By Mavis Applewater

October 31, 2001

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As Always for Heather

Thanks to my beta reader Joanne, who I forgot to thank for Happy Birthday Jen




Destiny sighed heavily as she looked at the line of people waiting for her to ring up their purchases. It was her first Halloween living in Salem, Massachusetts and she was spending it working as a cashier at Walgreens. Brushing back her short blonde hair, she continued waiting on her customers as she glanced over at the large clock on the wall. Since she was new on the job, she couldn't get the night off. Not that she had anywhere to go. She just wanted to do the tacky tourist stuff that had sprung up overnight, something that she could tell the folks back home in Texas. In just a few more hours, she would be free to explore her new city.

"Long day?" a sultry voice inquired. Destiny looked up and found herself captured by the most amazing set of blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Yeah," she squeaked out nervously in response.

"Don't worry. After tonight things really quiet down around here," the woman continued as she placed a bottle of water on the counter.

"Not too much, I hope," Destiny said, feeling a little disappointed that the tall raven-haired beauty didn't have more items.

"If you need more excitement after the thirty-first, there's always Boston," the woman suggested as she handed Destiny the money for her spring water.

"I just moved here a few weeks ago and really don't know where to go," Destiny said hopefully.

"Well, I could . . . ," the woman began slowly.

"Hey, could you move it along?" someone shouted from the back.

"Tourists can be so rude," the tall woman teased. "Have a goodnight," she added as she picked up her water and left the store.

Destiny whimpered slightly as she watched the long legs and well-defined backside moving out the automatic doors. "Rats," she griped as she continued to wait on her customers. As the evening wore on, she couldn't help but wonder why people bought some of the useless stuff they did. It seemed like they bought anything that had a witch painted on it. Later she removed her smock and put on her jacket. The manager let her out into the brisk autumn evening.

For the first time since she had moved into the city, the streets were still filled with people after ten o'clock. They were dressed in all sorts of costumes, wandering about waving those annoying glow sticks. "A bit overwhelming, isn't it?" the sultry voice came from behind her.

Jumping slightly Destiny turned to see the tall beauty from earlier in the evening. She was a captivating sight as she leaned against the bus stop sign with her hands buried in the pockets of her well-worn bomber jacket. "Hey there." Destiny waved to her as she stepped a little closer. "Waiting for the bus?" she inquired, noticing for the first time just how much taller the other woman was. Of course, most people were taller than her five foot four inch body.

"Nope," the woman replied with a shrug.

"Just holding up that sign?" Destiny drawled.

"I love that accent," the woman answered with a brilliant smile. "I was just waiting to see you."

"Oh?" Destiny responded in a shaky tone as she tugged her collar up.

"Well, it would be remiss of me not to show you around, Destiny," the woman explained as she moved slightly closer to the petite blonde. "Especially since you're new in town and I've lived here forever."

"How did you know my name?" Destiny trembled slightly as she felt her pulse racing.

"Your name tag." The woman chuckled as she offered her hand. "I'm Cassandra."

"Nice to meet you, Cassandra." Destiny smiled as she took the other woman's hand. The warmth from Cassandra's touch was making her head spin.

"The pleasure is all mine," Cassandra responded deeply. "Come on, let me show you around. Have you done any of the stuff down on the Wharf?"

"No," Destiny answered softly as she felt Cassandra squeeze her hand a little tighter.

"Let's go then," Cassandra urged.

Unable to speak or think, Destiny simply nodded her head in response. They began walking slowly down the cobblestone sidewalk leading them away from the center of town towards Pickering Wharf. The crowd of people forced them to huddle closer. They walked around the shops, some of which had already closed for the night and, effectively, for the season.

The cool ocean breeze couldn't block out the warmth coursing through Destiny's body as they walked. "How about doing Terror on the Wharf?" Cassandra asked as she nodded to the haunted house attraction. "It's a little campy but fun."

"I get a little scared in those things," Destiny confessed shyly as they stepped into line.

"I'll protect you," Cassandra whispered hotly in her ear as she wrapped her arms around the smaller woman.

"Who are you?" Destiny looked up at her with a smoky green haze.

"Your friendly tour guide," Cassandra responded, her breath caressing Destiny's neck.

"Are you always this friendly?" Destiny encouraged her as she leaned a little closer.

"You'd be surprised at just how friendly I can be," Cassandra added as she purchased their tickets.

They stepped into line waiting to be led through the dark hallway. Destiny frowned slightly as she began to second guess the tall stranger’s motives. Of course she knew she was being picked up, and she was really hoping to get to know this woman a lot better. "Do you . . . ," she began hesitantly.

"No," Cassandra cut her off, "I don't make a habit of this. I just decided to take a chance on a beautiful shop girl. Besides, my horoscope said that today I should follow my heart; my destiny was waiting for me."

"Well, if your horoscope said that then I guess you should listen," Destiny answered with a smile.

"How could I resist?" Cassandra explained with a smile of her own. "A beautiful blonde, that charming accent, and your name."

"Oh well, there you have it." Destiny laughed as they stepped behind the curtain and began the tour.

In the darkness Destiny clung to Cassandra as walls thumped and people jumped out at them, torn between being frightened and being overwhelmed by the feel of the taller woman's body. A giant spider dropped down from the ceiling and Destiny jumped as Cassandra wrapped her arms around her.

The feeling of arousal was incredible as her passion dampened her jeans and her nipples hardened. She moaned as she felt two strong hands cup her backside. A scream from up ahead broke the spell. Still clinging tightly to Cassandra, she tentatively felt her way through the dark attraction. She used every squeak and scream as an added excuse to touch the taller woman. Cassandra responded in kind by holding Destiny tightly, while her hands roamed freely.

Destiny was still clinging to Cassandra as they stepped out of the attraction. The cold night air assaulted her senses. "That was fun. Thank you," Destiny said softly as she nuzzled closer to Cassandra.

"My pleasure," Cassandra responded warmly as she pulled Destiny a little closer.

They fell into a comfortable silence as they strolled down past the shops. They looked at the boats docked along the pier as they neared Victoria Station. They turned and made their way around past The Friendship. Still not speaking, they simply enjoyed the view of the full-sized replica of the 1797 merchant ship.

Destiny’s heart pounded as she allowed herself to enjoy the feel of the taller woman's body. They retraced their steps and headed out towards the water, following the narrow inlet that led to the small white lighthouse. Destiny couldn't believe that this was happening to her. She had come a long way from Denton, Texas where she failed to fit in and where the girl she thought she loved turned against her.

Now she was walking along the ocean under a full moon on the arm of the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on. Despite the cold, her body was on fire. She had never before felt such overwhelming desire. She licked her lips nervously as they reached the end of the inlet.

Cassandra ran her fingers absently through Destiny's short blonde hair. Destiny leaned her back against the lighthouse wall as she looked up into Cassandra's crystal blue eyes. The look of pure desire was unmistakable. Destiny wrapped her arms around the taller woman, who was now leaning into her. "Happy Halloween," Cassandra whispered huskily in her ear as she pressed deeper into Destiny's body.

The coldness of the wall startled her at first. As Cassandra lips captured her own, Destiny lost all sense of control as she eagerly deepened the kiss. Brushing her tongue across Cassandra's full lips, she felt a strong thigh press against her center. Her hips arched in response as her tongue entered the warmth of Cassandra's mouth.

Her desire was further fueled by Cassandra’s moan. Their tongues began a sensual dance as their hips thrust. Destiny opened her thighs further, inviting Cassandra to take whatever she wanted. She gasped as she broke away from the kiss. Cassandra's mouth began a tantalizing assault on her neck and earlobe. Destiny's wetness flowed freely as Cassandra's thigh continued to rub against her aching clit. "Yes," Destiny gasped as she clung tightly to Cassandra's broad shoulders.

"That's it, baby. I need to feel you," Cassandra urged as she grasped Destiny's thrusting hips.

Their movements took on a wild rhythm. "Oh God," Destiny whimpered quietly, fearful that someone might see or hear them. Cassandra nibbled on her earlobe as her grinding drove Destiny closer to the edge. Destiny groaned in pleasure as her body began to tremble.

Her groaning urged Cassandra on and her body began a frantic pace, grinding wildly as Destiny gripped the soft leather of her jacket. Destiny stifled her scream as she exploded against Cassandra. The tall woman held her tightly as she rode out the waves of passion. Destiny's knees started to buckle as she felt Cassandra caressing her backside. "Someone’s coming," Cassandra cautioned her softly.

Destiny nodded mutely as Cassandra stepped away slightly. Destiny swayed, her balance seeming to have disappeared. Cassandra chuckled deeply as she wrapped her arms around her. "Are you alright?" Cassandra inquired as she led her away from the dark corner.

"Yes," Destiny choked out, her voice squeaking slightly as they walked back towards Derby Street.

They didn't speak as they reached the cobblestone sidewalk. Destiny's body needed more and she decided to take the risk. "My apartment is just up that way," she said, hopeful that their evening wasn't ending.

"Show me," Cassandra responded firmly, her true intent evident in her rich tone.

They walked down Derby Street past the old houses that lined the street. The smell of autumn foliage and chimney smoke filled the air, but it was overpowered by the heat-filled desire passing between the two strangers. They set a hurried pace to reach Destiny's tiny apartment.

Destiny fumbled for her key when they reached the tiny house near the end of the street. Finding it, she jammed it into the lock. Throwing the door open, she took Cassandra by the hand and led her up the three flights of stairs to her studio apartment. Once again she fumbled to unlock the door. Her hands were shaking as Cassandra caressed her from behind.

Pushing the door open, she pulled the Cassandra inside and locked the door behind her. Her body trembled as she pulled off her coat and approached Cassandra hungrily. Without a word they found themselves wrapped up in each other’s arms, kissing passionately as their hands began a needy exploration. They backed towards the bed, removing clothing as they went.

Destiny moaned, her body arching as Cassandra's hands cupped her breasts. Clothes were tossed across the room as they fell onto the bed. Stealing kisses, they continued to remove one another's garments. Finally Destiny could see all of Cassandra. She trembled as she drank in her naked body bathed in moonlight. Lowering her own nude form, she moaned as their skin touched. Capturing Cassandra's breast in her mouth, she began to suckle her nipple.

As Cassandra arched beneath her, she pressed her small frame between Cassandra's long legs. With the wetness of Cassandra's passion covering her skin, she devoured a breast fully as she teased the other. Cassandra's hand moved across her bare backside then slid between their bodies. Destiny pulled away slightly, her heart pounding wildly as she watched.

Cassandra watched her intently as she began to stroke herself. "Yes," Destiny encouraged her as she moved to straddle Cassandra’s body. She pressed herself into the taller woman, and watched Cassandra teased herself slowly. Destiny's hand reached down and guided Cassandra's hand, leading her to enter herself. Destiny’s clit throbbed as she watched Cassandra's fingers plunging in and out of her own center.

She growled with pleasure as Cassandra removed her fingers and painted her own erect nipples with the evidence of her passion. Destiny licked her lips before lowering her mouth. Her tongue snaked out, eagerly tasting the sweet nectar. She licked and suckled, catching every drop as she pressed her wetness against Cassandra's firm abdomen.

She could feel Cassandra's heart beating wildly as hands massaged Destiny's firm backside. Destiny whimpered as Cassandra pushed up against her, rolling her onto her back. "I want you," Destiny pleaded as Cassandra's mouth came to her breasts. She gave up her need for control as Cassandra teased her nipples with teeth and tongue, playing with one then the other and then back again. "God, please," Destiny urged her as she opened herself up.

Her back arched as Cassandra's thumb pressed against her throbbing clit. Cassandra lifted her head and captured Destiny's lips once again. Their bodies melted together as they explored one another's mouths. She could feel Cassandra's fingers teasing her, pressing just outside her opening as her thumb continued to lightly stroke her. "Baby . . . ," Cassandra pleaded as she broke away, her teasing of Destiny's wetness increasing, " . . . I want this . . . but . . . do you . . ."

Destiny understood the question. "I'm safe," she gasped. "I was tested just before I moved here," she explained as her body arched. Cassandra smiled brightly. "I can taste you?" she inquired eagerly.

"Yes," Destiny confirmed as she pushed Cassandra away slightly. "What about . . ."

"I'm so clean you can eat off of me," Cassandra reassured her.

"Damn, I hope so," Destiny purred as she shifted her body slightly.

Cassandra looked at her in confusion then smiled as Destiny shifted her position. Now facing dark curls, Destiny inhaled the musky scent of Cassandra's desire. She opened her thighs as Cassandra's head dipped between her legs. A jolt coursed through her as Cassandra's tongue teased her clit. She blew a gentle breath through Cassandra's curls.

Cassandra opened herself, inviting her in. Destiny parted her lips with two fingers before tasting her lover for the first time. The taste of Cassandra's passion was intoxicating. She found herself lost in their teasing as they devoured each other. Fingers entered as they suckled one another, bodies rocked as they fought to pleasure and receive pleasure, and murmurs of pleasure were muted as they drank all that each had to offer.

Destiny buried herself deeper inside Cassandra while thrusting against the other woman. Crying out, they exploded in unison. They trembled against each other, clinging tightly as they rode out the waves. Once she could move Destiny shifted her position; she was now facing the beauty who had entered her life just a few short hours ago.

Destiny kissed Cassandra deeply, intoxicated by the taste of her own passion on her lover’s lips. Lying on top of the taller woman with their legs wrapped around one another, Destiny ground against her furiously. She couldn't get enough of feeling this woman beneath her. Their bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat as they melted together. Groaning, they rocked together erotically, driving one another wild as their clits touched. Their wetness flowed together as the scent of their passion filled the small room.

"Destiny . . . ," Cassandra moaned as she clung tightly to the small blonde who was riding her, ". . . take me." Destiny growled with unleashed desire as her mouth captured the firm breast below her, while one of her hands blazed a trail down her lover's body. Moving slightly she slid her hand between them. "Take me," Cassandra repeated as Destiny plunged two fingers into her.

Her thumb circled Cassandra’s throbbing clit as her fingers explored her deeply. Cassandra cried out as she climaxed. Destiny ceased her movements as she felt her lover trembling beneath her. Once Cassandra's breathing had steadied, she removed her fingers. Bringing them to her lips, she licked them, drinking in Cassandra's wetness. She looked down upon her lover who was watching her with a lustful gaze.

Destiny shifted slightly and gently guided Cassandra on to her stomach. She straddled her lover’s firm backside. Pressing her wetness into her, she began to rock against her. The need for release was overwhelming as she felt Cassandra thrusting up against her, thrusting harder and harder until she cried out. They collapsed onto the mattress, unable to move as they clung to one another.


The morning sun was blinding as Destiny stirred in her bed. She pulled the covers around her to ward off the cold. She suddenly recalled the events of the previous evening. Sitting up, she looked around the studio to find herself alone.

Shaking her head in confusion, she wondered if last night had been a dream. Peeking under her quilt, she found herself completely naked. "No, it wasn't a dream." She smiled then frowned, realizing that her lover had left while she slept. "What did I expect?" she chastised herself. "She picked me up at the bus stop, for pete's sake."

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she looked at the clock by her bedside; if she hurried she could grab a bite to eat at Red's. She spotted a slip of paper on the nightstand. "Great. A morning-after note," she grumbled as she snatched up the paper.

"Destiny, sorry I had to rush off. Duty calls and so will I if you want me to. Cassandra."

"Not very poetic," Destiny muttered. "You don't have my phone number." Destiny tossed the note aside and made her way to the shower. Later as she walked downtown, she tried not to think about Cassandra but she couldn't help herself. Thoughts of their lovemaking filled her senses. A sharp whistle disturbed her thoughts as she crossed the street. She rushed over to the curb after a car almost struck her. A bicycle police officer pulled up next to her as she grimaced at her own foolishness.

"Didn't your Mama teach you not to play in traffic?" the familiar sultry voice inquired.

Destiny shook her head in disbelief as she stared into mirrored sunglasses that were hiding adorable baby-blue eyes. "Aren't you cold?" Destiny inquired as she took in the tight spandex uniform.

"You get use to it." Cassandra shrugged. "It's a great way to keep in shape," she added. "Are you off to work?"

"No, it's my day off," Destiny explained as she touched Cassandra's forearm lightly.

"That's good because you would have needed this." Cassandra smirked as she pulled Destiny's work smock out of her bag. "You dropped it by the lighthouse last night. I found it this morning," Cassandra explained as she blushed.

"I must have been distracted," Destiny teased her. "By what, I can't imagine."

"Uh huh," Cassandra responded in a mocking tone. "So anywho . . . ," she began hesitantly, ". . . would you be interested in dinner tonight?"

"Okay," Destiny answered eagerly.

"Good. I'll call you," Cassandra said as she got ready to ride off.

"You don't have my phone number," Destiny pointed out.

"Sure I do." Cassandra smirked. "I'm a cop. We can find out all sorts of things."

"Wasting tax payers dollars," Destiny said with a smile.

"Money well spent," Cassandra purred as she rode off.

Destiny waved at her as her heart soared. She thanked her lucky stars that Cassandra liked to read her horoscope.



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