Coming Home

(A Short Vacation Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

December 2002


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Thanks to my beta reader Toni.


As always this is for Heather.


Coming Home


Ashley looked over at the blonde seated next to her.  Leeann was sleeping soundly.  Ashley smiled at her lover.  The vacation she had taken the small blonde on had certainly turned into a strange turn of events.  She had flown to Hawaii with her cousin’s wife who was also one of her dearest friends and now she was flying home with her lover.  The Captain announced that they would be landing soon.  She reached out and gently touched Leeann’s shoulder.  She smiled once again as Leeann’s emerald eyes blinked open.


“Hey,” Ashley said softly as Leeann shifted in her seat.

“Hey yourself,” The blonde responded softly as she clasped her smaller hand around Ashley’s.

“We will be landing soon,” Ashley informed her.

“Back to reality,” Leeann said with a slight yawn as she gave Ashley’s hand a gentle squeeze.

“Yeah,” Ashley responded in a troubled tone. 


There were so many things the two of them would be facing now that they were coming home.  First there was their family and the fall out that would certainly ensue.  Then of course there were the results of the biopsy that had inspired her to take the impromptu vacation in the first place.  Ashley brushed aside her concerns regarding her health for the moment.  The biggest question she had was what would happen when they landed.  Should she offer that Leeann stay at her place tonight?  Things in Hawaii had been wonderful and they both had confessed that they were deeply in love with one another.  But now they were home and Ashley was confused as to how quickly her lover wanted things to happen between them?


“What’s wrong?”  Leeann questioned her in a knowing tone as the airplane began to make its descent.

“Nothing,” Ashley lied.

“Ashley?”  Leeann pushed in a determined tone.

“It is just that the vacation was so wonderful, now that we are back home we are going to be facing a lot,” Ashley tried to explain.

“I know,” Leeann agreed.  “First things first.  We need to talk to your doctor,” Ashley flinched slightly at the statement.  “You are the most important thing in my life, and the crap that we are going to receive from our families means nothing to me,” Leeann added in an effort to reassure her.


“Leeann where are you living?”  Ashley asked.  When she had called Fred about the trip he had failed to mention that he and Leeann had split up.  It wasn’t until she had already made love to the blonde that she discovered the two were getting a divorce.

“What?”  Leeann responded with surprise.

“Well you and Fred broke up awhile ago but when I was making plans for the trip I called him at your house,” Ashley explained.

“I’ve been subletting a place,” Leeann explained.  “I’m not really thrilled with it but I wasn’t planning on looking for something more permanent until Fred and I sold the house.  He has been dragging his feet.  Personally I want to get this over with so we can both move on with our lives.  I’m afraid the longer it takes things will start to get nasty.  Right now we have a nice friendly divorce happening.  I don’t want to end up one of those bitter couples that end up hating each other.”


“You’d think he would be the one trying to hurry things along.”  Ashley said thoughtfully as they disembarked and headed down stairs to hopefully reclaim their luggage.


“That is what I assumed since he was the one who asked for the divorce in the first place,” Leeann explained as the rode the escalator back up to the main floor.  “After he told me why he wanted a divorce I was more than willing to give him one.  Nothing like finding out your husband fathered a child with someone else to put a strain on your marriage.”


“No kidding,” Ashley agreed as they placed their luggage down and she once again pondered the idea of inviting Leeann to come home with her.  “So?”  Ashley stammered as she shifted nervously from one foot to the other while she cast a look over to the sliding glass doors.  She searched her mind frantically for something to say not wanting their time together to come to an end.  They had spent a glorious vacation in a tropical paradise making love whenever and wherever they could.  So why was she suddenly feeling awkward about everything?


“Right,” Leeann said so softly that Ashley almost didn’t hear her.  “This is the part where we say I had a great time and lets do lunch sometime soon?”

“Is that what you want?”  Ashley inquired urgently wondering if Leeann needed time to be on her own to deal with everything happening in her life.

“What I want is for you to pick up your bags and hail us a cab,” Leeann responded in a nervous tone.  “Is that okay?”

“Yes,” Ashley answered her as she blew out a sigh of relief.  “God you make me nervous.”

“I make you nervous?”  Leeann laughed.  “You my dear have no idea the effect you have on me.  This is all new to me you know.  You’re going to have to help me out now and then.  So is it okay to want to continue where we left off back at your place?”  Leeann continued as they stepped out into the cold night air.

“Taxi!”  Ashley shouted loudly as she flagged down the first cab she spotted. 

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Leeann chuckled as the yellow taxi came to a screeching halt in front of them.


Once they entered Ashley’s apartment each of them tossed their luggage into a corner and wrapped themselves around the other’s body.  Ashley took no time in allowing her hands to roam along her lover’s body.  Leeann moaned as the brunette parted her lips with her tongue.  The blonde eagerly accepted Ashley exploration as they stumbled further into the apartment.


“Do you have any idea just how incredible you are?”  Leeann panted as the fiery kiss came to an end and the blonde began to frantically remove Ashley’s jacket.  The tall brunette released a whimper as she shrugged out of her jacket and her lover began to suckle the pulse point of her neck while her tiny fingers began to unbutton her blouse.


“I’ve wanted you in my life since the beginning,” Ashley confessed as she felt her blouse opening and being lowered down her shoulders.  “The night of you wedding I wanted to make love to you right there in the ladies room.”

“You looked so hot in that dress,” Leeann murmured against her skin before kissing her way down to Ashley’s cleavage.  “If someone hadn’t of walked in on us my marriage would have been over before the honeymoon.”


Ashley couldn’t respond to her lover’s confession.  She was far too lost in the feel of Leeann’s mouth and tongue exploring her skin.  Ashley simply moaned in response as she ran her fingers through Leeann’s short blonde hair and arched her back in an effort to offer more of her body to her lover.


The brunette clutched tightly at the material of her lover’s clothing as she felt her blouse slipping from her body.  She was so lost in the feel of Leeann’s mouth and fingers exploring her tingling flesh that she wasn’t aware of the fact that her bra was also being discarded onto the floor.  She cried out as she felt her lover capturing one of her nipples in her mouth.  “Harder,” Ashley pleaded as she pressed her lover closer to her swaying body.  Leeann responded eagerly to her request as Ashley grinded her body against the smaller woman who was feasting upon her breasts.


Ashley’s skin erupted in a rash of goose bumps as her knees began to tremble while her lover began to lower the zipper of her pants.  Ashley allowed the sensations of Leeann’s touch to over power her.  It had been the same way in Hawaii; whenever they had touched they seemed to instantly melt into one another. 

“I can’t get enough of you,” Leeann confessed in a husky voice that sent a shiver down Ashley’s spin while the blonde lowered her pants down to her hips and teased her erect nipples with her teeth and her tongue.


Ashley was fighting to remain standing and control her erratic breathing as the small blonde began to kiss her way down her body.  With each caress of Leeann’s lips and flicker of her tongue Ashley felt her body pulsating with a needy desire.  “Leeann,” She moaned deeply as she felt her lover’s mouth worshiping her abdomen.


“Tell me what you want?”  Leeann pleaded as she tugged Ashley’s pants further down the brunette’s body.

“All of you,” Ashley managed to gasp out as she felt her pants pooling around her ankles and her desire painting her thighs.  Leeann moaned as she nuzzled her face against Ashley’s passion soaked panties.  The brunette parted her thighs as she ran her fingers through her lover's soft silky hair.  She could feel Leeann’s breath caressing her through the material of her underwear and she almost exploded from the sensation as her lover gently clasped her hips.


Ashley’s body was a mass of desire as she stared down at the sight of the woman she had secretly been in love with for years kneeling before her.  “I love you,” Ashley confessed in shy quiet voice.  Leeann responded to Ashley’s heartfelt confession by running the tip of her tongue along the waistband of the leggy brunette’s underwear.  Ashley’s shivering increased as she felt her lover’s fingers slipping just beneath her panties before she slowly began to lower them down the brunette’s body.


“So beautiful,” She heard her lover whisper as she trembled from the feel of the blonde’s hot breath teasing her skin.  Ashley almost collapsed as she felt her lover’s breath tickling the damp dark curls of her triangle.  Her struggle increased as she felt her lover parting her before she dipped her fingers deep inside of Ashley’s wetness.  Leeann tenderly ran the tips of her fingers along the brunette’s slick folds as Ashley placed her hands on her lover’s shoulders in an effort to steady herself.


Leeann’s tongue soon joined her inquisitive fingers as she drank in Ashley’s overflowing desire.  Ashley’s breathing was labored as her lover tasted and teased her everywhere except the one spot her body was craving to be touched.  “Please,” The brunette pleaded.  Leeann released a delighted murmur as she flickered her tongue across Ashley’s throbbing clit.


Ashley’s body trembled in ecstasy as her lover captured her clit in her mouth.  Ashley still found it hard to believe that her lover had never been with a woman before.  During their short stay in Hawaii the tiny blonde had proven to be more than gifted when it came to pleasuring the tall brunette. 


Ashley parted her thighs even further as her hips swayed against her lover.  Leeann eagerly drank all that she had to offer as she pressed her fingers against the opening of Ashley’s warm wet center.  Ashley’s hips thrust forward in an effort to encourage her lover to take her.  She felt Leeann’s teeth grazing across her aching nub as her fingers entered her.  Ashley couldn’t control the way her hips jerked forward as she pleaded for her lover to take her.


Ashley’s entire body was humming as she rocked urgently against Leeann’s touch.  The blonde responded by matching the brunette’s frantic rhythm as her mouth and fingers pleasured Ashley.  The brunette’s body was quivering as her mind filled with images of crimson.  She felt her body exploding as Leeann continued to pleasure her with a fiery intensity.  Ashley’s knees buckled as she cried out her only clear thought was how much she wanted to hear her lover screaming her name.


Ashley’s body sank as Leeann continued to feast upon her wetness while her fingers plunged in and out of the brunette.  The taller woman felt her knees hit the floor as her body fell back.  Somewhere in the back of her mind she was dimly aware of the fact that she was lying on the floor in her living room while Leeann once again sent her into an erotic haze.  Ashley dug her blunt nails into the carpeting as she felt another climax washing over her.


Unable to withhold from her need to feel her lover, Ashley pulled away from her lover’s touch.  Leeann whimpered in response.  Ashley struggled to lift her body as she tugged her pants and underwear free from her ankles.  “I need you,” Ashley panted as she captured her lover in a passionate kiss.  Leeann moaned into her mouth as the brunette frantically began to tug her lover’s clothing from her body.


She could feel her lover responding to her touch as she continued to explore the warmth of her mouth while she tore the blonde’s clothing from her body.  “Yes,” Leeann hissed as Ashley began to suckle her nipple as she pressed the blonde’s body into the edge of the sofa.  She could feel her lover’s hands caressing her body as she nibble and licked her erect nipples. 


Ashley raised her lover up onto the sofa as she discarded the last of the blonde’s clothing.  They moved urgently against one another as Ashley trapped the blonde’s naked body beneath her own.  She moaned deeply as she felt the heel of Leeann’s hand pressing against her mound.  “Not yet,” Ashley gasped as she captured her lover’s wrist.  Leeann squirmed beneath her as the brunette pinned the both of her lover’s wrists with one hand above her head. 


She looked down at her lover whose face and body were flushed with desire as Leeann wrapped her legs around Ashley’s waist.  The brunette could feel how much her lover was craving her touch as her wetness painted Ashley’s skin.  “Anything,” Leeann promised her in a pleading tone that almost sent Ashley over the edge once again.


Ashley lifted her body slightly away from her lover as she slipped her free hand between her lover’s quivering thighs.  Leeann’s desire coated her fingers as Ashley dipped into her wetness.  Ashley leaned forward as she entered her lover’s center with two fingers.  She filled her lover as she captured her lips.  Their tongues instantly engaged in a sensual duel while Ashley began to plunge in and out of her lover.  Leeann rocked urgently against Ashley’s touch.  The brunette pulled away from the kiss so she could watch her lover as she pleasured her. 


Leeann’s body was thrusting in unison with Ashley’s touch.  “That’s it Baby,” Ashley encouraged her lover who was grinding her clit against her body while she added another digit deep inside of her.  “Feels so good,” Leeann choked out as she rode against Ashley’s hand and stomach.  Ashley felt her own desire growing as she felt Leeann’s legs tighten around her waist while the walls of her center tightened around her fingers.


Ashley had never witnessed anything so beautiful as the sight of Leeann’s body thrashing beneath her lost in the throes of ecstasy.  Ashley tried to hold her lover steady as her body arched as she exploded against the brunette.  Ashley’s hand stilled as her lover rode out the waves of ecstasy that had consumed her.


Ashley wrapped her lover up in a tender embrace as the smaller woman clung to her while her body continued to convulse.  They were cover in sheen of sweat as they held one another tightly.  “Is it so wrong to want more?”  Leeann asked shyly as she panted heavily against Ashley’s shoulder.  The brunette chuckled as she looked down at her lover.

“No,” She reassured her lover before giving her gentle kiss.  Ashley moaned, as she tasted herself on her lover’s lips.  Once her lover’s breathing had calmed the brunette took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom.


It was early morning and Ashley was enjoying the sight of her lover bent over in front of her on her hands and knees.  Ashley was clasping one of the blonde’s shoulders with one hand while she had the other pressing her tiny vibrator against her lover’s clit.  “Yes!”  Leeann cried out in a horse tone as she thrust her body against Ashley’s touch.


“Come for me,” Ashley whispered hotly into her lover’s ear as she pressed her wetness against her lover’s thrusting form.  “I need to feel you,” Ashley encouraged her as the blonde gripped the bed sheets.  She felt her own body quivering as her lover cried out and collapsed onto the bed.  Ashley had every intention of driving her lover even further of the edge when an annoying buzzing sound disrupted their bliss.  Ashley turned off the vibrator and listened carefully.  The buzz returned.  “Front door,” She explained to her lover who had rolled over and was looking up at her with a glassy expression.

“Maybe they will go away?”  Leeann managed to squeak out.


Ashley looked over at the clock at her bedside and wondered who would be ringing her doorbell at this ungodly hour?  “I’ll check,” Ashley grumbled as she climbed off of the bed.  She stumbled slightly as the hours of love making hit her.  She grabbed her robe and wrapped it tightly around her body.  She smiled at the sight of her sated lover lying contently on her bed.

“Bring back some water,” Leeann requested in a horse tone as Ashley shuffled out of the bedroom, which was just off of the living room.


Ashley chuckled at the request knowing that during the night the two of them had drained her water supply.  “Yes?”  She barked into the intercom.

“Ashley,” Her mother’s voice scolded her.

“Oh my God,” Ashley stammered as she felt the color draining from her face.  She spun around quickly to catch the sight of her lover’s naked body sprawled across her bed.

“Ashley?”  Her mother’s voice repeated in a firm tone.

“Yeah Ma?”  She stammered.

“Are you going to let me in?”  Her mother inquired in a curious tone.


The brunette had no choice, since her mother knew that she was home.  She pressed the button that would allow her mother to enter her building.  Then she made a frantic dash across her living room into her bedroom.  Leeann had curled up and drifted off to sleep and was blissfully unaware of the danger that was now climbing the stairs.  She looked around the mess in her bedroom that was filled with the musky aroma of their passion.  Frantically she threw open a window. 


“What are you doing?”  Leeann yawned as she blinked open her eyes.  “Come back to bed.”

“My mother is here,” Ashley blurted out as she threw off her robe and began to pull on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt.

“What?”  Leeann squeaked in horror as she bolted up off of the bed.

“It will be alright,” Ashley reasoned as she placed her hand over her rapidly beating heart.  “You just stay in here and I’ll get rid of her as quickly as possible.”
“  Aunt Josie isn’t known for short visits,” Leeann pointed out as she began to chew on her bottom lip.

“I’ll think of something,” Ashley promised her as they heard someone knocking on the front door.  She kissed her lover quickly before closing the French doors that separated her bedroom from the rest of the apartment.


Ashley knew that her mother would probably accept her relationship with Leeann eventually.  But she really didn’t think springing it on her in this fashion would be a good idea.  She paused for a moment to wash up quickly at the kitchen sink while her mother’s knocking grew more persistent.  The brunette finally gave up trying to erase her lover’s scent from her body and went over to answer the door.

“What took you so long?”  Her mother inquired in a slightly aggravated tone.

“Sorry you woke me,” Ashley lied since she hadn’t slept since the brief nap she had on the airplane the day before.


Ashley closed the door as her mother strolled casually into her kitchen, which was only separated, from the living room by a breakfast bar.  Ashley heart began to pound against her chest as she watched her mother filling her coffee maker with water.  If her mother was making coffee Ashley knew that she was in for the long haul.


“Your cousin is an idiot,” Her mother stated as she finished putting on a pot of coffee.

“Fred?”  Ashley grumbled as she ran her fingers through her long dark hair. 

“Yes,” Her mother confirmed as she took a seat in on Ashley’s sofa.  “I suppose Leeann told you when the two of you were in Hawaii.”

“Yes, Leeann told me everything,” Ashley couldn’t fight the grin that emerged.  “Speaking of which I just flew in last night and I’m really exhausted,” She hoped her mother would take the hint and excuse herself as any normal person would.


“Your Aunt Rose is beside herself,” Her mother informed her as Ashley’s heart sank.  Apparently Leeann and Fred’s break up had reached the epic proportion of being considered a family crisis and there was no way Ashley was going to pry her mother off of her sofa until she blurted out the whole sorted story.


“Well from what Leeann said the break up is for the best,” Ashley tried to placate her mother whom she feared was ecstatic over being one up on her older sister.

“Well she is a better woman than I am,” Josie scoffed.  “If I had been in that poor girl’s shoes I would have cut his jewels off,” Ashley’s crystal blue eyes widen in fear as she thought she heard a snicker coming from her bedroom.  “Rose met the girl last night.  Fred dropped the bombshell on her and brings the girl along with him.  Your Aunt almost had a coronary.  Imagine bringing his tramp home to meet his mother.  What was he thinking?”

“Apparently he wasn’t,” Ashley grumbled as she went into the kitchen to retrieve cups of coffee for herself and her mother.  She heard another slightly shuffle coming from the bedroom.  She eyed her mother carefully.  She blew out a sigh of relief that her mother hadn’t heard anything.


“Cindy.  That’s her name,” Josie continued as Ashley handed her a cup of coffee.

“I’m sure she is a lovely girl,” Ashley tried to reason with her mother.  Another thump emanated from the bedroom along with a distinctive grumble.  Apparently her lover didn't agree with her assessment of Cindy.

“Rose absolutely hates her,” Josie explained.  “Who do think called her a tramp?  And are we going to keep pretending that there isn’t someone in your bedroom?”

“I’d like to,” Ashley grumbled as her heart sank.


“I find it interesting that you are hiding someone in your bedroom and you just flew in last night,” Her mother noted in an accusing tone.  “I could have sworn you were single when you left for Hawaii.”

“It’s not what you think,” Ashley protested as she mentally scrambled for some reasonable explanation as to why Fred's wife was hiding in her bedroom.  “Leeann crashed here last night,” She quickly explained hoping that her mother wouldn't piece things together.


“Why is she hiding in the bedroom?”  Her mother inquired as Leeann opened the folding doors and stepped sheepishly out into the living room.

“Hi Aunt Josie,” Leeann stammered as she emerged wearing a pair of Ashley’s sweats. 


The brunette bit back the laugh that was threatening to escape as she looked at her lover dressed in the clothing that was far too big for her.  “I need to use the washroom,” Leeann offered quickly before ducking into the bathroom.


“So did the two of you have a good time?”  Her mother inquired casually as she sipped her coffee.

“Great,” Ashley responded with a brilliant smile.  She felt a sudden blush covering her features as the memories of Hawaii came flooding back to her.

“What did the two of you do?”  Her mother continued in the same casual manner.

“Oh you know, sun and fun,” Ashley offered with a shrug as she sat down next to her mother.  She said a silent prayer that her mother wouldn't notice the deep shade of red she was now sporting.

“I see,” Her mother, responded dryly as Ashley felt her heart sink.


They sat in an uncomfortable silence as Ashley tried to determine how much her annoyingly observant mother had figured out.  Finally Leeann emerged from the bathroom breaking the silent stand off Ashley was sharing with her mother.  “I’ll get you some coffee,” Ashley quickly volunteered as she bolted up off of the sofa.  Her lover followed her into the kitchen with a panic stricken expression.

“Should we just tell her?”  Leeann whispered as Ashley poured her a cup of coffee.


Ashley’s mouth hung open as she tried to decide what would be the best course of action.  “Leeann how are you doing dear?”  Her mother called out in a pleasant tone that didn’t fool the brunette for a moment.

“She knows,” Ashley muttered under her breath.

"How?"  Leeann sputtered.

"She always knows,” Ashley responded in a grim tone.


"Leeann?"  Her mother repeated in a far too cheerful tone.


“I’m fine,” Leeann responded as she took her coffee and headed towards the kitchen.  She paused for a moment to give Ashley’s hand a gentle squeeze.  Ashley was proud of the way her lover squared her shoulders, marched back into the living room, and took a seat next to her mother.


As Ashley stood behind the two of them she saw that yet another stand off was forming, as both women seemed to be sizing one another up.  Ashley had honestly thought that when her mother found out she might accuse her of seducing her cousin’s wife when she was vulnerable.  From the look on her mother’s face it seemed that just the opposite was true.


“I’m sorry to hear about you and Fred,” Her mother offered in a friendly tone.

“It’s for the best.”  Leeann reassured her.

“No chance that the two of you will get back together?”  Josie fished.

“No,” Ashley and Leeann snapped in unison.

“Pity,” Josie responded with a shrug.  “Rose is broken hearted over this.”

“She will finally get that grandbaby she’s always wanted,” Leeann tried to reason.

“True,” Josie agreed.  “But she really doesn’t like Cindy.  What do you think of her?”

“I’ve never met her,” Leeann confessed with a heavy sigh.  Ashley had the sinking feeling that her mother was simply baiting her lover.  “It doesn’t matter, I just want Fred to be happy.”


“And are you happy?”  Josie pressed as her voice took on an icy tone filled with unspoken accusation.

“Enough Ma,” Ashley snapped as she moved so that she was standing next to her lover in a possessive manner.

“Yes I am,” Leeann cut her off in a confident tone that warmed Ashley’s heart.  “In fact I’m seeing someone very special.”

“Is that why you are wearing my daughter’s clothes?”  Josie asked authoritatively.

“Yes,” Leeann asserted without blinking an eye.


Ashley placed her hands on her lover’s shoulders and stood by ready to her protect her for whatever her mother threw at them.  They stared at Ashley’s mother who was looking from one to the other without expression.  The sound of the telephone made all three women jumped.  Ashley just stared at the telephone for a brief instant before returning her attention back to her mother and lover.

 “You should get that,” Leeann offered.

“The machine can pick it up,” Ashley reassured her as she gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze.

“Ash it could be . . .” Leeann urged her.


Ashley chewed on her bottom lip, as she understood her lover’s concern that it might be her doctor with the results of her biopsy.  “And it could be someone selling a new long distance plan,” Ashley argued not wanting to leave her lover alone with her mother.

“Please,” Leeann pleaded.  Ashley was torn between what she should do.  Before she could make up her mind Leeann was on her feet and rushing over to the telephone.

“Got you trained already?”  Her mother offered in a conspiratorial whisper.

“Ma?”  Ashley blurted out.

“This is going to kill Rose,” Her mother added with a gleam in her eye.

“Jesus Ma,” Ashley groaned.

“What?”  Her mother defended herself.  “I like Leeann and I’ve been aware for quite some time that you had feelings for her.  As long as you two are happy then I don’t have a problem; and if it annoys my perfect sister then all the better.  “


“Ash?”  Leeann cut off the biting retort the brunette was about to spit out.  She looked over to see her lover nervously holding the telephone out for her.  She braced herself as she crossed the room to accept the call she had been praying for and dreading for the past few weeks.

“I didn’t expect it so soon,” She said as her she accepted the receiver in her shaking hands.  “Hello?”  She said as Leeann wrapped her arms around her waist from behind and rested her head against Ashley’s body.  The feel of Leeann pressing against her put her at ease as the nurse transferred her to her doctor. 


Ashley felt her chest tighten as her doctor greeted her.  Leeann rubbed her stomach in a comforting motion.  “Dr. Lazarus?”  Ashley finally said.  She listened as her physician of many years spoke while to her lover held her tightly.  “Thank you,” She said as she concluded the telephone call.  She hung up the telephone and placed her hands over her lover’s.  Her head fell forward as she blew out a heavy sigh.  She turned in her lover’s arms so that she could face her.  Then she leaned forward and whispered, “Benign”.

“Thank you God,” Leeann whispered against her chest as she clung tightly to Ashley’s body.


“Do I want to know what is going on?”  Her mother’s voice disrupted their elation.


Ashley stepped away from her lover and slowly approached her mother.  She knew that she would have to tell her mother everything.  She also knew that her mother was going to be very angry with her for keeping the lump in her breast a secret.  By the time she had explained everything Ashley’s earlier fears were confirmed when her mother went ballistic.  Later when the older woman had calmed down the three of them relaxed and chatted.  Despite her mother’s seemingly easy acceptance that Leeann and she were together Ashley still sensed that her mother was not entirely comfortable with the thought of her being involved with her cousin’s soon to be ex-wife, no matter how much it would annoy Aunt Rose.


A couple of months later Ashley was pulling up in front of Fred’s house.  Leeann had asked her to meet her there in so she could move some of her belongings out.  When Ashley stepped out of the warmth of her car into the brisk air she wished that she were back in Hawaii.  When she heard Leeann and Fred shouting from inside she really wished she were back in Hawaii.


The past few months had been a mixed bag of a wonderful exploration of their new relationship and a harsh backlash from both of their families.  The general feelings were that Ashley had broken up Fred’s marriage despite the fact that he had been carrying on an affair for years and only confessed when his mistress got pregnant.  Ashley suspected that Cindy’s pregnancy wasn’t the accident she claimed it was.  On the other side of the coin were family and friends who thought that Leeann seduced Ashley as a way to pay Fred back for his infidelity.


Ashley lifted her hand to knock on the door.  “Fred you are being an asshole,” Her lover shouted in a bitter tone.

“You’re fucking my cousin and I’m the asshole?”  Fred angrily bellowed.


Ashley didn’t bother to knock she flung the door open and stormed in.  “Yes you are,” Ashley informed her stunned cousin as she slammed the door behind her.  She stormed over to Fred and grabbed him by his shoulder length hair.  “I’ll be right back Honey,” She informed her lover as she yanked Fred by his beard and dragged him into the kitchen.  “What is going on?”  She demanded as she shoved him into a chair.


“I can’t believe you,” Fred grumbled as he folded his arms across his chest in a defiant manner.

“Me?”  She almost laughed at his childish behavior.

“Yes you,” He spat out with a slight pout.  “How could you of all people sleep with my wife?”

“Ex-wife,” She harshly corrected him.  “Or she would be if you would just hurry up and sell the house and sign the divorce papers.”

“I don’t want to sell the house,” Fred informed with a grumble.  Ashley stood over him for a moment knowing that there just had to be more than Fred being upset about her relationship with Leeann.  Fred released a couple of heavy sighs before his stoic expression fell.  “Cindy wants to stay here.”


Ashley had managed to avoid meeting Cindy, yet the more she heard about the woman the less she liked her.  “Fine then buy Leeann out,” Ashley reasoned not understanding why Fred was suddenly trying to delay the enviable.

“I will but I don’t want to get ripped off,” Fred reasoned as Ashley flinched at the suggestion.


“Excuse me?”  Ashley stammered.  “Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the both of you invest equally in the house?  And Leeann left so your girlfriend wouldn’t be having your kid in some dump?  That after the two of you agreed to split up she was willing to give you a divorce as soon as possible so you could marry Cindy?  In fact I seem to recall her going over to your mother’s house just a couple of weeks ago to help chill her out about everything, simply because you asked her to.  Why all of sudden do you think that Leeann is trying to rip you off?”  Fred simply sat there in a stony silence as continued to pout and refused to look at her.  Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.  “You don’t want a divorce,” She hissed bitterly.  “That’s why you are dragging things out.”


“I never wanted a divorce,” He confessed glumly.

“Hell of a time to decide this,” She fumed.  “If you wanted to save your marriage then why did you cheat on your wife?  Damn it Fred you have to know that Leeann would have never faced her feelings if you hadn’t pushed her into to doing so?  Which by the way isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me to deal with?  But Leeann and I are together.  You pushed us into this and we are happy.  From what I hear Cindy is about to pop out your kid any day now, she can’t be happy about you still being married.  So why the second thoughts now?”  She took a calm breathing as he sat there still refusing to look at her.  “If you don’t love her then don’t marry her.  Just do right by your child.  It is yours isn’t it?”

“Yes,” He responded with a hint of uncertainty.

“So you loved her enough to sleep with but not stay with her?”  Ashley said with disappointment.  “Fred you and I have been best buds since we could speak.  I have to ask you something that is very painful for me so tell me the truth.  Are you in love with Leeann?”

“I was in love with her,” He confessed as he looked sadly up at her.  “We stopped being in love a long time ago.  I want to see her happy but knowing that the both of you are happier than she and I ever were hurts.”


“I understand that,” Ashley said with relief.  “Trust me I know what it is like.  I had to stand on the side lines watching the two of you for years and it broke my heart.”

“I remember when I first realized that you were in love with her,” He sighed.  “It was around our first anniversary.  Drove me crazy.”

“So are you going stop acting like a Springer show and give her a divorce?”  Ashley pressed hoping that she was getting through that thick skull of his.

“Yes,” He agreed in a weary tone.

“And the house are you going to do the right thing?”  She pushed.

“I don’t know what to do about the house,” He cringed.

“Fred,” Ashley growled fiercely.

“Cindy wants to stay here,” He whined.  “But I can’t afford to give Leeann half its value.”

“You don’t have a choice,” Ashley informed him.  “You must know if this goes to court, a judge will probably give her the house free and clear plus alimony.  She isn’t looking for that.  All she wants is what is fair.”

“I can’t,” He stammered.


Ashley was about to set into him again when she heard the most unnatural screeching emanating from the other room.  Both she and Fred rushed back into the living room to discover a platinum blonde who was very pregnant screeching at a very irritated looking Leeann.  “I swear all I said was hello,” Leeann explained exhaustedly.

“Geez Fred what were you thinking?”  Ashley asked the embarrassed looking man with disdain.

“What is this woman doing in my house?”  Cindy demanded as Fred cringed. 


Leeann’s mouth hung open as she stared at her former husband.  Ashley watched as her lover shook her head in disbelief.  “Look I don’t want to upset you,” Leeann tried to explain in a calm tone.  Ashley could tell by the way the vein in Leeann's neck was bulging that it was killing her to remain civil to the obnoxious woman.  “I just came for some of my things.”

“Oh no,” Cindy protested.  “You don’t have anything left here.”


“Fred?”  Leeann grumbled as he just stood there.  “Speak!”  She finally barked as Ashley watched the bizarre scene unfold.  “Fine,” Leeann seemed to be conceding that Fred had somehow misplaced his spine since they split up.  “We’ll come back at a more convenient time.”


“No you are not to step foot in my house again,” Cindy informed Leeann whose face turned beet red.  “And who are you?”  Cindy directed towards Ashley who was reminding herself that hitting a pregnant woman would be a bad, bad thing.

“I’m Ashley, Fred’s cousin,” She answered as politely as she could manage.

“Oh the dyke,” Cindy commented in an off-handed manner.


“Nice,” Ashley grunted as she watched her lover’s eyes darken in anger.

“What did you say?”  Fred finally said in an angry tone.  “I don’t ever want to hear you talk about my cousin or her lover or anyone else in that way again.”

“Freddy?”  The woman pouted as she rubbed her stomach.

“Leeann I will send the papers to your lawyer in the morning,” He addressed the smaller blonde gently.  “And call that realtor you liked and put the house on the market.  I apologize to the both of you,” He added as he hugged Ashley and then Leeann.  Ashley tensed a little as Fred rubbed Leeann's back and whispered, 'I'm sorry'.

"Me too," Leeann whispered back before releasing him and giving the fuming Cindy one last glare before she took Ashley by the hand and walked out.


Once they were outside Ashley felt her heart sinking knowing that Fred had painted himself into a very dark corner named Cindy.  “My God she’s awful,” Leeann commented in astonishment.  “I thought Rose was exaggerating but she is truly awful.  The nerve of the witch telling to get out of the house that I helped pay for.”

“Witch is nicer than what I was about to call her.  I was thinking of something a lot higher up in the alphabet,” Ashley agreed, as she suddenly felt uncertain about her own future.  “If it makes you feel better I don’t think he is going to marry her.”

“Thank God,” Leeann snorted.  “I just hope she lets him be a part of baby’s life and doesn’t just use him for a pay check.”

“Well if I was Fred I’d ask for a paternity test,” Ashley commented as she wrapped her arms around her lover’s shivering body.


“What a mess,” Leeann said with a heavy sigh.  “It got cold,” She added as she leaned into Ashley’s touch.

“Yes it did,” Ashley agreed with a slight grunt as they walked towards their cars.  “I was thinking as I walked to the house how nice it would be in Hawaii right now.”

“Hmm,” Leeann hummed as she blushed slightly. 


“What is wrong?”  Leeann asked as they stopped in front of their cars.

“Nothing,” Ashley lied feeling Leeann's eyes watching her.


“Ashley just because Fred is miserable doesn’t change why our marriage really fell apart,” Leeann explained to her in a careful tone.  “I’m not going running back to him just because Cindy is an obnoxious wench.  You see I’ve been in love with his cousin for years.”

“George?  He isn’t your type,” Ashley quipped as a wave of relief rushed through her.

“I am in love with you Ashley,” Leeann asserted before she captured the taller woman in a lingering kiss.  “Now lets go back to your place so we can warm each other up,” She said with a purr once the kiss came to a reluctant end.


Ashley could feel her excitement growing each time she checked her rear view mirror and saw Leeann’s little blue Honda following her.  They raced into the brunette’s apartment and slammed the door behind them.  Leeann pinned Ashley against the door and began to kiss her neck and face.  “Ashley?”  The blonde murmured between kisses.

“Yes,” The brunette gasped as she tugged at her lover’s clothing.

“How would feel about making Hawaii an annual trip?”  The smaller woman asked as she tugged the brunette’s shirttail out of her pants.

“I’d love it,” Ashley responded eagerly as she continued to remove her lover’s clothing.  “You do know that I want us to live together.”  Ashley added as they continued to undress and caress one another.

“Yes and I want that too, but it is too soon,” Leeann said as she cupped Ashley’s breasts.

“I know,” Ashley, conceded as her body arched into her lover’s touch.


They continued undressing one another until they were both naked and eagerly fondling one another.  Ashley was backing her lover through the living room towards the kitchen.  Leeann squealed as Ashley lifted the blonde up onto the breakfast bar.  “I like this,” Ashley murmured as her lover wrapped her arms around her waist.

“I never knew that I could be this turned on all of the time,” Leeann gasped as Ashley captured her nipple with her teeth.


Ashley teased her lover’s nipple as she entered her.  Leeann cried out as she rocked her body against the brunette.  Ashley wrapped her arm around her lover’s back as Leeann’s rhythm grew wilder and her body arched.  Leeann clutched the edge of the counter as Ashley took her deeper and began to tease her clit with the pad of her thumb. 


The brunette continued to plunge in and out of her lover as the blonde’s body rocked against her in a demanding motion.  Each time Ashley felt her lover’s body nearing the edge she slow her movements as Leeann pleaded for more.  Ashley could feel her own desire consuming her as she finally brought her lover to climax.  Both of them were trembling as Leeann’s body collapsed.  “Bed,” The blonde pleaded.

“Hmm?”  Ashley murmured as she brushed her lover’s sweaty bangs from her forehead.

“Bed,” Leeann repeated with a whimper.  “I want you in bed.”


Ashley helped her lover down off of the counter and they stumbled into her bedroom.  Before Ashley knew what was happening the smaller woman threw her down onto the bed and pinned her hands above her head.  Their bodies melted together as Leeann straddled her body.  Ashley was amazed once again at how well their bodies fit together as they moved in unison as their clits brushed against one another.


Ashley was lost in the feel of their bodies swaying in a wild rhythm while she watched her lover’s body arching above her.  The bed creaked beneath them as they reached a frantic pace and cried out in unison.  They trembled against each other as Leeann collapsed against her.  “It is going to be another long night,” Ashley noted happily as she brushed her lover’s cheek with her lips.

“Count on it,” Leeann assured her.


The End

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