Dashing Thru The Snow

By Mavis Applewater


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Dashing Thru The Snow

By Mavis Applewater

As Always For Heather






This day had gone from bad to worse. It was unbelievable that everything and I do mean everything could fall apart so quickly. I have always hated Mondays and today proved to be the worse one in my entire life. Let tell you a little about myself. My name is Jessica Blake. Everyone calls me Jess or JB for short I'm a camerawoman for WAXY TV. That's right I work for waxy tv who comes up with these names.

Today was a complete disaster from the get go. First I my coffee maker died and in my humble opinion caffeine does a body good. I looked around my apartement for the other coffee maker the good one with the built in grinder. Of course Kathy took that along with everything else she could get her hands on when she walked out on me last month. Kathy what a piece of work. She dumped me for a lawyer. I always knew she had a thing about money but I never realized just how materialistic she could be. And to top it off not only did she dump my sorry ass but she blamed me like I was the one screwing Miss. Legal Eagle behind her back.

Okay now back to this morning. I was very unhappy at the prospect of starting my morning off with any coffee. I bit the bullet and showered and dressed for work. I stepped outside to find a winter wonderland. A blanket of snow had covered everything and more was coming. So much for our esteemed weather man's prediction for a sunny day. Normally I would enjoy the sight of the fresh snow creating a beautiful scene. Not today! Today I was running late, with no coffee and now I had to dig my Jeep out of the snow.

By the time I had uncovered my Jeep I was soaking wet. I raced back into my empty apartment. "You would think she would have left the funiture! Since I paid for it!" I changed my clothes and went back downstairs stepping in a slushy puddle on the way. So after returning to my apartment once more to change my socks and boots I headed back to my Jeep and was on my way.

My only thoughts were of coffee and how badly people drove. I never understood why here deep in the heart of New England everyone acts like they never seen or driven in snow before. Unless you were born in Hawaii get over it. I pulled into the parking lot of Dunkin Doughnuts. I scanned the line inside quickly and decided that the drive thru would be my best option. Wrong! My Jeep stalled twice as I waited in the endless line. I know I needed to take the old girl in for service but I was terrified at the prognosis. I've had my baby since my Freshman year at BC.

I was finally given my coffee from the teenager working the window and drove off thinking that now I had my coffee things were looking up. I pulled back out onto Route 9 carefully since the drivers in this state are certifiable. I relaxed even though the heat suddenly decided to stop blowing. I sipped my beloved cup of coffee and gagged instantly. "Sugar!" Now I ask you how easy is it to prepare a cup of coffee when it is order as black with no sugar? Apparently it is extremely taxing since I am constantly being served coffee with cream or sugar or both! No offense but I can drink my coffee if there is nothing in it but coffee. I dumped the contents out the window and toss the empty cup onto the floor of the Jeep.

I arrived at the station and I'm immediately informed by anyone and everyone that I'm late. "No kidding?" I grumble in response. I missed the morning staff meeting. This is not good since normally I would I have some say in my assignments for the day. Since I was AWOL I had to take whatever no one else wanted and what I got was the Ice Princess.

The Ice Princess was a five foot four irratating blonde named Kellie Kasey. Not her real name I'm certain and probably not a real blonde. (Not that she would let anyone get close enough to find out.) Oh don't get me wrong the woman was very attractive but her abrassive personality more than canceled that out. To her credit she was a damn good reporter. But on the other hand she was a real pill to work with. No one on the crew wanted to work with her. She was over bearing, demanding, and a royal pain in the backside. "Get the picture?"

Normally I can avoid working with her even though she often requested me. But now due to my tardiness I was stuck with her. The story was even worse than you can imagine. We had to drive in this crappy weather all the way out to Hudson to film a baby Moose which had been hanging around someone's back yard. Why? Was my only thought this is New England stray wild life finding it's way into someone's yard is hardly news worthy. Look we have been building nonstop for decades and now there is nowhere for the wildlife to find food. If anyone stopped to think about we are the ones in their backyard not the other way around.

I gritted my teeth and excepted my fate. My tardiness and the fact that this was just a filler piece left me with the oldest truck we had. Just when I was thinking that my heatless Jeep would provide better transportation the truck failed to start. While the crew piled into Jake the soundman's Subaru I loaded the Ice Princess into my Jeep. I thought it was only fair since she was the only one accustomed to such frigid tempertures.

The drive up to Hudson was long and tedious. The traffic sucked and the Ice Princess just reviewed her notes, ignoring me in the process. Which was fine by me. It's not like we had anything in common to talk about. Well I did suspect there might be one thing we had in common. From the first moment I looked into those sea green eyes of hers a got a definate PLU (People Like Us) vibe from her. If she was in fact family she was hiding very deeply in the closet. Whatever to each their own. I could understand it being in the public's eye and working very hard to be picked up by a network there was very little room for her to be out.

We shot the story on Maurice the Moose. Again I wondered who came up with this stuff? It took several takes standing in the heavy snow storm before the Ice Princess was happy with the shoot. By the time we were finished the only I wanted to shoot was Kellie. I sent the tape off with the crew and loaded the Ice Princess back into my Jeep.

The weather took a turn for the worse and my poor old Jeep was struggling to make it through the back roads we were on. The crew had left ahead of us and there was no way to catch up with them. I was beyond tense as the skies grew darker. I ran my hand through my thick black hair as the Jeep began to slide. "Pull in there!" Kellie ordered me as she pointed to the parking lot of a motel just off the side of the road. I was just about to argue with her when the Jeep skidded again. I carefully manuevered the Jeep into the parking lot. As I pulled into the only vacant space I could see my tired old Jeep stalled.

I turned the key and was greeted by the nothing but a faint clicking noise. Kellie reached into her pocket and flipped open her cell phone and tried to dial a number. "No signal." She sighed as she snapped her phone shut. In a panic I retrieved my own phone and quickly discovered the same. "Damn it!" I snarled.

A cold gust of wind ripped through my body as Kellie opened her door. "Where do you think you are going?" I asked her in an surprised tone.

"In there." She answered dryly as she pointed to the Motel office.

"Why?" I question her.

"We are stuck and we need a place to crash." She explained matter of factly.

"I don't think so." I protested. "She'll turn over in a minute." I turned the key and was greeted by the same faint clicking sound. She just looked over at me with an amused expression. "Fine we'll go in and I'll call the auto club for a tow."

"In this weather?" She said plainly. "By the time they get out here it will be morning. I don't know about you, Miss. Blake but I'm freezing." Having said that she closed her door and made her way over to the motel office.

I grumbled to myself knowing she was right as I pulled my six foot frame out of the Jeep. "Traitor." I growled as I kicked one of the tires. Then I followed the blonde reporter into the office. I watched as she filled out a registration card. "I'm calling triple A." I said firmly. She shrugged in response. The desk clerk pointed towards the payphone outside. I moaned as I trudged my way back outside into the cold wet night.

I slammed down the reciever after the very tired operated had confirmed Kellie's earlier prediction. I was stuck there. Reluctantly I dragged myself back into the office as snow filled my boots. The warmth of the inside office felt good. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to stay. "I need your plate number for the registration card." Kellie offered calmly.

I rolled my eyes in defeat as I walked over to the front desk and filled in the appropriate digits. The clerk handed then smiled as he slid the key over to us. Kellie handed it to me and started to head out the door. "Wait?" I gasped as the reality hit me. "Only one key?"

"We only had one room available a lot of people got caught in the storm." The clerk explained as I watched him switch on the "No Vacancy" sign.

"Excuse me?" I stammered.

"Is there a problem?" Kellie questioned me in a curious tone.

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open looking like a complete idiot. "Blake?" Kellie's voice snapped me out of my confused state. "What is the problem?" She asked me.

"Nothing." I lied.

"Good Jasper here can tell you where the room is." She pointed towards the desk clerk. I noticed the name tag on the gangly teenager for the first time. Sure enough his name was Jasper. "There's a Seven Eleven across the street, I'm going to get us some supplies." She offered in an almost cheerfull tone.

"I can go." I offered feeling somehow I should be the one to brave the weather.

"It's okay." She answered. "Go to the room, take a hot shower, and call the station to let them know what happened to us."

"Fine." I conceeded. "Hey no beef jerky." I tried to joke as she exited through the glass doors.

"I know . . . I know coffee and Peach Snapple." She responded not looking back to me just waving slightly as she stepped out into the snow.

Jasper instructed me that our room was at the back of the motel. I plodded my way through the wet snow as my clothing clung to my body. I grabbed my equipment from my Jeep and made my way around the three story complex until I found our room on the first floor in the back of the motel. The first thing I did was call the station. The good news was they had recieved the tape and were pleased with the Maurice the baby Moose story. The bad news was that Kellie and I were mostly trapped here for the duration. It seems that this storm was looking more and more like a full scale Noreaster the worst that has hit the area in awhile.

I hung the telephone and swallowed deeply as I scanned our accomidations. There was a television, a small kitchen, complete with a microwave and an adequate sized bathroom. Other than that there was nothing except a the night stand where the telephone was located and of course the full size bed. One bed not even a queen size. "Well this should be cozy! I hope the Ice Princess doesn't snore." So this was the way Monday had turned out. My Jeep died and now I find myself in soaking wet clothing, trapped in a tiny motel room with the Ice Princess. I threw my hands up in defeat and trudged off to the shower.



After I finished my shower I wrapped myself in on of the two large all be it scratchy white towels available. I hope she isn't the shy type. She'll just have to get over it if she is. As I dried my hair I chastised myself for my attitude. Kellie was being more than a good sport about this whole situation. She even remember that I like coffee and Peach Snapple. She hadn't complained one bit about our situation. Then again she hadn't said much of anything, she never did. She was very cool around everyone not just the techies but her follow reporters as well. The only time the woman seem to come to life was when she was on a story. She was great with the public. But if you passed her in the hallway you'd be lucky to get more than a hello out of her.

I have tried to engage her in conversation but unless you want to talk business, Kellie would simply excuse herself and walk away. Now you are begining to understand why we call her the Ice Princess. I'm as professional as the next person but Kellie is nothing but work. Of course being the crass individuals that we are the crew and I have come up some amusing ideas of just how Miss. Kasey entertains herself. Some involve farms animals, most invovle a whip, leather and a strap on device. We've all pretty much come to the conclusion that she is the type that is always on top. Most of our speculation stems from the way she conducts herself on a shoot. She never asks you to do anything, she simply tells you. Always in the same firm commanding tone. We aren't rookies here but the occasional thank you or please would be nice. Even a good job would go a long way. But in the three years she has been with the station not once did she so much as crack a smile. Now me I work hard and I'm good at what I do. But I'm also one of the boys and I know it.

I stepped out of the bathroom as the door flew open widly and a snow covered reporter, over loaded with plastic bags stomped into the room. Her cheeks were bright red from the cold and she was smiling. I kid you not the Ice Princess was actually smiling. I could have fainted from the sight. "Wow this is great!" She beamed as she struggled to enter the room. I rushed over to help her. "No that's okay I've got it. You just got out the shower."

"I can help." I protested.

"You don't always have to be so butch Jess." She teased as waved me away a teetered over to the kitchen area.

I stared at her blankly. I couldn't believe that she not only was teasing me but she called me by my first name. In the entire time I've known she has only called me Miss. Blake or simply Blake and of course what she calls almost everyone 'Hey You'. "It is really coming down out there." She gasped. "The weather was on at the store and it looks like we could be here for awhile."

"That's what they said at the station." I said absently as I continued to stare at her.

"Well I got as much food and stuff as my Visa would allow." She went on cheerfully as she began to put away her purchases. "I bought the last of the Peach Snapple. I'll never understand why they stock all of that Kiwi Strawberry? Does anyone ever buy that? Anywho. The coffee looked as if it had been sitting there since the last ice age so I bought a can of Maxwell house. I got the 1892, is that okay?"

"Yeah." I said carefully not wanting to startle her.

"Good. I like that too." She continued on. "I remember that Jasper said that the kitchen in this room had a coffee maker. I got us some stuff we can microwave, and tones of junk food. Including your favorites." She wiggled her eyebrows as she held up a box of Twinkies triumphantly. "Okay, what's wrong." She sighed as she placed the Twinkies on the counter.

"Nothing." I stammered as I continued to stare her oddly. "It's just that when you were at the store did you notice any large pods laying around."

"Pod People cute." She said as she screwed up her mouth. "Yes I suppose that would explain the disappearance of the Ice Princess, wouldn't?"

The mouth dropped when I heard the crew's pet name for her escape from her lips. She just smirked and waved it off and removed her coat and shoes and without looking at me and saying another word she headed into the bathroom and shut the door tightly. I stood there in my towel feeling like a complete ass. Once the shower start I decided to make some coffee. I know that the crew and I kidded around but I never wanted her to know about it. I'm not that insensitive. As I waited for the coffee to brew I decided to crank up the heat in the room. I was begining to find my wardrobe a tad chilly.

Once I felt the temperture increasing I looked through Kellie's purchases. I noticed that she had not bought any sugar or cream. Was it possible that she actually took notice of the fact that I drank my coffee black? Of course she is a reporter and noticing small details is a part of her job. Like the Twinkies. I looked down at the box and opened it carefully. I swooned as the smell of artifical ingrediants and sugar alerted my senses. I licked my lips as a removed one of the golden sponge cakes from the box. I removed the crisp plastic wrapper carefully and raised the Twinkie to my awaiting lips. (Okay maybe a slightly addicted to these things but it is the only junk food I allow myself and not very often.)

"Hey don't Bogart that Twinkie Pal!" Kellie called out as she began to approach me.

I raised my eyebrow in an indignant gesture as I turned to her. I was stopped short at the sight of her wrapped only in a towel. Granted her towel managed to cover more of her than mine did, yet the sight of her made my heart skip a beat. She came closer and stood toe to toe with me as I felt my face flush I diverted my eyes from her. "What's wrong don't like what you see?" She teased me in a husky tone.

"Who are you?" I laughed slightly. "I'm begining to think you really were captured by Pod People. I just don't get it? Until a few moments ago I didn't think you knew my first name."

"Look work is work." She stepped back slightly and gazed up at me with a slightly hurt expression in her eyes. "And we are not at work and from the looks of things outside we won't get back home until tomorrow night, if we are lucky. I don't about you but I haven't had any time off for a very long time. This is who I am when I'm not working."

"I still don't get it." I challenged her. "Why hide who you are? And how did you know what we call you?"

"First you guys are not as sutle or as quiet about things as you would like to think you are." Kellie pointed out. "Look I know all the names, and the stories about me and farm animals."

"I had nothing to do with that." I blurted out truthfully.

"No I didn't think you did." Kellie smiled slightly. "I figured you were the one who came up with the leather and strap on ditties." I simply blushed in response. "Uh huh." She smiled victoriously. "Look like I said work is work. And I have worked very hard to get to where I am. But you know how it is. You are either a bitch or you slept your way to the top. Very early on I made it clear that I wasn't the sleeping around type. So I was a bitch. I thought everytime I moved into a different market things would be different. They never are. Either my reputation proceeds me or some bozo tries to bed me."

"It didn't have to be that way here." I tried to explain.

"No?" She asked me definately. "The first day at the station I over heard you and the boys taking bets on and I quote who would nail me first."

"I um . . . it was just . . ." I stammered in embarrassment.

"Just what?" She shot back. "Talk? This my reputation we are discussing. I hadn't been in the building more than ten minutes. Now if I was interested in any of you in a personal nature I would never know if it was me or just someone trying to score points with the boys. Oh by the way you certainly seemed pretty sure of yourself."

My jaw just dropped what could I say? It was true. Not only did we make bets not for real it was just talk but as soon as we met her me and the boys did flirt with her. No wonder she was cold and distant from the get go. "I'm sorry." I said finally. "It was wrong. Sometimes we can all be a little too damn macho for our own good. I don't think I even realize I'm doing it half the time."

"You do what you have to do." Kellie said gently. "I'm the cold professional bitch and you need to be one of the guys. Like I said some things never change. But we are not at work now. Can so can I please have a twinkie?" She whined the last part of her statement.

I looked at my beloved twinkie and then back at the adorable little blonde in front of me. "Please?" She begged. "I never get to have junk food."

I pretended to think about it for a moment after all it wasn't like it was the last one. I decided that I had tortured her long enough and offered her the Twinkee in my hand. I didn't hand it to her instead I offered to feed it to her. Just as she was about to take a bite I pulled it away suddenly. "Just out of curiousity . . ." She whimpered as I pulled the Twinkee just out of reach of her tongue. " . . . who would have won the bet?" I teased her.

"Oh please." She glared at me in false indignation. "Like you didn't know I was family the moment you layed your baby blues on me. Now can I have my Twinkee please?"

I shrugged as I lowered the golden cake towards her inviting lips. Once again I pulled it away at the last moment as she growled. "So you're saying I had a shot?" I was really enjoying teasing this poor woman. Of course I wasn't certain I was merely teasing her or out and out flirting with her.

"No." She said firmly.

"No?" I questioned curiously as I raised the Twinkie to my mouth.

Her tiny hand shot out and grasp my forearem firmly preventing me from taking a bite out of the Twinkie. "You have a girlfriend." She admitted shyly. "Had." I corrected her quietly. "She left me last month."

"I'm sorry." Kellie whispered sincerely as she removed her hand from my arm. My body suddenly went cold from the absence of her touch. "The woman is an idiot. That's all there is to it."

"Thank you." I said quietly as I moved to hand the Twinkie over to her.

She clasped my fingers gently and brought the dessert cake to her mouth. I watched her mouth as she took tiny bites on the Twinkie. My arousal grew as her tongue would occasionally brush my fingers. I sighed heavily as she pulled away after devouring half of the cake. "Is that coffee, I smell?" She asked innocently. I could only nod in response. "Cool." She smiled as she pushed past me our bodies touching slightly from the action. "I hope there are some cups in here." She said as she began to look through the cabinets. "Here they are." She exclaimed brightly as she opened the very top cabinet and strained to reach up to the mugs hidden above.

I ate the remainder of the Twinkie while I watched her stand on her toes trying in vain to reach the top shelf. I was mesmerized as her muscles flexed as her half naked form struggled to reach her goal. My breathing quicken as I noticed the white towel begin to slip from her body. I reacted quickly and grabbed the top of the towel from behind her and pulled it quickly into place before it could slide off of her body.

"What the hell did you do that for? You idiot!" I knew why I had done it. I didn't want to sneak a peek at her. Well I did and yet I felt bad about it. Seeing her naked was certainly a thought that had entered my mind from time to time. Yet in light of our earlier conversation now it seemed somewhat inappropriate. "Thanks." She said softly as she leaned slightly into my body.

"Why don't I get those." I offered sheepishly. "Go make yourself comfortable it's been a long day. I'll bring your coffee into you."

"Thank you." She replied as she stepped away from me. I was relieved that her back was to me and she could not see the blush I was certain now covered my entire body. "I'll just see what's on the tube." She offered as she trouted out of the tiny kitchen area.

I retrieved the cups easily. My height certainly has it's advantages at times. I heard the television flick on while I poured the coffee. "How do you take your coffee?" I asked.

"Black." She called out to me. "I cannot stand anything in it. I noticed you take it the same way."

"Uh yeah." I called back fearfully to look over at her.

Finally I summond the courage and brought her the mug of coffee. The woman was simply gorgeous wrapped in a towel with her short blonde hair messed slightly. She was flipping channels as she lounged on the bed. I handed her the mug carefully trying desparately not to look at her well toned body. She thanked me as she accepted the cup and I dashed back into the kitchen to retrieve my own cup.


As I departed the kitchen I swallowed neverously. I began a mental debate on what I should do next. I could just hide here in the kitchen until she fell asleep. Of course I did just give her a great big cup coffee so that could take awhile. Or I could just bite the bullet and haul my butt in there and sit down. But the only place to sit was on the bed, which was far too small bed in my opinion. I sighed deeply and grabbed the box of Twinkies and headed off towards the bed.

"Anything on?" I asked trying to sound casual as I tossed the Twinkie box onto the bed.

"You cooked." She teased as she smiled brightly. "Nothing on I'm afraid. Here." She added as she handed me the remote and reached for a Twinkie.

I flipped through the channels as Kellie took delight in eating the dessert. She was right the was nothing on. Damn! I need a distraction. She was far too close to me. "I love these things." She purred. "But I can only eat half of them at a time." She admitted as she held up the uneaten half of her Twinkie. I accepted the Twinkie our fingers brushed against one another briefly and I felt the warmth race through my body from the brief contact.

I finished eating my half of Twinkie in silence as I flipped through the channels. The televison screen blinked for a moment and then the screen was covered with snow as an irratating hiss eminated from the television. "The cable must have gone out." I sighed as I clicked off the television. "Hmm." She hummed in agreement. "Is there anyone you need to call?" I asked hesitantly. "You know before the phones go out as well."

"No one." She answered with a slight hint of saddness.

I just looked into her emerald eyes that seemed to be filled with pain. "It's the job. You know." She offered quietly. "It kinda of sucks being involved with someone and not be able to tell anyone about. Plus I move around a great deal."

"Nature of the business." I concurred knowing that in two months I was leaving for a larger station in Baltimore. It was a great opportunity for a camera jockey like myself and since Kathy left me there was nothing to keep me in Boston.

"Speaking of which." She began slowly. "I don't think that you would but just in case you have any bets going on my sexuality . . ."

"I won't say anything." I answered holding up my hand as if to reassure her. "It must suck being an on air personality. I know some of the personalities can be out but they are all old timers."

"I know." She sighed regrettably. "And thanks."

We sat there in silence for a moment each lost in our own thoughts. "So what do you want to do now?" She asked innocently enough. "I could think of so many things . . . yet none of them were appropriate. Or were they?" I simply shrugged my shoulders in response as my eyes betrayed me and scanned her half naked body. Then I thought occurred to me. I jumped off the bed as I held my towel close to my body hoping I wasn't flashing the blonde reporter. I ransacked my gear until I found what I was looking for. I truimphantly held up a deck of cards.

I padded my way back over to the bed and sat cross legged next to her. Kellie sat up and pulled her muscalar legs underneath her self as I began to shuffle the cards. "Cards you do come prepared." She spoke in a deep tone.

"I was a girl scout." I answered proudly.

"I should have guessed." She retorted with a short smile. "What do you want to play?" She teased me in a husky tone. "Strip poker?"

My eyes widened at her suggestion. "That would be a short game." I shot back quickly regaining my composure.

"Hey!" She protested as she slapped my arm playfully. "Well we could." She suggested with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"Excuse me?" I gulped almost dropping the cards I had been shuffling.

"We could play for these." She suggested lightly tapping the box of Twinkies.

"You're on." I agreed thinking I was going to claim all of the Twinkies for myself. We divided up the Twinkies and started a heated match.

On hour or so later I found myself sitting across from a very smug blonde who was now in possession of all of my Twinkies. Despite the scowl firmly planted on my face I had a good time. We talked the entire about everything from our childhoods to our love lives. It seemed strange after working together all of this time, in just one night we had really gotten to know one another. "Shark." I groaned in protest. "Who me?" She said innocently as she batted her lashes for effect.

"Yes you." I snorted in digust as I stared at the Twinkies now piled neatly on her side of the bed. "Now how am I going to win those back?" I grumbled.

"What these?" She teased me waving a Twinkie in my face. I reached for it only to have her snatch it away quickly.

"Gimme." I pleaded as I lunged forward almost tackling Kellie.

"Oh no." She protested as she laughed and squirmed away from me. I grabbed her tightly around the waist and tried to snatch the Twinkie away from her. "No way. I won them fair and square." She laughed uncontrolably. "You want them . . . you'll have to pay for them."

"With?" I asked as I pressed closer to her drawn in by the heat from her body.

"You could barter for them." She teased as she squirmed trying to free herself from my hold. Her movements only caused us to become more entangled with one another.

"Or I could take them." I said in a mock growl as I flipped her onto her back and pinned her to the bed.

I felt the air escaping my lungs as my body pressed against hers. I swallowed deeply as I looked into her eyes which seem to mirror my own desire. She dropped the Twinkie as her tiny hand reached up caressed my cheek. I leaned into her touch and sighed softly. She felt so good I lost all control of my senses. I lowered my head gently never loosing her gaze. I hesitated only for a moment before brushing her lips gently with my own. "You can have the Twinkies." She squeaked out as she pressed her lips against mine.

The kiss quickly deepened as I felt her tongue brush against my lips. I parted my lips and invited her in. She accepted the invitation eagerly as she explored my mouth. My hand swung out and I brushed the remaining snack cakes from the bed. Pressing myself closer to her I slid my thigh between her legs. I moaned at the wetness I found caressing her inner thighs. I moaned deeply as I felt her hands begin to explore my body.

The heat from our touch was growing out of control as my hips began press into her. "Aaah." Kellie whimpered as we ended the kiss. My lips began to taste her leaving a passionate trail across her jaw and down her neck. I could feel my towel being tugged off of my body. The cool night area caressed my skin as Kellie tossed my towel to the floor. I arched my back and lifted myself slightly from her pressing my wetness against her thigh. "Jess." She moaned hotly against my neck.

My body was on fire as my hands explored the athletic form beneath me. "Wasn't just this morning I couldn't stand the sight of this morning?" The realization hit my suddenly I was about to sleep with someone who just a few hours ago was my sworn enemy. I broke away from her suddenly. "I need to slow down." I gasped suddenly as I turned away from her.

"Okay?" I heard her quivering voice as she pulled herself up behind me and wrapped me in her arms. "Did I . . . did I do something wrong?" She asked my nervously.

"No." I said firmly as I took her hand, still unable to look at her. "I just . . . uhm . . . I don't know how to say this." I said helplessly as I tried to search for the words.

"It's okay." She said in a comforting tone as she held me closer. "We don't have to . . . I mean if you don't want to. . ."

"I do." I sighed. "It's just that I not usually into a casual thing, you know?"

"I think I do." She said softly. "A few hours ago, I was just the Ice Princess and now we are making out like a couple of teenagers. You don't still think of me that way do you?" I could hear the pain in her voice.

"No." I admitted honestly feeling a sudden rush from her naked body pressed against my back. "But this is all too fast for me to process. In the last few hours I've learned more about you than I knew about my ex the entire time we were together."

"Is that a bad thing?" She asked shyly. "Is it so awful that I'm not the evil wench you thought I was?"

"No." I answered firmly. "It's . . . . just . . . ." Just what? I asked myself.

I felt Kellie pat my back gently as she sighed softly. "It is all right." She said quietly as she pulled away from me. I felt the sudden coldness hit me as she pulled away. I turned to her and found myself lost in those incredible green eyes. I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. I knew that I wanted her, wanted tonight to happen. But I wanted to know about tomorrow as well. In a couple of months I would be leaving for Baltimore. Could I start something that I knew I couldn't finish? Or did Kellie just want a quick roll in the hay? Could I do that?

"We should get some sleep." Kellie offered quietly. I found myself unable to breath as my eyes took in the sight of this beautiful woman lying on the bed next to me. Suddenly my questioning didn't matter. Nothing exsisted except the vision before me. Without thinking or hesitation I found myself leaning in to her. My hand gently caressing her cheek my lips capaturing hers. My tongue brushed her lips begging for exploration. I heard a slight gasp as her lips parted, granting me entrance into her warm inviting mouth.

I trembled as our bodies melted together. I found myself pressed tightly against her as her hands glided across my back. I didn't allow my mind to process what was happening, I simply allowed my body to take controll. This woman was incredible our bodies responded to one another's touch instantly as if we had been lovers forever. I moaned deeply into her mouth as small hands cupped my backside. I growled deeply and arched my back as pressed my wetness into hers.

Her hands pulled me tighter demanding more, which I eagerly gave. Our clits throbbed as they rubbed against each other as our hips began to dance in rythm, grinding widly together. I gazed down into fiery emerald eyes that seemed to be begging for more. "Jess . . . please . . ." Kellie gasped. I lowered my body and answered her plea as my tongue blazed a trail across her lips, down her jaw. I could hear her gasp as my mouth began it decent on her neck. Her body shifted beneath me, her legs opening for my touch as she wrapped her firm thighs around my hips.

Our bodies quicken their pace thrusting uncontrolably together as my lips and tongue continued their exploration of her body. My fingers searched until they were cupping her breast. Capturing her nipple between two of my fingers, I teased her. Her movements grew wilder demanding more of my touch. I continued to fondle her nipple while my mouth sought out it's twin. Finding it's prize my tongue delighted in teasing her other breast, circling her nipple without making contact. I could hear her growling in frustration as she wrapped a gentle yet commanding hand through my hair.

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