Blair's Bounty

By Mavis Applewater

November 2001

Disclaimers: This is a story about a lovely lady who had three daughters with hair of gold. No wait that's the Brady Bunch. This little ditty is about two consenting adult women who have a romantic and yes a sexual relationship. If this isn't what you are looking for then keep looking. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material, then don't. This is also part two to Adventures on the high seas, you might want to read that one first.

As Always For Heather.




The nightmare over took Blair as she tossed and turned in her sleep. It was always the same, the night her childhood ended. Never could she had predicted what it meant then or the road it would lead her down. She cried out in agony. Warm comforting arms wrapped themselves around her small body. She thrashed trying to break away from the comforting touch. "Sssh." A familar calming voice whispered in her ear. "Sweetheart it's only me." The voice continued as the comforting touch continued.

"No!" Blair called out in her slumber as she tried to free herself.

"Blair." The voice cooed. "It's me Remington."

The name drew her out of her slumber. Her green eyes blinking in the darkness as she found herself wrapped in her lover's embrace. "Remington?" She muttered in a small frightened voice.

"Yes my love." Remington responded softly as she pulled her closer. "You were having a bad dream, again."

"Sorry." Blair muttered as she pulled away from her lover slightly.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" Remington inquired softly as she brushed Blair's long blonde hair out of her face.

"It's nothing." Blair lied as her hands drifted over her lover's naked body. She loved the feel of Remington. Everything about the taller woman excited her senses. "I love that you wear nothing when you sleep." She commented as her fingers began their exploration.

"Neither do you." The dark haired woman purred in response. "Now stop changing the subject." She said as she gently captured Blair's wandering hands.

"It is the subject." Blair smirk as pressed herself into Remington's firm body. She began to kiss her long neck. Nibbling and tasting the exposed flesh. "I can recall a time when you wouldn't have gone up on deck without first dressing in proper evening attire."

Remington laughed deeply. Blair smiled, she loved Remington's rich deep laugh. "I love you." Blair heard herself saying. She hadn't meant to say. She never did. But she couldn't help herself. Sometimes she found herself looking into those crystal blues and was lost.

"And I love you." Remington responded sincerely before placing a comforting kiss on Blair's forehead.

"As that all I rate?" Blair teased as she freed her hands and cupped Remington's breast. She heard her lover moan in response as her body arched.

"You are encourable." Remington gasped. "I should have known that you simply wanted to have your way with me." She teased the blonde captain.

"Was the ever any doubt?" Blair teased as her fingers began to tease Remington's already erect nipple. "My poor helpless Wench." Blair muttered as her mouth began to continue it's assualt on Remington's neck.

"A wench, am I?" Remington moaned as her hands moved down Blair's body.

Blair loved making love to this woman. At times she worried that she dragged her into her dangerous world. Yet she was unable or unwilling to let her out of her life. She kissed her way down and found herself tasting the valley between, Remington's magnificent breasts. She nudged Remington's larger frame back, so that she was now lying on the uncomfortable mattress they shared. Settling her body between Remington's endless legs, she moaned as her lover's wetness greeted her.

A sharp knocking on the door disrupted her exploration. "Captian!" Griggs her firstmate called out. Both she and Remington growled in response. "Later." She shouted her mind was focused one goal at the moment and that goal was to make her lover scream out her name.

"Captain." Griggs repeated in a more insistant tone.

"Griggs!" Blair herself shouting in reponse as Remington pushed her away slightly.

Remington's blue eyes flashed in warning. "It must be important." She guided the captain gently. Blair growled deeply as she pulled away from her lover. Wrapping a blanket around herself she stormed towards the doorway. Yanking the door open as it creaked on it's hinges she glared at the older man who served as her right hand all these years. "Are we under attack?" She inquired in a sarcastic manner.

"Not yet." He muttered. "But we do have company." He added in a cautioning tone.

"Damn it!" Blair snarled. "Get the men ready, I'll join on deck in a moment."

She turned to see her lover already clad in her black trousers and white billowing shirt. Remington was struggling to put her boots on. "I would tell you to wait here, but you wouldn't listen." Blair snorted as she dropped the blanket and started to dress as well.

"Do I ever?" Remington responded with a cocky smirk.

"No." Blair answered with a heavy sigh.

"Well sometimes I do." Remington added as the reached for their pistols.

"When?" Blair snorted as she checked her weapons and they headed for the door.

"Oh like when you tell me to bend over." Remington whispered hotly in her ear and delivered a playfull slap on her backside.



"Why would anyone want this ship?" Blair wondered as she peered thru her spy glass. "We were going to sink this piece of sh. . ."

"Blair." Her lover cautioned her.

"This vessel." Blair corrected herself. "I mean hells bells we only appropriated her because we needed a ride."

"Hmm." Remington agreed. "Back to the cave." She teased.

"Are you implying that you don't like the cave?" Blair taunted her as she mentally assessed the situation.

"What's not to like?" Remington scoffed. "Cold, damp and the boys drinking themselves silly. What do they want?"

"The crew?" Blair inquired as she licked her lips nervously.

"No." Remington groaned. "The other ship."

"Us." Blair responded grimmly instantly regretting her words as she caught the slight shiver Remington's body released. "Griggs!" She called out.


The older first mate scrambled quickly to join her. "Good news love." She addressed Remington. "We're not going back to the cave this time. Griggs grab what you can and ready the gun powder in hold."

"Captain?" Griggs address in a tense voice.

"It's the Governor." She responded flatly. "We're going to sink this ship and make a run for it. We've got a few leauges on them. Get everyone into the life boats then get as a far away as possible."

"Aye Captain." Griggs shuffled off.

"And Griggs, take Remington with you." She added firmly.

"No." Remington contered just as firmly.




"I said no."

"I don't have time for this." Blair pleaded noting that Griggs had already set off to get things in order. "Remington." She sighed heavilly. "I need to get everyone to a safe distance so I can create a diversion. I'm going to wait until they get close enough and then I'm going to blow up this ship. If I can jump off in time I'm going to have to swim for it."

"A wonderful plan as always Darling." Remington reassured her. "But I'm staying with you."

"It's not safe." Blair was pleading with her now.

"I stay with you." Remington flared. "You are my life. Now I need to assist Griggs. I'll meet you back up here."

Blair grumbled as she watched her tall lover storm off. "But you shouldn't pay with your own life." Blair muttered softly. Before preparing to pull off her scheme. They set the crew off in the life boats with what little possions they could fit in. The gun powder was set. Blair watched the larger ship bearing down on them.

She tossed her spy glass aside and nodded for Remington to retreat towards the rail. She shivered slightly as she held the bottle of rum in her hand. Lighting the rum soaked cloth hanging from it's neck with a torch she tossed both into the cargo hold. She raced towards the rail and grabbed her lover. They both jumped over the side.

The water engulfed them in an icy hold. They felt the explosion as their bodies were propelled thru the water. Breaking the surface Blair struggled to breath. Fighting the coldness and the current she searched desperately to find her lover. She spotted the delapitated vessel they had taken burning brightly as the larger three masted ship struggled. She could hear shouts from it's crew as she silently prayed she had killed anyone.

She heard a gasp. Searching the darkness ahead of her she could just barely see Remington's form in the water. Frantically she swam towards her. Finally she could she those bright blue eyes twinkling in the murky darkness. "Blair!" Remington called to her.

Fueled on by the sound of her lover's voice the small blonde swam harder. Finally she reached her. They quickly wrapped their arms around each other. Their mouths instantly seeking the the other's lips. "I love you." They said in unison as they shivered. "We need to get moving and catch up to the others before we freeze to death." Blair said sternly.

They swam for what seemed like hours before being pulled up by Firth one of the crew members. "Thank God." The young red head exclaimed as others wrapped them in blankets. They shivered uncontrably as the boys began to row furiously. "There's a small island up ahead." Firth informed them. "Should be empty."

"I know Constance used it." Blair answered as her teeth chattered. "We should make it by dawn if we are lucky."

"Who's Constance?" Remington inquired also as her teeth chattered.

"Bitch from hell." Firth responded bitterly.

"She was my owner." Blair said coldly.

"Owned all of us." Firth spat out.

Blair could see the tears forming in her lover's eyes. It was time to tell her something. "All of the crew even Griggs, well until he past his prime were slaves." She explained.

"I've heard some of the stories." Remington added in a comforting tone.

Blair blinked back her own tears at the thought of her gentle lover knowing that she had once belonged to Constance. She had been owned by so many people. Men and women alike. But Constance brought her own brand of evil into their sad exsistance.

"That we were." Firth stated sadly. "Sex slaves the whole lot of us. Never a good life. But Constance was . . ." His voice drifted off in terror.

Blair shivered this time from the memories and not the cold. Remington wrapped her arms around her shaking form. Blair allowed herself to be engulfed. She needed the warmth that only this tall dark beauty could provide.

"Captain Ailsa was the one who saved us." Firth added.

Blair's body flinched uncontrolably. "How?" Remington inquired innocently.

"I killed her." Blair responded coldly. Trying not to allow the memory of the evil blonde cackling and taunting her. She never thought twice about her actions. They were cold and unfeeling as she drew the pistol she had hidden earlier from under the bed. She fired the shot into the woman's chest and smiled. It was easy. Far too easy. The act still haunted her. But so many things haunted her.

Blair stiffened fearing now that Remington knew that she would leave. Instead her lover held her tighter and kissed her on the forehead. Silence surround them as they rowed off into the darkness. Just before dawn the joined the others on the beach and set about hiding their life boats. They cleared the beach of any signs of life before retreating into the forest.



Blair returned from her expedition to find everyone exhausted. She approached Griggs who was helping Remington build a fire. "She's learning." He snorted happily.

"A quick study, she is." She smiled as she winked at Remington who was now blushing. "It's still there."

"No?" Griggs smiled.

"She'll need some work." Blair commented. "But she'll get us to the next port. It'll be cramped quarters but we can make and tow some of the life boats behind."

"What are you talking about?" Remington inquired as she stood to her full height.

"A boat." Blair smiled as she took in the staques beauty in front of her. "I keep forgetting how tall you are?" She purred then snapped her attention back towards Griggs. "If that's still here I can't help but wonder if the other little present Constance left here is still lying around."

"You were with her on that trip." Griggs noted. "Where did she leave it?"

"Leave what?" Remington asked in a playfull tone. Blair knew that her tall dark lover wasn't looking at her face at the moment. She inhaled deeply and caught the whimper that escaped from Remington.

"Gold." She responded in a flat tone pleased in knowing that Remington was more interested in her chest at the moment.

"Well this little island is full of surprises." Remington said. "A safe haven, a boat and now some booty. Fancy that."

"Yes it holds many wonderful things." Blair stated as her eyes roamed over Remington's body. "Griggs take the boys hunting, we'll need to eat. While you're in the forest look for a white palm tree. I can't remember it's exact location."

"And where will you be?" He taunted her.

"I want to show Remington the beauty of our little haven." She explained dryly as she held out her hand to her lover.

Remington blushed as she accepted her hand. Blair led her off into the forest. Neither of them spoke as they walked peacefully hand in hand. Finally the entered a small glade. The waterfall spilling into a small lagoon. "It's beautiful." Remington confessed.

"You're beautiful." Blair countered. "Care to go for a swim and get cleaned up." She suggested with a playfull wink.

Remington smiled brightly in response as they walked towards the water's edge. With speaking they undressed themselves. Blair loved the sight of Remington's body and rarely had the opportunity to enjoy it in such beautiful surroundings. They walked into the water hand in hand before diving in. The water felt wonderful. They played and washed. Hands drifting into soft curves as they stole kisses.

Unable to contain her desire any longer Blair wrapped her legs around Remington's waist. She kissed her gently only to have Remington's tongue tug on her bottom lip. Each parted their lips eagerly their tongues dancing together passionately. Blair cupped Remington's breast teasing her nipple with the rough palm of her hand.

Stronge hands cupped her backside as Remington supported her weight. She felt fingers teasing her center and parted her legs. The water supported them as Blair leaned down and began to suckle her lover's nipple. Remington moaned as her hand slipped lower. Blair shuddered as she felt Remington's thumb grazing her throbbing clit. Her hips began to grind into Remington's firm abdomen. Two fingers thrust inside of her as she pressed her wetness against her lover.

Remington's fingers plunged in and out of her while she sucked her breast harder and harder. Remington held her tightly whispering that she would never let her go. Remington's finger increased their pace as her thumb teased her throbbing clit. Blair tore her mouth away as her body arched as Remington plunged deeper inside of her. Blair screamed out as she exploded against her lover.

Remington held her tightly as she trembled in her arms. Slowly Remington released her and together they walked back to the shore. Blair's legs still trembling as she lowered Remington onto the sand. She lowered her wet naked form on top of her lover. Kissing her passionately as her hands roamed freely.

Feeling Remington's leg part she settled in between them. She began to kiss her way down her lover's body, tasting all of her. She dipped her tongue in Remington's navel. The taller woman shivered in expectation. Then Blair kissed the insides of her thighs. "Please." Remington pleaded with her.

Blair inhaled the sweet musky scent that belonged only to her lover. She blew a teasing breath thru the damp dark curls. Dipping her tongue in she tasted her passion. The taste sent her senses reeling. She placed her lover's legs over her shoulders. Then she nestled in between them, burying her face in the sweet nectar that was calling to her. She ran her tongue along her swollen lips, tasting what she was doing to her. Then she suckled her throbbing clit.

Remington clutch the back of her head pressing her to take her. She ran her teeth along her clit before suckling her harder. As Remington's hips rose she teased her center and teased her clit with her tongue. Remington moaned as she thrusted harder. Blair entered her lover's warm slick center. Her lover begging her for more. Blair smiled into her passion as her fingers plunged in and out in a steady rhytm. Her pace quicken as her fingers and mouth kept pace with one another. Just as her lover reached the brink, she slowed her motions.

Remington cried out and she resumed her actions bringing her to the edge and then once again retreating. "Please, Blair." Remington whimpered. She wiggled her fingers inside of her lover's wetness. Remington moaned deeply. Blair resumed her passionate rythym taking her lover deeper. Her hands and mouth increasing to a wild pace as Remington thrusted herself against Blair's touch.

Blair's mouth nipped and suckled as her fingers slid in and out finally allowing her lover to explode against her. She rested her head against her lover's abdomen as Remington regain her ability to breath and speak. Finally they wrapped themselves up in one another's arms. As Blair relaxed in her lover's embrace something caught her eye off in the distance. She blinked twice before smiling broadly.

Nudging Remington she instructed her to get dressed. Remington growled at the interuption as they redressed themselves. "What's so bloody important?" Remington asked her quirking one eye brow up. Blair smiled and took her by the hand. Without speaking she led her out of the glade. Just on top a small hill they both saw it. A white palm tree.

After they dug up the two chest and washed up once again. They carried them back to join the men who were cooking something up for dinner. Dropping the chest down in front of the fire, they were greeted by amazed faces staring back at them as they popped open the locks. Both chests were filled with gold coins.

Later as they sat by the fire rejoicing with the crew, Remington reached over and pulled her into a fiery kiss. "What was that for?" Blair asked with a bright smile.

"Nothing." Remington shrugged. "It's just that you certainly know how to throw a party. And I love you, more than you could ever know."

"I love too." Blair smiled drinking her lover's body lit by the dancing flames of the camp fire. Blair smile grew knowing that they would sneak off soon to be alone.


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