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A Bard’s Love Story


Everyone in Amphipolis is looking forward to the Summer Solitise celebration. Xena and Gabrielle have been staying at Cyrene’s Inn and helping to prepare for the big event. Xena, Hercules, Iolaus and Uncle Tensandi have been working on a new community stable for the last few days. Later when Eponin and Amarice arrive they offer to help out for a few days, before they head out to visit Amarice’s mom. With everyone’s help the stable is progressing quickly and the craftsmen are now building and finishing the interior. Gabrielle has been staying busy helping her Warrior Mom; as she affectionately calls her, prepare the Inn for the increased business. Minya and Joxer arrive and decide to stay until after the celebration. Although Joxer remains somewhat distant as he is still trying to accept Xena and Gabrielle as a couple.

It is now the morning of Solitise Eve and Xena wakes to find a pair of emerald eyes intently watching her and smiling lips reaching up to greet her good morning. "Hmmm. There is no better way to wake up than to open my eyes and see you next to me." She reaches out brushing her fingers against Gabrielle’s face and lips, "I love you baby."

Gabrielle’s smile deepens and her eyes take on the soft glow of love that is reserved only for her warrior wife. The bard kisses her warrior’s fingers as they pass over her lips. "I love you too with all that I am."

She moves forward as Xena’s hand moves to the base of her neck to pull her in for another kiss. A long possessive kiss that opens the door to passion and fires her desire. Gabrielle pulls back just enough to run her hand down between them. As her hand reaches it’s goal she slips two fingers into her loved one’s core. "How long before we get our morning wake up call from your mom?"

Xena arches her back and moans as Gabrielle begins to stroke slowly in and out of her heated center while working her lips along Xena’s neck and ear.

"Long enough." Xena answers. Quickly she turns so that they are lying side by side . Sliding her hand down to caress her passionate little wife, they fan the flames of each other’s desire until it consumes them both and they find release. As they lay breathless in each other’s arms they continue to whisper words of their love to one another.

There is a brief knock on the door as Cyrene announces without opening the door, "Good morning my daughters." She then walks on toward the kitchen to start their breakfast.

Gabrielle sighs snuggling into Xena’s embrace, "Well Warrior Mom is awake. Good thing she did not come by a little sooner."

Xena chuckles and kisses her loving wife. "Yes. You have to give Mom credit. Her timing is pretty good."

This makes Gabrielle laugh as she raises up to reach for their nightshirts off the end of the bed. "You suppose it is good timing or she heard all the noise that you were making." With this she tosses Xena nightshirt into her face in the hopes of getting away.

But Xena was much too quick and had her back down on the bed looking into her teasing eyes with one eyebrow raised questioningly. "You are pretty sassy this morning. I seem to remember you making a fair bit of noise yourself. Now what am I to do with such a sassy little wife?"

Gabrielle smiles back sweetly, "Hmm. Kiss me?"

Xena smiles back as she hugs her close to kiss her deeply. She then pulls them both up off the bed swatting Gabrielle lightly on the butt. "Alright you! Let’s get up and see if Mom needs help."

As they come into the kitchen they find Cyrene at the fireplace.

Gabrielle walks over. "Good morning Mom, could use some help."

Cyrene turns around smiling, "I never turn away good help. Thanks, sweetheart."

Xena can not help but feel an overwhelming sense of tenderness for the two most important women in her life. "Anything I can do to help Mom?"

"Xena, will you please go ahead and set the table here in the kitchen for six. I am sure we will have company soon."

Just then Eponin and Amarice come in. Amarice says, "Good morning My Queen, Xena, Cyrene. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Would you to mind bringing some more wood in for the fire?"

"Not at all." Eponin replies following Amarice out the door.

Cyrene turns to look at her two daughters and they all break out laughing. "Look familiar?"

Minya walks in about that time. "What looks familiar?"

"Eponin and Amarice. They remind me so much of Xena and Gabrielle. Lucky for Amarice Eponin did not take as long to surrender to love as my daughter." Looking to Xena and winking playfully.

Minya lets out a snort of laughter. "Yea, now that you mention it they do kind of remind me of these two. Too bad for Gabrielle that Xena took so long." She than laughs uproariously as Xena narrows her eyes to glare at her.

Gabrielle comes to her rescue, "Sweetheart, just ignore them. They are do not understand that somethings are worth waiting for. And you are definitely worth the wait." She then reaches up to give her love a reassuring kiss.

Xena smiles at her tenderhearted wife and gives her a hug. "My champion."

"Always." Gabrielle replies returning the embrace warmly.

After Eponin and Amarice return with the wood they all sit down to share their breakfast and a quiet moment. Soon Adessa arrives and it’s time for the morning diners to come in. Adessa has been helping Cyrene for a few years now and is a very close family friend. She greets Xena and Gabrielle as if they were her own daughters. She then takes a moment to speak to the other women before starting out front.

Eponin and Xena go out to check on the horses and other livestock while Gabrielle, Amarice and Minya help Adessa and Cyrene take care of the early morning patrons. Xena and Eponin return later for the lunch crowd only to be pulled away by Uncle Tensandi and Hercules to help with a few finishing touches on the stable. Iolaus had gone with some of the other villagers on a fishing trip the night before and has not yet returned. The day passes quickly as everyone is kept busy with all the added traffic. Even though Gabrielle is busy she can not help but miss the presence of her soulmate. She is standing in the kitchen staring out the window when Amarice walks in.

"My Queen? Is there something wrong?" she walks up to place a reassuring hand on her arm.

"No Amarice. And it is Gabrielle." She replies with a smile. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"Would one of those things be a certain warrior?" She asks wrapping a protective arm around her Queen and friend.

Before Gabrielle can answer, Xena, Eponin, Hercules and Iolaus return. They are all carrying stringers of fish that Iolaus and some of the other villagers caught. Iolaus smiles and says, "Hey, do you suppose Cyrene could use some fish to help feed this crowd."

Gabrielle turns to look at all the fish they brought back and puts her hands on her hips, "There is no way I am going to clean all those fish! I will cook them but you four have to clean them!"

With that said the four friends look at each other before laughing. Gabrielle and Amarice join in as Cyrene walks in to see what all the noise is about.

She points her finger shaking it at the group holding the fish and scolds, "I guess you know that you four will have to clean all those fish!" Well this just made the six friends laugh harder. She looks around at all of them and joins in realizing that all this was just in fun.

Cyrene heads back out front while everyone but Xena and Gabrielle head out to clean fish. Xena walks over to Gabrielle wrapping her in a warm embrace. "Hey my little love. How are you? I missed you today."

Gabrielle slides her arms around her warrior, "I missed you too. I love you." And just for a time the world around them ceases to exist and the only sounds they hear are their words of love and the rhythmic beating of their hearts.

Finally the moment is broken at the sound of someone clearing their throat, "Excuse me Xena.

Do you have any ideas for cooking all these fish?" Iolaus asks.

Xena turns, "Yea I will be right out." She then turns back to look at the woman she loves with all her heart, "I love you." She hugs her bard and kisses her on the forehead. "I will go out to help them get the fish to cooking then I will be back in to be with you."

"Alright my love. I will be here." Gabrielle gives her one more tender embrace before letting go and watching as Xena goes out the doorway.

Business picks up and within one candlemark the entire Inn is full. And it stays steady on into the evening. Adessa is at the bar along with Iolaus. Minya, Amarice, and Xena are helping out front while Hercules and Eponin are out back cooking fish. This leaves Gabrielle and Cyrene in the kitchen. Gabrielle is washing dishes trying to keep everything clean while Cyrene is busy preparing the meals. Everyone pitches in and they enjoy this time spent together in a sort of chaotic harmony.

Gabrielle brings a cool drink of water over to Cyrene as she’s working and sits it down on the table beside her. "I thought you might like a cool drink." She replies with a smile and a loving pat on the shoulder.

Cyrene looks up and smiles, "Thank you sweetheart."

Gabrielle smiles in return, "Your welcome Mom." She turns back to the dishes before each notices the sudden moisture in the other’s eyes. She has always felt close to Xena’s Mom and had even began calling her ‘Warrior Mom’ shortly after meeting her for the first time. But since her own Mom’s death and all the other trials they have shared of late, she feels even closer. Cyrene thought of Gabrielle as family long before her daughter married her and actually made her a part of the family. She loves her little daughter very much.

As the evening crowd began to thin, Xena comes into the kitchen with dishes to wash. She kisses Gabrielle on the forehead and then playfully drops the dishes into the water in front of her so that the water will splash up into her face. She then quickly backs away as Gabrielle turns with a mischievous smile and flings water at her off her wet fingers.

This playfulness causes Cyrene to laugh at the two. She scolds playfully, "Hey, you two settle down over there." Secretly she loves to see the playful way her two daughters interact.

Gabrielle brings her wet hands out of the water and heads over to Cyrene. Cyrene looks into those dancing emerald eyes, "You had better not young lady." Gabrielle looks up innocently and kisses her on the cheek.

"I better not what?" she asks. They glance from one to the other before breaking out laughing.

Cyrene reaches over and gives Gabrielle a quick hug, "Gods I do not know about you two."

Gabrielle returns this quick embrace, before stepping back.

Reaching over to the table to pick up the pitchers Gabrielle says, "I think I will go out to the well to get some more water." With that she heads out the back door toward the well.

Xena smiles watching Gabrielle with pride and love shining in her sapphire eyes. She turns to Cyrene, "Mom why are you and Adessa trying to run this place all by yourselves? I thought you had three other women working for you."

Cyrene answers with a sigh, "Lila went back to Potaideia to check on the family farm. Two of the woman were just recently married and now have a home of their own to take care of. And I have not been able to find anyone to replace that harlot Tifcana." Cyrene is not going to let Xena forget this incident any time soon.

Xena cringes at the mention of the young woman that had caused her to act like such a fool.

But then she smiles as she remembers how she and Gabrielle made up afterwards.

Cyrene interrupts her thoughts by clearing her throat, "Let me guess. Thinking of someone special?"

Xena’s smile deepens, "Yyess. The love of my life." Cyrene returns her smile. It is so good to see her daughter so happy and in love.

"That had better be me you are talking about or you will be sleeping with Argo tonight." She says teasingly as she reenters the kitchen behind Xena. She sits the pitchers down on the table and turns to Xena with the fire of mischief in her eyes.

Xena reaches out to pull her into an embrace. Gabrielle slides her arms around Xena’s waist and looks into her laughing blue eyes. As Xena replies, "You know very well that you are the love of my life." She reaches down and kisses her tenderly before turning to Cyrene to ask, "Is anyone besides me hungry?" Cyrene nods and Xena turns back to Gabrielle, "I know I do not have to ask if you are hungry. You are always hungry." She adds with a chuckle.

Gabrielle smiles up sweetly, "I will have you know I am not always hungry." She then slides her hand down to pinch Xena lightly on the butt. Then laughs when Xena jumps.

"Oh, so you think that is funny?" Xena asks raising one eyebrow. Gabrielle just nods as she continues to laugh. "Alright. You know what they say about pay backs?"

"No, What?" Gabrielle asks, suddenly suspicious. She knows that look can only mean trouble for her.

Xena leans forward with a smile to whisper in Gabrielle’s ear, "Pay backs always come back to ‘bite’ you in the end." With that she quickly reaches down to pinch her butt, then laughs at the surprised look on Gabrielle’s face.

All throughout this Cyrene has been watching the two. She can not help but chuckle at their playfulness, but when she sees the look on Gabrielle’s face it was too much. She broke into outright laughter. "Alright you two." She manages after wiping the tears out of her eyes. "You two see if you can get everyone rounded up while I see if there is anything left for us to eat."

Xena starts to turn to help her Mom but before she can, Gabrielle pulls her in for a passionate kiss. She then murmurs softly, "Later," and steps around her to help Cyrene. This left Xena standing there wishing they were not in the same room with her Mom. She sighs and then turns to help gather their evening meal.

They finally manage to get everyone together and even Adessa manages to join them. They all settle companionably at a table near the kitchen to eat their meals. And for a time their revel in each other’s company and shared misadventures. But before long the crowd begins to chant for someone to get up and tell a story. They know Gabrielle is a bard, in fact one of the best they have ever heard. They are hoping to convince her to entertain them with some of her stories.

Amarice watches Gabrielle as the crowd continues to chant for a story from her Queen. She admires her friend and is very protective of her. She is tensing in readiness should there be any problems from the crowd. Eponin watches the play of emotions cross the face of her fiery-tempered lover, and decides to calm her before Amarice starts something.

She reaches across Amarice’s shoulders pulling her closer and whispers in her ear. "Hey, peanut relax. Let Xena handle this." Amarices turns to comment when her warrior brushes her lips against her ear kissing it. "Sshhhh." With this Amarice loses all focus on the crowd, to home in on the feel of her warrior’s lips and breath whispering into her ear.

Xena looks around at the crowd realizing there is no way to simply ignore them. These are her kinsmen and neighbors and she has no desire to hurt them. She decides the best plan of action is to have Gabrielle tell them a story. Besides she always loves to hear her little bard in action. Turning to Gabrielle before nodding her head toward the crowd, "Go ahead and tell them a story. You know how much we all love to hear them."

Gabrielle did not miss her beloved’s meaning, realizing she likes to hear her stories too. She leans forward placing her palm on Xena’s cheek and kisses her lips flirtatiously. "Alright. For you, one story." she says rising. This movement causes Eponin and Amarice to break apart in time to see the couple’s tender display of affection.

Xena takes Gabrielle’s wrist and pulls her hand around to place a kiss into her palm. "One Story. Then you are Mine." She watches as her little bard’s eyes fill with passion’s fire. With this she releases her wrist.

Gabrielle mouths the words ‘I love you’ before she steps over to Cyrene. Bending over she places a soft kiss on her cheek, "I love you Mom."

"I love you too sweetheart." She whispers, unable to voice her feelings more forcefully for the emotion her loving little daughter has made her feel. It never ceases to amaze her how after all Gabrielle has been through, she still has such a tender nature. She takes her hand and squeezes it briefly feeling the same brief squeeze in return, followed by a smile of understanding.

Gabrielle pauses briefly at the table to smile into the faces of each of her dear friends before moving to take her place in front of the fireplace.

Amarice reaches up to pull Eponin’s arm more securely around her so she can snuggle into her lover’s side. Eponin moves her arm to hug her tighter and presses a kiss to her temple.

The crowd quiets as Gabrielle looks up and glances over them back to the table she has just left. There she finds her blue-eyed warrior wife smiling and watching her intently. She smiles and says, "One Story," and sees Xena’s smile deepen as she nods knowingly.

The crowd was hoping for more than one story and there are a few moans of disappointment.

This quiets quickly however as Gabrielle begins.

"This is a story of a love that defies the span of time. A love ‘so’ strong it can be ‘felt’ on the very winds surrounding it, leaving it enriched by it’s mere existence.

Though they came from different worlds their’s was a match blessed by the Gods themselves.

One with a dark past seeking redemption, the other with a pure heart looking for adventure.

‘Thrown’ together by ‘fate’.----‘Held’ together by ‘love’.

Their path together took them through many trials. Some left them battered and bruised, but stronger for having faced them together. Others were brought forth by self-serving Gods and mortals alike, sent to tear them apart. But somehow their love survived to draw the bonds of love around their hearts ‘tighter’ still.

The warrior fought the magnetic pull from the fingers of love with an aloofness born of many battles won and lost. But the pure hearted companion was relentless and determined to give the love and compassion the warrior needed and deserved.

Day by day this bond strengthened and the warrior’s heart began to soften, realizing it for what it was. Not a power to be feared or shunned but a blessing to be cherished and held close to one’s heart. This was the beginning of their eternity together. ‘One Warrior’ and ‘One Pure Heart’."

With this Gabrielle nods to the awe-struck crowd and begins walking back to her family and friends. Soon the tavern erupts in cheers from a very appreciative crowd. She thanks them as she makes her way through them to reach her table.

About half-way there a very happy and emotional Amarice greets Gabrielle, "That is amazing my Queen."

Gabrielle brings her into an embrace and whispers, "Thanks. Remember what I said about bending your own will. Let your warrior be the winner sometimes. They are much more willing this way and even in loosing you win."

Amarice releases her Queen to walk straight back into the waiting arms of the warrior she loves with all her heart.

Gabrielle passes Adessa on her way back to work at the bar. "That is such a beautiful story.

You must love her very much."

She hugs Adessa, "Yes, very much."

She continues on to the table to stand beside Xena as each of their friends thank her for a beautifully told story and wish the couple a good evening. Parting to give them some privacy.

Cyrene steps up to Gabrielle kissing her cheek, "You my little daughter are such a joy. Good night sweetheart." She then turns to Xena and kisses her on the forehead, "My daughter, we are so very lucky. Good night."

Xena smiles but her eyes never leave Gabrielle, "Yes I know. Good night Mom." She then pulls her little bard into her lap for a warm embrace.

Gabrielle looks into the warm damp eyes of the one she loves and smiles, "Well, I am all yours."

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" Xena asks

Gabrielle replies, "Maybe once or twice. But I never tire of hearing it."

Xena leans in next to Gabrielle’s ear and whispers, "I love you very deeply with all my heart and passionately with all that I am." Xena pulls back just enough to look into her little bard’s emotion filled eyes before leaning in for a kiss. In this kiss is all the emotion and passion that Xena thought she would never feel. Never; that is, until this one small woman conquered her warrior’s heart. Gabrielle’s answering kiss is filled with all the passion and promise she holds in her heart. She holds nothing back.

Cyrene smiles at her two daughters from the kitchen, letting them have their private moment. She can not help but marvel at how this one small woman has accomplished something so many others have tried and failed, including herself. To bring back Xena’s heart and soul. She thanks the Gods; or whatever powers are responsible, for bringing this little woman and her warrior daughter together. Not only has she saved her daughter but she has given Cyrene a precious gift too. The gift of love from the bard herself and the love from a warrior daughter that she feared might be lost forever.

Cyrene walks back over to Xena and gently taps her on the shoulder. Xena pulls away from Gabrielle to look up at her Mom with one questioning eyebrow raised. Cyrene says with a wink, "You two look tired, I know I am. I think I will call it a night. She gives each daughter a kiss on the forehead before heading off to bed chuckling to herself.

Xena looks down into a pair of passion filled green eyes, "Hey you. Are you tired?" She gently runs her finger tips along Gabrielle’s face and neck.

Gabrielle presses her face into Xena’s caress and then rises from her lap stretching. She looks back at her flirtatiously, "Well I am a little tired and we have had a long day. There is also the trip to the temple. But that is not for hours." She then leans down to Xena’s ear to whisper breathlessly, "But I seem to remember promising you something later." She then reaches in closer to run her tongue over the outside of her ear whispering, "I need you." She then straightens slowly to look into the face of her very aroused warrior.

Xena is through playing and quickly pulls Gabrielle into her arms.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Gabrielle asks.

This only causes Xena to chuckle, "You my dear little wife are a tease. And I do not intend to give you a chance to escape."

Gabrielle laughs, "What makes you think I want to escape?"

Xena smiles at the seduction she see in the face of her beloved. She swings the bard up into her arms and starts towards their room.

"Sweetheart I can walk you know." Gabrielle says quietly.

"Yes, but I can get us there faster." Xena replies.

They both laugh as Xena reaches and opens the door, then steps inside kicking it closed behind them.



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