Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This the final installment in my Arresting series. If you would like me to continue with another follow up series, please let me know at startrek@ellijay.com. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore.


Arresting Behavior-Rookie Year

Part 7

"Officially Family"

By: Teagen2


I felt the slightest movement in my arms. Gabby was awake. I was spooned behind her comfortably. My left hand was thrown over her waist. She picked up the hand and brought my shiny, new wedding band to her lips. I smiled. She carefully replaced the hand around her waist. I raised it and interlaced our fingers. "Did I wake you?"

"No." I smiled. I kissed the back of her neck. "I was already up." She turned in my embrace and kissed me.

"Last night was wonderful. Thank you."

"You are very welcome." I smiled.

"You certainly didn’t remember your right to remain silent." she grinned.

"I waved that right a long time ago, Baby."


She began to rub my right shoulder. I knew what was coming and she did it. Gabby began to run her tongue along the contours of my tattoo. "Do you get anything outta that?" She laughed, but continued her lapping. "By the way you lick it, it must taste like vanilla." I chuckled.

"I’ve developed a tattoo fetish. I guess." She stopped with one final kiss. "Now you promised to tell me the story behind it, spill it."

"Its not all that interesting."

"Still, I wanna hear it."



"Well I was in the hospital for several weeks. When I was strong to leave and go home, my dad told me I should go back and.....visit my roots so to speak. So, I went to Santa Monica to talk to Tony, Chris, T.C, Victor, and Cory. My dad and I passed a tattoo parlor on the way back. He said he wanted to swing in for a minute. He had two tattoos, a ghost and a gun. Anyway as we were looking at the designs they had on the wall, the guy who ran the place approached us. He saw our matching L.A.P.D. jackets. He asked if we were looking to get a cop themed design. Well, I really wasn’t interested, but Dad asked what he had in mind. He said, ‘I have a badge design that’s really popular.’ I really didn’t like the way it looked. So I asked him, ‘Can you copy this one?’ I pulled out my shield from my back pocket and showed it to him. He said he could, so I had him put it on my bicep."

"How much did it cost?"

"Don’t know. Dad insisted on paying for it."

"How many sessions did it take?"

"Two.....Why all the questions? Are you thinking about getting one?"

"No, not really. Just curious. Would you be opposed to me getting one?"

"No. Where would you put it?" I wiggled my eyebrows.

"Not on my butt, if that’s what you’re thinking." she smiled.

"Nah, wouldn’t want it there. How about here?" I trailed my finger down. "Your goody trail."

"You really want something staring at you as you go down on me?" I laughed.

"Just a thought." I yawned.


"Yeah. Didn’t sleep much."

"Me either. Believe or not." she smiled.

"I love you, Gabby."

"I love you too, Ze." I hope she never tires of saying that because I sure ain’t gonna. "I realllyyyy don’t want to work tonight."

"I wish you could take another night."

"We’re short handed, Ze."

"I know." I kissed her before extracting myself. I grabbed my discarded garment from

last night.

"Where are you goin’?"

"Nature calls and I need to let Ares out. Try and get some sleep, Sweetheart."





I was so nervous, you would think was my first day as a cop. I checked my box. There were three messages and a small box wrapped with a red ribbon. Stuffing the messages in my pocket, I unwrapped the mystery package. A note:

Hey Kid,

I heard you talking to the minister after the reception. So, I took the liberty of getting this.


P.S Be careful, Kid.

I moved the note. I almost dropped it in surprise. It was a gold nameplate. Officer G. Walker. I smiled. I looked down at the one currently pinned on my left breast. I smiled to myself. Officer G. Taylor. I removed it and replaced it with the one from the box. I fingered the old one before putting it in the box.

When I passed my sergeant, he called me Walker. There is definitely a leak in information on my personal life. My guess would be my blabbermouth partner. I didn’t tell Ze I wanted to change my name. I just felt closer to her doing it. I walked to the cruiser. "Well here goes." I said as I started the engine and pulled out of the lot, alone.


"Unit 34. Officer needs assistance. Novus Billiards." Oh great. Novus was a popular spot for gang fights. Whoppie.

"10-4." A fellow officer needing help was a priority one call. I hit the sirens and lights. I just sure hope I don’t screw this one up.

My heart stopped when I saw the purple rags. "Oh gods." I breathed as I exited the cruiser. Shannon was literally in a fist fight with....my aunt! Two other Hell Cats were there, but I didn’t recognize them. They were rather young so they were probably new prospects. "10-30!!! Repeat 10-30!" I ran towards the two women. Shannon was attempting to execute a wrist lock, but Big J was making that very difficult. After seeing the kids didn’t want any part of this, I went and helped her cuff my aunt. When Big J turned her head, she saw me. Her mouth dropped open in disbelief.

"What the fuck are supposed to be? Dirty Harry?" She laughed hysterically at me, despite the fact she was in cuffs.

"Get up." I said, yanking to her feet. Just as I was about to place her in Shannon’s cruiser, I was hit from behind.


"YOU SOLD OUT!!!" It was Panther. I was barely able to comprehend what was going on. She hit me again with Shannon’s flashlight. "You fuckin’ PIG!!" I caught the third attempt at my head. I grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm violently. She screamed in pain. I pulled her to the ground with me, cuffing her just as several cruisers pulled.

Several of them took both of them off our hands. "You know those clowns?" Shannon asked.

"Yep. Afraid so." I winced as I rubbed my neck. My sergeant approached us.

"Walker, your head’s bleeding."

"Shit." I cursed as I reached up. My palm was smeared with blood.

"You and Shannon let the ambulance check you out. Okay?" I nodded.


As we walked over to the ambulance, Shannon said, "I didn’t know you changed your name, Gabby."

"Yeah. I did. Haven’t told my wife yet though." I smiled. She chuckled.


"Seriously." The EMT handed me a cloth to hold to my head. I placed it carefully on my

cut, wincing as I did.

"Why not?"

"Because....she wasn’t to fond of the gay marriage thing, so I don’t know how’ll she take my name change."

"She’ll be tickled pink."

"Yeah right."



I came in to find Ze in bed, watching TV. "Don’t you sleep while I’m gone?" half joking, half scolding.

"Yeah, but the X Files are on." Yeah. She uses that excuse quite frequently. "Why are you home early? Everything okay?"

"I got hit in the head with a flashlight. Felt kinda whoosie." She literally leaped out of bed.

"You okay now?"

"I’m fine. Just tired." She looked down. SHIT!! I turned around.

"Hold it." She gently turned me around. She saw it. "You...." she fingered my nameplate. "took my last name?" I chose not to respond immediately. My gaze dropped to my feet.


"Baby, why didn’t you tell me?" She was smiling.

"I just thought that since the argument we had about the marriage thing that....."

"Shhhhh." she whispered. Ze simply hugged me. "I’m proud to call you my wife and honored you took my name. It just never crossed my mind that you’d want to change it that’s all." I looked up. The tension was plain to see on my face. "What is it?" I took a deep breath.

"I saw Big J tonight and....she saw me." I said quietly. Her grip tightened on my shoulders that she was still holding.

"What happened?"

"I had to pull her off Shannon tonight. She was fighting, resisting. She....laughed at me."

A tear escaped my left eye.

"Fuck her, Gabby. She’s the one locked up right now. Not you. You made something of yourself. You’re three times the woman she is or will ever be."


"Really. Now, let’s go bed. I called Danny. She said she can my stitches out tomorrow morning."

"Just wake me up."

"You don’t have to go."

"I wanna go."



I knew Ze was glad I came. She’s just no good around medical facilities, but I know she’ll be happy to get her leg finally fixed. "Alright." Danny came through the door, smiling as usual. "What do I call you guys now? The Walkers?" she grinned.

"I don’t care. Just get these damn itchy things outta my leg." Danny moved over and carefully began to unwrapped the dressing. "Taken good care to this wound, Zena."

"I hate to admit, I’ve had a lot of practice."


"Yep." I really didn’t want to actually watch the stitches come out and neither did Ze. We simply looked at each other until she was done.

"You can sit up now." Ze scooted up and looked down at her thigh. "We tried to minimize the scarring as much as we could. I’m afraid it’ll probably be like this for the rest of your life given you’ve had two major traumas in the same area.

"I’ll get over it."

"I still love ya....Stretch." I joked. She grunted.

"Go easy on that leg for a few days. No major foot pursuits okay?"

"Ahhh man." Zena mock whined.

"Well look at it this way Zena, you have a good excuse just to shoot ‘em in the leg." Danny smiled.

"Never thought of that." Ze smiled. Somehow I think she was happy with that option.




"Randy, thanks for the gift." I smiled as he approached me from the locker room.

"No problem. I see your wearing it." he pointed.

"Yep. Ze was all smiles when she found out."

"Told ya. Heard you got hit in the noggin."

"With a Mag Lite yeah." I rubbed the spot.

"Ouch....Ready to go?"

"Let’s do it."


"So, how was the ‘weekend getaway’?" I smiled.

"Not bad really. I was bored beyond belief but other than....."

"Unit 34 respond to multiple vehicle collision. West Ave." I grabbed the mic.



When we arrived, Randy ran towards the first car. A hysterical woman approached. "Les, hit the car and it went over the cliff!!!" I grabbed her shoulders.

"Where, Mame. Show me." She ran towards the twisted guard rail. I went to the edge.

"Stay back." I told her as I looked down. A red SUV was upside down at the bottom. Over the people, sirens, and just plain noise, I heard a faint sound. "Can’t be." I whispered. I listened again. It was!!! "Oh shit." I whispered. I turned to the still crying woman, "Go get more help." I watched her take off running before I started making my decent down the wooded embankment. I slid the last few feet down to the truck.

Now the sound was all too clear, a baby crying. I looked into the driver’s window to see a man hanging upside down, still trapped in his seatbelt. I reached through the broken window and felt for signs of life. He was cold. "Oh no." I scooted on my knees over to the back passenger’s window. On the opposite side there was a babyseat. I grabbed a small tree limb and broke out the window. "GABBY!!! You okay?"

"Yeah. There’s a DB and a baby down here!!! I yelled back up.

"I’ll get the medics." The only way to get to the other side was to crawl through. I flattened myself on my back and began to push myself towards the infant, head first. The closer I got, the more real the situation became.

When I got to....her. I began to comfort her as I tried my best to release the seat. "Shhhh little one. Its okay." I cooed. The catch was stuck. I had no choice but to unbuckle the baby. I took off my jacket as best I could in the cramped space and wrapped it around the tiny baby girl. I cradled her as close to my body as I could while I painfully crawled out. My back is not going to let me forget this strain in the morning. I made it out into the fresh air. Two paramedics were making their way down.

Being the only female on scene I was elected temporary baby holder. After determining there was nothing wrong with the child, they handed her back to me. The night air was chilly so I sat with her in our cruiser. It wasn’t after she was placed back in my arms that she stopped crying. Randy came around and got in. "Cute isn’t she?" he smiled.

"What did they say?"

"Driver’s dead."


"No actually her foster parent. Megan here is a ward of the state. Parents gave her up." He gently ran his thumb over the tiny fist peaking out from the blanket.

"So what happens now?"

"They find her a new foster home." He looked at me intently.

"What is it, Kid?"

"Randy....can they use my background check from the department? I can get an emergency foster’s care license."

"Yeah. Johnston did that. Why?" I looked down at the baby girl in my arms.

"She reminds me of myself." I said quietly. He nodded. "Randy, Ze and I can never have kids. I guess I just want a taste of being a parent even if its just for a little while."

"Let me go talk to Tom okay?" Randy exited. I looked down as the baby made a cooing sound. I saw her eyes open. I smiled, blue, my favorite.


The fire department found the diaperbag full of the basic necessities. I took little Megan to DeFACS. We were separated for several hours until the end of my shift. I was pleased to find a woman holding Megan at the station when I returned. "She hasn’t stopped crying all night. We fed her, changed her, still..."

"Ahh come here, Sweetie." I took the squalling infant out of a grateful social worker’s

arms. Several seconds later to my amazement, she stopped.

"We’ll call you as soon as we find a suitable placement."



"Randy." I came into the locker room.


"Mind if I borrow Tyler’s car seat?" He smiled.

"I’ll put it in your jeep."



I was bit nervous. How is Zena gonna react to Megan? Well, she did seem disappointed when my pregnancy test was negative. Of course that would have been my own baby, not a stranger’s. I pulled up and carefully took Megan out of the car seat. She was wide awake. "Come on, Little One. Let’s go meet the other mom now." I quietly slipped into the door and locked it. Ares trotted over to me and looked up at the little bundle I was carrying.

"Shhhh." I put my finger to my lips. He just looked at me.

Ze was lying in the middle of the bed....watching TV. One of these days, I’m gonna say something about this. "Hey Baby." she said without turning her head. I walked over and sat down. She slowly looked over. "What the...." she said. Then, she smiled. "Who is this?" When she reached for the infant, I gladly handed her over.

"Megan. She was in a car accident that I responded to. She’s a foster child. The man with her was killed."

"Ohhh. How did you end up with her?" She looked up.

"I got an emergency license. I brought her home. I’ll take care of her, Ze."


"Its not that Gabby. I just wanted to know."

"Kinda reminds me of myself that’s all." I was silenced by any other rambling by watching my wife talking softly to this baby.

"Cute little thing aren’t ya?" Ze’s big hand rubbing over the tiny one. Almost made me want to cry. "Got your toes." Ze smiled and tickled the baby’s foot. Megan giggled. I reached over and rubbed Megan’s thin, light hair. "You need anything for her?"

"Not right now. I got the basics until morning."

"How long do we have her for?" Ze asked, hopefully.

"Don’t know. Till they find somewhere else for her."

"Where are we gonna put her? We don’t have a crib or anything."

"The social worker let us take a portable. Its out in the jeep."

"You take her." She handed her over. "I’ll go get it." Ze walked out of the bedroom.


"Yeah." she called back.

"Honey, you’re in your underwear."

"Annnndddd?" I chuckled.

"Never mind." I said down to the infant and smiled.



Surprising to me, Ze knew how to set up the small bed. "Now let’s see if I can get her to sleep." I commented. Almost on cue, Zena walked through the door with warm bottle.

"Can I do it?"

"Uhhh sure." I handed the baby over to my wife. Ze carefully cradled Megan in her arms and began to feed her.

"Go ahead and go to bed, Sweetie. We’ll be back in a minute. I smiled as I watched the two walk away. I couldn’t believe the instant attachment Zena has to Megan. An idea began to form in my mind. Nahhhhh, never happen.


It wasn’t long before I felt Ze slide in behind me, after putting Megan down. "You think she’ll sleep the rest of the night?"

"Maybe." Ze yawned. She placed a kiss on my temple. "Night, Babe."

"Ummm." I yawned.



A wailing cry jolted me from my sleep. I started to move. "No, I got it. You got to feed her." Gabby chuckled. I rubbed her back as she crawled over me to the baby. "Hey, cutie." I watched my wife pick up Megan and by the look on her face, I knew what was wrong.

"Diapers in the living room." I smiled. She looked at me. "Oh no, you called her." I think

I’ll be in for it in the morning.


All these thoughts were swimming in my head. I don’t know why I was so drawn to this tiny person. My heart broke at the thought of her leaving. I know why Gabby brought her home. Gabby was an orphan herself so to speak. She didn’t want the child to end up in a bad home, like she did. ‘What about your home?’ You mean, keep her? Wait a minute? Why am I talking to Xena in my mind? "Your losing it, Zena." I mumbled.

"Losing what?" Gabby came back with her bundle.

"Nothin. Did ya do okay?"

"Yeah." she sighed. "What do they put in formula these days?" she smiled, placing Megan back in the bed.



I sat and literally picked at the breakfast Gabby made me. "Don’t like it?"

"Yes. Its great..as always." I smiled. "Just thinking."

"About Megan?"

"Yeah." I put my fork down. "Gabby, have you ever thought about being a parent?"

"Once or twice. Never thought I’d be a very good one though." She took another bite of eggs. "What is it, Ze?"

"Gabby.....do you want to be parent?"

"What are you getting at?"

"Adopting Megan." Her fork dropped from her hand.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Why not?"

"Ze, we don’t know anything about babies except the basics."

"I know quite a bit actually. I babysat when I was a kid."

"You did?"

"Yep. Two infants and one toddler."

"You want to adopt Megan." she said, not quite believing it.

"Yes, Gabby. I want us to be a...family. Something neither one of us had."

"Are you sure you wanna do this? Assuming we can."

"I promise you Megan will not have a problem with love. The two of us will smother her with it."

"Well....ya I don’t have a problem with it." I smiled.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"The first thing we have to do is call her case worker."



Luckily Mrs. Smith was able to meet with us the same day we asked about Megan. We sat in her office and waited. "Hi." she smiled as she came in and sat down. "I have reviewed the information I’ve got on you two. Normally, its not all that difficult for police officers to adopt children given the background qualifications that you already meet for your jobs. However, you two are a married gay couple. Believe me Ms. Walker, I’m not homophobic. There is no written proof that gay people are unfit parents. In fact, statistics show children raised by gay couples are more opened minded, more stable as far as emotions. That should rule in your favor. If this were a simple case of a partner seeking guardian rights to the other’s child, it wouldn’t be a problem. Megan however doesn’t belong to either one of you...."

"So you’re saying no." Gabby said.

"No, I’m saying its almost an impossibility given your sexual preference, but there might be a way to increase your chances."

"How?" I asked.

"Well, if only one of you files for custody. Zena...you are more financially stable. You have an impressive background of heroism with the LAPD. You should have little opposition with Megan. Gabby, you have had several brushes on the other side of the law. You’ve been held on charges of assault, carrying a concealed weapon, evading an officer....."

"Wait a minute. She was never charged with anything. That shouldn’t interfere." I said slightly angered.

"And it doesn’t really, but it still might remain in the back of the mind. If you two file as a gay couple, you decrease your chances."

"What if something happens to me on the job? Megan can be taken away from her."

"Not necessarily. As mother you can appoint, in a will, who will care for your child. Also, if Megan is legally is your responsibly, Gabby can come back and file her case of guardian rights. Its a longer process but it might work." We looked at each other for a brief moment. I could see the sadness in Gabby’s eyes, but she shook her head yes.

"Okay. We can do that."

"Okay, I’ll get started processing. It shouldn’t take long to find out your approval, Zena. However, Megan might have to leave your home for a brief period."



Sure enough, they came and got Megan a week later and inspected our home. I cried, more than I wanted to. I felt like someone just yanked that beautiful little person from our lives forever. Gabby blamed herself, thinking the state held her past against her. I knew that wasn’t the case. We got a call at three in the afternoon yesterday from Mrs. Smith, asking us to come down to her office in the morning. Fearing the worst, I made to stop after my shift and pick up some ‘comfort’ food for Gabby. I’m sure gonna need it myself.


I sat and nervously fidgeted in my seat. I just wanted to here the ‘no’ and get the hell outta here and cry. I didn’t want to be led around. I wanted answers. I stopped all thought when Mrs. Smith came through the door...with Megan. She walked around to my chair. I stood up. "May I present, Megan Allisa...Walker." I smiled. If I would have enough sense, I would have cried. "You are officially her adopted mother."

"They approved it?" Gabby said awestruck.

"With a little help. Commissioner Barnes says hi by the way." she smiled.

"How did he...."

"Well I causally asked him if he knew you and I told him the situation. He wrote a two page recommendation to the board."

"Thank you." I smiled.

"You are welcome. I know you two will make this baby’s life meaningful."

"Oh what about Gabby? How soon can you start her case?"

"I’m not."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Don’t have to. The little push from the commissioner got Gabby her guardian rights too.

He threatened them with a lawsuit if they didn’t see ‘his’ point of view."

"I guess his son Jonnie is still gay." I smiled.

"He’s actually suing the State of California for the rights of gay and lesbian couples."

"That’s one I hope he wins." Gabby commented.




When we got home with little Megan, it actually felt like we were really home. I know people use that line a lot, but I mean it. If someone told me last year that I would have a wife and a baby, I would’ve shot ‘em in the head. I glance over from my crossword puzzle and see Gabby playing on the floor with Megan. Ares is lying on the floor looking at the newest addition to this house and I have to smile, to keep from crying. I drop the book and walk over and sit down next to Gabby and tickle my daughter’s tummy. She giggles with delight and tries to grab my finger. I think we’re in for a very interesting life together.



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