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Škg 6-17-00


Part 22 de do de do.

Huh? It's 1:30 am. What do you want from me?


Spencer held Terran in his arms for a long while. The two men had been relegated to a private tent due to the fact that they were indeed men.

"Terran, if you want me to sleep outside I will." Spencer spoke soft words in the smaller man's ear.

Terran pulled back from his large friend for a confused look. "Why would I want you to do that?"

Spencer shrugged. "I don't want you to feel pressure."

"Pressure? From what?" He let his mind wander over the possible sources he could experience pressure from. None made any sense at the moment.

Honest sapphire eyes peered at him with nothing but love. "Me." He pulled away from the man he loved to sit on the only bed in the room.

"You? I don't understand Spencer." His confusion danced in his eyes.

"I don't want to stay in here and make you feel.......OK. I am having a hard time explaining this. Honesty is always best." He looked up at the handsome blonde standing near him. "Terran, I want to make love to you, but I never want you to feel like you need to do anything you don't want. See?"

"You want to make love to ME? Why?" He knew what he wanted he just couldn't believe that anyone, especially Spencer would ever feel the same.

"Why? Well, because I love you. And as you can see there is only one bed and if I try to sleep with you in that Taylor would say, hoo ya." He smiled at the thought of the firefighter's favorite saying.

"Hoo ya?" Terran was thinking the same thing as well. His smile matched Spencer's.

"I won't be able to keep my hands to myself." Spencer looked at his hands as if they were perhaps the offending party and that his head and heart had nothing to do with it.

"Oh. So you want to keep your hands to yourself." Terran was dismayed but strove not to show it.

"No, not really." He smiled at the innocence.

"Good. Because, yyyou ssee, I ddon't..," He cleared his throat and took a very big breath, " Don't want you to keep your hands to yourself."

Spencer grinned broadly and stood from the bed. He made his way to Terran where he stood face to face with him. "Is that so?"

Terran whispered, "Yeah. That's so." He wrapped his arms around Spencer's neck and pulled him down. His lips pressed against Spencer's softly with more authority than he thought he should possess.

As the connection of the kiss deepened, Spencer slid his tongue along the bottom of Terran's lip. Again, as before, Terran didn't catch the signal. He simply didn't understand. Spencer smiled to himself. They were going to have to start with the basics. He broke the kiss slowly, with Terran chasing his mouth sweetly.

"Whoa. Uh, Ter. Now don't get me wrong, you kiss great..." Spencer wanted to show the man who would be his lover the pleasure of a simple kiss without upsetting him.

"But?" Terran jumped all over it. He wanted nothing more than to please Spencer and it seemed he would fail at the start.

"No not 'but' in a bad way, sometimes when people kiss they use their tongues." This was a 'learn by doing' thing for sure.

Terran frowned deeply at the thought. "You mean they just stick them out? That sounds gross."

"Gross, huh? You've been talking to Candace too much. No, honey. You don't just stick your tongue out. You open you mouth while you kiss, just a little. Come here." He motioned for Terran with a nod of his head.

Their lips met again. This time Spencer opened his mouth trying to persuade Terran to do the same. The smaller man followed suit. Spencer dipped his tongue delicately between parted lips. He pulled it back allowing the tip to brush the inside of Terran's top lip. Terran giggled.

Spencer smiled at the sound. "What's so funny?"

"It tickled." He pulled the tall man closer. "But, I liked that. Do it again?"

"Mmmm. Alright." Spencer was smiling so broadly he was finding it hard to kiss. "Wait, Ter."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just need to stop smiling but with you in my arms I don't think I can." He beamed all the more. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Terra rested his forehead on his strong partner's chest. His sharp mind was working over time. "Spencer, how long has it been?"

"For what?"

"For you?"

Spencer stood frozen for what seemed an eternity. "You mean sex?"


"Three hundred and twenty-seven years." His eyes focused on nothing in particular as he contemplated it.

"But, that's how old you are." His brain was working at this one.

Spencer wasn't very happy with Terran's steel trap mind at that moment. "Yeah."

"You" Terran was letting it settle in. "Never?"

"Not sex, no." He closed his blue eyes.

"But you know about kissing!" He was incredulous.

Kind blue eyes opened. He very rarely felt inadequate, but he did now. "Kissing and sex are two different things."

"Oh. But, they said you would know about what you like." He threw up his arms.

"Who are 'they'?" Spencer had a good guess.

"You know. Terra and Skye. They seemed to think you would know everything." He shrugged.

"And you listened to them?" All Terran did was shake his head. "Ter, I know enough, OK. I don't know everything. That's for you to find out."


"There won't be anyone else. It must be you." He smiled sweetly at the man to whom he had given his heart, hundreds of years ago.

Terran smiled. "I think I like that idea."

"I think I do as well." This time the grin on his face subsided into the seriousness of the moment. He bent to Terran who met him halfway. Their emotions took over and any trepidation that remained in either man melted away with the sweetness of the kiss. Spencer's tongue requested entrance once again. This time the invitation was understood. Terran opened his lips allowing his first deep kiss. Spencer ran a slow path around the circumference of his tender mouth then dipped his tongue between the inviting lips. Terran moaned and sucked the offered gift in. Teeth clicked gently as their mouths glided across each other. Spencer pulled away slightly pulling the former slave's bottom lip with him. He placed soft loving kisses on the corners of Terran's mouth, then pulled away.

"Wow. That's great. We need to do that all the time." Terran's voice had a dreamy quality to it.

Spencer thought of the possibility. "I think some might complain that we were getting nothing done."

"Maybe not all the time, but lots. OK?" His voice was now excited at the thought of kissing the handsome Spencer all the time, whenever he wanted.

"Hoo ya." Spencer kissed him again. His body was reacting to the sweet contact and the closeness of the man in his arms. The firmness between his legs was becoming difficult to ignore. He wanted this, but fear was gripping him. He pulled away from Terran.

"What's wrong?" Furrowed brows were present again.

"I just.....I'm scared." He shrugged at his own honesty.

Terran stood id total disbelief at what he was hearing. "YOU? You are one of the most brave men I know."

Spencer answered him softly. "That doesn't stop me from being afraid at times. Courage is just acting in spite of your fears."

"Don't you think it's time for you to do that now?" Terran showed wisdom beyond what it seemed he should have.

Spencer grinned. "Are you sure you were a slave?"


"Because you're so wise." He returned to Terran's embrace. The ex-slave hugged him close then took his hand.

"Come on." He led him to the pallet they would share. His hands slid across Spencer's broad shoulders persuading him to sit. Blue eyes watched his every move. He reached to the hem of his own shirt and pulled the cotton up over his head. His chest was covered in small delicate blonde curls that didn't hide the definition of his chest. His size was smaller than it should be due to living conditions as a slave, but he was still well muscled.

Spencer reached out a tentative hand to run his hand through those soft curls. He had never touched a man like he was about to do. Unusual though it was, he had always wanted the right one. Even growing up as he had and coming out in his late teens, he had never given in. Then he had picked up the Glass when he was twenty. Since then his time had been devoted to Time and watching the man he loved grow up a hundred times. That man was here now. He took a deep breath and scooted his body forward. His hands slipped around the slim waist of the healer, persuading him forward. His lips skimmed the surface of incredibly soft skin. Terran slipped his hands through Spencer's platinum hair then took in a sharp breath. Spencer smiled against the flesh at his lips. He gently nipped a small patch. Terran jumped with a little laugh.

"Your skin tastes so good." He kissed a small patch of silk flesh next to a touchy hip bone.

"Thank you." He let the immense man discover his body at his own pace. If there was one area that he was familiar with it was sex, but this was so different. It felt so unusual to let someone touch him, love him. The pressure between his thighs was swelling with desire he couldn't suppress. Spencer's hands ran up his back. They stopped and he closed his eyes in self damnation.

"Ter? These are scars." His fingers tenderly probed the raised flesh.

"Yeah. I know."

"Of course, you know." He pulled the healer closed to him, wishing he could take the pain and agony of Terran's humiliation away from him. "I'm so sorry, Ter." He kissed his skin with more determination than before. He would try with everything he was to love away at least the emotional scars.

"They are not your fault, Spencer." He placed a gentle hand on the face that gazed up at him as he spoke.

"No, but it's my responsibility from now on to make you forget them." He pulled back from him, running his hands up Terran's chest to his pectoral muscles. He noted that one nipple was pierced. His finger grasped the small ring and gave it an easy tug.

Terran closed his eyes in sheer ecstasy. Many times he had been chained with that very ring to the point of excruciating pain, but this new light touch brought waves of searing pleasure. His erection pulsed tightly against his trousers. The blue eyed man didn't leave him in agony. Spencer's fingers untied the knot that held Terran's pants in place. The tie loosened letting the soft material to drop to the floor, allowing the blonde to step out of them. Terran heard a gasp and looked down at his lover. Blue eyes wide with awe looked up at him.

Spencer huffed out a breath of air. "You must be very popular."

Terran frowned. "Why?"

Let's just say, Secretariat has nothing on you." Spencer smiled and then frowned just as quickly. "Uh, that's going to leave a mark."

Once again Terran frowned at the words. "Leave a mark?"

"Hurt, Ter. It would hurt."

The healer finally got the drift. "Don't worry. I would never hurt you like that." He knew the anguish of being painfully violated. His heart broke at the very thought of Spencer ever suffering as he had.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there." Spencer stood up and pulled his silver spandex over his head. His huge chest and arms bulged with the movement. His chest was ripped through with well-defined muscle.

Terran watched, mesmerized by the play of thick sinew under his skin. "Wow. You're beautiful." His smaller hands ran smoothly along rock solid tissue. He grabbed broad shoulders for a good squeeze. He wanted to hold those while screaming for mercy. He would get his wish.

"So are you." Spencer kissed him again. The skin on their chests touched letting trails of electricity jump through them. Terran pushed himself against Spencer, seeking relief for his swelling member. Spencer pushed his thigh up pressing in. They moved together, hot bodies searching each other out in rhythmic passion.

Spencer gradually let his hands roam down to the soft rounded curves of Terran's bottom. His hands almost spanned the entire flesh. His grip pulled the smaller man in as he pushed into him. Terran pulled at the material that was proving to be a barrier to him. His anxious hands pulled at the tight spandex with little success. His frustration was beginning to distract him.

Spencer smiled at his trouble. He pulled his hands around and grasped Terran's in his own. "Let me do that."

"Let me help?" His sweet face begged Spencer.

"Give me your hands." Together they removed the shiny fabric. Spencer's legs were like the rest of his well toned body. They were thick and strong with evidence of hours, even years of work.

Terran's fingers delicately traveled the expanse of the large man's thighs. His eyes gazed at the excitement of his partner. He looked up into blue eyes that loved him desperately. His hand finished its path without hesitation as he stroked the silken hardness of Spencer's swollen member.

Terran touched him and the tall man gasped at the touch. He was afraid his legs would give out. Slowly Terran began to move his hand against him, letting his movements keep pace with Spencer's motion.

Blood pounded in Spencer's head as the erotic feeling spread through him. "Ter, I need to sit or lay down or something. I'mmmmmm gonna falllllah yeah." With a firm stroke, Terran released him long enough to let the taller man recline on the bed. He pushed himself back with the ex-slave close behind.

Terran lay next to him, running his hand across the smooth flesh of Spencer's strong chest then down his ripped abdomen. His fingers played in the soft curls that surrounded Spencer's painfully erect organ. He watched as his hand grasped his lover. The sight sent reeling thoughts and reactions through his limbs. He couldn't hold back his desire any longer. He wanted this man like he had wanted the Spencer in his life as a slave. This time, however, Spencer was accepting the touch and the love he had to offer. He moved his body down, trailing deep kisses as he went. His lips sucked in a small erect nipple as his tongue raced in circles around the tight flesh.

Spencer ran his large hands through the healer's blonde locks, pulling him closer to his chest. His body was jumping with a thousand different shock waves. He didn't know what he wanted, but he wanted it now. He closed his eyes and just felt Terran moving down his body. A warm sensation engulfed him. He was sure he was going to die from the intense pleasure the sweet mouth that sucked and stroked him was giving. His hips pushed of their own accord. He couldn't have controlled the rhythm if he were tied to the bed. "Oh God, Ter. Mmmmmm."

Terran was not one to ignore the sounds of pleasure. He knew what he was doing. His hand cupped the warm flesh that held his lover's seed while his mouth ran rampant along the distended length, sliding with the wetness of his mouth. Faster, Spencer moved beneath his expert touch, pushing for more. Terran's hand continued to coddle the sensitive sac while his lips engulfed fully the entire length of his lover. He felt the jerking motion begin with in the confines of the tender balls. Spencer cried out his pleasure.

"Ho! Ter! I'm coming! GOD! oh Yeahhhh oh yeah." His legs tensed under the pressure. A rushing fire sped up his legs to the center of his very being. Terran continued his assault with a passionate vengeance. Spencer tried to pull away, not wishing to offend his partner, but the healer refused to let him go. Spencer felt the warmth rushing up through him as his seed shot out from his loins in spurts. The fierceness of his release made him lose his thoughts altogether. His body shuddered in its delivery. He slowly came to himself as small shock waves trickled through him. Terran continued to place soft kisses along and around the now spent member.

The ex-slave slid his body up beside Spencer and the large man embraced him fiercely. "Oh, Ter. Oh, Ter! I love you!" His voice was turning to a whisper as his emotions began to overtake him. He had never in his life felt anything so remarkable. Tears welled in his eyes and he was at a loss as to how to stop them. He looked into green eyes full of concern for him. He stroked his hand along Terran's strong features. "Thank you, Terran."

"For what?" His voice was full of wonder as he wiped at the tears. No one had ever thanked him for anything like this. It was taken for granted that he would perform his services well.

"Releasing me. Loving me." He kissed Terran's lips gently.

"I do love you, Spencer." He snuggled closer. Terran laid his head on Spencer's shoulder and watched his finger traced a lazy circle around the muscle.

Spencer turned to face him. He pulled the small man closer feeling the entire length of his strong erection against his abdomen. "Show me, Terran."

"Show you, what?" He talked as if he were in another room discussing the weather.

"How to make love to you. How to touch you." Spencer was shy in his request. It felt odd for him to be shy about anything.

"Touch me? You mean 'touch' me." His eyes grew wide.

"Well, yeah. Hasn't anyone know." He wanted to explain his meaning but couldn't find the words. "Touched you?"

"Not really. I was used for my.......size. I wasn't allowed to know." He made a motion with his hand to show what he meant.

"Climax?" Spencer was trying to figure out what kind of rules the idiots that called themselves Owners played by.

"Not usually. If I did, there was hell to pay for sure. So I learned to think of other things while they did with me what they pleased. Mind you I still had to stay hard."

"Did you take care of yourself after that?" He was trying to get his mind around all of this.

"You can't if you're in chains, Spence. I would hang there for days sometimes. If I couldn't perform for them I would be beaten and then thrown in my holding cell until I was as recovered as I could be." His eyes took on a distant glaze as he remembered his recent past.

"But, then there was Creighton. He took you." Spencer didn't know who this Creighton was, only what he and done.

"Yeah. He heard of my.....anyway, I was a fun toy for him and his captains. He....." Terran cleared his throat trying not to cry in the arms of his lover. "They would have contests to see who could do it the most times. They would chain me up and then..."

"Ter! Stop. I don't need to know. They raped you. My good God!" The large man felt every bit of pain that was his lover's even if the healer couldn't feel it himself.

"I was a slave. He owned me." He shrugged. It had been all he had ever known.

"No one owns another, Ter. Especially not you." Spencer leaned his head up on his elbow. His other hand made a lazy path along Terran's soft curls. He came once again to the ring that marked him as a slave. He wondered absently if Skye had one. The thought was fleeting as he bent to take the ring in his mouth. He sucked it then played his tongue across it. The metal felt amazing. He tugged it with his teeth. Terran hissed his approval. "You like that. Hummm." He tugged again. Terran squirmed under the ministrations. Spencer smiled. He held the ring firmly in his teeth while he reached down to stroke the girth of his lover's penis with his large hand. Terran cried out.

"OH! Huuuuuo!" His body was on absolute fire. His mind would go nowhere but between his legs. The tugging of his nipple sent tremors to his twitching penis.

Spencer was fascinated by the movement in his hand. Terran grew harder and larger with the touch of his stroking hand. He stopped for a second while he gazed around the room. Terran whimpered.

"Don't stop. Please, don't stop." The excited man was desperate.

"Just one second. I promise" He gazed at the lamp burning in the room. It burned with fat. Grease. Lube. He smiled. Perfect. He blew out the lamp and poured a small amount into his hand. He returned to his exact position on the pallet. His mouth once again took control of the ring while his hand took control of Terran's rather stout phallus. Terran grinned at the return of the touch and the new warm slickness.

He laughed. "Hoo ya! Mmmmm." He pistoned his hips in time to a rhythm only they could hear. Spencer's hand played havoc with his senses. With a helpless groan he pushed faster, seeking the pleasure of a release that was truly his to share. Not one that was accidental or by his own hand. The man that loved him sought only to bring the pleasure to him. He begged for it.

"PleasePleasePlease. happen....Oh yeah. Mmmmmmm." The pressure built in groin to the point of no return. His toes tingled with pending release. The tingle traveled up his calves through his thighs and exploded in his center. When he came it was like a cannon had been shot from his throbbing member. "OHHHHHHHSHIT! Spennnncer! Uh uh uh uh." Wave after wave of gratification flowed over and out of him.

Spencer felt the jerking action start before the scream began. He bore down hard with his hand, pulling to the head and pushing back to the base. He squeezed harder than he thought he should, but Terran's own hand was now guiding him. It was more erotic than anything he had every seen. The smaller hand over his own, pushing him onward. Finally slowing and easing away. Spencer never wanted to stop touching him, but Terran eventually pulled his highly sensitized staff away.

"Hoooooooo. Mmmmm." Terran stretched.

Spencer kissed his lips deeply then pulled his shirt up off of the floor and wiped the evidence of their passion from Terran's chest. Terran watched as the man cleaned him. His green eyes followed his head as the blue eyes trailed over him. He couldn't help but run a hand through the white hair.

Spencer smiled at him. "I think we have a good start. What do you think?"

"I think I am so in love with you." Terran let the thought trail. He looked down and noted the excited state of his partner. "I also think it's going to be a long night."

"Hoo ya, Ter. Hoo ya." He pulled the smaller man to him and the night became long indeed.


Taylor woke with a start. The night had indeed been long. She had lain awake for hours after Terra and Skye had left. Her heart felt empty with the thought of the two young women who had given up their lives to take on their role. With a heavy sigh, she turned over realizing that Xena was not in the bed with her. She looked around to find the warrior dressed in her leathers. Her eyes blazed a trail over the leather clad woman. Her long legs were truly a sight to behold.

"I can feel that, Taylor." Amused eyes turned in the direction of the firefighter.

"I can't help it. You're so beautiful." She smiled with the truth of the statement.

Xena sauntered to the edge of the bed and sat down. "You're not so bad your self." She bent to the firefighter for a good morning kiss. Taylor's arms circled the warrior's neck pulling her in seeming desperation. The heated kiss broke and the firefighter's arms desperately pulled Xena in. The warrior wrapped her arms around Taylor's waist. Her voice softened to a whisper. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Taylor spoke to Xena's ear. "Make love to me, please."

The timber of her voice made the very hair on the warrior's arms stand on end. This was not a casual request. Taylor was dead serious. "Taylor?"

"We may never be this close again, Xe. We may never have another chance like this. I don't ever want to regret that I didn't show you how I really feel." Her soul begged the warrior to concede.

"I know how you feel, Taylor." She put a tender hand over Taylor's heart. "I know." She leaned to kiss her again. A slow burn started in her heart she knew would not be quenched with quick passion. She pulled the other woman closer. This kiss put all others they had shared to shame. Heat, passion, and desire poured out through the connection. Tongues clashed, fighting for position, lashing over and under while sliding in a sensual rhythm. Xena's lips burned from the very heat of the firefighter's mouth on her own.

Tay's sure hands loosed the fasteners that held Xena's leathers in place. She pulled the straps down over her broad shoulders with purpose, placing searing kisses as she moved them aside. She was taking possession of the body with whom she shared her very soul.

Xena pulled the cotton top over the firefighter's head, freeing her perfect breasts to a passionate blue gaze. Her eyes were not enough to satisfy the need in her soul. She leaned quickly to Taylor, snaring a tight nipple in her mouth grazing the tip with her teeth. Taylor groaned her approval. Xena's grin gave hints to her intent. Her strong white teeth pulled the nipple straight out to a light stretch. She replaced them with strong suction, pulling as much of Taylor's breast in to her mouth as she could. Her tongue lashed heavily across the swollen bud. With one hand to the firefighter's back, the other took jealous possession of the other breast. Her full hand covered it none too gently. The warrior's hand pressed it in fully then stretched it out as far as it would go. The rough manipulations were sending Taylor higher.

"OH GOD, Xe! Suck harder! Ohhhh yeah! Mmmmmmm." Taylor's hands laced through the warrior's long hair. The very ends of the ebony locks slipped across her thighs, teasing her senses. She laid back to the pillow watching Xena follow her breasts. Taylor observed the erotic sight of Xena suckling her. The feeling and the sight were sending sparks to her center. Xena's mouth captured the sides, the tender underside then back to the tight nub that signaled her sex. Taylor was being devoured and it was making her dripping wet. The warrior crawled up her body attacking her neck with the same ferocity. A heated mouth slipped along the corded muscles the grazed her jaw line. Strong teeth left a red mark on her cheek and throat. The slight pain only fanned the flames of her desire. The warrior fiercely captured her mouth again. Forehead to forehead the undulated as one. "Tell me what you want, Tay. What do you need?"

"Fuck me, Xena. I want you to fuck the hell out of me!" She growled her need.

Xena smiled with a mouth full of flesh. If that's what she wanted. She ravaged Taylor's body on the way down nipping and biting willing flesh. "Wait here." Taylor whimpered as the warrior left the bed. She went to her pack and pulled out a chamois. She unfurled it pulling out the long leather phallus. She and Gabrielle had gotten it as a gift from one of the leather workers in the camp. With the new toy from Aphrodite, she didn't think they would ever get the chance to use this new toy. She pulled the harness out and fixed it around her groin. Taylor's eyes were on her, failing to hide her need or desire. Xena had a grin plastered on her face as she walked back to the bed. There were no questions or calming words at this point.

She leaned over Taylor placing one more fervent kiss on her lips. Devouring Taylor with blue eyes, flaming with desire, she whispered hotly, "On your knees."

Taylor shivered at the control in the voice of the Warrior Princess. She responded with a loud growl and turned over. She raised herself up, feeling Xena's torso graze across her skin. She swore she would never live through this. The warrior's rock hard nipples drew a line down her back to her raised cheeks. Controlling hands took the place of the hard globes, pulling her apart, exposing her wanton flesh. The wetness that rushed from her gave away her need. She heard a purr emanate from the woman behind her. The next sensation almost sent her through the roof as a long tongue invaded her sex. "Oh my! Ohhhh. Mmmmm." She thrust back along the length of it, begging for more. The muscle plunged to her opening again, sliding up to the tight ring above. Xena rimmed her slowly, relaxing the muscle. Taylor put her face to her pillow to drown out the moan of her desire. "GOD!" There was a wondrous pressure opening her passage, invading her most secret spot, and then it was gone. She was begging now for the warrior to release her. Xena wasn't finished with her discovery of the woman under her mastery. Her hands pulled Taylor sharply back to her, one hand snaking around to explore the contours of her sex. Her fingers were almost brutal, probing, pulling her lips apart before she plunged them into her. Taylor was to the point of raw necessity. "Xeeee. Oh please!"

The Warrior Princess squinted in base carnal lust. She loved it when they begged. Xena held the phallus in her hand, sliding it up and down through soaking folds. She pushed the tip slightly in the throbbing opening of Taylor's sex. She pulled out, watching the other woman follow her. She pushed only the tip in again. Taylor tried to push back for more. Xena denied her. "You have to wait for me, Tay." Taylor snarled, causing a grin to form on Xena's lips. Xena pushed forward again dipping the head in and resting it in the pounding entrance. She entered in slow agonizing inches then pulling out. Listening to the heavy breathing of the firefighter. Planning her strategy.

"Oh, Xe. Please, more." Taylor's bangs danced across her eyes. Beads of sweat broke along her forehead.

"Wait, Tay." She pulled back the few inches removing the length completely. She watched as Taylor spread further for her, pushing her ass higher in the air, opening for her. That was the sign she had been looking for. Taylor was ready. She placed her hands on Taylor's hips holding her captive in place. She didn't even have to look where she was going, but she did just for the shear pleasure of watching the length drive into the willing woman. She entered Taylor with one long stroke, stretching the swollen flesh to its limit. Taylor cried out in her ecstasy.

Xena pulled and stroked hard into her again.

"Fuck Yeah! Come on, Xena!" Her body rocked back to meet the demanding thrusts of the Warrior behind her.

Xena leaned her naked body over Taylor's, letting the phallus rest in the firefighters heaving passage. "You better be quiet, Tay. The whole camp will know what I'm doing to you."

She bucked against the heavy weight seeking movement. She growled her frustrated reply. "I don't give a shit who hears it! Now, fuck ME!"

"Warrior rage is great during sex. Don't you think?" Xena slowly withdrew and impaled Taylor so hard their thighs slapped hard together. Her driving force drove Taylor's body forcefully forward over and over. Her pace increased with the rhythm of the firefighter's rocking, Taylor voicing her approval and encouragement all the while.

Taylor's passage screamed with heat from the friction. The length of the invading phallus touched the very end of her canal and the girth spread her walls to the very limit. The tip teased her belly with its fleeting touch. She wanted to touch the throbbing ridge between her legs, but she couldn't find balance as Xena pounded into her without mercy. She wasn't about to complain. This was exactly what she needed and Xena was willing to give it to her. Xena reached around her, but not toward her sex. Instead, sure fingers grasped tight nipples and pulled both breasts down with each thrust. Shards of pleasure burst to her very center from the action. The warrior grasped them with a full hand then pulled again.

"Aauuuuuh!" Taylor was beyond thinking.

Again the warrior's long body covered her own. Xena's voice rang hotly in her ears. "Is this what you wanted, Taylor. Hum? Did you need me to..... control you?" Push. "Own you?" Thrust.

All the firefighter could do was shake her head.

"Well, I do own you. Just like I own Candace." She thrust again, driving home her point. "Just like I own Gabrielle." Again she entered Taylor with the entire length. The truth was they all owned each other, Xena just understood ownership a little better. "You're mine."

It was a hot whisper that sent Taylor reeling. One hand slid possessively down Taylor's glistening body to her center. One finger fondled the aching ridge in time with her movements. One second was all it took to push the firefighter over the edge. White-hot streaks of pleasure raced from her legs to her belly. The fire engulfed her center and she released all of the passion that had been planted in the marrow of her soul the night before. Her voice seemed lost in the sensations that assailed her. Xena pushed into her with every pulse, seemingly drawing pleasure from her very pores. Taylor pushed her head into the pillow and screamed as loudly as she could find the power to do. She didn't care who knew, she just didn't want them to know how amazing the Princess could be. She guessed they already did.

"That's right. Give it to me, Taylor! Fucking GIVE IT TO ME!" She thrust one last time. Letting the length of the phallus finish the work. She fell over the spent warrior in emotional exhaustion. Taylor collapsed as well. The two women heaved together as sweat mingled on their bodies. Taylor shivered slightly as Xena removed the phallus from her body. They laid curled together for several silent minutes catching their breath.

"Mmmmmmm." Taylor turned on her side facing the warrior. She moved to the lips that spoke love and erotic passion to her. They kissed deeply in reconnection. "Thank you."

"You're very welcome." The firefighter kissed her again. She accepted the sweetness with smile and a probing tongue.

Taylor's talented and sure hands worked on the ties that held the harness in place. She soon divested Xena of it and set it aside. She moved to straddle the slightly taller woman's hips. "You're turn, warrior."

"Is that so?" She grinned. Swinging breast caught her attention again. Her hands and her mouth sought out the firm flesh. There was no doubt about it, she was a breast woman and Taylor's were beautiful.

"Absofuckinlutely." She bent to Xena's tender neck, kissing with devouring control.

Xena moaned. She was so stimulated from the acts of moments before, she knew she wouldn't be long to hold out. "You and Jan gotta stop hanging out so much."

"Shut up, Xe!" Taylor captured her mouth fiercely and two wrists resolutely. She pinned the hands above Xena's head, leaving the warrior vulnerable. Taylor's frantic mouth covered as much flesh as she could in the shortest amount of time. Her hunger for the woman under her touch was ripping through her bones.

Xena smiled at the energy and domination Taylor was exhibiting. It was invigorating. Blood rushed to her head when a Taylor's hot mouth wrapped around a straining nipple. Her heated rage grew in her loins as the firefighter assaulted her body. She growled her need with her eyes closed tightly against the slow burn.

Taylor noted the look that crossed the face of her soulmate. She understood every nuance of those emotions. She loosed her hands to move down the slick skin of her partner. Xena's fingers immediately laced through her short raven hair. The grip was tight and desperate. Her mouth devoured the warrior's jutting breast with frantic passion. They were the only meal on her mind at that second. She played them. Loved them. Kneaded them with both large hands. Taylor suckled hard at one straining nub causing a cry to issue forth from Xena's throat. Taylor grinned. She moved her face across well muscled abs, biting and sucking as she went. Her tongue dipped once, gently into a sexy bellybutton. Xena's laugh was filled with unhidden sex. Soft curls brushed her nose as she sought the scent of her lover. Musk, sweat and Xena assailed her heightened senses. Her hunger expanded and thoughts of need overtook her. She needed the taste of this woman on her tongue. With both hands she parted the lips swollen from their passion, wet with aching desire. She wanted this moment in time to last in her heart forever. Claiming her with one hard long stroke, she pushed her tongue deep into the waiting sex of the Warrior.

"Aaahhhhh! Urrrrrraaah Yeah!" Xena pumped her hips toward the firefighter, impaling herself further on the strong muscle inside of her.

Taylor accommodated the desire of the woman under her touch. She put her hands behind the warrior's thighs, persuading her to lift her knees as far as they would go. This opened her up for the deepest and most intimate touch. Taylor groaned in passion. Her tongue pulled out and dipped down to the small puckered muscle an inch away. She prodded, seeking a reaction. She got an intense response from the throat of the dark haired woman.

"Do it, Taylor! Fuckin' do it!" Xena pushed her hips again. This time for a different type of impalement.

Taylor was shocked. This was the Warrior Princess surrendering to her touch. Asking to be invaded in the most submissive way. She took the lead that Xena had shown her just moments before. She ran her tongue in with slow intent around the small orifice. The ring began to relax as she probed lightly again and again. She replaced her probing tongue with her now probing finger. She ran her tongue back up to pierce Xena's flaming sex when she did the pushed in with her finger. She was now sliding back and forth into both openings.

Xena cried helplessly in rapture. The full feeling pushed her higher than she thought she could go. Taylor pushed her very limits. Taylor's tongue ran in and out of her sex, slipping across her nerve endings repeatedly. Her body wasn't able to with stand the onslaught of sensations. Her sex tightened in reaction to her pending climax. Her legs jumped when Taylor concentrated her oral manipulations on her swollen ridge. Her aching sex was filled again with Taylor's thumb, allowing the firefighter's continued flickering. It was all her body could take.

Taylor held tight to Xena's leg as the warrior thrashed in her heaving release.

"Oh Gods! Oh Gods! Yaaaaaaahmm mm mm mmmmmm Ahhhh!" The white hot intensity came in crashing breakers over and through her. The minute she thought she couldn't take anymore Taylor pushed into her again. Her body responded to the action with searing waves closing over her again, pulling her down to the brink of loss of her consciousness. She took one deep breath to save herself from it. She wanted to feel every throbbing pulse that was stolen from her by a very talented firefighter.

Taylor pushed in with each pulse of Xena's body around her finger. It was so tight that she was fascinated and exhilarated at the same time.

Xena growled again and then was silent as small waves trickled through her. Taylor removed fingers and mouth from their place with small probing kisses. She sweetly dipped her tongue into Xena's sex again.

The warrior shuddered then laughed deep in her throat. She rested her feet gently on the bed, watching Taylor's final acts of adoration. Her hands on soft hair, urged Taylor to look up to her. Captivating blue eyes enthralled her just as hers did to others. She was beginning to understand some of the effect she had over others. Taylor was evidence of her own imposing self. She grinned at the beautiful woman.

"Come up here." Taylor slipped her body atop the long frame of the warrior. Xena caressed her face then urged her in for a soft kiss. She whispered against soft lips. "Thank you, Taylor."

The firefighter blushed brightly. "You are so very welcome."

"Why on earth are you blushing?" She still held the firefighter's red face. She couldn't keep the smile off her face.

"Geez, Xe! I just.....well. Gaaah." Her face brightened more. Her head rested on Xena's shoulder. She was having an interesting time embracing her actions.

"Yes, you did and it was wonderful." She moved Taylor to her side.

"Glad you enjoyed it." She thought for a few seconds. "Candace and I need to get one of those." She pointed with her chin to the phallus and harness on the floor.

"Funny you should mention that. Aphrodite gave us all a little gift I think you two will enjoy." She thought of the night she and Gabrielle had shared with it. She wanted to get wet all over again.

"A gift?" Taylor frowned.

"Yeah. It's a whole lot better than that thing. You put it against you and it just attaches. And Tay?" the firefighter looked at her. "You can feel everything, Imagine sliding in and out of Candace and being able to feel it." Goose flesh raised on Xena's arms.

"Feel it? Like feel it feel it?" She thought for a minute. She tried to imagine. "That sounds stimulating. Where is it?" She began to look around the room, hoping to find out how it felt.

"Janice has it. Tay, you have no idea. It's like your clit is a foot long and all nerves."

"God, XE! Your mouth." Taylor didn't hear that kind of talk often, short of sex talk. This was different.

"You weren't complaining about my mouth a minute ago." Xena placed a kiss on Taylor's neck.

"True, but that was a different conversation." Her face showed the humor she was finding in the situation.

"What? The conversation where I speak to this?" She ran her finger inside the lips of Taylor's still sensitive sex.

"MM humm. That's the one." Taylor's legs parted instinctively.

"Do I need to give you another talking to?" Xena dipped her finger barely inside Taylor's wet entrance, teasing her, testing the readiness of the firefighter.

"I have been a very bad girl you know." She pushed down, begging the finger to slide further in. She was more than ready.

"Well, I guess we'll have to make sure you are reprimanded properly." She pushed all the way to the point where the backs of her other fingers rested on the outer lips of the firefighter's furrows.

"Ohhh yeah!" Her body began to rock on the long finger of the warrior.

Punishment was soon to follow.


Jan squinted at the sun again. Her thoughts wandered to all the noises she and Mel had listened to in the night. Spencer and Terran had obviously found a place with each other. The thought made her smile. Somewhere during the night she had heard a cry howled in the woods. Candace's name had burst forth from the lungs of the tall firefighter. The doctor wondered on it and hoped that all had worked out. She had gone earlier to Xena's tent to talk with her about Terra and Skye but had backed off from the sounds emanating from the canvas housing. She really didn't want to know why Taylor was telling Xena to 'suck harder'. She shook her head with a smile on her lips. She would really rather not know. But it had been interesting.

"Penny foah yoah thoughts, mah love." Melinda sidled up next to the small warrior, leading her steed by the reins. She picked up her saddle from the post and slung it gently on to the mare's back. The sweet horse gave out a soft breath then nudged the professor with her nose. Melinda patted her neck in returned greeting.

"Mel, I'm not sure if it's the moon or just me, but doesn't it seem like there is a lot of 'things' going on lately?" Green eyes looked up at the professor. She placed her attention back on her own horse. She lifted the flap to check her cinch. She looked back to Melinda to see if she was following her drift.

The professor turned to face her soulmate. "Things? What kind of things, deah." She brushed an errant strand of hair back from Jan's face.

"Ah Mel. Ya know "THINGS". She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Ohhhhhh. Things. Well Janice, think about it. They have just gone through a great battle. Wah brings out certain emotions in people. We weren't heah to enjoy the heat of battle oah Ah'm suah we would be enjoyin' some similah 'things' as well." Her hand patted a tight bottom.

Jan blushed and looked around to see if anyone had seen the familiar contact. Bold as she was for the most part, she still was private about some things. A pat on the butt seemed to be one of them. "Ya think?"

"As Taylah would say, hoo ya!" She laughed at herself. She stroked her lover's face with a cool soothing hand. It was still early in the day, but her hard working lover had already built up a sweat.

"I love you, Belle." Green eyes burned with the love that heated her heart.

"Right back attcha, doctor." Melinda kissed Jan's cheek then turned back to her steed. She set the stirrup then picked up her saddlebag. She handed the other to Jan.

"Mel? Why are we here?" Jan's mind had been working overtime on this one question. She now understood the role of Terra and Skye. Xena, Gabrielle, Candace and Taylor were obvious. Spencer had been time so had to turn the Glass over. Terran was Spencer's Gabrielle of sorts. But why they were here was still a mystery to her.

Melinda's eyes opened wide. The corners of her mouth turned down in a grimace. She didn't know. "Jan, Ah have no idea, howeveah, theah must be one."

"When will we know do you suppose?"

"When the tahme is right."

"When the time is right. Great deduction, Sherlock."

"Ah try."

"Uh huh."

"Hi guys!"

Melinda's face lit up at the sight of the beaming firefighter. "Good mornin' to you, Taylah. Youah quite cheerful this mornin'"

"There's the understatement of the year." Jan snickered.

Both tall women turned to look at the petite doctor.

"Beg pardon, Jan?" Taylor gave her a sidelong glance.

"Nothing. What's up?"

"Xena told me you have for me." She smiled broadly.

"I'll bet she did." her voice was dripping with unmistakable sarcasm and not a small amount of irritation.


"Well hell, Mel. If they wouldn't fuckin..." She caught herself before she said anything she or Taylor would regret. "Nevermind. It's in my other bag, Junior. There's a little red sack in there. That's yours. Don't take the black one. That's ours."

Taylor frowned. "Jan, do you have a minute?"

"Ah shit." The whisper was to her self, but both tall women heard it. "Yeah." She sighed heavily. The two walked a short distance away with Jan following behind the firefighter.

Taylor folded her hands behind her back in a very Xena like pose. "What was that all about?" She pointed with her chin to the area where they had been standing

"What was what all about?" She tried playing innocent.

"Don't bull shit a bull shitter, Jan." Taylor's eyes blazed down on her.

Melinda watched the exchange with amused eyes. Her lover would never learn when to keep her mouth shut.

Taylor very rarely swore that she noted and Jan knew she was in trouble. "I'm sorry. It's just that I...and you...and Xe..nevermind. I'm sorry I said anything."

Taylor understood. Janice had most likely stumbled on the tent at sometime that morning. She could see it where that would be unsettling. "Accepted. Now where's your other bag?" She was anxious to get on the road.

"Against the tree over there. Remember, it's the red one." Jan pointed as they walked back.

"Red. Got it. Bye." She nodded at Jan.

"Bye, you lucky thing." Jan grinned with lascivious thoughts evident in her eyes. It wasn't that she ever had thoughts of bedding the Warrior Princess, but holy moly what a way to go.

"You got that right." Taylor winked at her and headed for the pack.



"I'm not sure."

"Not sure? How can you not be sure?"

"I suppose you're right."

"You did have one right?"

"Well, yeah. You?"


"They are so good."

"And we didn't even touch."

"And they weren't even here."

"THAT was amazing."


"No shit."

"Nice mouth, Gab."

"Thanks. I like yours, too." She giggled.

Candace turned on her side to face the Regent of the Amazon nation. "So, what does all this mean. I mean, I could see it, feel it. I even felt their thoughts. It's one thing to do this when we need to, but this waking up with them in my head is so way another."

"You remember us from last night, right?"

"Uhhmmmmm, Wait let me think." Gabrielle slapped her lightly on the arm. The both laughed. "Big red truck, Gab."

"Whatever. Listen, it's the same thing. A perfect connection. I think I could think something and make you feel it." Gabrielle stared at the ceiling.

"OK you try."

"Fine." Gabrielle thought about her friends having left in the night. She loved them both so dearly. Her heart ached for the time they would miss with them.

"Oh Gab. How sweet and sad." Candace teared up a little with Gabrielle's thoughts.

"You felt that?"

"Big time. Let's see if I can do it." Candace thought back to the first time she and Taylor had made love. The intensity and the sweet caring way the firefighter had loved her. She tried not to smile.

"Perfect love, Candace. How sweet was she? How would you feel about me ravaging her later? She has got to be just heaven." Gabrielle suddenly had the urge to make love to the firefighter. She had felt what Xena had experienced with her. It made the desire all the stronger. She wondered if she could ever look at her the same. She hoped so.

"Oh, Gab she is. Maybe I could watch?" Candace shivered at the very thought. She had a thousand thoughts on how they could share the firefighter. None of them could be said out loud. "Goodness!"

"I felt that." Gabrielle giggled. "OK so we know now it's just not thoughts that we all share."

"Do you think we can make them feel things?" Her entire mind was concentrating on the puzzle that seemed so easy.

"We did last night." Gabrielle knew without a doubt that they had felt every touch.

"I mean other things. Sex is a base instinct. I mean real emotions." Candace was always the scientific one.

"Didn't you feel their warrior side?" Gabrielle had tried many times in the past to understand the emotions that ran through her wife at certain moments. This morning she not only understood them, she was intimate with them.

"'The Rage'. Man, that was extreme. I can see now that I'm going to need to add a little more..... intensity to our sex life. You know I never thought about it, but she's just like Xe. She needs that edge sometimes." She was already planning her assault.

"Exactly. Don't you see? We can feel all the emotions. What can't we share? I can know what you think if I want to. I know how you feel, even if I don't want. There is more, and we have experienced that once. Then there was that thing Mel did. There is so much here we're not seeing." Gabrielle counted on her fingers. "We have a sexual connection, a love and soul connection, a connection of emotions, then there is the power we don't know how to control."

"I have a feeling this is the entire key to why we're here. But, what good is this power if we don't know what it's for." Candace drew her brows down.

"We will know soon enough I think. When they get back it's time for a little research." Gabrielle sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

"That should be interesting." Candace sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"In more ways than one. In more ways than one." Gabrielle walked to the wash basin, wondering exactly what was in store for them. If she had known, she never would have even wanted to go there.


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