By Mavis Applewater

March 2002

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Thanks to my beta reader Joanne.

As always, this is for Heather.


Candice checked her appearance for the fifth time in the bedroom mirror. The small blonde’s palms were sweating and her knees were trembling slightly. "Why am I so nervous?" she asked her reflection. "It’s just dinner." But it wasn’t just dinner. It was dinner at Monica’s house with her son, her ex-husband, her former in-laws, and her own parents. It wasn’t the way that Candice wanted to meet everyone. But they were all getting together to see Jon-Michael in his kindergarten play and then everyone was going back to Monica’s for dinner.

Thom’s opinion meant a great deal to Candice’s new lover, and her son Jon-Michael was the light of her life. "Nope, I’m not feeling the pressure," Candice choked out. She knew that she was falling for the raven-haired woman and she needed to make a good impression on Monica’s family. Originally, meeting Monica’s entire clan in one fell swoop seemed like a good idea. Now Candice was fighting off a major panic attack.

To add to the mix, the new lovers really hadn’t been offered a great deal of time together because of their schedules. Everything about Monica made Candice smile - her looks, the way her mind worked, and her sense of humor. If Monica’s son didn’t like her, she knew that could mean the end of their budding relationship. Another thing about the impending evening that troubled Candice was whether or not she should stick her toothbrush in her purse.

She didn’t want to assume anything. Yet they hadn’t really been able to have as many sleepovers as they would like. Candice blushed slightly at the thought of how well their sexual chemistry meshed. "I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands off her." She whimpered slightly at the prospect of having to return to her empty apartment.

Much to her surprise and delight she’d ended up in bed with the beautiful cable installer the night they met. It could have easily turned into a one-night stand. But they both felt the underlying emotions that went beyond the bedroom chemistry. Candice blushed all the way up to her blonde roots. "Heck, we barely made it into the bedroom." She laughed as she recalled how they started to make love in the crowded nightclub. They’d barely made it inside of Candice’s apartment.

That weekend had been incredible; Candice had barely dragged herself out of bed Monday morning for work. Then she’d rushed back to her lover. After the weekend, Monica’s son returned home from spending time with his father. Candice rarely saw Monica and then the time together was spent getting to know one another. And that was a good thing. Candice really loved spending time with Monica. Unfortunately it wasn’t as intimate as Candice hoped for. It was like some cruel joke that she had found someone whose passions ran as deeply as her own, and now they really couldn’t spend time enjoying it. They had managed to share a few wonderful encounters since they’d started dating as well as some other really nice encounters that unfortunately ended far too soon. "That woman can set my heart racing just by looking at me." Candice sighed happily.

Candice smoothed out her dress once again. It was a simple black number with beads. "I hope this isn’t too dressy or sexy?" She panicked slightly. "Okay, just get a grip and stop stalling," she chastised herself, recalling that it was more or less her idea that she attend the little dinner party. They’d been out on a date when Candice suggested that they get together the following weekend. She had forgotten about Jon-Michael’s play; she could have kicked herself for overlooking something so important.

It was then she’d suggested that perhaps, if she attended the performance, it would be a good opportunity for her to finally meet Monica’s son. Little did she know that it was to be a full-scale family function. When Monica hesitated, Candice feared that the taller woman didn’t share the depth of her feelings. Candice instantly backpedaled and told her lover to forget it. Monica had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and gently cupped Candice’s face in her hands.

‘I want you to meet my son,’ Monica reassured her. ‘I know I’ve been putting it off.’

‘I understand,’ Candice said with a heavy sigh. ‘It’s only been a couple of months and you don’t want him getting attached if we don’t work out.’

‘That’s true,’ Monica conceded. ‘But I think we both know this isn’t just a fling for either of us. I mean, it’s not for me.’ The serious question in her tone tugged at Candice’s heartstrings.

‘It’s not for me either,’ Candice said reassuringly as she leaned into Monica’s touch.

‘It’s just that the play isn’t going to be just Jon-Michael and I. Thom will be there and his parents and mine as well,’ Monica explained. ‘And then we’re all having dinner back at the apartment.’

‘Oh,’ Candice said as she swallowed hard. Then something deep inside of her sparked a tiny seed of jealousy. She hated that Thom got to share these precious moments and she was still an outsider. And that’s when she suggested attending anyway. Monica seemed to be thrilled that Candice wanted to get to know her family. At that moment in time so was Candice. Perhaps it was the way Monica kissed her deeply right there on the street corner. The intensity of the passionate kiss drove Candice to forgo their plans for dinner and lead Monica back to her apartment.

Now as Candice grabbed her purse and keys she wasn’t as convinced as she had been the previous weekend. The blonde took a cleansing breath before putting on her long woolen coat. "It will be all right. So I’m meeting her entire family," she said bravely as she headed to the apartment door. "It could be worse. We could be meeting my family." She cringed at the thought.


Candice hurried into the dark auditorium, cursing public transportation. The show had just begun and, with the lights dimmed, there was no way she would find Monica in the darkness. She leaned against the back wall as she carefully scanned the crowd. Her heart was beating erratically, thinking that she had screwed up by not arriving on time. Out of the darkness she saw a pair of electrifying blue eyes twinkling at her. The brilliant smile that was flashed in her direction warmed her heart. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to join Monica without causing a disturbance. So she waited in the back and tried to follow the group of five-year-old children stumbling through their performance. She watched intently, trying to determine which of the Winter Wonderland goblins was Jon-Michael. She knew the instant she saw those eyes that he was the boisterous snowflake; she’d know that smile anywhere. "My goodness, Monica; your son is adorable," she whispered as her smile grew broader.

The performance lasted about a half hour. Perhaps she was just being biased but Candice was thoroughly convinced that Jon-Michael was the best. The audience clapped and cheered as the children departed the stage, shutting off their camcorders when the last child was gone. Candice’s relaxed state quickly vanished as the lights came up and people started shuffling about. She clutched her coat tightly. "I can do this," she encouraged herself in a whispered tone.

Her heart skipped a beat as she saw Monica stand and flash another brilliant smile at her. She watched as her lover moved her way through the crowd. She wanted to sneak a peek at Thom but she couldn’t take her eyes off Monica’s movements. ‘And that is why I’m here,’ she thought blissfully, her gaze still riveted on the tall woman.

"Hi," Monica greeted her with a shy whisper and a gentle touch on her arm.

"Hi," Candice responded in a breathy tone. She started to loose herself in Monica’s eyes when the jostling from the departing crowd alerted her to their surroundings. "Sorry I was late. The train was a nightmare."

"I’m glad you’re here," Monica reassured her as she gave her arm a gentle squeeze. "Are you sure you’re up for this?" she added with concern.

"Yes," Candice responded firmly while internally her mind was screaming ‘What the hell were you thinking, meeting them all at once?’ "Jon-Michael was great tonight." She suddenly needed to convey how much she enjoyed the performance.

"He was the . . . ," Monica began to explain.

"The snowflake," Candice stated with a wry smile.

"How did . . .?" Monica questioned her.

"He’s beautiful, just like his mother," Candice confessed as she watched her lover’s eyes get slightly misty.

"Thank you," Monica responded softly, giving Candice’s arm a gentle squeeze. Candice’s eyes drifted upward as she noticed the tall dark man standing behind Monica; he was giving both of them a curious look. Candice nodded her head towards him to alert Monica that they had company. Monica turned and hugged the man. Candice’s heart dropped slightly as Monica took his hand. "Thom, this is Candice." Monica began the introductions. "Candice, this is Thom."

"Nice to meet you," Candice said in a polite tone. ‘Holy Mother . . . He is gorgeous!’ she thought painfully as she noted that they were still holding hands.

"Well, it’s good to finally meet you, Candice," Thom said in a cheerful tone. "My wife has told me a lot about you." Monica stared at him oddly for a moment as two elderly couples approached. Candice didn’t miss the term, noting that good old Thom may not be as understanding as Monica thought he was.

"There the two of you are," one woman greeted. "Wasn’t JM just wonderful!" the woman gushed.

"Mom, this is my friend, Candice," Monica said quickly as she released Thom’s hand and placed a gentle hand on Candice’s shoulder. "Candice, this is Thom’s mother, Eunice, and his dad, Roy. And this is my mother and father, Bill and Dotty." Candice exchanged handshakes with everyone, noticing that they seemed a little uncomfortable with the situation. If Monica hadn’t had her hand on her shoulder, Candice would have just bolted then and there.

"Hey, why don’t we find the rug rat and get some pictures before heading back to my place," Monica said suddenly.

"Sure." Thom nodded. "I’ll ride back with you and Jon-Michael," he added as Candice’s heart began to pound in her chest. ‘Oh goodie! I get to ride back with all three of them.’ She groaned internally while her fake smile remained plastered firmly on her face.

"Actually Thom, why don’t you ride with your folks?" Monica suggested casually.

The grimace on his face told Candice and everyone else standing there just what was going on. They all shifted uncomfortably until Thom spoke. "Fine," he muttered. Monica simply nodded as she led everyone out the side door into the hallway. They located Jon-Michael among the hoards of people. Candice wanted to run; only Monica’s hand still resting gently on her shoulder encouraged her to stay.

Once the picture taking began, Candice found that she was standing off to the side. She watched as the family posed for the pictures. She wanted to fade into the background as she silently prayed that she would simply disappear. Once things slowed down and the crowd started to fade, Monica helped her son put his jacket on after removing his little costume. "You did good, little man," she said as she kissed her son on the cheek. She stood and held his hand tightly. "Jon-Michael, I want you to meet someone." She led him over to Candice who was leaning nervously against the wall.

The blonde watched fearfully as the tiny boy and his mother approached her. She couldn’t help but notice that the rest of the family was watching closely. "Jon-Michael, this is my friend Candice," Monica stated in a soft proud tone. Candice smiled at the gentle tone of her lover’s voice as she scooted down so that she wasn’t towering over the five-year-old.

"Hello, Jon-Michael. It’s very nice to finally meet you," Candice said brightly.

"You’re pretty," the boy gushed as he flashed her a very familiar smile.

"Thank you." She laughed along with the others as she stood. She leaned over and whispered in Monica’s ear, "The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree."

Monica simply wiggled her eyebrows suggestively as they all headed outside. Candice followed behind everyone, wondering if Thom was going to be a problem this evening. Candice waited as Monica strapped her son into the car seat in the back of her SUV. Monica then walked around and opened the passenger side door for her. Candice caught the stern look she received from Thom in his parent’s car.

"You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now," Monica whispered in her ear as she climbed into the vehicle.

"Back at you," Candice said playfully.

"I’m sorry this is so uncomfortable," Monica apologized as she climbed into the driver’s seat.

"This is the first time you’ve brought someone home to meet them, isn’t it?" Candice inquired as she peeked in the rearview mirror and watched Jon-Michael playing with a couple of Matchbox cars.

"No one has ever been special enough before now," Monica reassured her as she patted her thigh.

"Thank you," Candice responded sincerely as she fought the urge to just lean over and kiss her lover.

"I’d like to know what’s gotten into Thom," Monica grumbled as she started the car.

‘Oh, I think I know what the problem is,’ Candice thought grimly as Monica carefully drove to her apartment.


Candice managed to relax during the drive to Monica’s apartment. She listened as Jon-Michael and his mother chatted endlessly. She even found herself joining in the conversation. At first she had planned on remaining quiet but the little boy’s observations were just too endearing.

As they pulled into the parking lot Candice looked around curiously. "So this is where you live," she noted as she looked around the complex.

"For now," Monica confirmed. "I like it, but I want to have a house with a little yard someday."

Candice smiled at the thought as she unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped out of the car. She could picture Monica running around the backyard with Jon-Michael. "Where is everyone else?" she inquired as she looked around the parking lot.

"Thom probably let them in already," Monica responded absently as she attempted to free Jon-Michael from his car seat.

Candice curled her lip at the comment. ‘Of course Thom would have a key. He’s Jon-Michael’s father,’ she reminded herself.

"I can do it," the boy protested as he tried to assist his mother, making her task all that much more difficult.

"Yes, I know that you’re a big boy, but let Mommy do it," Monica pleaded. "There you go, tiger." She sighed as she lifted him out of the car. Jon-Michael raced off, carrying his belongings. "Halt," Monica shouted. Her son stopped in his tracks. "Wait for us, sport. You know better than to just run off."

"Oh my." Candice chuckled. "Is he always this energetic?"

"No, today he’s calm," Monica said wearily as she took Candice by the hand and escorted her and her son up to the apartment.

The family was busy chatting when they entered. Candice was thankful that everyone was focused on Jon-Michael and his big day. She offered to help Monica in the kitchen; she had hopes for a quick kiss when no one was looking. Unfortunately, Dotty decided to join them.

"We just need to heat things up," Monica explained as she and Dotty moved around the kitchen.

Candice’s heart sank once again, not knowing where anything was or how to assist. Monica gave her a knowing smile. "Candice, could you get me the sauce pan? It’s in the cabinet beside the oven."

"You’ve never been here before?" Dotty inquired thoughtfully.

"No, ma’amm" Candice responded respectfully.

"She’s a polite one," Dotty teased. "Call me Dotty."

"Behave, Mom," Monica cautioned her mother.

"Not a chance," Dotty taunted her daughter.

"Now I know where you get it from," Candice muttered to Monica.

Candice assisted as best she could as she listened to mother and daughter bicker back and forth. She couldn’t get over how they teased one another. "Everything looks to be about ready," Dotty commented as she opened a bottle of wine. "Monica, why don’t you start bringing everything out and call everyone to the table," Dotty said firmly.

"Mom, this is my kitchen," Monica objected.

"Yes, but I want a glass of wine before I go out there and I want to pump your new girlfriend for information," Dotty addressed her flatly.

Candice swallowed hard at the thought of being trapped in the kitchen with Monica’s mother. "Oh no you don’tm" Monica protested.

"Go." Dotty shrugged off her daughter’s objections. "Candice, pour us some wine."

Candice nervously started to pour the wine as she looked to Monica for help. "Mom, stop now," Monica pleaded.

"Go before everything gets cold again," Dotty chastised her.

"Go ahead," Candice said weakly. "I’ll be fine."

She knew that neither woman was going to give in. If they continued with their stalemate, Candice wouldn’t get out of there until next Easter. "Good call," Dotty complimented her as Monica reluctantly began to carry trays of food out of the kitchen.

"Nervous?" Dotty inquired as they both took a sip of wine.

"Yes," Candice responded honestly.

"Good." Dotty chuckled. "Relax. I just wanted to talk to you before the others put you through the ringer."

"Oh good," Candice choked out.

"So what do you do for a living?" Dotty inquired gently.

"I’m a phlebotomist," Candice explained, expecting to see the faraway look she usually got when she told people her profession. When it failed to materialize, she felt a little better.

"I would love to make a vampire joke right about now." Dotty chuckled. "I’m certain that you’ve heard them all."

"At least twice," Candice confirmed. She could never understand why, when she explained that she drew blood for a living, people always joked about it or winced.

"How did you meet Monica?" Dotty continued with her cross-examination.

"She tried to steal my crossword puzzle," Monica said dryly as she reentered the kitchen.

"Borrow," Candice corrected her. "And we shared the paper," Candice asserted firmly.

"Come on, you two. Everyone is already seated," Monica said firmly.

"Just another minute,"Dotty protested.

"Enough, Mom." Monica was firm. "Now, go stop Dad from putting salt on his food."

"He isn’t." Dotty fumed as she stormed out of the kitchen. "If I’ve told him once . . . ," she said, the threat hanging in the air as she left the kitchen.

"Thank you." Candice sighed with relief as Monica wrapped her arms around her.

"I’m so sorry." Monica caressed her back gently. Candice looked up and felt her breath catch slightly. Monica lowered her head as Candice leaned up. They found themselves kissing softly.

"Thank you again," Candice said softly as her fingers traced Monica’s full lips.

Monica brushed her lips once again before taking her by the hand and leading her out to the dining room. Candice was seated away from Monica but she was happy to simply sit back and listen to the friendly banter. Thom kept looking at her intently. It was the only uncomfortable part of the dinner. Candice managed to field most of the questions directed towards her with relative ease until Bill asked about her family. It was the last thing Candice wanted to think about at the moment. "Actually I don’t see my family anymore," Candice responded slowly, fighting against the sadness that crept over her.

An uncomfortable silence descended on the room. Candice was just about to excuse herself when Jon-Michael decided to have his say. "Are you my Mommy’s girlfriend?" he inquired innocently as he played with his mashed potatoes. Everyone just stared at her, waiting for her response. Everyone except Monica who was too busy trying to hide the bright crimson color her face had just turned. Candice blinked once and then twice while staring at the little boy who looked just like his mother.

"Yes," Candice responded carefully. "Are you okay with that?"

"Cool." Jon-Michael shrugged. "Can I have dessert now?" he asked his mother who had buried her face in her hands.

The burst of laughter from the adults suddenly filled the room. Even Thom loosened his tie over his son’s attitude. "Yes, sport, you can have dessert now," Monica said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "Thom, why don’t you give me a hand with clearing the dishes."

Candice looked at her lover curiously. Monica simply winked at her as she and Thom began to clear away the dinner dishes.

"Don’t worry," Dotty reassured her with a nod. "He’s just being called out to the woodshed."

"I don’t understand?"

"Our son’s manners have been slightly lacking this evening," Roy explained gently. "It’s not you or your gender. It’s just that this is new to him . . . and to us,"Roy conceded. "Someone who might take his place in the house."

"I’m not trying to . . . ," Candice stated, starting to defend herself.

"We know," Eunice added with a warm smile.

Candice felt the weight being lifted ever so slightly. They knew and they understood, which was more than she would ever get from her own parents. But they also conceded that it was a little awkward. "Well, why don’t you just mark your territory?" Monica shouted from the kitchen. Thom’s response couldn’t be heard. Monica’s voice continued to rise as Jon-Michael looked around in confusion. "Now go out there and be nice," Monica continued.

"You can’t tell me what to do," Thom shouted in response. "We aren’t married anymore."

"That’s right. We’re not," Monica snapped in response.

The rest of the conversation was carried out in softer tones. Thom finally emerged with a tray filled with slices of cake and a forlorn expression. "Are you in trouble, Daddy?" Jon-Michael inquired innocently.

"Yes, I am," Thom confessed as he flashed an apologetic look over to Candice. "No dessert for Daddy tonight."

"Oh." Jon-Michael shrugged as he accepted his own piece of chocolate cake.

"Words of advice - do not piss her off," Thom addressed Candice. "And the toothpaste should always be squeezed from the bottom."

"Good to know," Candice responded, feeling slightly better as he addressed her in a sincere tone.

As the evening progressed Thom’s change in attitude proved to be sincere. He and Candice found themselves sitting on the floor playing with Jon-Michael. "Sorry about earlier," he apologized as his son busied himself with his trucks. "I’ve been obnoxious all week. You know, I dealt with our divorce a long time ago. But . . ."

"She was your wife," Candice finished for him.

"Yeah," Thom conceded. "I dealt with her being gay. Trust me, I would have been just as impolite if you were a man. I just wasn’t ready for the possibility of someone else helping to raise my son. "

"I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself," Candice cautioned him, not entirely convinced that her gender wasn’t part of the problem.

"Am I?" he said with a shy smile. "Monica would have never let you meet our son if she wasn’t getting serious. " He paused for a moment to ensure that their conversation couldn’t be overheard. "If you’re not thinking along the same lines, then leave her now. I won’t see her or my son hurt."

"I am serious," Candice reassured him.

"Good." He sighed with relief. "Just remember to always squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom. Oh, and the toilet paper must face away from the wall."

"How anal is she?" Candice inquire with a mock gasp.

"You have no idea," Thom cautioned her. "But you’ll find out," he teased.

"What are you two up to?" The growl that came from behind them made them both jump in fear. Monica stood over them with her arms crossed in front of her body.

"What did I tell you?" Thom squeaked out.

"Our parents are leaving," Monica said as she offered her hand to Candice and assisted the blonde to her feet. "Jon-Michael, I need you to pick up your toys. Then Daddy is going to put you to bed."

"Okay," Jon-Michael agreed as he stood and brushed off his pants. He motioned for Candice to lower her head and gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

Before the youngster could say anything, his grandparents were hugging and kissing him and they said their goodnights. Candice was still surprised by Jon-Michael’s kiss. She exchanged farewells with everyone, receiving a big hug from Dotty. Candice was a little taken aback by this woman’s enthusiastic show of emotion. "I like you, Candice," Dotty explained as she released her. "So does everyone else. They just need to get used to the idea."

The grandparents made their departure and Thom took Jon-Michael off to get him ready for bed. "I hope you don’t mind Thom sticking around to tuck Jon-Michael in?" Monica inquired. "He’ll be on duty for the next three days and won’t get a chance to see him."

"No worries," Candice responded calmly. "That must have been a tough schedule when you were married."

"The life of a firefighter," Monica said with a sigh. "Three days on then three days off. Honestly, being apart so much is how we stayed married for so long."

"How long were the two of you married?" Candice inquired.

"Seven years," Monica answered. "Thom was my best friend and I thought that was all you needed to make a relationship work. It did work up to a point, until I finally dealt with my sexuality. I think my mother suspected a long time ago that I was batting for the wrong team. I felt like a first class heel when I left him. It hurt him but eventually he was very cool with it. He even fixed me up with women. That’s why his behavior over that last few days really surprised me."

"Dating is one thing," Candice pointed out. "But being in a relationship is different. It can’t be easy for him."

Monica simply nodded in understanding as she wrapped her arms around the smaller woman. "You look beautiful tonight," the brunette said softly before placing a gentle kiss on her lips. "I can’t believe you did this."

"What’s that?" Candice asked as she snuggled against Monica’s chest.

"Endured the inquisition." Monica laughed. "I know that meeting my son must have been scary enough, but to face the entire clan must have been terrifying."

Candice smiled against Monica’s body, enjoying the feel of her chest rumbling as she laughed. "I think my son has a crush on you," Monica teased as Candice relaxed against Monica. "He’s usually a little standoffish with strangers."

"And what does his mother think?" Candice prodded as her hands made gentle circles across Monica’s back.

"His mother is a very lucky woman," Monica responded in a tender tone as she kissed the top of Candice’s head, "with a sink full of dirty dishes." Monica groaned as she stepped slightly away from Candice, holding her hands tightly.

"I’ll help," Candice volunteered, not wanting the evening to come to an end.

As they cleaned up the kitchen Candice noticed that Monica seemed to be lost in thought. Candice was lost in a muddle of confusion herself. Although they were playful while they cleaned the kitchen, there was still that electrifying sexual tension engulfing them. ‘Do I call for a taxi? Do I stay awhile longer? If I’m here in the morning, will that confuse or upset Jon-Michael? Does she want me to stay?’ The nagging questions assaulted her mind in rapid succession.

"What’s going on in that pretty blonde head of yours?" Monica purred as she dried her hands with the dishtowel. Candice turned and looked up at the woman who, in a word, looked simply amazing. She swallowed hard as her body reacted in the same fashion it had the first time she’d met Monica. Candice recalled how she had seen Monica through the coffee shop window. She reasoned that she needed to get some coffee and the paper so she went in. She couldn’t take her eyes off Monica, knowing that there was something else in the coffee house that she needed as well.

Candice felt her nipples harden as she lost herself in Monica’s eyes. "I just . . . uhm . . ." She cleared her throat, unable to complete her sentence. Candice’s mind was focused solely on Monica’s body and the heat emanating off the other woman. Candice’s eyes fluttered shut as Monica lowered her head.

Candice’s body reeled as Monica captured her lips. She felt her lover’s tongue brush against her lips, pleading for entrance. Candice parted them, inviting her lover in for exploration, not caring that the woman’s child and ex-husband were just down the hall. Candice wrapped her smaller body around her lover’s as Monica explored the warmth of her mouth.

The blonde’s knees felt weak as the kiss quickly deepened. Without warning Monica pulled away slightly. Candice was trembling; she tried to steady herself as she reached out to hold onto her lover. "You can’t just kiss me like that and then walk away," she whimpered. Her stomach clenched as her hands trembled.

"Sorry," Monica responded with a shy smile. "But we’re not alone," she added in a disappointed tone as she caressed Candice’s cheek.

"I know," Candice conceded with a heavy sigh as she leaned into Monica’s touch.

Which brought back the same nagging question that Candice had been debating earlier. ‘Should I stay?’ Monica led her back into the living room and they settled onto the sofa. "It’s late," Candice finally said with reluctance as she relaxed into her lover’s arms.

"Stay," Monica whispered in her ear.

Candice’s body trembled as the brunette’s breath tickled her ear. "Are you sure?" she managed to ask as she fought off the urge to wrap her body around Monica’s.

"Yes," Monica confirmed while placing a kiss on Candice’s neck. "But only if you’re ready for this," the brunette added in a cautionary tone. "I know that we’ve spent the night together before, but never here, and never while my son was around."

Candice turned her gaze to her lover. Her heart melted at the look of pure love she was receiving. "I understand," she whispered as she brushed her lips across Monica’s firm jaw. "If I’m here in the morning then I better plan on sticking around. And I do. I’m falling for everything about you, including your wonderful son. I’m not going anywhere."

"Thank you," Monica said while her fingers brushed the back of Candice’s hand. "Because you’ve already won my heart."

"But Monica . . . ," Candice began slowly. "I didn’t bring any pajamas," she teased with a saucy grin.

"Oh, that is a shame," Monica said as she leered at her. Then her cocky smirk melted away. "I’ll need to loan you a T-shirt or something." Candice simply stared at her in confusion. "Sorry, but there’s a very strong possibility that Jon-Michael will barge into our bedroom at the crack of dawn."

"Oh!" Candice exclaimed with a blush.

"Are you still certain you want to stay?" Monica asked in a hesitant tone.

"Yes," Candice said firmly. "This is new to me but I just need to learn the ground rules."

"This is new to me, too." Monica laughed in response.

"We’ll get through this together," Candice reassured her as she rested her head against her shoulder. "I like the way you said that." Candice sighed with contentment.

"Said what?" Monica questioned.

"Our bedroom," Candice confessed as she inhaled her lover’s scent.

"You do?"

"Yes," Candice confirmed before recapturing Monica’s lips.

"So do I," Monica agreed as she returned her kiss eagerly.

The sound of someone clearing their throat alerted the lovers that they were not alone. They blushed as they turned and found Thom standing in the doorway. He had an amused look on his face. Candice could still see the man’s discomfort in his eyes. ‘We can do this,’ Candice reassured herself. They stood and said their goodnights to Thom who didn’t seem eager to leave the two of them alone.


Monica groaned with relief when Thom finally departed. Candice simply smiled from behind the taller woman. She wrapped her arms around her lover’s slender waist and pressed her body against her. "You smell good," she whispered against the silk of Monica’s blouse. Candice’s hands drifted to her lover’s hips. She heard her lover moan as she pressed closer to her. Candice’s hands caressed Monica’s hips as they began to sway slightly.

Monica captured Candice’s wandering hands and wrapped them around her body, holding them tightly against her stomach. The two lovers simply stood there, enjoying the warmth of one another’s body. "This is bliss," Candice whispered as she leaned against Monica. Her lover sighed in agreement.

Monica turned slightly to face Candice. The two women began kissing gently. With each meeting of their lips, their kisses grew more insistent. Hands began to roam, feeling every inch of the other’s body. Candice clung to her lover as her knee pressed against Monica’s center. She felt Monica’s hands drifting up under the hem of her dress. Candice moaned into her lover’s mouth as their tongues engaged in a sensual duel.

Candice’s body needed to feel her lover; she needed to pleasure her. The blonde started to unbutton Monica’s slacks and lower them down her lover’s body. Monica’s hands clasped her shoulder in an effort to halt her movements. Candice looked up in confusion. The smoky haze in Monica’s eyes sent a jolt directly to her center. "Baby," Monica said in a breathy tone, "we need to go to the bedroom."

Candice nodded in understanding as she lifted herself back up. "Lead on," she said as she took Monica’s hands in her own. Monica led her down the narrow hallway; pausing for a moment, she pressed her finger to her lips as she slowly opened one of the doors. Candice watched in sheer wonderment as her lover adjusted the covers over her sleeping child. Candice couldn’t stop the smile that emerged.

Everything about that moment was sheer perfection. Never in her life had Candice been so convinced that this was where she needed to be. The thought of entering or disrupting Monica’s family had terrified her to the core. Not anymore. Now she welcomed the chance to become apart of this. "I’m the luckiest woman in the world," she confessed quietly as Monica approached her and took her in her arms.

"No, that would be me," Monica said in an equally soft tone.

With one last look back at the sleeping boy, they left his bedroom, closing the door quietly behind them. Monica led Candice further down the hallway. The blonde was relieved that there was some distance between the bedrooms. As they entered Monica’s bedroom, Candice could feel her body reacting to the presence of her lover behind her.

Candice’s thighs tingled slightly as she heard the door close. Monica wrapped long arms around her body, filling her with a sense of warmth and desire. "I want to make love to you," Monica said, her voice caressing Candice’s ear. Candice’s mouth went dry as her body hummed with renewed desire.

Her breathing grew ragged as Monica kissed the nape of her neck. She reached back and wrapped her fingers in Monica’s long raven tresses. Candice moaned as her eyes fluttered shut. Her lover’s mouth and tongue were leaving a fiery trail along her neck as one of Monica’s hands cupped Candice’s breast.

Monica’s body pressed against her, the heat almost overwhelming, as Monica lowered the zipper of her dress. The blonde quivered in expectation. Monica was murmuring soft words against her skin. Candice wanted to turn around and wrap Monica in her arms and make her feel what she was feeling, yet she was helpless to release herself from her lover’s embrace. With every touch Candice felt herself sinking further under Monica’s spell.

Monica circled Candice’s body and cupped her face in her hands. "You have no idea what you do to me, do you?" Monica purred as she slowly guided her lover to the queen-size bed. Candice couldn’t speak; she could only follow her lover. "You drive me to the point of complete and utter distraction," Monica continued as she slowly slipped Candice’s dress off her shoulders.

"I do that?" Candice said absently as her lover kissed her shoulder, working her way over to her neck. Candice whimpered once again as Monica feasted upon her neck. She tilted her head back, allowing Monica greater access to her milky white skin.

Candice felt herself being lowered onto the bed as her dress slipped further down her body. Monica’s body settled next to her own as their lips met once again. Candice began to unbutton the tiny buttons on Monica’s blouse as the brunette pushed Candice’s dress lower. The blonde’s body was burning as they slowly undressed one another, stealing kisses along the way. There was something about the moment that demanded that the lovers take things slowly. "I love you," Candice confessed as her lover removed her bra. Brilliant blue eyes smiled back at her. "I love you too," came the breathy response. Soon their mouths reunited as they continued to undress each other.

Lying side by side as their tongues wrapped around one another, their hands explored gently, leaving shivers in their wake. Candice trapped Monica’s erect nipple between her fingers and rolled it gently as her lover’s tongue explored her mouth. Candice moaned deeply as she felt Monica’s wetness pressed against her. "You are so beautiful," Candice murmured as she wrapped her body around Monica’s.

They kissed deeply again as they began to rock against each other, each teasing the other’s aching breasts. Candice’s blood was burning as she felt Monica’s wetness caress her own. They whimpered as their hands moved in unison to seek out the other’s passion. Candice lost herself in the sights and sounds of their lovemaking.

She could feel Monica’s clit throbbing against her thumb as she teased it. Monica’s fingers dipped into Candice’s desire, caressing the slick folds tenderly. The musky aroma of her lover’s need assaulted Candice’s senses. The blonde plunged her tongue deeper into her lover’s mouth as her fingers plunged into Monica’s center.

Candice arched in turn as Monica entered her. The lovers rocked against each other slowly as their fingers moved in unison. The sweet waves rolled over them as they continued their steady rhythm. A sheen of sweat covered their bodies as the sweet climax trembled through both women.

Monica rolled Candice onto her back and began to kiss her way down the blonde’s body. Candice moaned in pleasure as she felt her lover’s mouth working its way down. She groaned as Monica’s mouth reversed direction and tasted its way back up Candice’s body. The blonde was about to protest when Monica began to feast upon her breasts.

Monica teased one nipple with her teeth and her tongue while her long fingers taunted the other. Their intense passions surged as Monica suckled her harder, moving from one breast to the other and then back again. Candice panted heavily while she pressed her lover’s head against her, urging her on. "Oh God," Candice panted as she wrapped her legs tightly around Monica’s long body.

The blonde rocked wildly against her lover’s firm abdomen as her breasts were devoured. Monica lifted her head and pressed her body into Candice’s. The blonde’s head fell back as her lover’s fingers pressed against the opening of her center. "Yes," Candice pleaded as she continued to rock against Monica, urging her fingers to enter her.

Monica kissed Candice deeply as she entered her. Candice clung tightly to Monica’s broad shoulders as she rocked against her lover’s hand. The walls of her center tightened around her lover’s fingers as she screamed into the warmth of her mouth. Monica kept pleasuring her as she rolled the taller woman onto her back. Candice straddled her lover’s body as she rocked wildly, offering all of herself to the woman lying beneath her.

She clasped her lover’s wrist firmly and held it steady as she climaxed once again. She felt Monica’s fingers wiggling inside of her. Candice lifted her body up while maintaining her hold on Monica’s wrist. She lifted Monica’s hand up to the brunette’s mouth. As she watched her lover taste her fingers, Candice lowered her body and nestled between those incredibly long legs.

She drank in the musky scent of her lover. Her mouth watered slightly as her need to taste and pleasure the darker woman pulsated throughout her entire being. "Candice," Monica said with a pleading tone as the blonde kissed the inside of her thighs.

Candice lowered her mouth to her lover’s aching center. She wanted to take all that Monica had to offer and give her every part of herself. She slipped her arms under Monica and lifted her wetness to her mouth. Greedily she drank in Monica’s sweet nectar. She suckled Monica’s clit in her mouth as her lover’s mound rocked against her. Candice moaned in ecstasy as she buried herself deeper inside her lover.

She could feel Monica’s body rising higher off the bed. She moved quickly so she could hold her steady with one arm as her tongue plunged into Monica’s center. Candice felt the walls of Monica’s core tightening around her tongue as she dipped in and out. Monica’s thighs tightened around her head as she drank in more of her nectar. Monica’s screams of pleasure filled the room as she exploded against Candice. The blonde’s tongue slipped out of its warm nest and licked her lover’s swollen lips. Soon she found herself suckling Monica’s clit in her mouth again as she entered her with two fingers. She felt her lover explode once again as she begged her to stop.

Candice sighed contently as she rested her head on Monica’s still trembling stomach. "Come here," Monica purred. Candice kissed her way up Monica’s long body. She knew by the gleam in her lover’s crystal blue eyes that the night was just beginning. Monica drew the smaller woman in for a fiery kiss as she rolled her onto her back. Candice gave herself over to her lover’s touch willingly.

Soon Candice found herself on her stomach. Monica’s breasts pressed against her back as she kissed her way down Candice’s body. Candice trembled, thinking that Monica seemed insistent on tasting every inch of her. She felt her hips being raised as Monica nestled herself behind her. Candice parted her thighs, offering herself up to her lover. She was not disappointed as she felt Monica’s mouth on her firm backside.

Monica moved further down until she was drinking in Candice’s passion. Candice’s body swayed in pleasure as her lover feasted upon her. Candice screamed into the pillow her face was pressed against as she felt Monica’s fingers join her mouth. The blonde’s hips rocked back, allowing her lover to take her deeper and harder. The explosion ripped through her body as she fell over the edge. Exhausted and sated, she collapsed on the bed. She felt herself being pulled into a warm embrace.

Contentedly the lovers basked in the warm loving feeling of simply holding one another. They didn’t’ move until they had to put on some clothing. Monica gave Candice a T-shirt that was far too large for her. They climbed under the covers and held each other as they drifted off to sleep.


The nagging feeling that someone was staring at her awakened the tired blonde. Her emerald eyes blinked open to find Jon-Michael looking at her with a silly grin. "Good morning," she managed to say. She shifted uncomfortably, realizing that her head was resting on her lover’s chest. At that moment she was very grateful that Monica had the foresight to insist that they put on some clothing.

"Did you and Mommy have a sleep over?" Jon-Michael inquired innocently.

Candice felt her lover laughing beneath her. "Yes, we did," Candice said as she fought against her own laughter.

"Cool." Jon-Michael smiled. "When’s breakfast?"

Candice once again choked back laughter as Monica raised her body. "This kid is always thinking about his stomach," Candice retorted as she snatched up the youngster and began to tickle him. Jon-Michael squealed with delight until Candice halted her assault. She looked over at her lover who was smiling happily at the scene. "So when is breakfast?" Candice inquired eagerly.

"Good morning." Monica smiled at her.

"Good morning," Candice responded, fighting the urge to kiss her lover.

They continued to stare into each other’s eyes. "Mom?" Jon-Michael chimed in. "When’s breakfast?" he repeated.

"I just need to get some clothes on then I’ll cook for both of you." Monica yawned.

"Why don’t I take us all out?" Candice suggested. "We can go to the Pancake House."

"Yeah," Jon-Michael screamed.

"I don’t know." Monica hesitated. "And take it down a notch, little man."

"Come on, Monica," Candice continued. "You cooked all day yesterday."

"Please, Mom," Jon-Michael pleaded.

"Please?" Candice taunted her as she batted her eyes. She squealed as she felt her lover caress her thigh.

"Okay," Monica conceded as Jon-Michael bounced up and down happily. "Go get washed up and shut the door behind yourself."

The rambunctious youngster scampered off, closing the bedroom door behind him. "Good morning," Monica repeated as she kissed Candice.

The blonde smiled as she eagerly returned the kiss. "We better get cleaned up ourselves," she suggested. "I’m going to need some sweatpants or something." She grimaced.

"You don’t have to take us out," Monica said.

"I want to," Candice reassured her.

"I’m going to need to teach him how to knock or get a lock for that door," Monica said thoughtfully as they climbed out of bed.

"No locks," Candice responded. "What if he needs one of us during the night?" Candice swayed slightly when she realized what she had said.

Monica chuckled lightly as Candice settled her nerves. "You okay?" the brunette inquired.

"I will be," Candice reassured her as she wrapped her arms around her lover.

"You think so?" Monica teased. "A five-year-old at a restaurant." She laughed. "Now you’re in for some fun."

"Can’t wait," Candice replied seriously, knowing that she was where she belonged.


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