Fanning the Flames

By Mavis Applewater

December 2002


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A special thank you goes out to my beta reader Brunnhilda.


As always this is for Heather.



                Paula chewed on her bottom lip nervously as she read the instructions on the back of the stuffing package for the fourth time.  “Come on, this can’t be that difficult,” she reasoned, as she began to follow the instructions carefully.  So far dinner was progressing well.  For Paula, just making the dinner was an accomplishment, since it was the first time she had ever attempted cooking anything on such a large scale.  Not that anyone was going to be around to enjoy it with her. Still, it was Thanksgiving and she was determined to have a traditional home-cooked turkey dinner.  Normally Paula’s idea of cooking was to toss some frozen substance into her microwave and hope for the best.


                “Women have been cooking turkeys for centuries,” she thought. She prepared the bread and mushroom stuffing, and then washed the turkey after removing the disgusting neck and odds and ends from the small bird’s cavity.  Paula was accustom to spending her holidays alone since she once again found herself single, and she hadn’t been welcome in her parents home since the night she told them she was gay.  Normally, her holiday meals consisted of whatever take-out place she found open.  Last year, Thanksgiving dinner was moo goo gai pan and lemon chicken from the Hong Kong King.


                The food was good, but it just wasn’t the same.  There was something about having a plate full of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, parsnips and carrots all covered by mounds of gravy. To the perky little blonde, that was Thanksgiving.  Even on the occasions when she had been invited to friends for the holiday, she still missed coming home to a kitchen filled with the delightful aroma of a home cooked meal.  This year, she vowed that she would cook her own traditional meal. As she prepared the small turkey, she was pleased with her accomplishment.


                She put the turkey in the small oven and checked on the potatoes she had boiling.  “Not too shabby,” she congratulated herself, before wandering out of the kitchen to her small living room.  She plopped her feet up on the coffee table and turned on the television.  “Cool, an X-Files marathon,” she beamed. She checked her watch and settled down to watch some television before it was time to baste the turkey.  As she watched her beloved television show, she doubted that this was what the Pilgrims had in mind when they landed on Plymouth Rock. But then again, they really were an uptight bunch.


                She watched more television, occasionally getting up to check on the turkey and drain and mash her potatoes.  It was almost time for the turkey to come out of the oven and Paula to make her first attempt at making gravy from scratch.  The cranberry sauce would, of course, be the traditional one from her childhood.  It came out of a can, in fact it maintained the shape of the can as it sloshed out.  “Get out of there you idiot!” Paula screamed at Mulder, who wasn’t listening to her.  “Hello, space ship bad!” she continued to rant. Her protests were cut off by the blaring screech of the smoke detector.


                Paula jumped to her feet and made a mad dash into her now smoked filled kitchen.  “No,” she cried, waving the billowing smoke out of her face.  Quickly she opened a window in an effort to silence the still screeching smoke detector.  She feared that her neighbors would come running and she would have to endure the embarrassment of explaining that there wasn’t an emergency, she was simply trying to cook dinner. 


                As she opened the oven door, she was horrified to find real flames inside.  “Holy . . .” she cut off the curse. She shut off the oven and grabbed some mitts and rescued her dinner from the inferno.  She slammed the door shut before extinguishing the flaming bird.  Then she put out the fire in the oven.  The smell was disgusting.


                Paula was panic stricken as she worried that the smell might be gas.  Tossing her pride out the window she dialed 911.  The operator was very calm and patient with the frantic blonde.  Still, Paula could have sworn that she heard the woman chuckling at one point.  She was trembling as she opened all of the windows in her small apartment and awaited the arrival of the fire department.


                The loud sirens rushing towards her building filled her with a sense of failure.  The loud banging on her front door frightened her even more.  “Fire department,” a loud voice called out from the other side.  Paula looked around the now normal looking kitchen and suddenly felt foolish.  She opened the door and found herself staring into the most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen.


                Paula’s mouth hung open as she drank in the sight of the rest of the fire fighter.  Dressed in a large dark coat, rubber boots and a helmet was a very tall woman with chiseled features.  Paula was just about to thank whoever was responsible for bringing this vision of beauty to her front door.  Then her goddess spoke. “You called Ma’am?” the tall dark haired woman asked in a husky tone.

“Oh yeah,” Paula gushed.  Then she remembered just why the woman was standing in her entryway.  “I’ve had a fire in my kitchen,” she explained in embarrassment.  She stepped aside and allowed the tall vision of beauty to step into her apartment.


                Paula babbled like an idiot while she tried to explain what had happened.  “Let me take a look before I call in the rest of the troops,” the tall firefighter offered in a gentle tone.

“I feel like an idiot,” Paula said as the tall woman inspected her oven.

“Not at all Ma’am,” the brunette replied gently.  “We get calls like this all Thanksgiving Day.”  The firefighter radio down that she could handle the situation, since it was simply another turkey mishap.

“Now I really feel like an idiot,” Paula grumbled.

“Nonsense,” the firefighter reassured her, “happens to everyone.  Sounds like you did everything just right.  Just a little grease fire and from what you said you did the right thing when you covered it with the pan lid.”


                Paula still felt foolish as the firefighter inspected the inside of her never before used oven with a flashlight.  The taller woman cleaned it out before getting off of her knees and rising to her full height.  Once again Paula was staring into the woman’s amazing eyes.  She blushed and looked away once she realized what she was doing.  “Let’s have a look at the culprit,” the firefighter suggested with a bright smile that warmed Paula’s heart as she watched her heroine inspecting the remains of her dinner.  “The bird seems just fine,” she reassured her with a warm smile.  “Your guests will be none the wiser.”

“It’s just me,” Paula blurted out before she could stop herself.

“Oh?” the firefighter responded with interest.


                The brunette once again captured Paula in a lingering gaze.  The small blonde wasn’t certain but she thought that she caught the slightest hint of a blush creeping across the taller woman’s face.  The brunette quickly diverted her gaze back to the turkey.  “Oh?” she said with a sudden interest as she reached down and removed a burnt package from the back of the bird.

“What is that?”  Paula asked. The firefighter disposed of the burnt remains in her trash bin.

“Giblets, Ma’am,” the firefighter informed her.


                “I’m an idiot,” Paula grumbled as she mentally smacked herself silly.  “Why did I think I could do this?”

“Don’t worry about it,” the firefighter reassured her.  “Everyone forgets to check out the back end the first time.  I did. Besides your dinner looks great.”

“Thank you,” Paula muttered as she wondered if the brunette was just being polite.  “I just feel more than a little silly: first I set my kitchen on fire, and then I drag all of you down here for nothing.  But there was a smell and I was afraid it might be gas.”

“Not to worry Ma’am,” the firefighter reassured her.  “Better safe than sorry.  You can never tell about these things.  I’m just happy that nothing happened to you.”


                Paula felt a warm rush wash over her body as she smiled up at the firefighter.  For a brief moment she wondered if the kitchen was on fire again.  As her face warmed she realized that the only fire was emanating from inside of her as she gazed up at the beautiful woman in uniform standing before her.  “Paula,” she finally introduced herself. She was growing weary of being called Ma’am, although there was something positively endearing about the way the brunette said it.

“Tracy,” the brunette responded and flashed the woman a brilliant smile. 


                “Uhm,” the brunette began shyly, “I think there is something you should know, Paula.”  The blonde’s heart sank as she suddenly began to fear that the intense connection she was feeling had all been in her mind.  “Your stove is electric.”

“What?” Paula stammered as the brunette’s words registered.

“Your stove is electric,” Tracy repeated with a shy hesitation.

“Good to know,” Paula muttered as she blushed down to her not so blonde roots, “I don’t cook very often.”

“I kind of figured that out,” Tracy said with a warm smile that instantly put Paula at ease.


                “You mean you weren’t fooled by my calm, collected demeanor?” Paula teased, as Tracy’s smile grew even brighter. ‘Now, there is a smile I could get used to seeing.’  Paula thought as she felt her pulse quicken. 

“Is that the X-Files?” Tracy blurted out with a wide-eyed expression.

“Yeah, the Sci-Fi channel is running a marathon all day,” Paula responded. She took a moment to check out the taller woman while the brunette was looking at the television in the living room.  “All part of my traditional Thanksgiving gala.”

“Sounds perfect to me,” Tracy said in a husky tone. She turned back towards Paula who was quickly diverting her gaze.


                “Winters?” the radio clipped to the collar of Tracy’s cumbersome coat squawked.  Paula watched as Tracy brow crinkled in concern.  “Is everything all right up there?”

“Everything is fine,” Tracy responded into her radio.  “Just a little smoked turkey,” she added as she winked at Paula.

“Then what is taking so long?” the voice on the other end barked.  “What are you doing, trying to get a date?”


                Paula caught the slight tint of pink emerging on the brunette’s cheeks.  “I’m on my way down,” Tracy snapped. Paula nervously shifted from one foot to the other while she tried to conjure up some excuse to keep Tracy in her apartment.

“Enjoy the rest of your holiday Paula,” Tracy said, then made her way to the front door.

“You too,” Paula responded feebly as she followed after the beautiful woman.  “So do you guys get a break or dinner at the firehouse?” she inquired quickly as she hung on the front door, “I could bring you down some smoked turkey.” 

“They feed us great on the holidays,” Tracy assured her as she lingered at the top of the stairwell.  “Happy Thanksgiving.”


                And with a shy wave, the tall firefighter was gone.  Paula released a heavy sigh as she finally closed the door to her apartment.  “Whew, I thought it was hot in here when the place was on fire!” she exclaimed. She fanned herself in an effort to extinguish the smoldering fire burning inside of her.


                Reluctantly, Paula returned to her kitchen and tried to salvage her meal.  She was happy that Tracy had been right and the turkey wasn’t ruined.  Thoughts of the tall dark firefighter danced through the small blonde’s mind while she settled down and ate her dinner in front of the television. 


                Later, after she did the dishes and cleaned out the oven, she was stuffed and watching more of her beloved X-Files.  Her only regrets were: that she hadn’t possessed the courage to ask Tracy for her number, she didn’t make or buy something for dessert, Mulder still wasn’t listening to her, and she hadn’t possessed the courage to ask Tracy for her number.  She thought the first regret was worth noting more than once.

“Oh course it’s a conspiracy, you goober,” she grunted at the television.


                She was startled by a knock at her front door.  “I wonder who that could be?” she mumbled. She ran her fingers through her short blonde hair and shuffled towards the doorway.  She stood on her tiptoes and peered through the peephole.  “Wow,” she choked out, as she spied the tall brunette standing in her hallway.  Paula took another glance at the firefighter who was now dressed in a pair of jeans and a heavy dark blue pea-coat.


                She quickly checked her appearance and breath.  She grimaced at the T-shirt and lounge pants she was wearing as Tracy knocked once again.  Paula opened the door quickly before the beautiful woman gave up and left.  “Hi,” she greeted the brunette shyly.

“Hi,” Tracy said in response and chewed nervously on her bottom lip.


                They stood there simply gazing into one another’s eyes until Tracy cleared her throat.  “I thought I smelled smoke.”  She teased as Paula chuckled in response.  “Actually I didn’t know if you had made any dessert so I thought that maybe . . . err . . . uhm . . .pie.”  She finally managed to stammer out and handed Paula a cream covered pie that the blonde had failed to notice, since she had been far too busy looking into Tracy’s eyes.

“Thank you,” Paula said in surprise as she looked down at the luscious looking dessert.  Then she looked up to find herself looking at something far more appetizing. “Would you like to come in?  I could put on some coffee and we can enjoy this together?” she inquired quickly before she lost her nerve.

“Thank you,” Tracy accepted graciously. Paula stepped aside, allowing the firefighter to enter her apartment.


                As Paula led the brunette into the kitchen, she wondered, would it be bad manners to try and ravish her right then and there?  “Here, let me take your coat,” Paula offered. She placed the pie on the counter and tried to steady her shaking hands.  The blonde’s heart was racing as she accepted the heavy garment and went to hang it up in her hall closet.

“So, you didn’t already have dessert, did you?” Tracy inquired nervously.


                Paula smiled at the sight of the tall woman shifting nervously, her hands jammed inside the front pockets of her jeans.  “No, I was far too overwhelmed just by making the main course,” Paula explained with a wry chuckle.  Tracy smiled in response as Paula rejoined her.  “I’ll just put the coffee on.”

“Thanks,” Tracy said softly.  “I hope you don’t mind my just stopping by like this?  We’re not really allowed to do this.”

“What, have dessert?”  Paula quipped as she poured water into the coffee maker.

“No,” Tracy responded in a dry tone, “stop by a call’s home.”

“I’m glad you did,” Paula reassured her.  “I was hoping to see you again.”

“Yeah?” Tracy asked softly.

“Yeah,” Paula confirmed. She turned on the coffee maker, praying that she had measured correctly.


                Paula could feel the electricity filling the small kitchen as they stood there simply looking at each other.  “So, this looks good,” Paula said, breaking the silence as she pointed to the pie.

“Banana Cream,” Tracy said.

“My favorite.” Paula’s mouth began to water, and not from the idea of the pie.  “Where did you get it?”

“I made it,” Tracy explained.

“What?” Paula said in amazement and stared down at the pie that looked like it had just come from a bakery.

“I made it,” Tracy repeated.  “We all bake or cook a little something for the station on the holidays.  This year I made a bunch of pies.  You’re lucky; I had to hide that one from the guys.”


                “Thank you.” Paula was truly touched by the woman’s generous gesture.  “Why don’t you go into the living room and I’ll bring in the coffee and dessert?  The X-Files is still on.”

“Great,” Tracy agreed.


                Once the dark haired beauty was in the living room, Paula leaned against the counter and tried to steady herself.  Her heart was racing, her palms were sweating and there was a persistent throbbing calling to her from her lower anatomy.  She had thought that Tracy was hot in her uniform, but seeing her with her hair down in a pair of faded jeans and a black sweater, with just a hint of a white T-shirt peeking out, was reeking havoc with the blonde’s long neglected libido.


                She was still feeling weak in the knees when she finally entered the living room with two plates of pie and two cups of coffee.  “Don’t go in there, didn’t you see all that blood?” Tracy barked the television.  Paula chuckled at the brunette’s antics then placed the items down on the coffee table.

“Sorry about that,” Tracy apologized sheepishly.

“That’s okay. He never listens to me either,” she explained.  “How do you take your coffee?”

“Black is good,” Tracy said. She took a sip while Paula joined her on the sofa.


                They sat in comfortable silence as they ate the rich dessert, only speaking when they felt a need to alert Mulder or Scully to some unseen danger.  Paula kept sneaking shy glances at her companion in the darkness.   More than once, she was delighted to find a pair of twinkling blue eyes looking back at her.


                “So, how did you end up working on Thanksgiving?” Paula inquired during one of the commercial breaks.

“If I work Thanksgiving I get Christmas off,” Tracy said. She shifted slightly closer to the blonde. “My parents moved down to Florida after they retired so I fly down and see them on whatever holiday I get off.  Do you have any family in the area?” she asked the question carefully.

“None that are speaking to me,” Paula grunted in response.

“I’m sorry,” Tracy offered gently then placed her hand over Paula’s.

“Don’t be,” Paula responded with an uncaring shrug as Tracy laced her fingers with her own.


                “I can’t believe that people still do that in this day and age,” Tracy scoffed, giving Paula’s hand a gentle squeeze, “or am I just assuming?”


                “Assume anything you like,” Paula responded in a breathy tone. She shifted and turned her body towards the raven-haired beauty.  “You have a little . . .” she tried explaining, as she spied a slight dab of whipped cream on the corner of the brunette’s mouth.  She fought back the urge to remove the errant drop with her tongue, instead she collected it on the tip of her index finger.   


                She could feel the heat from Tracy’s body as she touched her skin.  The smoky blue haze watching her movements encouraged her to take a chance. “Much too good to waste,” she said in a husky tone, then pressed her finger against Tracy’s lips.  Her nipples became erect as Tracy’s lips parted and her tongue sneaked out and tasted the whipped cream.  Paula released a soft whimper while Tracy’s tongue continued to swirl around her finger until she suckled it into the warmth of her mouth.  Paula began to caress Tracy’s thigh as she felt the brunette’s teeth grazing across her skin.


                Paula was kneeling beside Tracy as the brunette continued to torture her in such a delightful manner.  Paula was a quivering mass as Tracy released the digit.  “You’re right, that is good,” Tracy purred as she reached down and collected some more whip cream from her plate and offered it up for Paula to sample.  It was an offer the small blonde simply couldn’t refuse.


                She continued to massage Tracy’s firm thigh as she slowly licked the whip cream from the brunette’s long finger.  She captured the digit in her mouth and wondered: how would the brunette’s fingers feel dancing across her body?  Paula’s eyes drifted down until she was watching the steady rise and fall of Tracy’s chest. 


                Paula clenched her thighs together in a futile effort to quiet the aching throb. She finally released Tracy’s hand from her grasp.  Tracy reached over and ran her fingers through Paula’s short blonde hair.  Paula trembled from the touch as her eyes drifted shut.  “This isn’t what I came here for,” she heard Tracy confess in a soft voice.

“Do you want to stop?” Paula asked. Her eyes drifted open, and once again she was trapped in a fiery blue gaze.  The smoldering look in the firefighter’s eyes told her all she needed to know.

“No,” Tracy murmured. She ran the back of her fingers across Paula’s cheek.  The blonde instinctively leaned into the touch.  “I just wanted you to know that I didn’t come over here to seduce you.”

“Why did you come?” Paula asked as her hands began to caress Tracy’s shoulders.

“Because I think you are beautiful,” Tracy said with a heartfelt sincerity.


                Paula’s heart and body soared as she leaned in and brushed her lips against Tracy’s warm, inviting ones.  She felt Tracy’s arms circling her slender waist and she kissed her once again. As they kissed, they melted against one another.  Paula moaned as she felt her body pressing against the soft cushions of the sofa and Tracy’s tongue tracing her lips.  She unfolded her legs from beneath her and wrapped them around the taller woman’s body.


                Paula parted her lips inviting Tracy in for a gentle exploration. The blonde’s hands roamed up under the brunette’s sweater.  Their tongues entangled in sensuous pleasure and Paula ground herself against the firefighter’s well-toned body. She felt her body being consumed with desire.  She tugged on the brunette’s T-shirt in a desperate effort to feel more of this woman’s body.  She ran her fingers up along the smooth skin of Tracy’s back and felt her lover’s hand gently caressing her abdomen.


                They were gasping for air as the fiery kiss came to an end.  Never before in her young life had Paula ever given her body over so quickly to another person.  Now, all she wanted to feel was Tracy’s hands touching her everywhere.  She tried to form the words to express the intense feelings she was experiencing as Tracy began kissing her neck.  “Touch me,” she finally begged with a strangled whimper.


                She could feel Tracy’s hot breath in her ear as the brunette’s hands slipped up and under her T-shirt.  Her body arched as her lover cupped her breasts.  She pulled Tracy in for another sensual kiss as her lover began to fondle her breasts. Paula thrust her hips into the brunette’s body. 


                She ran her hands up to the strap of the brunette’s bra and unclasped it, as her lover’s hands moved back down her body and cupped her backside.  She wrapped her legs tightly around the brunette’s waist as she felt her body being lifted.  Tracy turned them around so that Paula was straddling her lap.  Paula tugged on the hem of Tracy’s sweater.  Frustrated by the need to feel her completely, Paula broke away from the passionate kiss and pulled the heavy wool sweater up.  Tracy lifted her arms and allowed the blonde to remove the sweater. 


                Eager to feel more, Paula quickly removed the brunette’s T-shirt and bra while her lover pinched and teased her nipples.  Paula almost exploded when she looked down at the firefighter’s well-sculpted body.  She was panting heavily as she ran her hands up and down the front of the brunette’s body.  “Oh my God! You are so beautiful,” Paula gasped.  Her comment was reward by Tracy’s tongue slowly circling each of her nipples while Paula clasped the brunette’s shoulders and swayed her hips against her lover.


                Paula moaned as her body arched again, when Tracy captured one of her aching nipples in her mouth and began to suckle it eagerly.  “Harder,” Paula begged as one of her hands shot up and captured the back of her lover’s head.  She arched her back as she pressed her lover harder against her gyrating body.  Paula clutched her lover as she felt her wetness flowing freely.  She knew that her flannel lounge pants were damp with her desire as she shamelessly ground her center across Tracy’s breasts.


                “You’re driving me insane,” Tracy panted against her skin, before she pulled Paula down for another kiss.  Paula was on fire and they each struggled for dominance. “I can feel how much you want me,” Tracy whimpered. She began to nibble and feast upon the blonde’s other breast.  Once again, Paula was wiggling her body against her lover’s in a desperate attempt to alleviate her aching need.  The blonde was growling with frustration as Tracy continued to tease her nipples moving from one to the other and then back again.


                Paula could feel the sweat rolling down her back as they both were gasping for air.  She braced her hands on the back of the sofa and tasted her lover’s lips once again.  Paula reached between them and began to roll one of Tracy’s nipples between her fingers.  The brunette’s head fell back as Paula captured her other nipple and began to tease it in the same delightful fashion as Tracy gently clasped her still swaying hips.


                Every fiber of the blonde’s being was crying out as she removed her hands from her lover’s breasts.  The smoldering gaze Tracy cast over her body further fueled her desire. She slowly began to lower her lounge pants.  She watched her lover lick her lips and take over the task of lowering the blonde’s pants down as far as she could maneuver while their bodies were pressed so tightly together.


                She seemed mesmerized as she gazed down at Paula’s wetness.  The blonde knew that despite the darkness of the room Tracy could see how much Paula wanted her.  Paula moaned as she once again clasped the back of the sofa while her lover traced her slick folds with her fingers.  She cried out as she felt the palm of her lover’s hand graze across her throbbing clit.  Paula fought to control her breathing as Tracy continued a slow torturous exploration of her wetness.


                Paula buried her face in Tracy hair while her lover’s touch grew bolder.  She trembled as she felt her lover’s fingers brushing against her swollen clit.  Tracy placed soft kisses along her shoulder as she continued to tease her clit with her thumb, then pressed two fingers against Paula’s wet center.  The blonde thrust her hips forward urging her lover to take whatever she wanted.  “I need you,” Paula pleaded softly.


                The blonde’s head fell back as Tracy began to kiss her neck while she slowly entered her warm wet center.  “Open your eyes,” Tracy requested. She began to slowly move inside the blonde.  Paula fought to open her eyes so she could watch her lover pleasuring her.  Tracy’s warm, loving crystal blue eyes  captured her stare, while she began to slowly plunge in and out of her.  Paula could barely breathe as she moved her hips in rhythm with her lover’s hands.


                Fueled on by the overwhelming passion, they began to move in a more urgent motion.  Paula was crying out as she rocked harder against her lover. Tracy continued to pleasure her as the sights and sounds of their love making filled the room.  “Yes!” Paula cried out as she felt her lover adding another digit deep inside of her while she thrust wildly. She was lost in a haze of ecstasy as she rode against her lover’s demanding touch. 


                Paula was unaware how hard she was gripping her lover’s shoulders when she felt her body exploding.  Her climax tore through her as her lover continued to pleasure her.  She dug her fingers into her Tracy’s flesh and cried out something incoherent before collapsing against her.  She tried to tell Tracy just how amazing she was, yet unfortunately, she wasn’t able to speak.  She whimpered slightly as she felt her lover’s touch slipping from her body.


                Paula stroked Tracy’s hair as she calmed her breathing.  She leaned back slightly still safely held in Tracy’s embrace and kissed her once again.  The kiss quickly deepened as Paula lowered the brunette down onto the sofa.  Once her lover was lying beneath her Paula began to kiss her way down the brunette’s body until she was dipping her tongue into the moaning woman’s navel.  She heard Tracy gasp as she undid the button on her jeans.  She purred with delight as she began to remove the remainder of the brunette’s clothing.


                Paula took the opportunity to taste every inch of newly exposed skin as she undressed her lover.  The musky aroma of Tracy’s desire filled her senses as she licked the inside of the brunette’s thighs.  “So wet,” she murmured as she kissed her way back up her lover’s tantalizing body.  They moaned in unison as their nipples brushed lightly against each other.  Paula slipped her thigh between her lover’s long legs while Tracy mirrored her actions. 


                They became locked in a passionate kiss. Their bodies swayed against each other, painting one another’s thigh with their overwhelming desire.  The kiss ended as they reached between their overheated bodies.  Each moaned deeply as she felt her lover’s clit throbbing against her own.  They explored each other with their hands and mouths while their bodies rocked in a wild rhythm.  The sofa pounded against the wall as they bucked against each other, and both cried out for more.  Paula felt her lover cupping her backside as they continued to thrust, urgently seeking relief.  They cried out in unison as they exploded against one another.


                Paula could feel her lover’s climax trembling through her own body as she watched Tracy’s body thrashing beneath her.  Paula was panting heavily as their bodies stilled.  She kissed her lover once again.  “Can you do something for me?” Paula managed to choke out.

“Anything.,” Tracy panted in response.

“Take me to bed and wake up with me in the morning?” Paula inquired nervously.

“God, yes,” Tracy replied.


                On shaky legs they managed to climb off of the sofa.  “God, you have an amazing body,” Paula said. She ran her hands gently along her lover’s toned shoulders.

“It’s my job,” Tracy explained. Her hands ran down long the soft curves of Paula’s body.  “I have to keep in shape.  Want to see what else I have to do for me job?” she added playfully.

“Okay?” Paula responded intrigued to see what her lover was up to.


                Before Paula knew what was happening, Tracy had lifted her up and tossed her over shoulder.  Paula let out a delighted squealed as she found her body resting on her lover’s broad shoulder.  “Nice view,” she quipped as she looked down to see Tracy’s firm backside. The brunette gave her a playful swat on hers.  “Which way to the bedroom?” Tracy asked in a husky voice. She began to caress the blonde’s backside.  Paula was giggling as she directed her lover to her bedroom. 

“I can’t wait to find out what else you can do,” Paula said. They stumbled towards the bedroom to continue their exploration. 


                Later, as the blonde was drifting off to sleep in her lover’s arms, she decided that this was one of the best Thanksgivings she had ever experienced.  She would be very thankful if she could make it an annual tradition.


The End

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