By Mavis Applewater

November 2001


Disclaimers (Better known as sex, violence & road trips): First off, despite the fact that some of the characters may look like cast members of Xena Warrior Princess, the story is mine and mine alone. It may not be reproduced without my express permission. There is a consensual sexual relationship between to two women. If for some reason you don't wish to view this, then don't. If for any reason it’s illegal for you to view this material, then you must leave now. Why is it that when I go to the laundromat I start off with complete sets of socks but when I finish I end up with odd socks?

Thanks to my beta reader, Joanne


As Always For Heather



Monica made her way to the back of the coffeehouse. She sat and took in the deserted surroundings and smiled happily. No one was around. She could just relax, enjoy her coffee, and do the crossword puzzle in The Boston Globe. No one was going to run up screaming the all too familiar 'Mommy!'. No one would ask her what she was reading and could they watch Blues Clues or The Rugrats. 'Ah, the sweet bliss of silence' she thought merrily.

A sudden pang struck her; she instantly missed the noise and her son. Jon-Michael was the light of her life and she truly missed him. But she also needed the stimulus of the adult world. For the next seventy-two hours she would be on her own for the first time in months. The inquisitive five-year-old was a ball of fire. Of course, there was little hope that she and Thom would produce a quiet child.

Thom finally had some time off and could take their son for the weekend. It wasn't Thom's fault he hadn't been able to spend more time with Jon-Michael. Thom was a firefighter and EMT. Monica couldn't help but support her ex-husband's choice to assist with the rescue and cleanup efforts in New York. In fact, she was damn proud of him. She knew that Jon-Michael missed his time with his father, but she explained that he was doing something very brave and noble.

The little boy tried very hard to understand. But it was hard for him. He simply missed his daddy. When Monica and Thom were married, their schedules had been difficult enough. Divorcing made it damn near impossible for each of them to spend as much time with their son as they would like.

Thom and Monica had been married for seven wonderful years. There was only one little problem in their relationship. She was in the closet. Thom had been her best friend and when she finally came to terms with her sexuality, he supported her. Well, not at first. In the beginning he did freak out. But after they’d talked and fought, things calmed down. Now two years later they were still friends and raising their son together, just from separate apartments.

As a cable installer who was also trained in DSL installation, she was in high demand. Everyone wanted two hundred channels and to get online as quickly as possible. As the demand grew, so did her hours. Somehow she and Thom and their parents balanced their lives. Everyone did their best to ensure that Jon-Michael's happiness didn't suffer.

And now Monica could relax for the entire weekend. She just needed to stop worrying about Jon-Michael. She opened up the newspaper and took a sip of her coffee. She pulled out a pen as she quickly read her horoscope. 'Opportunities to make new friends may result in a new romantic connection.' "I wish," she muttered as she folded the paper. Licking her lips eagerly, she began the crossword puzzle.

Brushing her long black hair off her shoulders, she quickly began to fill in the blanks. She was cruising through the puzzle when a shadow was cast over her. "Excuse me?" a sweet voice inquired.

Despite the sweetness of the tone, Monica stiffened from the interruption. "Would you mind if I borrowed part of your newspaper?" the voice continued. Monica pinched her nose as her blue eyes fluttered shut. She took a cleansing breath before she exploded. 'Relax, Monica. She just wants something to read. Everyone borrows the paper in these shops. She's not going to make paper airplanes out of it or try to flush it down the toilet.' Monica kicked herself out of mommy mode and opened her eyes.

Monica looked up and found herself mesmerized by the brightest green, no wait, blue er. . . blue green eyes she had ever seen. She grinned like an idiot when she discovered that those eyes were a part of the sweetest looking blonde. "Help yourself," she stammered out, trying to sound seductive. She failed as her normally low voice squeaked. 'Smooth,' she mentally kicked herself.

"Thank you." The blonde smiled in response. 'Thank you! All is not lost.' Monica sighed in relief.

As the blonde began to flip through the paper, Monica allowed herself to look at the full package. The blonde was petite but possessed a powerful build. Absently Monica licked her lips as she took in her ruffled short blonde locks, the curve of her neck, and her well-defined backside.

As the stranger turned Monica found herself greeted with a full view of the younger woman's cleavage. 'Hello!' her mind screamed like an adolescent boy. "Oh," the blonde sighed. Embarrassed, she snapped her eyes up. She blew another sigh of relief when she realized the blonde was looking at her crossword puzzle and had failed to notice her ogling her breasts. "Was this what you were looking for?" Monica inquired as she tapped her pen against the puzzle.

"Yeah," the blonde shyly confessed. "I'm addicted to those things."

"Me too." Monica smiled, hoping that she sounded as charming as she thought.

"The Globe sells out so quickly," the stranger continued. "I don't really care for the one in The Herald. Silly me. I forgot to buy a paper on my way into work this morning."

"It's a rare treat I actually get to do these," Monica said, hoping to keep this beautiful woman talking longer. "My son usually interrupts," Monica added since she liked to get that information out right away. Some women were uncomfortable that Monica had a child and kept a good relationship with her ex-husband.

"Your son?" the blonde stammered slightly. "How old is he?" she recovered quickly.

"Five," Monica answered, recognizing the wide-eyed look in those pretty eyes. It was the old ooops-my-gaydar-must-be-broken look. "Would you like to join me?" Monica offered quickly before the stranger could bolt for the door. "I'm kind of stuck on a couple answers."

"Sure." The blonde smiled nervously as she sat down next to the tall brunette. "I'm Candice, by the way," she introduced herself before taking a sip of her coffee.

"Monica," the brunette responded as she slid the crossword puzzle over.

"Where’s your son?" Candice inquired pleasantly.

"Jon-Michael is spending the weekend with his father," Monica answered, noticing the green hospital scrubs underneath Candice's wool coat. "You work at the hospital?" she inquired, pointing towards her attire.

"Yes." Candice smiled brightly. "I'm a phlebotomist. No vampire jokes," Candice cautioned her.

Monica could only smile in response. "Timmy and Lassie," Candice said softly.

"Excuse me?" Monica shook her head in confusion.

"Fifty seven across." Candice pointed towards the crossword puzzle. "TV twosome. Timmy and Lassie."

Monica's crystal blue eyes widened in excitement. "You're right." She chuckled. "I get it now. Kids and thier dogs. So let me see, twenty across, Movie Duo, is . . . "

"Dorothy and Toto," Candice supplied.

"Hey, you’re good at this." Monica beamed as she touched Candice's forearm gently. She smiled from the warmth of the woman's body and the fact that Candice didn't move away from her touch. She simply smiled back at her. "Okay then, thirty eight across, A Broadway team, would be Annie and Sandy. Well, with those I'm almost finished. I can't remember the last time that happened. Jon-Michael’s quite a handful."

"You're divorced?" Candice inquired carefully.

"Yes," Monica responded, giving Candice's arm a gentle squeeze, hoping that she’d get the message. "For about two years now. Thom and I actually get along pretty well. All things considered."

"That's nice," Candice answered with sincerity. "So what are you going to do besides the crossword puzzle? You know, with your free time?"

"I don't know," Monica answered honestly. "It's been awhile since I had a whole weekend to myself. Normally I have to work. I'm a cable installer. We get problems from customers constantly on the weekends."

"Cable?" The blonde's eyes lit up.

"Now, no hitting me up for free channels," Monica teased her. "My newspaper is one thing. But for cable theft you need to at least buy me dinner first."

Monica held her breath, hoping that she hadn't overstepped her bounds or misread Candice's intentions. She relaxed as she saw the slight blush emerge on Candice's cheeks. Candice nervously ran her fingers through her hair. "Monica, are you flirting with me?" she asked as her eyes darkened.

"As a matter of fact, I am," Monica replied honestly. "I hope I haven't offended you."

"God no." Candice laughed lightly. 'What a great laugh,' Monica thought. "I'm not offended. In fact I'm relieved. When you said something about your son . . ."

"Jon-Michael," Monica stated firmly, making it clear how much her son means to her. "I know, my son, an ex-husband, big breeder, yada yada yada. It happens." Monica shrugged. "Big dyke who was clueless," Monica explained further.

"Sorry," Candice apologized. "I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions. But these days it's so hard to tell. I was also afraid that you had a partner."

"Nope," Monica encouraged her, hoping that the blonde would ask her out before the turn of the century. Frankly it had been so long since she’d been on a date or even met a woman she was interested in that she was afraid she was going to end up being one of those crazy women with four hundred cats.

"Would you like to go out to dinner?" Candice asked nervously as she bit on her bottom lip.

"Yes," Monica blurted out a little too quickly. Instantly she dropped her face in her hands to hide the blush that she was certain now covered her entire body. "Sorry," she muttered.

"Hey," Candice reassured her as she began to pat her back gently. The touch instantly caused Monica's nipples to harden. "It's nice to know that you’re as nervous as I am."

"Thank you," Monica choked out as she finally raised her head. She found herself locked in an intense gaze. 'How am I going to get through an entire meal with her?'

"There’s just one thing," Candice began hesitantly. "I can't this weekend."

"Oh." Monica's heart dropped at the thought of not spending more time with this woman right away.

"I'm on double shifts," Candice explained quickly. "What about dancing tonight?"

"Dancing?" Monica responded brightly.

"I get off work at eleven. I could meet you at The Galaxy," Candice suggested.

"Sounds great," Monica agreed quickly.

"Speaking of work." Candice grimaced. "I need to get back. My coffee break is almost over."

Monica thought about that for a moment. "Don't they have a ton of coffee shops at the hospital?" she inquired.

"Yeah." Candice smiled. "I was out looking for a paper when I saw . . . never mind." She blushed as she stood.

"When you saw what?" Monica urged her on.

"You," Candice reluctantly confessed, once again chewing on her bottom lip.

"Oh, so now you're stalking me," Monica teased the blushing blonde.

"I guess you'll find out tonight," Candice countered. It was now Monica's turn to blush.



After Candice left, Monica couldn't concentrate on her beloved crossword puzzle. She tossed it and her coffee in the trash. She had a date tonight. And that meant one thing - she needed to go shopping. Somehow she didn't think the ragged blue jeans she wore to ‘Mommy and Me’ would cut it. The rest of the day, Monica was a nervous wreck. She finally found an outfit that wasn't too dressy but looked good on her.

Once she returned to her apartment, she tried on her outfit several times just to make certain that it looked okay. Thom called to let her know that Jon-Michael wasn't feeling well. Nothing serious he reassured her, just a slight temperature. She told him that she would have her cell phone with her all night if Jon-Michael got worse. This, of course, led to her having to disclose that she was going out on a date.

Thom proceeded to tease her endlessly. When Thom had finally accepted her lifestyle, he became a little too accepting. In fact he was always trying to set her up. "See, I told you that I could find a woman on my own," she retaliated. "Perhaps I should start looking for one for you, buddy boy?"

"No thanks. Between you and my Mother . . ." He laughed. "Have fun tonight. And don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Thanks. That should leave the field wide open." She snorted happily. "Keep me updated on Jon-Michael."

"I will," he promised.

Later that night she found herself sitting at the bar nursing a Drunken Monkey. 'I'm glad I had the good sense to take a nap today,' she complimented herself as she smoothed out the crease in her black jeans. Normally at this hour Monica was fast asleep. The sound of the techno music beat steadily as she looked around the crowded nightclub once again.

She was nervous about seeing Candice. She’d been thinking about the blonde all day long. Her thoughts were far from pure since she was more than a little attracted to blonde. Of course, she knew that she would go home with her that night if Candice gave the slightest indication that she was interested. This wasn't Monica's usual style. In fact, Monica didn't have a style. But there was something about the blonde that set her senses on fire.

She straightened as she noticed the object of her desires approaching her. The sight of Candice dressed in a short PVC mini-skirt and an emerald silk tank top made her body ache with desire. Absently she licked her lips as she took in the curve of smaller woman's breasts. Her eyes drifted down and drank in the sight of her firm thighs. A part of her felt like a complete floozy while another part of her was too turned on to care.

"Hi," Candice greeted her brightly.

"Hi," she responded in turn, her knees trembling slightly.

"I hope you weren't waiting long," Candice offered.

"No," Monica lied. She had shown up early, unable to wait any longer. She was glad that she’d arrived first; she wouldn't have missed seeing the sight of the beautiful woman walking into the nightclub. Monica wasn't the only one who had noticed her. More than a few pairs of eyes had turned to watch as Candice strode confidently across the room. "You look incredible," she said before she could stop herself.

"Thanks," Candice responded with a slight blush. "So do you," she added in a dreamy tone.

"Would you like a drink?" Monica offered, knowing that she needed to cool down.

"Great," Candice answered. "What are you drinking?"

"A Drunken Monkey," Monica confessed as she crinkled her nose. "It's good, just a bit much for me."

Candice took a sip of Monica's cocktail. "Hmm. That is good." Candice licked the Irish Cream from her lips. "But I think I need something a little less rich. Hard Cider is fine."

Monica ordered a Savannah for Candice and a bottle of spring water for herself. She was almost tempted to pour the water down her jeans. As she turned to hand Candice the cider, she caught the blonde checking her out. Her blue eyes twinkled with amusement; she was relieved to know she wasn't the only one feeling this way. "Here you go," she said gleefully as she handed the drink to the smaller woman.

"Thanks," Candice said as she averted her eyes. Their fingers brushed as Monica handed her the bottle. Both women's breathing seemed to increase slightly.

"Interesting outfit," Monica said, giving her another excuse to ogle Candice's body.

"I'm uhm . . . went shopping on my dinner break," Candice admitted. "Somehow my scrubs didn't seem appropriate for the occasion. The only place open was Hootin’ Nannies. It's a little risqué."

"I know the place. It's in Harvard Square," Monica commented. "Granted I don't get there much, but they have some really nice stuff."

"Well, I'm glad you like the outfit." Candice sighed with relief. "It was this or one of those school girl outfits."

"Hmm." Monica pouted.

"Maybe for our second date," Candice teased. "So do you like what you do? For a living?" Candice added quickly.

"Yes, I do," Monica confirmed. "I get outdoors and I meet a lot of people. How about you? Do you like working with blood?"

"Yes," Candice responded proudly. "I always worry that I'm going to have bad news, especially in this day and age. And no one’s thrilled to see me or my needles. But the work I do is important."

"I agree," Monica answered. "I have to admit I just hate having blood drawn. But I still donate every two months."

Monica watched as Candice made a mental note regarding the information she had just given her. "I donate as well. The hospital always has a drive going." Monica digested that information. 'So we’re both healthy enough to give blood. That means we can really enjoy ourselves. Good to know.' They continued to chat as they sipped their drinks. Monica noticed that they both were revealing little details that confirmed that if they wanted to they wouldn't need to practice safe sex. It was hard to slip into a conversation, but somehow they managed.



As the conversation progressed they also talked about themselves and Monica's son. Casual brushes against one another served to further fuel Monica’s growing desire. "Would you like to dance?" Candice asked her. She simply nodded in response, unable to look anywhere but at the blonde. Monica's legs were shaking as she took Candice's hand and walked out onto the dance floor.

Their bodies instantly melted together as they began to sway to the music. Monica’s pulse raced as her hands slid down Candice's back. The feel of the smaller woman was making her heart pound and her lower anatomy throb. Monica moaned as Candice's thigh pressed against her center. In response her hands drifted down, capturing Candice's hips.

They continued to sway in rhythm as their hands began to caress one another. Monica was ready to explode simply from feeling Candice's body pressed against her own. Candice's lips gently kissed the valley between her breasts. Monica's head fell back slightly as she stifled the scream that threatened to escape.

Candice continued to kiss her exposed flesh as Monica ground her hips into the smaller woman's body. Lowering her head, she found herself locked in a fiery gaze. Unable to stop herself, she did what she’d been dreaming about since the first moment she laid eyes on this woman.

Their lips met and instantly began to ignite the passion within them. Lips parted as tongues darted out, each tasting the warmth of the other's mouth. As their tongues danced together, Monica's hands slipped down Candice's back, enjoying the feel of the blonde's body.

Candice moaned deeply as Monica cupped her firm backside. Squeezing and massaging the material of the skirt roughly, she sucked on Candice's tongue. Candice wrapped her fingers in long black hair, tugging gently as their kiss deepened. Someone bumped into the overheated couple. They halted their movements and stared deeply into each other's eyes.

Candice reached up and her mouth began an assault on Monica's neck. The blonde began to suck the pulse point causing Monica to gasp in pleasure. Monica tore away from Candice slightly. Taking her by the hand, she led the younger woman off the dance floor. Pulling Candice away from the crowd into a dark corner, she pressed her against the wall.

Candice pulled Monica’s taller form tightly against her own and quickly reclaimed her lips. Monica could feel Candice's fingers feeling their way to her breasts. As the blonde pinched and teased her nipples, Monica's hands drifted down Candice's firm body. One hand clasped the blonde's ass firmly while the other drifted up her firm thigh.

Monica could hardly believe that she was acting this way in public. But she didn't care. She needed to know if Candice was as turned on as she was. Her fingers teased as they slipped up under the hot PVC material. Candice broke away from their kiss, panting wildly. Her eyes blazed with desire. Lowering her head, she began to suckle on one of Monica's nipples through her shirt.

Monica groaned as she felt the lace material of a garter belt. She pressed her body into Candice's, her hips beginning to sway. Candice matched her rhythm as Monica's fingers moved further up her skirt. As Monica's touch neared Candice's panties, the blonde began to suckle her breast harder.

Monica cupped Candice's mound and moaned as she discovered that the blonde was just as excited as she was. The feel of Candice's wetness inflamed her need. Unable to control herself, she slipped her fingers under the lacy material. Her fingers were coated with Candice's passion.

Candice broke away from her breast with a growl. Her eyes opened only slightly as her head fell back against the wall. "Please," the blonde pleaded as Monica's fingers dipped in a little further. Her thumb began to circle Candice's throbbing clit. "Tell me," Monica encouraged her as she pressed her body into her. "Fuck me," Candice gasped out.

It was all Monica needed to hear. She pressed her lips against Candice's as she slipped two fingers deep inside the blonde's slick center. Candice wrapped her body around Monica's as the brunette explored her mouth. Her fingers plunged in and out of the smaller woman. She could feel Candice's thighs trembling as her thumb continued to tease her clit. The walls closing around Monica's fingers told her that her lover was nearing the edge.

"Ladies," a harsh masculine voice said from behind her. 'Oh no.' Monica cringed as Candice's eyes flew open.

Monica instantly halted her movements. This was bad. She didn't need to turn around to know that security was standing behind her while she had her hand up Candice's skirt. The Galaxy was a pretty relaxed place unless, of course, you broke the law. And in the great old prudish Commonwealth actually having sex in the club was illegal.

"Sorry." Monica winced as she reluctantly removed her hand from the warmth of Candice's sex.

Seemingly satisfied, the security man walked away. "How embarrassing was that?" Monica choked out.

"I can't believe we were doing that." Candice blushed. "You should have seen his face. That guy was ticked off."

"Probably just jealous." Monica snickered as she fought the urge to bring her fingers up to her mouth.

"Monica . . . ," Candice began slowly as she readjusted her skirt, ". . . I don't normally behave like this and I like you and would like to get to know you better. But at this moment . . . I really want to take you back to my place and let you do anything you want to me."

"Yes," Monica said firmly as she pressed her lips against Candice's. The kiss quickly ignited and the two found themselves groping one another. Monica reluctantly broke away as she heard a throat being cleared behind her. "Let's go," she whispered in Candice's ear.

The two quickly rearranged their clothing and bolted towards the coat check. Once outside,

they quickly hailed a taxi.


As soon as they gave the driver the address, they melted into one another's arms. "I don't think I've ever been this turned on in my life," Monica groaned as Candice's mouth licked and nibbled across her neck. She moaned as the blonde sucked on her neck. "You are a vampire," she teased as she ran her hands up under Candice's skirt. Her heart pounded against her chest as Candice unbuttoned her jeans and then slowly lowered the zipper.

Just as Candice's fingers were working their way across her stomach, the driver announced that they had reached their destination. Both women growled in frustration. Monica started to refasten her pants as Candice paid the driver. "Don't bother," the blonde whispered hotly in her ear.

Monica whimpered slightly as she allowed Candice to lead her out of the taxi. They rushed into the building and up the staircase. Monica almost tripped over her loose pants. Candice threw open her door and pulled Monica inside. Monica's need was growing out of control as the door closed behind her. Without warning, the small blonde pressed her up against the door.

Monica's thighs instantly parted as she pressed the smaller woman into her body, running her fingers through blonde locks as her shirt was pulled up her body. She raised her arms and allowed the garment to be removed completely. She pulled Candice's coat off as the smaller woman unfastened and removed her bra.

Candice's tongue circled one nipple then the other and back again. It was if the blonde couldn't decide which one she wanted to play with first. Monica's head fell back as her hands tugged on the soft silk top, pulling it up as Candice suckled her nipple. She ran her nails down the blonde's back. Candice teased one nipple with her teeth and tongue while her fingers gently rolled and pinched the other.

Monica unfastened Candice's bra and slid her eager hands around. Her palms grazed across taut nipples, provoking a wild groan from her lover. Candice's mouth and tongue began to work their way down Monica's body. Candice paused briefly to remove her top and bra that Monica had pushed up. "So beautiful," Monica whispered dreamily. Candice blushed slightly as her mouth returned to Monica's skin.

She tingled from the feel of Candice's knowing tongue working it's way down her body. Candice's nipples brushed across Monica's abdomen as the blonde lowered herself. Monica fought to keep her eyes open. She needed to see Candice kneeling before her. Green eyes twinkled up at her as the blonde pulled her jeans down her legs.

Monica fought to remain standing as the rest of her clothing was removed. Gentle hands felt her body along the way. Monica opened herself as Candice kissed and taste the inside of her trembling thighs. She almost exploded as Candice's nipples brushed against her legs.

She trembled as Candice's warm breath blew through her damp curls. The blonde parted her even further as her tongue ran along her swollen lips. Monica ran her fingers through Candice's hair, fighting the need to press her lover into her wetness. Monica's head fell back as Candice's tongue stroked her throbbing clit. Licking and tasting her, the blonde's tongue teased her. Monica's hips thrust forward as Candice’s tongue entered her.

Monica pressed Candice to take her deeper as a thumb teased her clit while Candice’s tongue plunged in and out of her. Monica's hips rocked, pushing her passion against her eager tongue. She whimpered slightly as Candice moved her attention up. Her body jerked forward as Candice began to suckle her clit, teasing it with her teeth and tongue. Monica's hips rocked uncontrollably. She screamed out in pleasure as she felt two fingers press against her slick center.

Candice entered her as she cried out. Looking down, her passion only grew at the sight of Candice looking up at her as she feasted upon her wetness. "Oh God, yeeesss!" she cried out as her lover's fingers plunged in and out of her. The sensual rhythm grew as Monica thrust harder, needing to feel her lover taking her higher. Monica tried to steady her breathing, tried to make it last longer. Her efforts were wasted as her lover's pace grew. Candice's fingers and mouth worked together. Monica screamed out as she climaxed against her lover's face.

Monica's body continued to ride out the waves of passion as Candice's fingers stilled, her mouth drinking up every ounce that Monica had to offer. Once Monica's tremors stilled, Candice slipped her fingers out gently. Monica watched as her lover licked her fingers clean. Candice began to kiss her way up the brunette's body.

Monica drew her into a warm embrace and kissed her deeply. Their tongues began a renewed battle as Monica spun the blonde around gently. Pressing her body into Candice's, her hands felt their way. Candice whimpered as Monica's hand slipped back under her skirt. This time there were no interruptions as her fingers blazed a trail to her wetness.

Monica needed to feel her. She pulled her lover's underwear down and slipped her fingers into the wetness that was awaiting her. Monica teased Candice's clit, stroking it as Candice's body arched against her own. Her thumb began to tease as she pressed two fingers against Candice's center. "Yes," Candice whimpered. Monica entered her. Once again Candice wrapped her body around her. Monica thrust against the smaller woman as her fingers plunged in and out. Monica could feel Candice nearing the edge as her rhythm grew.

Candice bucked against her wildly as her body began to tremble. She screamed out her name as she exploded against her. Monica held onto her lover as the young woman trembled in her arms. "That was . . . incredible," Candice choked out. Monica smiled and kissed her gently. The sound of her cell phone disturbed the moment.

Monica quickly searched through her discarded clothing. She watched as Candice wandered off; she returned clad in a bathrobe as Monica was ending the call with her ex-husband. "Is everything alright?" Candice inquired nervously.

"Yeah." Monica smiled. "That was just Thom letting me know that Jon-Michael's fever has broken."

"Thank goodness," Candice responded sincerely.

The two women stood there in an awkward silence. "Monica, would you like to . . . spend the night?" Candice inquired shyly.

"Yes." The brunette smiled in response. "But only if you lose that bathrobe," she teased. "I'm feeling a little underdressed." She pointed out her nakedness.

Candice smiled sweetly and opened the robe. Slowly she dropped it to the floor, revealing that she had removed her skirt and footwear but still had on the garters, stockings and lace panties.

"Oh my," Monica managed to utter. Candice simply held out her hand and led her to the bedroom.


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