Angel Unchained

(Angel’s Heart Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

March 2003


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Thanks to my beta reader Mary.


As always this is for Heather.



            “Where is our little Lulu?”  Mom asked as Angelica smiled looking up from the stack of books she was returning to the shelves.

“Another meeting with her lawyer,” Angelica explained.

“How is that going?”  Mom eagerly inquired.

“Looks good,” Angelica offered as the smile slipped from her face.

“Poor baby,” Mom sighed.

“What?”  Angelica mumbled as she shrugged off the older woman’s attempt to comfort her.

“It is okay to miss her child,” Mom gently informed her.

“No big deal,” Angelica shrugged once again.  Despite the indifference in her voice she knew that she was going to miss the small red head. “She’s just my cellmate.  My bitch and nothing more.”

“You keep telling yourself that along with you ain’t good enough to survive on the outside, and someday you might just believe it,” Mom snorted with disgust.

“Whatever,” Angelica grunted knowing that she already believed that it was the truth.

“Don’t sass me Angel,” Mom cautioned her before leaving the tall brunette alone with her books and thoughts.


            Angelica was convinced that she just wasn’t one of those people designed to survive on the outside.  LuAnn, on the other hand, was an entirely different matter.  She was going to miss the small quiet woman who had stolen her heart.  It was ironic that it was Angelica who had set the wheels in motion that would set LuAnn free and leave her behind to nurse her broken heart.

“Walt!”  A voice barked out.  Angelica slowly turned and found the large woman looking at her expectantly, the brunette glared at the beefy guard in a defiant manner.

“Merriment, to what do I owe the pleasure?”  Angelica sarcastically quipped.

“Your bitch’s lawyer wants you to join the party,” Merriment snarled as she flashed the tall inmate a toothy grin.

“Oh gee, you mean I have to stop and leave the thrills of the Dewey Decimal System?”  Angelica whined as Merriment rolled her dark eyes.

“Come on,” The large woman grunted.


            Merriment guided the brunette down the cold gray corridors of the prison.  “You should be proud of yourself,” Merriment whispered once they were out of earshot of the others.

“Yeah?  Why’s that?”  Angelica feigned indifference.

“Cut the smart ass attitude,” Merriment said in a hushed tone as they approached a locked door.  “What you did for Rivers, it was a good thing.  I don’t say anything nice to the gals in here very often so just accept it, okay?  You did a good thing.”

“Yeah don’t let that get around,” Angelica huffed as Merriment unlocked the door.

“What I don’t get is what you are doing in here?”  The large prison guard said with sincerity.

“I’m a thief,” Angelica bluntly informed her as the guard searched her.

“Based on the number of times you’ve been locked up you must suck at it,” Merriment challenged her. “Ever thought of a career change?”

“What is it with everyone today?”  Angelica muttered as she was led into the small room.




            The brunette’s face lit up when she saw LuAnn sitting at the small table next to the portly older man.  “Miss Walters take a seat,” The lawyer greeted her with a bright smile.  She took nodded as she took a seat next to LuAnn.  The small redhead instantly curled up next to her. 

“I understand that my presence has been requested?”  Angelica said as she wrapped an arm around her cellmate.

“I was hoping that you could help me explain some of what is going on to LuAnn?” Mark Kemper said as he waved his hand over the stacks of files that were laid out on the table.

“Lu’s a bright girl,” Angelica defended her cellmate.

“True but a little hesitant when it comes to talking,” Mark explained.  “You seem to have a way with her.”

“Fine,” Angelica agreed.  “Whatever I can do to help.  Why is this taking so long?”

“The appeals process consists of a great deal of paperwork,” Mark wearily explained.  “First thing I had to do was recollect the information you gave to Janet.”

“What was wrong with the stuff I gave to Marcel?”  Angelica demanded.

“Nothing, except you obtained it illegally,” Mark chuckled.  “I had to find out the same things you did but through legal avenues before I could file.”

“Pesky thing the law,” Angelica noted whimsically.


            “At times it can be,” Mark agreed.  “Let me bring you up to speed.  I’ve filed an appeal on LuAnn’s behalf.  The higher court has agreed to hear the case next week.  I have no doubt that with the evidence I’ve collected above and beyond your findings, they will over turn LuAnn’s conviction.”

“When can she start packing her bags?”  Angelica eagerly inquired.  As much as she would miss LuAnn the girl was going to die if she stayed locked up.  Angelica couldn’t allow that.

“Not so fast,” Mark cautioned.  “Are you in hurry to get rid of her?”  He teased, as LuAnn’s face grew troubled.

“Yes, she snores,” Angelica dryly retorted.  LuAnn grimaced as she swatted the brunette playfully across her midsection.  “Okay Mr. Kemper, the higher court overturns her conviction and then what?”

“The D.A. will file a motion to stop the higher court,” He explained.  “Or they allow it to go through and file charges against her again.”

“Wait,” Angelica asked in a panic.  “The conviction is overturned and the moment she is free the cops are just going to arrest her again?  Can’t they see that she didn’t do it?  You’d think that they would be busy trying to find the real killer instead of persecuting LuAnn.”

“Some of them are.”  Mark asserted.  “The D.A.’s office is embarrassed, not to mention the original investigating officers, and LuAnn’s original attorney who is now working for one of the most prestige law firms in the city, as well as a very highly respected Judge who isn’t happy that we are making him look guilty of a crime.  Everyone wants this case and LuAnn to just go away.”


            “I think I get the picture,” Angelica sighed with exasperation as LuAnn stared helplessly up at her.  “Some of the cops and lawyers want to do the right thing,” Mark nodded in agreement.  “The higher court will overturn LuAnn’s conviction and she will be taken right back to court for a bail hearing.”

“I will be with her the whole time when she pleads not guilty,” Mark reassured them.  “I will argue that there isn’t enough evidence to charge her.  When that doesn’t work, I will argue against bail since she has already been serving time for this crime.”

“County jail,” Angelica sighed.

“Not here?”  LuAnn argued.  “Why?”

“This is what I can’t get through to her.”  Mark pleaded.

“No, they send you to jail to await trial,” Angelica carefully explained.  “This is the place you come to after you’ve been convicted.  Come on LuAnn you know this.”

“No,” LuAnn pleaded helplessly.  “Locked up.  No you.”

“I know, but that is the way it is,” Angelica tried to reason with the whimpering woman who was quickly reverting back into her old habits.  LuAnn’s regression had begun when Mr. Kemper had begun working on her case.

“Here we go again,” Mark grumbled.

“Lu,” Angelica tenderly addressed the smaller woman.  “Chances are that you won’t even be charged again.  And if you are you won’t be coming back here.  We can write to each other.”

“No,” Lu whined.

“LuAnn, she is telling you the truth,” Mark tried to reason with the flustered redhead.  “I’m trying to get things set up for you with a place to live and a job.  The college courses Angelica encouraged you to take have been helpful.  You are going to be free.  Chances are that you will have to go to jail first.  It will be better than being here in prison.”

“No,” LuAnn whimpered again.  “Need Angel.”

“I don’t understand?”  Kemper practically pleaded.  “County jail is a hell of a lot better than this place.”

“For most people,” Angelica argued.  “She’ll be vulnerable.  She only feels safe around me.  She was almost raped when she first got here.  Not to mention when she was in Juvie she was taken advantage of.  Is there anyway you can make certain she is put in solitary?”

“I can try,” He readily agreed.

“LuAnn,” Angelica carefully began.  “If you want to get out this is the way it has to be.  You can’t stick around here until my time is up. Plus don’t you want to see Sara’s killer caught?”

“Yes,” LuAnn weakly agreed. 


            “Thank you,” Mark blew out with relief.  “Speaking of your sentence I understand that you have a parole hearing coming up.”

“Yeah so?”  Angelica asked in confusion.

“I’d like to speak to the parole board on your behalf,” He offered.

“Won’t do any good,” Angelica scoffed.  “The board is well aware of the fact that the second I hit the streets I end up stealing something.”

“Maybe this time you’ll have an incentive to stay straight,” Mark said as he nodded towards LuAnn.  “With the education you’ve received in here, and the way you’ve proven yourself by helping bringing LuAnn’s case to light, I’m looking forward to hiring you myself.”

“It wouldn’t matter,” Angelica argued.  “If I do get out on parole I can’t associate with LuAnn.”

“Wrong,” Mark corrected her.  “Once LuAnn is free she will be cleared of all charges and her juvenile record is sealed.”

“Meaning?”  Angelica eagerly asked as she felt a small glimmer of hope.  She had always assumed that the terms of parole would keep them apart.

“You could live together and no one could do or say anything about it,” Mark enlightened her.  “Now let’s get back to work.”


            They went over LuAnn’s case carefully as the smaller woman clung to Angelica in a needy manner.  Mark explained that once he presented her case to the court it could take a few days or weeks before they heard anything.  If the appeal failed which he felt certain it wouldn’t, he would file an appeal even higher up the food chain.  Angelica and LuAnn thanked him before they were escorted to the dinning hall.




            “Lulu why don’t you try eating something?”  Mom encouraged the small woman who was still clinging to Angelica.  “I’m worried about you child,” LuAnn simply looked down at her tray and pushed her food around.  “Bad day with the lawyer?”  Mom finally asked Angelica with concern.

“No,” Angelica mused as she looked down at LuAnn.  “He had really good news.”

“So why is our little Lulu acting like someone just shot her dog?”  Nana asked.  “You’ve been behaving yourself haven’t you Angel?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Angelica respectfully answered.  “It is just that if the appeal goes through Kemper thinks that the D.A., in an effort to make himself look good, is going to seek another shot at LuAnn.  Which means she’ll have to go to county until her trial.”

“I see,” Nana nodded in understanding.  “Now listen up Lulu this is your chance don’t blow it just because you’ll miss tall, dark and stubborn here.  You’ll be fine in county if you stop acting like the scared little bird you use to be.  Now eat.”


            LuAnn nodded in agreement as she started to take a few small bites.  “Parole?”  LuAnn asked in a meek tone as she looked up at Angelica.

“Oh brother,” Angelica sighed.

“Are you up?”  Mom asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” Angelica shrugged.

“Oh no you don’t,” Mom chastised her.  “You are not going into your hearing acting like you don’t care.  Not this time.  You get your sorry butt out of here and don’t come back.”

“Damn right,” Connie agreed. 


            Angelica could feel the walls closing in around her.  ‘What if I try and they just shoot me down again? LuAnn will be left on her own.  Maybe she’d be better off without a tired old thief hanging around?’  Her fears screamed through her mind as she pretended to ignore her family and their well-meaning advice.




            Later in the rec room the brunette was doing everything she could to avoid everyone including LuAnn.  “I’m worried about her,” Mom explained when she finally managed to corner Angelica.  “She’s not talking again.  It is just like when she got here.”

“I know,” Angelica wearily responded. 

“If she thinks you’ll be joining her on the outside, it might just be the push she needs?”  Mom theorized.

“Why is this up to me?”  Angelica hissed.

“Because she’s in love with you and you love her,” Mom whispered so the other inmates couldn’t hear what she was saying.  “Don’t bother denying it. Just promise me, and her, that you are going to walk into your hearing acting like the mature, intelligent woman that you are.”

“I promise,” Angelica vowed.

“Hey Walt passing your bitch around?”  Steger snickered as she brushed past her.


            “Steger,” Angelica groaned with disgust.  “What brings you out from under your rock you evil little troll?”

“I was just saying if you are sharing these days, I don’t want to miss my turn,” Steger cackled as she nodded over to the corner.


            A small blonde that Angelica had never seen before was trying to paw LuAnn.  “What the fuck?”  Angelica grumbled as she pushed Steger aside.  The brunette smiled as she watched LuAnn push the blonde away from her.  “Nice to see you are still in there,” Angelica whispered proudly at how her lover was defending herself.  Still the woman was very muscular and would probably end up hurting LuAnn if Angelica didn’t step in.  “Yo Blondie!”  The activity in the room stilled as Angelica stormed over to her lover.  “You brain damaged or something?”

“What?”  The stranger asked in bewilderment as she looked up at Angelica.

“Brain damaged it is,” Angelica grunted as she glared down at the blonde.  “Get your grubby paws off of my bitch.”

“Her?”  The blonde laughed.  “Hell I’ve already had her.”

“Right,” Angelica sneered.  The guilty look in LuAnn’s eyes tore at her heart.  “Look, since you are new here I won’t kill you.  Just let me spell it out for you, she’s my bitch.  So unless you want to challenge me get your slimy hands off of her.”

“She’s free,” the blonde argued.

“Who told you that?”  Angelica demanded as she pointed to Steger.  “That rodent whose been sniffing after her since she got here?”  She glared over at LuAnn.  “Who do you belong to?”


            LuAnn’s emerald eyes were burning into her.  Between Angelica’s attitude regarding her parole hearing and being pushed around by this thug, it appeared that the small redhead had enough.  Normally Angelica would have been proud of her lover taking steps to prove herself.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the time or place to exert her newfound bravado.


            Everyone’s mouths hung open when LuAnn failed to respond.  ‘Not now Baby, you can be mad at me later.’  Angelica mentally pleaded as her lover gave her a defiant look.  “Well it looks like she isn’t yours,” the blonde gloated as she reached out for LuAnn.  Angelica’s hand jerked out as she caught the blonde’s fingers and bent them backwards until the blonde was on her knees crying and pleading for Angelica to let her go.  “Never touch my property,” Angelica hissed as she pushed the blonde away.


            LuAnn’s face was blank as Angelica turned to face her.  “Forgetting your place?”  Angelica hissed as she grabbed the front of LuAnn’s blouse and yanked the smaller woman to her.  She captured LuAnn’s mouth roughly.  She kissed her lover in a cold, demanding manner as LuAnn’s lips remained still.  She bit down on LuAnn’s bottom lip until she felt the blood trickling down the redhead’s chin.  She licked the blood from her lips as she pushed LuAnn up against the table.


            She kept the material of LuAnn’s shirt wrapped in one hand as the other began to unbutton the redhead’s jeans.  LuAnn stared up at her with a challenging gleam in her eyes. Angelica yanked the redhead’s pants down as far as she could with one hand.  She yanked LuAnn back up and hungrily reclaimed her mouth. The brunette felt a small glimmer of hope as she felt LuAnn finally responding to her kiss.  Angelica pushed the smaller woman down.  “Pull your pants down then bend over.”  Angelica demanded.  LuAnn gave her an incredulous look that seem to say, ‘Honey what the hell are you talking about?’

“Do it,” Angelica ordered her knowing there was no way she could back down without endangering LuAnn’s life. 


            The smaller woman gave her a quizzical look before her eyes dimmed with a sudden understanding and she complied with the brunette’s instructions.  Angelica sneered for the benefit of all those who were watching.  She didn’t miss the hungry look in the eyes of the blonde who had started all of this.  Angelica ran her hands along her lover’s shapely behind as she kicked her legs apart.  She felt LuAnn trembling as she clutched the edge of the table.  She raised her hand and slapped her lover’s tender flesh.  Before her lover could prepare herself the brunette delivered a second blow.  LuAnn released a groan as Angelica’s hand made contact with her backside once again.  “Who do you belong to?”  Angelica asked in a slow careful tone.

“You,” LuAnn moaned in response just as Angelica’s hand struck her once again.


            Angelica was careful not to strike her lover too hard despite the way she made it look to the others.  “Say it again,” the brunette demanded as she continued to spank the smaller woman.

“I’m yours,” LuAnn choked out as her body quivered.  Angelica could feel her lover’s desire on her fingers as her hand maintained a steady rhythm. LuAnn continued to cry out that she belonged to Angelica as the brunette’s hand began to roughly massage her firm round backside.  Then as the other’s watched Angelica plunged her fingers into her lover’s wetness.  She hated the games their life forced upon them.  She had no choice, if she didn’t play out the charade completely no one would believe either of them.


            LuAnn’s hips jerked in response as Angelica plunged into her wetness.  “I’m your bitch,” LuAnn vowed as she clung to the edge of the table while her hips bucked eagerly against Angelica’s touch.  “The guards are coming,” Someone alerted them.

“Come for me now,” Angelica demanded as she took her lover deeper.  “That’s it.  Do it before the guards get here.”  She knew that LuAnn was very close to the edge, but she was faking as she cried out with pleasure.


            Just as the guards approached LuAnn pulled her pants up and took her place in Angelica’s lap.  The guards looked around to see what the disturbance had been.  They only found a quiet room filled with women who were trying a little too hard to act as if nothing was amiss.  “That was stupid,” Angelica whispered in her lover’s ear as she pinched and teased one of her lover’s nipples between her fingers.

“Sorry,” LuAnn shyly apologized.

“We will talk about this at lights out,” Angelica whispered again as LuAnn snuggled against her.


            They spent the rest of the night in the same chair.  LuAnn snuggled up against Angelica while the brunette kissed and fondled her as she kept a watchful eye on the troublesome blonde and Steger.  Once it was time to return to their cell Angelica hurriedly led the redhead back to the small cell that they shared.




            The cell door slammed behind them and Angelica spun around to see her lover sitting on the bunk that they shared staring at the floor.

“Why?”  She demanded as she stared down at the smaller woman.  “Do you think I get some kind of thrill fucking you in front of everyone?”  Angelica demanded in a hushed tone.

“No,” LuAnn mumbled.

“Then why did you back me into that corner?”  Angelica softly pleaded as she sat down next LuAnn.

 “If you aren’t even going to try then I better get used to being on my own,” LuAnn answered her in a bitter tone as her tear filled eyes looked up at Angelica.

“Oh baby,” Angelica sighed as she captured her lover’s face in her hands.  “I’m going to try.  I am going to do everything I can to see that the both of us get out of here.”  She promised. 

“Really?”  LuAnn questioned her doubtfully.

“Really,” Angelica reassured her.  “I love you. And I am going to play nice for the parole board and pray that we will be together.”

“I thought you were giving up,” LuAnn sniffed.  “I thought you just wanted me to go away.”

“Never,” Angelica vowed before placing a soft kiss on her lover’s lips.

“I’m sorry,” LuAnn sniffed once again.  “I’m scared.”

“So am I baby,” Angelica confessed.  “Now you want to tell me about that snotty blonde, Steger sent sniffing after you?”


            “Juvie.  Metzger kind of ran the place,” LuAnn mumbled as she shamefully turned away.  “She was the one who broke me.”  Angelica could feel her anger returning suddenly wishing that she had hurt the blonde even more than she did.

“Hey,” Angelica cooed as she placed her fingers under LuAnn’s chin and turned her to face her.  “I think she understands that you are off limits.  If she doesn’t I will need to be very careful since I can’t risk any infractions right now.”

“We still need to make noise tonight,” LuAnn suggested as she began to unbutton Angelica’s blouse.

“A little eager aren’t we?”  Angelica teased as she reclined and allowed LuAnn to undress her.

“Yes,” LuAnn purred in response as she dropped the last of the brunette’s clothing onto the floor and began to kiss her way up Angelica’s body.


            Angelica grabbed onto the rails of the bed as her lover nestled herself between her legs.  The lights were still on as LuAnn began to feast upon the brunette’s wetness.  “I need to spank you more often.”  Angelica moaned as the redhead teased her throbbing clit with her teeth and her tongue.  Angelica clung to the rails as she prayed for the lights to be shut off and they could be free to explore one another completely.  As the lights were finally extinguished Angelica was rocking her wetness urgently against her lover who was murmuring with pleasure.


            “Take your clothes off,” Angelica whispered in the darkness as she ran her hands along the supple curve of her lover’s body.  “I want to finish what I started earlier,” LuAnn moaned in response as she quickly began to shed her clothing.  The small woman turned away from her exposing her backside to Angelica as she rested on her hands and knees.  Angelica knew that her lover’s body was exposed to anyone who was watching from across the catwalk that ran along the cellblock.  She hated that they were forced to share their intimacy with every pervert who wanted to watch.  She climbed up behind her lover’s prone body and cupped her firm backside roughly.  “I love your ass,” she murmured before she ran her tongue along the pink flesh.


            LuAnn parted her thighs as Angelica’s tongue dipped deeper inside of the redhead’s desire.  She filled her mouth with LuAnn’s wetness as her lover thrust her hips with an urgent need.  “You’re so ready,” Angelica whispered in a husky tone as she cupped her lover’s mound and began to tease her with the palm of her hand.

“Please,” LuAnn pleaded as she grinded herself against Angelica’s hand. 

“Tell me,” Angelica encouraged her as she grinded harder against her lover’s throbbing clit.  

“Please take me,” LuAnn begged as Angelica kissed her way up the smaller woman’s body and pressed her breasts into the redhead’s back.  “I need you.”  LuAnn whimpered as Angelica pressed her wetness inside of her lover.

“I am going to fuck you,” Angelica called out for the benefit of anyone who was listening as their bodies wildly rocked against one another. 

“Yes,” LuAnn cried out as Angelica entered the redhead’s center.


            She nibbled on her lover’s neck as her fingers glided in and out of LuAnn’s wetness while she stroked her clit with her thumb.  “Oh God!  You’re so good!”  LuAnn cried out as her hips bucked urgently encouraging Angelica the take her harder and deeper.  Angelica clasped her lover’s shoulder with her free hand as they gyrated urgently against one another in a demanding rhythm.  “More!”  LuAnn pleaded.  Angelica’s body was trembling as she added another digit deep inside her lover’s passion while she began to paint her back door with a free digit.  “Yes!”  LuAnn screamed as Angelica teased the puckered opening as her lover’s body thrust wildly.  Angelica pressed her throbbing clit against the smooth flesh of LuAnn’s body as she filled her completely.  Her fingers matched the urgent rhythm of her lover’s quivering body as she rode against the smaller woman.  “You’re the best,” LuAnn cried out as Angelica drove the both of them over the edge.  She felt her lover’s body tightening against her touch as she exploded against her.  The bunk bed rattled as they became lost in a haze of complete ecstasy, until they collapsed onto the bed.


            The sounds emanating from their cell that night and their behavior in the shower the following morning cleared away any doubts as to just who it was that LuAnn belonged to.  Judging by the black eye Steger was sporting at breakfast it appeared that Metzger took exception to her misinformation the day before.  Angelica was pleased that Steger got what was coming to her, still it made her worry all that much more about Metzger.  For the moment things seemed as peaceful as they could be at Seaside.




            A few weeks later Angelica was preparing to face the parole board while they were waiting to hear what the five judges of the higher court had decided.  They were relaxing in the sunshine outside for what qualified as a yard.  Angelica was tossing a football around with Connie and Becky while LuAnn sat at a nearby picnic table chatting with Mom and Nana.  The false sense of security was quickly shattered when Angelica heard Nana’s voice raised in anger.

“Stay away from my family,” the older woman demanded.

“Now what?”  Angelica said as she and the others rushed over.


            The sight of LuAnn in a fistfight with Metzger sent a chill down Angelica’s spine.  Nana, to her credit, whacked her cane soundly upside the blonde’s head.  Metzger was stunned as she reeled from the blow.  “You old bitch,” Metzger hissed as she staggered towards Nana who was readying her cane for another strike.  LuAnn took the opportunity to place a hard kick in the blonde’s midsection that sent her flying to the ground.  Angelica pushed Nana out of the way as Becky stomped down on Metzger’s wrist.

“Don’t be stupid,” Becky hissed as the blonde’s wrist snapped from the force.


            Mom kicked what the blonde had been holding away while Becky pressed her boot harder down on the blonde’s shattered wrist.  “A shiv?”  Angelica stammered in disbelief was she looked down at the homemade weapon that Mom had kicked away.  Nana pushed past the brunette and placed her cane against the blonde’s throat.  Metzger was gasping for air as Nana applied more pressure.  “You trying to stick one of my kids?”  Nana hissed as she continued to press down on her cane.  Metzger could only gurgle in response as Angelica felt the sweat beading up on her brow.  Out of everyone in her little family she was the only one who had never taken a life.  What was making her sick to her stomach was that she didn’t want to stop her adopted grandmother from exacting revenge.

“Guards,” Connie offered in a hushed tone.


            All of them with the exception of Nana who kept Metzger pinned to the ground retreated to the picnic tables and acted as if nothing was wrong.  Just as the guards approached Nana gave her trusty cane one last thrust and joined the rest of her family.  “Do I want to know what happened?”  Merriment muttered as she stood over Metzger.

“She fell,” most of the inmates who had been watching the show volunteered as the other guards helped Metzger to her feet.

“Of course she did,” Merriment grumbled as she carefully picked up the knife in a manner that wouldn’t disturb any prints.  “And this fell from the sky?”

“Could be,” Mom offered with a bright smile.  “Of course I wouldn’t dream of telling you how to do your job, but you could just run it for prints.”

“Why thank you Hooper,” Merriment groaned as she motioned for the other guards to take Metzger away.  “Everyone back inside.”


            There was a collective grumbling from all of the inmates as they reluctantly left the fresh air and returned back inside that dank building.  “There is something going on here,” Mom noted as they shuffled back inside.  “If this was about claiming a woman Metzger would have gone after you.”

“I think it is time to have a chat with my old friend Steger,” Angelica agreed as she veered off while the others returned to the library.

“Be careful,” LuAnn whispered just before Angelica could duck away.


            Angelica caught up with Steger quickly.  She almost laughed at the way her cronies disappeared the moment she grabbed the plump woman by the back of the neck.  “I didn’t have anything to do with it,” Steger blurted out before Angelica could ask her anything. 

“Right,” Angelica hissed.

“Hey if you haven’t noticed Metzger and I ain’t exactly buddies,” Steger protested as she pointed to the faded bruise under her eye.

“Tell me about that?”  Angelica demanded as she backed Steger into a corner.

“About what?”  Steger groused.

“Be smart for a change,” Angelica stressed.  “My family is unhappy and you know about my relatives.  Not a one of them is going to see the outside ever again so they have nothing to lose.”

“What do you want to know?”  Steger conceded.

“Clever troll,” Angelica chuckled.  “Why did Metzger zero in on Rivers? Was that your doing?”

“No,” Steger reluctantly admitted.  “She was looking for her the moment she got here.  The first thing she did was to start asking about this bitch she use own back in Juvie named Rivers.  All I did was say she was on the market.  I thought it would be fun.”

“You and I have different ideas of fun,” Angelica sighed.  “But that sounds like you.  Anything else I should know?”

“Like I said we ain’t buddies,” Steger growled.  Angelica simply nodded that it was enough.  “I don’t think any one knew that she was planning on taking Rivers out or why. Something that big someone would have known.”

“Thanks,” Angelica said as she made her way back towards the library. 




            By the time she had rejoined her family she collected every scrap of gossip she could find.  She wasn’t surprised to find everyone sitting around one of the tables’ playing cards.  “How are you doing Nana?”  She asked as she joined them.

“Fine,” Nana shrugged.  “Take more than that snot nosed little brat to get me all worked up.  What did you find out?”

“Metzger started looking for LuAnn the moment she landed here,” Angelica began as the others continued with their card game.

“You know her Lulu?”  Nana asked as she discarded.

“She broke me in Juvie,” LuAnn flatly explained as she picked up from the deck.  “I belonged to her until she got bored and sold me.”

“Doesn’t add up,” Mom noted thoughtfully.

“No one seemed to know that Metzger was going to try and hit LuAnn,” Angelica continued as she kept a watchful eye on her lover.

“Some one had to know,” Connie interrupted.

“No one,” Angelica asserted.  “Not her cellmate or any of the thugs she hangs with. She’s in the infirmary.  Nana did a job on her pipes.  Merriment is running the shiv for prints.  Looks like Metzger will have some serious explaining to do.”

“Gin,” Mom said as she placed her cards down.  “Who do we know in the infirmary?”  She asked as the others counted the points in their hands.  “I want Angel, Connie and Becky to have a chat with our new friend before she is shipped out.  Angel, find out what you can about Metzger.  I want to know what she was into before she got here.   LuAnn, it’s your deal.”


            Angelica busied herself on the computer while her companions continued to cheat at gin or run errands.  Just after dinner Angelica kissed LuAnn quickly before she joined up with Becky and Connie.  The right people had been approached, favors exchanged and bribes paid so that the three them were standing around Metzger’s bed without any witnesses.  Angelica knelt beside the sleeping woman and flicked her hard on the forehead.  Metzger’s dark brown eyes widened in horror when she discovered the three of them hovering above her as she looked up helplessly.  Becky clamped her mouth shut as Connie pinned her down.  “You messed with the wrong family.”  Angelica dryly informed the frightened woman.  “Now if you tell us what we want to know you might just live until they can transfer your sorry ass out of here and to another prison,” Metzger continued to squirm only to have Becky and Connie increase their hold on her until it reached a painful level.  “Behave and tell us what we want to know,” Angelica calmly instructed her.  “You can start with that really big bank account set up in your name right after you got here.”


            Angelica smiled cruelly as Metzger ceased her struggling.  “Good girl,” She praised her as she nodded to Becky to release the hold on her mouth.  “Start talking.”

“Rich old broad,” Metzger grunted as Connie and Becky kept her pinned down.

“Keep going,” Angelica instructed her.

“Wanted me to whack some bitch I barely remember,” Metzger reluctantly added.

“What else?”  Angelica pushed.

“That’s it,” Metzger fumed.  “She offered me a shit load of money to take out some one once I got here.  Hell I was on my way here to do a nickel so why not walk out with a lot of money?”

“Who is your benefactor?”  Angelica demanded in a low threatening tone.

“Huh?” Metzger said.

“The rich old broad what was her name numb nuts?”  Angelica hissed with frustration.

“Cabot,” Metzger choked out.

“What was her first name?”  Angelica demanded fully aware that their time was growing short.

“How the hell should I know?”  Metzger spat back then cried out as Connie twisted her arm.   “I swear I don’t know,” Metzger whimpered.  “I want to say Sara, but that was the name of some scant social worker I knew back in Juvie who kept trying to get time added on to my sentence.”


            “That should do it,” Angelica grunted as she stood. “My sisters are just going to remind you to stay away from my family.  Ladies,” she added with a coy smirk to her friends before ducking out of the infirmary.  She made her way to the rec room. She greeted her lover and Mom and Nana before she went looking for Marcel.

“Can’t you ever bother me during a commercial?”  Marcel grumbled as she approached.  Angelica simply snorted in response.  “So I hear Metzger is probably going to leave the infirmary in worse shape than she went in,’ Marcel whispered with a smirk. 

“Possibly,” Angelica causally surmised.

“Why Rivers?”  Marcel asked.

“Rich old woman by the name of Cabot set up a bank account for Metzger to the tune of eighty grand for when she got out if she made certain that Rivers didn’t,” Angelica explained in a hushed tone.

“I’ll let Kemper know,” Marcel offered.  “Let him go through the legal channels.  Of course Dear sweet Mrs. Cabot just might be trying to avenge her kid’s murder.”

“Could be,” Angelica agreed.

“God I wish I was on the outside working this case,” Marcel groaned.  “Corrupt judge, the D.A. and cops running around trying to wipe the egg off of their collective faces and now a contract killing.  Damn it is a lawyer’s dream.  Hey I hear you have a parole hearing coming up?”

“Couple days,” Angelica nervously replied.

“Good luck,” Marcel offered before returning her attention to the television.

“Thanks.  For everything,” She added before rejoining her family.




            The following day Angelica was leaning her head on a table in the library as LuAnn massaged her shoulders.  “I hate this waiting,” Angelica groaned.

“Is that why you tried to restack the entire library in one morning?”  LuAnn teased.  “Kemper said it could take weeks before we hear anything.”

“That is so nice,” Angelica moaned softly as she patted LuAnn’s hand that was now resting on her shoulder.

“The massage?”  LuAnn asked.

“That too,” Angelica laughed.  “No hearing you talking again.  It seemed the deeper we got into your case the more you started to shut down again.  Well until I spanked you,” Angelica added in a husky tone.

“Will you spank me again tonight?”  LuAnn purred softly into her ear.


            Angelica turned ready to pull her lover down onto her lap when Merriment stepped into the library.  “Rivers your lawyer is here,” she barked.  They froze and stared into each other’s eyes suddenly realizing that this might be the last time they ever get to see one another.  “Come on Rivers I don’t have all day,” Merriment barked once again.

“Go on,” Angelica nudged her.  The brunette’s heart was breaking as she watched her lover walk away without be able to kiss or hug one another goodbye.


            Angelica tried to put on a stoic face while Mom and Nana comforted her.  Just as her resolve was starting to crumble and she was ready to give into the tears Merriment stepped back into the library.  “You know Walters if your cramps are that bad maybe you should go sit in your cell?”  The guard sternly addressed her.

“My cramps?”  Angelica muttered in confusion.  “I’m not due for another two weeks,” Merriment rolled her eyes as she sneered at her dimwittedness.  “She’s getting out,” She gasped.  “Right my cramps are killing me, I think I will go back up to my cell,” She blurted out quickly as she grabbed the pass Merriment was holding out for her and rushed back up to her cell.


            Angelica paced nervously around the tiny cell until LuAnn finally appeared.  Without a word they rushed into one another’s arms.  “How can something that feels so good make me miserable?”  She murmured in her lover’s hair.

“I don’t know if I can do this?”  LuAnn sobbed.


            Angelica held her tightly as she rubbed the smaller woman’s back until the last of her tears had fallen.  “Time to pack and go,” Angelica informed her as she took a shy step back.

“Not much to pack,” LuAnn sniffed.  “Not that it matters since Kemper told me there are two cops waiting outside of the gate ready to arrest me again.”

“Assholes,” Angelica muttered as she watched her lover shed her prison uniform and change into a drab dress.  She couldn’t speak as LuAnn gathered her few meager possessions while Merriment lingered outside of the cell.

“Is that yours?”  Angelica asked as she took in the ill-fitting dress.

“No,” LuAnn sighed.  “Police gave it to me.  My clothes had Sara’s blood on them.”

“Oh,” Angelica muttered once again realizing that LuAnn had been the one to find the body of her only friend butchered in her apartment.

“Do good tomorrow,” LuAnn encouraged her as they hugged once again.  “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Angelica whispered as she gave her lover one last squeeze.




            “I must confess Miss Walters this is quite a change since the last time I spoke with you,” Mrs. Grogram said with surprise.  “Your record on the inside has always been commendable and yet whenever you get out you manage to find your way back here in a relatively short period of time.  This time there were so many people speaking on your behalf, lawyers, prison guards, police officers, other inmates, even the warden and yet I think the strongest voice in your favor has been your own.  The last several times you’ve sat before this board you’ve been sarcastic and flippant.  I got the impression that you didn’t want to get out.”

“I didn’t,” Angelica, answered her and the rest of the parole board honestly.  “I do now.”

“Why the change?”  Mrs. Grogram encouraged her.

“In the past I was convinced I couldn’t make it on the outside,” Angelica continued.  “Now I really have something to look forward to.”

“The job with Kendall, Kemper & Simon?”  Mrs. Grogram inquired.

“Not just that,” Angelica smiled proudly.  “For the first time I really have a future. And I earned it instead of stealing it.  I realize that earning it is a lot more fun and rewarding.”

“I am impressed,” Mrs. Grogram acknowledged.  “But I must warn you that your past is still working against you. Since during previous incarcerations you have been granted an early release and managed to break the terms of your release in record time.”

“I understand,” Angelica graciously accepted the words of caution.

“If you’ll just have a seat outside, we will have our decision soon,” Mrs. Grogram pleasantly instructed.

“Thank you,” Angelica smiled as she stood and left the room.


            Angelica was nervous as she waited in a chair just outside of the hearing room.  The only other time she was nervous after a hearing was the first time.  Of course then she knew she would get out.  She was so cocky and arrogant back then.  After she blew that chance she no longer cared and managed to convince herself that she functioned much better behind bars.  Now she really believed what she had said, she had the chance to truly start over with a new job she had earned and, hopefully, LuAnn’s heart.


            Angelica was called back into the room.  She nervously took her seat on one side of the table as the members of the board carefully watched her from the other.  “I hope we don’t end up regretting this, but the board has unanimously voted to grant you an early release.”  Mrs. Grogram smiled at her.  “There are certain conditions of course like no stealing.”  Mrs. Grogram teased her.  “We understand that you will be in contact with known criminals because of your job, but other than business, there is to be no contact or illegal activities.  You are to report to your probation officer once a week.  Until the end of your probation leaving the state is out of the question.  Good luck to you Miss Walters, I really hope never to see you again.”

“Thank you,” Angelica responded with a brilliant smile.




            “I’m exhausted,” Angelica, sighed as she climbed out of her cubicle just as Kemper was returning from visiting LuAnn at the county jail.  Working for Mark Kemper had proven to be just what she needed.  The work was challenging and Kemper really was one of the good guys.  The only thing he asked in return for hiring her and finding her an apartment she could afford was that she work hard, not obtain information by breaking the law, and to stay away from his BMW.  She had to laugh at that last one.  ‘Please like I’d steal that aging hunk of junk.’  She teased him in response.

“How is she?”  she quickly asked him.

“She’s holding up,”  He reassured her.  “Hopefully I can get you cleared so you can come with me the next time.”

“Thanks,” Angelica said with a sad smile.

“Thanks nothing,” Kemper cut her off.  “You are the only one she is comfortable talking to.  Are you ready for tomorrow?”

“I can’t wait,” Angelica  responded eagerly.  “First we have Gloria Knots the girlfriend, then the D.A. and Detective Holden, and then my personal favorite, Amanda “Mandy” Cabot.”

“You think it was the mother?”  He asked.

“Well, at first I would have bet against the house it was Gloria, but after Mama Cabot hired Metzger to bump off LuAnn I’d have to go with her,” Angelica reasoned.

“I don’t know,” he responded thoughtfully as he stroked his beard.  “You don’t kill your kid because they’re gay and want to work for a living.”

“And most Boston Matrons don’t hire hit men either,” Angelica argued.

“I still think that was for revenge,” he reasoned.  “She is convinced that LuAnn did it so she stacked the deck against her, and when it looked like LuAnn was going to get out, she snapped.”

“I’ll make a deal with you,” Angelica suggested.  “If Gloria seems bitter or hinky then fine, I’ll agree with you.  But if she doesn’t can we keep the D.A. and the cop hanging around for when we have our little chat with Mrs. Cabot?”

“Fine by me,” Kemper agreed.  “Now go home and get some sleep.”




            “Ready?”  Kemper asked as they made their way to the conference room to meet with Gloria Knots.

“Just one thing,” Angelica stopped him.  “We need to find out if Gloria was playing around on Sara.”

“Beg your pardon, but wasn’t Gloria the one who was convinced that Sara was having an affair with LuAnn?”  He asked with confusion.

“A guilty conscious can be a very confusing thing,”  Angelica explained.


“You are so not a lesbian,” Angelica dismissed his blank stare. 

“Can’t we just start with her alibi for the night of the murder?”  He reasoned.

“The two could be connected,” Angelica  explained as he continued to look at her like she had lost her mind.  “Fine, we can start with the alibi, but we need to find out how she feels about LuAnn’s conviction being overturned.”

“How do you think she feels?”  Kemper choked out. “Sara was her lover.”

“And yet she agreed to meet with us,” Angelica  gloated.

“So did your suspect Mrs. Cabot,” Kemper countered.

“She wants to tell us off,” Angelica  chuckled as they entered the conference room.  “If she doesn’t cancel at the last minute.”


            “Ms. Knots, I’m Mark Kemper I want to thank you for meeting with us,” He extended his hand which the middle aged brunette politely accepted.  “This is my assistant Angelica Walters, she will be sitting in today,” Angelica and Gloria exchanged a polite nod.  “This can’t be easy for you Ms. Knots, but I’m afraid that I need to ask you some very personal questions.”

“Oh?” Gloria stiffened.

“Nothing too personal,” Kemper reassured her.  “I just need to know where you were the night of the murder?”


            Kemper was taken aback when the woman started to sob uncontrollably.  “I hate you,” Kemper muttered as he turned towards Angelica.  The brunette smiled as she stood and brought a box of Kleenex over to the weeping woman.  “Ssh let it out,” Angelica comforted her.  “It must have been difficult with all the odd hours Sara kept because of her career.  So easy to assume things and making it easier for you to justify your attraction.”

“I was so certain that there was more than just a friendship with that girl,” Gloria sobbed.  “Looking back I think it was because I was already attracted to Ginny.  I was with her the night Sara died.  I’m an awful person.  I never told anyone because it didn’t seem important.  The police said the Rivers girl confessed.  Now I’m reading in the paper that she didn’t, and the judge who sentenced her used to play golf with Sara’s father.”

“He what?”  Both Kemper and Angelica blurted out.

“Yes,” Gloria sniffed.  “I didn’t go to the hearing.  I felt too ashamed plus Sara’s mother and I didn’t get along at all.  So I stayed away but when I saw the name in the paper I remembered the judge from Sara’s father’s funeral.  He gave the eulogy,” Gloria calmed herself as Angelica and Kemper stared at each other.  “I want the both of you to understand something, if LuAnn Rivers did this I want her to rot in the darkest corner of Hell.  And if she didn’t I want to know who did.”

“Ms. Knots I promise you that we will find out what happened,” Kemper vowed.  “I hate to ask but since you thought that Sara was having an affair with LuAnn, we really need to confirm your whereabouts the night of the murder.”

“No problem,” Gloria agreed as she began she pulled her business card out of her pocket.  “Ginny Marlow we work together.”


            After Gloria left Kemper just stared at Angelica.  “I wish I could send you to law school,” he said in amazement.

“Yeah but what’s the point since I could never practice law,” Angelica quipped.  “Being a convicted felon does have its down side.  Now for our next meeting.”

“Why do I think you have more surprises for me?”  He laughed.

“Detective Holden,” Angelica began as she slid a file over to Kemper.

“What about him?” He asked as he opened the file before snapping it shut.  “This is LuAnn’s juvenile record.  We can’t use this.  And I told you nothing illegal.”

“I got this stuff before I ever heard your name,” Angelica justified.  “And you’re not using the file.  You are using information you could have gotten from LuAnn.  If she spoke a little more.”

“Angelica?”  He warned her.

“Fine then pick up the telephone and call county jail and ask LuAnn the name of her step-father’s partner,” She suggested.

“What?”  he blanched.

“Same guy.  When Holden was still in uniform his best friend and partner was George Dillard who was murdered by his stepdaughter.  One LuAnn Rivers who pushed him down a flight of stairs.  Holden arrested her and did everything he could to see that she was sent away for as long as possible,” Angelica explained.

“This is insane,” Kemper muttered.  “Wasn’t Dillard attacking LuAnn at the time?”

“Depends on who you ask,” Angelica clarified.  “Now either Holden is as sick as Dillard, or he was protecting Dillard’s reputation, or he just couldn’t bring himself to believe that his best friend was a sick freak.  Either way he shouldn’t have been let anywhere near LuAnn during the Cabot investigation.”


            “He wasn’t the original primary,” Kemper offered.  “He took over when the cops brought LuAnn to the station for questioning.  Knowing who he is it makes a certain twisted sense for him to push the blame on LuAnn.   If LuAnn killed Sara Cabot then he can tell himself that he was right all those years ago and George Dillard was an innocent victim.”


            “Come on Kemper this is the fun part,” Angelica encouraged him.  “How often do you get to make a D.A. squirm add maybe cry like a little girl?” 


            He reached for the phone with a sly smirk.  “Sally send in my next appointment,” he grinned as he made the request.  “Gentlemen.”  He greeted the two middle-aged men in suits.  “Have a seat.”

“You are far too happy Mark,” the D.A. groaned as he sat.  Detective Holden simply glared at them as he took his chair.

“First I want an agreement that Detective Holden is off this case,” Kemper demanded.

“Hold on,” Holden began to argue.

“What makes you think you are in a position to demand anything?” the D.A. laughed.  “Besides the case is closed.  The Judge may have screwed up the first trial but we are more than ready to proceed.”


            Angelica bit back her smile knowing that the D.A. was bluffing.  If he had a strong case LuAnn would already be on trial instead of sitting in County Jail for the last few months.


            “Arthur you have no idea,” Kemper smiled.  “Detective Holden did my client ever confess to you that she murdered Sara Cabot?”

“No,” the police officer grunted.  “She told her lawyer.”

“Oh yes, the same lawyer that went to work for the law firm that handles the victim’s families estate,” Kemper noted.

“Mark you proved all of that when you got the appeal that still doesn’t mean she didn’t do it,” Arthur argued.  “Her prints are on the murder weapon.”

“I’ll get back to that one,” Kemper winked at Arthur.  “Detective Holden did my client ever confess to the murder of George Dillard?”

“Do I want to know who that is?”  Arthur grumbled.

“Probably not,” Kemper added as Holden sank in his chair.

“George was a good man,” Holden began to argue.

“George Dillard, excuse me officer Dillard, who was the detective’s partner and friend was pushed down a flight of stairs by his step-daughter,” Kemper explained.  “Couldn’t have been too hard for even such a small girl to do since his pants were around his ankles and his privates were hanging out.”

“Tell me I’m not hearing this,” Arthur groaned.  “The step-daughter was LuAnn Rivers?”  Kemper simply nodded in response.  “I think I’m getting a migraine.”


            “LuAnn Rivers was sent away for as long as the law allowed.  It wasn’t hard since she didn’t say a word in her own defense,” Kemper continued.  “She didn’t speak for a reason officer.  Or don’t you know anything about children who have been sexually abused?”

“He couldn’t have,” Holden argued.

“Why because he was a cop?  Because he was your friend?”  Kemper shouted.  “Was it easier to believe that she was a killer?  Was it easier to have her locked away?  Is that why you jumped on the Cabot case?  Because it would prove to everyone including yourself that she was really a cold blooded killer?”  Holden’s face turned grim as tears began to well up in his eyes.  “Arthur save your career and do the right thing.  I have signed statements from LuAnn Rivers’ neighbors, none of them made the 911 call.  And two of them saw her walking home just before the police arrived.  She didn’t have time to kill Sara Cabot.  Plus she didn’t have a motive.  She was never interested in a sexual relationship with Sara Cabot.  Even Gloria Knots now admits that there was nothing going on between the two of them.”


            Angelica wanted to stand up and applaud Kemper as she watched the District Attorney rubbing his brow.  “I’ll drop the charges and have her released today,” Arthur conceded as the telephone rang.

“Thank you,” Angelica raised her head and thanked whatever deity was looking over them that day as Kemper chatted on the telephone.

“Mrs. Cabot just canceled,” he informed Angelica.

“Big surprise,” Angelica grumbled.  “Doesn’t matter, LuAnn is free.”

“Amanda Cabot?”  Arthur squeaked.  “Forget the migraine I think I’m about to have an aneurysm.”


            “Speaking of which,” Kemper returned his attention to the weary looking D.A. “Arthur I want her out now.  The only mistake this girl made was to touch the murder weapon after she discovered Sara’s body.  So have her sent to the courthouse and we will meet you there and I want you to apologize.”

“And open my department up for a lawsuit?”  Arthur protested.

“Yes,” Kemper snapped.  “She’s been through hell.  It is time for someone to do the right thing.  Everyone was so convinced that she was guilty that the law was thrown out the window, and she was locked up before anyone even bothered to ask her if she did it or not.  Screw the political agenda and do the right thing Arthur.”




            Angelica was nervous as she stood at the defendant’s table in the courthouse.  Granted it wasn’t a new experience for the brunette, except this time she was waiting to see her lover finally receive justice.  Her heart leapt as she watched LuAnn being led into the courtroom wearing an orange jump suit    with her wrist and ankles shackled.  “Am I reading this right?”  The judge barked from the bench, after the bailiff announced the case.

“Yes your honor,” Arthur admitted as Angelica and LuAnn smiled at one another.  “The state wishes to drop all charges against LuAnn Rivers.  We apologize for our error.”

“You apologize?”  the judge choked.  “Son you apologize for spilling something.  This woman has been incarcerated for almost two years for a crime that, according to these statements, she didn’t have time to commit.  Tell me son, is the police force so busy these days that they can’t check out a simple payroll sheet and compare it to the coroner‘s report?”

“It was a grievous error,” Arthur stammered.

“To say the least,’ the judge fumed.  “Remove those shackles,” he ordered the guard watching over LuAnn.  “Miss Rivers it delights me to inform you that once you finish the pesky paperwork at the jail you are a free woman.”

“I like this guy,” Angelica smiled as LuAnn’s restraints were being removed.

“Case dismissed,” the judge ordered before slamming down his gavel.  “And you Arthur haul your butt into my chambers I want a word with you son.”




            LuAnn leapt into Angelica’s arms.  “It’s over baby,” the brunette whispered as they clung to one another.  Angelica fought against the urge to kiss her lover senseless as they made their way through the crowd of reporters.  After dealing with the tedious paperwork LuAnn was changed into her simple dress and the three of them were enjoying dinner in a restaurant.  “You know I tried to get Angelica to come out to dinner once she got out, but she said she was waiting for you.”

“My Angel, My hero,” LuAnn said softly as she snuggled up against the brunette.  “Liked the Judge.”

“Yeah I wish I had him at some of my cases,” Angelica teased as she held LuAnn tighter.  She was afraid that if she broke the physical contact they had been sharing she would wake up back in her prison cell and the past few months would have been nothing but a dream.

“No you wouldn’t,” Kemper corrected her.  “He’s great when it comes to defendant’s rights, but when you are guilty of something like stealing a motor home he can be ruthless.”

“What now?”  LuAnn nervously asked as she tightened her hold on Angelica’s hand.

“Now I pay the check,” Kemper teased.  “Angelica has a couple of days off,” The brunette opened her mouth to protest.  “You earned them.  Relax, because come Monday we need to start work on LuAnn’s lawsuit.”

“Don’t want to, LuAnn argued.

“LuAnn you have to, so this won’t happen to someone else,” Kemper pleaded with her.  “Plus you can use the money to finish school and start your life over again.  I’m not going to ask for a lot.  I just want to make a point and have the people who railroaded you admit their wrongdoing.  Trust me, after everything we have dug up they will settle quickly, and you can begin to live your life.  Trust me and take the money, frankly I don’t pay Angelica enough.”

“Okay,” LuAnn reluctantly agreed.

“Pay the bill I want to take my girl home,” Angelica encouraged Kemper.

“Home?”  LuAnn shyly inquired.

“Mark helped me find a little apartment,” Angelica explained.  “It’s not much, but like he said he doesn’t pay me enough,” Kemper laughed as Angelica stared deeply into her lover’s eyes.  “Do you want to live with me?”  She added shyly.

“Home,” LuAnn agreed with a bright smile.




            Angelica felt nervous as she removed her coat and hung it up.  Her eyes never left LuAnn who was looking around the living room.  “It’s not much,” Angelica apologized.  “Living room the kitchen is right there.  I didn’t get much stuff.  I thought we could pick out the furnishings together.  Oh, and look.”  She carried on excitedly as she led LuAnn to the bathroom.  “A tub and a shower and a door that closes.  No more showering with forty other women, “ LuAnn caressed the bathroom door.  Angelica understood her fascination.  The first day she moved in it was the biggest thrill she had in years just to be able to use the facilities alone with a door that closed off the outside world.

“We can still shower together?”  LuAnn inquired with a smile.

“Oh yeah,” Angelica readily agreed.  “Or take a bath?”

“Nice,” LuAnn said with a smile as Angelica led them back into the small living room.

“The sofa is small but we have a television and I splurged on basic cable,” Angelica  rambled on.  “We need to get you some new clothes.  Did you have much at your place before you were arrested.”

“Not much,” LuAnn shrugged.  “I’m sure it is gone now.  Poor Sara she didn’t deserve what happened to her.”


            Angelica wrapped her arms around her lover’s waist from behind happy to hear her starting to string together complete sentences at last.  “No she didn’t Baby,” Angelica agreed as she placed a comforting kiss on the top of LuAnn’s head.

“Bedroom?”  LuAnn asked as she leaned into Angelica’s touch.


            Angelica smiled as she led her lover to the small bedroom and turned on the overhead light.  “It is small but . . .” LuAnn turned in her arms and placed her fingers over Angelica’s lips to silence her.

“It is bigger than our cell,” LuAnn directly informed her.  “I love this place and I love you.”

“I did buy the biggest most comfortable bed I could find,” Angelica quickly explained.  It took most of her first paycheck.  But after years of sleeping on a stained, lumpy twin mattress that reeked of disinfectant she thought they both deserved a little comfort.


            LuAnn took her by the hand and led her over to the bed.  “Bed,” LuAnn  said softly before stealing a kiss.  “Beautiful,” she added as she caressed Angelica’s face.  “Love you. Want you,’’ she added with a sly smile as she pushed Angelica down onto the bed and climbed up after her. 

“I love you too,” Angelica  responded as they began to kiss one another.  “And I want you too,” she added, as their kisses grew deeper. 


            They slowly began to undress each other taking their time to enjoy the feel of the other’s body.  It was the first time they were truly free to make love in a real bed without expectations or an audience.  It was the first time they didn’t have to pretend to be something that they weren’t, and they were free to do whatever they wanted.  LuAnn exhaled as she cupped Angelica’s now bare breasts and began to tease the brunette’s nipples.  “I can touch you,” LuAnn said with amazement, as her emerald eyes remained focused on the brunette’s breasts.

“You can do anything you want,” Angelica encouraged her with a deep moan as she felt her nipples hardening from her lover’s touch.


            Angelica’s body arched as LuAnn straddled her and circled her tongue around the brunette’s nipple.  The feel of their naked bodies pressing together as her lover’s eyes twinkled up at her mesmerized Angelica.  She could feel her lover’s desire brushing against her body as she captured her breast with her mouth.  Angelica moaned softly as she ran her fingers through LuAnn’s soft hair.  Her lover’s hips began to rock against her body as she suckled Angelica’s nipple.


            Angelica felt her body being lowered down onto the soft mattress as LuAnn’s hands drifted down her body.  LuAnn nudged the brunette’s thighs apart as she continued to tease her nipples with her teeth and her tongue.  LuAnn licked the swell of Angelica’s breasts as the brunette watched her lover’s body moving above her.  LuAnn raised her head and looked down upon Angelica’s naked body with a hungry look.  “Beautiful,” LuAnn repeated with a heart breaking sincerity.


            LuAnn’s eyes and hands began a slow torturous exploration of the brunette’s body.  Angelica tried to calm her breathing as she felt LuAnn’s tiny fingers gliding along her slick folds.  “Mine?”  LuAnn asked in a sultry tone as her fingers continued collecting Angelica’s passion.

“Yours,” Angelica confessed as she watched LuAnn bring her fingers to her lips, her tongue swirling around each digit slowly licking away Angelica’s wetness.


            Angelica released a needy whimper as she watched her lover’s tongue gliding across her tiny fingers.  LuAnn smiled at her the redhead’s eyes growing darker and hungrier with each passing moment.  “The first day, when you saved me from Steger it was your eyes,” LuAnn shyly explained as her hands resumed their exploration of Angelica’s body.  The brunette listened to the lilting tone of her lover’s voice as she felt her skin erupting from the smaller woman’s touch.  “They drew me in,” LuAnn stammered slightly as her fingers brushed against the damp dark curls of Angelica’s triangle.  “When I was kneeling in front of you after you claimed me, I wanted to give myself to you.”


            It was the longest sentence LuAnn had ever spoken.  Angelica was torn between tears of joy and the feel of LuAnn’s fingers gliding along her sex.  “I wanted to belong to you and only you,” LuAnn choked out seemingly uncomfortable with having found her voice.  “But I wanted you to belong to me.”

“I do,” Angelica reassured her as she parted her thighs and placed her hands gently on her lover’s hips.  “I love hearing the sound of your voice,” Angelica encouraged her lover who was gently stroking her clit.  “That first day, I knew that I belonged to you.  I wanted to let you pleasure me but I wanted only you to touch me if that was what you wanted.”

“Were there others?”  LuAnn carefully inquired as her fingers continued teasing Angelica.

“Lovers?  Yes,” Angelica confessed as she caressed the smaller woman’s hips her fingers tingling from the feel of LuAnn’s skin.  “I never claimed anyone.  I only told them you were my bitch to protect you.  You were never that to me.”


            “Is this what you want?”  LuAnn asked as she pressed her fingers against the warm wet opening of Angelica’s center.

“Yes,” Angelica groaned as she felt LuAnn entering her.  “I want whatever you are willing to share with me.”  LuAnn smiled down at her as she wiggled her fingers inside of Angelica while her thumb circled her throbbing clit.  LuAnn shifted her body so that she was hovering above the brunette as her fingers slid deeper inside of her lover.  Angelica’s body quivered as she ran her hands up along LuAnn’s body until she was filling them with her lover’s breasts.


            Angelica dug her heels into the mattress as she massaged her lover’s breasts while the smaller woman plunged in and out of her.  Angelica began to roll one of her lover’s nipples between her fingers as her other hand slowly traced its way down the redhead’s body.  She parted her lover’s swollen lips and dipped into her wetness.  Soon they were swaying in a sensual rhythm as they pleasured one another.  They pleaded with the other as they filled their new home with the sounds of their growing passion until their bodies exploded in ecstasy.  Lost in a haze of passion they continued to pleasure one another as their bodies melted together.


            Angelica captured her lover’s face in her hands as their bodies trembled against one another.  Angelica kissed her lover deeply as their wetness met and soon they were rocking against one another as their clits danced together.  Before Angelica could catch her breath her lover was kissing her way down her body.  “Angel.”  LuAnn whispered repeatedly against her skin until she was nestled between the brunette’s thighs.  Angelica was gripping the bed sheets as her lover licked and tasted her wetness until she was screaming out her name.


            They held one another tightly until Angelica guided her lover up to the pillows.  She helped LuAnn prop her body up against the soft pillows as she knelt before her.  They held one another captive in a smoldering gaze before Angelica lowered her body and draped her lover’s legs over her shoulders and began to drink in her wetness.  LuAnn’s urgent pleas fueled on the brunette’s desire as she suckled her clit and feasted upon her freely for the first time.  LuAnn’s body rocked against her as Angelica fought to hold her as she climaxed against the brunette’s touch.


            She gathered LuAnn up in her arms and held her tightly.  “I always wanted to do that to you,” Angelica confessed as LuAnn nestled her head against her chest.

“Thank you,” the redhead whimpered as she snuggled closer to Angelica.


            Soon they were caressing one another again.  Angelica’s heart soared as they slowly explored each other without fear, until they were sated and nestled safely in the other’s embrace.  Angelica sighed contently after they climbed under the blankets.  “We can sleep in tomorrow,” Angelica promised.  “And then we can begin our first day together.”

“The first of forever,” LuAnn promised with a yawn.


The End

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