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part one the Karyatids

The chase through the agora was arranged, the wager set, the time agreed upon, and Gabrielle knew she would have to call up all of her Amazon skills to best the warrior. The festival of Demeter attracted people from all over the region; making Athens a crowed, yet, vibrant city for the four day event. The marble and stone facades of every shop were decorated with colorful garlands, tapestries, and the laurel crowns that revelers tossed from

Oh, Gods, to finally know the fee

Gabrielle's heart was pounding as she hid in a shadowed area of the Tholos. Oh, Xena, I am going to win tonight, I can feel it."

As Gabrielle passed by a vegetable cook a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into the shadows behind a large column. "What do you think you're.."

A hand was placed gently on her mouth as her assailant removed his masque. "Is that you, Gabrielle?"

The bard's fury abated when she saw the familiar face. "Toris...? What are you doing here?"

He held up his hands in mock surrender. "Whoa, my friend. I could ask the same about you. This is no place for a young woman without an escort. Speaking about escorts--where..."

"You two are so much alike. Annoying? I think you'd better give yourself at least two days ride when I tell her."

"You wouldn't"

"Try me, you big scary man."

"Who, me? Scary? Nah, I just got a bad rap because of my sister." He laughed as he picked up the bard and twirled her around.

"Put me down this minute!" Gabrielle tried to sound angry but was not doing a very good job of it.

Toris stopped but still held Gabrielle in his arms. "You are here with Xena, right? Please don't tell me you've come to this debauchery by yourself?"

Gabrielle smiled sadly and lifted a hand to his cheek. "Yes,Toris, I am here with Xena." The light that had momentarily been in the young man's eyes left.

With reluctance Toris released Gabrielle. "How did my sister ever get this lucky I'll never know. But then again, she always got what she wanted."

Gabrielle blushed.

" I can't believe Xena would agree to attend any festival. She's not...well...t

"She does have her moments.”

Our nipples are touching, smooth skin glimmers as nipples harden, and I throw my head back. Our dance begins as her weight slowly pushes me into the bedding. She groans as I wrap myself around her, our bodies touching in all the right places. I whimper when her hot breath on my neck ignites my entire being. I loose myself completely as she uses her knees to part my legs...

Toris noticed the flush on Gabrielle's cheeks and chose not to embarrass the young woman. "Well, Gabrielle, the--how to put it--amusements await. Have you ever seen such divine decadence? Give Xena my love, okay?”

"I course, Toris. I will as long as you promise to be in Amphipolis the next time we visit.' Out of corner of her eye, Gabrielle noticed Xena leaving the area around the Stoa. "Ah...I gotta go. You know me and parties. See ya.' Without even a glance backwards the bard headed, once again

Gabrielle was sweating know, the silky folds of her chiton exposing her athletic figure to any who could see. Fortunately, she didn't here anything around her despite the loud reveling below. As she approached the top the light from lamp stands irradiated the rest of her ascent. Damn, I should have realized the temple priests would still be around. The sight before her was breathtaking. The Parthenon was draped with the finest white silk illuminated by votive oil lamp stands that stood between each column of the temple. A light breeze caused the fabric to ripple in and around the temple.

"Sorry Artemis but your sister's temple is magnificent.' She wiped the sweat from her forehead. "No offense to you, of course. But I'm gonna have to speak to the Amazon council...well, you know, to spend a few dinars to make your temple just as great.' The bard straightened out her clothing and recla

Gabrielle walked as casually as she was able all the while glancing to her left, fearing the priests and temple prostitutes would notice. As she passed the temple panic struck and she took off running to her left, through the Erechtheion. She stopped at the most sacred part of the temple then darted left into the southern porch; almost falling off the side, one story down to a rocky bluff, which wasn't b

Trembling, Gabrielle backed up to the wall opposite the open porch and collapsed. "What are you trying to do? I'm going to get myself killed this night, I know it." She unclasped the cape and tossed it aside; the fear turning into a rush of heat that threatened to engulf her being. Pushing herself up she grabbed at the chiton and ripped it from her body; hands still trembling she lifted her arms up surrendering her fright.

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