By Mavis Applewater

February 2002

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A special thank you to my beta reader Joanne.

As always this is for Heather.


Pam shifted in her sleep as something happened to disrupt it. Something very nice was happening. "Baby," a voice purred softly in her ear. "Pam sweetie." She felt a warm tongue dip into her ear. Pam’s passion stirred as her lover’s naked body pressed against her own. The persistent yapping coming from downstairs clued the sleepy programmer in to the true nature of the morning’s seduction.

"I’m not walking the dog," Pam grunted as she pulled Regina closer to her.

"Please," the little blonde begged as she began to nibble on a sensitive earlobe.

Pam ran her hands down Regina’s naked back, enjoying the feel of her lover’s skin tingling beneath her touch. "No way," she grunted as she cupped Regina’s firm backside. She squirmed in pleasure as she heard the soft moan escape from her lover. Knowing fingers captured one of her nipples and began to roll it playfully. Pam’s bright blue eyes flew open as she gasped in pleasure. "You don’t play fair," she panted as Regina continued to suckle her neck.

"Baby, it’s cold outside," Regina whimpered as her fingers continued to tease Pam’s aching nipple. Regina was driving Pam to the brink of insanity. All Pam wanted at that moment was to ravish the blonde until she screamed out her name.

"You wanted to get a puppy," Pam protested as she pressed her thigh against Regina’s center. "God, you are so wet," she choked out.

"You can have your way with me," Regina taunted her as her hips began to ride Pam’s thigh. "After you take Aloysius for his walk," Regina insisted as she pulled away from Pam’s body. "And you wanted to get a puppy too," the feisty blonde reminded her as she wagged her finger at Pam.

"His name is Full House," Pam protested as she rolled out of bed.

"You are not naming him that," Regina groused as she rolled over and wrapped herself up in the bed covers.

"Why not?" Pam whined as she pulled on a pair of sweatpants. "It’s sweet and romantic." Pam pouted as she continued to throw on warm clothing.

"No, it’s not." Regina chuckled. "I know you won me in a poker game. But I really don’t want the rest of the world to know it. It’s a little embarrassing. Now get moving before your son piddles all over the kitchen floor."

"Well, we are not calling him Aloysius. The other dogs will pick on him." Pam grunted as she left their bedroom. Despite the familiar argument Pam was smiling. She knew that Regina would probably be sound asleep when she returned. "Paybacks." She chuckled merrily to herself.

As Pam entered their kitchen, the sight of the new puppy dancing happily in his little area of the kitchen greeted her. They’d gated him in, knowing that if they let him loose before he was properly trained there was going to be some disgusting stains gracing their new home.

"Hey, sweetie," she cooed as she watched the little golden puppy hop up and down. He was nothing but ears and feet. Pam unhooked his gate. The puppy instantly jumped on her, licking every part of her face the little guy could reach. "Look! Your papers are dry," she said proudly as she hooked the leash on his collar. "You are such a good boy," she said warmly as she scratched behind his ears.

She grabbed her coat and some plastic bags and other items that she would need to properly clean up after the little guy. The cold February morning chilled the tall brunette to the bone. She smiled as she allowed the puppy to lead her through the neighborhood. It was hard to believe that she was living in the suburbs with her partner. The way the two women had begun their relationship was unorthodox to say the least.


It had all started with a friendly game of cards with the guys from work. Pam never suspected that it would lead to her falling hopelessly in love. She’d had a crush on the small blonde for a long time, but Regina was the girlfriend of one her co-workers. And not just any co-worker - Pete was one of Pam’s male co-workers. The entire situation made Regina completely off limits. Pam almost fell out of her chair that night when a drunken Pete offered Regina as a stake in the poker game.

She thought that Pete was a complete jackass for even suggesting such a thing. In fact she told him as much in less than ladylike language. But he was persistent about making the wager. "Never bet anything you aren’t willing to lose," Pam muttered in remembrance as she continued to walk the puppy. "You certainly lost big time that night, Pete." Even though she and the others finally accepted Pete’s wager, no one had planned on collecting. Of course when Regina found out, she kicked Pete’s sorry ass to the curb right then and there.

Regina went home with Pam that night. They shared a night of incredible passion that was followed by an awkward morning after. The persistent beeping of her alarm clock woke Pam. She felt the warmth emanating from the naked body lying on top of her and smiled as she kissed the top of Regina’s head. She was still smiling as a pair of emerald eyes fluttered open. Pam’s smile quickly vanished when she caught the look of uncertainty that flashed across Regina’s face.

Regina climbed out of bed quickly and began to dress. Pam’s heart broke as her offer to make coffee was politely refused. Regina called for a taxi and was gone. Pam felt miserable even though she’d suspected that this would happen. Regina had said the night before that they would probably just blame it on the wine. Pam almost called in sick to work, but she knew that would just cause more talk. She had to face the guys. Mostly importantly, she had to face Pete.

By mid-afternoon Pam was regretting her decision to show up for work. Pete was blocking the doorway of her cubicle as he begged her to help him get Regina back. She felt incredibly guilty knowing that she’d slept with his girlfriend. She was also very angry with the hung over programmer.

"Come on, Pam. Help me out," Pete whined.

"Why should I?" Pam snarled as she tried to ignore the willowy man who leaned over her in the narrow cubicle. "God, didn’t you shower this morning?" she said, noting the offensive odor and the fact that he was still wearing the same clothes from the previous evening.

"No, I sat up all night waiting for Regina to come to her senses," Pete explained quickly. "I assume she crashed at your place."

"Yes," Pam hissed as she tugged on the collar of her turtleneck. It was a little warm for the outfit, but the last thing she needed was for everyone to see the large purple mark Regina had left on her neck. "Pete, she kicked you out. Why were you there?"

"Come on. It’s a misunderstanding," Pete babbled on.

"A misunderstanding?" Pam spat out. "You used her as a bet in a poker game and lost. Besides, I don’t think she was happy with your relationship before that."

"Oh, things were fine," Pete scoffed. "What did she say?" he asked in a quieter tone.

"Go away," Pam hissed as she stood. Rising to her full height, she stood toe to toe with the little weasel. "I’m not going to help you. If you want her back then you need to talk to her."

"You’re right," Pete finally conceded. "Wish me luck."

"I can’t," Pam bitterly confessed. Pete blinked at her in surprise before finally leaving her cubicle.

It was true. She couldn’t wish Pete luck when she was battling her own emotions. She had felt something more than passion the night before. If Pete and Regina reunited than she would never know if Regina had shared her feelings. The day was quickly becoming a Monday morning in Hell. Pam stared at her computer screen debating on whether to leave early or simply bang her head on her desk until she lost consciousness. It was a tough choice; both sounded really appealing at the moment.

"Pam?" Dave called from the entrance to her cubicle.

"Hey there," she greeted him warily. "I emailed those specs over to Syntax."

"Thanks," Dave said softly, his eyes drifting around her tiny workspace. "Uhm . . . some game last night. You certainly cleaned up."

"Yeah," Pam groaned, wishing she had never agreed to go to the Sunday night game. "I was a real winner."

"Yeah." Dave chuckled slightly. "Look, I’ll try to keep Pete away from you. I noticed him running back here every five seconds. I’m trying to keep him away from the boss as well. The guy is a mess."

"No kidding," Pam agreed with a slight sneer.

"Well, he really screwed up last night," Dave continued. "She’s not going to take him back, is she?" he asked hesitantly.

"Should she?" Pam barked in response.

"Honestly, no," Dave said quietly. "If he had just kept his mouth shut and not told her maybe she wouldn’t have dumped him in front of everyone."

"So you think his only mistake was telling her?" Pam gasped in horror.

"No," Dave responded honestly as he stepped slightly closer to Pam. "Remember me?"

"Yeah." Pam smiled. "You called him an asshole." Her smile vanished as she recalled some of the other comments made at Regina’s expense. "Not everyone shared your sentiments."

"I know," Dave began slowly. The guy looked around nervously. "This whole mess is going to create some problems. Half the department was there and the other half has already heard the story in various versions. I’m the head of our division and I’ve got one programmer who’s a basket case and another I’m worried might be on her way."

"What are you talking about?" she inquired fearfully, once again tugging on the collar of her sweater.

"Awfully warm for a turtleneck," Dave said with a slight cringe. Pam blushed as she turned away. "Pam, look; I don’t care. In fact I’m not really surprised. I just want to know when to duck when all of this hit’s the fan," he explained quickly.

"It won’t," Pam lied. "I’m not about to tell him. Wait! Why aren’t you surprised?"

"I’m not blind." Dave shrugged. "I’ve gone out a few times with Pete for beers after work. Let’s just say that I had a feeling they weren’t as happy as he led everyone to believe they were. And I suspected some time ago that maybe Regina isn’t as straight as Pete would like to think she is."

"You’re a bright guy," Pam said with a light laugh. "That must be why you get the big bucks."

"Right," he choked out in amusement. "Like I said, just let me know when to duck."

"Based on the way Regina ran out of my apartment this morning, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem," Pam admitted sadly.

"I’m sorry to hear that," Dave responded in a sincere tone.

The rumors and gossip persisted all week. The mood in their small department became increasingly tense. Pam endured some good-natured ribbing to which she outwardly didn’t respond. On the inside it hurt her deeply. Dave was the only one who seemed to understand. Pete, on the other hand, was a mess. Dave finally had to pull him into his office and tell him to get his act together over the weekend.

That Friday night Pam went out for a drink with Dave. "Have you heard from her?" he finally asked her after a couple of rounds.

"Nope," Pam responded sadly.

"Well, don’t take it to heart," Dave said, trying to console her. "Pete’s been giving her a hard time. He keeps going back to the apartment like he still lives there."

"Idiot," Pam sneered.

"Maybe she just needs some time to finish dealing with him," Dave offered hopefully.

"And maybe she just needed a roll in the hay," Pam suggested painfully. "It’s for the best. If I started dating her, it would send Pete over the edge." She tried to sound nonchalant about the entire situation even though her heart was breaking.

"You don’t know that," Dave surmised. "Have you tried to call her?" he inquired thoughtfully.

"No," Pam answered in surprise. Dave just stared at her with a challenging look. "What would I say? Hey, thanks for letting me collect my winnings?"

"Pam," he chastised her. "Call her. You’ll never know what she’s thinking or feeling until you ask her."

"No," Pam said, shrugging off his advice. "If she wants to see me then she’ll call me."

"Don’t let your pride get in the way," Dave cautioned her.

"Now how did you get to be so wise in matters of the heart?" Pam asked him with a sense of genuine curiosity.

"I’m not wise," Dave offered solemnly. "Let’s just say I have my pride but I lost the girl."

"Ouch." Pam winced.

"Think about it," Dave urged her. "The worst that could happen is that your fears are right and you still feel like hell. "

"You’re not cheering me up," Pam groused as she played with the ice in her drink. "Let’s talk about something else."

They ended up chatting for a couple of hours. Pam nursed her last drink the entire time. Finally she called it a night and went home. She couldn’t get her mind off what Dave had said. She sat alone in her studio apartment, holding the telephone and nervously listening to the unanswered ringing. She was just about to hang up when she heard a breathy "Hello." It was repeated when Pam failed to respond.

"Hi, it’s Pam," she finally blurted out.

"Hi," Regina responded softly.

For long lingering moments neither of them spoke. It was the sound of shouting in the background that snapped Pam out of her funk. "Is that Pete?" she blurted out.

"Yes," Regina groaned in disgust. "I’ve changed the locks but he was causing such a scene outside my door I had to let him in before one of the neighbors called the cops."

Pam rolled her eyes in distress as she listened to Pete whining in the background. "Do you want me to come over there and bitch slap him?" she finally offered.

"Don’t tempt me." Regina laughed lightly. "Pam, I really want to talk to you about everything. But right now I need to deal with wonder boy. Could we get together this weekend for coffee or something?"

"Yes," Pam responded hopefully.

Regina promised to call over the weekend and make plans. Pam sat by the telephone eagerly awaiting the call that finally came on Saturday. They got together and enjoyed a quiet afternoon. They met for coffee and ended up going for a long walk around the city. They talked about a lot of things including Pete and what Regina was going to do about him.

Pam was still confused after they parted at the end of the day. She and the blonde still hadn’t talked about the night they spent together. Pam was left wondering what, if anything, it had meant to Regina. She was just about to call Regina the following day when Regina called her.

The two women got together again and had fun. They ended up spending the entire day together. Pam finally suggested that they go out for dinner and a movie. Regina eagerly accepted. They exchanged gentle touches but nothing that couldn’t be explained away as a friendly gesture. By the end of the evening, Pam felt more confused than ever.

They were standing outside Regina’s apartment building, each seemingly reluctant to say goodnight. Looking back on everything Pam should have realized that Regina was just as confused as she was. But at that moment she was completely clueless. "I’m sorry," Regina finally said as they stood outside with the cold night air chilling them to the bone.

"About?" Pam asked her anxiously.

"The other morning," Regina explained quietly. "I panicked. Everything happened so fast."

"I know," Pam agreed as she braced herself for the let’s-just-be-friend’s speech.

Pam found herself staring into Regina’s eyes. Despite the coldness of the January evening, Pam’s body temperature was quickly rising. "I . . . uhm . . . don’t want to add anymore confusion to your life," Pam began slowly. "But I really want to kiss you right now." Before Pam had a chance to regret her words, Regina’s lips were pressed against her own.

Pam’s body went into overdrive as she felt Regina’s tongue brush her bottom lip. She parted her lips, inviting Regina in as she pulled the blonde’s body closer to her own. Their tongues wrapped around each other as their hands began to roam freely. Pam’s knee slipped between Regina’s firm thighs as she backed the smaller woman against the wall of the building.

Regina moaned into her mouth as Pam’s hips thrust against her. The passion ignited within her was too much for Pam to control. Her inner voice was cautioning her to slow down and not rush things with Regina once again. As they broke away from the kiss gasping for air, she felt Regina’s body moving in rhythm with her own. "I want you," Regina panted heavily as she clung tightly to Pam’s body.

Pam responded by increasing her movements against Regina’s body as she cupped the back of her head, preventing her from striking the cold hard wall behind her. "Not here," Regina groaned as Pam thrust against her harder. Regina let out a whimper as she continued to respond to Pam’s body. "Yes," Regina hissed as her thighs tightened around Pam’s leg.

"Come for me, baby," Pam urged her on as she gyrated against her.

Pam could feel her lover trembling against her. She held the little blonde tightly as she felt the waves of passion pulse through her. "You are incredible," Regina murmured against her neck.

"I can’t help myself," Pam confessed as she continued to hold onto her lover. "There’s something about the way you kiss me that drives me insane."

"I need you," Regina said softly as she began to kiss Pam’s neck eagerly. "Take me home," the blonde insisted.

Pam was certain her heart would explode when she heard the desire in Regina’s voice. She couldn’t speak; she simply took Regina by the hand and led her away from her building. Pam understood that there was a definite possibility that Pete would make an appearance there. She didn’t want to deal with any of that; she simply wanted to make love to Regina over and over again.


Back in the here and now Pam fought the cold morning air, lost in her thoughts. She arrived back at the house to find Regina cocooned in the warmth of a down comforter. She’d drifted back off to sleep. A pair of very icy hands clutching her backside disrupted Regina’s peaceful slumber. The blonde shrieked when she felt the cold appendages. "I can’t believe you did that, " she scolded her chuckling lover. "Your hands are freezing," she continued as she wrapped the bedding around her naked body.

"It’s cold outside," Pam pointed out as she began to strip off her clothing. "You’d be proud of our boy. His papers were dry."

"Really?" Regina responded, happy with the news and her unobstructed view of her lover‘s backside. "We really need to agree on a name for him," Regina continued thoughtfully as she watched Pam.

"Any suggestions?" Pam asked her as she started to pull her hair back.

"Oh yeah," Regina answered as she licked her suddenly dry lips. She had already been in a frisky mood that morning and seeing Pam standing there naked certainly fueled her desires.

"What?" Pam inquired innocently as she turned towards Regina. The blonde knew that she was leering but she couldn’t help herself. "Oh no. I know that look," Pam cautioned her.

"Come back to bed," Regina offered huskily, not understanding why her lover was resisting.

"Have you looked at the clock?" Pam inquired regretfully.

Regina blinked in confusion as she turned towards the clock. "Crap." She pouted. "Why were you gone so long?"

"I got lost in thought," Pam responded absently.

"What were you thinking about?" Regina inquired as she lowered the sheets to reveal her naked breasts. She heard her lover whimper softly.

"You," Pam purred as she turned towards her lover.

"Good answer," Regina responded softly as she took Pam by the hand and pulled her towards the bed. "Kiss me?" Regina pleaded softly, knowing that her lover would rarely refuse her.

"We don’t have time," Pam protested weakly as she pulled the sheets further down Regina’s body.

Regina could feel Pam’s breath on her face as she captured her lips. As Regina pulled Pam closer, she could feel her lover’s excitement coating her naked thigh. Regina moaned as she deepened the kiss. Their bodies melted together as they stretched out on the bed. Regina parted her thighs, inviting Pam in. After all these years it still amazed her how quickly her lover could fuel her passion. Just one look from those baby blues could melt Regina’s heart and set her body on fire.

Regina felt Pam’s fingers pressing against her center. "Yes," she hissed as she wrapped her legs around Pam’s body.

"Tell me," Pam teased as her fingers slipped into Regina’s opening slightly and then stilled their movement.

"Don’t tease me," Regina choked out as she began to tease one of Pam’s already hardened nipples with her fingers.

"Tell me," Pam repeated as she began to kiss Regina’s neck. "Tell me what you want," Pam insisted.

Regina groaned as she felt Pam’s wetness pressing against her. "You know what I want," Regina moaned. "I want you to take me. I want you to show me how much you love me." She felt Pam’s breathing become ragged as she entered her. Regina’s body arched as her lover’s fingers plunged in and out of her. Their bodies rocked together wildly as Pam began to tease Regina’s throbbing clit with her thumb.

The beeping of the alarm clock interrupted their lovemaking. "Don’t stop," Regina implored her.

"Not until you beg me to," Pam reassured her as she brought her closer to the edge.

Regina wrapped her legs tighter around Pam’s body. Her senses were reeling as Pam took her higher. The blonde bit down on her lip as she looked up, watching Pam pleasure her and seeing the tension in her lover’s chest and neck as her hand glided in and out of Regina’s wetness. Regina loved to watch Pam when she made love to her. The sweat glistened as it ran down her firm body.

Regina arched her body in an effort to melt into Pam’s, knowing that Pam was nearing the edge herself. There was no mistaking the way the muscles in her throat were tightening or the hazy look clouding her baby blues. Regina tried to steady herself in hopes that they would climax in unison. Their bodies shuddered and arched against one another as they screamed out in ecstasy.

Clutching each other tightly, they collapsed onto the mattress. Pam released a throaty chuckle. "You are such a bad influence on me," the brunette whispered as Regina planted gentle kisses on her neck.

"You’re just figuring that out now?" Regina teased her as they rose from the bed. "Sorry you didn’t take Pete up on his offer for double or nothing?" Regina continued to tease as Pam simply rolled her eyes. "Come on. I’ll use the shower in the guest room. You can use ours," Regina graciously offered.


Later that day Regina was busy setting up the flowers at St. Joseph’s Church. Watching her staff working carefully, she smiled at the results. "It is going to be a beautiful wedding," her assistant, Caroline, said as she approached her.

"Looks good," Regina confirmed as she began to walk back down the aisle, rechecking each and every floral arrangement carefully.

Regina put on her best smile as the mother of the bride raced towards her frantically. "You are a miracle worker, Regina," the tall heavyset woman gushed.

"Thank you, Mrs. Clemens." Regina accepted the compliment with a sense of relief. Mrs. Clemens had proven herself to be the typical mother of the bride. She listened as her daughter carefully told Regina what she wanted and then she instructed the florist to do something completely different. It wasn’t a new experience for Regina; the trick was to find a happy medium that both the bride and her mother would fall in love with. Regina was thankful that this time the mother of the groom didn’t put her two cents in as well.

Regina gathered her staff and they all climbed into the two vans she used for deliveries and headed back to the shop. The tiny floral shop she had started six years ago was a flurry of activity. Regina shook her head, knowing that she was doing well. When she’d first started out, it was just her doing all the work. She couldn’t afford to hire anyone to help even for a few hours a week. When she was involved with good old Pete, he never offered to help.

Another one of the many differences between the life she lived then and the life she was living now. Pam insisted on helping her out every chance she got. Now that both of their careers were doing well, they could relax a little and enjoy their lives together. Now all they had to do was come up with a name for the puppy.

"Have the two of you come up a name for the dog yet?" Caroline inquired as Regina scanned the orders for the day.

"Nope." Regina chuckled slightly. "Pam is insistent on using a poker hand for him. Make sure we get the extra shipment of roses confirmed for Valentine’s Day."

"Why poker?" Caroline inquired with curiosity.

"Long story." Regina smirked. She always hated explaining to people how she and Pam ended up together.

"So how long have the two of you been together?" Caroline continued as the tiny redhead followed Regina closely. Caroline was a good assistant but there were times when she seemed a little too interested in Regina’s personal life.

"Just over five years," Regina responded brightly. She noticed the small frown Caroline was trying to hide. She made a mental note to sit Caroline down soon and have a little chat with her. Regina wasn’t certain if it was she or her partner that Caroline had a thing for, but it was time to make it clear that neither she nor Pam liked to share.

"So how did you two meet?" Caroline persisted as they continued to work.

"I met her at a Christmas party her company had," Regina explained dryly, hoping that Caroline would drop the subject and refocus her attention on work.

"Oh, so you were friends with someone she worked with?" Caroline continued with interest.

"No." Regina sighed, feeling her earlier good spirits vanishing quickly. "I was involved with someone she works with."

Caroline perked up when Regina revealed that piece of information. "Caroline, let’s focus on the flowers and not my marriage," Regina asserted firmly. She felt slightly guilty when Caroline’s frowned reemerged. Then again, as much as she liked the energetic young woman, she wasn’t born yesterday. Caroline wasn’t just making casual conversation. She was up to something.

Just when it seemed that Regina could leave for the day and let her staff take over for the rest of the evening, another unpleasant event occurred. Pete walked in. Every once and awhile Pete would have a revelation and decide that he and Regina really did belong together.

"I swear he’s worse than a rash." Regina groaned as she ran her fingers tensely through her short blonde hair. "Why are you here?" Regina barked out as she crossed the shop and grabbed him by the arm. Forcibly she led her ex-boyfriend out the door. "What is wrong with you?" Regina spat out.

"Regina, we need to talk about this," Pete offered in a pleasant voice.

"We split up over five years ago," Regina asserted as she waved her arms frantically. "I don’t want to see you anymore. Pam is going to go ballistic if she finds you here. Pete, she’s your boss now."

Regina knew that Pete’s visits usually coincided with some upset at work. He never forgave Pam for their breakup, and when she was promoted to a position directly above him, it only added grist to the mill. Regina was at her wit’s end. All she wanted to do was go home and argue with Pam over what to name the puppy and then make love to her all night long. How many different ways can you tell someone that you don’t love him or her? That you never did?

"This is ridiculous," Pete protested. "I made one mistake so you decide to turn gay? When are you going to wake up and realize that we belong together? She couldn’t possibly make you happy."

"Will you listen for once?" Regina said slowly as she tried to rein in her temper. "We were over long before that stupid poker game. I love her and she loves me. I didn’t just decide to turn gay. I am gay. I was gay before I met you and I was never happy when we were together. My only regret in all of this is that you and Pam were friends once and that ended the moment I got together with her."

Pete just stared at her coldly. Regina could see Caroline watching with interest from the window. "I have a business to run; I want you to leave," Regina fumed at Pete. He just stood there staring at her in disbelief. It had been like this between them from the moment he caught her and Pam together. It was their first Valentine’s Day together. It had been wonderful until they made the mistake of going back to Regina’s apartment.

Regina flushed slightly at the memory of Pam making love to her. Their passion was never a quiet encounter. On more than one occasion when they traveled, they received complaints from other guests. Good old Pete must had been lurking outside the door. He burst in, breaking the lock, and found the last thing he could have expected. The two of them were naked with Regina bent over in front of Pam. The scene that followed was nasty with Pete and Pam almost coming to blows.

Regina and Pete continued to stare at one another, neither willing to give the other what they wanted. Then Regina felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. "Pete, you need to go now," Regina suggested in a panicked tone. She didn’t need to turn around to know that Pam was approaching.

"Well, if it isn’t dumb ass," Pam said from behind Regina. The blonde cringed, knowing that the contest was about to begin.

"This doesn’t concern you," Pete said in a cold voice.

"Sure it does," Pam sneered as she took her place at Regina’s side. "Tell me something, Sparky. Is it that she’s with someone else or that I’m a woman?"

Something inside of Regina snapped. Five years of watching the two of them whip out the measuring stick was more than she could stand. She hated the tug of war that she had been trapped in. "Enough!" she finally barked out. "You two finish your pissing contest. I’m out of here." She took one last look at the two of them before marching down the street in a huff. Pete looked shocked which was his normal response whenever someone told him off. Pam looked embarrassed and her shoulders slumped, knowing that she and the puppy would probably be sharing a bed that night.


Regina found herself sitting at a bar nursing a gin and tonic. She wasn’t surprised when Caroline planted herself in the stool next to her. "Want to talk about it?" the redhead offered eagerly. ‘Well, that answers that question,’ Regina thought wryly as she fiddled with the peanuts in the bowl in front of her.

"No," Regina responded absently.

"Who was the guy?" Caroline persisted after a moment.

"My ex-boyfriend," Regina answered with a heavy sigh.

"Huh?" Caroline choked out. "You were straight?"

"Briefly." Regina chuckled, suddenly finding the entire situation amusing. "It didn’t take."

"So how did you and Pam end up together?" Caroline continued as Regina felt the hairs on her neck stand up once again. She smiled, knowing what was coming.

"I won her in a card game," a sultry voice drawled.

Regina found herself laughing lightly despite her sullen mood. "That you did, darling," Regina confirmed as Caroline’s jaw dropped. "Caroline, if you don’t mind?" Regina said as she nodded her head towards the doorway.

"Are you sure?" the redhead inquired as she placed a comforting hand on Regina’s arm.

Regina didn’t miss Pam arching her eyebrow as she glared down at Caroline’s hand with an icy stare. "Yes," Regina reassured her assistant. Caroline reluctantly released her arm and departed.

"Can I sit down?" Pam asked her carefully.

"Yeah." Regina sighed deeply. Her body tingled as her lover took the stool next to her.

They sat in an awkward silence. Pam ordered a drink and leaned on her elbow, waiting for Regina to say something. "I’m not angry with you," Regina finally said. "I’m just tired of going through this every few months."

"I know," Pam agreed softly. "It’s that time of year again. Every year at this time Pete shows up on your doorstep and asks you to come back to him. I try not to let it get to me but I guess deep down I’m afraid that one of these days you’ll wake up and think that I was a mistake."

Regina turned to her lover with a stunned expression. "How could you think that?" Regina blurted out. "I love you."

"I know," Pam conceded. "Still, sometimes I’m afraid. Everything between us is so good. Maybe things are a little to good at times. I see the way other people look at you. And I see that little assistant of yours following you around like a lost puppy dog."

"Excuse me?" Regina said as she blinked in surprise. "Are you blind? Don’t you see the way people look at you? Pam, you look like you just jumped off the pages of some swimsuit ad."

"Right," Pam scoffed.

"It’s true," Regina reaffirmed as she gently clasped her lover’s hand. "What really has you worried? It can’t be Caroline; she’s just some kid with a crush. Is it that I was with a man before you? I’ve explained that a thousand times. I got burned by other women and freaked out."

Pam just sat there sipping her cocktail. "After all of these years how can you doubt my feelings for you?" Regina said quietly. "I knew from the first time you kissed me that you were the one. I know I did my fair share of freaking out early on but that was a long time ago. Do you remember what I said to you the first time we made love?"

"This might be the only time we’re together?" Pam said with uncertainty.

"Not that," Regina chided her. "I told you to make me yours. And you did. I’ve belonged to you since that night. Keeping that in mind, I just don’t appreciate it when you and Pete make me feel like I’m a possession or nothing more than a prize to be won or lost. All joking aside, I feel that you and I would have ended up together regardless of how that silly card game turned out."

"You really think so?" Pam offered hopefully.

"Yes, I really do," Regina reassured her. "I belong to you. Just like you belong mind, body and soul to me. Now go home and take care of Aloysius before the little guy explodes."

"We are not naming him that," Pam chastised her vehemently.

"We’ll see," Regina responded coyly.

Pam stood up and waited for Regina to join her. "Aren’t you coming?" she inquired hesitantly. Regina smiled up at her. "I need a little more time. I’ll see you at home," she said confidently. Pam seemed a little surprised but kissed her gently on the cheek and left for their home. Regina rolled her eyes at the surprised looks she was receiving from the other patrons. "Get over it," she muttered. "Now I need to plan something special for tonight. I think both of us need this."

Regina sat at the bar formulating her plan. They’d had a great night last night and this morning was certainly a nice way to wake up. But Pam was right. Every year her old flame would show up and try to disrupt their happiness. This year they were going to start off the Valentine’s Day celebration a little early and make it the first time they could really celebrate their love for one another.


Pam was sitting on the kitchen floor as the puppy crawled all over her. "Simon? Frank? Skippy?" She rambled on, trying to see if the puppy would respond to any of the names.

"Skippy?" Regina laughed from the entryway.

"Just trying out a few names," Pam explained quickly as she rose to her feet. "Hi," she said shyly as she brushed the dog hair off of her slacks.

"Hi," Regina said with a warm smile.

"Do you want me to start dinner?" Pam offered.

"No." Regina shook her head as she spoke. "I’m not really hungry. I’m going upstairs. Could you come up in about ten minutes and gave me a hand with something?"

"What would that be?" Pam asked. Her curiosity was thoroughly peeked.

"You’ll see," Regina purred in response.

Pam moved to follow her but Regina placed a firm yet gentle palm on her chest. "Gave me a few minutes," she instructed her lover. Regina reached up and placed a gentle kiss on Pam’s lips. The taller woman could only nod in response. She watched Regina’s hips sway as she walked out of the room. "What are you up to, my love?" Pam said aloud as she placed her fingers against her lips, the warmth from Regina’s kiss still lingering upon them.

Pam could hear Regina moving about above her as she settled the puppy down for the night. She quickly glanced at her watch. "Close enough," she surmised as she raced out of the room and up the staircase. Her heart lurched when she found the bedroom door shut tightly. She noticed a plastic bag hanging from the doorknob. She removed the bag from the knob and found a pink Post-It firmly attached the outside. "Put this on and then come back," she read aloud.

Pam arched her dark eyebrows in curiosity as she peeked inside the bag. "Are you kidding?" she choked out as she looked at the skimpy material inside. Pulling the item out of the bag she inspected it carefully. It was a black lacy thong with a matching bra. "This is awfully small," she called out. When no response seemed to be forthcoming, she accepted her fate and marched off to the guest bathroom to change into the tiny undergarments.

A cool draft greeted her overexposed body as Pam stepped back out into the hallway. She approached the bedroom door once again and opened it slowly. The snide comment about her wardrobe died on her lips once she stepped inside their bedroom. Candles had been lit all around the room, illuminating it softly. On the floor was a blanket. Resting comfortably on the blanket was Regina clad in an emerald green silk camisole and matching tap pants.

"Reggie," Pam squeaked out as Regina beckoned her to come closer with her finger.

Pam’s mouth was watering as she followed Regina’s command. She knelt down on the blanket and leaned closer to her lover. "Not so fast, hot stuff," Regina taunted her. "There’s something I want you to do first."

"Anything," Pam responded in a breathy tone.

Regina smiled slyly as she leaned back and pulled something out from under her firm body. "I want you to teach me how to play cards," Regina stated firmly as she placed a deck of cards between them.

"Excuse me?" Pam stammered.

"Teach me," Regina repeated. "You’re so proud of that winning hand that brought me into your life. I want a chance to win you. So what do you say, stud muffin? Are you willing to bet your heart?"

"You’ve already captured my heart," Pam reassured her as she stretched out before her lover on the opposite side of the blanket. "Besides, you should never bet anything that you’re not willing to lose," Pam carefully reminded Regina.

"Hmm," Regina purred as she drank in her lover’s long body lying only inches away. The blonde sat up slightly with a mischievous gleam in her emerald orbs. "Well, I have something that I am most willing to part with," she suggested as her fingers tugged on the strap of her lingerie. "So what’s it going to be? You want to play?"

"Yes," Pam managed to say as she swallowed hard. "Just so I understand, what exactly are we playing for?" Her voice cracked as she spoke. Pam could feel the warmth spreading throughout her entire being.

"The winner gets whatever the winner wants," Regina said in a husky tone that left no room for misinterpretation. "For the entire evening."

Pam’s heart nearly leapt out of her chest as she heard the words and saw the evil glint in her lover’s eyes. The only question in Pam’s mind at that point was whether or not she wanted to win or lose. "Are you ready?" Regina challenged her.

"Oh yeah," Pam readily agreed. "Uhm . . . just one question. Is everything going to ride on one hand or do you want a few practice runs first?"

"It’s all or nothing, so to speak." Regina continued to tease Pam, fanning the flames of the taller woman’s desire. "Five card draw, nothing is wild. That’s for frat boys and old ladies."

"I thought you didn’t know how to play this game?" Pam accused her.

"I lied," Regina said with a confident smirk.

Pam blushed deeply as she found herself staring at her lover’s ample cleavage. She picked up the deck and started to shuffle the cards slowly. She sat up slightly as she took her time with the cards. Regina watched the slow certain movement of Pam’s fingers. She could feel her breathing become ragged as her nipples suddenly pressed against the silk material of her camisole.

Pam placed the deck between them once again as her eyes locked in a fiery gaze with Regina’s. The blonde felt her body tremble slightly as her lover held her in the intense stare. "How do you still do that?" Regina said softly as she reached for the cards and carefully cut the deck.

"It’s what you do to me," Pam explained as she watched her lover cut the deck.

Pam dealt five cards to both of them, her eyes never losing her lover’s gaze. They retrieved their cards, both studying them carefully. Sneaking glances at each other, they both tried to maintain their look of utter confidence. Pam’s palms were sweating when Regina discarded only one card. The brunette blinked for the first time as she dealt Regina a new card.

Regina continued to smile confidently as Pam discarded the maximum of three cards. Both shuffled their cards and studied them intently. Neither woman was entirely certain as to why that was. This was an all or nothing hand. There was no bluffing; no more bets to be placed; everything rested upon the luck of the draw. Regina smiled, knowing it didn’t really matter. They had won each other’s hearts years ago. Tonight was about celebrating their love.

"Show me what you’ve got," Regina finally commanded. Her heart fluttered as she saw Pam’s eyes darken with desire. Her face dropped slightly as she watched Pam lay each card down on the blanket slowly. "Two pair. Jacks and Tens," Regina congratulated her.

The blonde sat there blinking with a complete look of innocence. "Do I win?" Pam taunted her boldly. Regina smiled sweetly as she laid each of her cards down slowly. "Like you always say, sweetheart. Queens over Jacks - a winner every time."

"A full house?" Pam choked out. "A Queen high full house. That’s the same hand that brought us together," she said absently. "The exact same hand I was holding that night."

"I guess it’s kismet," Regina said with a bold smile.

"Did you do this?" Pam inquired as she kept staring down at Regina’s cards.

"You shuffled the deck," Regina reminded her. "You dealt the cards. It’s fate. You belong to me."

"Yes, I do," Pam responded happily as she looked up. The look in her lover’s eyes caused her breath to catch in her throat.

Pam crawled across the blanket and kissed her lover’s lips tenderly. "You won me," she whispered as Regina ran her fingers through her thick black hair. "I belong to you," she reasserted as she once again captured her lover’s eager lips. "Make me yours," she pleaded in the same voice Regina had used on their first night together.

Pam was still bent over her lover as Regina cupped her breasts. Regina sighed as her lover moaned. "I want you," Regina said as she raised her body slightly, running her fingertips along her lover’s back as she moved behind her. Pam lifted her backside and parted her legs slightly. Regina pressed against her lover as she began to kiss her way down Pam’s body.

Regina was urged on by Pam’s murmurs of pleasure. The blonde tasted Pam’s skin, slowly working her way down the back of her sinewy body and pausing briefly to unclasp the black lacy bra. Regina moaned as she felt the silk material of her outfit clinging to her body as she pressed herself deeper into Pam.

The brunette was gasping as Regina’s fingertips teased her. She could feel the bra being lowered down her body. The lacy material teased her already sensitive skin. As Regina’s mound pressed into her backside, the blonde wrapped her arms around Pam’s body. Regina’s palms grazed her aching nipples, causing them to become fully erect.

Pam moaned as she continued to support herself on her hands and knees. Regina teased her nipples harder. The brunette’s hips swayed, begging for more. The feel of silk caressing her body was driving her wild with desire. Regina’s hands moved down her body slowly, savoring each curve and dip. Pam whimpered as she felt Regina cup her backside.

Regina’s senses were fully attuned to the intensity of Pam’s desires. She kneaded the firm flesh beneath her hands. Her mouth watered as Pam parted her legs even further. Running her fingers along the elastic of the tiny thong elicited another deep moan from her partner.

Regina stood behind her lover who whimpered from the loss of contact. She removed her clothes and dropped them so that they landed in front of Pam. Regina smiled devilishly as she returned to her position behind her lover. Once again she kissed her way down Pam’s body, enjoying the new sensation of their exposed flesh meeting.

As Regina once again reached Pam’s quivering backside, she ran her fingers down along the seams of the thong. "Are you trying to kill me?" Pam pleaded.

"Can you hold on, baby?" Regina asked as her fingers became coated with Pam’s desire.

"No," Pam panted. "I need you. I’ve been thinking about you all day."

The brunette groaned as her lover’s fingers dipped into her wetness. Pam’s hips swayed more urgently as Regina’s fingers caressed her lower lips in a slow torturous exploration. As Regina continued to feel her, the blonde pressed her mound into thrusting backside. "Yes," Pam growled as she rocked into Regina. Pam released a strangled moan as she felt the thong being tugged down.

Regina steadied Pam’s hips so she could lower the thong down her legs. She kissed her way down Pam’s body as she removed the tiny undergarment. Regina kissed her way back up her lover’s body, dipping her tongue into her wetness. Pam cried out in pleasure as she opened herself up further, giving her lover greater access.

All of the negative energy from earlier in the day and from the past five years melted away as Regina tasted her. The blonde’s tongue entered her center. Regina’s mouth showed her how much she loved her. Regina’s tongue retreated from her center and moved slowly up her firm cheeks. Regina dipped and tasted every inch of her eagerly.

Pam felt her lover straddling her backside. "This is how you loved me that night," Regina panted as she pressed her wetness into Pam. "I loved you then and I love you more each day," she groaned as she held onto Pam’s swaying hips. Their passion built as their bodies rocked together wildly. Pam grunted and moaned as Regina rode against her.

Regina’s fingers entered her lover. Pam arched in response as her body gyrated faster while her lover plunged in and out of her. She was begging for more as Regina took her deeper and harder. Their bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat as they began to tremble. They called out each other’s names and praised any higher power they could think of.

Pam’s heart was racing as she clutched the blanket; her head snapped back as they climaxed in unison. Their bodies continued to move together in a passionate rhythm as they collapsed onto the blanket. Pam was still panting heavily as Regina lay on top of her, slowly removing her fingers from her center. She trembled as Regina brushed her hair from her face and kissed her cheek. "I love you," Regina repeated over and over again as they lay there.

"The night’s not over yet," Pam reminded her exhausted partner.

"I know," Regina whispered hotly into her ear.

Pam whimpered slightly as Regina lifted herself off her body. Pam rolled over to find her lover standing above her. From her position on the floor, the brunette could feel her lover’s desire radiating down upon her. Without thinking about anything but Regina’s pleasure, Pam moved so that she was now kneeling before her lover.

"I love you," Pam whispered into Regina’s damp curls as her lover guided her gently to her. Pam’s tongue dipped inside the silky folds and began to feast hungrily upon her passion. Regina clutched the back of Pam’s head as her hips thrust into her hungry mouth. Pam suckled Regina’s throbbing clit as her fingers entered her. Plunging in and out of her lover, she teased her clit with her teeth and her tongue.

Regina cried out as Pam held her steady. The brunette loved the feeling of her lover exploding against her. She wouldn’t need to wait long. Regina’s body shook uncontrollably as she fell over the edge. Pam held her lover tightly and guided her back down onto the blanket. She held the smaller woman close as the waves of passion filtered through her body.

They remained curled up on the blanket, waiting for their hearts to stop racing and their breathing to return to normal. "I just want you to know that we’re not finished yet," Regina gasped.

"I know," Pam purred in expectation. "I wouldn’t dream of welching on a bet," Pam reassured her, knowing that once her lover’s breathing returned to normal she was going to be happily paying off her obligation until the sun was peeking out across the horizon.


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