All In A Days Work

By Mavis Applewater

November 2003


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As always this is for Heather.




Sue Rainer looked over at Mr. Warren who was probably the highest person in the company’s the food chain that she would ever meet.  Mr. Warren was seated across from her and was surrounded by a flock of men in suits.  Most of the men, she correctly deduced, were lawyers.  Mr. Warren kept looking across at her expecting an answer.


Sue was seated all alone on the other side of the large conference table.  She eyed each of the men carefully as they waited for her response.  Sue was normally a very calm, controlled person who took her job seriously.  Perhaps at times she took it too seriously.  Her friends enjoyed her company even if she was a stickler when it came to etiquette.   Okay, they thought she wasn’t any fun, but she could always be counted on for a ride.


Sue just couldn’t understand why she, of all people, was being asked such a ridiculous question.  My goodness she didn’t even cross against the light even when there wasn’t any traffic coming.  Mr. Warren had phrased the question politely enough, but no matter how she looked at it, he could have only been implying one thing.


“I beg your pardon Mr. Warren, but did you just ask me if I slept with someone to get my promotion?” She blurted out as her face turned a deep shade of crimson.  “No disrespect Sir, but what I do is one step above a secretary.  I mean personal assistant,” she quickly amended.  “It is a good job and I am very happy to have it, but why would you think that I would have to sleep with someone to get it?”


It was the truth.  It was a good job and since ten months ago when she was unemployed for almost a year, she was very happy to be working where she was working.  But in all honesty any kid fresh out of college could have just as easily gotten the job.


“I am sorry Ms. Rainer,” he apologized as the suits blew out a sigh of relief. “I had to ask and I’m afraid I have to ask a few more questions that might be uncomfortable for you.”


“Mr. Warren what is this about?” Sue asked as she tried to suppress the nagging fear that she knew exactly what was going on.


“I am afraid that I am unable to go into details,” he explained very carefully.  “But there have been some concerns.”


“Regarding?” She questioned still maintaining her calm demeanor.


“You were promoted rather quickly,” he stammered slightly.


“Not unusual for the position I was placed in,” she quickly brought to his attention.


“Yes it is true that a great many of Ms. Austin’s assistants do move out of the position very quickly,” he agreed.  “In fact it is considered to be more of a training position than anything else.”


“That is what I was told when I was hired,” she confirmed.


“Yes,” he nodded as he cleared his throat.  “One of the reasons it has been looked upon as an entry level position is because, Ms. Austin has a reputation of being difficult to work with.”


“So I’ve heard,” Sue conceded.  ‘The witch hunt begins,’ she mentally sighed as she fought to maintain her composure.


“But you didn’t have any trouble working under her?” He eagerly pressed.


“None,” Sue answered him in a clipped tone.  Of course it wasn’t true in the beginning, but Rhea Austin had failed to make a good first impression.  No one but Sue was even aware of what she had seen the day she had arrived for interview over ten months ago.


“No problems at all?”  He asked with surprise.


“None,” Sue reasserted.  “Frankly, Ms. Austin is very organized and professional.  I like working under those conditions.”


Again it was the truth. Something about Rhea’s direct manner appeased Sue’s anal nature.  It was the way she liked to work.


“Did she ever do anything to make you uncomfortable?”  One of the suits coldly inquired.


“Never,” Sue stressed not liking the nasty look on the man’s face.


“Did you ever socialize with her?” The nasty suit pressed the look of disdain growing on his face as he spat out each word.


“Never,” Sue repeated.  ‘Okay so I know what your problem is weasel boy, you don’t like dykes,’ she mentally fumed.


“Did she ever touch you in an inappropriate manner?”  The weasel continued as Sue felt the anger welling up inside of her.


“No,” Sue practically shouted as she felt her self-control slipping.  “Gentlemen, I have no idea what is going on here, but let me clear up any misunderstandings you may have.  I worked very hard for Ms. Austin and was promoted to my present position for no other reason than I deserved it.  Ms. Austin has never said, done, behaved or touched me in an inappropriate manner. As for socializing together, Ms. Austin and I haven’t even shared so much as a Chicklet together.”


“That tells us everything we need to know,” Mr. Warren chuckled as he flashed Sue a brilliant smile.


“I don’t think it does,” the weasel hissed.


“I do,” Mr. Warren firmly shot him down.  Sue had to smile at the way the weasel slumped in his chair.  “Thank you for your time Ms. Rainer and please do not discuss this meeting with anyone.”


Sue promised not to discuss the matter with anyone.  Sue lied; she was going to discuss this with someone.  She bolted into the elevator as she tried to understand just what was going on.  Over the past couple of weeks she had noticed the leering looks she was receiving, noticed the hushed whispers that halted the moment she entered a room.  Whatever was at the bottom of this trouble, Sue was certain that she wasn’t going to like it.  Then again she was positive that she was going to hate working for Rhea Austin.  She was wrong.


It had all started just over ten months ago when she arrived early for her job interview.




Ten Months Earlier


True to her nature Sue arrived over a half an hour early for the interview with Miss Austin at Demotte Enterprises.  Sue always arrived early for any event.  It was one of her many quirks.  She had been out of work for so long, that if she didn’t get the secretarial position she would be forced to move back in with her parents.  Her parents were nice enough people; the petite redhead just didn’t want to live with them.


She checked her watch as she opened the door to the outer office.  She was surprised to find the sectaries desk empty.  She checked her watch once again before she deduced that one of the reasons she was being considered for the position was because Miss Austin was at the present time without an assistant. 


Noticing that the main office door was slightly ajar she approached it.  She knocked lightly before shyly opening it.  Her jaw dropped as she spied what was on the other side.  Never before in her life had she ever walked in on two people having sex, much less two women.  Not that she hadn’t seen two women engaged in an intimate act before, but prior to that moment she had always been one of the two women involved.


At the time she convinced herself that she was in shock and that was why she lingered in the doorway.  The truth was her body was reacting in a very delightful manner to what she was witnessing.  The taller woman was crouched down on a chair, her pants were gathered around her ankles, her head was thrown back, and her eyes were closed as she clung to the small blonde kneeling before her.


The blonde was murmuring with pleasure from between the tall brunette’s thighs.  “That’s it,” the brunette encouraged her partner as her body ground against the blonde’s face.  Sue felt a rush soaring through her as she watched the brunette’s body rocking in a frantic rhythm.  “We have to hurry,” the brunette coaxed her lover.


“No we don’t,” came the blonde’s muffled response.


“I have an interview,” the brunette snarled.


“But I thought,” the blonde protested lifting her head slightly.


“I told you that I wasn’t giving you the job,” the brunette hissed.  “If that is why you are doing this, then stop now.”


Sue stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.  What she did next was completely out of character for her, but she lingered on the other side of the door and listened to the two women.


“Oh no Baby that isn’t why I started this,” the blonde protested. 


Sue strained to hear more as their voices grew quieter.  She jumped back when she heard a series of heavy moaning.  “Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!” Was screamed from the other side as Sue considered just walking out and forgetting about the job. 


“Then again it sounds like they are done,” she reasoned as she took a seat in the waiting area.  She was reviewing her resume when she heard “Ugh,” followed by a loud thump.  “Ugh,” thump.  “Ugh,” thump, thump.  “Yes!” thump, thump, thump.  The screams and thumping increased as Sue’s body felt flushed.  She looked down and discovered that she had crumpled up her resume.


“My they are a feisty couple,” Sue sighed as she mentally calculated just how long it had been since she had a date.


Sue was trying to smooth out her resume when she detected the sounds of hushed voices.  “Just send in my next interview the moment she arrives,” the brunette bellowed.


Sue scrambled to her feet and rushed to the door.  She pretended to be entering the reception area just as the blonde was sauntering out of the main office.  Sue plastered a smile on her face as she walked up to the blonde’s desk. “I have a three o’clock with Ms. Austin,” she explained in a cheery tone as she avoided the blonde’s gaze.


“Yeah have a seat,” the blonde snarled.


Sue blinked with surprise as she complied with the snotty blonde’s instructions.  ‘Geez, from what I just saw and heard, she really should be in a much better mood,’ the redhead reasoned as she tapped her foot nervously.  She glanced over at the blonde who was snapping her gum while looking off into to space.


The blonde whose face was still a little flushed seemed very relaxed and in no hurry to announce Sue’s arrival.  “Uhm,” Sue began slowly, she really didn’t want to speak to this woman, since she had just witnessed her giving the boss a tongue-lashing.  She was just anxious to get the interview over with so she could go on with her life. “I hate to be a bother but could you let Ms. Austin know that I’m here,” Sue politely requested.


“She’s busy,” the blonde shrugged as she booted up her computer.


Sue was furious. She had distinctly heard Ms. Austin tell this annoying woman to send her in right away.  It frustrated her not to be able to tell this annoying woman just that.  How could she?  If she did she would then have to explain she was eavesdropping on the two of them have sex.


Sue’s patience was frayed as the blonde toiled away on her computer without making any attempt to announce her arrival.  By the sounds coming from the computer Sue knew that the blonde wasn’t working but instead playing some game. ‘You must be amazing in bed to get away with this garbage,’ the redhead fumed as she watched the time slowly ticking by.


Finally the blonde released a bored sigh and buzzed her employer.  “Yeah, there is a Miss . . .?”  The blonde began in a surly tone.


“Rainer,” Sue grumbled as she looked at her watch once again, noting that she was now twenty minutes late for her interview.  ‘Bitch!’ She internally screamed.


“Yeah raining,” the blonde blew out.  “Go on in,” the blonde waved her off after she disconnected the call to Ms. Austin.


Sue released a throaty growl as she gathered up her belongings and stormed into Ms. Austin’s office.  The brunette looked at her own watch and frowned.  “Ms. Rainer,” Rhea greeted her in a brisk manner as she stood from behind her desk.  “Please have a seat.”


Sue looked down at the chair the brunette offered and cringed.  She opted to slide to a different chair from across the room.  There was no way she was going to sit in the same chair the brunette had just been straddling.  Rhea gave her actions a curious glance as she took a seat behind her desk. 


Sue watched as Rhea marked something down on her application.  She could only assume had something to do with her arriving late for her interview.  Rhea’s mood didn’t improve as Sue handed her the now crumpled resume.  “Sorry,” Sue muttered out her apology.  “I was reviewing it on the train when someone bumped into me,” she lied as her eyes darted around.  Normally she would make direct eye contact with a prospective employer.  That day she just couldn’t bring herself to look at this woman.  Each time she glanced over at Rhea Austin, all she could envision was the sight of her in the throes of ecstasy.


“Don’t you hate that,” Rhea offered in a surprisingly friendly manner.  “I usually end up wearing someone else’s breakfast.”


Sue smiled over at the brunette.  She blushed deeply and quickly diverted her gaze.  ‘I have to do this, I have to do this,’ she silently repeated over and over again.


“Are you alright?” Rhea asked with concern.


“Fine,” Sue lied as she tried to erase the image of Rhea’s naked body from her mind.  Sue kept trying to reassure herself that she could get through the interview.  ‘Job interviews are hard enough but this is insane,’ Sue reasoned knowing that if she somehow survived this interview she would be ready for anything.


By the way Rhea’s face scrunched up Sue knew that the executive was far from convinced that the redhead wasn’t an idiot.  “What exactly is the position?” Sue threw out in an effort to get things back on track.


“I’m looking for a personal assistant,” Rhea explained as she scanned Sue’s resume. 


“I can understand why,” Sue volunteered.


“I beg your pardon?” Rhea curiously inquired.


“No offense but the young lady out front seems less than capable of performing the position,” Sue carefully explained as she blushed.


“She’s a temp,” Rhea tossed out with a heavy sigh.


‘Yeah but she wants the job enough to have sex with you,’ Sue mentally snarled as she understood just why it was she had been kept waiting.  Sue knew that she was more than capable of doing the job, and now was the time to prove it.  “That would explain it then,” Sue responded directly.  “She doesn’t seem too focused.  I was very surprised that she kept me waiting for so long.  A person such as you must have to maintain a very tight schedule.”


“I do,” Rhea flatly agreed.  “How long were you waiting?” 


“I arrived just before three,” Sue explained trimming some time off of her actual arrival time.  “I have an annoying habit of being early for everything.”


“I wouldn’t consider that an annoying habit,” Rhea corrected her as Sue handed over a stack of letters of recommendation before Rhea could request them.  “Very impressive,” Rhea nodded as she reviewed all of Sue’s qualifications.  “You do know that you are over qualified for this position.”


“I need a job, Ms. Austin,” Sue bluntly explained.  “I’m good at what do and I am a very hard worker.”


“The good news is that if you are placed in this position chances are you will move up very quickly.  My assistants don’t tend to stay with me for very long,” Rhea offered brightly.


“Why is that?” Sue asked almost fearful of the answer.


“Seems I’m difficult to work with,” Rhea chuckled.


“I find that hard to believe,” Sue retorted as she blushed once again.


“Sucking up already?  I like that,” Rhea teased.  “Let me tell you about the position and the company.”


Throughout the remainder of the interview, Rhea was polite and professional. Sue listened carefully and asked all of the right questions.  Still she fidgeted constantly and was unable to meet Rhea’s gaze.  By the time Sue had made her speedy departure from Rhea Austin’s office she was convinced that she had blown the interview and would be moving back in with her parents.


She was more than a little shocked when she received the call for a second interview.  The second interview was far less painful, still the small redhead found it difficult to look at Rhea.  Somehow she fumbled through it.  She must have done better than she thought since she was called back once again and hired.


Sue went into a full fledge panic after she accepted the position.  “How can I work for her?  I’ve seen her naked,” she whined to Coco her cat.  She couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that Rhea would turn out to be some over sexed jerk.  After all she had sex with Norma the temp from hell.  “What am I going to do if she makes a pass at me?”  She squeaked fearfully as Coco ignored her.  “Then again,” she pondered as thoughts of Rhea’s body flashed through her mind.  “I need a date,” she scolded herself.



During her first few weeks of employment Sue was unable to shake her uneasy feelings.  Everything Rhea said or did took on a sexual meaning for the small redhead.  It wasn’t Rhea’s fault; Sue’s mind would just leap into Smut Ville at the most innocent comments. Rhea never once hit on Sue or even touched her.  Rhea was nothing if not hard working and professional. It was a quality that Sue admired.  She quickly managed to push aside the image of Rhea and Norma together and move on.  Sue proved to be more than capable of performing any task Rhea put before her.


Sue almost regretted her promotion.  She had grown fond of working with Rhea.  She had also grown fond of Rhea.  On her last day as Rhea’s assistant the brunette wished her well and expressed her regret at having to lose her.  It was the closest thing the two of them had shared that remotely resembled a personal conversation.


After Sue moved on to her new position in management the two of them did exchange more personal exchanges.  Mostly about the weather, work, and plans for the weekend.  Never once did either of them actually pry into the other’s personal life.  It was a bit of a disappointment for Sue. She truly enjoyed being around Rhea and wanted to know the woman a little better.



A professional friendship was all she was seeking, well almost all she was seeking.  There were those occasions late at night when she was home alone that she allowed herself to engage in a fantasy or two.  She knew she had a crush on the brunette and for the first time in her life she had to agree with her friends, she really did need to lighten up.  She had also developed an odd habit of going to the local women’s bars, so she could lurk in a corner and watch as other couples made out.  Her first encounter with the admirable Ms. Austin had effected her in a very interesting way.





Back to the present


Sue cringed when she entered Rhea’s office and discovered her former desk vacant.  “This can’t be good,” she surmised.


“It isn’t,” came the husky response.


Sue gasped as the sound of Rhea’s voice made her shiver.  She looked up to find the brunette leaning in the doorway with a forlorn expression.


“I take it you’ve heard the news,” Rhea grumbled in a dejected tone.


“Not exactly,” Sue tried to explain.  For the first time since she had met Rhea the professionalism between them slipped away.  “I was called upstairs to answer some very interesting questions.”


“Peachy,” Rhea muttered as she looked sadly over at Sue.  “Just tell them the truth.  You should be okay.  I don’t understand why they are dragging you into this.”


“Apparently we worked too well together,” Sue offered as she took a shy step closer to her former boss.


“There was a time when they would have given you a medal for that,” Rhea quipped.


“They still should,” Sue shot back in a playful manner.


“You got me there,” Rhea responded as she smiled for the first time since Sue had stepped into her office.


“What exactly am I being dragged into?” Sue cautiously inquired.


“A sexual harassment suit has been filed against me,” Rhea confessed with a heavy sigh.


“That is ridiculous,” Sue spat out.


“I have to agree,” came the stern voice from behind them.


Sue shrunk back as she recognized Mr. Warren’s voice.  “Hey Glenn,” Rhea greeted the CEO in a halfhearted manner.


“How are you holding up?” He asked with concern as he crossed the room to greet the weary brunette.


“Considering that my career is in the toilet, I’m doing just great,” Rhea groaned.


“Now don’t give up hope,” he encouraged.  “Ms. Rainer’s statements were very helpful.  The boys aren’t so eager to settle and sweep this under the rug.  You’re still suspended but things look better.”


“Yeah,” Rhea sighed.  “What did you say?”


“The truth,” Sue shrugged.  “You’re an impossible slave driver.”


Sue felt a sense of elation when Rhea not only smiled at her remark but released a hearty laugh as well.  Then Rhea’s face dimmed.  “Doesn’t matter,” Rhea sighed.  “Settle. Don’t settle.  Go to court.  Don’t go to court.  I’m still finished.”


“You don’t know that,” Mr. Warren cautioned her.  “Look it is the end of the day; you have some free time, get out of here and try to relax.  And you,” he directed towards Sue. “It is the weekend, get out of here and take her with you before I remember that I told you not to discuss this with anyone.”


“Yes Sir,” Sue happily complied.  She surprised all of them when she took Rhea by the arm and led her out of the office.  What surprised Sue even more was that Rhea followed without protesting.


Sue led Rhea to the bar located on the corner and ordered them a round of margaritas.  Each of them nursed their cocktails in silence.  Sue ordered another round quickly as she tried to think of just what she should say.  “He’s right you know,” she finally blurted out.


“Who?” Rhea asked in surprise.


“Mr. Warren,” Sue clarified.


“Glenn?” Rhea scoffed.  “No he isn’t.  I’m finished.  You want to know why?”


“Yes,” Sue asserted since she already suspected who was behind this entire fiasco.


“Because when the allegations came down even I wondered if I was guilty,” Rhea dejectedly explained.


“You’re not,” Sue argued.


“No I’m not,” Rhea sadly agreed. “But I had to tell the truth.  I slept with her.  Well slept with is a polite way to put it actually.  I had sex with her.”


“Norma?” Sue concluded.


“Yeah Norma,” Rhea responded with embarrassment as Sue ordered another round of drinks.  “Wait!” Rhea suddenly shouted out.  “How did you know?”


“Make them doubles,” Sue instructed the waiter. “Trust me you’re going to need it,” she reassured Rhea with a pat on the arm.


“I’m not going to like this am I?” Rhea concluded as she drained the drink that was still in front of her.


“I’m not sure that you will,” Sue stammered as she mentally willed the waiter to hurry up. “You remember the day I first interviewed with you?”


“Yes,” Rhea nodded as the waiter delivered their drinks.  “I never saw someone so nervous at an interview before, I almost didn’t hire you.”


“I wasn’t nervous,” Sue gulped out before taking a long swallow from her cocktail. 


“Sure you were,” Rhea argued with a smile.


“No,” Sue pressed on. “I was uncomfortable.”


“Why were you uncomfortable?  And do I need to start doing shots?” Rhea curiously inquired.


“You just might,” Sue hedged.  “Remember how you thought I was late, but I was actually early?”


“Yeah,” Rhea slowly responded as her brow crinkled.  “It was a good thing it was Norma’s last day and I didn’t have to fire her.”


“The truth is,” Sue hesitated deciding to drain her margarita before continuing.  “I was very early.”


“And?” Rhea responded in bewilderment.  Sue watched as the brunette tried to decipher what she had just been told.  Suddenly Rhea’s emerald eyes widened with horror.  “How early is early?”


“I told you it is an annoying habit,” Sue quipped in an effort to spare some of her dignity.


“You didn’t?” Rhea choked out.  “I mean what did you? How much did you?”



“This isn’t something I ever thought I would have to admit,” Sue cautiously began.  “Let’s just say I know it was Norma, and I know for a fact that you were ready to put a stop to things when you thought it was about a job.”



“Oh my God,” Rhea blew our in wonderment.  “I don’t know what to say.  I mean on the one hand I should feel embarrassed.  On the other hand I can’t help wondering just how much you saw and just why you watched.”


Sue blushed down to her roots as she tried to come up with some reasonable explanation for her actions.  “I didn’t see that much,” Sue tried to argue as Rhea smiled over at her.  “I . . . Uhm  . . . Well I did see a little then I left.”


“That makes sense,” Rhea shrugged it off.  “You walked in caught two people boinking and got the hell out of there.  I don’t what I would have done if I had walked in on something like that.”


“I didn’t leave right away,” Sue mumbled as Rhea’s eyes widened with surprise.


“Excuse me?”  Rhea taunted her.


“I want to die,” Sue grumbled.  “I should have just lied.”


“That is what Glenn told me,” Rhea laughed lightly.


“Not your style,” Sue noted thoughtfully as they sipped their drinks and flagged down the waiter.


“I just never would have guessed it,” Rhea thoughtfully offered.


“Guessed what?” Sue asked feeling light headed from the large amount of tequila she had consumed.


“You,” Rhea offered with a sly smirk and a suggest wiggle of her eyebrows.  “Being into voyeurism.”


“I’m not,” Sue shot back as she swatted the brunette playfully. “Not really.  It was just so I don‘t know fascinating in some twisted way,” she tried to explain as her mind wandered back to the fateful afternoon.


“Then you got more out the experience than I did,” Rhea sighed heavily.  “I still can’t believe I fell for her line of horse puckey.  Of course she was only sticking her hand down my pants for the job.  For some bizarre reason I chose to turn stupid at that moment.”


“Happens,” Sue reasoned.


“Not to me,” Rhea argued.  “I mean it does, when I’m attracted to a woman I become a new kind of stupid.  I can truly reach a level of idiotism that has never been seen on this planet before.”


“Were you that attracted to her?” Sue murmured as her heart sank.


“No that is the stupid part,” Rhea grumbled.  “She had been hitting on me since day one.  I brushed it off.  Then that last day I don’t know what got into me.  She literally put her hand down my pants, it had been so long since I had been with anyone and it was her last day.  I figured what the hell.  It was kind of exciting doing it in my office.  I never did anything that risqué before.  Is that why you wouldn’t sit in the chair?”  Rhea exclaimed with a sudden understanding.


“Yeah,” Sue hiccupped.


“Bad news,” Rhea said with a smirk.  “I switched the chairs.  The one you sat in was the one we had used.”


“Eww!”  Sue blanched.


“Sorry, it wasn’t as if I could tell you,” Rhea laughed.  “For the life of me I couldn’t understand what you were doing.  I just assumed you just had some kind of disorder involving furniture.”


Sue let loose an uproarious laugh as she tried to imagine what poor Rhea must have thought of her during their first meeting.  The tears rolled down her cheeks.  “I haven’t acted this silly in years,” she confessed as she wiped the tears from her face.


“I never get silly,” Rhea grimly confessed.  “Most of my friends keep telling me I need to lighten up.”


“Mine too,” Sue sighed.  “Maybe my friends are right?”


“Maybe our friends are wrong?” Rhea offered hopefully.


“I don’t know,” Sue considered.  “This feels pretty good.  I can’t remember the last time I just let go.”


“And to think I recommended you for my position,” Rhea teased.


“You did?” Sue choked out.


“You’re the only one who knows the department well enough to take over during my absence,” Rhea asserted.


“Well they won’t give me the job,” Sue theorized as Rhea gave her a skeptical look.  “Almost everyone thinks that I’ve been sleeping with you.  I don’t understand, aren’t all of your assistants that don’t end up being fired promoted quickly?”


“Yes,” Rhea conceded.  “But you are the only one to move up in under a year.  You deserved it.  You are much too good of an employee to be stuck with filing my paperwork.”


“Thank you,” Sue accepted the compliment.  “Doesn’t matter now,” she added with a dejected sigh. “Fuck ‘em,” she threw out tired of the whole situation.  Rhea laughed boisterously at her comment.  “What?”


“It is just the way you said, fuck.  The way you kind of tripped over the word it is almost like you never say it,” Rhea explained.


“I don’t,” Sue confessed before she once again began to blush. “Well unless, of course  I’m actually doing it,” she added shyly.


“Uh huh?” Rhea responded with a blush of her own.  “My you are coming out of your shell tonight aren’t you?”


“I’m trying,” Sue retorted confidently.  “I am planning on spending the rest of this weekend acting, silly and completely irresponsible.”


“Me too,” Rhea chimed.  “First we need more alcohol.”


“Right,” Sue agreed as they waved the nervous looking waiter over.  “I think we are about to get shut off,” she thought aloud after the waiter reluctantly took their order.


Sue prediction was accurate, after another round the waiter did shut them off and asked them to leave.  They laughed at the situation since neither of them had ever been thrown out of a bar before that night.  It was late and neither of them was in good shape as they hailed the taxi.  Rhea was having trouble recalling her address, so Sue decided that they should just head back to her apartment.


Everything seemed like fun, until they found themselves alone in Sue’s apartment.  Sue felt sobriety creeping up on her as the frivolity faded and reality reared its ugly head.  “This just got very awkward didn’t it?” Rhea offered as they stood in the living room staring at one another.


“Yes it did,” Sue agreed.  “Strange since we just spent the night talking about sex.”


“That wasn’t when we were alone in your apartment,” Rhea explained.  “And drunk.”


Sue took a hard swallow as she tried to collect her thoughts.  The smoldering gaze Rhea was casting down upon her made it difficult to focus.  She knew what she wanted at that moment, yet the voice of reason that had plagued her since childhood wouldn’t allow her to just go with her heart.


“I should go,” Rhea finally offered; there was something in her husky tone that called out to Sue.


“You aren’t really in any condition to be traveling alone at night,” Sue rationalized as she stepped closer to Rhea.  She could feel the heat from the brunette’s body reaching out to her.  “Rhea,” she began as she tried to collect her thoughts.  “We are co-workers blowing off a little steam after a really bad day.  I’m just letting you crash here so you can sober up.”


“Is that all this is?” Rhea carefully responded.


“No,” Sue confessed as she felt her heart pounding.  “I don’t work for you any longer,” she sheepishly pointed out as she stepped closer to Rhea, drinking in the scent of her body.  “They are already thinking that we are sleeping together.”


“This is how I got in trouble in the first place,” Rhea cautioned the smaller woman as she cradled Sue’s face in her hands.  “No it isn’t,” Rhea whispered as her face neared Sue’s.  “I didn’t care about her; I can’t say that about you Sue.”


Sue’s heart hammered against her chest, she licked her lips with eager anticipation. She could feel Rhea’s breath on her skin and could smell the tequila on the brunette’s breath.  She knew that they were probably making a mistake, yet she was helpless.  There was something about Rhea Austin that had gotten under her skin long before this moment.


The kiss was gentle as Sue leaned closer against Rhea’s body until she could feel the rapid beating of the taller woman’s heart.  Time stood still after the shy brushing of their lips with Rhea still cradling Sue’s face in her hands as the redhead clasped the taller woman’s hips.  Sue’s eyes blinked open to discover Rhea gazing down at her with a fire in her eyes.


Sue laced her fingers around the nape of Rhea’s neck and guided her back to her lips.  The second kiss was as tender as the first.  Sue caressed Rhea’s neck with one hand and the supple curve of her hip with the other.  She could feel Rhea’s hands gliding along her back caressing her tenderly.


As her tongue flickered against Rhea’s soft lips she made her decision.  It didn’t matter if this was the wrong thing to do, and could lead to the both of them to the unemployment line, she needed to be with this woman, and to feel her making love to her.  Rhea’s lips parted inviting Sue in.  She explored the warmth of the brunette’s mouth slowly as their tongues greeted one another.


“Now I’ve done it,” Rhea whispered as the kiss came to an end and they wrapped their arms around one another.


“No you haven’t,” Sue corrected her.  “No one knows about this, and if they find out I’ll just tell the truth.”


“But,” Rhea began slowly.  “I’ve been attracted to you for quite some time now.”


“You never acted on your attraction until now,” Sue corrected her as her nimble fingers glided to the front of Rhea’s body and she slowly began to release the buttons on the brunette’s blouse.  “Not once while I was under your supervision did either of us cross the line.  We never even spoke about our personal lives until tonight, which is good because at the moment you’re on suspension and we can do anything we want.”


“Anything?” Rhea huskily inquired as she tugged Sue’s blouse out of the safe confines of her slacks.


“Anything,” Sue promised as she lowered Rhea’s blouse down her shoulders until it was dangling from the brunette’s arms.  Rhea smiled down at her tenderly.  There was no mistaking the look of passion tempered with caring written across the brunette’s chiseled features.  Rhea parted her lips to speak; Sue pressed the tips of her fingers to the brunette’s trembling lips silencing her words. There was no need for promises; in the light of day when sobriety hit them there was a very real possibility that each of them might not be able to live up to their promises.


“Just touch me,” Sue offered while her hands slipped around Rhea’s body and unclasped her bra.  Rhea smiled shyly as she nodded in agreement and began to undress the petite redhead.


Each of them was half naked when Sue pushed her lover down onto her bed.  Coco released a dissatisfied hiss before scampering off.  “Sorry Coco, but she is much cuter than you are,” Sue called after her irate pet.


“You have a cat?” Rhea merrily noted while lowering the zipper on Sue’s slacks.


“You can meet her in the morning,” Sue teasingly promised as her hands gravitated towards Rhea’s breasts.  Rhea’s body arched beneath her as she captured the brunette’s nipples between her fingers and began to tease them.  She straddled Rhea’s hips while continuing to fondle the brunette’s ample breasts.  She released a deep moan at the feel of Rhea’s body grinding against her in an urgent rhythm.


“Good lord,” Rhea gasped from beneath the redhead as she began to tug on Sue’s slacks.


Sue lifted her body allowing her lover to lower her pants and underwear down her thighs never allowing her hands to stray from the brunette’s breasts.  She looked down at her hands as she taunted her lover playfully.  Her body warmed as she felt Rhea’s hands exploring her backside. 


The feel of her lover’s hands caressing her bottom fueled on her desires.  She was filled with a need to shed her clothing and to rip Rhea’s clothing from her glorious body.  She needed to feel their bodies touching without barriers.  Yet her body and mind couldn’t connect as she became lost in the feel of her lover’s hands on her body.


Sue lowered her head and captured her lover in a searing kiss. The tenderness from earlier vanished as they were consumed by the fire.  She moaned as she felt the softness of Rhea’s breasts brushing against her flesh.  Her kisses drifted to the brunette’s face, down along her jaw line and finally along her lover’s long neck.  She ran her tongue along the smooth skin of Rhea’s neck and shoulders worshiping her flesh along the way.


Rhea cried out when Sue began to suckle the curve of her neck.  The feel of her lover’s pulse beating beneath her lips drove her insane with desire.  Rhea dug her blunt nails into the smaller woman’s backside as Sue feasted upon her pulse point.  She savored the taste of Rhea’s flesh as her mouth explored lower until her face was happily nestled between her lover’s breasts.  She could feel Rhea kneading her flesh as she circled her nipples with the tip of her tongue.  She flickered her tongue against the dark buds until she felt each of them puckering in response. Then she captured one in her mouth and teased it urgently as her lover begged her for release.


She could feel her own body quivering as she filled her mouth with her lover’s breast.  Rhea squirmed beneath her as her attention turned towards her neglected nipple.  She lavished it with the same attention as her lover’s body ground against her.  Without warning she felt her body rising as Rhea sat up and placed her in her lap.


They kissed hungrily while Rhea clasped the back of Sue’s head with one hand while she explored the front of her body with the other.  Sue’s head fell backward as she felt Rhea’s fingers dipping into her wetness.  She clung to her lover’s broad shoulders while Rhea slowly glided her fingers along her slick folds. 


Sue struggled to breathe as she felt Rhea capturing her throbbing clit between her long fingers.  She rocked her hips against her lover’s touch while begging her to take her.  “Please,” she cried out, as she pressed harder against Rhea’s hand.  “I need you inside of me.”


She lifted her body giving her lover more of herself while pressing her breasts against Rhea’s lips.  The brunette groaned with pleasure as her mouth eagerly accepted the gift.  Sue’s nipples ached from the feel of her lover feasting upon her.  Her wetness flowed heavily as Rhea parted her swollen lips and teased her sex.  Rhea pressed her fingers against the warm wet opening as Sue thrust against her hand. 


Sue cried out once again as she felt her lover entering her.  Rhea greedily suckled her nipples as she wiggled her long digits inside of the redhead.  Her pants were strangling her thighs as she pumped her hips in a furious motion.  Rhea’s hand moved in unison with her wild rhythm while her thumb caressed her clit.


Sue tried to fight against the thunder brewing inside of her.  It was futile, her body gave in as she shuddered against Rhea’s body gripping her tightly as she felt the passion exploding inside of her.  Rhea held her tightly as she collapsed against her.  “Too fast,” she whispered against her lover’s neck.


“I know,” Rhea panted in response while stroking Sue’s back.


Sue felt groggy as she slipped from her lover’s embrace.  “Slower?” Rhea requested as they began to undress one another.


Sue was elated as they took turns slowly removing the remainder of one another’s clothing stealing kisses along the newly exposed flesh.  As they climbed under the covers each of them could feel their bodies waning from the alcohol.  They curled up into each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.


‘She is so adorable when she is sleeping,’ was the redhead’s first conscious thought as she watched Rhea sleeping with her lips parted slightly.  Her second thought was how much her head was pounding. “Never again,” she vowed as she gently lowered the blanket.  She smiled down at Rhea’s body, grimacing slightly at the bruises on her neck and shoulders.  She lightly traced the wounds she had inflicted with the tips of her fingers before placing gentle kisses on the purple marks.


Reluctantly she replaced the blanket as she willed her tired body out of the warm confines of her bed.  She had a plan and she needed to get moving before Rhea woke up. A warm hand captured her wrist halting her movements.  “Where are you going?” Rhea muttered in a gravely voice.  Sue smiled down at the woman whose eyes were still firmly shut.


“I have some errands to run,” Sue softly explained as she slipped from Rhea’s grasp.


“Bed?” Rhea whimpered keeping her eyes shut.


“Sleep,” Sue encouraged her.


“Could you at least get the guy with the jackhammer to stop pounding on my head?” Rhea requested.


“I’ll try,” Sue promised as she kissed Rhea’s brow.  “Sleep will help.”


“Okay,” Rhea yawned as she fell back to sleep.


Sue felt like death warmed over as she stumbled into the kitchen.  Coco glared at her from the kitchen counter.  “You are not allowed up there,” she scolded the furry beast.  Coco refused to budge as she continued to glare at the redhead.  “Fine, I’m a bad Mother,” she conceded as she painstakingly retrieved a can of food for the disgruntled feline.


While Coco chomped down her breakfast Sue chugged down half a gallon of water.  Then she dragged her battered carcass into the shower.  Feeling mildly refreshed she snatched up her cell phone and began to find out everything she needed.  It was difficult to track down information on a Saturday morning but not impossible.  One of the things Sue had learned in life was if you want to know what is going on, never ask the boss.  No for the truth and the dirt you had to ask the boss’ secretary. 


Once her calls had been completed she quickly dressed, leaving a glass of water and a bottle of Tylenol on the nightstand.  As she sneaked out of her apartment she said a silent prayer that Rhea would still be there when she got back.


The afternoon sun was hurting Sue’s eyes as she sat down at the table at the outdoor café.  “I must say I was very surprised to get your call,” her companion greeted her.


“I bet you were,” Sue grinned as she placed her purse down on the table.  “I must say you are very clever,” Sue confided before ordering a cup of coffee from the waiter.


“Uh huh,” the blonde suspiciously responded.


“Relax, Norma,” Sue reassured the woman.  “I’m here for my own reasons.  In fact I don’t know why I didn’t think of threatening a lawsuit myself.”


“They fired you?”  Norma asked as the coffee arrived.


“Yeah,” Sue sighed.  “Can you believe it?”


“The woman’s a bitch,” Norma grumbled.  “I can’t believe I didn’t get that job after I went down on her.  Not only that but she gave me a negative review.  The temp agency fired me.  She is a good fuck though, isn’t she?”


“Hell yes,” Sue chuckled as her stomach turned.  “When I heard about your lawsuit I just knew I had to jump in.  With the two of us making a claim there shouldn’t be a problem.  Who’s your lawyer?”


“Mac Fennimore,” Norma eagerly supplied.  “With two of us claiming harassment it will only make the payoff bigger.  Of course I already know Demotte is going to cough up some serious cash.  Can you believe she actually admitted to sleeping with me?  Then again she believed me when I told her I wasn’t doing her for the job.  What a stupid Bitch.”


“I was just thinking the same thing,” Sue snidely retorted.  “It took me almost a month to get her to drop her pants.”


“What is her problem?” Norma blew out.  “She didn’t give up until the last day I was there and that was after she filled out my time card.  I thought for sure I’d get the job after fucking her.  Hell that is why I seduced her in the first place; I thought she would feel obligated to hire me if I did her. I can’t believe she really meant it when she said it wouldn’t make any difference.  Here is Mac’s number, be sure to call him.”


“Oh I will,” Sue promised before throwing down a couple of ones and gathering up her purse.


Sue was filled with trepidation as she unlocked the door to her apartment.  She pulled the micro-cassette recorder from her pocket as she approached the bedroom.  She had already replayed Norma’s confession three times on the way home.  Her heart sank as she entered the bedroom and discovered it empty with the exception of Coco lounging in the middle of the bed preening.  The sheets were thrown back and the water glass was empty.


“What did I expect,” she muttered bitterly while staring at the empty bed.


Suddenly the sound of running water coming from the bathroom greeted her.  She smiled hopefully as she followed the sound.  The water stopped as she approached the bathroom door.  She paused for a moment before opening the door. The fear of rejection was still dancing through her thoughts as she spied Rhea drying her long body with a towel.  “Are you just going to stand there ogling me or are you going to come in and join me?” Rhea inquired as she wrapped the towel around her body and turned towards Sue.


The smile Rhea bestowed upon her warmed the redhead’s heart.  “I haven’t decided yet,” Sue shrugged as she lingered in the doorway.


“Didn’t your Mama teach you that if you are going to sneak out the morning after it doesn’t work if it is your apartment?” Rhea questioned her while raising her eyebrow.


“I knew she forgot to teach me something,” Sue quipped as her eyes drifted up and down Rhea’s body.  The brunette snickered in response as she began to comb out her hair.  “I used your toothbrush, I hope you don’t mind.”


“Uhm no,” Sue lied since it was one of her many pet peeves.


“Get over it,” Rhea smirked.  “Serves you right for my bruised and battered body.  Now I know that this is a hickey, but what happened to my shoulders?”


“That was your fault,” Sue noted while a blush covered her entire body.  “I was caught up in the moment and held on a little too tightly.  How are you feeling?” 


“Like hell,” Rhea groaned.  “Tequila is not my friend.”


“Mine either,” Sue concurred.  “Feel like sticking around for a cup of coffee?” Sue asked as they stepped out of the bathroom.


She smiled as Rhea took her by the hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.  “Sue,” she began in a careful tone. “I’m planning on staying for as long as you will let me.”


“You may never leave this apartment,” Sue sighed in response before stealing a quick kiss.  “I’m going to put the coffee on why don’t you listen to this?”  She added as she slapped the recorder in Rhea’s hand.


“I’ll be waiting for you,” Rhea huskily supplied as she wandered towards the bedroom.


“I hope so,” Sue sighed as her pulse began to race. 


When Sue returned to her bedroom she found Rhea on the telephone chatting away while she scratched Coco behind her ears.  “You’re such a slut,” she muttered as she handed Rhea a cup of coffee.  She laughed at the quizzical look Rhea flashed at her.  “Coco not you,” she quickly amended as she kicked off her shoes and climbed up onto the bed.


“Oh,” Rhea chuckled as she sipped her coffee.  “Great,” Rhea addressed the person on the telephone.  “Call my cell phone when you know more. Goodbye, Glenn.”


Sue watched as Rhea hung up the telephone and placed her coffee on the nightstand.  “Mr. Warren?” Sue inquired as she watched Rhea’s eyes drifting along her body.


“Glenn is very impressed with you,” Rhea commented.  “I played the tape for him.  I must say I am very impressed Nancy Drew.  How did you make this happen?”


“It was easy,” Sue shrugged.  “I made a few calls, of course there are a lot of secretaries really pissed off at me for disturbing them, but you are more liked than you know.  Norma was easy, since she has the IQ of a light bulb.  Is this going to help?”


“Help?”  Rhea laughed.  “Sue, what you did cleared me of all wrong doing.  I’ll probably be back to work come Tuesday morning.  I don’t know how I can thank you.”


Sue leaned over Rhea’s body and placed her coffee safely on the nightstand, before shooing Coco away. She straddled Rhea’s body.  “I’ll think of something,” Sue promised as she opened the towel and revealed Rhea’s nakedness.  “You can start by making love to me all weekend.”


“Only if you take your clothes off right now,” Rhea pleaded before capturing Sue in a lingering kiss.


“If I must,” Sue stammered as she climbed off of Rhea and began to remove her clothing.  “You want to watch?”


“Yes,” Rhea growled in response her eyes never leaving Sue’s body as she stripped for her.  Sue inhaled sharply as Rhea cupped her own breasts and began to tease her nipple.  Watching Rhea touching herself only slowed down Sue’s movements.


“Lower,” she entreated as she slipped out of her jeans. Her eyes lit up with delight as Rhea’s hand glided down the front of her body stopping at the patch of dark curls between her thighs and parting her swollen lips.  Sue chewed on her bottom lip as she continued to undress while her lover stroked her clit.  She never stopped watching Rhea’s fingers as they glided along her wetness and Sue climbed up onto the bed. “You are so beautiful,” Sue absently whispered as she watched Rhea’s long fingers slip inside of her.


Her lover watched her with a hooded expression as she glided in and out of her wetness.  Sue’s body was trembling as she snuggled against Rhea’s nakedness.  She dragged her blunt nails along Rhea’s heaving chest as she watched the brunette pleasuring her own body.


“Is this going to cause problems for you at the office,” she whispered with concern as her lover’s body wriggled beside her.


“No,” Rhea gasped.  “I’ve already told Glenn that last night we began a personal relationship.”  Rhea yelped as Sue’s fingers brushed against her nipple.  “There shouldn’t be a problem since you aren’t working under me any longer.” Rhea stammered out.


“I like being under you,” Sue taunted her while pinching her erect bud.  “First, I want you under me.”


“Anything,” Rhea promised in a breathy whisper.  “I’m yours.”


Sue’s heart and body soared upon hearing her lover’s words.  She cupped her breast tightly as her mouth began an assault on the brunette’s supple neck.  The lustful gasps her lover released further fueled the redhead’s desire.  She could feel Rhea’s body nearing the edge.  She grasped her wrist tightly halting her movements.  Rhea groaned with displeasure.


The brunette’s groans quickly shifted to needy pleas as Sue guided her passion-coated fingers to her trembling lips.  Rhea’s body jerked up with the first flicker of Sue’s tongue.  The taste of Rhea’s desire assaulted her senses.  Sue circled the digit slowly gathering her lover’s passion on her tongue before plunging the digit deeply into her mouth.  She repeated her movements with each of Rhea’s fingers while the brunette’s body heaved beside her.


Once she had consumed every last drop she released Rhea’s hand.  She gazed down at her lover whose eyes were clouded by desire.  She kissed her lover deeply while she explored the firm planes of Rhea’s body.  She was amazed at how easily Rhea gave her control.  Feeling the unwavering trust Rhea had bestowed upon her, Sue rested her thigh against the brunette’s quivering torso.


Sue took her time kissing her lover, exploring every warm crevasse of her lover’s mouth.  Her hands caressed and teased Rhea’s body, one was laced in her long silky tresses teasing the back of her neck while the other teased one of the brunette’s firm breasts.  Rhea’s damp curls tickled her thigh as she kissed and fondled the taller woman, loving the feel of their skin touching.


“You are such an amazing kisser,” Sue whimpered honestly as their breath mingled.


“I was just thinking the same about you,” Rhea confessed while brushing her cheek against Sue’s.


Sue murmured with pleasure as she shifted her body so that half of her body was lying on top of Rhea’s.  She felt Rhea’s hands caressing the curve of her back as they began kissing once again.  It amazed Sue that if they could do nothing more than kiss she would be happy, still her lover anatomy was screaming for more.  She mapped out her lover’s face with kisses trying to commit it to memory while her lover’s hands caressed the curves of her body.


Sue kissed her way down her lover’s neck and shoulders, paying special attention to the bruises she had left the night before.  She could hear the rapid beating of Rhea’s heart as her mouth worshiped the valley between the brunette’s breasts.  As she drank in the taste of her lover’s flesh, Rhea’s hands never left her body.  She could feel the tender strokes and gentle kneading while her mouth and tongue was tracing her breasts.


Rhea’s hips thrust against her firm thigh as she slowly taunted the brunette’s nipples.  She traced one with her tongue while her tiny fingers teased the other.  She flickered her tongue against the bud urging it harden from her touch.  She pressed her thigh against her lover’s wetness while suckling her breast.


Rhea’s touch grew more demanding along with Sue’s ministrations.  Sue parted Rhea’s trembling thighs with her knee, until she could feel the brunette’s clit throbbing against her flesh.  Rhea raised her own thigh so Sue could straddle it.   Slowly they swayed against the other’s body, each grounding the desire against the other’s flesh.


Sue suckled her lover hard feeling the bud puckering between her lips as their bodies melted together.  ‘I need this, I need her,’ Sue’s mind screamed as their bodies ground together in a more demanding rhythm.  Sue lifted her body, supporting herself on her arms so she could look down into Rhea’s eyes.  They never broke the fiery gaze as their hips ground together each driving the other to the brink of insanity.


Sue was uncertain if it was the passionate rhythm of their bodies or the look of pure love reflected in Rhea’s eyes that was making her body quiver uncontrollably.  Rhea clasped her hips tightly guiding Sue’s body to melt into her.  Sue could feel the sweat rolling off of their bodies, as the softness of their breasts pressed together.  Rhea’s wetness painted her body as each of them trembled fighting against the tide.


Sue’s body strained as the waves consumed her, fueled on by the feel of Rhea’s body tensing beneath her she allowed the feeling to capture her.  Their screams filled the room as the climax tore through them.  Their bodies refused to still as they collapsed against one another.  Sue could feel Rhea’s arms encompassing her while they continued to gyrate against one another until they were once again screaming out in ecstasy.


They snuggled against one another, clinging tightly to the other’s body seemingly afraid to release the other from their tender grasp.  As the last waves of passion slipped from their bodies they held on tighter.  Sue released a contented sigh as she drank in the musky aroma of her lover’s skin.


Sue looked up at her lover and giggled at the brilliant gleam Rhea’s eyes.  “Well that is a really interesting way to cure a hangover,” she teased the smiling brunette.


“You can cure me anytime,” Rhea blew out contently as she brushed Sue’s hair from her sweaty brow.  “You know I just thought of something.”


“What’s that?” Sue asked gleefully while resting her chin on Rhea’s chest.


“It is a long weekend,” Rhea noted while running her fingers through Sue’s hair.


“Then we had better pace ourselves,” Sue explained with a wicked gleam in her eyes and an evil grin. 


The End


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