wasn't sure what they were doing.

"I asked her not to." The regent raised her brows as if waiting for an argument. None came.

"What did she say to that?" Candace laughed at the thought.

"Not a word. She would never think to question me. She obeys and that's that." Gabrielle shook her head with a smile.

"You just love that control don't you?" Candace laughed.

"And you don't?" Gab eyed her with humor. The other Regent just nodded.

"Why are we here?" Taylor wasn't understanding the purpose of their little rendezvous. She was a little dense.

Gabrielle approached her with intent. "Because I haven't said hello to you yet."

Taylor's heart jumped in her chest. This wasn't what she had expected. "Is that so?" One eyebrow raised.

Candace and Xena watched with growing interest. The smaller warrior snuck in under a protective arm that Xena was more than happy to provide.

Strong arms wrapped around the firefighter's broad shoulders then slinked around her neck. "That's so." Was all that was said before soft lips pressed against Taylor's own. The firefighter wound her arms around Gabrielle's waist, pulling the smaller woman closer. Gabrielle's soft tongue requested entrance with a gentle prodding. Taylor tried not to moan, but it was hopeless. Her mouth opened and invited the sweetly questing muscle in. The kiss lasted long seconds before they broke apart.

Xena looked down at her former wife to really see if any of this bothered her. It didn't appear that it did. She was smiling at the sight of two women that she loved sharing love themselves. Xena grinned. It was all good.

Taylor smiled down at the commanding Regent. "That's a greeting I'll accept anytime, your Highness." She spoke with respect and love.

"Candace, you are teaching her well." She grinned at the tall firefighter with new admiration.

"It's not me." The other Regent grinned up at the warrior in her arms.

"Don't give me credit." Xena laughed.

"Shall we just say you are all a good influence on me?" Taylor gave them all credit for her growth.

Xena broke away from Candace. She put a hand on Taylor's shoulder. Her eyes searched the face and the heart of a brave hero. "I am proud of you Taylor. You have turned out to be a great and true leader. I can't take the credit for that."

Taylor felt the words hit her squarely in the chest. A lone tear threatened to fall. Of all the people she had ever known Xena was the one she needed acceptance from. Not only did she accept her, she was proud of her. She could die a happy woman. A huge grin broke out on her face. "Thanks."

"No need to thank me for stating the obvious." She took that line from her mother. It was a good one.

"I hate to beak this up, but we have a ride to make." Candace took Gabrielle's hand. "We'll see you two soon. And please, stay out of trouble."

The blue eyed warrior's looked at each other as if they were truly wounded by the comment.

"Yes, you. Good-bye my love." Gabrielle kissed her warrior fiercely. "I will miss you tonight."

"And I you, but I have a feeling you won't be lonely." She raised an eyebrow at Candace.

"Well, she has a hard time sleeping when she's alone." The singer laughed at herself and her bad excuse.

"Right, and I am the Queen of England." Taylor gave her lover a quick squeeze. "Be safe, my heart."

"I promise. See you tomorrow." There was one more quick kiss before the Regents made their way out of the tent.

Two tall warriors considered the situation. Their partners had just left them alone in a tent that was not to be visited anytime soon. Tension grew by leaps and bounds. Xena turned her gaze on Taylor.

"Well?" Xena inclined her head.

Taylor cleared her throat. They had only been together alone once, and that time Candace and Gabrielle had joined them. It hadn't gone far then because of the connection the four of them had made. Now was a different story.

"We have work to do." Taylor nodded her head once with purpose. "We should get back to it."

"We will, but you kissed my wife. I can't just let that go you know." Xena stared at her hard.

"Xe, she kissed me." Taylor wasn't sure if she needed to defend her position.

"But you kissed her back." Her voice lowered to a threatening tone as she moved closer to Taylor.

"I..I couldn't help it." She was slightly confused by Xena's demeanor. There was a myriad of emotions rushing at her from the warrior. She backed away slowly. "What are you going to do?"

"Oh, you'll see." Xena reached for Taylor, taking her face in both hands. Leaning in with fierce determination she kissed her. Passion oozed from them. The atmosphere in the tent heated as the two tall dark warriors wound around each other. It was better than the first kiss they had shared. This time, there was true intent on the part of the Warrior Princess, and no hesitation on the part of the firefighter.

Taylor put both hands on Xena's strong back and pulled her tightly to her chest. Her arms wrapped around while their tongues danced with desire. Xena's hands moved down Taylor's long frame taking possession of it with her touch. She was pleased that Taylor had chosen to wear a battle skirt today instead of her normal pants. She reached under the soft leather. A smile crossed her face as she broke their kiss. "No underwear, Tay?"

Taylor was planting kisses on Xena's neck. "I forgot." She really had.

"How lucky can a girl get?" Very lucky indeed. Her large callused hands roamed on Taylor's soft skin, causing a moan to escape the firefighter's lips for the second time that afternoon. Xena lightly grasped the tight globes in her hands spreading her, exposing Taylor to the heated air. She hissed.

"Xena." She whispered in the tall warrior's ear. She pushed her pelvis tighter to Xena's strong thigh.

"Relax." She reached around and lifted the front leather of Taylor's skirt, exposing dark satin curls coated with the moisture of desire. She leaned her body in to whisper in her ear. "If you don't want this, tell me now." Her thigh urged Taylor's long legs apart. The firefighter put up no resistance.

The top of Xena's powerful leg contacted her dripping center. "Oh, God." The firefighter bent her knees slightly, seeking a solid connection between them. Xena responded with more pressure. Taylor's head lolled back as she slid along the naked thigh of the Warrior Princess. Xena pulled her back up, planting kisses on her throat as she went. She soon connected with a soft and willing mouth. The speed with which Taylor was gyrating increased. Fire was spreading quickly through her loins.

"Oh, Ummm. Sweet Lord!" Her heart raced in time to her passion.

Xena pushed harder with her thigh, guiding the other warrior up and down her leg with a strong grip on her behind. "Let it go, Taylor. Don't be afraid." She sped her guidance in rhythm with the firefighter's obvious need.

Taylor lost the legs under her as her knees gave way to the on rush of feeling that swept through her. She shoved her mouth against Xena's shoulder to avoid the most certain cry that would be pulled from her. She bit down on Xena's flesh as the pulsations of her release came hard and fast. "Mmmmm." A muffled moan burst forth.

Xena grimaced in pain and pleasure when the firefighter tasted her flesh. "That's it. Ah yeah! Come on, Taylor. Give it to me!" She held Taylor up, pressing harder with her thigh. Taylor cried out again at the increased pressure.

Slowly Taylor's movements ceased, but her legs were doing her not a bit of good. She leaned her head on the warrior that held her. "Oh shit." She grinned.

"Is that bad or good?" Xena smiled with her. She pulled the spent firefighter into her arms, supporting her weakened legs.

Taylor responded with a deep kiss. "That was fast. Good but fast."

"A quickie in the afternoon does wonders for the attitude." Xena kissed her again.

"That was faster than a quickie. I'm just easy I guess." Taylor shrugged.

"I hope not. I'd hate to have to kill anyone." She suddenly got the green eyed monster attitude.

"Not that kind of easy and you know it." Taylor tested her legs. She found she could support herself. She moved a bit away from the dark warrior as she took a long look at her. "You're serious."

Xena shook her head. "Of course."

"But, what about Gabrielle?" Taylor knew the answer. If she wanted to become intimate with the bard, Xena would give it her blessing. She doubted it would ever happen. She was so clueless.

"That's totally different."

"OK but how would it be different than me sleeping with someone else?"

"First off, don't even say that. It makes me sick to think of some body else touching you. With the exception of our spouses. This is how I see it: The four of us belong together in any combination. We have the partners that own our very souls, but then we have each other. Taylor, I love you. I don't mean like a friend love you. I am in love with you. I am also in love with Candace. I was desperately in love with her when we married." She stared blankly in memory. "I was so lost when she was gone. I thought, at the time, I was being unfaithful in my heart to Gabrielle. Now I see I lost part of myself. I know you feel the same way about Gabrielle, you just haven't known her as long. Trust me, she's heaven." Xena smiled at the very thought of her wife.

Taylor let herself feel the certain emotions she had for the bard. It warmed her heart and her loins. "I'm sure she is. But what about us? You and I. I can't frickin' control myself when you're around. You're a magnet." She touched the warrior's cheek.

Xena took the hand that touched her in her hand, placing it to her lips she smiled. "I think it's because we are so base."

"Base? You mean our instincts are less developed? We're primal." Taylor always thought she was more of an animal than anyone she had ever met.

"Sort of. We have a drive and a passion that makes us more violent, angry, sexual." She used her hands to try to explain it to the firefighter.

"You mean we can't control ourselves." Taylor straightened her skirt and checked her shirt for tell tale wrinkles.

"In a way. It's like you said. Magnetic. Sometimes I am so drawn to you, that it is physically painful not to reach out and touch you. I have a feeling that Gabrielle understands this more than even I do."

Taylor stared at Xena for a few seconds not really seeing her. Then she focused on Xena's sapphire eyes. "Do you think she set us up?"

A look of total amused understanding came to the Warrior Princess. "She had to know that something would happen. I have to say yes."

"Do you think Candace understands?"

Xena's blue eyes looked straight into hers. "Yeah. If not, don't you think she would be in here?"

Taylor suddenly realized that Candace and Gabrielle had felt everything that had just happened. It caused a blush to creep up her neck. "Right. Do you suppose....?" She left the question open ended.

"Taylor reach out to them. What does you heart say?" Xena gave the firefighter the best advice she could.

Taylor grinned. "They are so hot! Shame on them!" She laughed heartily.

"It's a cycle. When you and Candace were making love this morning, it almost made us… know.

"I do?" Taylor frowned and leaned her head forward.

"You should. You know….made us almost come as well. Anyway, Jan was totally confused." They had been at the central fire talking with Gabrielle's subjects. She remembered the look on Jan's face when Gabrielle let go an extremely sexual groan for no apparent reason. Xena had had to pull the Regent close to her to keep her from falling. Xena had told the others that she had eaten some bad food and wasn't feeling well. When the sound of the two women making love had wafted across the camp, Melinda had understood quite well the real problem. Melinda had covered quite nicely for the two of them as they made their excuses to be excused. She smiled at the thought.

"I would like to have seen that." She was not really an exhibitionist, but she had wanted her lover so badly wailing banshees wouldn't have stopped her.

"It was.......interesting. We'll know if anything happens. And if it beautiful would that be to watch?"

The very strong firefighter pondered the concept of watching the two sexy blonde women making love. She shivered at the very thought. "Oh my. That makes me weak."

"That's how they feel about us. You know what I want to see? Gabrielle between your legs. Ouch." Xena rocked back on her heels with her knees bent.

Taylor now had something new to think about. It was going to be a long day.

She hugged Taylor again placing a quick kiss on her forehead. "Come on we need to get back to work."

"Work is going to be an interesting experience." She moved her hips around.

Xena pulled the flap aside. "Why's that, Junior?"

Taylor stepped into the fresh air. "I'm going to have a hard time keeping my mind on my work. I've never...I mean this...You!"

"My thoughts exactly. Since Gabrielle, there has only been Candace. Now there is you." She nudged Taylor.

"Not really." She dipped her head then looked back up.

"Yeah Tay, really. I'll see you later?" Xena perused the area seeming not to be talking to Taylor to those who might be watching.

"Is that a question or a request?" Taylor looked at the ground and kicked a dirt clod.

"Come sleep with me when you get off duty. I hate sleeping in an empty bed." Xena started back to the healer's tent.

Taylor smiled. "I'm supposed to be in the main tent." She spoke to Xena's back.

The warrior turned around once walking backwards long enough to grin at the firefighter. "See ya."

"Ho boy." Taylor went off to find Jules or Kimi. Whichever one would put her to work the fastest was her best bet for distraction.


Two blonde Regents mounted their steeds. Candace laughed at the feelings coursing through her body.

Gabrielle gave her a knowing look. "Can you believe those two? We're not even out of the camp yet."

"You started it." Candace tried to look stern. She had thought she was going to faint from desire when she had watched Gabrielle kiss Taylor.

"Someone had to." Looking innocent, the bard prodded her horse to action.

Candace caught up to her quickly. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You did that on purpose? Why?"

"They needed to, how do I put this?...connect on their own level and in a way that we can't understand. I wanted to give them a little push. Does it bother you?" Green eyes peered deeply at the blonde next to her.

"Only that I didn't get to watch." Candace squirmed at the thought and the feelings racing through her. "God, they’re hot!" She whispered to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle blushed. "It's going to be a very long ride."

"Not to mention uncomfortable." Candace shook her head.


To Be Continued.....

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