By Mavis Applewater

March 2002

Disclaimers: Okay, here we go. Yes, I know who they look like. It’s not them; I swear. The story and characters belong to me and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without my permission. This story contains a loving sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with the idea, then don’t read this story. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view such material, then you must leave now.

Thanks to my beta reader Joanne.


As Always This is For Heather.



A Short Vacation

Ashley looked over at the blonde seated next to her. Leeann was sleeping soundly. The sight of her friend sleeping so comfortably during the long flight brought a smile to Ashley’s lips. Between delays and transfers the journey seemed to be taking an eternity. It would be worth it once they reached their final destination.

In a short while they would be landing in Hawaii. Ashley shook her head in disbelief. She had always wanted to visit the islands. She kept putting it off, always assuming that she would get there someday. Now, after the events of the past week, the brunette was no longer certain that someday would arrive.

She had no intention of revealing to her dear friend why she suddenly decided to take off on a vacation to the island paradise. No, she would wait until they returned to the mainland and she heard from her doctor. She was just going to relax and enjoy paradise while she could. When she got home she would find out what the biopsy would reveal. Biopsy - the very word chilled her to the bone.

Ashley shook her head and returned her thoughts to her sleeping companion. The petite blonde possessed a killer body and a beautiful smile that could melt Ashley’s heart. Leeann had long ago stolen Ashley’s heart. There was just one major problem with Ashley’s devotion - Leeann was her cousin Fred’s wife.

Ashley still remembered the strange thrill she’d gotten the first moment she laid eyes on Leeann. She was twenty-one and had been struggling with doubts regarding her sexuality for quite some time. Meeting the blonde only served to confuse her further. Perhaps it was her long strawberry hair or her sparkling blue-green eyes. Then again, it was more likely the petite woman’s full bosom. Unfortunately when Leeann walked into her life, it was on Fred’s arm.

Fred and Ashley had always been close so it was only natural that he wanted her to meet his new girlfriend. Someone that he had fallen head over heels for. What could she do? Fred would have been an idiot if he let the wonderful ball of energy gets away. So Ashley did the honorable thing and told Fred just that. Fred agreed and a short time later the couple was engaged.

Ashley and Leeann became fast friends. Ashley tried to stay away but she was helpless to do so. It came as no surprise when both Fred and Leeann asked her to stand up for them. It was a painful experience for the tall brunette to stand up before their family and God and watch Leeann promise to love Fred forever.

At the wedding reception, Ashley tried to blend into the woodwork while trying to convince herself that she was happy for the young couple. She ducked into the ladies’ room trying to escape from the unwanted advances she was receiving from the best man, Mitchell. She was surprised to find Leeann leaning against the wall with a far away look in her beautiful eyes.

"Long day?" Ashley inquired softly as she looked around to see if they were alone. The knowledge that they were indeed alone filled Ashley with a strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

"I had no idea how exhausting getting married would be." Leeann sighed as she smiled over at Ashley. "That color really does look good on you," Leeann noted. Ashley smiled sheepishly as she looked down at the black velvet gown that hugged her body in all of the right places. "My mom pitched a fit when I told her you were wearing black."

"It’s an evening wedding. Black is perfectly acceptable," Ashley pointed out.

"That’s what I told her," Leeann grumbled as she rolled her beautiful eyes. "You know mothers," she said, sighing as she tossed up her hands.

"You look beautiful," Ashley said before she could stop herself. She blushed at the admission. "I meant to tell you earlier, but with all the hurrying around . . ."

"Thank you," Leeann responded quietly.

There was something in her eyes that drew Ashley in. She stepped closer to the bride and cupped her cheek in her hand. Ashley would never forget how her body began to pulsate as Leeann leaned into her touch. "Thank you for sharing this day with us," Leeann said in a breathy tone. "Did you know that before I met you I was terrified that you wouldn’t like me?"

"What?" Ashley gasped as she leaned slightly closer.

"Fred warned me that if his cousin Ashley didn’t approve . . . ," Leeann began to explain in a light tone.

"The guy is an idiot," Ashley cut her off in a teasing tone. "You know what I told him about you?" Leeann shook her head in the negative. "I told him that he would be a fool if he let you get away from him."

"I’m so glad that you and I became friends," Leeann said softly as she placed her hand gently on Ashley’s hip.

"Welcome to the family," Ashley responded in a husky tone as she dipped her head slightly to offer the bride a chaste kiss. Their lips brushed slightly and the warmth of Leeann’s lips quickly swept through her body. The sweet sensation overpowered Ashley’s reasoning and her lips remained pressed against Leeann’s. She pressed her long body into Leeann’s smaller frame. Ashley’s mind suddenly awakened to what she was doing. She was about to pull away when she realized that Leeann’s lips were still lingering against her own. The blonde’s hand had moved from her hip and up the curve of her body. Leeann wrapped her fingers in Ashley’s long raven tresses and seemed to be pulling the brunette closer to her. Ashley’s body trembled as Leeann’s tongue brushed against her lips. They moaned in unison as each parted their lips slightly; the tips of their tongues had just brushed when Ashley heard the sound of voices approaching their haven.

They stepped apart quickly. Ashley leaned against the cool wall, her heart pounding wildly as she tried to understand what had just happened. Leeann seemed completely unfazed.

Over the years Ashley had replayed the memory in her mind. She had come up with a thousand excuses as to why it had happened. At times she could even convince herself that it had never happened, that she had just imagined the entire encounter. Through the years she remained close to both Fred and Leeann, despite her move out of state. They were the first members of the family she came out to, and both supported her. Ashley never quite got over her crush on Leeann; in fact, over the years her feelings only deepened.

The pilot’s voice alerted her that they would soon be landing. She allowed Leeann to continue her nap until the plane was safely on the ground. "Hey, wake up," she whispered softly in Leeann’s ear as she gently shook the blonde’s shoulder. Leeann’s captivating eyes blinked open slowly. Ashley brushed Leeann’s now short blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Where are we?" Leeann grunted.

"We just landed in Honolulu," Ashley responded with a bright smile.

"I feel like we’ve been traveling for days." Leeann yawned as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

"That’s because we have," Ashley teased.

The two women gathered their belongings and retrieved their luggage. They received the customary leis around their necks and took the shuttle to their hotel. "Ashley, this is beautiful," Leeann exclaimed as she looked out the window of their bungalow.

"Yes," Ashley purred, her crystal blue eyes locked firmly on Leeann’s body and not the incredible view just outside the window.

She averted her gaze quickly as Leeann turned to her. "Ashley, did you win the lottery or something?" Leeann inquired in a curious tone.

"No," Ashley responded flatly. "I’ve just always wanted to do this and decided that I had put it off long enough. And I wanted my two best friends to join me. Speaking of which, what’s wrong with Fred? It’s not like him to turn down a free trip."

Leeann simply shrugged in response as she crossed the room. "Do you see the room service menu?" Leeann prattled on. "When you said we were staying in a bungalow, I pictured something out of Gilligan’s Island. This is amazing."

"I thought it would be nicer than staying in the usual hotel room,"Ashley explained as a sudden gnawing began in her stomach. She had been miffed when she discovered that the bungalow only had one bed. But there weren’t any rooms with double beds available. She was about to request a second bungalow when Leeann firmly refused. "I’m sorry about the sleeping arrangements. I originally booked two bungalows but when you said Fred wouldn’t be coming, I canceled it. I didn’t realize that we would be bunking together." ‘And I don’t know if I can handle it!’ her inner voice screamed.

"Oh, will you let it go?" Leeann laughed as she flopped onto the bed. "I don’t have a problem sharing this great big bed with you." Leeann sighed happily. Ashley was a little taken aback at the almost flirtatious tone in Leeann’s voice. "Unless . . . ," Leeann said in a serious tone as she sat upright, " . . . you don’t snore, do you?"

"Not that I’m aware of." Ashley chuckled as she relaxed slightly. "So what would you like to do first? Lunch or a tour around the island?"

"It’s your call," Leeann offered brightly as she rolled over and propped herself up on her elbow. Ashley let herself fall into Leeann’s gaze. "This trip was your idea, so I’m up for whatever you would like to do."

There was something in the small blonde’s tone that sent a delightful shiver down Ashley’s spine. "Beach," the tall brunette stammered.

"Are you all right?" Leeann inquired in a curious tone.

"Yeah, just a little jet lag," Ashley lied.

"Maybe you should rest." Leeann patted the bed.

Ashley’s jaw dropped. Leeann’s invitation wasn’t meant to be seductive as it sounded, could it? "We can relax on the hotel beach and even have lunch down there," Ashley stammered once again.

"Okay," Leeann agreed as she bounced off the king-size bed. "Like I said, whatever you want to do. I’m all yours," Leeann added as she opened up her suitcase and began rummaging through it.

"Should we walk down or call for one of those carts?" Ashley inquired as she searched her own luggage for her beachwear.

"Call for a cart. You seem tired," Leeann offered casually as she headed off to the bathroom to change. "Oh my God!" Leeann screamed from the bathroom.

Ashley dropped the telephone and ran after her friend. She was frantic when she reached the bathroom. "This is amazing!" Leeann squealed as she hugged the stunned Ashley tightly around the waist.

The tall brunette’s body trembled slightly as the warmth of Leeann’s body pressed against her own. Her crystal blue eyes scanned the bathroom to discover that Leeann’s assessment was correct. In the center of the room there was a large raised Jacuzzi bathtub. Off to the side was a glass shower with several showerheads along the walls. Then there was the long vanity with two sinks. There was even a loveseat in one corner. "This is nicer than my apartment." Ashley snorted in disbelief.

"No kidding," Leeann agreed. "Oops. Sorry about that," the blonde quickly apologized with a light chuckle.

"Laugh it up, blondie," Ashley sneered she bumped Leeann playfully with her hip.

Later the hotel transport delivered them to the beach. They found a pair of lounge chairs near the water. Ashley removed her wrap to reveal her simple one-piece teal swimsuit. "This is bliss," Leeann said softly from beside her. When Ashley turned to respond, she drank in the sight of Leeann clad in a shimmering aqua bikini.

Ashley turned away quickly, certain that she was drooling. She took a calming breath before returning her gaze to her companion. Leeann had stretched out on one of the lounge chairs. As she contemplated whether or not Leeann would object to her licking the mole on her firm abdomen, one of the cabana boys approached.

The muscle-bound young man offered them towels, sun block, and took their drink order. He also flirted with the two women in an outrageous manner. "I think he likes you," Leeann said as she applied some sun block to her milky white skin.

"Oh, I think he had his eye on you," Ashley countered playfully as she took a seat in the chair next to Leeann. "In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he offered to apply your suntan lotion personally."

"Speaking of which, can you do my back?" Leeann asked, handing Ashley the bottle before turning over on her stomach.

"Sure," Ashley responded with a confidence she didn’t really feel. ‘You can do this,’ her mind said herself as she poured a dab of the cool liquid onto her hands.

She rubbed the lotion in her hands to warm it before she began to caress it onto Leeann’s shoulders. The feel of the smaller woman’s body responding to her touch was evoking the most wonderful sensations. As her hands melted into Leeann’s warmth, her stomach clenched and her center began to throb.

Unable to continue with the delightful torture of touching Leeann’s body, Ashley began to slather the lotion on in a clumsy manner. She knew it was ridiculous but it was better then feeling her fingertips burn from touching Leeann’s skin. "All done," she exclaimed as she gave Leeann’s back on final oafish slap.

"Thanks," Leeann said in a quizzical tone as she stared at Ashley in a curious manner.

Ashley knew the small blonde thought she’d lost her mind. She placed her Ray Bans on and slumped down in her chair. Their drinks arrived and the cabana boy flirted with them once again. Leeann shooed the man away after Ashley signed the bill. They toasted one another and their vacation. Ashley smiled sheepishly at Leeann as the blonde wiped some of the excess lotion from her body.

Leeann donned her own pair of sunglasses and began to sip her drink. The two women relaxed and became wrapped up in the captivating scenery. Ashley could feel the need for sleep creeping up on her. She was surprised when Leeann ordered another round of drinks.

"Ashley, there’s something I need to talk to you about,"Leeann began shyly as they sampled the new fruity cocktail.

"Okay." Ashley yawned as she fought off the waves of exhaustion.

"You remember my wedding right?" Leeann began slowly in a soft tone.

"Well yeah," Ashley responded in confusion. "I was your Maid of Honor." She tried to stifle the yawn but it managed to escape.

"Why don’t you rest?" Leeann laughed.

"No," Ashley responded wearily. "What do you need to talk about? You know that you can tell me anything," she encouraged her friend.

"I hope so." Leeann’s voice trembled. "Look, why don’t you rest for a little while and then we’ll talk."

"No, I’m fine," Ashley said.

"I bet you didn’t sleep a wink on the airplane," Leeann asserted. "That’s what I thought," the blonde said when Ashley failed to respond. "Rest now," she added as she leaned over and gently took Ashley by the hand. "Enjoy this tropical paradise." Leeann reassured her by giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

Ashley nodded mutely in agreement and allowed her eyes to flutter shut. She thought that she would simply rest her weary body for a few moments before the two of them could continue their conversation.

The next thing Ashley became aware of was the feel of tiny droplets of water caressing her skin. At first she thought that Leeann was teasing her. She sat up to discover that she was still holding Leeann’s hand tightly. The blonde’s thumb was caressing the back of her hand gently. "We need to get going," Leeann explained in a comforting tone.

Ashley released the blonde’s hand quickly and removed her sunglasses. "It’s starting to rain," Leeann continued as she stood and began to put on her shirt and shoes. Ashley ran her hand over her arm to brush away the rain. She rubbed the tips of her fingers together. "Did you put lotion on me?" she inquired as she stood and put on her wrap.

"Hmm," Leeann responded with a slight blush.

"How long was I asleep?" Ashley inquired as they made their way back towards their bungalow. She was trying to figure out how Leeann had used one free hand to cover her body with sun block without awakening her.

"A couple of hours," Leeann responded absently as she waved for one of the golf buggies to come and collect them.

Once they were safely back at the bungalow, Leeann pushed Ashley insistently towards the luxurious bathroom. "Go take a long soak and I’ll order dinner," the blonde instructed her firmly.

"You don’t want to go out tonight?" Ashley protested, suddenly fearing the thought of being alone with Leeann.

"You’re tired," Leeann scoffed.

"Please. I slept on the beach," Ashley argued as Leeann continued to nudge her towards the bathroom. "I’ve been a complete slug since we arrived."

"You are on vacation," Leeann scolded her. The blonde halted her movements and her face grew serious. "Besides, I really need to talk to you. We can go out tomorrow."

Ashley simply nodded before gathering up some clothing and heading off to the bathroom. As the brunette lounged in the tub, she could smell the tropical rain wafting in through the windows. It seemed to be raining much harder. Ashley distracted her thoughts away from her cousin’s wife by playing with the various jets in the Jacuzzi. She thoroughly amused herself by playing with all of the buttons the large tub had to offer.

Later, as she threw on a pair of boxer shorts and a light T-shirt, she decided that Leeann was right. This was bliss. She opened the bathroom door slightly, hoping to sneak up on the blonde. She blinked her eyes, noticing that the outer room seemed to be bathed in candlelight. She could hear Leeann’s voice carrying on a conversation. The tone of the blonde’s voice troubled Ashley.

"No, Fred," Leeann said. Ashley inhaled deeply as she realized that Leeann was on the telephone with her husband. She stepped back into the bathroom, trying to avoid overhearing the conversation. "We need to do this quickly. What about the baby?" Leeann said urgently, causing Ashley’s body to freeze. "No, I haven’t told her yet . . . I was going to down at the beach but she fell asleep . . . Don’t tell me that you’re jealous?" The last statement sounded bitter.

‘She’s having a baby!’ Ashley thought happily. ‘Wait! She doesn’t sound happy about it. That doesn’t make any sense. They’ve both wanted children for a long time. And why would she be drinking if she’s pregnant?’ Her mind raced frantically. ‘Something is wrong.’ She panicked.

"Why are you lurking?" Leeann teased her as she opened the bathroom door.

"I was just coming out," Ashley stammered.

"You did that years ago," Leeann teased. "Dinner is here. Why don’t you pour yourself a glass of wine? I just need to jump into the shower and wash off the suntan lotion," Leeann explained as she gave Ashley’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.

Ashley walked into the main room that was indeed lit only by candlelight. If she had been with anyone else, she would have enjoyed the romantic setting. Ashley looked appreciatively at the bottle of Pouilly-Fuisse white burgundy. "Nice choice," she said thoughtfully.

"Thank you," Leeann responded as she entered the room. "Pour a glass for me, please."

"Are you sure?" Ashley inquired hesitantly as she watched the woman who was now dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a white blouse. Ashley’s eyes didn’t miss the fact that Leeann hadn’t quite buttoned her top all the way up and she had apparently forgotten to put on a bra.

"Yes," Leeann responded in a puzzled tone. Ashley sighed as she poured them each a glass of wine. "Thank you again for this trip. I’m a little curious why you didn’t invite someone special."

"You are someone special," Ashley stated firmly as she handed Leeann a glass of wine.

"Thank you," Leeann repeated, her eyes sparkling in the candlelight.

"This is nice," Ashley said quickly, noting the array of food that had been placed on the table.

"On that note you must let me pay for some of this," Leeann said. "No arguments."

"You are so pushy," Ashley teased as she sipped her wine.

They stood there, staring deeply into one another’s eyes. Ashley’s body hummed with desire as she felt her nipples harden. She could hear her heart beating rapidly. A clap of thunder stirred her out of her lustful musings. "It’s really raining out there," she said quickly. Leeann simply nodded in agreement.

Ashley couldn’t take her eyes off of Leeann’s beautiful face. Leeann set her wine glass down on the table. Then she gently took Ashley’s from her and placed it beside her own. She captured Ashley’s hands in her own. "I don’t want to screw up our vacation, but there’s something I need to talk to you about," Leeann said in an almost fearful tone.

"Go ahead," Ashley responded bravely as she gave Leeann’s hands a gentle squeeze.

"It’s so hard to know where to begin." Leeann stammered slightly. Ashley looked down at the smaller woman with love and concern. "I guess a good place to start is with what happened in the ladies room at my wedding reception."

Ashley’s heart stopped and her lungs grew tight, suddenly void of any air. ‘Why now? I’m terrified at what tomorrow may bring to my doorstep and she wants to talk about this now?’ her mind screamed. ‘The baby! That’s it! They don’t want me around the baby!’ she thought bitterly as she pulled her hands away from Leeann’s touch. She stared blankly at the woman she had loved in secret for so many years. Leeann’s timing made her angry. Ashley couldn’t stand being close to her, knowing that she was about to be betrayed.

"Ashley?" Leeann pleaded.

"Not now," Ashley spat out as she turned away. She raced to the door and threw it open. Ashley wasn’t thinking as she ran out into the dark rainy night. She heard Leeann calling after her as she raced across the grass.

The sound of the rain and the surf was pounding in her ears as she collapsed on her knees. Her heart was breaking as she heard Leeann’s frantic footsteps approaching. "Don’t hate me," Leeann sobbed as she fell beside her.

"Hate you?" Ashley cried out as the tears fell. "That’s the problem, isn’t it?" she spat out as she looked over at her friend who was also crying. "I don’t hate you. I love you," she confessed as the night rain whipped around their shivering bodies.

In the darkness she could just barely see the faintest smile emerge on Leeann’s full lips. Leeann reached up and captured Ashley’s face in her hands. Ashley’s heart sped up as Leeann leaned closer. "Say it again," Leeann pleaded as her breath caressed Ashley’s skin.

"I love you," Ashley repeated nervously.

Leeann’s lips brushed Ashley’s in a quick sensual movement. "I love you too," Leeann said before she gently licked the rain from Ashley’s quivering lips. The brunette felt as if she was living in a dream as their lips melted together. The smell of the rain and tropical flowers permeated her senses as she felt Leeann’s hands still cupping her face.

If she was dreaming Ashley never wanted to wake up. She brushed Leeann’s lips with her tongue, tasting the rain mixed with wine. As she felt the blonde’s lips part slightly, she wrapped her arms around Leeann’s waist. Her tongue dipped into the warmth of Leeann’s mouth. She moaned as she felt Leeann’s tongue greeting her own.

Leeann’s hands slipped down her back as the kiss grew more passionate. Their bodies were drenched as they melted into one another. Their tongues engaged in a sensual battle as they explored the warmth of each other’s mouths.

She could feel Leeann’s hands shyly pulling on the wet cotton material of her T-shirt. Ashley felt Leeann’s hard nipples pressing against her own. She wanted to tear off their clothing so she could feel their rain-soaked skin become one. The only thing that gave her pause was the need to make the moment last for a lifetime if need be. And since she had no idea just how much of life she had left to live, she wasn’t going to rush this precious memory.

As they broke for air, the two women were panting. Ashley could see the passion in Leeann’s eyes. She leaned in and began to kiss the rain from the blonde’s cherubic features. With each brush of her lips, Ashley savored the taste of the rain mixed with Leeann’s skin.

She kissed her way across Leeann’s jaw. The blonde’s head fell back, offering up her neck for Ashley’s exploration. The sight of the woman of her dreams kneeling in front of her covered in wetness, her head thrown back with desire, made Ashley’s heart sing.

She simply drank in the sight as her fingers struggled to open the buttons of Leeann’s shirt. Once she had freed the last button, she opened the blouse to reveal Leeann’s firm full breasts. Ashley’s eyes filled with tears from the sheer beauty sitting before her.

Ashley cupped her lover’s head as her mouth lowered to her inviting neck. Slowly she licked the rain from Leeann’s neck as her lover moaned in pleasure. "Ashley," Leeann moaned just loud enough to be heard above the wind and the rain. Ashley’s tongue flickered against Leeann’s neck as she worked her way lower.

Ashley’s passion grew as she felt Leeann’s blood racing beneath her lips. Leeann’s body arched even further as Ashley slowly ran her tongue along the valley between her breasts. She brushed the heavy material of Leeann’s blouse aside and began to slowly run the tip of her tongue along the swell of Leeann’s breast.

She knew her lover was speaking but between the wind and the rain and her head pressed so closely against Leeann’s skin she couldn’t hear the words. Her mouth and her fingers continued to trace the fullness of Leeann’s breasts as the blonde ran her fingers through her wet hair.

She lowered her lover down on the wet grass and pressed her own body closer to the blonde’s. Ashley circled one of Leeann’s hardened nipples with her tongue as her long fingers gently teased the other.

The rapid rise and fall of Leeann’s chest fueled her desire. She captured Leeann’s nipple in her mouth, sucking it gently as the blonde pulled her closer. Leeann wrapped her legs around Ashley’s body as the brunette suckled her nipple harder.

She could feel her lover pressing her center against her abdomen as she continued to tease her nipple with her teeth and her tongue. As Leeann’s body rocked against hers in a steady rhythm she drew the blonde’s breast further into her mouth. As their rhythm grew more frantic, Ashley kissed her way over to Leeann’s other breast.

Their bodies ground together and Ashley continued to pleasure Leeann’s breasts, moving from one to the other. She looked up for a moment and was captured in a smoky green gaze. Leeann pulled her up and reclaimed her lips. Their tongues met, instantly wrapping around one another.

Leeann pulled Ashley’s T-shirt up and cupped one of her breasts. Ashley tensed for a moment. The last time someone had touched her breasts was to insert a needle in one of them. She pushed the memory from her thoughts as she began to unbutton Leeann’s shorts.

Leeann removed her hand from Ashley’s breasts just long enough to lower the taller woman’s boxer shorts. The two women kissed deeply as they continued to feel the fullness of one another’s breasts. Ashley’s mind swooned as their rain-soaked half-naked bodies pressed together with urgency.

Lying on the wet grass as the rain continued to sweep over them, their fingers began a gentle exploration. Ashley continued to kiss Leeann softly, her eyes shut, afraid to look into her lover’s eyes as their fingers continued weaving further down one another’s body.

"Love me, Ashley," Leeann whispered against her lips. Ashley’s eyes fluttered open and she was lost in Leeann’s eyes, eyes that reflected the love she felt in her heart. Ashley gasped as each of them dipped their fingers into the wetness of their mutual passion.

Slowly they explored and teased each other. Ashley could feel her lover’s desire coating her fingers as she stared deeply into her eyes. Ashley traced her thumb across Leeann’s throbbing clit. She watched as her lover bit down on her lower lip, fighting against the need to release her passion.

Gripping the wet ground beneath her as she struggled to support herself above Leeann, Ashley pressed her fingers against the opening of the blonde’s center just as Leeann did the same to her. With a gentle kiss, they entered one another. The aching need and pent up desire caused the walls of Ashley’s center to clench tightly around Leeann’s fingers.

Both women moaned as they plunged in and out of one another. Ashley could feel her body begin to tremble as Leeann’s trembled against her. They clung to one another as their bodies swayed passionately. Ashley could feel Leeann’s fingers plunging deeper inside of her as her thighs quivered.

Ashley fought against the explosion welling up inside of her, not wanting their lovemaking to end. As Leeann cried out in the howling wind, Ashley allowed her body it’s own delightful release. "I love you," Ashley repeated over and over again as she collapsed against her lover’s body.

"I love you, Ashley," Leeann whispered as she clung to Ashley. "As romantic as this is, we really should go back to the bungalow before we drown or someone sees us," Leeann suggested as Ashley raised herself off her.

They adjusted their clothing slightly before running back to the bungalow, holding hands tightly. They stumbled through the door, laughing as they closed it behind them. Ashley wrapped her arms around Leeann’s waist and drew her in for another sensual kiss.

They continued to kiss as they undressed each other. Ashley blocked out all thoughts of the outside world as she led Leeann over to the bed, lowering her down onto the king-size bed. Pausing for a moment to drink in her lover’s naked body, she knelt beside the bed.

Ashley ran her hands along Leeann’s firm thighs as she watched the rapid rise and fall of the blonde’s chest. She kissed her way up Leeann’s legs as she settled her body between them. Leeann whimpered as Ashley kissed the inside of her quivering thighs. The scent of her lover’s arousal made her body pulsate. She draped Leeann’s legs over her broad shoulders.

Ashley raised Leeann’s body and pulled her into her mouth. The first taste of Leeann’s passion was pure ambrosia. Ashley suckled Leeann’s clit as the blonde’s body rocked wildly. Ashley’s fingers once again entered the warmth of Leeann’s center and began to move in the same sensual rhythm as her tongue.

She only slowed her loving tongue when she felt her lover nearing the edge of ecstasy. Leeann pleaded for release as Ashley continued to pleasure her. Her own body pleaded for release as well and finally she took her lover harder, fulfilling her aching desire for release. Ashley’s body trembled as Leeann exploded against her.

Ashley laid her head on Leeann’s stomach, relishing the feel of her lover still trembling against her cheek. "I need to hold you," Leeann pleaded. Ashley climbed up onto the bed and into her lover’s arms. Unable to extinguish the fire burning within them, they continued to make love throughout the evening until their exhausted bodies collapsed.

Ashley awoke the following morning to find the sun shining and the birds singing and her arms wrapped tightly around Leeann who was lying on top of her. Despite the beauty of the moment, the harsh reality sent Ashley into a sudden panic.

The brunette rolled the blonde off her body and sat upright. "No you don’t," Leeann said gruffly as she wrapped a strong arm across Ashley’s body.

"This is bad," Ashley muttered as she tried to pull away from Leeann.

"Do you regret making love to me?" Leeann asked in a startled tone as she sat up.

"No," Ashley responded honestly as she cupped Leeann’s cheek. "I meant every word I said last night." Leeann leaned into her touch. Ashley pulled away before the temptation proved to be too much for her to withstand.

"Well, at least I have an excuse not to attend any more family get-togethers," Ashley said, trying to make light of the awkward situation.

"No, you don’t," Leeann said firmly.

"Leeann, I slept with my cousin’s wife," Ashley grumbled. "Someone I’ve been in love with for years. I’m not about to make things worse for the two of you by being a constant reminder. Honestly, I’d rather spare myself the pain of seeing you two together. Especially with the baby coming."

"What are you talking about?" Leeann asked in confusion. "Ashley, we really need to talk."

"Nothing left to say," Ashley protested. "I heard what you said on the telephone last night. I know that you’re pregnant."

Leeann muttered something Ashley couldn’t understand as she got out of bed and pulled a robe out of her suitcase. Ashley couldn’t resist looking at Leeann’s body with sincere appreciation before the blonde put the robe on.

Leeann sighed as she sat back down on the bed. "Okay, I need to finish what I tried to tell you last night. And you need to let me tell you," Leeann explained in a firm tone. Ashley nodded in agreement as she fought against the urge to run and catch the first plane home. "First, starting with the wedding reception was obviously a poor choice." Ashley simply chuckled in agreement. "You don’t need to worry about seeing me at the family dinners." Ashley stared at her blankly. "I won’t be attending anymore. Fred and I are getting a divorce."

"What?" Ashley chimed in.

"Let me finish," Leeann warned her. "This has nothing to do with last night. Well, it does a little. I had my doubts about myself before I met Fred. But he and I got along so well and I thought that being really close friends was enough. In the end, it wasn’t. I’ve been in love with you probably since the first moment I saw you. If I had been stronger I would have never married Fred. I spent a lot of years fighting this and denying it. In many ways, Fred and I did have a good marriage but there was always something missing for both of us."

"Why now?" Ashley asked in confusion.

"Ashley, I’m not pregnant but Fred is going to be a father,"Leeann explained slowly as she grimaced slightly.

"That jerk," Ashley spat out.

Leeann laughed at her outburst. "Well, that’s a lot more civilized than what I called him when I found out." Leeann chuckled. "I went ballistic. While we were arguing a lot of things were said about truths we were both hiding. In the end, we realized that we are really good friends but weren’t meant to be man and wife."

"So he knows about me?" Ashley stammered.

"Yes," Leeann responded with a smile.

"And he’s okay with this?" Ashley pried.

"He’s not doing cartwheels over the fact that I’ve been carrying feelings for his cousin over the years. But he really wants to see both of us happy," Leeann explained. "When this trip came up he suggested that I tell you how I feel."

"Wow," Ashley said in genuine surprise.

"Honestly, when it first came out it wasn’t a thoughtful discussion over coffee," Leeann confessed. "It was more like an accusation. However, it was a truth that I could no longer deny. Fred and I split up two months ago. We’re getting along better. What you heard last night was me asking why the divorce couldn’t move a little quicker. He wants to marry this girl and I agree that it should happen before the baby shows up. That’s the whole sordid story. Now do you want to tell me what you’ve been hiding?"

Ashley looked like a deer caught in the headlights of oncoming truck. "Ashley, why the sudden desire to jet off to Hawaii?" Leeann pressed. "Come on, tell me. It couldn’t possibly be more Jerry Springer than what I just confessed."

Ashley smiled at the statement before gathering her courage enough to tell Leeann everything. "I found a lump in my right breast," she said slowly. Leeann’s eyes widened in fear. "I’ll get the results from the biopsy when I get back."

"We will," Leeann said firmly as she captured Ashley’s hand in her own.

"What?" Ashley responded.

"We will get the results when we get back," Leeann reasserted as she squeezed Ashley’s hand tightly. "Ashley, I was so attracted to you years ago that we made out at my wedding reception. Over the years I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with you. Even if the depth of your feelings isn’t the same, there is no way I am going to allow you to go through this alone. And I could kick your butt for not telling me sooner."

"I love you," Ashley reassured her lover. "And I don’t want to think about the biopsy until we get back. " Leeann flashed her a sweet smile before curling up in her arms. "Right now, I’m in paradise with a beautiful blonde. Are you going to tell Fred about this?"

"Yes," Leeann confirmed. "Of course, he’ll just take the credit for getting us together."

"Well, tell him from me that I’m not going on Jerry Springer." Ashley snorted in disgust. "The family is going to freak."

"Mine already has," Leeann groaned.

"So do you want to take a tour or do a little island hopping today?" Ashley asked as Leeann began to nibble on her sensitive neck.

"Like I said yesterday, whatever you want to do. I’m all yours," Leeann murmured against her skin.

"You keep talking like that and we may never make it out of this room," Ashley purred.


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