I’ve Always Known

(Who Knew? Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

September 2003


Disclaimers: The characters and story are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  So there!  If for any reason real or imagined you do not want to read stories containing graphic descriptions of two consenting adult women in a loving and sexual situation then do not read this story or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material then go away and don’t come back until it is no longer a crime.  This is a members choice story chosen by the members of YoMavis as a story they wanted to see more of, so if you haven’t read part one I suggest you do or else you won’t know what the heck is going on.


A special thank you goes out to my beta reader, Mary.


As always this is for Heather.



“What about this one?” Anya asked as she held the red blouse up in front of her.


“I’m not helping you,” Holly muttered as she folded her arms across her chest defiantly.


“Or maybe this one?” Anya continued holding up a blue blouse as she ignored Holly’s surly demeanor.


“I told you I’m not helping you pick out an outfit so you can seduce my sister,” Holly grunted as several patrons in the posh boutique turned and glared at them.


“Perhaps a sweater instead?” Anya supplied as she put both blouses back on the rack and headed towards the rows of sweaters displayed on the wall.


“Are you even listening to me?” Holly demanded as she followed behind the zealous brunette.


“Not until you offer some fashion advice,” Anya quipped as she continued searching for the perfect ensemble.  “It isn’t as if you’ve never helped me pick out an outfit for a date before.”


“Yes over the years I’ve helped you many times coordinating your outfit for both men and women,” Holly flared once again drawing the attention of the other shoppers and salespeople.  “Again I feel the need to mention that I won’t do it this time because you are trying to seduce my sister.”


“I’ve already seduced your sister,” Anya responded with a saucy smirk.  “Now I just need a nice look for when I pick her up at the airport,” Anya prattled on as Holly fumed and the others watched them.  She was well aware of the fact that they were causing a scene and she couldn’t have cared less.  In fact she was secretly enjoying the anguish she was subjecting her college roommate to.


“Ladies?”  A saleswoman with gaunt features addressed them in a droll tone.


“Oh goodie help,” Anya smirked.  “Does this come in a larger size?”


The saleswoman seemed stunned by the request as Anya innocently held the sweater out for her.  “Don’t help her,” Holly snarled as she snatched the sweater out of her hand and tossed it back into the pile.


“Ignore her she’s just upset because I slept with her sister,” Anya tried to explain to the saleswoman whose jaw was now hanging open.  “Now about that sweater?”


“Get the blouse,” Holly conceded with a heavy sigh.


“Which one?” Anya giggled as she strolled back over to the rack of blouses leaving the saleswoman still gaping like an idiot.


“The red one,” Holly groaned as she snatched the blouse in question from the rack.  “I swear you have no fashion sense what so ever.  Are you sure that you are gay?”


“Gay men got the fashion gene,” Anya corrected her.  “Gay women got the power tool gene.”


“Oh please you wouldn’t know one end of screw driver from another,” Holly scoffed.  “Go try that on so we can get out of here.  I’m hungry and you’re buying.”


“Is a screw driver a power tool?” Anya asked as she strutted towards the dressing room.


“How the hell should I know?” Holly shrugged.  “Are they?”


“I don’t think so,” Anya responded thoughtfully before ducking into the dressing room.


“Hurry up I’m hungry,” Holly shouted after her before turning to find everyone in the store staring at her.  “What?” She asked innocently.


Once Anya paid for her new blouse Holly was dragging her back out onto Newbury Street.  “You know when you suggested a day of shopping I had no idea this is what you had in mind,” Holly complained as she steered Anya towards an expensive bistro.


“I can’t believe she is finally going to be here,” Anya gushed as they were seated at one of the tables on the sidewalk.


“This is driving me nuts,” Holly groaned as she snapped open her menu.  “Can you explain to me just how this happened?”


“I’d rather not,” Anya sighed as she perused her menu.


“I mean you stayed in her room to protect her from Stan and you what just jumped each other?”  Holly continued ignoring the waiter patiently waiting by their table.


“Pretty much,” Anya shrugged as she handed the stunned waiter her menu.  “I’ll have the Caesar salad.”


“I’ll have the prime rib,” Holly boasted as Anya grimaced. “Like I said you’re paying.”


“Why exactly am I paying?” Anya asked as the waiter quickly departed.  “He didn’t even take our drink order. Strange?”


“It is good to have you back,” Holly laughed.  “And you are paying because you slept with my sister and didn’t tell me.”


“I did so tell you I slept with her the night you got married,” Anya protested with a mockingly horrified tone.


“Not then you goober,” Holly hissed.  “The first time over a decade ago.  I still don’t understand how you went from protecting her to sleeping with her?”


“We had a connection,” Anya tried to explain without going into graphic detail.  “There was this chemistry between us.”


“In one night?” Holly bellowed.


“Actually it started before that,” Anya continued against her better judgment.


“You met the afternoon before that,” Holly processed.  “When did this magical connection blossom?”


“You remember how you were waiting up for her the night before the party?”  Anya asked still leery of just how much she should tell her former roommate.


“I was not,” Holly argued.


“Yes you were,” Anya taunted her.  “Anyhoo I sent you to bed since you were bugging the crap out me.  When she got back from the library we talked.”


“So she did go to the library,” Holly pronounced triumphantly.


“See you were waiting up for her,” Anya countered in a cocky manner.  “Yes she went to library and then drove around.  She was avoiding the both of us; me because she found me very attractive, but I was straight, and you because you are a major pain in the ass.”


“Tell me you didn’t sleep with her the night before the party?” Holly pleaded.


“No,” Anya reassured the blonde who was sipping her water.  “We just made out.”


Holly choked on her water.  “You okay Sparky?” Anya teased Holly.


“Oh just great,” Holly choked out.  “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go to the kitchen and stick a steak knife in my eye.”


“Is there something wrong with your sister that I should know about?” Anya baited Holly.


“No!” Holly shouted vehemently.


“Is it me that you have a problem with?” Anya pried.


“No,” Holly reassured her.


“Are you ever going to be comfortable with this?”  Anya asked in a serious tone.


“Yes,” Holly sighed.  “It is just so weird.  How can I explain it?  I love it when you call me to tell me about someone new in your life.  I love it when Colleen calls to tell me about the new person in her life.  It is just putting the two together that I’m having trouble with.  It is like trying to picture my Aunt Edith in her underwear.”


“Yuck,” Anya blanched.  “You forget I met your Aunt the blabber mouth.”


“I told you she works quickly,” Holly snickered.  “She does you know.”


“I should hope your Aunt Edith wears underwear,” Anya gasped.


“Me too,” Holly laughed. “But I was referring to Colleen.  She calls to tell me about how often you talk on the telephone and how you Fed Ex her chocolates and a teddy bear when she had really bad cramps last month, and about the cute emails you send her.”


“She’s an amazing woman,” Anya confessed suddenly feeling very shy.


“Yes she is,” Holly confirmed with a brilliant smile.  “And so are you.”


“When I saw her again,” Anya began in a dreamy tone.  “I felt the same way I did the first time I saw her only more so.  Does that make any sense?”


“It does to me,” Holly agreed as she waved her ring finger to show off her diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band.  “When I saw Danny at the class reunion I felt as if I found a part of me that I didn’t know I had lost.”


“That is how I feel,” Anya sighed deeply as she mentally counted down the hours until Colleen’s plane landed.


“You know my folks are pissed that you are picking Colleen up at the airport and that she is spending her first night home with you,” Holly cautioned her old friend.


“I had a feeling,” Anya sighed.  “They have been setting down a lot of rules since she will be staying with them until she finds her own place.  It was driving her crazy.  So I asked her to stay with me.”


“You what?”  Holly stammered as the waiter delivered their meals.


“She said yes,” Anya bluntly informed her old roommate.


“She what?” Holly shouted alarming the other dinners.  “Anya I’m not so sure that is a good idea.”


“Neither are we after we thought about it,” Anya confessed as Holly blew out a sigh of relief.  “A couple of days after I asked her the both of us realized that it would be a mistake.  We’re afraid that we will get caught up in the passion instead of getting to know one another.  Next thing you know she’ll stop apartment hunting and we’ll be picking out hers and hers towels.”


“So Colleen’s still staying with my parents?” Holly requested.


“Yes,” Anya chuckled.  “We just wanted one night together before she moves in with them.  Even though your parents seem fond of me, I don’t think they are going to take  kindly to sleepovers.”


“My parents seem to forget that Colleen’s an adult who has been living on her own for a decade,” Holly sighed.  “She is going to be climbing the walls.”


“Hopefully not for very long,” Anya said thoughtfully.  “I’ve gotten a couple of leads on apartments just outside of the city and near the green line.”


“But you’re on the north shore?” Holly inquired seeming to relax for the first time that day.


“It is just a train ride away,” Anya responded.  “Which is a lot better then being in different parts of the country.  The last two months have been torture.”


“I told Colleen she could stay with Danny and me,” Holly offered.


“Holly, no offense, but you’re a newlywed,” Anya laughed. “Neither of you really wants a houseguest.  And face facts you and Colleen didn’t start getting along until she moved to the other side of the country.”


“True,” Holly conceded.  “It is amazing what a lot of years and miles can do to improve your relationship with siblings.”


“Sometimes,” Anya responded sadly her smile dimming slightly.


“Anya, Sweetie,” Holly reached out and took her by the hand. “Your family is a bunch of idiots who don’t deserve you.”


“Yeah, well it doesn’t matter,” Anya sniffed as she tried to brush it off.


“Yes it does,” Holly said firmly as she squeezed the brunette’s hand.  “Remember I was there.  I should have never told you to be honest with them.”


“I had to be,” Anya protested.  “I thought that they would still be the loving family I had grown up with.  I was encouraged by the way you and your parents reacted to Colleen’s coming out.”


“Hell we already knew,” Holly snorted before she turned an accusing glance in Anya’s direction.  “And so did you.  You knew before I did.  You suck.”


“Well I kind of figured it out after we slept together,” Anya chuckled.  “She told me,” Anya confessed.  “Back then she didn’t think you would understand.”


“I might not have,” Holly admitted sadly.  “Nah, I think I knew back when she was just starting high school.  No straight person has that many pictures of Madonna hanging in their bedroom.  So tell me about your plans for tomorrow?”


“Colleen’s flight is due in at six p.m.,” Anya began the excitement rose as she thought that in twenty-four hours she would finally see Colleen again.  “I’m picking her up.  You know what I’m wearing.  And I want to bring flowers.  What are her favorites?  I wanted to ask her but I wanted it to be a surprise.”


“She has a few,” Holly said thoughtfully.  “I’d have to say her absolute favorites are purple iris’ and white orchids.”


“Nice,” Anya smiled as she mentally reviewed the location of every florist in the Boston area.


The following evening Anya was pacing nervously by gate twenty-seven at Logan airport.  She checked her watch and the flowers she was holding every two seconds.  Finally the announcement came that Flight 342 from San Francisco had arrived.


Anya’s stomach was suddenly tied into knots and her palms began to sweat.  She felt weak in the knees as she watched the flood of weary travelers rushing to the gate.  Then her heart swelled when she spied Colleen weaving her way through the crowd.  The petite blonde looked exhausted and positively gorgeous.



Anya couldn’t move her feet; she could only watch as the ever-smiling Colleen hurried towards her.  Finally Colleen stood before her sporting a nervous smile.  “Wow,” Anya blew out.  “You look incredible,” Colleen blushed at the words.  “Here,” Anya offered her voice trembling slightly as she handed her lover the bouquet of flowers.  “Welcome home.”


“Thank you,” Colleen stammered out as she drank in the flower’s aroma.  “My favorites.  How did you know?”


“I have my ways,” Anya teased as she stared deeply into Colleen’s emerald orbs.  The tall brunette felt as if she was falling.  She fought against the urge to sweep Colleen up in her arms and kiss her senseless.  She feared she might scare off the smaller woman.


“Damn you look great,” Colleen sighed as she ran her fingers along the collar of Anya’s blouse.  Anya inhaled sharply as Colleen’s fingers drifted to the opening and lightly brushed against her skin.


“Welcome home,” Anya repeated this time her voice was purring as she swept Colleen up in her arms and captured the blonde in a fiery kiss.  Anya was only dimly aware of the sound of Colleen’s travel bag hitting the floor as the blonde’s arms wrapped around her waist.  Anya’s heart exploded from the heat they were sharing.


Each of them was struggling to breathe normally as the kiss came to an end.  They exchanged soft sighs as they pressed their foreheads together.  “Two months of dreaming about this moment,” Colleen murmured softly.


“I know,” Anya, agreed before taking a shy step back.  “Let’s get your luggage and get out of here before we get arrested.”


“This is it,” Colleen proclaimed as she retrieved her travel bag from the floor.  “I’ve shipped everything to my parents.  I like traveling light gives the airlines less of a chance to lose my stuff.”


“Smart as well as beautiful,” Anya boasted as she linked her arm in Colleen’s and guided her towards the exit. 


She loaded Colleen and her one bag into her Jeep and headed off to face the nightmare known as Boston traffic.  Anya was sporting a silly grin as they sat in traffic holding hands.  “What would you like to do first?” Anya asked as she weaved in and out of the bustling traffic in an effort to get them on the right route.  She hadn’t been back in the state for very long, still she remembered that one wrong turn or being in the incorrect lane could lead to circling through the airport for hours.


“I’m torn between food and a shower,” Colleen mused as she gave Anya’s hand a gentle squeeze.  “On the one hand I feel disgusting from the plane grunge.  On the other I’m starving.”


“Tuff choice,” Anya smiled in response.


“The first thing I need to do is call my parents,” Colleen sighed as she reluctantly released Anya’s hand and began to search for her cell phone.  “They made me promise I would call the moment I landed,” she explained as she hit speed dial.  “I travel around the world and they are in a panic because I’m flying across the country.”


“That is probably because of me,” Anya grimly supplied.


“No they make me do it every time I have to travel,” Colleen explained.  “It is embarrassing being almost thirty and having to call my parents.”


“I think it is sweet,” Anya smiled as she wondered if her own parents were even aware of the fact that she had moved to Massachusetts.  Five years ago her company transferred her to Kansas City.  She wasn’t looking forward to moving back to Missouri.  The only good thing she saw in the move was that just maybe she would be able to mend the fences with her parents.  Even though they lived in St. Louis, which was on the other side of the state, it wasn’t impossible for their paths to cross.  And Anya was constantly being sent to St. Louis on business.  By her first Christmas she still hadn’t run into her parents or her siblings.  Feeling lonely and sentimental she called them.  The telephone disconnected after she said hello.


“Yes I’m alive,” Colleen grumbled into the telephone stirring Anya out of her bad memories.  She smiled as she felt the blonde’s tiny hand covering her own.  “No Mom we are not coming over for dinner tonight,” Colleen sighed with exasperation.  “Yes Anya is a very good driver.  Mom?” Colleen continued to grumble and roll her eyes at whatever her mother was saying.  “We can talk about it tomorrow,” Colleen argued.  “I don’t know what time.  I will probably be late . . . Because we want to spend some time together.”



Anya snickered as she listened to the series of uh huh’s Colleen released along with yes and adamant no’s.  The brunette managed to get them on route 1A heading north only to be caught in rush hour traffic.  “Mom says hi,” Colleen offered as she disconnected the call.  Anya gave the blonde a suspicious look.  “She did,” Colleen confirmed with a smile.  “Relax my parents like you.  And Mom thought that it was sweet that you brought me flowers.  They want us to have dinner with them sometime next week, if that is alright with you?”


“Sounds great,” Anya smiled brightly.  “Your mother is a great cook.  I’m a little nervous though.  In all the years I’ve been invited to your parent’s home it will be the first time I will be arriving as one of their children’s date.”


“They’ll be fine,” Colleen reassured her.  “I talked to Holly last night and she seems to be handling it better.”


“We went shopping last night,” Anya snickered.


“Yes, I heard about how the two of you terrorized the poor salesgirl,” Colleen laughed.  “She’s just worried since she is so close to the both of us.”


“I know, Anya agreed.  “She thinks if it doesn’t work out she’ll have to choose sides, and she loves the both of us.”


“Well if you keep kissing me the way you did at the airport she won’t have a thing to worry about,” Colleen purred in response.  Anya shivered as she felt Colleen’s hand running up and down her arm.  “I always loved the way you kiss.”


“Back at you,” Anya supplied with a sly grin, as her body grew warmer from Colleen’s touch.


“Speaking of parents,” Colleen carefully began. 


“No I didn’t,” Anya curtly responded before Colleen could ask her if she had at least tried to get in touch with her parents before she moved.  “My parents don’t want to hear from me.  I tried once and my mother hung up on me.”


“I’m sorry Baby,” Colleen sighed heavily.


“I did write a short letter to my kid brother,” Anya admitted as she kept a watchful eye on the flow of traffic.


“What did you say?” Colleen encouraged her. 


“Just that I was sorry he felt the way he did, and that I was moving back east and if he ever came to his senses my email address was still the same,” Anya flatly responded as she felt the sadness tugging at her heart.  “I haven’t heard from him so I’m assuming that he is still praying for my salvation.”


“I’m sorry,” Colleen comforted her.


“It doesn’t matter,” Anya grimly responded.


“Yes it does,” Colleen corrected her as she raised Anya’s hand to her lips and tenderly kissed the palm.


“I know,” Anya sighed with regret.  “It is just easier to pretend that it doesn’t.  I have to admit I really like being back in Boston.  The first thing I did after buying this car was slap a rainbow flag on the bumper.”


“Couldn’t do that in Missouri?”  Colleen asked with surprise.


“Hell no,” Anya scoffed at the notion.  “Well some folks do.  It is just that it is still the South.  You know the priorities God, Family, Football and not necessarily in that order.”


Colleen laughed before releasing a healthy yawn.  “Sorry,” she apologized quickly as her stomach rumbled.


“We are almost there,” Anya laughed.  “I take it that we need to feed you.  Did you sleep on the plane?”


“No,” Colleen sighed.  “I can never sleep when I fly.  Just a quick nap and that is it.  I wish I could but I just can’t get comfortable.  Don’t drink when I fly either.  You know one drink in the air is like four on the ground.  And since I’m a cheap date it is just a really bad idea.”


“So you’re a cheap date huh?”  Anya teased as she leered at her passenger.


“Why Miss Ellison are you going to try and take advantage of me?” Colleen gasped.


“Absolutely,” Anya confirmed with a bold grin.


“Good,” Colleen exclaimed.  “Two months is a very long time.  And some of those late night telephone calls didn’t help.  You have an incredibly sexy voice.”


“So do you,” Anya whimpered as the memories of their late night conversations which would inevitably turn to sex replayed in her mind.  “But I really liked getting to know you.  Finding out about your life and interests was great.”


“I liked it as well,” Colleen sighed happily. “But ten years and two months is a hell of a long time to wait for your first date.”



Anya nodded understanding what Colleen was trying to say. Anya wanted tonight to be perfection.  It really was their first date even though they had already slept together three times they had never dated one another.  Anya felt a mixture of giddiness and nervousness at the prospect.  She planned a romantic dinner at a local restaurant, perhaps a stroll later, followed by a relaxing evening snuggling by the fire.  For the first time since she had met the captivating blonde there wasn’t any pressure or doubts.


Anya couldn’t help wondering what would have happened in her life if she hadn’t kissed Colleen that first night?  ‘Why so shy all of a sudden?’  She recalled asking the teenager just before she kissed her for the first time.  She released a happy sigh as the memory replayed.


“You sound happy?” Colleen disrupted her musing. 


“I was just remembering the first time I kissed you,” Anya confessed as Colleen released a happy sigh of her own.


“My parent’s living room, it was dark except for the television you looked incredible and I felt like a dork,” Colleen chuckled. 


“Why?” Anya blurted out.  “Trust me Colleen you were anything but dorky that night.  You were captivating, mesmerizing and completely irresistible.”


“I didn’t feel that way,” Colleen snickered.  “Here I was this goofy kid lusting after my sister’s best friend.  My heart was pounding, my hands were all clammy, and then I told you that you were beautiful.  I felt like an ass.  Trust me before you touched me and kissed me I was certain that you were going to laugh at me.”


“Trust me, laughing was the last thing on my mind,” Anya purred as she pulled into the parking space behind her condo.  She felt a sudden attack of nervousness as Colleen undid her seatbelt and slid closer to her.  Anya wanted this night to be special for the both of them.  One of the ways she wanted that to happen was to take things slowly.  As she felt Colleen nuzzling her neck she doubted that she would be able to refrain from giving into her desires.


She released a whimper as she felt Colleen’s lips tenderly brushing against her neck.  She was helpless to resist as she felt her seatbelt unclasping and Colleen’s mouth tasting her skin.  Anya gripped the steering wheel tightly as Colleen’s hands caressed the front of her body.  Anya was finding it hard to breathe as she squirmed in her seat while Colleen’s lips captured her overly sensitive earlobe.


Anya was ready to surrender when Colleen’s tongue dipped into her ear.  The sudden rush that swept through her body startled her and she ended up slamming her hand into the steering wheel.  The both of them jumped at the sound of the car horn blaring.  “Oops,” Anya exclaimed as they erupted into a fit of laughter.


“Why don’t we head upstairs?”  Anya suggested once she had regained her composure.


“If you insist,” Colleen whispered hotly in the brunette’s ear.


“Oh boy,” Anya groaned knowing that if the evening was going to be what she was hoping it would be, she was going to have to have a little chat with her frisky friend.


Anya felt edgy as she showed Colleen around her home.  “This is very nice,” Colleen complimented her as they entered the bedroom.  “You do know that after seeing your fireplace, ocean view, and everything else you are making it very difficult for me to move in with my parents?”


“Well let’s hope that will be a very temporary situation,” Anya offered as Colleen set her bag down beside her bed.  Colleen climbed up onto the bed and crawled across towards the very nervous brunette.  “I Uhm didn’t want to assume anything,” Anya tried to explain as Colleen closed the distance between them.  “If you want I could set up the guest room?”


“Anya, sweetheart,” Colleen began in a sultry tone that sent a shiver down Anya’s spine.  Colleen knelt on the bed and clasped the taller woman’s hips tightly.  “Didn’t the way I mauled you in the car give you any indication of how I feel?  You seem a little hesitant, is there something wrong?”


“You are going to think I’m crazy,” Anya tried to explain as she rested her hands on the blonde’s shoulders.


“Hush,” Colleen shushed her. “I already think that,” she teased.  “Fortunately I’m completely nuts myself.  Tell me what is going on?  If you need your space or you are having second thoughts tell me now.”


Anya felt a sense of relief wash over her as she stared deeply into Colleen’s eyes.  The warmth and trust in her lover’s eyes melted her heart.  “It isn’t second thoughts,” Anya reassured Colleen as she brushed an errant lock of hair from the blonde’s brow.  “But.”


“Oh I just hate buts,” Colleen teased as her fingers caressed Anya’s hips.


“Don’t we all,” Anya said with a smile.  “It is just that tonight is our first date and I want it to be special.”


Colleen smiled back up at her before leaning up and kissing the brunette on the cheek.  “It will be,” Colleen reassured her.  “I love that you are a romantic.  That is one of things about you that drew me to you in the first place.”


“What?”  Anya asked in confusion as Colleen slipped from her grasp.


“The way you make me feel special,” Colleen supplied as she crawled away and opened up her suitcase.


“You are special,” Anya stated honestly.


“You were the first woman that made me feel that way,” Colleen explained as she gathered up her toiletries.  “I’m going to take a shower and then you can take me to dinner.  Now get out of here I need to make myself look pretty,” the blonde stressed as she shooed Anya out of the bedroom.


When Colleen finally emerged from the bedroom Anya’s eyes lit up.  “My God you are gorgeous,” Anya blew out as she drank in the sight of the slender blonde dressed in a pair of tight black jeans and teal vest.


“Thank you,” Colleen shyly responded blushing slightly.


“There you go getting all shy on me again,” Anya sighed as she closed the gap between them and brushed her fingers along Colleen’s cheek.  She brushed her lips lightly against Colleen’s before stepping away.  She needed a little distance between them before she gave into her desires.  “You’ll need a jacket,” she suggested as Colleen kept smiling at her.


“I’ll get it,” the blonde offered brightly.


Anya assisted Colleen with her leather jacket before taking her by the hand and leading her out into the brisk night air.  “I like this kind of weather,” Colleen commented as they walked along the cobblestone sidewalks that lined Pickering Wharf. “It reminds me of Monterey.”


“Just wait until it snows,” Anya cautioned her as she guided her date towards the restaurant. 


“Don’t remind me,” Colleen said with a light laugh.  “This is pretty,” she commented as they strolled along the shops most of which were closed illuminated only by tiny white lights that ran along the wharf.  “You must love living so close to all of this.”


“I do,” Anya confessed as she opened the door to the restaurant and allowed her date to enter.  “Table for two,” Anya instructed the hostess.  “Something by the window?”  She added.


“Follow me ladies,” the younger woman instructed them brightly.


Anya helped Colleen remove her jacket and pulled out the chair for her.  “There you go being butch again,” Colleen teased as Anya took her seat.


“Can’t help myself,” Anya laughed as she perused the wine list.


“Just like that first night when you came to my rescue,” Colleen added with a happy sigh.


“I didn’t,” Anya, argued as she shivered from the memory of finding Stan trying to get into Colleen’s bedroom.  “Thank God, Danny arrived when he did.”


“I don’t want to talk about it,” Colleen requested softly as her eyes fluttered shut.


Anya ordered a bottle of champagne as she gave Colleen a moment to collect herself.  “Anya all I wish to remember from that night was how you held me, comforted me, and yes protected me,” Colleen finally offered after the champagne arrived and the waiter poured it for them.


Anya lifted her glass to her date, “Here is to a very special woman,” she toasted the blonde who was once again blushing.


“And to the first woman to make me feel that way,” Colleen added as they clinked their glasses together.


They sipped their champagne as Anya mulled over Colleen’s comment.  “Tell me about that?” Anya requested as she once again found herself staring deeply into her lover’s eyes.  “You said it earlier tonight, what do you mean?  We only had two nights together.”


“Yes we did,” Colleen said with a seductive smile.  “But they were a magical two nights.”


“Yes they were,” Anya agreed with a smile of her own.


“Before I met you my experiences with women weren’t that memorable,” Colleen began slowly.  “The first time was when I was almost seventeen, she was the head cheerleader.”


“You little stud muffin,” Anya teased as the waiter approached.


As they placed their dinner order Anya didn’t miss how Colleen’s mood had turned sullen.  “You don’t have to tell me,” Anya offered after the waiter made his departure.


“No, I want to,” Colleen explained her face brightened slightly.  “She seduced me for fun.  Only I didn’t know that was all it was.  I thought ‘Wow’ this is it?  But after that first time I quickly learned that she was just curious.  Not to mention that after the first time things were decidedly one sided.”


“Yuck,” Anya grumbled, understanding what Colleen was trying to say.


“No kidding,” Colleen grumbled.  “Soon her other bi-curious friends wanted a little entertainment and fun as well.  Again it was for the most part a one sided experience.  They didn’t care about me so long as I took care of them.  What was really painful is not a one of these girls would talk to me at school or in public.  But they couldn’t wait to get me alone so I could put my hand up their skirt.”


“Bitches,” Anya scowled.


“At the time I thought this was the only way I could be with a woman,” Colleen rationalized.  “Then I met you.” Anya was filled with a sense of warmth as Colleen smiled over at her.  “Making love to you showed me that I was worth a lot more than a quickie in the backseat of some cheerleader’s car.  After that weekend I never let anyone treat me like a fuck again.  Now your turn,” Colleen teased as the waiter delivered their meals.  “So tell me Miss Ellison just how long did it take you to come out?”


“Although I do owe you a toaster oven,” Anya teased as they dug into their meals.


“No kidding,” Colleen snickered.


“I didn’t come out right away,” Anya confessed.  “It took me a couple of years and bouncing back and forth between men and women before I finally decided to follow my heart.  I have to confess something.”


“Yes,” Colleen encouraged her.


“I was a little hurt when we bumped into each other in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton and you didn’t recognize me,” Anya challenged the blonde.


“I’m sorry,” Colleen laughed. “I was so exhausted I wouldn’t have recognized my own mother.”


“I guess flying to Boston by way of Japan is a viable excuse,” Anya conceded.


“I certainly recognized you the second time we bumped into each other,” Colleen argued.  “I was so scared when I saw you.”


“Why?”  Anya asked.


“You looked so damn good,” Colleen explained.  “I was terrified that history would repeat itself.  Only this time you’d shoot me down.”


“Not a chance,” Anya protested.


They chatted lightly as they finished their dinners and the bottle of champagne.  Anya felt a little lightheaded and completely enthralled with Colleen.  As they strolled along the deserted wharf holding hands, Anya was trying to convince herself that her feelings weren’t real.  It was just the champagne, the moonlight, the sound of the ocean lapping against the wooden docks; the memories they shared anything but love.


“Thank you for tonight,” Colleen offered softly as they leaned against the rail that over looked the sailboats that were docked for the night.  “Flowers, a romantic dinner, champagne and a light show,” she added when a flash of lightening streaked across the sky.  “I must say you certainly know how to show a girl a good time.”


“All part of the friendly service,” Anya quipped as she wrapped her arms around Colleen’s slender waist just as a light drizzle began.


“It is alright,” Colleen reassured her as she leaned into Anya’s embrace.


“God, it is like you can read my mind,” Anya sighed deeply as she tightened her hold on the smaller woman.  “I’m afraid that I’m falling far too quickly.”


“If you fall I will catch you,” Colleen reassured her as she cupped Anya’s face and drew her in and captured the brunette in a searing kiss.  “We have time,” Colleen murmured between kisses as the rain began to pelt down upon them.  “For the first time since we met we have time to be together and to really get to know one another.”


Anya felt free as the kisses grew deeper and their hands began to roam along the other’s body.  Neither of them seemed to notice or care about the rain that was soaking their bodies.  Anya’s fears slipped away as their bodies melded together.


“Take me home,” Colleen whispered softly as they clung to one another.


Anya kissed her lover’s brow before taking her by the hand.  They rushed through the pouring rain laughing like children as their bodies became drenched.  The cool rain did nothing to diminish the fire burning inside of Anya; instead it only fanned the flames.


They were still laughing as they stumbled into the condo.  “Why don’t I light a fire and we get out of these wet clothes?”  Anya suggested as her heart raced from the excitement of what might happen.


“Not so fast,” Colleen said in a sultry tone as she wrapped her arms around Anya’s waist.  “There is something I need to do first,” she whispered huskily as her hands drifted up along the front of Anya’s body.


“Yeah?” Anya whispered her senses reeling as her lover’s hands caressed her body.  “What do you need to do?”


“Kiss you,” Colleen softly answered pressing her body against Anya’s before capturing the taller woman in a lingering kiss.  The feel of Colleen’s tongue caressing her own was pure bliss.  Anya gave into her desires caressing her lover’s body.  She needed to feel more of the blonde’s body.  There was something about the way Colleen kissed that drove Anya into a frenzy.


Never breaking from the passionate kiss Anya removed the blonde’s wet leather jacket, dropping it onto the floor.  Giving into her longing she cupped her lover’s face and drew her in deeper.  She felt Colleen’s hands releasing the buttons of her blouse; her skin shivered as it was revealed to the cold night air and her lover’s touch. 


Anya was filled with a sense of belonging as Colleen began to kiss her face.  The blonde’s soft lips tasted her skin as they trailed down her neck.  Anya’s head fell back granting her lover access.  Colleen accepted her offer as she ran her tongue up along the brunette’s neck.  Anya whimpered feeling her knees tremble as her lover lowered her blouse down her shoulders.


Anya was a quivering mass as Colleen’s touch retreated from her body.  She was struggling to catch her breath as she looked over at her lover.  Anya shrugged out of the soaking wet blouse that was dangling on her body.  She reached over and began to unbutton Colleen’s vest.  The blonde’s clothing was drenched from the sudden down pour they had been caught in.  “I’ll start a fire,” she offered as she slipped the vest from Colleen’s body.


“You already have,” Colleen panted in response as Anya’s fingers tenderly explored the swell of her breasts.  The tips of Anya’s fingers tingled as she traced the black lacy material of Colleen’s bra. Once again Anya licked her lips as her eyes followed the movements of her fingers.


She released a heavy breath before reluctantly pulling her hand away from Colleen’s body.  She stumbled slightly as she made her way over to the fireplace.  Her heart was pounding as she lit the fire, she could feel Colleen watching her every movement as the kindling ignited.


She fanned the flames before turning to find that Colleen was indeed watching her.  The blonde’s emerald eyes were dark with desire as she kicked off her shoes and began to move across the room.  They never broke the fiery gaze that they were sharing as Anya yanked a quilt from the sofa and laid it out onto the floor. 


Anya reached out to her lover and wrapped her up in a tender embrace.  She could feel the rapid beating of Colleen’s heart as their bodies melted together.  She could feel Colleen’s hands wandering up her back.  She drank in the scent of the blonde’s hair as she felt her bra snap open.  Small hands tugged at the garment as it was lowered down Anya’s shoulders.  “We need to get you out of those wet clothes,” Colleen whispered playfully as Anya’s bra fell from her body.  “Don’t want you to catch a cold,” the blonde continued as she tossed the bra across the room.


Colleen traced the swell of Anya’s breasts with her tongue as her nimble fingers began to undo the brunette’s jeans.  Anya clasped Colleen’s shoulders in an effort to steady her body as she slipped off her shoes.  “I’m not moving too fast am I?”  Colleen tenderly asked as she tugged Anya’s jeans down to her hips.


“No,” Anya reassured her as her own hands drifted along Colleen’s shoulders and lowered the straps of her bra.  “I want to make love to you.  I want to wake up holding you in the morning.  And for the first time enjoy the feel of you sleeping in my arms, knowing that neither of us has to rush off or hide what we are doing.”


Colleen looked up at Anya; her eyes were misty.  “Damn you do know just what to say to me,” she sniffed as she tugged harder on Anya’s pants.  Anya inhaled sharply as her lover’s head bent down and she felt Colleen’s tongue flickering playfully across her nipple.  She clasped the back of Colleen’s head drawing her in closer as the blonde began to eagerly suckle her nipple.  Anya’s head was spinning as she felt her nipple hardening as her lover feasted upon her.



Colleen growled with frustration as she struggled to lower Anya’s jeans.  Anya caressed the smaller woman’s back and shoulders before unsnapping the clasp to her bra.  She slipped one hand between their bodies and cupped her lover’s firm full breast.  Colleen’s frustration grew as her head snapped up.  Anya smiled at the sight while she removed her lover’s bra flinging it off into the distance.  “You know,” Colleen began in a breathy tone as she tugged harder on Anya’s jeans.  “Seeing your body all wet from the rain is sexy as hell.”


“But wet denim is bitch,” Anya sighed in agreement.  They laughed lightly as they stepped away from each other.


“I want to see you naked,” Colleen pleaded as she began to undo her own jeans.


They stole shy glances as each of them wrestled with their wet clothing until they finally revealed themselves to one another.  “Is this what you wanted to see?”  Anya taunted her lover as she cast off the last of her clothing.


“Yes,” Colleen whimpered as she took Anya by the hand.  The brunette couldn’t speak as she drank in the sight of Colleen’s naked body standing before her. She was overwhelmed with emotion and raw desire.  She pulled Colleen to her and wrapped her up in her arms.  She cupped her lover’s face and stole another lingering kiss. 


Once again as she lost herself in the passionate kiss she realized that kissing Colleen was one of the greatest pleasures she had ever experienced in her entire life.  The blonde had left her breathless as the kiss ended.  She guided her lover down onto the quilt.  Anya could feel the heat from the fire on her back as she covered Colleen’s body with her own.


Anya’s body burned from the feel of their bodies becoming entwined.  They kissed again and again as Anya’s thigh slipped between her lover’s legs.  She felt Colleen trembling beneath her as their hips began to sway.  She felt Colleen’s passion pressing against her skin as they rocked slowly against one another.


Anya fought to curb her desire as the need to pleasure Colleen consumed her.  Colleen’s hands roamed along her body.  “Make love to me,” the blonde pleaded as Anya began to kiss her neck.  The words sent a jolt through Anya’s already overheated body.  Her kisses drifted lower.  She licked and tasted her lover’s skin as the blonde’s body arched up.  Anya’s hands caressed and felt every inch of exposed flesh while she licked her way down the blonde’s supple body. 


She tried to go slowly, needing to do what Colleen had asked her to do.  She needed to make love to this woman not simply have sex with her.  Anya’s body was screaming for release. She trailed her tongue slowly across her lover’s stomach.  The musky aroma of Colleen’s desire teased her.  She looked up to find Colleen watching her. The blonde’s face was flushed and her eyes smoldering with an aching need. 


Anya blew a warm breath against Colleen’s wetness before she nestled her body between the blonde’s thighs.  Anya kissed and tasted the inside of Colleen’s thighs as her lover pleaded with her.  She parted her lover, drinking the scent of her passion before dipping her tongue deep inside of Colleen’s wetness. 


Anya clasped her lover’s backside and drew her closer as she ran her tongue along the blonde’s slick folds.  She murmured with pleasure as she buried herself deeper in Colleen’s sweet nectar.  She flickered her tongue playfully against the blonde’s swollen clit.  Colleen’s body swayed against her as she began to tease the opening of the blonde’s warm wet center. 



Anya’s body was trembling as she curled her tongue and plunged inside of her lover.  Anya was nearing the edge as she plunged in and out of her lover.  She fought to hold Colleen steady as she pleasured her.  Colleen’s words were muffled as Anya’s tongue slipped from her warmth.  Colleen’s body ground harder against her as she captured her throbbing clit between her lips.  She suckled the nub urgently as her lover’s body trembled against her.  As her lover climaxed against her Anya felt as if she was complete.  This is the moment she had been waiting for, the moment she had been dreaming of. 


Her own body trembled in response as she drove her lover further over the edge.  Colleen’s sharp gasps reached out to her as she suckled her harder and deeper.  Anya murmured with pleasure once again as she began to lick her way up the blonde’s body.  She wasn’t ready to stop touching this woman.  Each touch and every caress was pure ecstasy.


“Anya, baby please I need to touch you,” Colleen pleaded as she reached out.


Colleen captured the brunette in a searing kiss as they wrapped themselves around the other’s body.  Anya’s heart was pounding as her lover guided her onto her stomach.  She inhaled sharply as she felt Colleen’s body covering her own.  “I’ve been dreaming about this moment,” Colleen whispered hotly in her ear.


“Show me,” Anya whimpered as she felt her lover’s passion pressing against her backside.  Anya rolled her hips against Colleen’s aching need.  Colleen straddled the brunette’s body and began to grind against her.  Anya’s pulse was racing as she felt Colleen’s wetness entering her.


She lifted her hips higher as they swayed against one another.  She balanced herself on her hands and knees as she felt Colleen’s nipples brushing against her back.  “Please,” she pleaded as her hips thrust harder against Colleen’s body.  Colleen kissed the nape of Anya’s neck as she caressed the brunette’s hips, urging her to rock harder against her body.


Anya’s fingers dug into the quilt while her lover’s fingers brushed lightly against the damp curls of her triangle.  Anya cried out as she felt Colleen’s fingers parting her.  The blonde’s fingers spread out into a V shape before gliding along her slick folds.  Anya couldn’t still her body as her lover slowly teased her.


Anya jerked her body back harder when she felt Colleen’s fingers pressing against the opening to her center.  Anya’s head fell forward as her lover slipped inside of her.  The brunette’s body began to move in a wild rhythm as her lover filled her completely.  She screamed out as Colleen’s thumb teased her clit.


Anya exploded against her lover’s touch.  Colleen’s knowing touch drove her higher as the climax tore through Anya’s body.  Anya was still riding the waves of ecstasy as Colleen began to kiss her way down the brunette’s spine.


Anya was gasping for air as Colleen’s touch slipped from her body.  Colleen slipped beneath her and clasped her firm round backside.  Anya couldn’t focus as she felt her hips being guided down to her lover’s mouth.  Colleen was on her back beneath her, she could feel the blonde’s breath on her thighs as she guided Anya’s wetness to her lips.


Anya called out to the heavens as Colleen feasted upon her.  The blonde teased her with her teeth and tongue until Anya’s body exploded.  Anya struggled so she wouldn’t collapse onto her lover.  “Stop,” she pleaded unable to keep her position any longer.


She could hear her lover snickering triumphantly as she finally released her hold on the brunette.


They snuggled up in a warm embrace and watched the flames dancing in the fireplace.  Finally Anya took her lover by the hand and guided her into the bedroom.  The moment they climbed into bed they gravitated towards each other and began making love.


The following morning Anya looked down at Colleen who was sleeping peacefully on top of her.  She kissed her lover’s brow and sighed contently.  For the first time there weren’t any planes to catch or nosy siblings to avoid, it was just the two of them.  “I love you,” Anya whispered to her slumbering lover.


“I love you too,” came the muffled whisper.


The End


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